Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Welcome to the world of Little Girl Discipline; a world where adults enjoy strictly disciplining little girls' bare bottoms (and other places). I do hope you enjoy this story. I am always looking for inspiration so please email me at and share your experiences / thoughts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- LITTLE GIRL DISCIPLINE MAGAZINE - ISSUE 34 (MF/g, NC, spanking, ped, oral, anal) FRONT COVER The front cover is a single photograph. Stuck rudely out into the camera and taking up almost a quarter of the page is a little girl's bare bottom. The bottom is severely marked with fresh cane wheals that cover the whole of its surface. The bottom is thrust up so that it spreads showing the girl's anus and pussy in intimate detail. The girl is naked and kneeling on a chair seat in a child's bedroom holding tightly on to the back of it. She is looking back over her shoulder towards the camera. She looks about ten years old and is very pretty with long blond hair and blue eyes. Her face is streaming with tears and snot. How mouth is wide open as she howls during her bottom whipping. To the side the lower part of a naked man can be seen. His penis is large and erect. The cane is hung on the handle of the wardrobe next to him. He is in the process of applying lubrication gel from a tube onto a large ridged butt plug. From the slit in the exposed end of his penis a single slimy strand of pre-cum is dripping off. At the top of the page, overlaid on the photograph in large bold typescript the words "LITTLE GIRL DISCIPLINE MAGAZINE" are emblazoned. On the left hand side there is preview of the contents: Photo shoots Model of the month Hot stories Contacts Readers letters Written at the bottom of the page in the centre in large type is "10 year old Nadia is our model of the month. See all the intimate details inside." At the bottom right hand corner of the page, in smaller type, is "Issue 34" EDITORIAL Hello and welcome to Issue 34. We have some great stories and pictures for you this month. You will already have seen our model of the month, Nadia. Her Father certainly puts her through her paces! We continue our practical articles for child discipline enthusiasts. This month a redoubtable Orphanage Matron tells us all you need to know about selecting girls from a local Orphanage. We have a hot short story this month, `When I was a girl', where we learn about how a new stepfather is introduced by his wife to the strict family discipline handed out to her daughter and nieces. Our series, `The young master', reaches episode 2 where we see how things have settled down now that James is in charge of the nursery and his sisters. All this and our every popular Readers Letters section too. It has been a busy month for me. Along with editing the magazine my daughter and eight year old granddaughter have been staying with me. As soon as they arrived my daughter announced my pretty young granddaughter had misbehaved during the journey and was due some strict bare bottom discipline. Jeans and panties came down and a whippy switch was applied to a squealing girl. After the whipping my daughter encouraged me to deliver the same discipline I had practiced on her. Despite my age my young granddaughter's holes learnt a valuable lesson. My daughter has seen to it that at least once a day my granddaughter is strictly punished. As I say, a busy month..... PHOTO STORY 1 - "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID!" Photo 1: The scene is a comfortable entrance hall in a suburban house. A woman in her mid thirties is on the phone. The woman looks very cross. Standing next to her is a pretty little girl who looks about nine years old and is dressed in school uniform. The girl has short blond hair tied in a pony tail. She looks worried and is biting her nails. Her eyes are transfixed on a cane that hangs from a coat peg above where the phone is. Text: "Little Jenny shouldn't have been naughty at school. Her teacher has phoned up and her Mum looks really angry. When Jenny's Mum is angry Jenny's bottom gets hurt with the cane." Photo 2: Her Mum has taken the cane down from its hook and is waving it at little Jenny who is half naked having taken her blouse off. She has started to cry and is in the process of taking her skirt off. Text: "Everything comes off for one of Mum's canings." Photo 3: Jenny is pulling her cute white knickers down. The camera angle has switched and is shot upwards from a low level from behind. As Jenny bends to pull her knickers down her legs the camera captures her anus partially hidden between her cheeks and her pussy nestling between her legs. Text: "That's it, everything off!" Photo 4: Naked Jenny is climbing up the stairs followed by her Mum who is holding the cane. The camera shoots up the stairs from a low level focusing up between Jenny's legs which seem abnormally wide apart as she walks. This facilitates the viewer being able to clearly see the cute little bottom hole and delicate lips of the pussy. Text: "Now it's up to the bedroom to get it." Photo 5: The scene has changed to Jenny's bedroom. Her Mum is sitting on a straight backed chair in front of the bed. She has a firm hold on one of her daughter's arms and is pulling her over her knees. Jenny is resisting and pulling back. The tears are now very evident and Jenny's mouth is open as if she is talking. The angle of the camera gives a full frontal view of Jenny's nakedness so the viewer can see how pretty she is. Text: "There's no point pleading young lady. You're going over my knee for a good hard spanking." Photo 6: The camera has moved and this photo is shot directly facing mum from a height shooting down into her lap. Her Mum's right hand is flattened and moving down quickly with a slight blurring in the photo. The position of her Mum's body is twisted round so she can get maximum force behind the spank. Jenny's limbs are flailing and both a foot and a hand are blurred. Her little bare bottom is a burning bright red and handprints extend around the side of her bum and down her thighs. The camera has captured a perfect moment where Jenny's face is turned and she is looking directly into the camera. Her face is bright red and the tears are falling from her eyes. Her mouth is open and her teeth are uncovered as she squeals her protest at the nasty bottom pain. Text: "There, that's warming you up nicely!" Photo 7: Jenny is still being spanked over her Mum's knees. The camera has moved position to shoot from head height just behind Jenny's feet. Her Mum's hand has just struck Jenny's small bottom and it has flattened under the hand. The bottom is a dark red and visibly swollen. It looks like a long hard spanking. Jenny's legs are kicking and widely splayed. Her pussy is open and her bottom cheeks are parted with her anus on full display. Text: "They will see everything if you kick your legs like that." Photo 8: Jenny has been let off her Mum's lap and seems to be running on the spot with one knee brought up high to her waist. She is facing directly to the camera and her hands are behind her clutching her bottom. Her face is a picture as she wails and howls whilst rubbing her burning bum. Inset into the photo is a smaller photo of her bottom with her hands grabbing a scalded cheek each and squeezing hard. The effect is to drag her cheeks apart and stretch her anus slightly open. Text: "Don't spend too long crying, it's time for the cane now." Photo 9: In this photo the chair has been moved and Jenny is bent tight over in touching toes position. The camera is set up at bottom height behind Jenny. The photo is a close up of Jenny's bottom. The cane has already landed three times and Jenny's hands have come back up to grab at the painful cane wheals. Again her bottom cheeks are pulled apart and her pussy gapes wide open and her anus has opened a little. Text: "Yes, the cane does sting! But we've only just started." Photo 10: Jenny has changed her position and is now kneeling on the bed with her head down and her bottom stuck out towards the camera. Her knees are separated and her upside down face can be clearly seen between them. The camera is positioned behind her at the height of her face shooting slightly up to get both her face and bottom in frame. The cane has been very busy and Jenny's bottom is heavily decorated with swollen stripes that cross each other with stinging little blisters where they meet. Jenny's hands are both out behind her with their palms held up being waved about in a gesture to stop the caning. Red marks can be seen on the hands where the cane has been used to smack those naughty hands away when she has tried to cover up. Jenny's face is soaked with tears and her mouth is wide open as she cries out and begs. Text: "Now she's beginning to learn. Isn't she cute." Photo 11: Jenny is now lying on her back on the bed with her legs held up and pulled back. Her Mum has a firm hold round the tops of her daughter's legs with her left arm. Mum is still holding the cane in her right hand and is firmly applying it across her daughter's dark red welted bottom cheeks. Jenny's anus and pussy are fully displayed and the stretched skin of the bottom emphasises the raised sore cane marks. Jenny's hands are raised up to hold each side of her head as she continues to squeal in protest at the strict treatment of her bottom. Text: "Almost over now. Just a few really hard ones to finish." Photo 12: This is a close up of little Jenny's bottom as she lies in the same position on her back with her legs up. Her legs are pulled right back and widely separated to give the viewer the best possible view of her genitals. Her Mum is in the process of applying a translucent cream to her daughter's bottom. The sore swollen cane marks seem to stand out even more as a result of applying the cream. Her Mum is using her thumbs to prise wide open Jenny's little pussy. Text: "Mummy's special cream means Jenny's bottom will be well enough by tomorrow to be punished again. Mummy thinks that pussy looks a little dry though!" Photo 13: The camera has pulled back to capture the whole of Jenny lying on her back on the bed. Her hands are under her knees pulling her spread open legs back flat against her chest. Between Jenny's legs her Mum's index finger and middle finger are both buried to the hilt in her daughter's pussy. Her Mum's thumb is pushing up against her daughter's clit which is unsheathed and fully exposed. The whole area is liberally lubricated. Jenny's tummy muscles are taut and she is pushing up against her Mum's fingers. Jenny's face is strained, her eyes glazed and she is staring into middle distance. Her tongue is peeping out of her mouth. Text: "Be careful Jenny! Last time you had a cummy whilst Mum was putting cream between your legs she spanked your naughty coochie with the groove strap. From the look on Jenny's face and the way her Mum is using that thumb it might just be too late!" ADVERTISEMENT - CANE BOTTY FILMS This is a whole page advertisement. The page is split into two. The top half of the page is a single photograph with text underneath and the lower half of the page a montage of images with text overlaid. At the top of the page in a central position the following banner proclaims: "CANE BOTTY FILMS - The Very Strictest Little Girls Discipline Captured For You To Enjoy" The half page photograph is of a very pretty dark haired girl of about twelve. She is bent over with her legs tight together, her back dipped and her bottom thrust out towards the camera. The bottom has been severely caned and is red and heavily marked. The girl's hands are clamped to her little cheeks that hurt so badly. She is pulling at the cheeks so her anus and pussy are fully displayed. The girl is looking up around the left had side of her legs directly into the camera. Her face is bright red and her hair is wet with the tears that continue to pour out. Her mouth is open as she wails. Further to the left of girl is the lower half of a naked man holding a large cane. Inset into the bottom right hand corner of the picture is a smaller picture. It shows the girl in the same position but the man's penis is now firmly embedded in the girl's bottom hole. Directly below the picture is the following text: "Our latest film "All breakages must be paid for". Twelve year old Katherine learns that if she is careless at home her stepdaddy takes it out on her ass - in more ways than one!" The bottom half of the page has many of the images from Cane Botty's most famous productions. There is a shot of two girls about nine and eleven dressed only in tiny white vests bent over a bar each being caned, one by a man the other by a woman. The girls are twisting about and squealing, their faces red and tearstained as a result of their punishment. Their little bottoms are reddened and marked from the cane. Another picture shows a young girl of about ten. She has been strapped soundly and is bending down with her bottom at a partial angle to the camera. The bottom is vivid red and welted. A man has most of his large penis pushed into her mouth and there is a line of drool dripping off her chin. Behind her a woman flexes a cane ready to start a more severe punishment. Another picture shows a blond haired girl of about eleven lying naked on her back in the seat of an armchair. Her legs are folded back against her tummy and held wide apart by a naked man with a large erection. A woman is spanking the girl between the legs with a ruler. The girl's wailing face shows how very effective the discipline is. Another picture shows a naked little girl of about nine being vigorously spanked with a paddle over a woman's lap. Next to them a naked girl of about twelve shows her caned bottom as she sits down on a man's large penis that has already partially entered her anus. Overlaying these photos is the following text: "Cane Botty films are the hottest, strictest recordings of little girl punishments you will find. We pride ourselves that every film we produce has a least one severe caning that will gladden the heart of the most strict disciplinarians amongst you. We are a great supporter of intimate punishments and the girls we film submit to this time and again. We publish a new film every week for your enjoyment. At $300 a film we are not cheap, but we are the best! If you too love little girl discipline you will not be disappointed." "Parents and guardians, do you administer strict punishments to your little girls? If so, Cane Botty would love to hear from you. We can generally get our professional film crew to you within a few hours of notification. We pay very well for the privilege and the presence of our film crew is a very effective additional humiliation for your naughty girl/s. Phone XXXX XXXXXXX 24hrs. STORY - "WHEN I WAS A GIRL!" CHAPTER 1 - At home with Uncle Zoe Jennings rubbed her ten year old bottom ruefully as the tears ran down her face. Her new stepdaddy `Uncle Dave' had spanked her really really hard. He'd made her take off all her clothes and then he'd taken off his trousers and pants "to make it more nice for him", he'd said. Now he was swishing that horrible cane her Mum had left him with and that nasty long willy of his was all hard and sticking up against his tummy. Mummy was horrible! Mummy had told her that Uncle was going to want to use his willy on her as part of the punishment. Mummy knew he was! That was one of the reasons Mummy had married him. "You need firm treatment from a man, Zoe!" Mummy had kept telling her. "I'm going to find a man with a firm hand and a firm willy to use on you! You need to get just what me and your Auntie got when we were growing up!" Zoe knew all about how Auntie Val and Mummy had been brought up. During the long `punishment weekends' at Auntie Val's house she and her cousins, eleven year old Rose and twelve year old Tilly, learnt in painful intimate detail how discipline had been applied to their Mothers when they had been children. Now Uncle was telling her he wanted her to bend over with her legs apart and grab hold of her ankles. Zoe hoped that if she cried and pleaded nicely and really pulled her holes open when she rubbed her bum that she could persuade him to use his willy sooner. Anything was better than the cane! Her Mum went on forever when she caned. Zoe saw her Uncle moving. It was coming! Any second now! Hold tight! Try not to move! Try not to scream! Make him want to use that willy soon! Thwick! "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Uncle! My Bummy! Please! Please! Not so hard!" Thwick! Thwick! "Yeow! Yeow! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'll be good! It stings! Please! I'll be good for you!" Thwick! Thwick! Thwick! "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow! Boo hoo! Boo hoo! It hurts! My poor bum! Please Uncle! Let me rub! Please!" Zoe put her hands up to her bum and wriggled it, pulling the cheeks with her hands so that her holes opened. Men liked that; her Mum and Auntie had taught her what men liked. She carried on until he gruffly told her to bend back over. She did as she was told and tried to bulge her bottom out so her poo hole was on display. Thwick! Thwick! "Yeeeeeeeeeouch! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh Uncle! It hurts so much! I'll be good! I'll do anything you want! I won't tell! You can do what you want to me! No more cane! Please!" Thwick! Thwick! "Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Uncle! Pleeeeeeeeease! Boo hoo! I'll put your willy in my mouth! I'll make it feel nice! Boo hoo! I won't tell! No more cane! Pleeeeeease! Boo hoo!" Zoe watched her Uncle sit on the bed and spread his legs. Gosh! He was going to let her off with just putting it in her mouth! And just ten with the cane! Zoe couldn't believe her luck. She knelt dutifully in front of her new stepdaddy, took his big hard willy in her hand, looked up at him so he could see tearful eyes and slipped the red exposed sticky end of his willy deep into her mouth. She began to flick her tongue over the sensitive head as she bobbed up and down so that her lips stroked the shaft. Sarah Jennings arrived home. It was a much bigger home than a few months ago when she'd been a single mother struggling on her tiny income. Now she had a lovely home, didn't have to work and had just gone on a wonderful shopping trip to buy some very elegant clothes. The house was quiet as she entered but she could hear slight noises from upstairs. Familiar noises, but she couldn't quite place them. Dave gave a small grunt of pleasure as he watched his penis disappearing again into his stepdaughter's ten year old mouth. She made cute snuffling noises as she cried. Her pretty eyes were red and puffy and the tears trickled down her reddened face. He felt the sensitive end of his cock slipping into the top of the girl's throat and then out again as the youngster's head bobbed back and forth. Dave looked up at the full length mirror he had positioned behind the girl. He wanted to admire the little bottom he had just punished. It was bright red from the long hard spanking and across her bum cheeks were ten long stinging cane marks. He had caned her bent over and clutching her ankles. It had taken a long time with all her squealing and wailing and delightfully revealing bottom rubbing. Dave couldn't believe his luck. It was only two weeks since he had married Sarah and she had already handed over to him little Zoe's bare bottom punishments. That morning Sarah had left him alone with her sobbing pleading daughter, a whippy little cane and the instructions to make sure that Zoe's bottom couldn't sit comfortably for the next week. Of course he wasn't sure whether Sandra would see making Zoe pleasure his cock with her mouth as a legitimate part of the punishment, but he was pretty certain Zoe could be persuaded not to tell under the threat of a much more severe punishment. Dave heard a slight noise to one side of him. He looked up straight into the face of his new wife. For a split second he panicked. Then he noticed that Sarah was smiling, no, she was beaming. "Oh Dave," she said, "how wonderful! I knew that you were just the man to help me with Zoe. All those times that I got you to help give her a bath and that I made her change in front of you. I could just see that you were going to be perfect at giving her some intimate punishment. She needs to be punished like that you know! It's good for her!" Sarah knelt down next to her daughter. "Now then, Zoe!" she said, "Remember what I taught you. When you're being punished, a man's willy goes all the way down." Sarah held the back of her daughter's head firmly and pushed it down so the hard cock slipped into her throat. Dave sighed with pleasure as he felt his cock sliding further into Zoe's mouth. Ignoring her daughter's gagging Sarah carried on pressing down until Zoe had the whole of her stepdaddy's cock in her mouth. Sarah lifted Zoe's head back off. "Currrph! Hak! Hak!" spluttered Zoe. "Boo hoo! Please Mummy! I don't like it all the way down! Don't make me!" she pleaded. "Silly girl!" laughed Sarah, "This is a punishment! You're not meant to like it!" Sarah grabbed Zoe's head and started pushing it up and down on Dave's cock. "Gak! Gak! Gurrrrk! Gak!" gagged Zoe as her stepdaddy's cock slid in and out of her throat. Dave felt the cum starting to build. He grabbed Zoe's head and held her down on his cock whilst he spurted jet after jet down her throat. When he had finished Sarah lifted her daughter off him. "Hmmm!" wondered Sarah examining Zoe's bottom, "You didn't give her many with the cane. I can only count ten!" "Please Mummy! No! Don't! I beg you!" wept Zoe. "I like my little girl's bottom to be properly caned." explained Sarah to Dave. "You relax here and I'll take her back to her bedroom and finish her off." Sarah took her sobbing begging daughter firmly by the arm and picking the cane off the bed she led her out of the room closing the door behind her. Dave lay back on the bed. He was in heaven; first class little girl punishments on tap. He heard Zoe's bedroom door close behind the mother and daughter and the cries and noise of Zoe's crying and pleading was dimmed. Then after a moment he heard the faint sound of a thin speedy wooden stick hitting bare flesh, and then again, and again. Zoe started to squeal and howl and Dave could hear her drumming her feet on the floor; she must be bent over something. Despite having just cum Dave's cock started to harden as he listened to this strictest of mother / daughter punishments. The smacks of the cane on Zoe's tender little cheeks continued remorselessly. Dave looked at the clock. Zoe had been caned non-stop for two minutes now and it was still going on. After another minute the cracking of the cane stopped and Dave heard the door to Zoe's room open. The howling and squealing became ever loader until Sarah opened the door and half dragged her young daughter in to show Dave. Zoe was still squealing and dancing with the pain of her caning. Her hands rubbed and pulled at her punished cheeks. This was no fake display to excite her new stepdaddy, this was proper scalded bottom rubbing and squeezing. Sarah grinned happily as Dave showed off his large erection and she pulled Zoe over to him so he could inspect her at close quarters. The whole of Zoe's bottom and halfway down to her knees was one bright red swollen splodge. Dave stroked and fondled the young girl's hindquarters. You could barely see one single cane mark, they just all merged into one painful mass. "Now that's what I call a caning!" remarked Sarah. She took Dave's hard cock in her hand. "I think you're ready to show Zoe what stepdaddy likes to do best with his willy when he's punishing little girls, aren't you?" Sarah said stroking his cock. "You'd be amazed at what she can fit up her little bottom hole. It's going to feel so nice for you when you put this up there. It'll be such a good punishment for her. I can tell you're going to like punishing her like that. I bet she really cries when you do it!" Sarah reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a tube of lubricating gel. She smeared it over the length of his cock. "Come on, Zoe." she said, "Bend over. Show us your poo hole. Uncle Dave wants to stick his willy right up it! Do as you're told! Bend over nice and tight! There'll be more cane of you don't!" Zoe sobbed mournfully and bent over with her hands on her knees. She hollowed her back so that her bum pushed out. Sarah guided the end of Dave's cock until it rested against Zoe's little bottom hole. Dave began to push whilst Sarah held Zoe in place. "Waaaaaaaaah! Mummy! Pleeeeeeeeease! Boo hoo! Don't let him! It's too big! Bwaaaaaaaah!" wailed Zoe. Dave pushed hard and the sphincter gave way. The end of his cock lodged in the tight hole. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It's in! I can feel it! Take it out! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" squealed Zoe. Dave had no intention of doing that. This felt really good. He rammed his cock up her and the little hole swallowed another four inches. "AAAAAAAAAAAH! NO! NO! IT HURTS! STOP!" begged Zoe. Dave pushed the rest of his cock up and started to hump his naughty little stepdaughter's bottom. He'd already cum and so he knew he would last a lot longer; poor Zoe! Dave pumped in and out while Zoe wailed with the severe bottom hole discipline she was receiving. Dave lasted some time but the exquisite pleasure of the tight hole and the wriggling girl hastened his orgasm. His cock felt harder than it had ever been and when he came he roared like a bull, the spasms wracking his body. He breathlessly sat back on the bed holding Zoe so that his still hard cock stayed embedded in her. Only after a few minutes when he felt it begin to soften did he withdraw. Sarah led a mewling Zoe off to her bedroom, left her there and returned. She lay next to Dave on the bed stroking him softly. "Mmmm. You're such a man, Dave!" said Sarah, "Zoe certainly knows she's been punished now. I'm so glad that I married you. Me and my sister have been looking for someone like you for so long." "You and your sister?" he asked. "Oh yes!" she answered, "Both of us believe in stern discipline for our daughters. We agreed that whoever found the right man first would marry him but that he would look after the discipline of all three girls. We've already checked out that you like little Rose and Tilly. Remember a month or so ago? When we went round and the paddling pool was out? They don't usually dress like that. Val had put those g-strings on and caned them the night before specially. Oh darling, the size of the lump in your trousers and the way you ogled those caned bottoms! We knew then we'd found the right man." "Mmmm, it was quite a lump!" Dave mused. "So what, exactly, is this stern discipline that you and your sister believe in?" Sarah snuggled in next to her new husband. "We believe that our girls should be disciplined in the same way that we were by our parents." She said. "I think you'll enjoy hearing about this! Val and me had very strict parents. In some ways my Mum was worse than my Dad. She would watch me and Val like a hawk. As long as I can remember Mum would make a list daily of things we had done wrong. They were silly little things, like not putting the cap back on the toothpaste, dropping a spoon at the breakfast table, dirty nails, a button not fastened properly. But that list was dynamite because it provided Mum and Dad with every excuse they needed to punish us. And they both loved every minute of it, I can see that now. My Dad's cock was like yours, Dave. Always big and hard when little girl bare bottoms were being punished and only truly satisfied when used to punish his naughty little daughter's holes." "From the age of eight or nine it was the same most nights." Sarah continued, "We'd get home from school and Mum would be there with her list from yesterday evening and the morning of that day. She'd tell us to take our knickers off and hang them on the pegs by the front door so Dad could see them when he got back. Then she'd take our skirts off and we'd go to the kitchen to do our homework, just like that, with our bottoms already bared! We'd both already be crying by that time. That was the bit my Mum liked best. We'd plead with her not to tell Dad. Sometimes she'd let us lick her pussy and ass in return for not telling Dad some fault or other. Other times she just wanted to see us both get it hard." "When Dad got home his cock was always hard. When he saw our knickers hanging the hall it would make him even harder. By the time he got to the kitchen he was already pulling his trousers and pants down so his cock could be free whilst he punished us. Most of our punishments were done in the Kitchen. They always took ages. Dad and Mum wanted to play with our bodies and hurt our bums for as long as they could. Mum would be telling Dad all the bad things we'd done and he'd be choosing how he wanted to punish us. Mum would say something like `Sarah didn't brush her hair properly.' And Dad would reply `Twenty with the switch on her bare buns." It would just go on like that. You'd listen to your punishment list getting longer and longer and Val and me would be crying and begging as it got worse." "Then they'd get going; one of us over each of their knees for a good hard warm-up with the paddle. All you could hear would be the repeated cracks as those paddles met with our little bare bottoms and me and Val screaming our heads off. Then we'd be bending over grabbing hold of our ankles so they could have really good targets for whatever came next. Sometimes it was the switch, sometimes the cane and sometimes the belt. It was really severe stuff! Our bums and the backs of our legs would be just like what I did to Zoe today. The difference was that me and Val got it every night, not just a few times a week like Zoe. Can you imagine that kitchen with poor little Val and me getting it? The sound of our bottoms being whipped, us squealing and wailing, us pleading and begging, us jumping and prancing around rubbing our bottoms. After they'd finished doing that it was time for anal discipline." "Both Mum and Dad were heavily into anal discipline. Enemas, insertions, stretching, training, you name it, they did it. You know how you love taking me up the ass and I do that thing where I use my ass muscles to milk your cock. Well it was my Mum who trained me how to do that for Dad. You know me and Val practice very strict anal discipline on our girls too. I bet you can't wait to see that! I'm going to teach Zoe to do that cock milking thing with her bum too, so she can properly satisfy you. Gosh, I still remember being trained to do that. It's really painful! You'll love watching Zoe squeal and bawl her way through it when I train her! I bet Val will want to do Tilly and Rose as well. I'm sure she'll let you watch!" "After that it was time for Val and me to take the rest of our clothes off to get our intimate punishments. Dad liked to do us in our bottom holes. Mum liked to watch. We always tried to get him to come in our mouths, or more often down our throats. We'd both do him at once with one of us doing his cock and the other putting her tongue in his ass. But he rarely let us finish him that way, he wanted to hear us crying and pleading with his cock up our ass. So we'd kneel on a chair with our asses stuck out and he'd stick it right up us. It really used to hurt! It's the perfect punishment for a little girl. Zoe was still blubbering about hers when I put her to bed." Sarah reached round the front of Dave and felt his cock. It was hard again. "Wow!" she giggled, "It really is like my Dad's! Always getting hard. I remember once when I was twelve and Val was eleven we were in the car and Dad got hard. We swapped round with Val and Dad in the back, Mum driving and me in the front. Val bent over into Dad's lap and Mum put a picnic cloth over Val so no one could see what was happening. Dad was teaching Val to deep throat at the time and he kept pushing her head down making her gag and retch. He carried on for ages with her retching and these deep slurpy sounds of his cock going in her throat. It must have been ten of fifteen minutes before he came. When he took the cloth off both his trousers and the car seat were just soaked with sticky gunk. Him and Mum were livid and Val was promised something really special when we got home." "What did she get?" Dave asked. His cock was throbbing now. "Ooo Darling! I love it when you show how much you like this. So, when we got home Val had to go to the kitchen and strip. eMum put two chairs about three feet apart. Val had to climb up with one foot on each chair and put her hands on her head. Then Mum went and cut two long switches, one for her and one for Dad. Then they stood behind her, one to each side, and both started whipping her with their switches, one after the other. But Darling, they weren't whipping her bum, they were whipping up between her legs! Can you imagine that! Val really squealed that time, and she wet herself. Naughty Val!" "But Dad and Mum weren't the only ones who gave us special punishments. They had friends who dealt with their own kids that way. Our parents would swap us with other couples when they wanted some fresh bottom to punish. I think half the people in our street had given Val and me the most intimate punishments. I could barely look them in the eye. It still goes on, you know! Val and me aren't the only ones who punish our girls like this. And we swap as well! You'll be really surprised when you find out who else does it. You know that cute little girl at number 12, Katie-Lou? The one you can't keep your eyes off! Zoe and her regularly get swapped. You should see it when Katie-Lou's getting caned! She hardly ever gets if from her parents so it really hurts her. It's so hot! Her Dad uses Zoe so it's only fair that you get to use Katie-Lou in return. I know you'll enjoy that." "The thing is, Dave," Sarah whispered, "that every so often Val and me get together with the girls for a whole weekend of punishing them. We're going to do that this weekend and you're invited. They're going to get their report cards on Friday, and from what their teachers have said, they're not going to be good. Val and me have strict standards about what grades we expect the girls to get. I think we're going to have three very sorry girls standing in front of us on Friday night. But not as sorry as their bottoms are going to be for the rest of the weekend!" Sarah slowly wanked his cock. "Mmmm. This is so nice and hard again. Why don't you pop into Zoe's room and spend some quality stepdaddy / daughter time with her. Make sure you use this nice and hard on her! She deserves it! Gone on! See how loud you can make her cry! I'll be listening!" Dave didn't need any second bidding. He disappeared out of the bedroom leaving the door ajar so Sarah could hear. Sarah settled back and stuck her hand down the front of her jeans and started playing with her pussy. It wasn't long before she heard Zoe. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeow! Not again! Please Uncle! Not again! I beg you! Owwweeeeeeeeee! In my mouth! Down my throat! Not up there! Pleeeeeeeease!" "YAAAAAAAH! TAKE IT OUT! IT HURTS! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! STOP! IT'S TOO BIG! OWWWWWWW!" Sarah could hear Dave's belly slapping against her daughter. He was really doing it hard. Sarah arched her back as the sounds of Zoe's wails made her climax. She could hear Dave's bellows as he came again. She couldn't wait until Friday. CHAPTER 2 - When Friday Arrives Friday came soon enough and Dave found himself sitting on the sofa next to Sarah in Val's lounge. Val sat in an armchair and, as it was her house, had assumed the role of master of ceremonies. In front of the adults stood the three girls, all still in their school uniforms. Each adult held a school report card. Sarah had Rose's, Val had Zoe's and Dave had Tilly's. Zoe and Rose were already quietly crying, their little sniffles and tears starting to excite the strict adults. Tilly's face was grim but she was holding back the tears, for now. Sarah went first. "Rose, this is your second term report card I have here and it's a disgrace. You know quite well that anything less than a B is unacceptable. I have to inform you that you didn't score one single B! Five C's, four D's and one E. Disgraceful! This weekend you will be taught what happens to little girls who don't try at school." Val followed. "Zoe, your last report card was an improvement. You scored four B's I remember. I'm afraid this time you have slipped back into your old ways. Three C's, five D's and two E's. I'm going to enjoy punishing such a lazy naughty little girl. Every time you sit down to a test in school you will remember the price of such poor work. I'm going to hurt your bottom so very much." Dave smiled. The two younger girls were sobbing properly now; lost in the miserable world of the little girl awaiting the most painful bottom punishments. Tilly was still holding out but she couldn't see what he could and he couldn't wait to give her the bad news. "Well Tilly, it seems you are the laziest, naughtiest little girl here. Your report is quite shocking. You didn't score higher than a D I'm afraid. Perhaps you could explain to us what happened in Maths and Geography where you got an F." The world seemed to stop. Dave saw the utter shock in all the faces. Tilly's mouth moved like a fish, opening and closing but no words coming out. Val's face was like thunder. When she spoke to her daughter the words were laced with venom. "No one has ever got an F before, Tilly. No one! Not Rose, not Zoe, not me and not Auntie Sarah. We wouldn't dare! Sarah, what do you think a little girl who gets two F's should receive as her just reward?" Sarah shifted her bum in her seat as a thin smile appeared on her face. Dave could tell her pussy was itchy. "Oooo, how about we give her the groove strap Val? Really hard, front and back. And tomorrow I've got this new big inflatable plug, it blows up to the size of a fist! We could take her to that hamburger place where all her friends hang out and they could all watch her wriggle and cry as we pump away." Val smiled. "Oh yes, sis. I like your thinking. We'll really teach this young lady a lesson she won't forget!" Dave watched Tilly as her Mum and Aunt came up with more and more extreme punishments to be delivered. Her pretty tears started to flow and soon became a steady stream down each cheek. Her bottom lip quivered and pouted out. How Dave was going to enjoy watching this silly little miss get her bottom dealt with so very severely. Val clapped her hands. "Girls, go upstairs, get ready and then come back down here. Tilly, don't forget to bring the groove strap back down with you." The crying girls were dismissed to go and prepare themselves for what they knew would be the worst punishment they had ever received. As they got to the top of the stairs Rose spoke what was on her mind. "Zoe, is your new Daddy as bad as our Mums?" Zoe sniffed loudly. She'd had a whole week of Uncle using all her holes three or four times a day. "No." she answered, "He's worse. `Cause not only does he punish you like our Mums do but his willy is really big an' hard an' he uses it on me all the time. I hate him! It hurts like the cane when he does my bottom hole. Oh Rose, I'm sorry! But it's worse!" All three girls cried loudly as the stripped off their clothes ready to be punished. When all the girls were bare naked they went to the top of the stairs. Tilly went to her Mum's room and came back with the groove strap. A wicked looking thin solid leather thing specially designed for whipping into little girls' bottom holes and wee holes. None of the girls had every got it before, it was the ultimate deterrent. The girls started their long slow descent down the stairs to their awaiting parents. When they got to the bottom of the stairs they could see that their Mums and Uncle Dave were naked from the waist down. They could see that both their Mums' pussies were wet and shiny and that Uncle Dave had the most enormous erection. The girls shivered and wept. They knew that the more excited the adults were the harder their punishments would be. The girls went and stood in a line in front of their parents. "Ah Tilly," said Val, "I see you have the groove strap with you. We'll all see later just how much a dose of that makes you squeak. I think you'll squeak very loudly. We might all need earplugs! You may pass it to me now." The sobbing Tilly ritually curtsied as she passed the dreadful strap to her Mum. "Tilly," said her Mum, "what's that stuff between your legs?" Tilly looked down at herself. "Mummy, please! It's my hair. I'm growing it. It's nothing wrong. Other girls have got it." Tilly pleaded. Val shook her head. "Uh Uh, young lady. You're still a little girl. We're going to have to shave that messy stuff off you. Keep you nice and clean. Shaving's going to make you really sensitive down there. The groove strap's going to sting so bad! Uncle Dave, please would you take Tilly upstairs and shave her. Oh, and Dave, take as long as you like and feel free use her if you want. She's all yours!" Dave got up, his erection bobbing, and escorted a shaking tearful Tilly up to the bathroom. Once there he lay a towel down on the floor and left the door open, knowing that they would be listening downstairs. Dave sorted through the bathroom cupboard. Sure enough he found a razor and a tube of lubricating gel which was going to be useful for what he had planned. "Lie down on the towel, Tilly." he said, "I want you to being your heels up to your bum and then let your legs fall right apart. I want them totally spread." Dave knelt down next to Tilly, his big erection looming over her as he admired Tilly's cute little pussy. It was just starting to puff out as Tilly reached puberty, the lips only had the finest hair on and the coral pink of the entrance just peeked out down the central division. She had little cone shaped breasts forming. He bent down and started to play with Tilly's most intimate bits. He spread the lips so he could look at her pretty hole. Dave picked up the lubrication gel and spread it over his bulging cock. "Ooooo, please Uncle Dave, what are you going to do?" Tilly's quavering voice asked. Dave smiled down at her. "I'm going to put my willy in your wee hole, Tilly." he answered. "Oh no! Please Uncle Dave! Don't! It's too big! It'll hurt! I don't want it!" Tilly sobbed. Dave started to position himself over her, smiling broadly. "This is a special punishment for an F girl, Tilly. Of course it's going to hurt. And I'm going to do it good and hard to make sure it does." Dave taunted her. "Boo hoo! Pweeeeease Uncle! Don't! Your willy's so big! It won't fit! Boo hoo! I'll kiss and lick it for you! And your bottom hole too! Don't put it in there! Pweeeeeeease!" begged Tilly. But Dave's cock wanted to push its way into the reluctant little hole and he rubbed the red exposed end against the inner lips. He pushed forward firmly and felt the first few inches enter the wriggling Tilly. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! Uncle! Noooooooo!" she wailed, "Take it out! Take it out pleeeeeeeeeease!" Dave pushed another few inches up. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Take it out! Oh God! Uncle please! I'll be good! I'll never get an F again! It's hurting me! Stop! Pleeeeeeeease!" Dave pushed until he felt the end of Tilly's passage and knew he'd inserted as much as was safe. Then he started to push in and out hard as Tilly cried and begged underneath him. This was such a hot punishment and Dave felt his orgasm coming. He gritted his teeth and groaned as he pumped up her. When he had finished he withdrew. He watched the sperm dribbling out of her and reached forward to rub it over her mound. Then he started to shave her developing pubic hair off. "Natural shaving gel!" he laughed at Tilly. Dave escorted the newly shaven Tilly back downstairs to show her Mum. "Dave, that's excellent!" Val exclaimed as she examined Tilly, "We all heard you giving Tilly a good punishment. I hope you enjoyed it?" "Certainly." replied Dave, grinning "I think Tilly needs to be stretched much more and I look forward to giving her more punishments this weekend." Val laughed delightedly. "But of course, Dave." she affirmed "And now it's time for all these bad little girls to get a good paddling. Girls, go and fetch your paddles. Zoe, I'll stick with you, Tilly you can go to your Aunt and Rose you can go over your Uncle Dave's knee." Weeping with fear the girls went to a cupboard in the lounge and each took out a small square thick paddle. Dave could immediately see that these were really going to sting. The girls went back to their nominated spanker and handed them the paddle. Dave enjoyed watching the tearful Rose shaking as she gave him the paddle and climbed over his lap to present her bum to him. Dave watched Val and Sarah as they took their nieces over their laps and started to spank them. The spanks were good and hard and both girls started squealing almost immediately. Dave turned his attention to Rose. The eleven year old hand a nice fleshy bottom; she was going to feel this spanking for a long time. Dave took hold of Rose's hands and held them in the small of her back. Then he brought the paddle cracking down on her small unprotected cheeks. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! No! No! No!" Rose cried as her bottom started to get red. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! ""Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Uncle! Yeeeeeeeow! Stop! I'll be good!" she wailed. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "NOOOOOOOOOO! STOP! PLEEEEEEASE!" Dave noticed the volume of Rose's wails increasing as the heat built up in her tender bottom. He kept laying on the spanks hard. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! UNCLE! I'LL BE GOOD! YAAAAAAAAH! MY BUM! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" Dave happily carried on walloping the girl's bottom as she howled and wriggled frantically over his lap. How fine this was! Three naked little girls all being spanked hard and the promise of more to come. Dave's cock started to get hard again. Dave noticed that Val and Sarah were starting to spank Zoe and Tilly on the backs of their thighs. Dave switched to work on this part of Rose too. He was rewarded by renewed squealing and vigorous leg kicking. When Tilly's bottom and thighs had been spanked deep red Sarah let her up to dance for them. Val and Dave released Zoe and Rose to do the ouchy bottom dance too. All three girls were jumping and running around grabbing their bums and screaming. Dave showed off his erection to Val and Sarah and the two women giggled and spoke a few private words between themselves. As the howling died down to wailing Val announced the next activity for the girls. "Well girls," she said, "it seems that we're starting to get to the bottom of the problem!" Sarah sniggered at Val's little joke. "I think that what we need now is for Uncle Dave to see just why we have to punish you all so much. Each fetch a tube lubricating gel and go back to the one who paddled you. Ask them very nicely to put their finger in your bottom. Each of you girls will then play with yourselves until you get that naughty feeling. The adult will be able to tell if you are cheating because their finger will feel if it's for real. The one to get the naughty feeling last loses. The prize for losing will be a spanking between the legs with my nice wooden ruler. Sobbing miserably the girls complied and Dave found himself presented with the tearful pouting Rose standing in front of him. "Please Uncle, will you put your finger in my bottom so you can tell I'm not cheating." Rose asked sniffing back the tears as she handed over the lubricating gel. "Well of course I can, Rose," answered Dave sweetly, "I'm sure your bottom hole is nice and tight and I know I will want to put the whole of my willy in there soon. So, if I put some gel up there now it will help me later." Rose pouted more and the tears trickled a little faster as she thought about the idea of that big hard thing going into her poor hole. It was bad enough that he was going to put his finger up. Dave spread the lubricating gel over the length of his middle finger and touched the end of his finger to Rose's tight anus. He pushed it up firmly enjoying the feel of the hot tight elastic bottom. All the time Rose whined and wriggled her ass with the uncomfortable intrusion. When each of the adults had got their finger firmly implanted in their respective girl's bottom Val signalled the start of the contest. Each girl put their right hand down over their pussy and started to rub their slit. Dave watched each of the little girls' different styles with interest. Zoe was the most nthusiastic, spreading her fingers and moving her hand so her finger tips drummed across her clit. Tilly stroked one finger repeatedly up her slit and around her clit. Rose used two fingers together with circular motions around her clit. For a while it was silent and then the adults picked up that Tilly's breathing had become more laboured. Tilly stroked her pussy, her eyes closed, she was in a different place. She was panting quietly now, her fingers making jerky movements as she started to climb the hill towards her climax. The panting became louder and her hand speeded up. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmm!" she hummed as the feeling came closer, then "Yesssssssssssssss!" as she came. Sarah withdrew her finger from Tilly's ass. "Yup!" said Sarah, "That was a real one alright!" "Ooooooooo Mummy!" said Zoe, "It's going to happen! I'm going to pop! Going to pop! Nowwwwwwwww!" And the excited girl actually visibly quivered as she came. "Another real one!" reported Val. Dave could feel Rose crying, her body heaving next to his. "Oh Rose!" he whispered to her, "You're going to catch it now! Good and hard with Mummy's ruler, right where it will do you most good. Go to Mummy to get your medicine." The sobbing Rose went to her mother. "Boo hoo! Please Mum!" she begged, "Please don't! I'll never be bad again! I'll be quicker next time! Boo hoo! I won't get bad grades again! I promise! Please! Pleeeeeeeease!" Val got up and fetched a heavy looking wooden ruler out of a drawer. She approached her daughter menacingly until she was standing in front of her. "Rose," said Val, "you'll have to practice playing with yourself more if you want to get the feeling quicker. Next week you will go to visit your Uncle Dave every day after school and he will help you practice. If your Uncle Dave wishes to punish you in any other way while you are there, then he has my full permission. Now young lady, give me your hands and stand with your legs apart." Sobbing, but too scared to disobey her Mum, Rose offered her hands up to her Mum who took them both firmly in her left hand. Rose moved her feet well apart. Val was holding the ruler at one end and bent down so that she could angle it up between her daughter's legs. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "YAAAAAAAAAH! MUMMEEEEEEEEEY! NOOOOOOOO! MY WEE HOLE! STOOOOP!" wailed Rose. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'M SORREEEEEEEEEEEEY! STOOOOOOP! YEEEEOWWWWW!" she squealed. Rose was dancing about as her mother's harsh ruler spanking of her pussy took effect. The small white lips had turned vivid red but her punishment was far from over. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "WAAAAAAAAAAH! STOOOOOOP! IT HURTS! IT HURTS TOO MUCH! YEEEEEEEEEEEE! MY HOLE! PLEEEEEEEEASE! I'LL BE GOOD! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "NOOOOOOOO! NOOOO! MUMMEEEEEEEEEY! BWAAAAAAAAAH! I'LL BE GOOD FOREVER! PLEASE! STOP!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! UNCLE DAVE! STOP HER! I'LL DO WHAT YOU WANT! YAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'LL BE LIKE ZOE! I'LL TAKE YOUR WILLY! I PROMISE!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "AAAAAAAAAAAAH! IT HURTS! MY HOLE! I'LL TAKE YOUR WILLY! WHEREEVER YOU WANT! PLEEEEEEEEASE! MAKE HER STOP!" Val released her daughter who grabbed at her wounded pussy whilst howling at the top of her voice. Dave noticed a blob of pre-cum oozing out of his solid prick as he watched the fantastic show. Val let Rose calm down a little while everyone watched the sobbing girl, the other girls with pity, the adults with unbridled lust. Then Rose gave the girls the next instruction. "Right girls!" she said, "Next it's a good caning for each of you. Dave, as you're the guest you can choose which one of these naughty little bottoms you'd like to really hurt." Dave thought carefully. He'd already done Zoe several times that week so it would be nice to try something new. Rose looked like fun but she was still wriggling from having her little pussy spanked." "Tilly, please!" said Dave. Tilly was propelled towards Dave. Poor Tilly! The man who had done such an unspeakable thing to her upstairs was now going to be responsible for her bare bottom punishment. And with nasty cane as well. She just knew he was going to hurt her and make her dance and scream. Tilly started to sob loudly. The thought of the terrible groove strap never left her mind. It was just too awful. "Girls, I want you all to bend over and touch your toes." said Val. "If you move during punishment then I'll come up tonight and hurt you whilst you're in bed." The girls shivered. They all knew what was meant. A highly sexed up Mummy or Auntie with a strap-on penis getting into bed with you could only lead to a horrible squeal inducing experience. The girls bent tight over, their bums poking out. Val collected three canes; a nursery cane each for Zoe and Rose but a longer thicker Junior cane for Tilly. Dave's cock jerked when Val handed him the cane. It was going to sting Tilly badly. Val took Zoe to a corner and Sarah took Rose to another. Dave rubbed the cane over Tilly's bottom, taunting her, making her jerk and shiver. Thwacks and screams filled the room as the mothers started caning. Dave drew back the cane and landed a wickedly hard stroke across the plumpest part of Tilly's bum. THWICK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! UNCLE DAVE! NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Tilly squealed. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! Dave landed three real stingers. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I'LL BE GOOD! NO MORE F'S! IT HURTS!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'M SORREEEEEEEEEEEY! MY BUM! MY BUM! STOP IT! PLEEEEEEEEEASE! Dave admired the full wriggling bottom. The little girl holes looked so pretty framed by the red paddled bottom and the developing cane lines. His cock was going to need hard attention soon. Tilly's bum was going to have to suffer. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH! TOO HARD! NOOOOOO! UNCLE! STOP! YOU'LL CUT ME! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!" Dave knew better. He'd seen Sarah caning Zoe a few times now and he knew how much a little bottom could take. Her squeals and tearful pleadings only served to make his cock harder still. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "OWEEEEEEEEEEE! BWAAAAAAAAAAAH! UNCLE! NO MORE! YOU CAN PUT YOUR WILLY IN! I'LL BE GOOD THIS TIME! PLEEEEEEEEASE! NO MORE CANE!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! PLEASE UNCLE! IN MY MOUTH! UP MY BUM! UP MY WEE HOLE! ANYWHERE! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE! Tilly's hands came up behind her trying to shield her welted bottom. Dave smacked them away with the cane and the howling girl miserably put them back on her toes, her bum pushing back out to welcome more cane strokes. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOO! NO! PLEEEEEEEEEASE! YOUR WILLY! PUNISH ME WITH IT! NOT THE CANE! I'LL DO WHAT YOU LIKE!" Tilly's hands clamped themselves to her bum cheeks and lewdly drew them wide apart to open her holes up for her Uncle's inspection as she rubbed and squeezed at her punished cheeks. Dave looked over at how Sarah and Val were doing. Val had one knee up on the armchair and Zoe was over the knee. She had a vice like grip of Zoe's hands and was whipping the cane down repeatedly covering the whole of her Niece's bottom and the backs of her thighs. Zoe was squealing her head off and her legs thrashed wildly. Sarah had Rose bent over one arm of the sofa and was standing near Rose's head holding Rose's hands firmly and whipping the cane down vertically onto the naughty bottom cheeks and thighs. Rose was howling and begging her Auntie to stop. Val let Zoe slip onto the armchair where the girl's hands clamped themselves to her bum and she writhed around wailing. In a moment she was off the armchair and doing Dave's favourite scalded bare bottom dance. He just loved the way Zoe did that. "Val!" he called, "Come and hold your daughter's hands so I can finish her off." Val happily came over to him and grabbed hold of Tilly's hands so that Tilly was now bent at a right angle but with no option to put her hands in the way. "MUMMY! MUMMY PLEASE! HE CANES TOO HARD! STOP HIM! HE's GOING TO CUT ME! PLEEEEEEEEEASE!" "Dave!" said Val, "Pay no attention to her. That cane couldn't cut this bum however hard you used it. The harder you cane her, the better. And don't forget the backs of her thighs. She hates it there!" "MUMMEEEEEEEEEEY! NOOOOOOOO! YOU TOLD HIM! UNCLE DAVE! DON'T! USE YOUR WILLY ON ME! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! OH GOD! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! MY THIGHS! BWAAAAAAAAAAAH!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "MUMMEEEEEEEEEEY! UNCLE DAAAAAAAAAVE! NOOOOOOOO! STOP! I'LL BE GOOD! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! STOP IT! STOP IT! I'M SORREEEEEEEEEEEEEY! Dave vigorously caned away. There was no doubt that Tilly's twelve year old bottom could take more cane that Zoe's, even with a bigger cane. My word, it seemed to hurt her! Tilly's shrieks were ear-splitting. Sarah had stopped caning Rose and come to watch the show. She held Dave's cock and firmly wanked him as he thrashed Tilly. When it looked like Tilly was going to fall over Dave stopped. Val let go of Tilly's hands and came to congratulate Dave. "Dave, oh I'm so glad we found you!" she exclaimed, "You're just like our Dad. You're what these girls really need. That was the best bare bottom caning Tilly's ever had. I could never have done it that hard. She'll feel that for a week, never-mind for the rest of this weekend. Just give Sarah and me a few moments and we'll sort the girl's bottom out for your cock. I'm sure after that you'll be ready for three little bottom holes to hurt." Dave stood back and watched as Val and Sarah positioned the three girls kneeling side by side on the sofa, their heads down and their whipped bottoms stuck out. The mothers applied more lubrication to each girl's tight anal hole, their reluctant little owners mewling and pleading as their mother's slippery fingers reached up into them. When the Mums were satisfied with their work Dave was called forward to start the delightful task of intimately punishing the girl's bottom holes. Dave positioned himself behind Zoe and touched the end of his cock to her anus. He pushed forward firmly. The last weeks hard training for Zoe paid off and as the sphincter gave way a couple of inches pushed up immediately. Zoe wailed as she was being intruded. Dave grabbed Zoe's waist and pushed the rest of his cock up. Zoe started squealing, like she always did when he punished her bottom hole. Dave pumped in and out hard making sure the bottom hole really felt his cock. Sarah and Val masturbated themselves greedily as they watched Dave perform. Dave withdrew from the wailing Zoe's ass hole with a plopping noise. Her anus gaped a little before it closed up. Dave was pleased with how well Zoe's bottom hole was now pleasing his cock. He resolved to make her present her bum to him every day after school next week. He moved on to Rose. Rose sobbed in halting staccato wails. The things Zoe had told her earlier about how it felt getting it from Uncle Dave scared her. She'd had her bottom stretched plenty of times by her Mum, but Uncle Dave's willy was bigger and Zoe said pushing it in made him feel good. Rose felt the big end of the willy between her bottom cheeks pressing at her hole. It felt huge! Dave grabbed the base of his penis to steady it and pushed his weight onto Rose's hole. She started to cry and wriggle. Val grabbed her and held her tight. "Now you listen to me, Rose." Val said, "Zoe took that whole thing up her and I'm not having you showing me up. Uncle Dave's willy is going all the way up you or you'll join Tilly when she gets the groove strap!" Dave pushed harder still and the head of his cock popped in. "YAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Rose. This was much worse than when Mummy did it. She could feel from the way he pushed how eager Uncle Dave was to get it all up. Rose wailed as she felt Uncle Dave push more and more of his willy up her. Dave gritted his teeth, Rose was certainly tight. But he was determined to get the whole of his cock in her. A few minutes hard pushing accompanied by Rose's squealing saw Dave fully embedded. The tears flooded out of Rose's eyes as for the first time she was impaled on Uncle Dave's cock. Then Dave started to pump into Rose's bottom and the little girl's howling started in earnest. After a minute or so he withdrew, the girl's tight bottom closing almost instantaneously. Dave moved on to Tilly. Dave had been looking forward to punishing Tilly's bottom hole the most. Her big fleshy twelve year old bottom coloured so nicely by the thrashing she had received made his cock throb. Her bottom hole was noticeably larger than the other two girls, perhaps the result of early puberty he wondered. He levelled his cock at her ass and entered her. She was tight but not so tight that it was uncomfortable for him. Tilly, on the other hand, found it very uncomfortable and told the whole world about it. "YEOWWWWWWWWW! TAKE IT OUT! IT'S SO BIG! OH GOD! IT HURTS! MY BOTTOM HOLE! AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Dave thrust the whole of his cock in and then took almost the whole of it out, then he thrust it in again. The rude wind noises that accompanied such a vigorous bottom stretching amused the mothers greatly. But to Tilly they were just an additional gross humiliation. Dave sucked air into his lungs as he repeatedly thrust up the girl. For the next year or so Tilly would certainly be his favourite. And the fact that she would hate it so very much made it even more lust inducing. Soon Tilly's wriggles, protests and the super grip her anus had on his cock brought Dave to the edge. Dave roared as he pumped his cum into her and collapsed on top of the wailing Tilly. As he came to he was helped to his feet by Val and Sarah. "You were awesome!" said Sarah, "The way you did all three of them like that! Me and Val came buckets." "Yeah," added Val, "watching you pounding Tilly's bottom hole, it was like you were on fire. I hope you enjoyed her hole as much as I enjoyed watching you?" "I think Tilly's holes and my cock are going to become firm friends." Dave answered. "Mmmm, poor old Tilly." smiled Val, "And talking of poor old Tilly, I belive there's a very special punishment left for a very naughty girl who got two F's in her report." Val picked up the groove strap and began slapping in meaningfully into her palm in front of Tilly. "Mummy, please!" begged Tilly, "Don't! Please! I've had enough! Honest! I can't take anymore! Please! Do it tomorrow! Not now! I'll take twice as much with it tomorrow! Please! Anything! Just don't do it now! I beg you! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!" But Val had the bit between her teeth and Tilly's naughty private parts were going to feel the full force of Mummy's wrath. "Tilly," Val said, "go and sit in the armchair and get those legs up. Sarah and Dave, if you'd be so good as to go to one each side of Tilly and to take an arm and a leg each then we'll be ready to teach this naughty girl a lesson." Wailing with fright Tilly did as she was told. Sarah and Dave took their positions so Tilly was spread nice and wide with no chance of closing her legs or putting her hands in the way. Val went and stood around the back of the armchair so she could wield the strap vertically downwards between her daughter's legs. "When I've finished with you, young lady," Val lectured, "you'll never disgrace this family with an F again. Your bottom hole and wee hole are going to pay the price for your lazy bad attitude. When I'm finished you'll be the best behaved little girl in your whole year." "Mummy! Please! I'll be good! Don't! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" begged Tilly. Val drew back the strap and brought it down sharply so it cracked right between her daughter's bottom cheeks. THWACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Tilly screamed so loud it hurt the adult's ears. Val brough the strap down again, higher this time, so it cracked right across Tilly's exposed pussy. THWACK! "YAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed, her body thrashing. Val was not finished yet. In her mind if one of her daughters did not come up to scratch then only the most severe punishment would put that right. For the next few minutes Tilly screamed herself hoarse as her Mum strapped her bottom hole and pussy. Dave could only think how much he wanted to take Tilly and lie with her on a bed to exacerbate her severe punishment with his already hard again cock. Val stopped strapping Tilly and Sarah and Dave let go of her. Tilly rolled onto the floor and flipped about like a fish out of water, her hands welded to her punished bits, strange whining noises coming from her mouth. Val looked at Dave's cock, already dripping pre-cum. "Why don't you take her upstairs?" Val said to Dave, reading his mind, "She'll be so compliant I bet she'll do practically anything you ask!" Dave needed no second bidding. He took Tilly by the hand she followed him meekly to the bottom of the stairs mewling loudly. Dave looked back and watched Sarah and Val stretch their legs out wide as they sat on the armchair and sofa. Rose and Zoe crawled over between their respective Aunt's legs and started carrying out a noisy energetic pussy licking to their delighted Auntie's gasps and moans. Dave took Tilly upstairs to the girls' bedroom. He selected one of the single beds and sat on the side of it with Tilly standing in front of him. Between her thighs and over her pubis Dave could see the evidence of the hard groove strapping. The red swollen welts were almost as if the cane itself had been used. Dave had no doubt that Tilly would be more than keen to avoid any more with the groove strap. "Boo hoo! Please Uncle!" Tilly spoke softly through her sobs, "I'll do anything you want. Please, just tell Mum I was good. I can't take any more spanking from her. Boo hoo! I'll be good. I'll do want you want. Just tell me how to make your willy happy. If you want it up my bum then I'll bend over so you can put it there. Please, just tell me. I'll do it. Boo hoo! Tell Mum I've been good. Please! I'll do what you want." Dave smiled up at her. "Kiss my willy. I want you to get all of it into your mouth!" he said. "Yes Uncle." Tilly replied, kneeling in front of him. Dave let out a soft groan of pleasure as his cock entered Tilly's hot young mouth and disappeared down her throat. Despite the gag sounds she was making Dave could tell she'd done this before. He lay back against the headboard and let Tilly deep throat him. After a minute of so he lifted Tilly's head off his cock. "What should I do now, Uncle?" she asked. "Lick my bottom hole. I want to feel your tongue all the way in." he said. Dave watched Tilly's face disappear between his buttocks. Then the loud slurpy sucky noises began as Tilly showed Dave how good she was now. He felt her tongue slithering into him and moving round his sensitive ring. His cock pulsed angrily. It was time to put it where he liked best again. "Tilly," he said, "I want to put my willy in your bottom hole now. Very deep, so you can feel it all. While I'm doing it I want you to keep telling me that you like having my willy in your bottom hole. Now, turn your back to me and sit down in my lap and while you're sitting down I'll put my willy up your bottom." "Boo hoo! Yes Uncle!" said Tilly. Dave watched as the heavily marked bottom moved into his lap and he positioned his cock against the small hole. Tilly sat slowly and he heard her fearful sobbing as she penetrated her own hole with his large cock. As her ass absorbed the last of his cock Dave gasped with delight. He started to vigorously bounce Tilly in his lap until a good three or four inches of his cock was being exposed each time. As he punished her bottom hole, Tilly kept a running commentary for him. "Yoweee! Boo hoo! I like having your willy in my bottom hole! Ow! Ow! OUCH! Boo hoo! I like having your willy in my bottom hole! OWWW! Yeouch! It hurts! Boo hoo! I like having your willy in my bottom hole! Aaaaaaah! Oweeeeee! Uncle! I'm sorreeeeeeey! Boo hoo! I like having your willy in my bottom hole!" Dave gritted his teeth. It was going to be another massive orgasm. He could feel it building. Then it was upon him and he was bouncing Tilly faster than ever as he shouted with pleasure and pumped his sperm up her. After he let her off his lap Dave wondered thoughtfully just what Val and Sarah had dreamed up for tomorrow. He guessed that the girls would be looking forward to it with rather less enthusiasm than he was. EXPERT ADVICE - SELECTING A LITTLE GIRL FOR ADOPTION This month we interview Katherine who is Head of Orphanage at one our largest towns. Katherine talks to us about how best to go about selecting a little girl when adopting from an orphanage. LGD: Katherine, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. K: It's my pleasure. And might I add that LGD is one of our staff's favourite bits of reading. There's always a copy lying around in the staffroom somewhere. LGD: Thank you for that. Perhaps the first question to get out of the way is how much does it cost to adopt? K: There is a flat fee of $20,000 per child. I should also mention that for those who can't afford this there is our popular weekend daddy / mummy programme, where for $10,000 a year the girl of you choice will stay with you for 12 weekends during that year. LGD: Who do you find adopts? K: Well, it can be anyone but we tend to find two camps. Couples who can't have a child or whose children have grown up and secondly, the singles. LGD: What's the main difference? K: The main difference is that the couples tend to focus on traditional bottom punishments with some degree of intimate, and the singles tend to focus on intimate punishments with some degree of traditional bottom. LGD: Sounds like we're getting to the nub of the question. K: (Laughs) Yes, we are. LGD: So how do you assess who is looking for what? K: Well, that's really what I wanted to talk to you about today. We know that about 70% of our adopters are LGD readers. So I really wanted to take this opportunity to speak to them. Our objective is to match the adopter with the girl that most closely meets their requirements, in every sense. To work out what that is we need potential adopters to be very open with us. Trust me, we spend 50% of our time professionally disciplining these girls. So, the chances are that however embarrassing you think your requirement is, the member of staff you are talking to has probably tried it. LGD: So, to set our readers' minds at rest, what kind of request are you happy to deal with? K: The things potential adopters find hardest to communicate to us are their particular requirements around intimate punishments. So, for example, one man may wish a girl to take the whole of his penis in her throat without a murmur of complaint. Another man may want the girl to display the most extreme gagging and retching whilst she does this. One woman may wish a girl to be a proactive anus licker, another may wish the girl to be most reluctant when obliged to do this. LGD: So do you test the girls to know which meet the requirements? K: All our girls are trained to the highest standards before we allow them to be adopted. We guarantee that as a minimum a girl can take 30 strokes of a cane that's suitable to their age whilst unrestrained, and that they can accept full insertion of an average man's penis into all 3 of their holes. The difference is how they react. LGD: So that's what the conversation should be about? K: Precisely! We want our adopters to be happy and so we want to tailor our selection as much as possible. The more we know the better the match will be. LGD: So talk us through what your ideal adopter would do at every stage of the selection. K: OK. First, our ideal adopter should already have the money sorted out before we start the selection process. We will ask for a minimum deposit of $2,000 before we start. LGD: What if someone is just thinking about adopting and wants to talk to you about it? K: We're always absolutely delighted to do this. But the formal selection process requires some time and effort so we do require a deposit. LGD: Is there any advantage to paying the whole $20,000 up front? K: Yes, absolutely, that's a really good point. If we receive full payment up front then we can make the selection process much more `hands on'. LGD: What do you mean by `hands on'? K: Well, as we work through