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A-DAY.TXT (mf,incest,pedo,cons,MAJOR spoof)

This is another story. . . er. . TV show. . .From the same timeline as "Sex Education Class" and "One Fine Morning"

If you don't like underaged sex, then skip this one. On the other hand, if you like heavy-handed humor, then read on.

A Day in the Life of Suzy Jenkins
An Erotic Story

"And now ladies and gentlemen, we bring you 'The continuing saga of The Life of Suzy Jenkins. . . 10-year-old.' Yesterday, as you remember, Suzy had just given her father a blow-job, when her mother walked in the room. Seeing that her little girl had taken every bit of her father's cum inside her mouth, not even pulling off when the man's enormous cum came running out her nose, Marlene figured that Suzy was old enough to learn more advanced methods of getting her father off, and had suggested that Max teach their little girl how to make a baby. It is at this point, that we resume our story. But first, a word from our sponsor."

"Family condoms are really great. They keep you from being late."
"Yes boys and girls, FAMILY condoms really work. If uncle Max comes to town, and wants a piece, and you're trying to get pregnant by your father, by using FAMILY condoms, you can keep everybody happy! Just slip one old uncle Max, and he can cum inside you, without you having to wonder who knocked you up. And for boys, FAMILY condoms are just the thing, if your friend wants you to try out his mother, but still wants to be sure the baby is his. That's why they're called FAMILY condoms, because they keep families together! For a free demonstration, call 1-800-FREE-SEX and two of our representatives will be out to demonstrate. One of each sex, so whichever way you swing, one of our FAMILY members will be glad to show you. You can try sex, both with and without FAMILY condoms, so you'll know what it feels like. And children under 10, don't have to get their parent's permission to call, as this is federally approved for all ages. Remember kids: This offer is FREE to anyone under the age of 16. Those between the ages of 17 and 24, will have to pay the "sin-tax" of 40% of the value of the service offered, or usually about $5.00 for 10 minutes. Those over 24, will have to pay the full fee."
"Just remember boys and girls, FAMILY condoms help you be in the family-way, with the member of your family, that YOU want. Now back to our show."

"Well Suzy, would you like your Daddy to teach you how to make a baby?"
"Gee Daddy, would you? I thought I'd have to wait until next year, when I was 11, just like Ginny did."
"Well, you seem to be learning a lot faster than your sister. Ginny's already 14, and she just got pregnant for the first time. The neighbors were beginning to make remarks, about how I was neglecting her, and you know that's not true."
"No. I've watched you fucking Ginny, and you always were careful to do it right. She certainly can't complain that you pulled out, or something like that. Some people are just slower than others, when it comes to sex. Heck, my grandmother didn't get pregnant until she was 16, and then her grandfather had to do it."
"It's the truth. Great-grandpa was even accused twice of neglecting her, but he was able to show he had been fucking her at least once a week, since she was 11. He might have been accused of being impotent after that, but all the other girls had babies before they were 12. So you see, it does run in the family."
"Gee Momma, if I even wait until I'm 13 like Ginny, all the kids at school will make fun of me. I'd never live it down, if I waited until I was 16 to have a baby!"
"Don't worry Honey. These days, they've got medical assistance, that can help girls as young as 7, or even younger get pregnant."
"Gee Momma, you mean I could have had 2 babies by Daddy by now?"
"It's possible. I've heard of girls as young as 4 getting pregnant, and as young as 5 having babies. That's awful young. Your father and I think that even 10 is a little young, but you've been growing up so fast, that we hate to hold you back, if you want to do it."
"I want to. Really Momma. Can Daddy do it right now? I want to learn how to make a baby, so Daddy and I can practice, until I get it right. Please Momma?"
"OK dear. Max, You go ahead and show her what to do. Just remember, go easy on her. She's just a little girl."
"Momma! I'm 10 years old! I'm not a baby."

"And now, a word from our sponsor."
"Be sure to tune in later today on KNOB-JOB TV, when the whole family can't figure out why all the girls are getting pregnant, when Mikey uses the douche-bag to jack-off into, on 'Brothers and Sisters' this afternoon."
"Also, be sure to watch the 'Opra Nymph' show, where the discussion centers around abused children, 'Fathers who refuse to impregnate their daughters.' where Opra introduces us to several children who's fathers not only didn't love their kids enough to get them pregnant, but some of whom actually refused to have sex with their children at all. Opra also introduces us to some of the parents, as they try to explain this unusually extreme bit of cruelty to children."
"Tomorrow, be sure to tune in, when uncle Boris shows 10- year-old Jeremy Markam, how to impregnate his little sister Marsha, so the 7-year-old girl can be the first one in her first- grade class, to have a baby on 'Her Father's Daughter'."
"Also, be sure to watch the Olympic tryouts for the sexual athlete of the year. The fuck-offs start at 2:30 in the afternoon, and continue until the last man can't get it up."
"On Tuesday, be sure to watch 'School Daze' where Marcia is failing bestiality in sex-education class, so the family rents a goat, so that she can practice for the finals. Thing really get funny, when the family finds out that 4-year-old little Diane does a better job of getting the goat off, with her tight little cunny, than Marcia can."
"Also, at 10:00 tonight on the news, we'll have the update on the Marla Lampbert trial, where 16-year-old Marla is suing the school, because she was the only girl in her class, who didn't get raped, in the last semester. She claims discrimination, on account of religion, as she always wore a cross around her neck. The school claims that they don't control which girls get raped by the students, as they might be liable for physical damages, if they did. Marla claims that the psychological damages of being the only one NOT raped, are greater than the physical ones inflicted on her fellow students, and blames the school for sheltering her. This should be an interesting case, as the school presents its evidence by having the other students tell every detail, and even re-enacts some of the rapes on camera with the original participants. Marla's attorney is expected to rebut, by showing how much fun three of the other girls in her class had by getting pregnant, while Marla was denied even a chance at being the class slut. Marla is also expected to use her own uncle to show in court just how qualified she is as a rape-candidate, by demonstrating her sexual techniques on him, in front of the jury. So stay tuned, as KNOB-JOB TV keeps you up to date, on all the juicy details."
"Now back to our program."

"Daddy, are you really going to show me how to make a baby? How to fuck, and get knocked up like Ginny, and everything?"
"Uhuh. Just as soon as I" <grunt> "Get these clothes off."
"While your father's getting undressed, why don't you just lay back here on the bed dear, and play with yourself. That'll help excite your father, so that he'll have lots of baby-stuff to squirt in you, when he's ready."
"OK Momma. Are you going to watch?" <pant> <Pant> "Oh! It's starting to feel good, already!"
"If you think I'm going to miss it, the first time my husband knocks up our little girl, you're crazier than I am. Now you try and make it good for your father, when he 'cums' in you."
<huh> <huh> <pant> "H. . . How's that Momma?"
"Once Daddy gets his cock all the way up inside you, squeeze on it, each time he starts to pull out. That'll milk the sperm out of him, and help you get pregnant."
"OK Momma. But How do I squeeze?"
"Just like you were holding back, when you have to pee. That makes your vagina clench around your father's cock, and makes it feel real good to him. Oh look. Your father's ready now."
"Oh wow Daddy! Is all that going to go inside me?"
"Uhuh. Unless you don't want it. You can always suck me off again, if you'd prefer."
"Oh Daddy. Don't be silly. Fuck me, and get me pregnant. I can't wait to feel your baby kicking and squirming inside me. Please Daddy?"
"Ok Honey. Here it comes. One little baby in one little girl!"

"And now, another word from our sponsor."
"FAMILY products is proud to announce our latest addition to the FAMILY line: The FAMILY conception kit. This kit is designed to be so easy to use, that even a three-year-old can use it. In fact, it comes with a demonstration tape, with our FAMILY girl Charlene, who's three years old, showing all you kids how to use it. The FAMILY conception kit contains 12 dozen FAMILY condoms, for Daddy to use, when he's working with his sexretary at work. It also contains the patented FAMILY impregnator, that can extract the semen from up to three used condoms at once, and implant it in your womb, with just one squirt. Remember: Only the FAMILY impregnator, has the patented "womb-finder" nozzle, guaranteed to find and penetrate your cervix. Also included in the kit, is a two months supply of "SUPER-OVULATOR" pills from our FAMILY subsidiary IMPREGNOCON, along with two jars of SKIN-SO-STRETCH, super-relaxor. With these newly developed stimulators, even girls as young as three years old can ovulate, and get pregnant, as Charlene demonstrates in the included instruction tape, by not only having her father get her pregnant, but delivering his baby, and having her father impregnate her again, all before her fourth birthday. Every step is shown on tape, so that you'll know just how to get your own father to knock you up, from first seduction to final delivery. Don't be the last girl in kindergarten to have a baby, use the FAMILY conception kit. This product is FREE, through a government sponsored program to all children under the age of 12. Just remember, FAMILY products does not guarantee that ALL female users of our conception kit will actually get pregnant, only that they'll have the chance."
"Now back to our program."

"Oh Daddy, It's going in!"
"Sorry. Ugh!"
"Oh Daddy. It hurts!"
"Your father's got to break your cherry dear."
"Does he have to Momma? Can't he just squirt the stuff that makes babies inside me, like Mary's father did?"
"Do you REALLY want to be the only virgin in your class dear?"
"No, but why does it. . . OW! . . have to hurt so much?"
"Just a little more, Honey. Ungh! There."
"Ow! Momma it stings."
"Just a little bit now. Daddy's all the way up inside you now, and he's going to squirt his sperm inside you, so you can have a baby, just like Momma, and your big sister did."
"Do it Daddy. Get me pregnant."
"Easy Suzy. If you keep squeezing on my cock like that I'll. . . Oh SHIT!"
"Oh Daddy!"
"Huh. Huh. Huh. Daddy!"
"Oh Suzy. I love you! Daddy's cumming in his little girl. Oh. Oooh. Oooooohhhh, Suzy!"
"Oooh. I love you too Daddy."
<pant> <pant> <pant>
"Was that good Dear?"
"Oh YES, Momma. I feel so warm and creamy inside."
"See, I told you you'd like it."
"Yes Dear?"
"Am I pregnant yet?"
"It's possible, but probably not. Most girls don't get pregnant their first time. If you're not though, I'm sure your father could be talked into trying again, until you are."
<sound of a pillow hitting a soft body>

"Well folks, that's it for todays show. Be sure to tune in NEXT week, to see if Max did it right, and actually got little Suzy pregnant on the first try, or has to keep on trying until he does, on 'The continuing saga of The Life of Suzy Jenkins. . . 10-year-old.' Brought to you by: FAMILY condoms, the only condom allowed by the federal government to have only a one per-cent leakage-rate, instead of the usual ten per-cent, as FAMILY condoms are designed for family PLANNING, instead of prevention, along with the rest of the complete line of FAMILY products. Also, be sure to tune in later tonight, when FAMILY products presents a special show on: 'Babies having Babies' or 'Three- Year-Olds pregnant by their own fathers', a frank discussion and actual demonstration of the new Alpha-Byzmatian ovulatory stimulator pills, and the new super-relaxants, that not only allow a three-year-old girl to take a full grown man's penis all the way up inside her vagina without tearing, but to actually get pregnant and have her own father's baby, without resorting to surgical methods. We'll show actual footage, of a 3-year-old not only GETTING pregnant by her father and carrying his baby, but delivering their child without needing anesthetics, or screaming in pain."
"And now, another word from our sponsor. This is KNOB-JOB TV, and the time is six o'clock"

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An Erotic Story

"Am I doing it right Daddy?"
I grinned as I heard the question come from my daughter's room. I had just came back into the house after stopping in the driveway, when I found myself almost on the road, wearing a short little dress, but no panties. Around the house, this might be OK, but when meeting with members of the local church, one has to keep up appearances. I was just passing my daughter's bedroom, on the way to slip on a pair, when I heard Karen talking to her father. Curious as to what Dan was teaching the little girl THIS time, I peeked into her bedroom.
It seemed that my husband was always teaching our little girls something. From how to ride a bike, to making a kite, or even how to fix a leaky faucet. Dan was always willing to show you how to do it. Already, either of the girls could unplug a sink, or rewire a lamp just as well as any boy, including their older brother, Mike. Better than most, in fact. The previous week, Dan had taken the motor for the lawnmower apart, while the two girls watched. He then had THEM put it back together; under his supervision of course. Karen and Diane had come back into the house with black faces, and hands that could have been an advertisement for the Mafia. I don't know who had been more proud, the girls, or Dan, when the old motor started on the first pull. So, you can see that it would be no surprise for me to find my husband showing either or both of our daughters how to do something. I wondered what it was this time.
Curious, I peeked a little harder into the bedroom, before Dan and Karen came into focus. Dan was standing beside the bed, naked; and Karen was sitting on it in front of him, also naked. This in itself, was no surprise, as the whole family ran around the house in the "altogether" all the time. The only time anyone cared if they were dressed or undressed, was if we had a guest over. A couple of Karen's friends had been a little shook up, when we treated them like family, and Mike had walked in on them naked.
By now, we knew who would be shocked, and who wouldn't. Also, the children were older and more careful, so the only friends who ever saw any of us naked any more, were those who we already knew wouldn't be upset. As I said, casual nudity was the norm at our house. With 65 acres of land, a tall fence in front, and neighbors who believed that what you did on your land, was your business, we never worried about clothes in, or even out of our house. Only when we went out to the store, or to visit, or something, did we make sure to wear "appropriate" attire. Most of our friends knew this, and many's the time I saw 14 or 15 naked kids splashing in the pool, or playing tag in the back of the barn.
As I said, seeing my husband and daughter both nude in her bedroom, didn't ring any bells of alarm, like it might have in some households. Not only was it normal for one or all of us to be undressed, but I knew how much my husband loved our little girls; and I would never have imagined him molesting them, if I hadn't caught him red-handed.

