Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 1 Copyright 2007 - An Awful Cad MF,
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Disclaimer:  It's porn.  Don't read it if it might offend you, is
illegal for you, or if you have an actual or mental age of less
than 18.

I owe my good fortune to the dot com crash.  I'm not a dot com
millionaire or bear market short seller or anything.  I might
have been a dot com "hundredthousandaire" for about a month, but
that was strictly on paper, and by the time the options were
liquid, the market had already crashed and I got nothing.  But
still, despite wiping out two and a half years of near-slave
labor, and setting back my career trajectory and bank account
accordingly, the dot com crash was one of the best things that
ever happened to me.

First off, I stopped working like a dog for a company that, had I
opened my eyes earlier, I probably would have seen was going
nowhere fast.  The economy in my neck of the woods (Southern
California) was in the crapper, and no one was interested in
hiring a 35 year-old marketing director whose most recent career
achievement was in helping to piss away almost $50 million of
someone else's money.  Nonetheless I was able to parlay the
experience and contacts I had gathered into a small-scale
business consulting from home at ridiculously low rates to the
few bastards that were able to keep their businesses afloat. It
wasn't a lot of money, just barely enough to pay a nanny to take
care of the kids while I worked the phones and the internet, but
my wife Lisa still had her job and after we cut back on expenses
we were able to get by.

The net result was that I was able to spend a lot more time with
my family, especially my two young kids, live a much more relaxed
lifestyle, and be my own boss for a while.  Not too bad, all
things considered.  And then there's the really good part...

One sunny fall morning, I was working in my small office in a
corner of our bedroom.  I could hear the kids playing in the
driveway with Mercedes, our Salvadorian nanny.  They were riding
their tricycles down the slight incline and laughing wildly,
probably as they crashed into something.  I peeked out the window
when I heard new voices added to the mix.  I perked up when I saw
that it was Sherry, our neighbor from across the street, and her
two kids.

We had a lot in common with our neighbors, the Cohens. Sherry and
Harvey had moved into the neighborhood shortly after we did, were
about the same age as my wife and I, and had a son a year younger
than our oldest.  Sherry was a stay-at-home mom, however, and
Harvey had lost his job shortly after I did.

I looked down from my window to where Sherry and her son Max were
standing talking to Mercedes and my boys. From my vantage point,
I admired the curve of Sherry's chest and her slight hint of
cleavage.  "Worth a closer look" I thought, shutting down the
computer and heading downstairs.  Sherry was no great beauty, but
then there was nothing wrong with her, either.  She was fairly
short, but well proportioned, and her slightly frumpy "harried
mom" look carried with it a certain fecund ripeness that always
piqued my interest.

They say idle hands make the Devil's work, and of late, my
relative idleness had kept my hands pretty busy as my imagination
produced a series of extremely vivid fantasies about the women
who crossed my path. Only last week I had managed to use all the
hot water in our tank as I spent my morning shower concocting an
explicit scenario for Sherry.

In my fantasy, Lisa and I had sneaked away from a party at our
pool for a quickie.  Alone in our bedroom, we sucked face
furiously as I reached inside her still damp bathing suit and
firmly kneaded her voluptuous ass.  Untying the top of her
swimsuit, I gripped her lush breast with my free hand and
palpitated her pliant flesh.  Crushing her tightly against me, I
snaked my hand further along her backside until I could feel the
wispy hairs at the outer reaches of her cunt, and the heat
emanating from her core.  My exploring fingers produced a gasp of
ecstasy as I simultaneously plunged one digit into her steamy
hole and clamped down on her swollen nipple with my other hand.

Lisa whimpered as I removed my hand from her cunt, trailing her
pussy cream over her tight asshole as I withdrew.  However, I
quickly plunged my hand back into the front of her swimsuit and
homed in on her throbbing clit.  She moaned happily as I
furiously rubbed the swollen nub and torqued her sensitive
nipples.  She humped my hand and kissed me hungrily as I drove
her towards a monster orgasm.  A few more strokes were all it
took to push her over the edge, and I had to clamp my lips to
hers to stifle her screams as she came with a yell.

As she came down from her high, I unrolled Lisa's top further and
caressed her sweaty breasts gently. Sliding one hand up her
torso, I brushed the damp hair away from her face and traced her
jaw line with my pussy-coated fingers.  As my fingers caressed
her swollen lips the aroma of her juices must have reached us
both at the same time.  Lisa parted her lips and snaked her
tongue out to lick my pungent fingers.  My cock jumped in my
trunks as she drew my fingers into her mouth and proceeded to
fellate the sensitive digits.