the selection process at each stage a `fully paid' adopter gets more opportunity to physically interact with girls they are considering. It's probably best if I differentiate the two when describing the selection process. LGD: OK, so take us through it. Once the deposit or whole amount is paid what happens then? K: There will be an in depth interview lasting for some hours. There we will explore what sort of age and body the adopter wants, what reactions to punishments the adopter would like the girl to have, how the adopter intends to treat the girl, what behaviour model the adopter would like the girl to have, any special gifts or training the adopter requires the girl to have. LGD: OK, we've covered quite a lot there. In order to help our readers, please could you cover these points in a little more detail? K: Sure! First off we ask about age and body. We have ages from six years through to fifteen years available. Our most popular ages are nine through to twelve. Then we look at body types. We have an extensive library of photographs of naked girls to help with this. We tend to start with skin colour; black, white or brown, then hair colour. It's not true that all adopters prefer blonds by the way. Many like dark haired girls because the punishment marks often show better on them. Then we look at body shape; tall, short, chubby, thin. Then bottom type; large, small, flat, protruding. By this time we usually have a good idea of what they are looking for. Second, we talk about reactions to punishment. Does the adopter want the girl to be quiet or noisy, a crier or a wailer, a screamer or a sober? Should she stay in position for her punishment or keep moving? Should she rub her bottom or keep her hands away? Should she encourage intimate punishments or be reluctant? Should she accept her intimate punishments obediently or resist? Then we look at how the adopter wishes to treat the girl. Will she be kept like a daughter in a pretty bedroom or like a servant in the cellar? Will she be cuddled or treated coldly? Will her punishments be given in a domestic setting or a more specialist punishment room? Will she be taken out of the house or not allowed to leave? Will she attend school or not be schooled at all? Will she primarily be there to receive intimate punishments, do housework or be a sweet little companion? All these things need to be considered. After that we look at the adopter's requirements for a girl's behaviour model. By that we mean does the adopter require the girl to be submissive at all times, cheeky or misbehaved thus giving a reason for punishment, cheeky but submissive when punished, submissive but rebellious when punished? Again, it's about understanding what the adopter wants. Finally we explore if there are any special gifts or training the adopter requires of the girl. Some of our adopters are very keen on anal punishments and so require training in acceptance of deep insertions or large volume enemas. Others wish the girl to be hyper-sexual displaying constant masturbatory tendencies. This is often an excellent excuse to administer severe bottom discipline. Other adopters require the girl to be particularly skilled in receiving the oral part of their intimate punishments. We find that this is often a particular requirement of single ladies who adopt. LGD: Thanks for taking us through that. Once the interview has taken place, what happens next? K: We will make a selection of ten girls based on the requirements. The adopter will be invited back in to view the girls. It will be possible for the adopter to talk to the girls to see which they get on with best. If the adopter is `fully paid' then the girls will be presented naked and the adopter is able to physically examine them as they wish. As a result the adopter will choose a short list of three. What happens next depends on whether the adopter is `fully paid' or not. If they aren't then the three finalists have their clothes removed and the adopter is allowed to physically examine them. Each girl is then taken one by one with a staff member and the adopter into a room where the girl is allowed to make a ten minute speech on why she should be adopted. The girl is allowed to do practically anything apart from touch the adopter. LGD: Are the girls keen to be adopted? K: (Laughs) Oh yes! Life at an orphanage is no picnic for the girls, let me assure you of that. All of our girls would practically kill to get adopted. There's massive competition. LGD: They must try to be quite convincing? K: Yes. Tricks they often use are spanking themselves with the cane to show how nicely they mark up and how pretty their squeals and crying sounds. Demonstrating their insertion abilities with a rubber penis is another. For example, if a man has a wish for the girl to gag when receiving oral punishment then you can bet she will be gagging most prettily for him. LGD: And what can a `fully paid' adopter expect? K: All three girls are despatched with the adopter to a private punishment room. No staff member attends. Each girl will compete against the other to be adopted. LGD: They must be quite intense sessions? K: Yes. The girls are very committed to being adopted and will accept the most severe punishments to prove it. A visit to the orphanage nurse afterwards is not uncommon. LGD: Is there any time limit? K: We allow the session to carry on overnight but we do expect a decision by the next day. LGD: Finally, if after reading this someone is inspired to adopt then what should they do? K: We have a national adoption line that will put them in touch with the adoption coordinator at their local orphanage. The national line is always advertised in LGD and all the contact details are there. LGD: Katherine, thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. K: It has been my pleasure. As always I look forward to your next issue. MODEL OF THE MONTH Photo 1 We are in an eastern European child's bedroom. It is stark but from the hand drawn pictures, the few old soft toys and the single bed you can tell that it belongs to a child. Standing in front of the bed is a very pretty girl of about ten years old. She has long blond hair and cute blue eyes. She is wearing a simple dress that ends halfway down her thighs. Her hands are clasped in front of her and she is holding a small bunch of freshly gathered meadow flowers. Her mouth is turned down and she looks very unhappy and nervous. Standing to one side of her is a man. He is dressed in trousers and a shirt. In his hand he holds a thick small oval wooden paddle. Text: "Ten year old Nadia hails from the Ukraine where she has a very strict father. Nadia likes to put fresh flowers in her bedroom - too bad her eyes are always too full of tears to see them." Photo 2 Nadia has undressed and is standing naked facing the camera. Her hands are between her legs and she is using her fingers to spread her pussy wide open. Her father has opened his trousers and his large erect penis is sticking out. Nadia is looking up to where, out of shot, her father's face is. We can see that she is saying something and that there is a slow trickle of tears down her face. Text: "Nadia always begs her father to punish her with his cock and not with the paddle and cane. Silly girl, doesn't she know that it only excites him more and her punishment will be harder!" Photo 3 Nadia's father is now sitting down on a chair which has its back to the bed and faces out towards the camera. Over his knee lies his little daughter who is squawking at the top of her voice as she gets a very hard dose of the thick solid paddle. The camera is shot from partially behind the girl to one side and focuses on her bottom. We are some way through the spanking and Nadia's bottom is very red. Some individual paddle marks can be seen where a very hard stroke has been landed. Nadia won't be sitting comfortably on those for some days. Her leg is kicked out at almost right angles to her body. The camera captures her little pussy gaping a bit and her slightly exposed little butt hole. Nadia's face is red and screwed up. Her mouth is open and her lips drawn back over her teeth as she squeals at the hard spanking. Her father's penis is still hard and rubbing against Nadia as she squirms over his lap. Text: "That paddle's really hard. Our photographer said it sounded like a gun being fired every time it hit her bottom. No wonder she's squealing a bit." Photo 4 Nadia and her father are standing up. Her father has a firm hold of both Nadia's hands with his left hand and is lifting her arms high above her head. He is applying the paddle very hard to his daughter's bottom and Nadia is dancing and shrieking as he swats away. You can tell how hard the smacks are by the way she is desperately twisting her body to get her bottom out of range of the hard smacks. The little bottom looks like it has a few blisters and as she flings her head about the tears almost fly off her face. Her daddy's cock is completely rigid and has a blob of pre-cum on the end. Text: "Nadia's just refused to do one of the things she hates the most but her daddy likes. A few really good ones with the paddle should fix that." Photo 5 This photo is a close up. Nadia's father is now naked from the waist down. He has one foot up on the bed and Nadia is kneeling behind him with her face buried between his bottom cheeks. One of her hands pulls her father's bottom cheek that is nearest to the camera to one side so you can clearly see that her tongue has penetrated his anus. The look of revulsion on her face is clear as she licks and tongues away at her father's nasty hole. Her other hand reaches round the side of her father and has a strong hold of his penis which she delicately wanks for him. Text: "Nadia hates kissing her daddy's ass hole, but this is only the beginning of her punishment." Photo 6 Nadia is now kneeling on the bed with her father standing in front of her. She is bent over with her face in his crotch. His hand is firmly on the back of her head and much of his penis is in her mouth. Nadia's eyes bulge and water as her delighted father's cock is entertained by her throat. The drool from Nadia's constant gagging is dripping from the base of his balls. Text: "Nadia's daddy is a very strict disciplinarian. He likes his cock to be extra stiff before he gives a caning because he knows that way he'll whip the cane in nice and hard. Poor Nadia knows that too. Daddy's willy feels very hard in her throat; he's really going to hurt her bottom with the cane today." Photo 7 The camera has moved back to take a larger scene. Nadia is kneeling up on the chair while holding on tightly to the chair back. Her own back is nicely dipped pushing her bottom out for punishment. Her pussy bulges out obscenely between her legs and pretty anus is fully displayed. Her father stands behind her to one side from where he can wield a whippy little junior cane with considerable force. Nadia's little bum already has six or seven dark red cane marks drawn in agonising straight lines across her wriggling cheeks. The marks show up vividly on her fair skin. Her head is turned back looking up at her father, how mouth wide open in screaming protest at the terrible bottom pain. Text: "Oh Nadia, don't make such a fuss! Your daddy has only just started. Save the squealing for when he gets really severe." Photo 8 The caning is well progressed and Nadia's bottom is a hotchpotch of stinging cane wheals. There barely seems to be a piece of her bottom or upper thighs that hasn't been vigorously caned. Nadia has lost control; she is kneeling upright on the chair and has let go of the back waving her hands madly behind her trying to stop the cane from touching her bottom again. Her head is thrown back as she squeals her displeasure. Her father is flicking the cane sternly across the errant hands to move them away. There's more cane to come yet. Text: "Get those hands out of the way young lady. Daddy hasn't given you the extra special hard ones yet!" Photo 9 This photo is a close up. Nadia is still kneeling on the chair, her legs are wide apart and her head is down on the chair seat which she is now holding onto tightly. We can see her miserable face between her legs. Her bottom is the highest point of her body and where the focus of her father's activity is. A large ridged butt plug has been partially inserted into her anus. Her father has a very firm grip on the butt plug and is determinedly pushing it up her anal canal. Each ridge on the butt plug punishes Nadia's anus more as it has to stretch to accommodate it. Text: "Nadia must have been really bad! This is her daddy's most severe anal punishment plug. Those ridges really do hurt when they go in." Photo 10 Her father has pulled the butt plug out of Nadia's ass quick and hard. Her anus gapes open almost an inch treating us to a view of her delicate pink anal canal. Between her legs we can see her shocked face screaming with the sphincter pain her father's punishment has caused. Her father has tossed the butt plug onto the bed and is holding his cock firmly in his right hand. He is moving the tip of his penis towards her gaping little hole with the clear intention of administering the firmest intimate punishment to her. Text: "That butt plug sure hurt going in but that ain't nothing compared to what it feels like when daddy pulls it out like that. Look at that hole; all open and ready to make daddy feel nice." Photo 11 Nadia's father is fully inserted in his daughter's anus. He has grabbed hold of her hips and from the body movement we can see that he is vigorously thrusting in and out. A little froth has formed around the edge of Nadia's hole where his cock continually enters and is withdrawn. Nadia weeps miserably at the pain and humiliation of her father's most strict punishment. Text: "Almost over now, Nadia. Then you can lie on your bed and have a really good cry. Let's hope he doesn't want to come back for seconds though." Photo 12 Nadia's father has removed his penis from her bottom hole. Nadia is holding her bottom cheeks firmly apart so that the hole carries on gaping slightly. A dribble of white sperm is coming out of the hole. We can see the abject humiliation of her intimate punishment in Nadia's tear filled eyes. Text: "Well now, daddy certainly enjoyed that. Looks like it was a most effective punishment." Photo 13 Nadia is standing up and facing the camera. One hand has gone behind to rub at her sore bottom. With the other she waves at the camera. Her mouth is turned down at the edges and tears still fall down her cheeks. Her father waves also. Text: "Goodbye Nadia and thank you for being our model of the month. Just remember that one day you will thank your father for bringing you up so strictly." ADVERTISEMENT - NATIONAL ADOPTION HELPLINE This is a whole page advertisement. The page is split into two with the top half of the page a single photograph and then a block of text underneath. At the top of the page in a central position written in bold text: "NATIONAL ADOPTION HELPLINE - Adopt a girl from your local orphanage - Little Girl Discipline readers make ideal adopters" The photograph shows an adult bedroom with a double bed. Sitting on the bed is a fully clothed respectable man in his fifties. Over his knee is a naked girl of about eleven years old. The girl is being spanked vigorously with a large paddle that has a number of holes drilled in it. The photograph captures the girl wriggling, her arms and legs waving around. Her bottom is very red and there is a clear blister on the right cheek. The man is smiling and clearly enjoying the activity. In clear sight on the bedside table is a large tube of lubrication gel and a big plastic penis. Overwritten on the bottom of the photo is the following text: "Angela is eleven years old and available for adoption now. Would you like to be her new mummy or daddy?" The text block below reads as follows: "Are you a man, woman or couple who are considering adoption? Perhaps you require a girl to keep house for you, to be your companion or a new daughter. Your local state run orphanage has a great selection of girls available for adoption. Orphanage girls are used to a life of ongoing strict discipline. We find that readers of Little Girl Discipline make great parents for our girls." "Before we release a girl for adoption she will have been trained to the highest standard in accepting the strictest punishments. Our girls receive both traditional and intimate punishments and we encourage you to administer both. If you have any particular requirements we are happy to discuss these with you and in almost all cases are able to accommodate these." "You will find that all girls we put up for adoption are most eager to please. Any girl that you adopt will look on it as the ultimate privilege and will be sure to cater for your needs, however exacting they may be." "Mr and Mrs J. are repeat adopters. Mrs J. says - We have adopted three times over the last twelve years and are now blessed with girls aged 16, 12 and 8. We administer the strictest discipline to our girls and we have found the orphanage training most useful. My husband is a particular fan of oral punishments and has all three girls in a line on their knees most nights. I prefer the more traditional side and have found their acceptance levels of the cane, even at eight years old, most advanced. I can thoroughly recommend the adoption of an orphanage trained girl" "With all the cute little girls we have waiting for you to take as your own, we can only emphasise our favourite saying - Don't delay, adopt today! Phone our adoption hotline on xxxx xxxxxxx." "Our requirements of adopters are straightforward; you must be able to afford to support your adoptee and be able to provide them with the necessary discipline. Provision of three months pay slips or current bank balance and a copy of Little Girl Discipline will cover both points. Our fee structure is straight forward; $20,000 to cover all expenses including legal. Pay up-front for an enhanced selection procedure." STORY - "THE YOUNG MASTER" INTRODUCTION Set in a large country house in the late 1800's this serial charts the change in fortune of our young hero, fifteen year old James. In Episode 1 we met James and his three sisters; Betty aged 12, Suzy aged 10 and little Alice aged 8. For years the girls had entertained themselves assisting their Nanny in the most cruel and painful punishments of James, with the full and complicit knowledge of their Mother. For the girls most of their days were spent with their hands down their knickers bringing on climax after delicious climax as they enjoyed their bother's pain and humiliation. But after the sudden death of his parents in a freak carriage accident James inherited his father's seat. James is intent on only one thing; revenge on his wicked little sisters. He vows to pay them back double for what they did to him. Knowing which side her bread is buttered on Nanny is only too delighted to help him. In Episode 2 we join James a few months later to see how he is getting on. CHAPTER 1 - Revenge James wriggled contentedly in the old armchair in the corner of the nursery. He looked around the room, at its rows of punishment implements, enema equipment, gym horse, bed with restraint straps, polished bottom stretchers and all the other things Nanny had used on him. How different it looked now; now that it wasn't him that Nanny was hurting. He now found that the room stimulated him to such an extent that he could barely set foot in it without his willy getting hard. Right now his willy was very hard indeed; a fact that all his sisters could see on account of him being naked. Not for him the humiliation of being naked for punishment, but the joy of being naked so that his sisters could pleasure him in the most degrading and often painful ways possible. The sharp whip-smack sound of the cane landing on a reluctant bare bottom brought him back from his little thought. Betty's shrill squeal followed a moment later. He looked up to admire the sight. The straight backed punishment chair was in the centre of the room. Betty was kneeling up on the chair, her smooth bare bottom parted and thrust out towards him. Nanny stood to one side with the cane in her hand. A thin red line was appearing across both of Betty's tender cheeks. Betty wriggled her bottom vigorously. "Boo hoo! Please Nanny! Don't cane me! I'll be good!" she begged. "Now Miss," Nanny answered sternly, "you know this is for your own good. Stick that bottom out, you've got plenty more to come." "Boo hoo! Boo hoo! No Nanny! Please! No!" Betty sobbed. James looked over to the side of the punishment chair where standing against the wall were Suzy and Alice, both naked with their hands on their head. James thought he would never tire of admiring his little sisters' private charms. He looked back to where Nanny was lining up her next stroke. "Make it good and hard Nanny!" he said. Betty mewled "Oh please James! Don't tell her to.........." THWICK! THWICK! Two beauties, right where they'd do most good. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Nanneeeeeeeeeeey! Yeooooooooow! Not so hard!" THWICK! THWICK! "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! James! Please! Make her stop!" "Be quiet child!" Nanny said, "The whole house can hear your silly noise!" James smiled. How humiliating for Betty to know that everyone could hear her. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "AAAAAAAAAAAAH! MY BOTTOM! NO MORE! PLEASE!" Nanny was getting into her stride now. James watched Betty waving her sweet little bum about as she tried to control the urge to reach back and rub. She knew that if she did then Nanny would cuff her hands to the back of the chair, and when the caning had all been finished would pick up the nasty little thin strap and give her a good dose right between her legs. The thought made Betty grip the chair back tightly and obediently dip her back to spread her bottom out. She only had herself to blame; it was her who had came up with the idea for punishing James. The way James used to squeal when Nanny did it to him. Now it was Betty who did the screaming. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! PLEEEEEEEEEASE! NOOOOOOO! OH, IT HURTS! IT HURTS!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! NANNEEEEEEEEEEEY! PLEASE! NO MORE!" Watching Betty getting her caning was making James' willy so hard it was starting to ache. He beckoned Suzy over to him. "Suzy," he smiled, "you're next in the queue. I'm going to make Nanny cane you." Suzy started to sob loudly. Instinctively her hands went to protectively cover her bum. She'd only had the cane once before; the bottom pain had been unbelievable. Her big sister Betty was so brave, but look at her now; howling and screaming like a two year old as Nanny whipped that horrible cane across her bum. "You don't want the cane, do you Suzy?" James grinned. Suzy shook her head and followed James' gaze down to his engorged willy. Suzy gulped; she knew what he wanted and how horrible doing it was but anything was better than the cane. She knelt down between his legs, took the hard penis in her hand and put it into her mouth. James sighed at how lovely it felt to have his willy in her mouth. But he also knew that the more he got in her mouth the nicer it would feel. He put his hand on the back of his sister's head and pushed down. He felt the bulbous end of his willy start to go down her throat. Oh it felt so good! Suzy started to gag as he pushed her head down further. He let go and she pulled off him. "Shall I send you to Nanny now?" he threatened. "Please James! No! I'll try harder!" she begged. James smiled and pointed back at him willy. Crying miserably Suzy bent back over and James felt her take his whole length down her throat. She gagged and retched terribly but the fact he was degrading her like this made James hot. All the nasty dirty things she had done to him. This was payback. Now his willy was being pleasured so nicely James turned his attention back to Betty. Her wobbly bottom cheeks were covered with thin red cane marks. She was howling and wriggling like the devil. "Nanny," commanded James, "cane her properly." Nanny stood back and unleashed her famous follow-through caning technique. The cane whistled through the air and wrapped itself right round the naughty bare bottom cheeks. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! MY BOTTOM! MY BOTTOM! NOOOOOOOOOO!" squealed Betty. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWWW! I CAN'T TAKE IT! PLEASE! NANNY! STOP! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Betty finally lost control. She knelt bolt upright and clamped her hands to her scalded bottom. Almost instantly she realised her mistake and grabbed the back of the chair. But it was too late. "What a shame," gloated Nanny, "and we were almost finished. Never mind! A good spanking with the strap on your wee hole will teach you to behave better next time." "Boo hoo! Pweeeeeeeease Nanny! Don't spank me with the strap on my wee hole! Boo hoo! I'll be good! I pwomise! Boo hoo! Oh James! Pweeeeeeeease! Tell Nanny not to! You can put your willy in my bottom! Boo hoo! You can put it all the way up! I'll let you do it really hard to me! Boo hoo!" "You'll let me do it?" questioned James, "How dare you! You'll do what I say!" "James! Pleeeeeeease! I'm really sorry! I am! I didn't mean........" Betty sobbed. "Nanny, cuff her hands and then spank her wee hole good and hard. I'll put my willy in her bottom as hard as I like." he instructed. "Very good, Sir." said Nanny and went about her business. Nanny quickly had the naughty girl's hands secured to the chair back. She retrieved a cruel looking thin brown leather strap from her collection of implements and roughly pulled Betty's legs apart. "Oh please! Please no! Nanny! James! No! Please! I beg you! No there! Not on my wee hole! Anywhere else! Not there please!" Betty begged. But it made no difference. Nanny knew how to deal with naughty little girls. She stood back, took aim and brought the strap up forcefully between Betty's legs. THWUCK! Bull's-eye! Right on Betty's most super sensitive spot! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NANNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" howled Betty. James felt his cock jump in Suzy's throat. It wouldn't take him long to cum watching Betty get the strap on her naughty bits. THWUCK! "NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! MY HOLE! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" THWUCK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! STOP! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" James cock exploded down his sister's throat. Squirt after squirt pumped out of him as he watched little Betty getting her most private person reddened and welted with that expertly wielded strap. Nanny finished strapping Betty's pussy and untied her hands. James watched in amusement as his sister jumped around the Nursery screeching and shouting as she grabbed at her bottom and pussy. He detached Suzy's abused little mouth from his cock. Even now, after only having just cum, James could feel his willy was going to be hard again soon. Nanny put Betty with her nose in the corner and her bottom poking into the room. She crossed over to where her enema equipment was. "Susan and Alice!" she announced, "Your poo was hard this morning. You are both to receive a hot enema." Both the younger girls sobbed miserably. Nanny's enemas hurt so bad! It hurt when she put the nozzle in your bottom hole; it was just so big. It hurt when the enema liquid went in; it was so hot and those griping pains. It hurt when the nozzle was taken out and it hurt when you went on the toilet to get rid of the enema. Nanny selected two large metal nozzles and fetched the hot water from the bathroom next door. Then she mixed the water with soap and poured it into the enema bottle which was hung from its own hook on the wall. She beckoned Suzy and Alice to come and get their medicine. Nanny made the girls kneel up on chairs with their bottoms poking out a few feet from James. She took the lubrication cream out and smeared it over her index and middle finger. Then she started to play with Alice's anus. The young girl whined as the finger started to be inserted. "Ooooooooo Nanny! Not so far up! Please!" whimpered Alice. James leaned forward. He liked to see little bottom holes opened and played with. Nanny knew what he liked and was happy to indulge him. She partially withdrew the finger and then started again with two. Now Alice wriggled and sobbed as her little bottom was stretched. "Please Nanneeeeeeeey! Not like that! Pleeeeeeeease!" Alice begged. Nanny took out her fingers and positioned the large nozzle against the hole. She began to firmly push. Alice gasped and started to wail. "Yooooooooweeeeeee! Too big! Nanny! No! Too Big! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!" Nanny took no notice and the sphincter soon gave way, much to Alice's humiliated distress. The nozzle was driven up the tiny bottom hole as Alive protested. Nanny didn't stop until the nozzle was fully inserted. Nanny was rougher with Suzy. An even bigger nozzle was selected and was forced up Suzy's bottom. James thought his cock would burst watching Suzy getting her bottom stretched. The nozzle was big for Suzy but Nanny kept ramming it up until the complete length was deep in Suzy's bottom. For the whole of the time Suzy squealed and wailed as her bottom hole was punished. Nanny opened the valve and the hot liquid started to flow into the girls' bottoms. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Nanny it hot! Too hot!" wailed Alice "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It's burning! Please! Stop it!" protested Suzy Nanny checked the level of the liquid; there was still plenty to go. She smeared more lubrication cream on both hands and reached under the girls to their little pussies. "Nanny don't! Pweeeeeeeeeeeease! I don't want to get punished!" said Alice "Nanny! It's not fair! You'll make me do it an' then I'll get spanked!" complained Suzy. But Nanny's fingers started to massage their little mounds. Slowly but surely the girls protests stopped as the delicious tingles spread between their legs. Alice sighed and parted her legs more. Suzy hummed contentedly and pushed her pussy down onto Nanny's hand. James watched, his cock hardening steadily, as the girl's bums absorbed the enema and Nanny's experienced fingers masturbated them. The girls' wriggled and sighed as their naughty little pussies betrayed them. They both knew they would be punished if they climaxed but that didn't seem to matter now. Just getting to that lovely feeling was the most important thing. Even those big things in their bottoms seemed to make the feeling better. Suzy was actively rubbing herself against Nanny's fingers. Alice moaned happily. Nanny started to flick her fingers over the girls' clits. Suzy and Alice were both panting now. The end couldn't be far away. Suzy arched her back and with a cry orgasmed over her Nanny's busy fingers. Alice wasn't far behind, emulating her sister with cries of delight. In the aftermath it was very quiet; the girls not daring to speak. Nanny had plenty to say though. "You dirty dirty girls! How dare you! Suzy, I'm going to strap your bottom good and hard. Alice, you've been asking for this all day; I'm going to give you the hardest hairbrush spanking you've ever had." Nanny lectured. Both girls' sobs and wails at the price their bottom had to pay for a moment's pleasure made James' cock start to leak pre-cum. "Strap Suzy first!" James instructed Nanny. Nanny led the girls to the bathroom to relieve them of their enemas. When she returned with the two weeping girls she put Alice in a corner and made Suzy stand in front of James with her hands on her head for him to play with her body as he wished. Then she slowly dragged the gym horse over until it was in front of James facing him end on. Nanny tapped the back of the horse. "Climb up, Susan. You know what to do." she told the blubbering girl. Shakily Suzy climbed onto the back of the gym horse with her bottom facing James and her legs straddling the horse as if she were riding. She bent down until her tummy and chest were flat against the horse. Her bum was pushed out towards James and her legs widely and permanently separated by the width of the gym horse. Both James and Suzy knew that this position meant only one thing; Nanny was going to strap right between Suzy's little bottom cheeks. Nanny selected a foot long strap about an inch wide; one that she could control exactly where it landed. She moved to the side behind Suzy, careful not to obscure James' view. She drew the strap back high above her head and then brought it down with terrifying speed and accuracy. THWACK! Right across both cheeks; a red strap mark already starting to show. "YEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWWWW! NANNEEEEEEEEEEY!" howled Suzy. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! "NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! MY BOTTOM! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! JAAAAAAAMES! MAKE HER STOP! IT HURTS!" THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! PLEASE! I'LL KISS YOUR WILLY AGAIN! PLEASE! STOP IT!" James admired Suzy's bright red little bum as Nanny strapped away. How cute Suzy's little holes were and how vigorously she wriggled her bum at him. The welts from the strap were starting to come up and her shrill cries were music to James' ears. He called Alice over and had her kneel in front of him and open her mouth. He guided the head of his prick into her little mouth. How sweet that looked and how nice it felt. He wanted to get his whole length in but Alice couldn't take it. As her tongue worked overtime over his smooth helmet he resolved to have Nanny give Alive some severe oral training. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! IT HURTS! NOT SO HARD! PLEEEEEEEEASE! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! NANNEEEEEEEEEEEEY! NOOOOOOOO! STOP! PLEASE!" Nanny paused a moment. James' cock throbbed angrily; he could see she was getting ready to `strap in'. THWACK! THWACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! NOT THERE!" THWACK! THWACK! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! DON'T! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING! BWAAAAAAAAAAH!" THWACK! THWACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! STOP IT! STOP IT! PLEASE! YAAAAAAAAH!" THWACK! THWACK! "NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Nanny stepped back, her job completed. From her mad flailing about James could see that Suzy had received a most effective punishment. Her bottom was a dark red and covered with crossing strap welts. He could see a large blister forming. There were big strap marks on her inner bum cheeks, her pussy and right across her anus. James needed very hard sex. He pulled his willy out of his sister's mouth and spoke to Nanny. "Nanny, I wish to punish Betty anally. Please be so good as to bring her to my room." he instructed. He left Nanny to sort things out in the Nursery and went to his bedroom. By the time Nanny brought the shamed and bitterly crying Betty to him James was very hard again. Nanny also had a little surprise with her. In one hand she held the big wooden hairbrush and in the other she half led, half dragged little Alice into the room. "Hope you don't mind, Sir. Only I promised Alice the hardest bare bottom hairbrush spanking for cumming in front of you and I wouldn't like to disappoint her. Would it be alright if I gave it to her here whilst you attend to Miss Betty?" Nanny asked, winking at James. "But of course, Nanny." he smiled, "Do make sure it's good and hard please. I should like to see some nice blisters." "Of course, Sir. I always blister!" smiled Nanny. James turned his attention to Betty. He could see from the translucent smears around the inner cheeks of her bottom that Nanny has creamed her for him. James' cock jerked; this was going to be really good. "Betty," said Nanny, "what do you say?" Betty looked as though the earth might swallow her up. Head bowed and miserable she spoke "Please James, put your willy deep in my bottom hole so that I can learn to be a good girl." "Of course, my dear Betty." he smiled, "Kneel up, rest on your elbows and put your head down." Betty knew what to do. She tried to please her brother. She didn't want to be hurt any more. Her bottom and wee hole hurt so very much. She knelt down, her chest on the bed, her knees tucked in and her bottom stuck out obscenely. James knelt behind her and put the end of his throbbing willy against her tight young bottom hole and started to ease in. He looked over at Nanny. She had Alice over her knees, nicely positioned so that he could see her pretty little pussy. He nodded at Nanny and she brought the big brush crashing down on Alice's little bum. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "NANNEEEEEEEEEEEY! I BE GOOD! STOP IT! I BE GOOD! PWEEEEEEASE!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! MY BUMMY! IT HURT! YEOOOOOOWEEE!" James sank his full length into Betty's anus. "OWWWWWWWWWW! NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Betty wailed. James started to pump in and out as he watch Alice's bottom being thrashed with the hairbrush. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "WAAAAAAAAAAH! MY BOTTY! OH! OH! BWAAAAAAAAAH! IT HURT! NANNY! STOP!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I BE GOOD NOW! I KISS JAMES' WILLY! STOP! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I KISS IT GOOD! PWEEEEEEEEEEASE! I DO IT LIKE SUZY! PWEEEEEEEEEASE! MY BUMMY HURT! STOP NOW! James rode his whole length in and out of his wailing little sister's bum. Alice looked so good being spanked with the hairbrush. Her bum was bright red and he knew the blisters weren't far behind. Her legs kicked madly and she showed her spread little pussy off to him. And her sweet little pleadings; yes it really was time that she learnt to kiss his willy like Suzy! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! MY BUMMY! IT HURT! PWEEEEEEEEESE JAMES! MAKE IT STOP! I KISS YOUR WILLEEEEEEEEEEEY!" Groaning with pleasure, James felt his quivering cock throbbing out his cum into his sister's tight anal hole. He would make sure Alice got her wish. James signalled to Nanny to stop his sister's bottom beating. Nanny let Alice up to do her little war dance while James had a quiet word. Nanny nodded her understanding and took the two girls away to let James recover for an hour or so. Later that evening there was a knock at James' bedroom door. He cheerfully invited Nanny in. She had a very sorry and already crying Alice in one hand and a bucket in the other. "I've brought Alice for her oral training, Sir." Nanny announced. James went and sat in a low arm chair, his leg draped over one arm. Nanny pushed Alice down at his feet. The young girl looked fearfully at her brother's big hard penis. That would never all fit in her mouth! But Nanny had other ideas. For the next ten minutes James luxuriated in the most reluctant little mouth and throat being taught a strict lesson in how to please her big brother. James thought the terrible gagging and retching was only fair punishment for all the times Alice had sniggered and wanked herself stupid whilst watching him being hurt. James tensed himself and grunted with joy as he felt Nanny pushing Alice down for another full insertion. He could feel the orgasm building, from the tingles down in his bum then up through his balls to his cock itself. Squirming and gasping he came into Alice's mouth. Nanny did her usual excellent job of cleaning up and James retired to bed. Tomorrow was another day of misery for the girls and fun for James. CHAPTER 2 - Thief There was a commotion in the house and one of the servants fetched James. In the grand hall there was an officer of the law with a firm grasp of a little servant girl who was sobbing in heartbroken wails. James recognised the servant's uniform as being his staff but had no idea who the girl was. James' butler was in attendance, so it was clearly serious. "Sir," intoned the butler, "this gentleman is the local officer, Mr Berry, the girl is Milly Simpkins, she is eleven years old and one of our skivvies. We have had some china go missing recently and Mr Berry has found Milly's mother selling it." James saw the gravity of the situation. A guilty verdict would mean the rope for both mother and daughter. The public lapped that sort of thing up. Mother and daughter side by side, dancing on the end of the noose. He looked at the girl. She was about eleven and very pretty with short blond hair and a cute snub nose. And her crying, it was so pretty. It made James start to get hard. What he'd give to treat her like his sisters. A plan formed in James' mind. He took his butler to one side. "Now Roberts, this won't do!" James said, "This will bring the most unwelcome attention to this house." The butler nodded sagely. The new master might be young but he clearly had a good head on his shoulders. "You will bring Mr Berry to my study and wait outside with the girl." James waited in his study and presently Mr Berry was brought to him. The officer, his chest thrust out, explained how he'd seen the china being sold, followed the woman and found her daughter who worked at the house. James congratulated him warmly. He took a half sovereign, over a year's wages for the man, and held it for Mr Berry to see. "Of course," said James, "this must go no further; for the honour of this house." Mr Berry thought hard. Catching a thief might mean a commendation. But it wouldn't mean a year's wages in his hand. He thought about that cute little orphan girl at home. The one who teased him and made him get hard. When he'd found a sixpence in the street and given it to his wife she had brought the crying girl to him, stripped her clothes off, given him a new birch rod and left them alone for the afternoon. What would his wife let him do for half a sovereign? Mr Berry reached out and shook James' hand. When the handshake finished the coin was in Mr Berry's hand. The officer was warmly congratulated and shown the door. Milly Simpkins was shown in. Oblivious to what had just passed Milly threw herself a James' feet. "Sir! Please Sir! Oh Gawd! What have I done! I never meant to! Please don't let me hang! An' my mum! Oh lor! It were my idea! Now she'll hang! Oh Gawd! They'll hang me! I don't want to die! Please Sir!" James smiled, a cruel little smile, how convenient. "Well Milly, I don't know what I can do. Theft is a hanging offence and the law must take its course." he said. "Please Sir! I'll do anything! Anything you ask! Oh Gawd! Please! I swear I'm sorry! Please don't let them take me! Don't let them hang me!" Milly begged. "Milly, I do not believe your mother has brought you up properly. I will save both you and your mother from the rope but you must agree to be adopted as my legal ward. Let us be clear, I will be very firm in your upbringing." James said. "Oh Sir, be your ward? An' not be hung? Oh thank you Sir! Thank you! An' you can be as firm as you want, Sir. My mum, she spanks me good an' hard!" Milly offered. "What does she spank you with?" enquired James. "Why, her hand, Sir!" answered Milly with a puzzled look on her face. James smiled to himself; poor Milly's bottom was in for a rude awakening when Nanny got hold of her. And the sooner the better! James summoned Nanny who soon arrived. He briefly explained the situation to her and she grinned cruelly. A fresh little bottom that had only ever been hand spanked. How perfect! "Milly, this is Nanny and you may address her as Nanny or Miss." said James, "She will look after you like your own mother. You will now follow us to the Nursery where you will live." Nanny led the way and James and Milly followed. James could already feel his cock getting hard. This was going to be so good! As they approached the Nursery they could hear the faltering sobs of a young girl coming from behind the door. Nanny took out a large key and unlocked the door. James led Milly in and Nanny locked the door behind them. Standing naked in the corner was Betty. Her bottom had received a wicked caning. The strokes had been deliberately laid on at different angles and small blisters had formed where the dark red raised welts crossed each other. James looked at Milly; she was shaking. "Oh Lor!" said Milly, "What did she do?" James looked at Nanny. "Well dear," said Nanny, "Betty kept dropping her pencil in class so she got a little reminder with the cane of what happens to clumsy girls." "Oh Gawd! Her bum! It's all hurt an' bruised an'..... Oh my Gawd!" said Milly, her hand covering her mouth with shock. "Girls!" I said, "I'd like to introduce you to Milly. Milly is eleven and a thief. She has been caught stealing our china and her mother has been selling it. I only have to say the word to Mr Berry, our friendly police officer, and Milly and her mother will hang. Milly has decided that she would like to be my ward rather than face the gallows. Nanny will be in charge of Milly but you, my sisters, will have control over Milly if it doesn't interfere with Nanny's wishes. Milly, you are the lowest thing in this Nursery. You will do exactly what anybody tells you to." Milly was crying now; the same pretty crying James had heard earlier. He could see his sisters looking at Milly with interest. They had spent much of their lives enjoying the power they had over James. They wanted someone to hurt like they used to. "Now, Nanny," smiled James, "what punishment do you think a naughty little girl, who would have been hanged if I hadn't saved her, should get? Oh, and I think you can put my sisters punishments aside today and let them help you." "Mmmm!" said Nanny, eyeing the girl thoughtfully, "I think that for such a naughty little girl we should start with a little spanking like her mummy used to give. Then I will administer some nice bottom stretching and then a good hot enema. After that, a very strict caning and we can see if my punishment is more effective than her mother's. Then your sisters can train Milly to please you." "Well Milly," said James, "it seems that you will have to be punished for your thievery. I'm sure you will agree that you deserve it." "Boo hoo! Oh Sir, yes, I have been bad! I know I have! I deserve my punishment. Boo hoo! Thank you for not lettin' them hang me an' Mum. I'll take whatever punishment you want!" sobbed Milly Milly looked up at James, tears running down her face her cute bottom lip quivering. They were going to hurt her; she knew that now. Hurt her bottom and do the most humiliating things to her. But it was her own fault; she had stolen the china. He had rescued her and her mother from the noose. Now her bottom had to pay the price. She had to be good now, for both her and her mum's sake. "Boo hoo! Please Sir! Shall I take my clothes off so Nanny can punish me?" Milly pouted. "Yes Milly! All of them! Now!" ordered James. Slowly Milly stripped off her clothes. She was so ashamed. These strangers standing around her; they could see everything. When she'd finished she covered her most private part with her hands. "Hands on head!" barked Nanny. James sat in his normal seat as falteringly Milly lifted her hands from where they covered and put them both on top of her head. James admired her body. She was so cute and pretty. Just wait until Nanny started. Nanny sat on the punishment chair and beckoned little Milly over. "Get over my knees, Milly!" instructed Nanny. Sobbing, Milly climbed over Nanny's knees and stuck her bottom up to get her spanking. She was clearly used to such childish spankings, but not to how hard Nanny spanked. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No! No! It's too hard! Yowwwwwwww!" Milly wailed. She stuck her hands over her bum covering up. Nanny took her hands in a vice like grip and held them out of the way. Then she carried on spanking harder than ever. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Miss! No! Stop! Not so hard! Pleeeeeeeeeease! I'm sorreeeeeeey!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Me bum! Oh Gawd! Me bum! Yeowwwwwww!