I wondered what Karen was looking at in her father's lap, that was so interesting. The little girl had her face so close to him, that you might almost have thought she was sucking him off. I grinned at the thought, and was about to announce myself, and tell Dan the obscene thought that had run through my head.
I figured that Dan would get a kick out of it. Karen sucking him off indeed! I grinned to myself, and opened my mouth to say something, when Karen pulled away from her father. There was an obscene "Slurp," as the little girl's lips puckered around her father's penis as she pulled back.
"How was that, Daddy?" she asked. "Did I do it right?"
The little girl licked the tip of her father's cock, before popping the head back into her mouth like a lollipop. I could hear faint "Mmmmmm." sounds from my daughter's lips, as she tickled the tip of her father's cock with her tongue, and pursed her lips just behind the glans.
My mouth, which I had opened to joke with my husband stayed open in astonishment. "Why that sonavabitch!" I thought to myself. "I'll KILL the bastard!" I was about to tear into the room screaming, when I remembered a story I had read, where a little girl had been caught having sex with her uncle. In the story (I'm not sure if it was a true one, or not.) the little girl had been damaged more by the accusations, and fighting that took place between her uncle and mother, than by having sex with her uncle. The little girl had been so scared by all the bad reactions, that she had ended up frigid for life, unable to enjoy a normal sex life with anyone.
I didn't want that to happen to Karen. I decided I'd better not interrupt them, as I would probably lose my temper, and maybe hurt Karen by accident.
I grit my teeth, and held myself back by sheer force of will. Maybe I wouldn't stop Dan THIS time, but for sure there would never be another when I finished with him. I wondered how long he had been molesting the little girl, and what method he was using to force her to perform such an obscene act with her own father. I almost boiled at the thought of the man I thought I had loved, forcing his own daughter to suck him off.
He was going to pay, and pay, and pay! I wondered just how much of a hold he had on the little girl, to force her to do this. Whatever it was, I figured that I would use it against him.
My rage at the thought of what my husband had been doing to make Karen do such a nasty thing was almost overwhelming. (No, I don't think fellatio is all that bad. On occasion, I did it for Dan, just because I loved him.) Well no more! I resolved, that from then on, the only sex my husband would get, was from his own hand. That is, unless he wanted spend the rest of his life behind bars. I was almost mad enough to put him there as it was.
The thought of my husband forcing our little girl to suck him off, was so disgusting, that if it wasn't for the thought that I might hurt Diane and Karen worse by divorcing him, I would have been on the phone already.

Steeling myself, I backed around the corner, where I could observe my husband through the crack between the door and the jamb, without being seen. I wanted to make sure that Dan didn't hurt Karen, before he was through. If I heard one little yelp of pain from my daughter, then all bets were off! I'd rescue the little girl, if I had to Kill my husband to do it. The way I was feeling, that wouldn't be hard for me to do. "Enjoy it, you bastard!" I whispered through my teeth. "That's the last sex you're going to get from her. Or anybody else, for that matter."
I hoped Dan would cum quickly, so I could rescue Karen without making it a traumatic experience for her. If I hadn't been trembling so much with rage, that I could barely walk, I would have sneaked out, and come back in, slamming the door to let them know that I was there. As it was, there was no way I could leave easily, without it being obvious. Afterwards, I could let them know I was there, but If I spoke up now, they would know I was eavesdropping.
". . . Daddy?" I was brought back to attention by my daughter's question. Perhaps if I listened, I could find out how long my husband had been forcing the little girl to have sex with him, and if (Oh god! What a horrible thought!) he had been molesting Diane as well.
"Are you going to cum. Daddy?" repeated Karen. The thought almost made me scream.
"If you keep that up, I will," responded Dan. "I don't see why you ever thought you needed lessons, in the first-place. You're a natural-born cocksucker."
"Huh?" I thought. "She needed lessons?" I wondered just what sort of obscene prank my husband had pulled on the little girl, to get her to agree to this dirty-old-man fantasy. And calling his own daughter a cocksucker! Here I had thought he loved the girl. Some love! Lust is more like it.
"Thanks Daddy!" said Karen pausing in her yeoman's work on her father's cock. "You're just saying that to make me feel good. I know I'm not as good as Momma." The little girl sure didn't SOUND forced.
"Your mother's had a lot more experience than you. Still, I think you almost make up for it in enthusiasm. In fact, If you don't watch out, I'm almost ready to cum. You'd better stop now, before I cum in your mouth. Karen!"
Karen had actually speeded up her frantic sucking on Dan's penis. Hearing that her father was about to cum, didn't seem to scare her at all. Quite the contrary!
The little girl paused just long enough to ask, "Doesn't it feel good to cum in a woman's mouth, Daddy?"
I could tell by the strained sound of my husband's voice, that he was almost ready to fill our little girl's mouth with his seed, as he struggled to answer. "Yes, but you don't have to. I can finish it off myself."

"Daddy! I told you, I wanted to learn how to give a blow- job, and that's why I asked you to teach me. I want to learn how to do it right! You've always insisted that if we were going to learn to do something, we learn to do it the right way, or not at all! So stop being silly, and cum in my mouth like you're supposed to. How am I going to learn how to do it right otherwise?"
"I guess," said Dan, "if you insist. I still can't believe how you managed to trick me into teaching you this in the first place. That was a sneaky, nasty trick, and you know it." He didn't sound too mad about it though.
All of a sudden, I found that I had to revise my whole world-view again. Karen had tricked Dan into doing this? I listened even closer now, to the couple in the other room. I caught the tail-end of Karen's giggle, as she removed her mouth from her father's penis long enough to respond.
"Well Daddy," she replied, "you were the one who taught me how to maneuver someone into a corner! Mmmmm. Your cock tastes good."
"I knew I was going to regret teaching you that," said Dan. He sighed, then continued, "Oh well, if your going to learn to suck cock, you might as well learn to do it right, I guess. So. For one thing, when a man's about to cum, like I am, you don't want to lick on the head like that. The head of a man's penis gets very sensitive, when he's about to cum, and for a while afterwards." I could tell that Dan was having a hard time holding back, while he gave the instructions.
"Mmmm. Mmd," mumbled Karen. I thought it meant, "OK, Daddy." I could see that she must have changed her attack on Dan's penis, because the strained look left his face.
"That's better," he said. "Now suck on it. Try to purse your lips as far down the shaft as you can. Lick the underside too. The tube on the bottom feels especially good to a man, when you lick it there."
"Mmmk," agreed Karen.
"Ungh. Uh! I'm going to cum. Take Daddy's sperm in your mouth. You can spit it out afterwards," said Dan, struggling to hold off a little bit longer.
"Do I have to spit it out?" asked Karen, then hurriedly clamped her mouth back over her father's prick.
That was the last straw for my husband. Knowing that his own daughter actually WANTED to swallow his cum was too exciting.
In all our years of lovemaking, I had let Dan cum in my mouth about 10 or 20 times. I had never swallowed it though. Now my little daughter not only has my husband ejaculate his semen in her mouth, but she actually WANTED to swallow it? Here I had thought I was being so generous, to let Dan cum in my mouth once in a while. I felt ashamed that my own daughter had to teach me was love really was.
I watched, as Dan lost the last little bit of control, and began to spasm our little girl's mouth full of his thick sticky cum. "Unhg. Unh. Oooooh!" he groaned.
Karen didn't pull away. In fact, she seemed to suck even harder, trying to extract every last drop of her father's sperm into her eager little mouth.

I resolved that I was NOT going to let my own daughter show me up. The next time Dan and I made love, I was going to suck him off properly, and I wasn't going to spit it out either. If my little girl loved her father enough to swallow his cum, then surely I loved him at least as much.
All of a sudden, I realized what I was thinking. From being ready to almost kill my husband, for showing Karen how to suck his cock, I was now planning on rewarding him for the same thing.
I couldn't believe how fast my priorities had changed. I knew that I was no longer mad at him for teaching the little girl about sex, once it became obvious that it was not only HER idea, but that she had tricked him into this mess as well. What really amazed me, was that I found that I was no longer even annoyed at the prospect of my husband teaching our daughters about sex. In fact, I was getting turned on at the idea. So much so, that I was actually contemplating sucking my husband's cock and swallowing his cum. Something I had never done in all the years we had been married.
I felt a little ashamed of myself. No, not for wanting to swallow Dan's cum. Not even for letting Karen do it, while I watched. No, what I was ashamed of, was that it took my own daughter to show me how much I had been denying my husband, when I had thought I loved him. No more. From now on, Dan was going to think he was in heaven. I was going to see that he got so many different kinds of sex, he wouldn't know where to put his cock. Yes, even if he wanted to fuck me in the ass. We had never done it before. (I had been too scared, when I was younger, and eventually Dan had stopped asking.) This time, I was going to shock my husband, by asking HIM.
All these weighty decisions took place in less time than it took for my husband to deliver three good squirts of thick sticky cum in our daughter's mouth.
Dan managed to compose himself enough to resume his lessons, as the last sticky curds must have been oozing out onto our little girl's tongue. "No," he finally replied to Karen's previous question, "you don't HAVE to spit it out. Your mother does, but you don't have to. In fact, most men like the idea of a pretty girl swallowing their sperm."
Karen blushed, when Dan called her a "pretty girl," but didn't remove her mouth from his cock. "Mmmm," she said. I was almost certain I could see her Adam's-apple go up and down, as she swallowed. She seemed to suck even harder, trying to extract every last drop from her father's cock.
"Easy," said Dan, running his hands through our little girl's hair, "remember what I told you about the head of a man's penis getting sensitive. Just purse your lips around the base, and strip the last bit out with your tongue and lips." Dan started panting, as the little girl followed his instructions.
Finally, Karen must have stopped getting any more, so she lifted her face from her father's now shrunken penis. "Did I do it right, Daddy?" she asked. "Did you like it?"
"Oh God, did you ever," said Dan, replying to her first question. "I sure did like it. Almost too much in fact."

Karen seemed to get excited by this. "'You mean it Daddy?" she asked. "I'm really good?" At his nod, she continued with the exuberance of youth, "Does that mean we can do it again, Daddy? I really liked it."
"Oh God," said Dan, "we can't. We shouldn't have done it this time. If your mother ever found out, she'd kill me."
I stifled a giggle. About ten minutes earlier, I would have agreed with him. Now I was slightly disappointed that he wasn't planning on going any further. Sometimes, I even shock myself. I wondered just how much "further" I was willing to let the two of them go.
"Why not?" asked Karen reasonably. "If I want to, and you like it, what's wrong with that?"
"Oh Jesus," said Dan. I could tell he was wondering how he had gotten into this mess. "For one thing, it just isn't done," he explained, "A man isn't supposed to have his own daughter suck his cock."
"Hunh!" sniffed Karen, showing what the world could do with its opinions of what is or isn't "done."
Dan ignored her unvoiced disdain for what other people thought. To some extent, everybody in the family shared that opinion, including me. "The real reason we shouldn't," he continued, "is that I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to stop."
At this, Karen seemed to lose her patience. "So what!" she exclaimed. "You liked it. I liked it. Nobody's getting hurt. Why SHOULD we stop?" For a second, she glared at her father, then slumped. "Why should we stop?" she repeated.
"Well, for one thing, we don't want your mother to get mad," replied Dan.
I stifled another giggle. Me mad? Not now I wasn't! I may have been, but right now I was getting hot, not mad. I suddenly realized that I had been unconsciously fingering my crack, at the hope that Karen might give her father another blow-job, while I was watching.
I started to remove my finger, then relaxed and stroked harder. "C'mon Dan," I thought to myself, "give your little girl another faceful of cum, like she wants." I was almost boiling at the very thought. I knew that from now on, I would be trying to catch Dan and Karen together as much as possible.
A whole new avenue of sexual pleasures had been opened to me, and I had my own daughter to thank. Swallowing cum, (By now, I was actually looking forward to not only tasting Dan's cum but swallowing every drop, as well.) anal sex, (Yes, I was going to do that, and yes, I WAS going to enjoy it!) and now voyeurism. Watching my little girl having sex, was a definite turn-on. I began to wonder if I could arrange it somehow, so that Dan would start teaching Diane about sex, just like he was teaching her younger sister. By now, my cunny was soaking wet, at the very thought.
Dan had said something that I missed, but I picked up the conversation from Karen's reply. "What do you mean, it won't stop here?" she asked.

"I mean," said Dan, "that if we continue doing this, we won't be able to stop at my just teaching you how to give a blow- job. Pretty soon you would want to know how it feels to have a man licking you down there, just like you just did to me."
Karen squirmed at this. I could tell that she had already been thinking that very thought.
"After that," continued Dan, inexorably, "you'd want to learn more and more, until one day we'd find ourselves naked on the bed together, with my cock stuck up inside your tight little vagina, filling your womb with the stuff that make babies. You'd probably end up pregnant by your own father, as I wouldn't be able to resist. Besides, your mother would probably kill me, if she knew we had done this much. We've got to stop now, before we get carried away, and she finds out about it."
I stifled yet another snigger. Boy, was HE in for a rude awakening. "If I found out," indeed! Then I had another thought. It would be kind of cute, to let the guy think he was getting away with something.
I jerked my attention back to the other room, where Karen was speaking again. "You mean you'd do it, if Momma knew about us, and didn't mind?" she asked.
Dan chuckled at the very thought. "Sure," he agreed easily.
Suddenly, I knew how Dan had gotten trapped by Karen into giving her lessons in giving a blow-job. With crystal clarity, I knew what was coming next, and I almost bit my tongue in two, to keep from saying something, and warning Dan.
"You mean, you'd fuck me, and cum in me, and teach me how to make a baby, and everything, If you knew that Momma didn't mind what we were doing?"
"Well. . .," Dan started. For a moment, I thought he was going to see the trap, but he put his foot right on the trigger. "Your Mother would have a fit, if she knew what we've done already, let alone that," he said.
Karen didn't give him a chance to think, as she pressed on. "You'd do it, if you knew Momma didn't mind what we did?"
Dan stepped in, and the trap closed. "I suppose," he said, "but there's not a chance in the world of that."
Karen stifled a grin, as she snapped the lock shut on the gate. "Promise?" she asked.
"Promise," said Dan, taking the key from her, and throwing it away. In our house, a promise was sacred. I figured that Karen had somehow made him "promise" to help her with some problem, and the problem had turned out to be that she needed lessons in giving head. "But there's not much chance of that," continued my husband, now testing the bars of his cage, when it was too late. "Your mother would never approve of this."
Karen could no longer hold her glee. "Oh I wouldn't say that," she chortled. "Momma's been watching us for the last 10 minutes, and hasn't objected so far. In fact," she said, looking me straight in the eyes, through the crack in the doorframe, "she's been fingering herself off, while we did it. I think Momma is turned on at the thought of her little girl getting fucked."