"What should we do now?" Lisa asked coyly, looking up at me with
my fingers still poised on her glistening, pouty lips.

"Well, that feels pretty good." I hinted.  Lisa wasn't that
enamored with sucking my cock, but every now and then she would
dutifully blow me.  I had a sense that the time was right and
that she was leading up to this.  Maybe she knew that I got
particular pleasure from her sucking me off while the party
continued below us, and especially when she would return to the
party with a bellyful of my hot cream and smile at the other men
with lips that only minutes before had been wrapped around my
spurting schlong.

"Somehow I knew that's what you would say," she murmured as she
slid to her knees in front of me.  She held my shaft alongside
her face and licked it seductively before plunging the whole
thing into her mouth at once.  She began sucking me urgently,
setting a rapid rhythm as she feverishly gobbled my dong.

She was in high gear, her lips sliding furiously over my shaft
and great sucking noises coming from her mouth as my cock plunged
repeatedly into her gullet with every stroke, when suddenly the
door opened, and Sherry walked in.  Since it was my fantasy, Lisa
didn't miss a beat as Sherry stood there in shock, transfixed. 
"I was just looking, uh, for my..." she stammered before grinding
to a halt.

Lisa looked at her with one eye without even missing a stroke on
my shaft and with one hand beckoned Sherry closer.  Sherry shut
the door behind her as she slowly staggered towards where Lisa
knelt on the floor. Pulling my cock from her mouth with a plop
and a toss of her hair, Lisa pointed my red, swollen, glistening
tool at Sherry and said, "Here, have some.  It's quite

Sherry dropped to her knees as if sleepwalking and reached for my
shaft.  I twitched with shock and pleasure as I felt and saw
Sherry's hand encircle my throbbing member, with her other hand
closing firmly over my near-bursting balls.  But that was nothing
compared to the pure delight when her soft lips touched my dick
for the first time and I slid into her warm, wet mouth.  I looked
on in amazement as she began bobbing her head slowly up and down
my shaft. Her diamond ring glinted in the dappled light as she
built up speed and began to work her mouth rapidly over my meat.

Lisa seemed as fascinated by Sherry's actions as I was, and she
brushed Sherry's hair away from her face and ran her hands over
Sherry's smooth cheeks which bulged obscenely with every plunge
of my cock.  Lisa began to remove Sherry's terrycloth cover-up,
pulling it back over her shoulders to expose her chest, which was
heaving with the exertion of her oral ministrations.

I was momentarily disappointed when Lisa grabbed Sherry by the
chin and gently lifted her off my prong. Sherry pulled her face
away but kept her firm grip on my shaft and balls.  "Take that
off while I take a turn with him" Lisa instructed Sherry.  Sherry
reluctantly let go of me and began to shrug off her swimsuit,
exposing the fleshy mounds of her breasts to my view for the
first time.

Meanwhile Lisa grabbed my cock and began licking it from top to
bottom with long, slow strokes of her tongue.  Lisa's tongue work
was exquisite, and as I gazed at Sherry's dark, engorged nipples
I began to thrust my shaft forward urgently, trying to intensify
my pleasure.  "Come on, there's plenty to go around" said Lisa,
sucking one of my swollen balls into her mouth and offering my
glistening pole to Sherry.  Soon I was treated to the remarkable
pleasure of a two-girl suck job.  Sherry resumed blowing me with
enthusiasm, and while my pulsing bone slid through the warm
wetness of her mouth and deep into her throat, Lisa nibbled my
balls and caressed my ass.

As I savored the sight of my lance buried to the hilt in Sherry's
mouth, I tensed up, trying to hold off my impending orgasm.  Lisa
must have sensed it too, for suddenly I felt a slick finger prod
the opening of my anus and drive up into my rectum.  That was all
it took to light the fuse on my orgasm, and I exploded, firing my
hot load directly down Sherry's esophagus. I watched her throat
convulse as she swallowed my seed and sagged in my chair, drained
by the two succubae.

My fantasy ended with Lisa hungrily licking the cum from the
corners of Sherry's mouth as I watched, thinking that if I got
the energy to return to the party, it would take a Herculean
effort to keep the shit-eating grin off my face.