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Owwwwwwwww! It burns! I'll be good! I'll never steal! Bwaaaaaaaaaah!" But Nanny had barely started. She spanked happily away as Milly wriggled and squealed over her lap. The little bottom got redder and redder as Nanny spanked away. Milly's howls were getting hoarse as Nanny spanked on. Only when the whole bottom was a dark swollen red did Nanny stop and let Milly off her lap. Milly disgraced herself with the most energetic bottom rubbing dance anyone in the room had seen. She hopped from foot to foot whilst grapping big fistfuls of stinging bottom cheek in each hand. Her pussy was on show to one and all, winking open and shut as her legs danced around. "Owwwww! My bum! Oh Gawd! It hurts! Oh, I won't be able to sit! Oh Miss, what have you done! It hurts! It's burnin'!" Milly chanted as she danced around. Nanny took the dancing girl and slapped her legs until she minded Nanny's instructions to do as she was told. Then Nanny positioned Milly kneeling on the chair seat in front of James. He could see that wobbly little bottom with its cheeks dark red and inflamed and between them, clearly displayed, was Milly's cute little bottom hole. James knew that he was going to get his willy up there soon. He hoped Nanny stretched her good and wide so he could get all the way up. Nanny moved around preparing her punishment equipment. She smeared lubricant on the enema nozzle and on a polished bottom stretching stick. Then Nanny started to lubricate Milly's bottom hole. As she pushed her finger up Milly cried out. "Miss! Don't stick it there!" Nanny gave Milly's bum a massive slap. The girl burst into choking sobs whilst Nanny moved her finger around in the little bottom hole in the most uncomfortable way. Then Nanny picked up the bottom stretching stick and began to push it up Milly's bottom. "Owwwwwwweeeeeee! Oh Gawd Miss! You're makin' it hurt!" wailed Milly, "It ain't going to fit! It's hurtin'! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!" James watched Milly's sphincter give way and the stick start to go up her bottom. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Please Miss! Take it out! It hurts! It's too big! Oooo! Oooo! Stop pushin' it in! Pleeeeeeeeeease!" she cried. Nanny had got the thick stick in a good four inches and was using the long handle as a lever to stretch the hole good and wide. Milly's wails were making James' cock throb uncomfortably. He stripped his trousers and pants off as he watched. "Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My bottom! Oh Miss! You're going to break it! Yeowwwwwwwch! Please! Don't move it like that! Nyaaaaaaaaaaah! It's hurtin'!" Milly sobbed. Nanny withdrew the stick leaving Milly crying pitifully and comforting her poor hole with her hand. Nanny returned with the enema. "Get that hand out of the way!" Nanny commanded. "Oh please Miss! Don't put anything else up! I beg you! Oh lawks! What have I done! It hurts so much!" Nanny paid no attention to Milly and firmly removed the girl's hand. She put the end of the nozzle against Milly's anus and began to push the nozzle up. Milly wriggled and sobbed as the big nozzle made its way up until the tight bottom hole closed around the end. Nanny released the hot liquid into Milly's bottom. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Miss! Have mercy! Stop it! It's burnin'! It's burnin' me inside! Oh Gawd! I'm sorry Gawd! Please! I know I have to be punished, but not like this! Please!" Milly wailed. The enema carried on draining into Milly as she cried. James watched Suzy slip her hand down into her knickers and start rubbing herself. Suzy had always enjoyed watching others suffer with a large enema. And suffer Milly certainly did. The horrible feeling of a bottom filling up with hot enema and the cramping was all new to Milly. She wailed and pleaded as she felt herself filling. When Nanny judged the enema complete she took Milly to the bathroom to empty herself. Nanny was with Milly in the bathroom for some time. The low voice of Nanny talking firmly to Milly could be heard along with the occasional hard smack and attendant cries. When Nanny brought Milly out she looked a very chastened girl; her head hung low, her mouth pouting and sobbing quietly. She walked slowly to James and stood in front of him. Her eyes were drawn to his large erect penis. In halting sobs she spoke to him. "Boo hoo! Please Sir, thank you for saving my life! You can hurt my bottom as much as you like. Boo hoo! I know I have to pay for being bad. You can use your willy on me too! Boo hoo! Boo hoo! An' hurt me with it! Hurt my holes with it! Boo hoo! She blubbered. James smiled up at Milly. "Yes, I will be hurting your holes with my willy! Hurting them a lot! And I shall enjoy it greatly!" he gloated. "Boo hoo! Yes Sir! I hope you enjoy hurting me with your willy! Boo hoo!" she cried. Nanny took Milly by the arm and had her kneel up on the chair seat and then tied her hands to the back of the chair. She showed Milly how to dip her back so that her bottom poked out nicely. Nanny selected a whippy little junior cane for Milly's first caning; she intended it to be very long and severe. Milly looked back fearfully at the cane as Nanny brought it back ready for the first stroke. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! Three in rapid succession. There was a moments silence, then... "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Milly found her voice. Never could Milly have imagined a pain in her bottom like it; a million wasps all stinging at once. She waved her bum madly. How could that other girl have stood all that cane on her bottom? How could she? "Naughty little thieves must have their bottoms caned!" admonished Nanny. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! STOP! YOU'RE KILLING ME!" screamed Milly. But wise Nanny had seen it all before and she knew exactly how much cane a naughty eleven year olds bare bottom could take. And Milly had a long way to go. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YAAAAAAAAAAAAH! STOOOOOOP! NANNEEEEEEEEY! WAAAAAAAAAAH!" THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "BWAAAAAAAAAAAAH! DON'T CANE ME NO MORE! PLEEEEEEEEEASE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" James watched with fascinated lust as the naughty girl received her first ever caning. Her reactions were extreme. She had no control over her bottom which twisted and bucked like a wild horse. Her pretty holes were revealed in all their glory to him. Perhaps he would have her sleep with him every night. Just so when he woke up hard he could stick it in her as he wished. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'M SORRY! I'LL NEVER STEAL!" Milly howled. Nanny put the cane down and dragged the gym horse across. "I've had enough of your cavorting, young lady!" she told Milly, "You shall be put across the horse for the rest of your caning." "NOOOOO! PLEASE! NO MORE! I CAN'T TAKE NO MORE CANE! PLEEEEEEEEEASE! OH GAWD! MY BUM! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" wailed Milly. But it cut no ice with Nanny and Milly was firmly removed from the chair seat, slung over the horse and had her hands tied to the restraint straps. "Now for some real caning!" grinned Nanny. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! NOOOOOOOOOOO! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! MY BUM! MY BUM! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" James was impressed. He'd never seen Nanny whip a cane quite so hard across a bottom before. It made his cock throb angrily. He didn't want to cum yet. He wanted to save the precious liquid for his new ward. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! DON'T! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Milly's cries were becoming incoherent as the bottom pain of Nanny's stern caning reached crisis level. THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! THWICK! "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Milly screamed, her voice cracking. Nanny put the cane down. There was no point in continuing. This little girl had been well punished; for today anyway, she thought. She turned to the audience "I think we can see that a good caning for a little girl is considerably more effective than a spanking. I would suggest that if Milly had received more of these she would not have taken up her thieving ways. I shall continue to administer bare bottom canings on a regular basis." judged Nanny. Nanny unfastened the restraints holding Milly's hands. Milly slipped off the horse and folded onto the floor holding her swollen bumpy bottom cheeks with both hands, sobbing wildly. Nanny looked over at James' straining cock. She smiled at the girls. "Girls, I believe that Milly is ready for you to train her. I think you will find that after such a strict caning she is most ready to please!" Nanny said. The girls rushed over to Milly where she lay on the floor. "Get up! Get up you idiot girl!" said little Alice smacking at Milly's bottom "Yes, our brother wants to put his hard willy into your mouth and bottom." said Betty. "Yes, he wants to put it all the way in, and it's really big too!" sniggered Alice. The three girls pulled Milly up and brought her in front of James. "Kneel down!" said Betty, "Our brother wants you to taste his willy!" Milly looked up imploringly at James. "Oh please Sir! I'll never be bad again! I promise! Don't make me touch you! Please! It's so shameful!" Milly sobbed. "Not as shameful as being hung as a thief!" James reminded her, "Open your mouth wide. My sisters will show you what to do." Betty grabbed the back of Milly's head. "Take a deep breadth!" Betty advised. Then she forced Milly's head down on James' engorged cock. James sighed and lay back pushing his cock up into Milly's inexperienced mouth. Betty kept pushing Milly's head down onto James' cock; the gagging slurpy sounds filled the room. Suzy and Alice had both taken their knickers off and were unashamedly playing with themselves; their fingers blurring over their clits. James groaned his satisfaction at the good job his little sisters were doing training Milly. They had her gagging nicely over his cock now. The feeling of entering her throat and watching his rock hard cock deep in her mouth was exquisite. James looked up at Nanny; she knew what he needed. "Girls!" said Nanny, "Your brother is ready to use Milly's bottom hole. Stand Milly up and turn her around so that her back is facing your brother, then make her sit down so his cock goes up her bum!" "Boo hoo! Oh Lor Miss! No! Not his thing up there! Boo hoo! You hurt me too much! I can't take no more! Boo hoo! Please!" begged Milly. The girls happily followed Nanny's instructions. Helping punish someone else was so exciting. Alice had already cum once and Betty could feel she was on the way. When they had Milly in position Suzy held the base of James' willy and Betty forced Milly to sit down in James' lap. Suzy rested the head of James' willy against Milly's bottom hole and as she sat down James felt the tight hot anus gripping ever more of his cock. James watched the miserable girl, her hiccupy sobs accompanying the severe bottom hole discipline he was giving her. Betty took a long hard ruler from Nanny's collection and began to vigorously spank Milly on the fronts of her thighs. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh please! Oh lawks! I hurt! No more!" Milly wailed. James thought he was going to die with pleasure. The thigh spanking made Milly wriggle and bump up and down on his willy. He could see his length sliding in and out of her anus. The other girls grabbed other implements and joined in. Soon Milly was squealing at the top of her voice and wriggling uncontrollable as her bottom hole pleasured James. He could feel a massive orgasm coming. It was building deep down; any minute now he was going over the edge. Then it happened! He roared as his whole body stiffened; his cock seemed to be twice its size as from somewhere deep inside spurt after spurt of cum erupted into Milly's bum. James reflected that while Milly had saved her neck and that of her mother, Nanny would ensure that her bottom paid a high price. EPISODE 3 In the next Episode, James employs a governess for his growing girls: As James' mind reeled at Miss Julia's amazing description of her punishment of the Carter girls, she knelt down in front of him. "Sir, I really want this job!" she said. Miss Julia removed her top revealed the cutest pair of breasts to James. She looked up at him; those deep brown eyes melting his heart. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed his cock whole. Her throat gripped James in the most incredible way and she made the most simple but sophisticated movements with her head causing his cock to move in her throat in a way that made his pleasure complete. All the time she hummed; the tingly vibrations making their way to his cock. She lifted her head. "Of course, Sir," she said, "I'll be teaching your sisters to do that for you in their French lessons. She stood up in front of him and started to unfasten her skirts. Let me show you how I teach Greek!" PHOTO STORY 2 - "WITH MUM'S FULL PERMISSION" Photo 1 The scene is a bathroom. There is a toilet, washbasin and bath all in white porcelain, a corner cupboard and stool. The bath has been half filled with water ready for use. A naked girl of about twelve stands next to the bath with her hands on her head. She is pretty with shoulder length dark hair and a delicate white skin. Her body is just starting to develop; she has cute little cone shaped breasts and her pussy is swelling, but there are no hairs yet. Next to her is a naked man. He has a large erection and is holding her firmly by the shoulder with his left hand. In his right hand he holds a large bath-brush that he is brandishing at the girl. The girl is crying large fat tears and her mouth is open as she begs and pleads with the man. Text: "Jane hates it when her Uncle looks after her. He has full permission from her Mum to administer the strictest discipline. Something he never wastes any time in doing." Photo 2 Jane's Uncle is now sitting on the low bathroom stool. Jane is over his knees and being spanked very hard with the bath-brush. The bath-brush has a long handle and her Uncle is holding it right at the end so he can wield it with full force. Jane's bottom and the backs of her thighs are a burning red and the shape of the back of the bath-brush can be seen interlocking many times over the surface. Her bottom is starting to swell with the stern treatment. Her Uncle holds her hands firmly with his left hand whilst spanking with his right. Jane's legs are kicking widely apart showing all her pretty charms. Text: "A good old fashioned spanking to start things off makes sure Jane is most compliant when she gets in the bath." Photo 3 Jane is standing in the bath with her hands on her head and her legs wide apart whilst her Uncle washes her. Her body is covered in soap suds. He has two of his fingers deeply inserted in her pussy. Jane's face is a picture of abject misery at the humiliation and discomfort this intimate intrusion is causing her. Tears course down her face which is red and puffy. Her mouth is partially open as she sobs helplessly. The smooth purple head of her Uncle's penis is fully exposed; he loves doing this to her. Text: "Uncle has to make sure every little nook and cranny is clean." Photo 4 Jane is standing in the bath with her back to the camera facing the wall. Her hands are both flat on the wall and her nose is pressed against it. Her legs are still apart and her wet soapy bottom is pushed out towards the camera. We can see her pussy from the back and her the first time the deep vortex of her bottom hole. Her Uncle is standing to one side of her with one foot in the bath. He has his left hand pressed on the small of her back encouraging Jane to push her bottom out. In his right he holds split tawse which he is thrashing Jane's bottom with. Jane's head is turned back so that she is looking at her Uncle and we can see that her lips are pulled back over her teeth as she squeals her head off. Her bum is dark red and vividly welted by the tawse. Text: "Uncle always tells her Mum that `A hard spanking with the strap on a wet bottom does a little girl the world of good'. The worst thing is that her Mum always agrees." Photo 5 Jane has got out of the bath and is standing dripping wet on the bath mat. Her Uncle is standing next to her and has both her hands held firmly in front of her with his left hand. In his right hand he has the nasty bath-brush and is cracking it against the backs of his little niece's thighs. Jane looks like she is running on the spot, bringing her knees up high to the level of her waist. She is partially facing the camera and we have a fine view of her parted pussy. Her Uncle's stiff penis bobs in time to the action. Text: "Uncle needs to keep Jane nice and obedient for the next part of her punishment." Photo 6 This photo is a close up. Jane is bent over the bathroom stool with her legs widely spread and her bum pushed up and out towards the camera. She is reaching back behind herself to pull her bum cheeks wide apart. In his hand her Uncle has a large well lubricated enema nozzle. He is pushing the nozzle against Jane's anus. Her sphincter has just started to give way and we can see the anus stretching to accommodate the first inch of the nozzle. Text: "It's just soooo humiliating having her Uncle do that to her. And the cramping really hurts too." Photo 7 The camera has pulled back for this shot. We can see that Jane is kneeling on the bath mat. The enema bag is hung from the shower rail and a black rubber tube runs down from the bag and in between Jane's bottom cheeks. Jane's tummy is visibly bulging. This must be a big uncomfortable punishment enema. While the enema drains into Jane's bottom her Uncle keeps himself amused. He is stood in front of Jane and has inserted most of his straining cock into Jane's mouth. Poor Jane; her bottom is receiving nasty enema punishment and her Uncle is giving her strict oral discipline. No wonder she is crying so much as she gags and retches over her Uncle's cock. Text: "Oh dear Jane, both holes being punished at once! But it's no use complaining to Mum because she gives her wholehearted enthusiastic support to your Uncle's methods. Be careful not to make a mess, you got the cane for that last time." Photo 8 Jane is bending over touching her toes for the cane. Her bottom is fully displayed facing the camera. We can see that her Uncle has already laid on five hard strokes at a number of different angles. The stinging marks are raised and bluish and repeatedly cross over each other. One of Jane's knees is bent and it is clear that she cannot keep her bottom still as her Uncle strictly administers the cane. Her upside down face is twisted back to look up at her Uncle. She is captured in the middle of a howling squeal. Her face is bright red and soaked with tears. We can see part of her Uncle as he stands off to one side behind Jane. He holds the cane back in his right hand ready to strike, his cock is hard and looks angry with the veins sticking out. Text: "Looks like Jane must have made quite a mess; her Uncle is caning her very hard. From the look on her face it must really sting." Photo 9 Jane is lying over the bathroom stool and her Uncle is kneeling at her side using his left hand to hold her arms in the small of her back and keep her over the stool. He is whipping away at her bottom with the cane. Jane's bottom is now a seething mass of cane wheals. The camera is positioned behind Jane and her legs are kicked apart like she is practicing the breaststroke. Her pussy gapes open and her bottom hole is on full display. Her Uncle's cock has a line of pre-cum dripping off it. Text: "Uncle drives his message home. Jane will be very good for Uncle after this. I wonder what she has promised him if he stops?" Photo 10 Jane is bent over the side of the bath. Her Uncle kneels behind her and has inserted much of his large penis into Jane's bottom hole. A used up tube of lubrication gel is discarded on the floor. Uncle has a firm grip on Jane's shoulders and is pushing up hard. It looks like Jane is being almost lifted off the floor by his effort. We can see the tight rubbery anal hole being pushed inwards by the rock hard cock. Jane's head is turned back towards her Uncle. Her mouth is open and her teeth showing as her squeals sound a stern rebuke to her Uncle's wicked anal punishment. Text: "Looks like Jane wishes she hadn't promised Uncle that special thing he likes so much. She always forgets how much it hurts. Why does Mummy let him do these things to her?" ADVERTISEMENT - SH IMPLEMENTS This is a whole page advertisement. The page is a background photograph of many varied punishment instruments. The photograph is overlaid with text. At the top of the page in a central position the company name is proudly displayed: "SORE HEINY IMPLEMENTS - The Specialists In Little Bottom Discipline" The rest of the text is as follows: "Folks, we all know that a little girl's bottom requires special attention. Although straps and canes designed for use on adults can be used very effectively on children it is not long before the session must end or risk breaking the skin. To enable the type of long hard punishment sessions, that will truly make your little one beg to be allowed to please you, we stock a wide range of spanking implements especially made for use on children. These are designed to be applied repeatedly on younger bottoms with harsh stinging results, whilst considerably extending the available punishment time. For example, our excellent junior cane can be applied quite safely at least 50 times to the average 10 year old girl's bottom." "10 year old Julie B emailed us: My name's Julie B. I'm 10 years old. My Dad's made me write this. I hate the new cane he got from you. It hurts just as much as his old cane but he carries on hitting my bottom forever. It's like, before the new cane I told him I'd never put my tongue in his bottom hole. Now I do it all the time. I have to or he just keeps on caning me. I hate you! Julie B P.S. Dad said my email was rude so now I have to go upstairs for him to put his willy in my bottom. I used to fight him but now I even hold my bum open for him. It's either that or more cane!" "Canes We stock a wide range through from the nursery cane which can be used safely on ages 5 upwards through to the teen trainer cane, the use of which we guarantee will make even a sulky 14 year old highly compliant to your demands." "Straps All our straps are made of the best quality leather and designed with little bottoms in mind. Our straps can be applied very vigorously for prolonged periods. The sting can be quite squeal inducing. We have a full range from two fingered tawses through to belts. Included in the range are three sizes of groove straps for those hard to reach places." "Paddles As you would expect, we cover the whole range from light plywood ovals to heavier rectangular, all in child sizes. Our paddles come either drilled, to assist with blistering where a firmer lesson is required, or regular undrilled. The choice is yours! For an additional fee we can customise your paddle by inscribing it with your child's name (maximum 10 letters)." "Intimate punishments We have scoured the markets to find the most effective but safe implements to assist you with those more intimate punishments of children. We stock a highly effective water based lubricant ideal for sensitive young skins. We can supply this in 1 litre / gallon tubs for where you follow a regular intimate punishment programme. We stock a large range of butt plugs (our set of five different sizes is popular) alongside our range of enema nozzles. We also stock all associated enema equipment. We have a range of speculums for where examination or additional stretching is necessary." "Other implements We offer a small range where you can find hairbrushes, the bath-brush, spatulas, the carpet-beater, etc.. N.B. We do not stock switches as we cannot guarantee they will be fresh when they reach you." "In short we offer the fullest and most reasonably priced range of products to ensure that you are able to administer the longest, strictest punishments to your little girls. Listen to some of our customers:" "Dear SH, Thanks for your latest shipment. Our girls (8 and 10) are less grateful. We tried out the junior cane last night. My husband reports that afterwards they were most compliant during the intimate stage of their punishment. I guess we may need some more of that lubricating gel soon! Yours, Mrs P (Sophie and Jane's Mum)" "Dear Sir, I have just finished giving my twelve year old, Jennifer, a good thrashing with your senior paddle (I selected the drilled option). I can confirm that she now has the most excellent crop of blisters on her bottom and is a much chastened young lady. I am about the test out the butt plug set on her. I think she will be good for some time! Yours, Mr C." "Purchasing our products The full list of our products and prices along with details of how to purchase can be found at www.