Oh shit! Caught red-handed. Or at least red-faced, and slippery-handed. What could I say? I thought about it. then gave a sigh of resignation. I decided, "What the heck!" So I slipped out of my skirt and blouse, and joined my astonished husband and daughter.
After a minute, Dan finally closed his gaping mouth. By that time, I had finished getting undressed, and was just as naked as they were. "To heck with the church social," I thought, "This is far more interesting."
"OK," I told my husband, "she caught us both. Dan, I always knew this business of teaching the girls everything would get out of hand. Do you realize, that you just promised to not only fuck our daughter, but to get her pregnant as well?"
Dan's eyes got big, as he thought about this. "I didn't say that!" he protested.
Karen giggled, as I pointed out his mistake. SHE knew what she had done!
"You said, 'You would not only fuck her, and cum inside her, but that you would teach her how to make a baby,'" I reminded him. "In my mind, and I'm sure that Karen agrees with me, that means actually getting her pregnant, so that she knows what if feels like to have a baby, not just getting fucked once or twice and taking a chance."
Karen nodded, confirming my suspicions. She had actually set it up, so that she could fuck her own father, and have his baby. Not only that, but somehow she had wangled my permission for her to do so. I knew that from now on, I wouldn't be worried about Karen being able to make her way in the outside world. With a devious little mind like that, she could hold her own with anybody.
Surprisingly, I wasn't mad. My pride at her brilliance overcame my natural jealousy. I just hoped she would enjoy being a mother as much as I had. "Go on," I told them both, "you might as well start now, as later. The sooner you fuck her, the sooner she'll get pregnant."
Karen and Dan both stared at me, surprised by my cavalier attitude. That didn't stop them from following my instructions, however. Dan was already motioning for Karen to get on the bed, so that he could get between her legs, when the little girl stopped to ask one last question.
"Uh Momma," she asked, a little worriedly, "can Daddy keep fucking me, even AFTER I get pregnant?"
Oh Geesh! She hadn't even been fucked the first time, and she was already worried about having to quit, when her belly got big!
"No Dear," I sighed, "you don't have to stop. Just remember, Dan's MY husband, and I like to fuck too."
"Oh Momma," said Karen, "I'm not trying to steal Daddy. I just want to fuck a little. I won't be needing him THAT much."
I thought about how horny I had been at her age, and grinned. "Don't be making any promises," I warned. Still, I did stop worrying.
Karen thought over my advice, then nodded. If anyone knew the dangers of getting stuck with a promise, it should be her. Of course, Dan could give lessons as well.

"So my little girl wants to learn how to fuck, and how babies are made," said Dan, approaching our daughter, with his big cock dribbling pre-cum all over the little girl's slit. "OK Honey, you asked for it. Daddy's going to stick his big nasty old cock all the way up inside your tight little baby-hole, and fill your cute little tummy so full of baby-juice, you won't stop having kids until you're out of college." We all giggled, as Dan went on, in a more serious note, "Normally, I'd take my time, and get you all worked up, but I see you've already done that. Besides, all this talk of you actually WANTING me to get you pregnant has me about ready to cum, before I even get it inside you. So. . ."
There was a sudden groan from Dan, a slight "Ow," from Karen, and My husband's penis had vanished into the little girl's body.
"Ooooh!" said Dan, "She's so tight inside, I think I'm going to cum, before I get it all the way inside her. Careful, Karen. Don't squirm like that. You'll have me cumming, before we're ready."
"I can't help it Daddy," replied Karen. "It tickles inside. Oh. Ooooh!"
I could tell, that they were both ready to climax. I was so proud of my little girl. Barely started on her first fuck, and already reaching for a climax. I hadn't cum, until Dan and I had been fucking for a week, in that old bed in the hayloft.
"Momma, what's Daddy doing to Karen?" The little voice at my elbow, almost made me jump out of my skin. Unnoticed, Mike and Diane had come up, and had joined me in watching their sister and father.
I heaved a sigh. Oh well. They would have found out soon enough, when their sister's belly started to get big.
"Daddy's teaching your sister how to make a baby," I said, putting it in as an obscene and bald a manner as possible.
Both kids considered this for a moment.
"That's not fair," said Diane, "I'm older than Karen. When's Daddy going to teach ME how to make a baby?"
Oh shit. I forgot how it would look to her. She was right. It wasn't fair.
"How about me?!" said Mike. "I'm older than either of you. How come I always get left out. Just because you're both girls!"
Double shit! He had a point there.
I had a sudden brilliant (if nasty) idea. It wasn't as if I would be starting something the kids wouldn't think of themselves either. Especially not after seeing their sister and father.
"Diane," I said, "why don't you get up on the bed, alongside your sister. There's plenty of room."
Mike sent me a black look, thinking he was going to have to watch BOTH his sister's enjoying something that was denied to him, just because he was a boy.
I almost grinned, but managed to continue, "Now Mike, why don't you get up there, and start practicing making a baby in Diane. Just do whatever you see your father do. That way, you can all learn at the same time. You just practice making a baby in Diane, while your father makes a baby in your little sister."

When I heard that last line come out of my mouth, it was too much. It was so obscene, but so sexy too. It sounded like somebody's idea of a dirty joke; like the old one that Dan used to tell me was the dirtiest short little joke in the world:
'Gee brother, you fuck almost as good as Daddy does.'
'I know, that's what Momma told me.'
I giggled again. I knew that from now on, any time someone told an off-color joke I'd be tempted to say, "Have you heard this one? A mother is talking to her son, and she says, 'Mike, why don't you practice making a baby in Diane, while your father makes a baby in your little sister.'"
Of course, I'd have to change the names a little, unless I could trust them. I giggled again at the joke. "Practice making a baby in your little sister," indeed!
I may have thought it was a joke, but the rest of the family hadn't. I had barely been aware of Diane's quiet little "Ouch," as she lost her virginity, before the bed was just one big nasty.
Since Dan was too heavily involved in the "hands-on" portion of teaching Karen, I figured that it was up to me to continue the oral part of instructing the children. "If you look at your father," I told Mike and Diane, distracting the boy enough to keep him from splattering his little sister's belly full of cum prematurely, "you'll see that he's about to squirt a thick white sticky liquid up inside your little sister. This white-stuff is called cum, and it contains Daddy's sperm. That's what makes babies in little girls. So when Daddy squirts his cum in your sister, you'll know he might be making a baby inside her."
I turned to my husband, who had gotten red in the face. The feel of his own little girl's tight little slit squeezing on his swollen cock was taking its toll. "Oh God," he groaned, "I'd better pull out. I can't knock-up my own kid. I mean, it's just not right!"
For all his protesting, I noticed that Dan kept pushing his engorged penis as far up inside the little girl as he could. On the other hand, I knew he would probably pull out before he came, if he felt guilty enough.
"Don't you DARE pull out," I admonished him. "You'll make Karen think you don't love her enough to keep your promise, even about something as important as this."
"Yeah Daddy," interjected Karen, "you promised!"
I could tell that Dan was weakening. Besides, I knew that he really didn't WANT to pull out anyway. The feeling of his own daughter's tight little cunny milking on his cock, as the little girl actually TRIED to get him to father a child on her, must have been exquisite. I gave him the encouragement he needed.
"Yes Dan, You promised," I repeated. "Besides, SHE wants you to do this; I want you to do it; and I know that even YOU are turned on by the idea of getting your own little girl pregnant."
That last, was no lie. I could see that Dan was fighting to keep from splattering his little girl's body full of baby-juice, at the same time he fought with his conscience. His conscience was losing.

All this argument, had distracted Mike long enough, that he managed to keep from filling his little sister's vagina with baby-making sperm a little longer as well. He spoke up, trying to get the family back into the erotic mood, that Dan had interrupted.
"Yeah Daddy," he said, "if Karen wants you to get her pregnant, what's the big deal? It's not as if you were raping her."
"Yeah Daddy," chimed in Diane, "if Karen wants your baby, and you want to give her one, what's the problem? Besides, you did promise."
"You promised, Daddy," repeated Karen.
That was it. Dan gave up. If his whole family wanted him to impregnate his little girl, including most especially Karen herself, then he would do it. Actually, I knew that the thought of making a baby in his own daughter was quite exciting to my husband. He had just never believed that the little girl would actually WANT to have her own father's baby, or that I would let him do it, if she DID want it.
Dan's pants became faster, and I knew he wouldn't be talking with anything but his cock, for the next couple of minutes. Watching his own son trying to impregnate one daughter, while the younger of his two girls squeezed the heck out of his cock as the little girl tried to reproduce with her own father, was to much for Dan. Even though he had already spent himself in the little girl's mouth less than 15 minutes earlier, he wasn't over 2 more inside his daughter, before he began spasming the little girls tight little belly full of incestuous sperm. I saw my husband's fat cock expand in our little girl's tight little slit. Her bare cunny-lips were stretched obscenely around her father's dong, as Dan did his best to impregnate his own daughter.
By now, all the family members on the bed were past words, as I saw my husband jam his oversized member as far up in our little girl's belly as he could. From his frantic jerking, and his grunts of pleasure, it was obvious that Dan was doing his best to fill the child's womb with his potent sperm.
On the other side of the bed, Mike wasn't doing much better. In fact, he almost beat his father to the punch. The boy had never actually put his cock right up inside a girl before, and the feeling of his little sister's tight little baby-hole squeezing and clamping around his penis was too exciting for him.
Shortly, I knew the boy was emulating his father, as I watched him jam his erupting penis all the way up in his little sister's belly, and hold it there. I looked between the boy's legs, and could actually see the tube on the bottom of his prick bulge, each time another dollop of incestuous sperm was injected into his little sister's womb.
"That's it Mike," I encouraged him. "Push your cock as far up inside your little sister as you can. The more sperm you leave inside her, and the farther up it goes, the better the chance that you'll make a baby in Diane."

I could hardly believe the words coming out of my own mouth. Not a half-hour ago, I would probably shot my husband, if I even THOUGHT he might be molesting one of our daughters. Now, I had not only encouraged him to fuck Karen, but I had almost blackmailed him into impregnating the little girl.
To top it all, I was now encouraging my son to make a baby in his own little sister? As I said, I couldn't believe I was doing it, but I did it anyway.
I shivered with excitement, as I realized I could be watching my own son impregnate his little sister. Such a nasty, obscene, and thoroughly exiting thought! My baby boy's sperm might be joining in my baby girl's womb with her egg, to make another little baby girl inside her. I hoped so. I wanted my son to make a little girl in his sister, so that he would someday be able to copy his father, and make a baby in his own daughter. I shuddered in a quiet climax of my own, at the very idea.
Sadly, neither girl seemed to climax this first time, but both of them seemed to be happy just knowing that they had made their partners feel so good.
I knew I had to do it. There are some things you know you shouldn't do, that you just HAVE to do anyway. Like a horrible pun. You just CAN'T resist telling it. You know you shouldn't, but you can't resist. It was the same in this case. I just HAD to say this. After I said it, I was even more surprised, to learn that I meant it.
"Now Mike," I said, getting his attention, after he finally stopped pumping his little sister full of his incestuous seed, "I want you to practice making a baby in your little sister, at least once a day." (Oh God! What a line!)
"As for you Diane, I want you to tell me, if your big brother doesn't fuck you at least once a day. Understand?"
Diane gaped at me in surprise, then a big grin lit up her face. "Yes Momma," she replied, then giggled.
I ignored the giggle, and turned to my other daughter. "Karen, the same thing goes for you. I want you to tell me, if your father doesn't help you practice making a baby, at least once a day." By now, my grin was threatening my ability to talk.
"But not if he does it more often, huh?" Karen's grin matched mine and her little sister's. All of a sudden, it was too much. The whole family burst out laughing, as I managed to choke, "No, not if he does it more often."
The whole family must have howled and choked with laughter for over five minutes. Still, each one promised to, "Do his duty," and help the other partner "practice" as often as he or she wanted to.
By the time we managed to get off the bed, some three hours later, both little girls had "practiced" at least 3 times, and I had even managed to get in a little practice myself. No, I'm not telling you who I practiced with. Sometimes things look nastier (or sexier) if you DON'T say something, than if you do.

Well, disappointing as it sounds, neither girl got pregnant right then, I guess their bodies just weren't ready yet. Dan and Mike kept practicing making a baby in the two little girls, and eventually they both succeeded. Karen and Diane both had little baby girls, just as we had hoped for. Karen's baby weighed 7 pounds, six ounces; and she named it Danielle. (I wonder who she was naming it after?) Diane's baby was a little bigger, at 7 pounds 8 ounces; and she named it (logically enough) Michelle.
Me? How did you guess? Yes, I got pregnant too. In fact, it took Karen and Diane longer to get pregnant than I did; and I had to go off the pill first. I was already almost 6 months pregnant, by the time Karen first caught.
Oh, you don't care about how long it took; you want to know about the baby! Joseph (or, as we call him, "Little Joe.") came into the world at 3:23 AM, weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces. (Well, ONE of us had to make a boy! How else would Dan and Mike's kids be able to know the joy of fucking their own brother?)
Right now, all three kids sleep in the same bed, and we don't plan on changing this, when they get older. I wished I had been smart enough, to do it with Mike and HIS sisters, when they were small.
Oh well, he's certainly making up for lost time. It's been a little over a year now, since Karen had her baby, and when I passed the children's room this morning, I heard the little girl squealing with delight, as her big brother helped her "practice" making a baby again. After all, as she had told me the night before: "Now that Daddy had taught her how to make a baby, she didn't want to get out of practice, did she?" I hoped Diane had another little girl this time.
With this thought, I hurried down to the bedroom I now shared with Dan and Diane. I wanted to make sure that my husband didn't let my elder daughter get out of practice either.
I guess that this is all just a lesson to not be deceived by appearances. If I had jumped to the conclusion that "appeared" to be warranted by catching my husband giving our little girl a lesson in sex, then we all would have suffered. So watch out. Just because it "appears" to be true, doesn't mean it is. Just like my husband "appeared" to be forcing Karen to have sex, when in reality, she was forcing him! I'm so glad that I didn't let appearances deceive me.
Oh, by the way. Dan says that both girls have learned their lessons VERY well. In fact, they are both almost as good as I am, at sucking him off, fucking him, or whatever else "cums" up. In fact, he says the only place I really have an edge over them, is when it comes to anal sex. I guess, when it comes to taking it up the ass, you've got to have incentive, like I do.
My daughters may be younger and prettier than I am, but they aren't going to love my husband more than I do. Not that they would try to steal Dan away from me. I know they love us both too much for that. Besides, I think they are both going to marry their brother when they get older. "How's that?" you say. Well, all I'll tell you, is that while all my kids are Dan's; (oops) he wasn't my first husband. (Appearances CAN be deceiving, can't they?) Officially, Mike is my first husband's child.

Of course, Mike is going to have to PUBLICLY only marry one of the two girls. The other will just be his sister-in-law, who lives with them. Just for appearances, of course.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

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OK. We've gotten a lot of requests for "preggie" stories lately. As I've said, MOST of my stories (and Tammy's) at least touch on the subject. This one (like a lot of the others we write) makes a point of it.

If you don't like stories of family-members, or little girls having sex, then skip this one.


And don't try this at home, these are trained professionals. You, or someone you love could get hurt, if this isn't done under expert supervision.

Anyone doing anything, and trying to point to this, as an example, is full of horse-turds. This is a story. It is not a recommendation, of something to do. In fact, I strongly urge anyone even contemplating doing the things suggested by this story to seek professional help. In a hurry!

Final warning!
This story contains mostly straight sex, between a man and a young girl. It involves incest, and is definitely NOT "safe-sex" as the girl gets pregnant. Yes knocked-up, baby-time. If you're still reading this, you must like such stories.