Part 2

I smiled at the memory of my hot fantasy and the explosive orgasm
it had produced.  The shrieks of the kids brought me back to
reality and I stepped outside to see what was going on.  I was
immediately treated to a view of Sherry bent over, helping Max
onto one of our tricycles.  Her butt was thrust out in my
direction, and her thin cotton pants were pulled tight revealing
both the contours of her generous ass as well as the outline of
her surprisingly small panties. "Oh Hi." She said, straightening
up.  "How's it going?"

We stood to the side and made uncomfortable small talk while the
kids played.  "How are you guys doing?" I asked.  "How's Harvey?"

She rolled her eyes.  "Uggh.  He's so tense about our finances
and finding work that he's driving me crazy. He's locked himself
in the spare bedroom right now, doing who knows what."

I had to restrain a smile.  I didn't wish them ill, but during
higher times, Harvey was one smug, arrogant SOB.  He had been a
cocksure bastard, and I could remember him telling me in his
nasally whine about how his company had a foolproof strategy, and
was reeling in customers hand over fist. He was a shifty weasel
under the best of circumstances, and I had a mental picture of
him pacing his room like a rabid ferret.

"Yeah, times are real tough right now," I commiserated.  "We've
cut back on everything, and we're still just getting by. "

I turned my head as Max clattered by on the trike. "Hey Max!  Be
Careful!" I shouted.  Max was zooming down the path leading from
the driveway to the front door, which made a natural track for
the kids on their bikes.  He stopped the tricycle and looked at
me.  "We have a rule - no going past the flower bed on the
bikes," I explained, "because you might crash into the window
there."  I pointed out the big two-story plate glass window next
to the door, which stretched from the ground to the top of the
atrium in our entranceway.

"That's right, Max honey" said Sherry. "Stay in the driveway with
the other kids."  Max turned around and went back in the
driveway, and Sherry and I went on making inane chatter about the
kids, our spouses and the hot weather.  I was bored to tears, and
as we talked, I was contemplating the likelihood of getting her
in a bathing suit if I heated the pool and invited her and Max
over for a swim.  I was doing mental gymnastics trying to
determine if the risk justified the cost of heating the pool,
when suddenly there was a loud, grinding crack from the direction
of the house.

"Mommy, Mommy!" shrieked Max, running towards us.  The tricycle
was on its side, up against the window, and there was a massive
crack running up the glass about six feet.  A network of smaller
cracks shot out from it like veins from an artery.

I was overwhelmed by a range of emotions, from anger to despair,
and could only gape in shock at the devastation.  The other kids
gathered around and stared.  "Wow!" said one of them, succinctly.

"Max.  What have you done?" wailed Sherry. "Oh Dave. I'm so sorry
about this. We'll get it fixed - I promise."  I was too stunned
to say anything, but in the back of my head, I knew that this
would be a big headache for both of us.  Turns out, I was only
half right...

I was barely able to contain my anger and shock as I examined the
destroyed glass.  I warned that damn kid. Sherry retreated to her
house with the hysterical Max. Mercedes knew enough to take my
kids to the back yard, leaving me to curse and rant at no one in
particular. I imagined all the various ways I would get screwed
by this.  My insurance claim would probably be denied, the damage
to the house was probably structural, and undoubtedly, Harvey
Cohen would weasel out of paying for the damage his kid caused. 
My mood was so black that finally I had to go inside and get
myself a drink to cool down.

Two stiff shots of tequila later, my blood pressure was just
starting to drop when the doorbell rang. There's that
motherfucker Harvey now, I thought, mentally girding for battle.
I yanked open the door, only to find Sherry standing there with
Max.  She looked even worse than when she left.  She had
obviously been crying.  Her mascara was smeared and her eyes
puffy and red.

"I'm so sorry, Dave" she whined, "This is just awful." Putting on
a concerned look, I invited them in.

"Why don't you take Max out back with Mercedes and the kids, and
we can talk in here." I suggested, as I tried to figure out how
to hit this curveball I had just been pitched.

I poured myself another shot of tequila, and three fingers for
her as well.  When Sherry returned, I handed her the tumbler and
said, "Here.  This will help settle you down."  I tossed my shot
back, and watched Sherry's throat bob as she downed the fiery
liquor.  Afterwards, she coughed and wheezed, but kept it all
down, and actually looked a bit more relaxed.