*************." CONTACTS Mother of 2 girls aged 9 and 11 seeks strict gentlemen to administer hard strokes of the cane to their bare bottoms. My girls are also both used to receiving intimate punishments as you see fit. Box 1254 Lonely single mother aged 30 seeks man aged 30 - 50 to help with the strict discipline of her daughter aged 10. I give her hard punishments but am looking for a partner who is able to sustain long periods of intimate punishment. Box 1255 My girls of 12 and 15 are older now but would suit a generous man of very strict temperament. My 15 year old has a slim attractive bottom and can take 100 strokes with the cane unrestrained, although her reactions remain everything you would wish for. Intimate punishments catered for. Box 1256 We are a strict discipline family (M40, W35, g10, g8). We are seeking another like minded family with girls for holidays and time together. Couples must be willing to swap their girls with ours for both traditional and intimate punishments. Box 1257 I have ironed my 12 year old daughter's school and girl guide uniforms ready for you to see her in, Sir. She looks very smart and demure in both. Has she had a bad school report or has Brown Owl complained? You decide. I have a selection of straps, paddles and canes you can use on her good and hard. She can be partially or fully unclothed as you wish. She is very compliant when receiving intimate punishments. Box 1258 Genuine single mother of two girls, aged 8 and 9, seeks long term relationship with solvent professional male. I am heavily into little girl discipline and want a man who supports this upbringing for my daughters. As a reward you will be in charge of administering their intimate punishments. Box 1259 I have a number of young girls (aged 9 - 12) who can appear in custom discipline films. All can receive vigorous punishments on their bare bottoms with any implement including the cane. All holes can be intimately punished. Box 1260 My daughter is an 11 year old ex `cane botty' star. You are most welcome to visit me to view and participate in her strict punishment sessions. You will be most satisfied with my level of severity and with the level of compliance she will demonstrate to you afterwards. Box 1261 Single woman seeks man to jointly adopt girl with. I am keen to re-enact the same punishments I received when I was younger. My punishments were harsh and very intimate. I can promise that when we adopt you will be highly satisfied with my training and control of our `daughter'. I will ensure that your participation will always be most pleasurable. Box 1262 Seeking new Daddy. I am an eleven year old girl and my sister is nine. My Mum is very strict and my sister and me get spankings with the cane and strap all the time. Daddy used to hurt us with his special punishments. Since daddy left life has been really hard because we have no money. We really want a new Daddy. If you were our new Daddy you could help Mummy punishing us and give us special punishments too. Box 1263 I am ten and a girl and Mum says I'm naughty. She says the cane doesn't teach me well enough now. I don't think that's fair because the cane hurts my bottom so much I scream. Mum says I have to ask a man to come and help. I've seen my friend's daddy punishing her. I hid in the wardrobe. It was really bad and I don't want that so please don't reply to this stupid advertisement. Mums note: Do reply. She needs it good and hard! Box 1264 Mum on her uppers! I am seeking generous men as I have some financial problems. In return you can help me discipline my pretty twelve year old daughter without being encumbered by a relationship. I have brought her up very strictly and have everything you will need to punish her including the senior cane. She is very compliant and her anal acceptance levels are very high. Box 1265 My sweet little daughters are becoming badly behaved and need a good attitude adjustment. They are thirteen and ten and I am at my wits end with them. I require men or women to help with demonstrating new punishment methods, traditional or intimate. Please come and visit and make my girls good again. Box 1266 I am a single Dad and I require a new wife or partner to help with my increasingly wayward daughters aged 8, 10 and 11. Ladies you must be very strict and ideally have some experience. Perhaps you were a babysitter or have your own daughters. I am solvent and can promise you will be well looked after. You must support intimate punishments as my daughters receive these on a regular basis. Box 1267 Sweet little sisters, every strict disciplinarian's dream! Please come and help me with my naughty daughters aged ten and eleven. I have lots of pretty uniforms and nice clothes you can dress them in. Both cry very prettily when their bottoms are reddened with the junior cane. You can also administer enemas under supervision. Please visit us soon. Box 1268 Visit us before it's too late! My girls are twelve and fourteen now. The have been tutored by many fine men and women who have visited us over the past few years. As a result they are now expert in pleasing even the most demanding punisher. We have a little classroom where you can play school and many high quality implements. My girls are ideal for novice punishers and will comply with your every wish including extreme intimate. Pamper yourself with a visit today. Box 1269 READERS' LETTERS More bottom oiling Dear Sir, My husband and I are keen readers of you excellent magazine. We have a ten year old girl who, as you might expect, is subject to the strictest discipline. The reason I am writing to you is that I have been following the debate on bottom oiling with great interest because about half a year ago we started using this method ourselves. Our daughter has been spanked since an early age, always bare of course. Over time her little bum has been introduced to the slipper, hairbrush and paddle. We got to the stage where, despite literally blistering her bottom with the hairbrush or paddle, our daughter's attitude was not adjusted to the level of compliance my husband and I require. Like many of your readers my husband is a strong proponent of delivering an intimate punishment to our daughter once I have finished with her bottom. He is always ready with his trousers and underpants off and his lovely big member standing to attention. However, our daughter became unwilling to accept strict intimate discipline from her father. Naturally this discipline hurts her but then it is punishment! Even after taking her back over my knee for some more vigorous attitude adjustment, usually on the backs of her thighs, she still made it difficult for her father to penetrate her holes. My husband and I discussed what we could do. The obvious answer was to move to the strap and cane. However, as my husband said, where does that leave us when she gets to 12 or 13 and we have to move her on? My daughter already receives enemas and anal stretching every Friday night in addition to her normal daily punishment schedule. We don't want to stretch our daughter's anus more than once a week because my husband is concerned that it will lose some of the tightness he enjoys so much. This is why I decided to try oiling my daughter's bottom prior to a punishment. Initially I used baby oil but I have recently switched to glycerine. I find this provides a much oilier surface that lasts during even a protracted paddling. Now, when my daughter sees me getting the oil out she starts to cry immediately and begs me to let her go and get intimate punishment from her father. However, I am not swayed. So she is stripped naked and I take my clothes off to prevent the oil from spoiling them. Then I take her over my knee and oil her bottom, paying particular attention to the hole itself. This kills two birds with one stone as she is now pre-lubricated ready for my husband. The effect of the oiling my daughter's bottom before a punishment has been revolutionary! Everyone knows how effective it is to spank a child in the bath when their bottom is wet and soapy. Well, judging from my daughter's reaction, an oiled bottom magnifies this effect three or four times! My daughter's squeals and howls are deafening as I spank away with the paddle. She tries to get off my knee right from the beginning but I hold her very firmly. I've found that she blisters a little quicker and a little more with the oil, but the dramatic effect on her attitude is worth it. After having her oiled bottom paddled, despite much agonized bottom rubbing and war dancing, she makes her way to her father and asks him most respectfully to begin her intimate punishment. The threat of being taken back over my knee to have the oil and then the paddle applied to the backs of her thighs seems to make her most obedient. My husband is quite a strict taskmaster when it comes to administering intimate punishment; he insists on fully inserting his whole length into whichever hole is to be punished. He tends to start with her mouth, accompanied by plenty of gagging and retching which I know he enjoys. Then he generally has her bend over, touch her toes and push her bum out. He crouches down behind her until he can level his penis at her tight bottom hole and then pushes up very firmly. Of course she wails and cries plenty when this happens, but it is a punishment! My husband ensures she is most vigorously dealt with in this position until he reaches climax. I would truly encourage any other parent out there to try oiling a little bottom prior to punishment. It is well worth the fuss for the dramatic effect. Finally, my husband and I are interested to know if any parents oil the bottoms of their older girls (12 or 13) and what the effects are. Thanks again and happy oiling! (Name and address withheld) Hot off the press Dear Little Girl Discipline Monthly, I am an eleven year old girl called Jenny and as part of my punishment I have to write to you. Mum has told me I have to write what punishment I have had, what I'm going to get and what I think of your magazine. Mum and Dad have just spanked and caned me whist I was naked. I'm still crying and my bottom hurts so much. Dad had me over his knee for the spanking. He spanks really hard and touches me between the legs. Mum caned me. I had to get on my back with my legs up. Dad likes me to get the cane like that so he can see between my legs whilst I get it. I really screamed when I was caned. I always do. I just can't help it. Mum and Dad kept telling me to be quiet but it really hurt and I couldn't. Mum gave me ten hard ones across the backs of the thighs for screaming but that made me scream even more. They both told me I was naughty for making such a noise. When I've finished writing this I have to go to the bathroom. Mum is going to stretch my bottom hole while Dad watches. She usually starts with her fingers and then a plastic willy. Dad will have his trousers and pants off and his willy will be big and hard. When Mum has finished Dad will stick his willy up my bottom hole. Getting my bottom hole stretched hurts and makes me cry. It's not as bad as being caned but it still really hurts. After Dad has finished I have to go to the bedroom with Mum. She takes her knickers off so I can kiss her between her legs. She says it's her reward for having punished me so well. I hate your magazine. Mum and dad make me read it so I can see that lots of little girls get punished like me. The bad thing is that when Mum and Dad get your latest off the internet they read it and then both want to punish me. "Time to hurt your bottom!" Dad says. "You're going to get a hard stretching tonight!" says Mum. I can see Dad's willy is hard and Mum goes all red in the face. Then they strip me and start to hurt me. Also your horrible magazine gives them nasty ideas. Like all the new ways to hurt bottoms you talk about. It's all your fault they oil me now and they're going to buy a groove strap for my twelfth birthday. I hate your magazine. It's horrible. Jenny, Aged 11 Hi, Jenny's Mum here. Just to let you know that when I read how rude Jenny had been in her letter she got fifteen real hard ones with the cane right on the sit-down bit of her bottom. She's screaming and jumping about right now. I can see my Hubby's ready for some action, so it's off to the bathroom for Jenny. Thanks for a great magazine. Jenny's Mum. Bad grades, your bottom pays Hello LGD readers, I am a mother with two kids, Alice aged 12 and John aged 15. Both my husband and I practice strict discipline with the emphasis firmly on the intimate side. One of the things we are both pretty hot on is the academic standards our kids achieve. Consequently report card day can be somewhat traumatic for them. Our boy is a good worker and his teachers always feel his grades are in line with his potential. Our daughter, on the other hand, often doesn't try as hard as she might. Last week is a case in point. I picked both kids up from school. John looked elated but Alice had a very long face. I soon found out why. As soon as we were in the car I demanded their report cards. John's, as usual, showed he had worked hard and achieved what his teachers considered a good set of results. Alice, on the other hand, had several comments about her poor attitude and a set of sub standard results. Now, as her long face foretold, it was time for her bottom to pay. We have a little rule in our house. That is, if one child has behaved and the other hasn't, then the child that has behaved has certain intimate privileges. I could already tell from the lump in John's trousers that he was looking forward to exercising those privileges with his little sister. Soon after we had set off for home I heard a struggle from the back. I could see in the rear view mirror that John was trying to get his hand between his sister's legs. "Alice!" I said, "You know the rules. Now get your knickers off and spread those legs. John wants to play with your pee pee. And Alice, just remember, don't you dare climax or you'll be getting a very special punishment when Daddy gets home." Of course I know very well that if one child has privileges they want to get the other into as much trouble as possible. Only a few weeks ago Alice had skilfully used her mouth to make her brother come, something I made his bottom hole regret dreadfully later. Now John wanted to get his own back. I heard a miserable Alice shedding her knickers and then it was quiet for a while. I could see in the rear view mirror John's fingers busy between Alice's legs. "Mum," John said, "she's gone all wet and her top bit's all sticking out!" I could hear Alice starting to pant. "John! Pleease! Don't! Stop-it!" Alice begged. "You didn't last week!" John reminded her. "Mum! She's going to go any second. I can feel her throbbing!" John announced. "Alice, don't you dare!" I said. But the strangled cries from Alice told us all that she had had a very naughty climax at the hand of her brother. Her crying started almost immediately. Poor Alice is always rather less stoic than John when being punished. When we got home John was eager to exploit the first of his privilidges. Almost as soon as he was through the door he started stripping off his trousers and underpants. Alice had a look of disgust on her face. I decided to drive the message home. "Alice," I said, "get those clothes off. Your brother wants servicing. I'm sure it will be good practice for you when your Dad gets home!" I watched as Alice miserably stripped off. Her brother was already sat on the sofa. She went and knelt in front of him and took his young hard cock deep into her mouth. I could hear the slurpy noises and John's sighs of pleasure. Before long I could hear John's groans as he climaxed and Alice's gagging coughs as he spurted down her throat. I stood Alice in a corner to wait for her father's return. It was a good hour later that he walked through the door. As soon as he came in I told him the situation. I made very certain that I told him that Alice had climaxed in the car and that a `special' punishment was called for. My husband agreed absolutely so I went to fetch Alice's punishment things, including her `special' box. First off for our naughty little girl was a good hard bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush. I delivered this with Alice over my knee while my husband and son eagerly looked on. Poor Alice, the spanking was particularly severe, even by my standards. Her squealing and kicking was making both my men get very hard. I stopped short of blistering Alice's bottom because this was just for starters. For the main course I planned a most stern caning. I helped Alice off my lap and let her dance around in a howling frenzy of bottom clutching while I got the cane ready. I had Alice kneel up on a chair holding on to the back with her bum stuck out towards her brother and father. I didn't hold back and Alice learnt a good lesson in how to apply herself at school. By the time I had finished the lower part of her bottom cheeks and upper thighs were striped with heavy purple lines and her shrieks hurt our ears. Now it was time to open her `special' box. My husband is quite a well endowed man and it has been necessary to purchase some special equipment to help stretch Alice to accommodate him. Despite her extreme bottom discomfort Alice started beg very vocally once she saw me handling items out of her box. Both her father and brother were promised the most exciting pleasure if only they would stop me. Even I was promised a most diligent pussy licking every day after school. However, it was not enough to stop me from selecting two of Alice's most hated items; a spiral shaped vibrator with a strong rotating function and a large stainless steel speculum. I lubed both up as Alice continued sobbing and pleading. Then it was time to start the most embarrassing and somewhat painful stage of her punishment. I had her lie back on the sofa and hold her legs up above her head. Then I started to twist the spiral vibrator up into her pussy. She made quite a fuss as we have only been stretching her pussy for a few months now. Once the vibrator was well inserted I turned the rotation function on and before our eyes her little hole was rudely and painfully reamed out. I told my husband and son to hold her legs tight and then I turned the speed up to full. She squealed lustily as her hole was terrorised by the nasty toy. After Alice had been released to howl and comfort her abused hole I had her change position so that she was on her knees with her head down and her bum stuck out at us. Both my husband and son are real bottom men so they enjoy watching her anus get it. I inserted the speculum and opened her anal hole a good inch wide for her brother and father to look up her. "Wow!" said John over Alice's squeals, "You can really see right up. Go on Mum! Open her wider!" I adjusted the speculum and squeezed the handle forcefully. Her hole opened to an inch and a half wide. I looked over at my husband and I could tell from the pre-cum dripping off the end of his engorged cock that he was ready for her. I removed the speculum and despatched my remorseful daughter upstairs with her strict father. For the next half an hour John and I sat downstairs and listened to a naughty little girl receiving the strictest intimate discipline from her father. The guttural moans and wails as her holes were assaulted made both John and I very horny. Eventually my husband brought our dishevelled daughter downstairs with him. Her hair was matted with come and gunk. It looked like my husband had demanded the strictest obedience of her mouth. But I had one trick left up my sleeve for my naughty daughter. "Alice," I said, "as you've been so naughty and John has been so good I've decided he can have a special treat. For the rest the night you're to be his sex toy. You have to do anything he wants or I shall paddle you're bottom until it's one big blister!" "Wow! Thanks Mum!" said John, "I'm going to make her tongue my bum an' swallow my willy an' put it right up her bum an' everything!" Alice's response was more muted but the look of pure disgust on her face at being made to please her brother in such a vile way was the best part of the punishment for me. They departed to John's room and I congratulated myself on a job well done. If any of your other readers have similar punishments for bad grades then I would love to hear. Yours, (Name and address withheld) Like mother, like daughter Hi to all Little Girl Discipline readers, I'm a 30 year old mother of two girls aged ten and twelve. I would like to tell you about how I was punished when I was a girl and how I have incorporated some of my mother's methods into my own girl's discipline. My mum was really strict with me and barely a day would go by without her pulling my panties down and spanking me for one thing or another. This happened from the age of about five onwards. It was clear to me even then that my mum enjoyed what she was doing. The spankings were always slow and ritual with her drawing my panties down slowly and scolding me while I cried. When she smacked it was really hard and my bum would feel like it was on fire. She would sit back with a pleased smile on her face watching me nurse my scalded heiny. As I got older mum started to practice severe little girl discipline on me until at the age of ten I had graduated to the junior cane. How that used to sting me! I can remember screaming myself hoarse as she roasted my bottom with that cane. When I was going to get caned mum would strip me naked and put her fingers in my pussy and bottom while telling me how naughty I was. Then it was over her knee for a bare bottom spanking whilst I cried and yelled. I would beg like crazy when she got the cane out to use on me. I got it lying on my tummy on the sofa when I was younger and touching my toes when I was older. So far, so normal! But it was after I had been caned that mum deployed her special twist. She would dress me up in a short skirt, halter top and no panties. Then it was off to the mall or other public place. Everyone could see that I had been crying and mum made sure that any interested looking man got a good flash of my caned bum. It was never long before we were chatting to some man or another. `Had I been naughty?' `Yes.' `Had I had a panties-off caning?' `Yes.' The man would always say something like he wished he'd been there or he'd like to have seen it. That was always my mum's cue. `Well, I'm only part way through with her. She's going to get plenty more when I get home. Would you like to come and watch?" mum would say. Very few men ever refused. So a few minutes later we would be back at home with some man getting an eyeful of my naked little charms and bright red caned bottom. After a good spanking to `get me warmed up again', as mum would say, the man would be encouraged to give me an intimate punishment. They almost always did. I can tell you now, having to perform the most personal duties with your mouth on the nasty parts of a man your mum has just brought home from the mall is the most humiliating (and effective) punishment I can think of. That's probably why I use similar punishments on my daughters. I enjoy punishing both my daughters and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I particularly like doing it in male company. My husband left some years ago as, like a lot of women with firm disciplinary beliefs, I fell out with my husband over how to bring up our daughters. Now I find men using similar methods to my mum. And like my mum I make sure that when I do my girls find it grossly humiliating. I like to start off by dressing my daughters in as demeaning a way as possible, like with shortened school uniforms or baby clothes. Then it's off to the park or mall to parade them around. I try to catch men's eyes and smile at them, encouraging them to look. Usually it only takes 15 minutes or so for a man to approach. They'll often start by commenting what pretty daughters I have. My response is always the same. "Thank you. They do look very nice but their behaviour is terrible. Why, when I get home I'm going to have to take all their clothes off and spank their bare bottoms with my cane!" Almost always the man says that if I need any help then to let him know. Of course I graciously accept their kind offer and back to my place we go. I give my new friend the show of his life as my two reluctant little stars are put through their paces. Just like I used to they squeal their heads off when getting the cane. How their legs pump and their bum wriggle to entertain the man. Then I present them to him for his private and personal use. Over time I have met several men this way that I have formed long term relationships with. The girls know these men as their `Uncles'. The news that one of their Uncles is coming over for a visit is sure to be accompanied by crying and pleading from the girls. They know