How I "Got Pregnant"
An Erotic Story

"Uh Lynn?"
"Yes Grandpa?"
"You're not on the pill, are you?" Grandpa seemed to be worried about something.
"Huh?" I said. Pill? I wondered what he meant.
"Forget it. Of course you're not." Grandpa seemed to hesitate for a minute, slowing up the slip-slide of his "thing" inside me. "When was your last period?" At my hesitation, he continued, "You know, your monthlies."
For a second, I didn't get the reference, then I remembered how I had been bleeding every month, for the past year or so. Momma had shown me how to wear pads, so my panties didn't get all bloody, but we hadn't discussed it much. She seemed to think I'd find out about it later, when I needed to. In a way, I guess she was right. Once I had figured this out, I answered my grandfather. "I dunno, Grandpa. A couple of weeks ago, I guess."
"Good," said Grandpa, suddenly shoving his "thing" up inside me hard. "Then there's a good chance you might 'catch' right now. Wow! My own daughter puts me in bed with my cute sexy granddaughter. Not only a virgin, but she's not on the pill, and probably fertile right now. Karen must WANT me to knock the kid up."
Grandpa's "thing" seemed to get even bigger inside me. "Oh Honey, I'm gonna do it" said Grandpa. "Do you mind if I cum inside you?"
"Huh?" I couldn't make much sense of Grandpa's ramblings.
"Hold still, Honey," said Grandpa, ignoring my question. "I'm gonna. . . "
I felt Grandpa's "thing" swell, and a bulge rippled through it, and up into my crack.
"Grandpa!" I objected. "Don't PEE in me. Momma will kill me, if I get the bed wet." I struggled to pull away, then thought better of it. If Grandpa WAS peeing in me, and I pulled away, for SURE we'd get it all over the bed. At least if I let him finish, I might be able to hold it inside me long enough to get to the bathroom.
"NOT peeing in you," grunted Grandpa. "CUMMING in you! Hold still for a second. Ugnh! Aaahhh! There! THAT ought to knock you up Lynn!"
With each grunt, I felt another bulge ripple through Grandpa's "thing," stretching my hole, as he squirted SOMETHING inside me. By this time, I KNEW it wasn't pee, as if it had been, the bed would have been soaked by now. Whatever Grandpa was squirting inside me obviously wasn't as runny as pee, and there wasn't as much of it either. I stopped worrying, Grandpa seemed to know what he was doing, and besides, it was starting to feel good.

I was disappointed, when Grandpa finally stopped. I was just beginning to like it. Grandpa shuddered for a minute or two, then relaxed. I was surprised, when two minutes later I heard a quiet snore. Grandpa was asleep.
I felt between my legs, where Grandpa's "thing" still kept whatever he had squirted in me, inside. My finger picked up something, and I squinted at it in the semi-darkness. White and sticky, definitely NOT pee. What had Grandpa called it? "Cum?" I sniffed at it, then tasted it. A distinctive smell, but one I couldn't remember smelling before. . . except maybe once, that time in the bookstore, when I used the restroom, while Papa looked at the "Adult" books. It had smelled something like this. Kind of funny, and musty. It tasted something like it smelled. Bland, slightly sweet and sticky, like library paste. Not something you would WANT to order for breakfast, but not nasty like shit, or pee either. I was about to wipe my finger off, when I remembered: I didn't have anything to wipe it on, and I didn't want to get it on the sheets, and make a mess. SHIT! And Grandpa's arm was around me, clutching my breast, and wouldn't let go. Unless I made a fuss, I was stuck here, with Grandpa's "thing" still dripping his "cum" inside my vagina. (Yes, I know the word.) Steeling myself, I licked my finger off, and swallowed. Not as bad as I originally thought. Certainly better than pee, and I'd actually tasted THAT before, at least a couple of times. Once, on a kind of dare to myself, I'd drank almost a quarter of a cup of it. It hadn't made me sick or anything, just a little queasy. Compared with THAT, this stuff tasted good. I settled down to sleep.
Later that night, I woke up to feel Grandpa pushing his "thing" up inside me again. It felt good this time, so I didn't object. For about ten minutes, Grandpa slid his thing in and out, before squirting more of that same white sticky-stuff inside me.
When I was going to get up and wipe myself, Grandpa stopped me. "Leave it in, Honey," he said. "I want to get you pregnant. I can't wait to see your belly nice and big."
I was a little confused. "Get me pregnant?" I thought a bit, and wondered if that white-stuff that Grandpa had squirted inside me was the "pregnant" that he was talking about, and if it was supposed to stay inside me, and "make my belly get big." I was too sleepy to find out. "OK Grandpa," I said, yawning, "if you say so." I snuggled back down to sleep, with my grandfather's "cum" inside me "getting me pregnant." I resolved to ask Grandpa to explain it all to me in the morning.
Two hours later, I woke up again, just as Grandpa did it again. The warm creamy feel of his cum sliding inside my little tummy just soothed me back to sleep. "Thanks Grandpa," I murmured.

"Thank YOU! Lynn. Grandpa loves you very much."
"'love you too, Grandpa." I was asleep again, this time with my grandfather's "thing" still stuck up inside me, holding his "cum" inside me like a cork. I was happy that I could make Grandpa feel so good. Besides, Grandpa's thing felt nice, sliding in and out of my hole. Now, feeling it throbbing inside me while I slept, made me dream wonderful dreams of being comforted and being loved. Grandpa's body behind me, and his big hand holding onto my budding little titty was so comfortable. . .
The next day, Momma was shocked, when she learned that Grandpa had spent the whole night in my bedroom with me. At first, she was going to make him sleep in the living-room, on the floor, but when I told her that I didn't mind, if Grandpa slept with me, she looked at both of us strangely, then acquiesced. She looked at Grandpa sharply, and then said, "Papa. You be careful. She's only 12 years old."
Grandpa looked hurt, and innocent. "Would I hurt my own granddaughter?" he asked.
"No," said Momma, "but you might knock her up. If I had any place else to put you. . . but with all these relatives in this reunion, I don't know where I'd fit you."
"I could always sleep in the truck," said Grandpa, referring to his beat-up old jalopy.
I finally spoke up. "It's OK Momma," I said. "Grandpa can sleep with me. I don't mind."
Momma looked like she was going to say something, maybe to warn me about the dangers of sleeping with my own grandfather, but just then my big brother came in, and soon she, my big brother, and Papa were all engaged in a big discussion over what they were going to cook the corn in, since the big corn-kettle had a hole in it, and there wasn't any other pot big enough to hold enough corn for the whole family. Forty-odd people eat a lot. By nightfall, Momma seemed to think she had worked out the problem with where Grandpa was going to sleep, and neither Grandpa or I bothered to tell her different.
That night, I got undressed a little more confidently, as Grandpa watched, then climbed out of his own clothes. "C'mere Honey," he said. "Old Grandpa's going to get his cute little granddaughter pregnant."
I smiled. Now was the time to clear up my confusion of the previous night. "Uh Grandpa?" I asked.
"That white-stuff you squirted inside me last night. Is that pregnant?"
Grandpa snickered. "No Lynn. That's 'getting you pregnant.' When I 'cum' in you, that gets you pregnant. Now do you understand?"

I had figured out by now, that what Grandpa and I had been doing was what they called "having sex," and that Momma thought I was a little too young for it, but Grandpa obviously didn't. I was determined to learn all about this "having sex" business, even (or especially) the new words and grammar that seemed to go along with it. I thought I had most of it figured out. The white-stuff that Grandpa had squirted inside me was "cum," and when he did it, he was "cumming" in me. There was also something else. This "pregnant" thing. Grandpa was giving me something called "pregnant." The only thing I had noticed was the white- stuff he had squirted in me. Maybe that was the "pregnant" he was talking about. I didn't want to look ignorant, especially when it came to sex, so I asked.
"Uh Grandpa?"
Grandpa grinned at me.
"When you squirt that white-stuff in me, are you giving me pregnant?"
Grandpa chucked. "No Honey. That's, 'Getting you pregnant.'"
I giggled, at the strange way of talking, but I wanted to be sure. After all, I didn't want to look ignorant, when we talked about sex. "So when you squirt that white-stuff inside me, that's 'pregnant,' or as you say 'gets me pregnant'?"
"Now you've got it, Sweets," said Grandpa, with a grin. "The sperm in my 'cum,' that's the white-stuff, 'gets you pregnant.' Is that what you what me to do?"
I remembered how sweet and warm it had been last night, and how nice it had felt, when Grandpa had squirted his thick sticky cum up inside me. The warm slick feeling of his "sperm" warming my tummy was nice, especially knowing how much Grandpa liked to squirt it inside me was simply delicious. I LIKED to make Grandpa feel good, after all he had done for me.
"Yeah Grandpa," I said; sure I had it now. "Get me some more pregnant. Please Grandpa?"
"No Lynn," corrected Grandpa, one last time. "It's 'get pregnant.' Or in your case, 'Get me pregnant, Grandpa,' if you really want me to."
"OK Grandpa," I said eagerly, glad that I had now mastered this curious syntax. Boy, you sure used words funny, when talking about sex! I tested it, to be sure I had it right now. "Grandpa," I said. "Squirt your 'sperm' in me, and get me some. . . I mean get me pregnant. Please Grandpa? Did I say it right?"
Grandpa nodded. "Hoo-Boy!" he said. "You sure did. Are you sure that's what you want?"
"Please Grandpa. I really do want to 'get pregnant.'"
"Well, I guess there's no doubt about that! C'mere Honey, and old Grandpa'll do his best to get his favorite granddaughter pregnant. Whooo! Who'd ever believe it, that I'd be standing naked, in my own daughter's house, while her sexy little girl asked me to 'get her pregnant'? Well, I may be a fool, but I'm still a man, and I might as well cut off my own balls, if I pass up a chance like this."

I was beginning to wonder if Grandpa was EVER going to quit babbling, when he pushed me back on the bed, and with a quick shove, soon had his big penis (He told me later to call it that) shoved all the way up inside me, where he was soon 'getting me pregnant' by squirting a lot of that sticky white-stuff inside me. Knowing Grandpa loved me enough to teach me about sex like this, got me so excited, I couldn't believe it. Suddenly, my body started jerking, and my little hole was squeezing on Grandpa's penis, milking every drop of Grandpa's 'pregnant' up inside me where it belonged.
Grandpa told me afterwards, that I'd just had an "orgasm" or "climax," and now I knew how good I made HIM feel, when he did it in me.
"You mean," I asked, "when you get me pregnant?"
Grandpa shuddered at the exciting idea, and nodded.
"Good!" I said. "Let's do it again!"
"Hoo Boy!" said Grandpa, but he didn't say "No."
For the next four nights, Grandpa did his best to "get me pregnant," as often as he could. Three or four times each night, I'd wake up to feel him either just climbing on top of me, or jerking himself to completion, as he filled my little tummy with squirt after squirt of his thick sticky cum. Each time, feeling him "cumming" inside me was usually enough to get me off as well, so I would climax with him, milking every drop of his precious sperm up inside my belly, until Grandpa had no more to give. Twice, during the day, Grandpa and I managed to sneak off during the day, so that he could "get me pregnant." Grandpa explained to me, that most people thought that little girls like me weren't supposed to have sex or get pregnant, until they were older. I thought this was silly, as what harm did it do? And besides, it sure was fun. So, we both kept it a secret, except maybe from Momma. I don't think she knew for sure, but she might have suspected something. Still, she didn't say anything after that first day, and let Grandpa sleep in my room until the reunion was over.
As the final day of the reunion came to an end, everyone but Grandpa was leaving. Grandpa still had two weeks, before he had to be back, and he had made it clear that he would be spending most of that time visiting with us. Momma was always happy to have Grandpa around, and he got along so well with us kids, that it was almost like an extra vacation.
About 6:00 Friday night, Momma and Papa took the big van to the airport, leaving Grandpa and me to watch over the house, and each other. "Now you take care of Grandpa," she told me, before she left, looking over my shoulder at Grandpa, giving him some kind of message also.
"Yes Momma." I planned on taking GOOD care of Grandpa. I did. Before the van was completely out of the driveway, I had stripped my panties from underneath my short little skirt, and Grandpa was pushing his thick cock up inside my tight little hole where it belonged. Ten minutes later, I was rewarded by feeling Grandpa's thick cock bulging inside me, as he worked to get me pregnant by filling my little tummy with squirt after squirt of thick sticky cum.

I didn't know how I was going to get along without feeling him inside me every night filling my belly with his warm soothing sperm, now that Momma no longer had to double everyone up, and there was a spare bedroom available. I told him that.
Grandpa said, "We'll work something out Honey." So I stopped worrying. I trusted him. After we both got "decent" again, we snuggled up on the couch together. I was getting a little sleepy, so Grandpa pulled a blanket over us.
I felt something soft and squishy underneath me. Grinning, I handed Grandpa something small, soft and white. He lifted it closer to his face, to make out what it is in the dim light of the flickering firelight. It was my panties. The crotch was extremely damp.
When he turned back to me, He was grinning from ear to ear. I blushed, then pointed to my lap. Then pointed to Grandpa. He quietly dropped the blanket to his knees, glanced at me and slowly unzipped his fly. I nodded. His dick emerged, throbbing again in anticipation. I felt my grin widen. We'd have to be careful, in case someone came back too early.
I crawled into his lap, straddling him, sitting back on my knees, reaching to grasp his dick in both hands, exploring it delightedly. There was a sound outside, but no one came in.
Glancing quickly about, Grandpa figured that all was well, and returned his gaze to the scene in his lap. Eyes closed tightly now, I moved forward; urging the big, hard thing down toward my crotch. Grandpa hurriedly pulled me to his chest, and settled the blanket over both of us, as I felt the maddeningly smooth warmth of his thick rod spreading my little pussy lips.
My grandfather's rigid dick slid easily and deeply into me, lubricated by my arousal, and his residual sperm. I rested my head against his chest, and gave a sigh of contentment, as his dick bottomed out in my tight little vagina.
Since he had cum copiously in me, not fifteen minutes before, Grandpa was less urgent this time. He reached beneath the blanket to find the hem of my skirt, his hands slipping beneath it to cup the soft flesh of my butt. His big horny hands felt rough against my skin, down to the point where I could feel his balls nestled against the soft flesh of my crotch.
I could feel Grandpa trace with one finger the tightly distended rim of the tiny hole where it wetly clasped the root of his dick. This drew a sharp intake of breath from me, so I clamped my mouth over his, moaning and sucking urgently at my grandfather's tongue.
Then I felt Grandpa reach back down, and cup my butt, lift me an inch, then settle me back down onto his lap. I broke the kiss, and sucked in my breath, while I collapsed against his chest, panting, both hands flying up to his head, hugging him, my fingers grasping blindly at his hair.
A motion to the left caught my eye. PAPA was strolling toward us, moving slowly, checking the house on his way to the bedroom. "Papa's coming!" I whispered urgently in Grandpa's ear.