I poured another tumbler of tequila for her, which she sipped at
cautiously as she told me that Harvey was indeed being a dick. 
He had told her that they didn't have any money to pay for
repairs right now, and that since she was watching Max, it was
her problem to fix. He suggested that she try to figure out some
other way to pay us back, like babysitting or something.  "He
actually said that?" I asked, both incredulous and curious, "You
should find some other way to pay us back?"  She nodded shyly. 
Something about her demure delivery of this preposterous line
sparked the beginning of a plan deep in my brain.

"Well that's not going to work." I stated flatly. "There's no way
we're getting rid of Mercedes, and I don't think we'll be going
out in the evenings much either, certainly not enough for you to
work off the whole window.  But you know, there is one thing you
can do for me." "You name it," said Sherry eagerly.

"You know, I began, "there's no point in worrying about this at
all at this point.  I called my insurance broker and I'll check
the situation out with him later, and maybe the whole problem
will just go away.  Until then, I'm just going to try to relax,
and I'd appreciate it if you would stay here and keep me company
for a little while.

Sherry looked simultaneously relieved and somewhat uncomfortable.

"Uh, sure, I guess." She said slowly.

"Great!" I exclaimed.  "I'm going to put on my swim suit and
relax by the pool for a little while.  There are some extra suits
you can choose from in the back bedroom over there.  Here, let me
top you off."  I refilled Sherry's nearly empty glass and
Rwaited.  I could see that she was confused by my instructions,
since her house and her own swimsuit were right across the
street, but nonetheless, she picked up her glass and slowly
headed into our spare bedroom.

Later, I tossed back another shot and lay back on the lounge,
feeling the warm glow of the tequila in my belly, and the
sunshine on my skin.  I looked over at Sherry, who was sitting on
the edge of her chaise, hunched over in almost a fetal position.
She had chosen a fairly conservative one-piece swimsuit. Although
it was no bikini, it was cut low in the back, and I admired the
taut skin of her back and the glimpse of her lycra-encased chest
peeking out from under her arms, which were clasped around her
knees. Something about her vulnerable posture and exposed flesh
produced in me a powerful reaction.  I had the sensation of the
ground tilting under me, to lift me up above the pool so that I
was looking down on Sherry and the boys playing in the yard next
to the pool.  It was as if someone had pointed a cartoon gamma
ray on me, turning me into a massive giant.  I felt muscular and
powerful, and although I still didn't know exactly what I was
doing, I knew it was time to act.

"Hey Sherry, come here.  Would you put some of this on my back."
I said, holding up the sunscreen.  It was more of a command than
a question.

"Ummm... sure." She replied, hesitantly.

I lay down on my stomach and waited.  Sherry had to bend way over
to reach me, and I stared directly down her top at the curves of
her medium-sized breasts. She hesitated, unsure how to begin, and
I maintained my gaze, noting her awkwardness.  "It might be
easier if you kneel on this." I said handing her a towel.

Sherry knelt at my side and began rubbing the sun- warmed lotion
into my shoulders.  It was a delicious sensation, in no small
part due to her obvious reluctance.  When she was done with my
back, I said, "You might as well do my legs, too."  I made sure
she could feel the firm muscles of my thigh and hamstring as she
smoothed the fragrant goop into my skin.

When she was done, I sat up and announced that it was her turn. 
Without giving her a chance to protest, I grabbed the lotion and
squirted it directly onto her shoulder.  I began rubbing it into
her shoulders with a massaging motion.  I slowly stroked her back
and neck, working my fingers under the thin strap that tied the
suit around her neck, testing its tightness and her reaction.
"Here, lie down" I said, as I eased her face down on the lounge.

I straddled her back and resumed the massaging action on her
exposed skin.  With my weight across her legs I literally had her
pinned to the chair.  I leaned way down as I applied the third or
fourth coat to her shoulders, so that my face was right next to
her cheek and my hot breath rustled the loose strands of hair
around her face.  I noticed her eyes were closed and her mouth
hung open slightly.  I knew that she was in my control, and
imagined taking her from behind right there on the chaise lounge.

My tumescent cock was perfectly aligned with the soft globes of
her ass, and I began to imagine pulling the crotch of her
swimsuit aside and sinking my spear into her vulnerable core. 
Just then I was able to snap myself out of my reverie.  This
situation was ripe for much more than fantasy.  Suddenly it
became clear to me what I had to do.