only too well what that means for their little bottoms and holes. Their Uncles are all very strict indeed. Only a week or so ago I left the girls with their Uncle Charles for the whole weekend while I went off on a trip with some of my girl friends. When Charles dropped the girls back at my place on Sunday night they both looked very sorry for themselves. When I stripped them off for their Sunday night spankings I could see why. They were both blistered from the top of their bottoms to the backs of their knees and all of their holes gaped open. It seemed Uncle Charles had taken full advantage of his time with the girls to give them both the severest of punishments. Still, on the up side, I only have to mention their Uncle Charles and they behave like angels. I wonder how long that lasts! My love to all your readers, Sarah Burning butt, burning question Dear Little Girl Discipline Monthly, I would like to ask your readers for some guidance. I am a 35 year old woman with a husband and two girls aged nine and eleven. My sister is 33 and also has a husband and two girls aged eight and twelve. Both of our families practice strict discipline on our girls. Up to recently my husband and I have only punished our girls with just the two of us present. However, my sister and her husband would like to change this. My husband is all for it, but I'm not so sure. What happened was that two weeks ago I got a call from my sister. We live quite near to each other and we are always chatting on the phone. She seemed quite excited when I answered the phone. She told me that the girls had both been naughty and as an added humiliation she wanted me and my family to be present to watch the girls being punished. I guess at first I thought it would be a good idea; it would certainly be exciting for my husband and me to watch. Also I thought it would be a good warning to our girls of how we might invite people to watch them getting punished. So later that evening we turned up at my sister's and were shown into the lounge. The sight that awaited us made get wet straight away. Both my nieces were naked and bent over with their asses sticking out. Their anuses were being massively dilated by a pair of large butt plugs that had been deeply inserted. I knew my husband would be getting hard and I saw our girls give an involuntary wriggle in sympathy for their poor cousin's bums. Both our girls know all about the pain and humiliation of a good bottom hole stretching. My husband and I are proud practitioners of the most severe intimate punishments, but not in front of an audience. We were invited to sit down and my sister outlined to us why the girls were being punished. It seemed that both of the girls had got into trouble at school; the eight year old for being cheeky to a teacher and the twelve year old for not doing her homework. Transgressions such as this were not tolerated in my sister's house (or mine I might add). The eight year old was the first to learn her lesson while her tearful sister looked on. The butt plug was removed with a resounding plop and then she was taken over my sister's knee. My sister's husband handed her a large plywood paddle that was almost the size of my naughty little niece's bottom. My sister set to work and absolutely sizzled that little ass. The paddle bounced off that cute bottom time and again whilst my niece squealed like a branded pig. That naughty bottom went a deep red before my niece was allowed up to entertain us with her war dance. Next the twelve year old was taken over her father's knee. My sister handed her husband a heavy wooden hairbrush. How my niece started to plead when she saw that! Her dad laid into her butt like it had gone out of fashion. It quite took my breath away, especially when the blisters started to appear. My sister stopped him reminding him that he needed to leave room for the cane to do its job. As he let the screaming girl off his lap we could see the wet patch on his trousers at the end of what was clearly a very hard penis. He looked at both of us quite sheepishly as he got up. There was no point trying to reassure him that such a male reaction was quite normal, as none of us could even hear ourselves think above the howls of my soundly hairbrushed twelve year old niece. Next both girls were positioned for the cane each on their knees bending over a chair seat. A nursery cane was produced for the frightened eight year old and a whippy stingy junior cane for the still wailing twelve year old. The caning was most strict and satisfying. The whipping noises and meaty thwacks as speedy thin wood met fleshy sensitive bottoms filled our ears. The howls and squeals of our nieces were robust counterpoint to the cracking cane-on-bottom noises. Both our girls were in floods of tears as they watched there cousins hurt so badly. I was in floods myself, but it was my pussy that was weeping. I could see that like my brother in law my husband now had a wet patch to match as his pre-cum oozed out. When the caning was finished my sister sprung her greatest surprise. She suggested that my husband and I took her girls upstairs alone where we would be free to administer whatever intimate punishment we saw fit. Under normal circumstances I would have declined, but I was just so damned horny that I grabbed the eight year olds hand (always my little favourite) and dragged her upstairs. My husband followed suit. As soon as we got into the guest bedroom I pulled my panties off, lay back on the bed and pushed my little niece's face between my legs. Oh my God! She licked and sucked me like her life depended on it. I looked over at my husband. He had the whole length of his cock buried down the twelve year olds throat. Clearly my sister and her husband were considerably sterner than we were in their administration of the girl's intimate punishments. We made the girls lick our bottom holes out (sheer heaven) and my husband plunged himself into the twelve year olds ass whilst I squatted over the eight year olds face smothering her with my pussy and ass, rubbing myself off on her until I came. And I guess, well that's the problem! My sister wants to make a return visit to us to watch our girls being punished. I'm sure that she's going to expect that the same courtesy is extended to her and her husband that she extended to us. That being the private administration of the girls' intimate punishment. But I just don't think out girls are trained up to that standard. I hate to think what would happen if my brother in law's penis was fully inserted into either girl's mouth. My husband, on the other hand, is keen to participate. Partly, I think, because he wants to get his hands (and penis) on his cute twelve year old niece again. So I don't know! Should I stand firm and not subject my girls to the extremely stern treatment of my sister and husband? Or should I invite them over with the full knowledge that my two little girls are going to learn a very very hard lesson in how to take their intimate punishments? I would be indebted to any of your readers who would offer me advice on this. Yours, A confused mother Mother in law helps out Dear Sir, I am a single father of a nine year old girl. Since me wife passed away four years ago I have brought my daughter up with the full support and guidance of my mother in law. I know a lot of son in laws and mother in laws don't get on but our relationship has always been very good. I have to say that if it hadn't been for my mother in law over the past few years I don't know how I would have survived. My daughter is subject to regular spankings by me and, like many of your male readers, my cock gets nice and hard when she's over my knee getting her little butt busted. About a month or so ago I came home after some work event to find my mother in law, who had been looking after her grand daughter, very annoyed. She reported that my daughter had been most disobedient. Naturally I took the big paddle down from its hook in the lounge and we both went upstairs to my daughter's room where her grandma had sent her. I usually punish in private but this time I wanted to give my mother in law the satisfaction of seeing the little girl who had annoyed her so much getting a very painful spanking. We reached the room and entered. Despite my daughter's crying and pleading I soon had her nightie off and her panties down. Then it was over my knee for a blistering with my paddle. When I had finished I let my squealing daughter off my knee for a most entertaining war dance. However, my mother in law looked distinctly unimpressed. "No wonder she's so badly behaved if that's all you give her!" she chided, "That's barely enough for a five year old. My daughter would be punishing her properly if she were alive!" Duly chastened I asked for her guidance. She asked me to wait with my daughter whilst she went outside. When she returned she was stripping a long switch that she had broken off the tree in the backyard. My daughter tried to run away but my mother in law held her firmly under her arm and switched her little bum whilst she squealed the house down. Just when I thought my mother in law had finished she moved to switching the backs of my daughter's thighs. How my daughter sang and danced for us! The little bottom was bright red and swollen with lines from the switch covering the surface. When my mother in law had finished I had a very large erection from watching the exciting scene. I tried unsuccessfully to hide my large bulge from her. She smiled and offered to leave me alone so that I could proceed to the `intimate' stage of the punishment. I had no idea what she meant! My mother in law sighed and said that in normal circumstances a good wife would show me all I needed to know. But in the absence of her daughter she would help. She reached down to the front of my trousers and unzipped me pulling out my engorged cock. She grabbed my daughter and made her kneel in front of me, her wailing tearstained face looking up at me. Then she fed my cock into my daughter's mouth. The feeling was amazing! My mother in law proceeded to train my reluctant daughter to deep throat me. I soon erupted in the coughing gagging mouth. After I came my mother in law congratulated me on giving my daughter her first proper punishment. She then took me to the computer, signed on and downloaded your magazine for me. I couldn't believe what I read! It was a complete revelation. Now my daughter is firmly under control. Her cries and sobs often fill the house as I practice strict discipline on her. The junior cane makes regular painful trips to her bottom. Afterwards she is eager to please daddy during her intimate punishment. I can report that her bottom hole is opening up very nicely now. So this letter is a public thank you to my mother in law for all her help and guidance in setting me on the right path to punishing my daughter. Yours, Dave Meeting of two minds Dear LGD, My wife and I are both avid readers of your magazine. My wife has suggested that I write to you about how she and I first met two years ago. I was a single man and had just moved into a new apartment. It was my first day there and I was busy unpacking my boxes. I heard a noise that pricked my ears. It was quite faint, just the sound of an excited child next door I thought. The noise subsided, but a few moments later it was back and this time louder. It was clear that the squeals were not ones of pleasure but ones of a good hard little girl punishment. I put my ear against the wall and could hear the shouting and wails. I even thought I could hear loud smacks and the sound of little feet drumming against the floor. I found the sounds very exciting and got a big erection. After a while the sounds stopped. I thought the punishment was over, but I was wrong. There was a squeal from next door, then another, then another. The squealing continued. Clearly the child was getting a most severe punishment. Perhaps a switch, or the cane or the strap, I wondered. I couldn't resist going outside my apartment to see if I could hear more through my neighbour's front door. The lobby was empty so I stuck my ear against the door. I found I could hear much better. The squeals and pleading were much sharper and I could hear the whistling thwacks of either a cane or switch being applied to what I guessed from the sound was a bare bottom. The thwacking stopped and I listened for a while to the remorseful howls of a well punished girl. I had just turned to go back to my apartment when the door opened. There standing in the doorway was an attractive lady in her mid thirties. "Can I help you?" she said, her eyes boring into me. I mumbled something about being her new neighbour and her demeanour changed instantly. "Oh, I'm so sorry about the noise." she said, "But I'm really strict with my daughter and she had just been asking for it! I hope it didn't disturb you?" "Not at all!" I smiled at her, "I'm a great supporter of strict discipline for little girls." The woman's face broke into a broad smile. I decided to push my luck a little further. "You know," I said, "if it's possible I'd be quite interested to see how strictly you did discipline her." The woman stood to one side and invited me into her home. She took me to a bedroom where I could hear the crying coming from and opened the door. Standing with her face in the corner was a naked little girl of maybe about ten years old. Her bottom was heavily marked with deep red lines. The culprit, a whippy little cane, was lying on her bed next to her. I knelt down behind her to get a close up view of the punished area. "Feel free to touch!" the woman offered. I didn't need telling twice. My hands stroked the punished buttocks whilst the girl cried and whimpered. I couldn't resist parting them to examine her pretty little anus and pussy. "Tell me," I asked, "do you intimately punish?" The woman smiled and pointed to the top of the chest of drawers. With all the excitement of seeing the naked girl I had completely missed a large butt plug standing up on its end. She picked it up and I saw the lube glistening on it. "Would you like to watch me give it to her?" the mother asked. I nodded dumbly. "Get up on the bed, Amy." she instructed the girl, "On your hands and knees, head down bottom up. Time for `Mr Big'." Sobbing and pleading the girl got onto the bed and presented her bum to us. Her mother bent over her with the butt plug and showed me what a very strict mummy she was. The butt plug was firmly inserted with no regard for the girl's squeals and wails. I watched with glee as the hole finally closed around the thinner end of the butt plug. The woman looked down meaningfully at the lump in my trousers. "Would you like to take the place of `Mr Big'?" she offered. I nodded my acquiescence and started to take my cock out. "When I pull this out you can slip up." she said, "You're welcome to use her as hard as you like!" She pulled the plug out making her daughter wail again and as the anus gaped a little I thrust up. I pumped away in that little bottom like a man possessed. I looked back to see the mother with her hand down the front of her jeans wanking herself. I gritted my teeth and came buckets up that cute little bottom hole. When I had finished the mother led me out of the room to the lounge. I looked at her with a little twinkle in my eye. "What's your absolute favourite sex act?" I asked. She giggled and blushed. "If you must know," she said, "it's having my ass eaten out. But I've never met a man who'll do that for me." I smiled at her and slowly led her to the sofa. I stripped her jeans and panties off then had her kneel on the sofa with her bum stuck out. Then I gave her the best damn ass tonguing a woman's ever had. The whole time she groaned and squeaked in ecstasy. I must have felt her pussy spasm nine or ten times during time I was pleasuring her. Afterwards she turned and kissed me full on the lips. "I'm so glad I met you." she said, "I can't wait to give you pleasure with my daughter's punishments. I'm going to be so strict with her. Her little bottom's going to get whipped every day and your cock's never going to want for tight little girl holes. Marry me!" It was the best proposal a man could ever have. I'd like to say we've all lived happily ever after, but that wouldn't be strictly true. My wife and I have lived happily but little Amy has not. She is twelve years old and right now, as I write this, she is waiting in the next room for her bedtime spanking. I can already hear her crying. That's because `bedtime spanking' is a euphemism in this house for hard naked caning followed by the most demeaning intimate punishments. I have recently graduated Amy to the senior cane and her screams when getting this have to be heard to be believed! I can guarantee that after a good few strokes of the senior cane Amy will be desperate to please `daddy's super big willy' as she calls it. She'll fix me with those red tear filled eyes and take the whole of my cock down her throat. Bliss! My wife and I love your magazine. Keep up the good work. Best wishes, Tony and Kath. Teacher training Hi to all at LGD, I am a 30 year old man and a teacher at the local elementary school. I have always been a fan of LGD and especially its more intimate element. As you can imagine I became a teacher because of the opportunity to spank. At least once a week I have some little cutie over my knee for a prolonged, squeal inducing, bare bottom spanking. Sometimes, with parental permission, I administer the paddle to a sensitive little bottom. I have a big paddle with holes drilled in. A little girl doesn't get off my knee until there are some nice big blisters showing. That's my favourite. However, I am forbidden from administering any intimate punishments in my role. Recently my life changed for the better. One of my pupils is a particularly cute little girl called Sophie who is 8 years old. I've had my eye on her for a while. She is very well behaved and most cautious to be polite. One day I noticed that Sophie was wriggling about on her seat near the end of a lesson. I went over and asked her what was wrong. "Ooooo Sir, I must go and wee." she blushed. "No Sophie." I answered, "You were told to go before you came in from break. You can wait another few minutes before you go." But it appeared Sophie could not and in but a moment or two the sound of a little stream of water running off her chair onto the floor alerted me to the fact. As the lesson ended the other children giggled as they passed Sophie on their way out. Sophie wasn't giggling though; she was crying little hicuppy sobs. How I was longing to use my paddle on her. "Please don't tell my Mummy." she begged. "I am going to tell your Mummy" I said, "because I need her permission to paddle you." There was more crying as I left to phone her Mum. The phone was picked up and answered by a pleasant sounding woman. "Oh Hello Mrs P....." I started, "This is Sophie's teacher. I'm afraid Sophie has been very naughty and wet herself in class. I'm seeking your permission to use the paddle on her." There was silence, then.... "Oh the dirty dirty girl! I've told her! I've told her to never do that! I'm so annoyed! A paddling you say?" her mother asked. "Yes. A good hard bare bottom paddling. There will be some blisters when I've finished." I informed her. "Hmmmmmm, blisters, yes........" she said mulling it over. "Mr F, the thing is I just wonder if a paddle isn't too lenient? I believe school forbids you from delivering anything stricter. But if you were to come to my house and administer the punishment to Sophie as my friend then there would be no restriction on how strict you might be!" "Well, you're right." I agreed. "Bring Sophie back home now and I'll make all the arrangements." she said. Twenty minutes later I was being invited into Sophie's home by her charming mother. She asked me to wait downstairs while she took her daughter upstairs to get her ready. I waited a few moments and then I heard the mother calling me up. I went up the stairs and saw a room with the light on and curtains drawn. When I walked in I couldn't believe my eyes. Sophie was lying on the bed naked on her back with her legs tucked up against her chest. Her mother was spreading her daughter's little labia wide open with her fingers. Next to Sophie on the bed were a collection of vibrators and butt plugs and a large tube of lubricating gel. Also a nasty looking little cane was lying on her pillow. As I entered the mother looked up at me and smiled. "You will want to punish her intimately?" she asked. I nodded dumbly. "OK." she said, "I'll lube her up and stretch her then she's all yours to cane and use. I'll go downstairs and you can come down when you've finished. Don't worry about the noise she makes during discipline. I won't be coming to interrupt." For the next few minutes I watched a naughty little girl wailing her way through a most strict bottom and pussy stretching. How lovely her mother was making sure that I could clearly see the most private details of her naughty little daughter's body. While I was watching I got the most enormous erection. The mother looked back at me and saw the huge bulge in my trousers. "Why don't you take your trousers and pants off?" she suggested, "That way you'll be ready to punish Sophie properly." I did as she suggested and my hard cock sprang out into full view. She turned around and took a firm hold of my cock. "Yes, this will do nicely!" she smiled. She handed me the cane. "Take as long as you like. She's all yours." she said and left the room closing the door. I had Sophie kneel up on the bed, her head down and her bum poking out at me. She kept sobbing "Please Sir! No Sir! Don't Sir! I'll be good Sir!" time and again as I swished the little cane through the air so it made frightening whooshing noises. Poor Sophie! The punishment was very severe. My ears rang with the sound of her screams as I whipped the cane time and again across her little bum. She sobbed and begged for me to stop. It wasn't long before she was begging me to perform the vilest acts on her in return for stopping the caning. But it was not to be as the cane whip-smacked away at her. When I finished I'm afraid that Sophie's young bum and the backs of her thighs was quite a mess with raised cane wheals all crossing each other. As Sophie howled and pawed away at her cheeks I held the base of my cock tight and positioned its end against her pre-lubricated and stretched bottom hole. I drove my cock up her as she wailed miserably. I got a good four inches in her and began to thrust in and out of that naughty little hole. I kept this up for a good few minutes until I spurted up her. I went down to see her mother, my cock still semi stiff and slimy. The mother smiled when she saw me and then kneeled down and used her mouth to clean me up. "Thank you for doing such a good job." she said, "I think Sophie needs this sort of thing regularly. Perhaps you could help?" So now, every Friday, my favourite little cutie gets a very hard punishment from her delighted teacher / Uncle. Her mother and I have started to discuss marriage and I have introduced her to your magazine. I am pleased to report she loves it and has already adopted some of your readers' suggestions. Keep it going LGD! Yours, (name and address withheld) NEXT ISSUE In our next issue we focus on single mothers. Our photo shoots and our model of the month are based on this theme and we have an excellent short story `The world is full of single mums'. Our interview is with two single mothers who talk about their disciplinary methods and how they would show their gratitude to the right man if they could find him. Find out what they are looking for next month! We also have the next in our series `The young master' where a new governess demonstrates some remarkable new disciplinary methods on the girls, our contacts section and our ever popular readers letters. We guarantee you a great read! Join us soon. BACK COVER The back cover is a single large photograph. It shows Nadia, the model of the month. It has been shot after the completion of her punishment. She is standing with her back to the camera. Her bottom is a welted mass of raised cane wheals. One hand rubs at a cheek lifting it away so the viewer can see her anus and pussy. A small stream of sperm leaks out of her anus. Nadia looks back over her shoulder into the camera. Her other hand wipes a tear away from her eye. At the bottom of the page is a clearly stated piece of text: "THE END" DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction not fact. The two are very different.