Grandpa quickly tugged my hands from his hair, and settled them around his neck. He motioned with his eyes for me to pretend that I'm asleep.
Obediently, I dropped my head to his chest.
I was vaguely aware of Papa pausing nearby, to look down at the two of us.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Papa smiling broadly at the scene -- a contented child apparently sleeping soundly beneath a blanket with her tolerant and friendly grandfather. Grandpa smiled back at him, hoping his smile didn't convey the delicious sensations he must have felt, as his dick throbbed deep inside my warm little 12-year-old vagina. Papa grinned at us, and moved on towards the bedroom.
Just in time. I couldn't hold out much longer. I felt a sweet, wet sucking sensation in my hole, as I began to take the initiative, slowly lifting and lowering myself on my grandfather. The blanket rose and fell with the motion of my ass, as I pleasured myself by gently stirring the rigid dick deep within my vagina.
I felt my breath quickening, beginning to come in gasps and ragged pants. My mouth was open and slack, and I could tell that I was drooling, but I couldn't help it. My saliva was soaking through Grandpa's shirt to moisten his shoulder, as I squirmed on my grandfather's lap. I knew I was getting close. So was Grandpa.
Grandpa's hands dropped beneath the blanket again. He reached up, forcing his hands between us, to cup those little bumps on my chest, that seemed to turn him on so much. His thumbs brushed the tiny, rigid spikes of my, by now swollen, nipples and suddenly I could take it no more. I started grinding myself down hard onto his dick, gasping and grunting.
A little too loudly. Momma had entered through the back door, and was checking the living-room also. I felt Grandpa tense, thumbs on my nipples, hands clasping my ribcage. "Shhhh!" I dimly responded, closing my eyes again and forcing myself to hold still. But I couldn't keep my body from trembling.
Momma blinked, and looked around. Seeing her little daughter in her grandfather's lap, Momma's face registered confusion for an instant -- then she smiled -- the same indulgent smile that Papa had given us.
Knowing that Momma was watching me, while Grandpa's cock pulsed in my belly was too much. The strain of holding out got too great. Suddenly I feel a hard, rhythmic sucking sensation -- as I squeezed Grandpa's dick hard: again, again, again, again --- my god, I was CUMMING! I couldn't help it. I clamped down so hard on Grandpa's cock, he must have felt like it was being cut off.
Somehow, I managed to force myself to remain completely still, as I shuddered into the first spasms of my climax, but my face contorted in ecstasy, and my grunts and snorts of sexual pleasure must have been unmistakable to my mother.

Momma's smile snapped into an openmouthed silent scream. She jerked the blanket from us, flicked my skirt out of the way, and stared in shock at what she saw. Her eyes widened at the spectacle of her deeply impaled little girl writhing lewdly on her own grandfather's swollen cock, grunting and fucking herself toward orgasm.
My eyes opened to look at Momma, my head still tight against Grandpa's chest, helpless and limp in my sexual ecstasy. I couldn't bear the thought of stopping now. "Please Momma," I whispered. "Don't make me stop."
Momma's expression wavered for an instant... I weakly reached for Momma with one limp hand...
Momma flashed one glance at Grandpa, then at me... then Momma reached out and softly stroked my hair, whispering in my ear as I let go. "It's OK Honey," she said. "Let yourself go. Momma's here."
Relieved, I closed my eyes, and crushed myself greedily against Grandpa, grunting and wheezing as the violent sensation of deep vaginal orgasm overwhelmed my body.
I know that the powerful spasms of my vagina were sucking and milking Grandpa's dick unmercifully -- He was going to come, too -- He wouldn't be able to help it...
I buried my face in his chest, as Grandpa's eyes were riveted on Momma -- still stroking and gentling me as I trembled through my orgasm -- Momma turned -- and made eye contact with Grandpa, just at the instant that his own eyes glazed over with the exquisite intensity of his orgasmic explosion deep inside his own daughter's little girl.
Some dark corner of Grandpa's mind must have dimly registered that Momma was still looking at him as the powerful spurts gushing into me finally dwindled, but his prostate had seized control. Grandpa squinted helplessly at his daughter as his body emptied itself into my vagina.
My pulse thundering in my temples, I struggled to focus. Gradually I become aware that I was still lying on Grandpa's chest, my own chest heaving from the force of my own orgasm, as Momma looked at her father with a level gaze. As my eyes opened, Momma leaned over and whispered something in her father's ear.
Grandpa didn't seem to understand. Momma smiled, then kissed him, once, full on the lips, very softly. She repeated herself, in a quiet whisper, "Did you enjoy it?"
Stunned by the question, under the circumstances, Grandpa was speechless.
Momma smiled again. "Oh, I hope you enjoyed it... as much as I did..."
Grandpa's head snapped to the right, to look at his daughter in astonishment. Momma was smiling again, lifting my skirt to reveal my smooth vulva, with a barely visible rivulet of white leaking from between two small, perfectly hairless pussy lips, as Grandpa's shrunken cock slithered out of me. I felt empty at the loss, but glad that Momma wasn't mad at us.
"Thanks for letting Grandpa's get me pregnant," I said.

Momma turned to me. "You WANT Grandpa to get you pregnant?" she asked, in astonishment.
I nodded. "Please Momma. I really do like it. I Like to feel him getting me pregnant. Please Momma?"
"Oh God!" said Momma. For a minute, Momma looked angry at her father; but then seeing me practically begging him to impregnate me, she relented. Momma knew that there wasn't a man in the world that would be able to resist a 12-year-old girl like me, begging him to fuck her, and get her pregnant. Even if she was his own granddaughter. "Oh go ahead. I guess it's too late now, anyway. Go on, knock the kid up. Just go easy on her. After all, she's still just a little girl, even if her body's a woman's," she said, as she looked at Grandpa. "You've got until it's time to go home, to make sure."
"I may NEVER go home then."
"OK. . . Two weeks."
With Momma's permission this time. Grandpa began fucking me again. For a while, Momma watched Grandpa sliding his cock in and out of my slit, then she left. A few minutes later, as Grandpa and I were approaching another climax, and I was begging Grandpa to "Get me pregnant," I noticed that Momma was back, and she had Papa with her.
"I wouldn't have believed it," said Papa, "but you're right. She obviously DOES want him to. I'll be jiggered. You would have thought it would be Billy, or even me, but her own grandfather? Oh well, if that's what she wants. . . C'mon lets leave them alone."
"Don't go Papa," I said. "I Don't mind if you watch."
So Papa and Momma did. And afterwards, I watched them do it. The only one who might have felt left out, was Billy, but he was so wrapped up in his girlfriend, that I doubt he would have noticed if Grandpa and I had climbed into HIS bed at night, and fucked right next to him. Whatever. Anyway, Billy wasn't suffering sexually, at that time.
Momma and Papa regularly watched me fuck Grandpa the whole rest of the time that Grandpa was there. Two wonderful weeks. Two weeks of feeling Grandpa's thick cock in my tight little hole every night. Two wonderful weeks of sleeping with Grandpa, waking up to feeling his warm sticky liquid filling my tummy. Two weeks of wearing almost nothing that might get in the way of a "quickie." Two gorgeous weeks of knowing just how much my grandfather loved me, as he told me over and over again, thanking me for this wonderful opportunity. Two weeks of going to sleep each night with my tummy filled to bursting with my Grandfather's thick sticky sperm warming my tummy, and carrying it in my belly every day when I went out to play. Learning how to do it "dog- fashion" "woman on top" "missionary-style" "spoon-fashion" and too many other ways to count. Grandpa taught me to suck him off, always being careful to not "waste it" and have him finish by squirting it up inside my tummy where it belonged. He also taught me about "cunnilingus," when he got too exhausted to get it up. Two simply marvelous weeks.

Afterwards, when he was leaving, Grandpa seemed so happy that my period or "monthlies" hadn't come yet, when he left. At the time, I wondered why.
Two days later, I was bloody. I was in the bathroom, when Momma came in and caught me staring morosely at the red drop on my finger that announced the arrival of my period. Such a mess. It gave me cramps, and made me realize just how much I missed the warm smooth feel of Grandpa's "cum" inside me. Not to mention his wonderful thick cock. It'd be over a year, before Grandpa came back, and I didn't know HOW I was going to make it without feeling him "cumming" in me, "getting me pregnant." I was aching for the feel of his white sticky stuff inside me, instead of this mess. Momma seemed to understand.
"Got your period, huh?" she asked.
"Yeh," I sighed resignedly. Then I decided that Momma should know the rest of what was bothering me: Missing Grandpa's white-stuff squirting inside me, while I climaxed around his thick penis. "And Grandpa's no longer here to get me pregnant. SHIT!"
Momma must have felt sympathy for me. I guess, after having all those kids herself, she could feel for a daughter who wanted that badly to have one of her own.
"You want it that bad?" she asked. "You really did like the idea of Grandpa getting you pregnant that much?"
I nodded gloomily.
Momma seemed to come to a decision. "You know, Lynn," she said, after a long pause, "Grandpa's not the ONLY male member of this family, you know."
I gaped at her. Did she mean?
"Lynn," said Momma. "If you want it that bad, I'm sure that either your father, or your big brother would be happy to knock you up, if you only asked them."
My confusion must have told her that I didn't understand the words. "Get you pregnant," she explained. "Your father, or your brother would be happy to get you pregnant."
Oh! Getting "Knocked-Up," was the same as "Getting- pregnant." I tried to remember that. "Both of them?" I wondered hopefully.
"No silly." Momma gave me a loving smile that took the sting out. "You want to know who's it is."
I wondered about this. Surely I knew who was "getting me pregnant" when they did it. Oh well, I had noticed that neither Papa nor Billy had tried to do anything while Grandpa was. Maybe there was some special etiquette in sex that I didn't know about yet. I thought about it. "Papa," I said. "I want Papa to knock me up."
I must have gotten the words right, because Momma didn't correct me, and that night Papa came into my room. "Are you sure you want me to do this Princess?" he asked, before getting undressed.
I always melt inside when Papa calls me his "Princess." "Oh YES Papa!" I said. "Would you please get me pregnant? Please Papa?"

So Papa did. He put his big thick cock up inside me, and fucked me, and got me pregnant. I never had another period. Papa fucked me every night, at least once, and usually twice. Since he also had to take care of Momma, he didn't have as much for me as Grandpa had, but he still kept me sexually satisfied, even after I missed my period. He said he "owed it to me."
It wasn't until about 7 months later, when I had gained about 20 pounds, that I finally learned what I had done. My older sister had come home to visit, and looked at my swelling little tummy, smiled at me, and asked, "When's the baby due?"
"Baby?" I asked. "What baby?"
Everyone stared at me.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

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BIGSIS.TXT (mf, teen, pedo, incest, cons)

Big Sister's Lessons
An Erotic Story

I'll never forget the time my big sister Karen, caught me and Danny playing with ourselves. Danny's my friend, who lived next door. The two of us were always together, getting into, and out of trouble together, all the time. We played baseball together, stole cookies together, and learned about life together. At least, until that time my sister caught us.
This time started out not much different than many of our other escapades. We were in my room, sorting baseball cards, when Danny told me of his latest caper. Both of us were 13, and had been trying to find out as much about sex, as we could without being caught. My parents had seen to it, that their kids knew most of the basics, such as that boys had penises, and girls had vaginas, and that babies were made, when a man put his penis inside a girl, and squirted something inside her. Danny told me, that his mother never told him anything. If it hadn't been for me, he said he would probably think that babies were brought by the stork, or were found in the cabbage-patch or something. By the time I am talking about, his mother seemed to figure that he already knew about boys and girls, by osmosis or something.
At the time I am speaking of, Danny and I were both eager to find out what really went on between older men and women. We knew there was more to it than "Man puts penis inside girl, and BOOM, there's a baby!" The trouble is, we didn't know what the "more" consisted of; so we tried to find out by spying, and listening in on my older sister and other teenagers; as they tried to "make out." This "Making out" business, we weren't sure what it was, but it sure sounded like fun, as all the older boys were trying to do it, and even the girls, though they mostly seemed to hold off better than the boys.
Besides this, both of us were desperately eager to find out what girls really looked like, underneath their clothes. With three sisters in the house, and my mother, you'd think that I had a better chance of sneaking a peek, and getting a look at what one of the opposite sex really looked like, but that wasn't the case. Or at least it wasn't, until that afternoon. Living with just his little sister Chrissy, and his mother, had made things rather casual over at Danny's house. He occasionally got glimpses of both his sister, and mother, when they got up during the night, and went to the bathroom. Since his room was the one right next to the bathroom, he left his door open, and pretended to be asleep, whenever he heard one of them get up during the night. He never got more than a glimpse though, of his little sister's body, or his mother's mature vagina as they whipped in and out, hoping they weren't observed. Me, the best I ever saw, was when we went to the beach, and my sisters wore bikini's. But everyone saw that, so no big deal.

The only time I ever saw any more, was the time, I had inadvertently walked in on my big sister, when she was getting dressed for a date. Mother had asked me to give Karen her blouse, as it had just gotten dry, and she needed it to get ready. I was completely unprepared for the sight I got, as I walked into my big sister's bedroom. Karen was sitting on the bed, not naked, but in bikini panties, and bra, combing her hair. She took the blouse from me, thanked me, and continued combing. The blouse had slipped from my fingers, and frankly I was staring. My sister was beautiful! She had pert little tits, that filled out the red brassiere so nicely, with a mound of skin filling up the top. Her matching red panties were filled by a plump little ass that I just ached to reach out and touch. But these didn't get much more than a passing glance from me. The thing that drew my eyes like a magnet, was the bare skin that showed, all the way from the top of her panties, to the bottom of her bra. Karen had such smooth creamy skin, a slightly rounded little belly, and her bellybutton was the perfect center to all this feminine pulchritude. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I think now, that my sister knew that I was staring at her, and was enjoying it. Finally, Karen turned to me, and said, "Got your eyeballs back in yet Mike?" I felt as if I was going to die from embarrassment, as my sister got up, and walked unconcernedly past me, to the closet. As she passed me, I got a whiff of her scent. Karen wasn't wearing any perfume; she just smelled of pretty girl fresh from the shower. Even now, years later, the thought of that smell alone, is enough to give me a hard-on. At the time, it was devastating. My little pecker was so hard in my pants, that it's a wonder that I didn't have an accident. In my embarrassment, and shame, I didn't look where I was going, and tripped over my sister's dress, on the way out of the door, increasing my embarrassment a hundredfold. I though I was going to die, but my big sister just giggled, and told me, "It's OK Mike, I don't mind," as I took off for my room, nursing a sore elbow. That little episode gave Danny and me, conversation material for several weeks.
The afternoon in question, Danny had been telling me about what had happened the previous night. His mother had gone out for the evening, and had left him to watch over the house, and his little sister. Previously, they had both had a babysitter, but Danny's mother figured that Danny was old enough now, to look after himself, and his little sister too. Danny had been so proud, he was almost ready to burst, but this wasn't what had excited him the most. It seems, that when it came time to go to bed, his little sister had been taking a bath, and had forgotten the soap. When he went in and handed it to her, Chrissy had been standing naked, beside the tub, while she waited for her brother to find some. Danny had gotten a really good look at his little sister's pouting young slit, before the little girl took the soap, and climbed into the tub.