I ran my hands across her back and down her side, along the edge
of her swimsuit where her breasts swelled against the fabric. 
Her tits were pressed firmly against the lounge, causing them to
jut out of the conservative suit.  I found the exposed orbs on
either side and stroked them firmly with my fingertips.  Her
breathing was coming in short, shallow, gulps, and I could feel
the tension throughout her body, but she kept her eyes closed and
lay immobile under my touch.  Without hesitating, I slid my
fingers under the edge of her swimsuit, loosened by my earlier
exploration, and along the outside of her breasts.  There wasn't
enough play in the fabric to grip the fleshy mounds, so I just
slid my fingers along her soft skin until I reached the edge of
her prominent areolas.  I paused, letting Sherry wonder what I
would do next, and then slid my hands forward just an inch more,
until my fingertips were resting lightly against the hard nubs of
her swollen nipples.  She gasped lightly at my touch, and with a
slight smile of satisfaction, I withdrew my hands from her chest.

I shifted my weight down her legs, allowing my hands access to
her lower torso, and began rubbing her hips and thighs where her
skin met the edge of her swimsuit.  Without any hesitation, I
slid my hands underneath the suit and grabbed her meaty cheeks in
both hands.  I kneaded her ass-meat firmly, as if it were the
most natural thing in the world for me to be massaging the naked
flesh of this married, hitherto chaste neighbor woman.  I brought
my whole hands into play, sinking my thumbs into her soft tissue
as I squeezed and pulled at her pliant ass.  I couldn't see it
because of the swimsuit obstructing my view, but I knew that as I
drew her fleshy buns apart I was exposing her puckered anus under
the fabric and that she would feel her sphincter stretching
tightly from my touch.

"I need to get her inside the house," I thought to myself, in
order to continue my manipulation.  I found my opportunity when I
heard her omit a small sob.  I pulled my hands from her ass and
sat up to see tears slowly rolling down her face and onto the
cement of the pool.  "I'm so sorry," she whimpered quietly, "I
never meant for this to happen."  I don't know whether she meant
the window, or my uninvited groping of her ass, but it didn't
really matter.

"It's okay," I said, stroking her hair lightly.  "Come on, let's
go inside and get you fixed up."  I pulled Sherry gently to her
feet and put my arm around her shoulders.  She sniffled quietly
into a towel as I issued some hasty instructions to Mercedes and
hustled Sherry inside.

I led her to the spare bedroom and guided her to the edge of the
bed, locking the door behind us.  I handed her a tissue and sat
down next to her on the bed. "Everything's going to be okay
Sherry.  I promise." I told her.  "I know you didn't mean to do
any of this, but sometimes things just happen, and we deal with
them the best we can."  I placed my arm around her and pulled her
tight against me.  She buried her face in my shoulder as I
caressed her back and decided to go for the kill.

I gently untied the string holding up the top of her swimsuit and
rolled down her top, undressing her like she was a small child. 
Sherry sniffled softly, but made no effort to stop me or cover
up.  I ran my hands over her skin and softly cupped her naked
breast.  I noted that her nipple was rock hard.  "Stand up" I
instructed her quietly.  Obediently she rose from the bed and
stood in front of me.

What a sight!  Sherry stood before me with her head bowed,
looking at the ground.  Her swimsuit hung loose around her waist
and her breasts were exposed and heaving slightly from her sobs.
Her nose was red from crying and a single tear stained her cheek
before falling to the carpet.  I savored the sight like a
masterful work of art, which, in a way, it was.  Her breasts
weren't large, probably just "b" cup, but they were surprisingly
high and firm.  Her areolas were perfect wine-colored silver
dollars topped with small bullet-hard nipples.  She was plump,
but not fat.  I observed with satisfaction that her stomach was
still flat and smooth, with just a hint of a bulge near her
flaring hips.  Overall, her extra flesh gave her a vulnerable
softness that made me quiver with the force of my appetite for
her.  Only it was Sherry who would be doing the dining.

I took her hands in mine and lifted her chin to look into her
eyes.  "You've been a very bad girl," I scolded Sherry harshly.

"I know!" she cried, tears springing anew from her eyes as she
blurted out a series of hasty apologies.

"Quiet" I ordered, holding up my hand to cut her off. "You've
said and done enough for one day.  Breaking my window, which you
can't pay for, and then coming in here with a bunch of excuses
and parading around half- naked, as if that would somehow make me
forget what you've done.  Well it won't work."  I grabbed her
nipple and squeezed it hard as I accused her.  She flinched but
did not cry out as I twisted the hard nubbin.  "Now, it's time
for you to start fixing some of the problems you've caused around
here, and I'm going to make sure you do it right."

"You can start by taking off my trunks to see the damage you've
caused."  Slowly but unquestioningly she sank to her knees in
front of me and began to fumble with the drawstring of my shorts.
 Her hand brushed against my rampant erection as she struggled
with the knot, causing my cock to twitch.  She pulled my shorts
down and off, and my cock sprang out, red, swollen and angry. 
"Look at that," I reprimanded.  "Look at what you've done!"

The look on her face was priceless.  Confusion, shame and lust
all played across her features as she gazed at my throbbing
organ.  I had never experienced such feelings either.  The
control, perversity and corruption I had wrought over this woman
in such a short time were exquisite, and I wanted to savor the
moment.  I was overcome with a rush of desires and conflicted
about what to do next.  I wanted to toy with her some more.  I
wanted to bend her to my will, to strip away her veneer and make
her beg to perform more and more perverse acts.  But my lust got
the better of my discipline, and as I stared down at Sherry
kneeling submissively in front of me, breasts heaving, moist lips
slightly parted, there was only one thing I could do.

"Suck it," I ordered.

Obediently, Sherry leaned forward and slid my throbbing cock into
her mouth.  "Suck it hard -- and do a good job" I growled. 
Sherry's cheeks hollowed as she literally sucked with all her
might.  She began to bob her head slowly up and down, taking me
deeper into her mouth, all the while sucking my pole as if it
were a giant straw.  "Faster!" I grunted, and Sherry began to
increase her tempo.  Her technique wasn't very good, but her
abject compliance more than made up for it.  Her fine black hair
fell in my lap and tickled my groin.  I brushed it aside so I had
a better view of her oral ministrations.  For a moment, I became
detached from the situation, as if I were watching from outside
my body.

I could see myself lying back on the bed, with my feet on the
floor and Sherry kneeling submissively between my legs, nursing
on my engorged schlong.  I could see Sherry's lips pursed in a
perfect "o" around my cock, and her eyes tightly screwed shut as
she pistoned her head up and down my shaft trying to bring me
off.  I was vaguely aware of the door to the bedroom, beyond
which Sherry's kid was happily playing, and a few hundred feet
away, across the street, her own bedroom, where her husband was
unknowingly sprouting horns as I plundered his wife's mouth.  I
was somewhat stunned at this turn of events.  I had not known
that I possessed this kind of power, or that it would be so easy
to compromise Sherry this way, or that I would enjoy dominating
her sexually so much.

My reverie was interrupted by my rising need to come. I reached
down and grabbed Sherry's soft, pink ears to guide her head on my
cock.  I pulled her firmly into my groin, driving my swollen
glans deeper into her gullet.  I began increasing the pace of her
head on my shaft, combined with a back and forth motion of my own
hips so that her lips were flying over the veiny surface of my
tool.  Frequently my cock would burst out of her sucking lips
with a pop, spilling her saliva over her chin, before slamming
back into her humid mouth.  Taking complete control, I held her
head steady and began fucking her face furiously.  I stroked deep
into her mouth, pushing farther into her throat with each thrust.
 Sherry gagged slightly, and soon I could hear occasional faint
retching noises as I battered her tonsils with my throbbing pole.
 I felt my crisis building from deep inside of me, and with one
last thrust I drove my cock all the way into Sherry's mouth.  Her
nose was lodged firmly in my pubic hair and my shaft was buried
deep in her throat, where I erupted, firing my steaming load
directly into her stomach.  After a few explosive spurts, I
pulled back a little, draining the rest of my hot load into
Sherry's receptive mouth.

As my orgasm subsided, I pulled back and allowed my cock to
slither wetly out of Sherry's ravaged mouth, trailing a sticky
mixture of saliva and semen.  I looked down and chuckled out loud
when I saw Sherry. Her face was a mess.  Her hair was disheveled
and she was gasping for air like a marathoner at the end of a
race.  Her lips were puffy and swollen from my conquering tool
and her chin was covered with a sheen of our juices.  Long
strands of sticky mucous dripped from her nose and covered her
cheeks and upper lip.  I couldn't tell whether the slime was a
result of her crying or my spunk shooting out of her nose when I
came, but either way, she was a mess.  She steadied herself with
one hand on my thigh, while the other was buried inside the
remains of her swimsuit, frantically rubbing her clit.  I sat
back and watched as her frenzied strokes brought her closer and
closer to her release, until she finally went over the edge with
a shudder and a restrained, almost dainty whimper. "Well," I
said, as she slumped against the bed, totally drained, "We
certainly made the best of that situation, didn't we."


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