Seeing his little sister naked, in the bathroom, had gotten Danny so excited, he couldn't sleep that night. He kept thinking about his little sister, lying there naked, in the next room, under her sheets. (It seems, that nobody at Danny's house ever wore pajamas, or nightclothes of any kind to bed.) Finally, the thoughts got to be too much, and Danny padded down to his little sister's room, and opened the door. His little sister was sleeping, and didn't wake up, when he called her name.
After calling, "Chrissy," softly, and then louder, Danny got up enough courage to walk over to his sister's bed, and look down on her. Telling himself, that it was his duty, to see that the little girl was OK, he noticed that his sister had somehow gotten the blankets all twisted up, and was just sleeping underneath the bedspread. Danny decided that he'd better tuck the little girl in, like his mother used to. Pulling off the bedspread, he almost fainted at the sight of his little sister lying there naked, sprawled out on the bed. Danny decided that he'd never get a better chance to see what little girl's looked like, so he examined his little sister, from the tips of her flat little breasts, down the tiny little hole that made a split in the mound between the little girl's legs. Danny couldn't stop himself from reaching out and touching it. It was warm as smooth, and as his finger ran across the opening, slippery. Danny pulled his hand away like a shot, as the shock ran up his arm. He knew, that if he didn't stop right then, he'd be sticking his finger up inside his little sister's hole, just to see what it felt like, and how'd he explain that, if Chrissy woke up?
Danny had just started to pull the sheets up over the little girl, when he saw his sister looking straight at him. "What'cha doin' Danny?" she asked.
"Just tucking you in," Danny said, as he hurriedly pulled the sheets straight, and then the blankets. He was sweating, as he thought about how close that had been.
"You were looking at me, wernt'cha?" The little girl's soft voice made Danny's hair stand on end. How much had the little girl been aware of?
Danny was about to deny it, as he finished straightening out the bedspread, and the little girl snuggled down to sleep, but his sister's next words left him speechless. "I d'mind," said Chrissy, sleepily. "You c'n look, if you wanna'."
Danny told me that he had felt like pulling the covers off his little sister, and really taking a good look, but Chrissy seemed to be actually falling asleep, and he was worried about when his mother would be home.
By the time Danny had finished his story, both of us were so excited, we felt we had to stop, and play with ourselves. The two of us had been playing with ourselves for over a year, ever since we found out how good it felt. We weren't really "jacking off" as neither of us had yet cum, but we pulled on our pricks for what seemed like hours, sometimes. Once, Danny had kissed the head of my prick, and I had kissed his (at his insistence. He said it was only fair.) We didn't do that again, as it didn't feel as good, as when our fingers pulled on the whole thing.

"Tell me again, what her vagina looked like," I panted, knowing only the clinical term, as I hadn't yet learned the words cunt, pussy, or snatch, and certainly wouldn't have associated them with what little girl's had.
"Well," said Danny, pointing to his own little penis, sticking out like a fat pencil, from between his legs, "she didn't have a penis, like this, or even any balls underneath. It was just kinda' smooth, y'know, and where your penis is, there was this little hole. Only it wasn't round, y'know, it went up and down, and looked somewhat like one of those fuzzy fruits you eat. . . Wha'dya call 'em? Neck. . . something or other."
"Peaches?" I supplied, as that was the only fuzzy fruit I could think of.
"Yeah, like that. Like a peach, only not fuzzy, but smooth." He paused, then blurted, "Nectarines! that's what I was thinking about. Only, I think peaches are better."
"Tell me more," I panted, excited as much as he was.

It was at this moment, that the roof fell in. Or at least, so it seemed at the moment. "I think he's told you enough," came the firm voice of my older sister. "Don't you Danny?"
Standing in the doorway, was my older sister, leaning against the frame, as she gave us both a look, that chilled us to the bone. "Caught!" we both thought, as we scrambled for our clothes.
"You might as well leave them off," said Karen to me, as Danny continued struggling to get his pants on. "Danny, you'd better get home."
I was really scared now. I was going to get paddled. Probably by Daddy, and on my bare butt. By the time Danny finished dressing, and was on his way out the door, we were both crying. My sister stopped Danny on his way out, and whispered something in his ear that must have made him feel better, because by the time I saw him cross the yard, he was looking more like his cheerful self, than scared of being punished. I figured that this meant that I was going to get the brunt of the punishment instead.

"So, my little brother wants to know what girls look like," said Karen. "Well, We'll just have to see what we can do about that. Now you," she continued, glaring at me, "finish getting undressed." When I looked at her, she amplified, "Yes, everything. Shoes, socks, shirt, the works!"
Our parents were gone for the weekend, and had left Karen in charge. They had made it clear, before they left, that what she said, went. I figured that whatever punishment Karen was going to meet out, would be better than what Daddy would do when he got home, or even Mother. Besides, I knew that Karen was fair. If she punished me now, she wouldn't tell our parents on me later. I resolved to take my punishment without flinching.

Karen's next move surprised me. "Diane!" she yelled. "Suzy! Get your butts in here! NOW!" There was a scramble of motion from the other room, and within a few seconds my two little sisters were in my room staring at me. I wanted to climb in bed, and cover myself with the blankets, but Karen wouldn't let me.
"Your big brother here," she said sarcastically, "wants to see what girls look like naked. I think we should teach him what it's like to be looked at, don't you? How'd you like to see what a boy looks like naked?" When both my sisters nodded, she continued, "Well, go ahead and look. He won't stop you." With this, she gave me a look, that told me that I'd better not, if I knew what was good for me.
Diane was the first one to get up enough nerve. Shyly, she came over, and knelt down in front of me, to where her face was almost in front of my crotch. "Wow!" she breathed. "It looks so soft!" I could feel her breath on my penis, as she whispered.
By this time, Suzy was trying to push her older sister aside. "Let me look too!" she complained. Shortly, both of my two younger sisters were looking me over, as if I were a piece of meat, in the butcher shop. Diane started to reach out and touch my prick, then stopped. "Can I touch it?" she asked, looking first at me, then up at our big sister.
"If he doesn't mind," said Karen, as if it made no difference to her. "But, isn't this a little unfair. You get to see him, and he doesn't get to see you. If you're going to be feeling him up, don't you think you should get undressed yourself first?"
"If I didn't mind!" I was so far from minding, that I would have given three weeks' allowance, to have my little sister touch my cock. Then Karen's other words sunk in, and I felt as though I had been snatched from purgatory, straight into heaven. She wasn't only not going to punish me, she was actually arranging it so that I could get the look at a girl I had been wanting! I was so busy marveling at this revelation, that I was barely aware of both my little sisters getting undressed, until Karen spoke up.
"Well," said Karen, "if everybody else is going to strip, I guess I'd better too." Frankly, I stared, along with Diane and Suzy, as our big sister shrugged out of her sweater, and started taking off her mini-skirt.
"Well," she said again, "what are you two standing there for?" With this, she gave a glare at our two little sisters, who had paused in their own undressing to watch their big sister undress. Diane and Suzy hurriedly finished stripping, and stood watching Karen, as she took off her shoes and reached for her bra.
"What's the matter?" she asked, suddenly conscious of the three pairs of eyes on her bosom, as she started to remove the lacy brassiere. "Haven't you ever seen a grown woman's breasts before?"
All three of us shook our heads.

"Well," suddenly giggled Karen, "there's a first time for everything, isn't there? I think that tonight, there's going to be a lot of firsts!" With this, she reached behind her back, and gave a funny kind of shrug, and the bra came loose. For a minute, Karen kind of posed, with the bra in one hand, as her breasts came free. To this day, when I think of the perfect breast, my sister's comes to mind, just as she looked that day. Her breasts were high and firm, with no hint of sag, or over- fullness, smooth rounded bumps on her chest, that had rosy pink nipples, surrounded by a pink ring, that just made you want to suckle on them. Even afterwards, after all that we've done together, I still envy her children, who got to suck on them as much as they wanted, when they were babies. Of course, that was much later. At the time, I just wanted to reach out and feel them; to see if they were real. I'd never seen anyone with bumps on their chest before, and didn't know what they were. Most of the women I knew (like my mother) wore such baggy dresses, that you almost weren't sure they had breasts, let alone ones like these. Of course, I was aware that older girls were different up top, but I had never really seen how different, until then.
My sister saw my reaching hand, and stopped me. "Later," she told me. I was in ecstasy. She hadn't said, "No!" I felt like I was willing to wait forever, if she was going to let me. It was about this time, when my sister started to pull down her pants that she really blew my mind. Karen was standing there naked, except for her lacy red panties (the same ones she had worn on that night, several months ago.), and was about to pull them off, when an idea occurred to her. "You do it," she said.
"Huh?" I gaped at her.
"You wanted to see what a girl looks like naked. You take them off."
I couldn't believe my ears, but that didn't stop me. Shivering with excitement, I reached for my sister's waist, and started pulling on the thin red elastic. The feel of my big sister's skin against my fingertips sent a shock up my arm. Her skin was so soft, and warm. I jerked my hand away, as the feel of her creamy smooth skin almost burned my fingers. Karen reached out, grabbed my hand, and placed it firmly back on her waist, where the top edge of her panties was. I felt as if I was in heaven, as I hooked my thumbs in the elastic of her panties, and started pulling them down. The thought burned in my mind: I was actually going to see my first naked pussy, not only of a girl, but of the most beautiful woman I have ever known. (I know, I know. My other two sisters were already standing naked next to me, with their naked pussies right out there where I could look at them; but at the moment, I wasn't even aware of their presence.)

As I started pulling my sister's panties down, my nose suddenly notified me that my sister was a woman! The warm musky smell that arose from my sister's crack, wasn't at all the same showered clean little-girl smell that I had noticed before. If I had the experience then, that I have now, that smell would have had me knowing that I was going to get laid that night, because no woman I have ever known could get that excited, and still refuse me. Still, at the moment, all I knew was that the smell excited me, and stimulated me beyond belief. As I pulled my sister's panties down, the smell intensified, until I was almost ready to cum, even though I never had before. My prick was so hard, I felt like I could drive nails with it. Finally, I managed to get the panties down far enough that my sister could step out of them, and I stepped back, to look (really LOOK), at what I had uncovered.
Did I mention before, that my sister Karen was gorgeous? I did? Well, she was. At 14, Karen looked like a goddess. Even now, years later, at 24 she has a figure that most women would kill for, and Michelangelo would have given an arm, if he could have had her for a model. At the time, to a 13 year old boy, a wet-dream doesn't do justice to the way she made me feel. I stared at her, trying to memorize her body, from her perfect tits, down to the "vee" of her fuzzy little cunt, now slightly wet with excitement. Her legs were perfectly shaped, and had just enough rounding to match the smooth roundedness of her plump little ass. Up above, her face was set off by the most beautiful cascades of brown hair you could imagine, that reached almost to her waist. Of course, I had always known that Karen had a beautiful face, and hair, so these didn't attract my attention, so much at that moment. At that moment, my eyes were glued to the spot between her thighs, where the fuzz ended, and the puffy lips of her vagina could just be seen. I didn't know, at the time, that the puffiness was caused by her excitement, at being seen naked by her own little brother.
My reverie was broken by my little sister's excited words. "Can I touch it now?" Diane was staring as raptly at my throbbing penis, as I had been staring at Karen.
"Could she touch it?!" It was almost as if a bomb exploded in my head. There was nothing in the world I wanted more, than to have my little sister touch my cock. Except, maybe having my big sister do it. I barely managed to croak, "Unhuh," and incline my head, as I was speechless.
Diane reached out, and stroked the head with her cool little fingers. It was the last straw for me. I was as surprised as she was, when my little peter began squirting a white liquid all over her hand, her naked little breasts, and flat little tummy. I had never cum before in my life, so at first I was worried that something bad was happening, until Karen spoke up and said, "Do it Mike. That's it! Cum on your little sister. Squirt it all over her." With this, Karen reached down, and milked the last drops of sperm onto my little sister, joining a trickle that was running down towards the little girl's slit. Then Karen did something, that still gives me a thrill, when I think of it today.

Karen reached down, and scooped up a big glob of sperm that was trickling down Diane's belly with her finger, and pushed the sperm-covered finger right up inside the little girl's slit. "This'll make you slipperier inside, and ready," she said. Ready for what, she didn't say. She added as almost an afterthought, "It's really all supposed to go up inside you. I hate to see it go to waste."
Taking Karen's comment as an instruction, Diane began scooping up the remaining gobs of white from her belly and breasts, and trying to put them inside herself. After a few minutes of this, Diane had stopped trying to get more stuff inside her hole, and was just sliding her finger in and out, as she got more and more excited. I recognized the symptoms of her excitement, as the same ones I got when I played with myself, so I started getting excited again too.
"You do it for her," breathed Karen in my ear. She was so excited herself, that she could barely breathe. "Diane, you do Mike, while he does you."
Diane had been lying back on the bed, working her finger in and out of her little slit, when Karen interrupted. She turned out to be quite willing, however. As I reached for my little sister, Diane reached for me, at almost the same moment. Soon, I was sliding my big finger in and out of my little sister's slit, as she massaged my cock with her slippery little hand. It wasn't long, before we were both gasping from excitement, as my little sister's vagina clutched my finger like a calf sucking on its mother's teat.
Diane wasn't very far from her orgasm, and I was almost ready to squirt a second load of sperm all over my little sister's belly, when Karen stopped us.
"Wait," she said, "let's do this right. I'll help. Diane, you lie back on the bed, and spread your legs. Mike, you get between Diane's legs, and I'll show you what to do."
Following my big sister's directions, I climbed on the bed, as Diane spread her legs, allowing me to climb between them. I approached my little sister, with my prick bobbing, dribbling a clear liquid all over my little sister's leg. Karen reached down, grabbed my swollen penis, and directed it into my little sister's hole. "Now push!" she commanded, and I did.
There was a slight snapping sensation, and Diane said, "Ow!" as my penis slid into her belly with a rush. After that, neither of us was capable of saying a word, as we were suddenly grunting and groaning from our impeding climaxes. I didn't really fuck my little sister. That is, I didn't slide it in and out, as you might expect. I was too excited for that, and so was Diane. I just kept pushing my cock as hard as I could up inside the little 11 year old girl, while she pushed back at me, just as hard. Diane had unconsciously wrapped her legs around me, and was working as hard as she could to force another inch of my cock up inside her. All of a sudden it was too much. The feeling of my little sister's smooth belly rubbing against mine, her panting in my ear, her legs around my waist, but most of all her tight little snatch squeezing and sucking on my prick like a milking machine gone out of control. It was all too much.

Suddenly, I was squirting thick sticky white stuff out of my penis again. Only this time, I was squirting it where it belonged, right up inside the welcoming belly of my own 11 year old little sister. Spasm after spasm shook me, as I emptied myself inside the little girl. Diane was right with me. As I reached my second climax of my life, my little sister reached what was probably her first. Gasping and grunting, her little cunt spasmed around my squirting cock, milking every last drop up inside her tight little belly, and trying for more. It was only when my penis had shrunk so that it couldn't remain inside her any more, that she finally slowed down.
"Oh boy!" she panted in my ear. "That was good!"
I had to agree. It was only afterwards, that we became aware of the two other interested parties watching us.
"That," said Karen, "is called fucking. Now you two know why everyone wants to do it!"
"Oh," I said numbly. "So that's what it is."
Diane was too exhausted to do more, than just pant happily in my ear, as we lay there, with a bubble of white just starting to ooze up out of her tiny little slit. "I don't care what they call it," she finally panted. "I like it." She gave me a hug.
"I do too," I panted back in her ear, as I returned the hug.
Suzy spoke up, for the first time, since entering the room. "That was awesome," said the 9 year old little girl. "When can I do it?"
"Are you sure you want to?" asked Karen. "You're a little small."
"I don't think I can, anyway," I said. "I'm beat."
"That's not fair!" said Suzy. "I'm telling Mommy, that Diane got to fuck Mike, and I didn't!"
Fear coursed through my veins. Somehow, I knew that our parents wouldn't be too pleased to hear Suzy say that. Karen must have been even more frightened. "You can fuck too," she reassured the little girl. "If you really want to. But you've got to promise you won't tell anybody!"
"Not anybody?" asked the little girl. "Not even Mommy?"
"Especially not Mom, or Dad either," said Karen. "If you tell either of them, they'll probably make us stop. Is that what you want?" Everybody in the room, held their breath, until Suzy made up her mind.
"No," said Suzy. "OK. I won't tell. But Mike's got to fuck me, just like he did Diane. It's only fair."
"If you really want to," I said, secretly thrilled by the idea, but trying to act bored, as if I got to fuck 9 year old girls every day. "But you'll have to wait, until I get hard again." After cumming once on, and another time, in, one little sister, my once erect penis now looked like a wet-noodle.
"That can be fixed," giggled Karen. "Come here, little sister. If you want to fuck, you'll have to learn how to get it up," she continued, as Suzy came over, and looked at my limp member. "Now first, get ahold of it. Easy!" she added, as Suzy grabbed my cock with a grip that threatened to tear it off. "Now lick it, and suck it," she said.

"But it's all gooey, and it's been inside Diane's. . ." Suzy's voice trailed off.
"That just makes it taste good," said Karen, almost blowing my mind again. "Here, let me show you, what I mean." With this, my older sister reached out, took my penis in her hand, leaned over me, so that her hair was brushing my stomach, and. . . and. . . and she swallowed my cock! At first, I was scared that she was going to bite it off, or something, but then the feeling of her warm mouth, and lively little tongue on my little peter hit me like a sledgehammer.
"Oooh!" I moaned. "Gee that feels good." Karen was right alongside me now, and I couldn't resist reaching out, and feeling my big sister's gorgeous ass, that was now only a foot away. Karen didn't pull away, as I started feeling her up, she just kept bobbing her head up and down on my penis, until it started to expand again.
"See. Like that," she told Suzy, as she reluctantly pulled her mouth off my swelling cock. "Now, let's see you do it."
Obediently, Suzy leaned over, and started sucking, as Karen straightened up. My hand slipped down over her ass, and between her thighs, feeling a drool of wetness coming from the hair between my big sister's legs. "Ow!" I said, as Suzy's teeth rubbed against the tip of my cock. "Don't bite it. Just suck it, like Karen did."
"Sorry," mumbled Suzy around my cock. This time, the little girl did better. Soon, my little sister was sucking up and down, as if she'd been doing it for years. The stimulation of Suzy's blow-job, and feeling up my big sister (not to mention smelling her!), soon had me to the point I was about to erupt again.
"Unh," I warned, "Suzy, I'm gonna'. . ." I didn't know how to say it, but I was about to cum in my horny little sister's 9 year old mouth.
Karen did know how to say it. "Suzy! Stop!" she commanded. "If you keep that up, he's going to squirt his cum in your mouth."
Suzy paused, and replied, "I don't mind. You were right, It tastes good. He can squirt in my mouth, if he wants to."
Karen interrupted again, as Suzy's mouth started to descend again to my throbbing prick. "I thought you wanted to fuck," she said. "If you suck him off, You won't get fucked."
"Oh," said Suzy. "What do I do now, then?"
"Well," said Karen, "you can either climb on top of him, and put it in yourself, or you can have him do it, like he did to Diane."
Suzy looked at my erect member, and gulped. "I think I'll do it like Diane did," she squeaked. "I don't think I could do it on top." With this, the little girl lay back on the bed, alongside me, and said, "OK Mike, Do it to me. Fuck me, just like you did Diane."

I looked over at my big sister. Karen was rubbing herself between the legs, obviously just as excited as we were. "Do it Mike," she said. "Fuck your little sister. Let me see you impregnate your own sister. Squirt your cum in her Mike." Karen was obviously in some kind of fantasy of her own. Not really understanding what my big sister was babbling about, except that she wanted to see me fuck our little sister, I approached Suzy, and put the tip of my stiff cock up against the little girl's tiny little hole.
I pushed. Nothing happened, except that my cock bent under the strain. I pushed in harder. Still nothing.
"Dammit!" said Suzy. "Why won't it go in?"
"You're just too small," I said. "It won't fit."
Karen spoke up again. "Get her slippery, with your cum, then push."
Following my big sister's directions, I took a glob of cum that was leaking out of the tip of my penis, and rubbed it around the little girl's hole. Then, placing the tip up against the slit, I started pushing again. Slowly, my cock started to slide into my little sister.
"Ow!" said Suzy, as the head of my cock suddenly slipped inside her.
"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, anxiously. The feeling of the little girl's vagina squeezing on the tip of my cock was exquisite. It was so tight, and so lively. I could feel my sister's involuntary spasms; as her tight little cunt milked the head of my cock.
"No. Just go easy huh?" gasped Suzy.
I couldn't go too easy, or it wouldn't go in; my little sister was so tight. Still, I did my best. Working the tip in and out, each time, until it wouldn't go in any farther. I still had over half of my cock outside the little girl. "That's as far as it'll go," I said, somewhat disappointed.
Suzy was almost crying in disappointment also. "That's it?" she asked. "Diane took a lot more than that!"
Karen said something to the effect: "You've got to bust her cherry."
"Huh?" said Suzy and I together, not understanding.
Karen mumbled something to herself, that sounded like, "Idiot Kids!" Then she reached some kind of decision. The next thing I knew, my big sister had walloped me on the behind with her bare hand. I don't know where she got the strength, but if felt like it was going to raise a blister, she hit me so hard.
My yowl of pain, was echoed by a screech from my little sister. In pulling away from the swat Karen had delivered; I had forced my cock all the way up inside Suzy, tearing something inside her.
"What'dya' do that for?" I asked. "I think I tore Suzy inside. Are you OK Suzy?" I asked my little sister.
"It hurts!" said Suzy, sending a black look at our older sister.
"O God!" I said. "She's bleeding! We'd better get her to the hospital! What are you waiting for Karen? Suzy's hurt!"

My big sister seemed to be in some kind of fit. Then I realized! Karen was laughing! "I can see it now," she chortled. "Nurses running all over the place, and when they ask what happened, we tell them, 'Oh nothing, Suzy just got her cherry popped by her big brother!'" Karen started laughing harder than ever.
By this time, I had figured that it couldn't be too serious, if Karen was taking it so lightly. "What do you mean, cherry popped?" I asked. "It felt like I tore something inside Suzy."
"It hurts," repeated Suzy.
Karen finally composed herself enough to answer, "It's supposed to hurt." She continued to me, "And you did tear something inside her. Her 'cherry,' or maidenhead, you dummy. You just took your little sister's virginity."
All of a sudden a light began to dawn. I vaguely remembered something about a piece of tissue that women had inside their vagina's from our parent's lessons.
"You mean I'm not a virgin any more?" sniffled Suzy.
"Technically no," giggled Karen, then continued, "Some people don't think it counts, until a guy cums inside you though. You are going to cum inside her, aren't you?" she asked me.
I looked at my little sister questioningly. If she said no, I'd make do somehow.
Suzy gulped, then asked, "Will it hurt?"
Karen nodded. "Just a little, this time. Next time, not so much. Probably not at all, after that. When I first got fucked, it felt so good when the guy squirted his cum inside me, I forgot all about the pain."
Suzy gulped again, but said bravely, "Do it big brother. Fuck me, and cum in me, like Karen says."
My prick had gone soft, when I thought Suzy was hurt, but had risen again when the two girls started talking about squirting cum inside them. Once more, I approached my little sister, and pushed the head of my cock up against her tight little hole. This time, my penis slid all the way up inside the little girl when I pushed.
"Ooof!" said Suzy. Then, "It's OK Mike. It doesn't hurt too much."
I looked down at where my cock was buried in my little sister's belly. Suzy's legs were spread, and her little slit was obscenely stretched around the base of my swollen penis. I could feel the involuntary flutters of the child's vagina squeezing on my cock with a tightness that was almost unbelievable. The little girl was almost milking me off, and I wasn't even moving. I flexed my prick, and saw Suzy's belly bulge. I felt like I could reach down and grab my prick through the skin of my little sister's belly, and jack myself off inside her.
"Ooh! That feels good Mike. Do that again!" said Suzy.
Once again, I flexed my prick inside my little sister, drawing a groan from her. "More!" she gasped.

I pulled about an inch of my cock out of my sister, then pushed it back in again. "Unnggh!" said Suzy. I did it again; only this time, Suzy pushed back. The last half-inch of my cock slid inside the little girl. The tightness was unbelievable. I pulled out, then slid it home again, and watched in amazement, as ripples ran down my little sister's belly, while her vagina went into spasms around my cock. Squeeze, squeeeeze, SQUEEZE. The little girl was gasping incoherently now. "Ungh Ungh Uuuunnngghh!"
It was too much for me. Once again my cock squirted the thick milky stuff that Karen called cum inside my sister. Only this was my little 9 year old sister, Suzy.
"That's it," groaned Karen in my ear, as she watched me mating with our little sister. "Cum in her Mike. Let me see you knock the kid up." Karen was back in her fantasy again.
"Huh?" I gasped, not understanding. Besides, the feeling of my little sister's vagina milking the sperm out of my cock was too intense for me to hold a very intelligible conversation.
"Squirt your sperm inside your little sister," amplified Karen. "I wantta' watch you make a baby in Suzy."
All of a sudden, my big sister's words made sense. A man squirted something inside a girl to make a baby. I was squirting something inside Suzy. I was making a baby inside my own little sister! It was way too late to pull out, and besides my big sister's fantasy was catching. "Ooooh. OooooH!" I groaned. "Take it Suzy. Take my cum. Let me make a baby inside you." All this, while sending squirt after big thick sticky squirt of incestuous sperm right up inside my little 9 year old sister's unprotected young womb.
By now, Suzy had caught Karen's meaning, and was just as excited by the idea as I was. "Do it," she gasped, working even harder, if possible. "Make a baby in me Mike. Let me feel you squirt the stuff that makes babies inside me."
I pushed up one last time, and let the last of my sperm trickle into the little girl's vagina, then collapsed on top of my little sister. "Ooooh!" I gasped. "Thanks Little Sister."
"Thank You!" gasped Suzy in return. The little girl's breathing in my ear slowly subsided.
"Wow!" said Diane, as she watched us slowly recovering. "So that's how people make babies." Suddenly, she turned to our big sister. "Does that mean I'm pregnant?" she asked. "I'm not sure I'm ready to have a baby yet."
Karen reassured her, telling us that both she and Suzy were too young yet to have babies, but would know they were old enough, when they started bleeding each month from their vagina. "In the meantime," she said, "you can fuck all you want, without having to worry, like I do. It was just kind of fun to pretend that Mike was actually making a baby in you."
I was just starting to breathe easier, when Diane said, "Bleeding from your vagina? I did that last week. Mommy showed me how to wear pads, to keep it from making a mess."

"O Shit!" said Karen, turning white. Then, "Well, we'll just have to see. You probably won't get pregnant. It's your first time, and you just started having periods. Hopefully you won't catch. In the meantime, I'd better get some rubbers, if you're going to be fucking Mike. I know that once I started, I couldn't stop, so I imagine it'll be the same with you two."
Diane then turned to me, and said something that I still treasure to this day. "I don't mind, if you get me pregnant, Mike. You can make a baby in me, if you want to."
At this, Karen started shuddering. At first, I thought she was scared. Then I realized what was happening. My big sister was cumming. The thought of me getting Diane pregnant, along with me feeling her up (by this time, my fingers had made their way up to Karen's damp pussy, and I had unconsciously been sliding my finger in and out between the lips of her slippery vagina), had caused Karen to climax also. Shortly, Karen collapsed on the bed alongside me, pulling my finger out of her as she fell. It almost felt as though she was breaking my arm, as she crumpled on the bed, on top of my arm. "Oh Fuck, fuck, FUCK" My big sister's words got louder, as she desperately grabbed her crotch. "I need a FUCK" she exclaimed.
"Fuck her," said Diane.
"But," I started.
"Yeah. Fuck her," breathed Suzy in my ear. "She looks like she needs it bad."
I looked at my big sister again. She did look in need of something. She was rubbing herself between the legs, straining for something that didn't seem to come, and getting more and more desperate about it. I could see tears running out of the corners of her eyes, as she strained.
"But what if?" I started again.
"You heard her, she's already been fucking. Go ahead, before she loses it," reassured Diane.
I looked again at Karen. She kept straining so hard, and didn't seem to be making it. "OK," I said, "here goes."
With this, I climbed over my sister's leg, and started forcing her legs apart, as I got ready to push my newly erect penis up in my big sister's vagina. A dribble of sperm still leaked from the head, so I knew there would be enough lubrication.
Karen suddenly realized what I was doing. "Oh Mike. What are you? . . . Oh. You mustn't. . . Oh that feels good." Her words were disorganized, and her body obviously wasn't listening, because she was pushing her hips up to meet mine, all the while trying to say something about how we shouldn't be doing this. "Oh Mike. You shouldn't be doing this to your sister," she said, ignoring the fact that I had already been doing this to both of my other two sisters, with her encouragement. While she said this, her squirming had taken half my cock up inside her vagina.

"Oh God Mike, that feels good!" she said, hunching back at me. "But I could get pregnant. You've got to pull out!" All the while squirming her belly against mine, and forcing more and more of my swollen penis up inside herself. "Oh god Mike," she repeated. "I could have a baby. Just the sperm on your cock right now, could get me pregnant," she said, looking down between our bodies where the light fuzz around the base of my cock had met her pubic hair. "You don't want to make a baby in me do you Mike?"
I couldn't say a word. The inside of my big sister's vagina was unbelievably hot. My other two sisters had been tighter, but Karen's vagina was pulling and squeezing on my swollen cock in a manner that showed me that my other two sisters had a long way to go.
"Do you Mike?" repeated Karen, wrapping her legs around me, so I couldn't have gotten away, if I wanted to. "Do you want to make a baby in me? . . . Make a baby in me? . . . Make a baby in me. . . Oh Mike!" she breathed, panting heavily in my ear. "Do it! Make a baby in me. Knock me up, Mike. Get me pregnant with your cum. Squirt the stuff that makes babies in your big sister's womb, and make a baby in her."
My sister's actions were finally too much for me. Her vagina was squeezing on my cock, like a milking machine. Her words were almost as stimulating. I couldn't help myself. I knew I was going to ejaculate my sperm one more time that afternoon, and I didn't have any choice, of where it would go. Even if I had wanted to withdraw from inside my big sister, I couldn't have. Her legs were wrapped around me, as the urge to reproduce had overtaken her, and she strove mightily to mate with her own brother. I felt the first trickle of cum spurt up inside my big sister.
Karen must have felt it or something, because her actions grew wilder, if possible. "Oh God!" she exclaimed, as her vagina suddenly went into spasms around my cock. "You're doing it. You're cumming in me! . . . My handsome little brother is cumming in me. . . . Do it little brother. Cum in your big sister, and get her pregnant. I want to feel my little brother making a baby in my belly."
That was the last straw. This time, the feeling of my sister's vagina squeezing my prick sent me over the edge, and I began squirting my cum inside her. Spasm after spasm shook me, as I tried to empty myself in my big sister's womb. I didn't know if I was really going to impregnate my big sister, but I sure tried! At first I had been scared at the thought of accidentally getting Karen pregnant, but her fantasy had been too exciting, and now the thought that I might be planting a baby inside my big sister's womb was so thrilling it was unbelievable. Hearing Karen beg me to impregnate her, was doubly thrilling.
After all that I had been through, I didn't have as much cum left as I would have liked, but still, I must have left at least three good squirts of sperm inside my sister. Karen's vagina clamped down like a vise on my cock, stripping the last of my cum up inside her belly, as she finished her climax at the same time.
"Oh God," she breathed in my ear. "That was good."

I had to agree. I would have been happy to spend the rest of my life, laying on top of my big sister, with her warm vagina holding my relaxing penis, giving it an occasional friendly squeeze, as she milked the last of my sperm up into her womb, but all of a sudden, Karen suddenly seemed to realize what she had just done. I felt my big sister suddenly stiffen beneath me, as her vagina tightened around my cock, stripping the last of my sperm into her vagina, as she pulled away.
"Oh God!" she repeated, only this time it was almost frightened. "You came in me!" She looked at me accusingly, as she pushed me off her body.
I was too confused, and tired to disagree, or argue. I nodded. Wasn't that what she had been asking me to do?
Karen didn't even seem to notice. "Oh God," she said again. "My own brother came in me! My own brother! Oh God! I'm pregnant by my own brother. What'll Mom say. Oh God! What'll DADDY say? What'll I do?" Suddenly Karen jerked upright on the bed. "Maybe it's not too late. Most people don't get pregnant the first time. Oh God. I hope I'm not pregnant!" With this, Karen jumped off the bed, and dashed out of the room.
Worriedly, the rest of us followed her. We found our big sister sitting on the toilet, where little dribbles of white were slowly dripping out of her swollen vagina.
"Why don't you douche, if you don't want to get pregnant?" asked Diane.
Karen looked over at our worried faces. I felt like I was going to cry. I loved my big sister too much to want her to get into trouble. Karen must have known what I was feeling because her first words were to reassure me. "It's OK Mike," she said. "It's my fault. I should have stopped you. You didn't know. Even now, it's kind of thrilling to think of carrying your baby, but Mom and Dad would have fits, if I got pregnant. Especially by my own brother." Karen then turned to Diane, and answered her. "If you douche. you just wash it up inside you. I'm just going to sit here for about 20 minutes, and let it drain out. Then I'll wipe it with tissue, and try to soak up what's left. After that, I just guess I'll have to hope." She turned a smile on me to show that she wasn't mad. "Mike, could you get me that book from my dresser, so I don't get bored while I sit here?"
Reassured, Diane and Suzy went back to my room to dress, while I fetched the book for my big sister. On my return, Karen smiled at me, and whispered confidentially, "It's OK Mike. I did like it. I almost wish I did have the nerve to let you do it to me. Fuck me, and knock me up, and make a baby in me, and everything. It's just that I'm scared. Of what Mom would say, and Daddy, and the kids at school too. Maybe them, most of all."
"I'd never tell," I said. "Neither would Diane or Suzy."
"I know," she said. "Now you'd better go get dressed also, before someone comes over, like Danny, or Marilyn." This last, was in reference to Suzy's friend, who almost spent as much time with Suzy, as Danny did with me.
Happily now, I hurried to my room to comply. This morning, I hadn't known what girls even looked like naked. Now. . . All I could think of was: "WOW!"

That night, as I was getting ready for bed, Diane quietly slipped into my room. I started to ask her what she wanted, when she made it obvious by holding her finger to her lips, while she slipped out of the soft cotton panties that was all that she was wearing.
"Mike," she whispered, "can we do it again?"
"Huh?" I replied, not very intelligently.
"Can we fuck?" she begged. "I really liked it this afternoon, and I couldn't stop thinking about it all day. Just thinking about when you put your penis up inside my vagina, and squirted your. . . your cum inside me has me so excited, I don't think I can sleep. If we could do it again, maybe I'd be able to get it off my mind enough to relax a little. Please?"
"We'd have to be careful," I said, thinking it over. "If Mom or Daddy heard us. . ." Our parents had returned that evening, otherwise I might have been more eager.
"They're watching TV, and think me and Suzy are asleep," reassured Diane. "Suzy said she'd keep an eye out for me. Now can we? Please?"
"Gee Sis, I dunno," I waffled. It wasn't that I didn't want to fuck my little sister. Far from it. I was so excited by the idea; I could hardly talk. Still, after Karen had said that afternoon. . . "Karen hasn't gotten us any rubbers yet, and I might accidentally get you pregnant."
Diane suddenly grinned, brightening up the whole room. "Thanks, big brother, for caring. But if I get pregnant tonight, it won't be an 'accident'."
"Mike," said my little sister. "Remember this afternoon, when Karen told us that I might get pregnant, since I had already started having periods?"
I nodded cautiously.
"Remember that Karen went to the bathroom to drain your. . . your sperm out of her vagina, so she wouldn't get pregnant?"
Again I nodded.
"Well I didn't," said Diane.
I gaped at my little sister.
Diane nodded. "That's right," she said. "Karen drained your sperm out of her vagina, so she wouldn't get pregnant. After we finished, I went into my bedroom, and lay down on the bed, and let your sperm soak in, hoping that I might get pregnant. All afternoon, I've been lying on my bed, thinking about carrying your baby inside my womb, and getting more and more excited at the idea. Finally, I couldn't stand it any more, and that's why I came in here. This time, I want you to fuck me, and squirt your sperm inside me, and try to make a baby in me. Karen told me that most girls my age don't get pregnant, even if they do fuck, so it's pretty safe. I just want to feel you 'doing it for real,' at least once. Tomorrow Karen's going to get those rubbers, so we'll be safe. Besides," she finished, "I've still got your cum inside me from this afternoon. If I could get pregnant today, I probably already am. There'll probably be no safer time, than right now. Well Mike?"

I couldn't argue with my little sister's logic. Besides, I didn't want to. "OK Little Sister," I replied, with a grin that felt like it was going to crack my face in two. "You want it, You've got it. But we'll have to be quiet. If Mom or Dad heard us. . ."
Diane nodded, suddenly serious. "I'll be quiet," she said.
Suddenly, it seemed as though I was all thumbs, as I hurried to remove the last vestiges of my clothes, and get as naked as my little sister. Diane hurriedly stifled a giggle, as she watched me struggle to get my pants and socks off at the same time. "How do you want to do it?" I asked.
"Just like this afternoon," said Diane. "Only. . . We'd better do it on the floor. If Mom or Dad heard the bed squeak ing. . . "
I shivered at the thought. Hurriedly, I grabbed the bedspread, and made a soft-spot on the floor. Diane lay down on her back, with her legs spread, and waited.
"Are you sure you want this?" I asked, as I approached my little sister with my swollen prick leaking a clear fluid, while threatening to explode sticky stuff all over my sister's belly, instead of inside it, where it belonged.
Diane nodded.
That was enough for me. This time, I when I pushed my cock up against my little sister's hole, we both knew what to expect. There was a moment's straining sensation, then I felt a tight ring slide down my prick, as I watched it vanish inside my little sister's slit.
"Aaaghh. That's good!" groaned Diane, as she pushed back at me, until we both felt the light fuzz around the base of my cock come to rest against her bare pussy lips. "Now fuck me, Big Brother, and cum in me. Your little sister wants to feel her big brother squirting the thick sticky white stuff that makes babies up inside her womb. Do it Mike. Get me pregnant with your cum. Make a baby in my belly. Please? I've wanted to have a baby, ever since I saw Marcia's belly so big last year, when she got pregnant." (Marcia was our 16-year-old cousin who had gotten pregnant for the second time at the ripe old age of 15. She had her first baby when she was only 13, but we didn't know that then.) "Come on big brother," repeated Diane, "make my belly get big, with your baby inside me."
My little sister's words were too exciting. Hearing the little girl begging me to get her pregnant, was too much. I had barely gotten my prick completely up inside Suzy's vagina, and started to stroke in and out, when her words penetrated, throwing me over the edge. I had wanted to enjoy the feeling of the little girl's tight little vagina squeezing on my cock, but I couldn't help myself. Hearing my own little 11 year old sister begging me to get her pregnant was too much. I gave my sister what she wanted. I began squirting thick sticky gobs of incestuous sperm inside my little sister's tight little hole. Spasm after spasm shook me, as squirt after thick sticky squirt of baby-juice forced its way our of the head of my penis, and into the welcoming belly of my horny little sister.

Feeling me ejaculating my potent sperm into her fertile young womb, was enough to make Diane reach her climax also. The little girl began flopping uncontrollably on the bedspread, as her climax overtook her.
"Auugh!" she said, starting to scream, as her orgasm ripped through her little body.
I had to put my hand over my little sister's mouth, before our parents were attracted by the sound.
Diane's eyes went wide, as she realized how close she had come to screaming. She grabbed a corner of the bedspread, and forced it into her mouth, to keep from yelling, as she continued to jerk underneath me. Several times, my cock almost came out of her, but Diane somehow managed to keep my cock inside her vagina as she flopped and jerked throughout her orgasm. All the while, the little girl's vagina was squeezing and milking on my cock, extracting every last drop of my sperm up inside her belly, until I could go no further. Thankfully, Diane was coming down from her orgasm, as my cock would no longer stay hard, having left every drop of cum I possessed up inside my little sisters 11 year old womb.
Afterwards, we cuddled together on the bedspread, as my limp cock slipped out of my little sister's cum filled vagina.
"Thanks Big Brother," said Diane. "I needed that."
"So did I, Little Sister," I replied. "I hope you don't get pregnant."
"I do," replied Diane, nearly blowing my mind. "Or at least, I don't mind if I do. Like I said earlier, you can get me pregnant, if you want to. I wouldn't mind."
The thought was thrilling, but scary too. "Dad'd kill me, if he found out that I got you pregnant," I said.
"I'll never tell on you. If Daddy, or anyone else asks, I'll just say that some older man got me pregnant, and I don't want them to get in trouble. If I don't tell on you, they'll never even think it was you. The only ones who would know, are Suzy and Karen, and they'd never tell. They don't dare, because they've been doing the same thing themselves. Do you want to make a baby in me?"
I didn't know, and I told Diane so, that I wasn't sure.
Pulling on her panties, Diane told me that she was going to sleep that night, with her big brother's sperm soaking in her belly. "Tomorrow," she said, as she prepared to leave, "we'll use those rubbers of Karen's. At least, until you decide you want to make a baby with me. I can wait."
My head was spinning. I knew I was a little young, to think of the responsibilities of having a baby. And Diane was younger than I was! Though at the moment, it had seemed as though she was 10 years older than me. I decided that we'd better wait to have a baby, at least for a couple of years. That is, unless she was already pregnant. I shivered at the thought, of my little sister's belly swelling with my baby growing inside. It was scary, but thrilling also. I turned out the light and climbed into bed.

About an hour later, I was awakened by the feeling of someone climbing into bed with me. I turned over, and felt the naked skin of a little girl next to me. "Oh God Diane, didn't you get enough earlier?" I asked. My suddenly erect cock put the lie to my protestations though.
"It's me, Suzy," giggled my little sister. "Diane's asleep. That 'injection' you gave her, put her right to sleep. I couldn't sleep, thinking of what you two did, and what we did earlier, so I thought you might help me out too."
"But what if," I began to object.
"Oh don't be silly. Diane told me about your fears, and what she said. Mom and Daddy are asleep now, and I'm the one woman (well girl) in the house that doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant. We can fuck as much as we want, and not have to worry about me having a baby. At least, not yet. Maybe when I get older, we can do it for real. Right now, we can practice making a baby, as much as we want to, without having to worry. Now come here big brother, and fuck me."
With this, the little 9 year old girl backed up to me, and placed the head of my cock against the entrance to her slippery little hole. "Now push it up inside me," she said.
I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep that night, if I kept on arguing, (and maybe even if I didn't) so I pushed the head of my cock into my little sister's slippery little slit.
"Unh!" said Suzy, as the head of my cock slipped into her tight little hole. Then, "Ow!" as it slipped past the remnants of her virginity. "Go easy for a bit," she squeaked. "Let me get used to it first."
Having cum in Diane, not too long ago, I wasn't so horny this time, so I was able to do as my little sister asked, and just rest with my penis tucked up inside the little girl's body, enjoying the feeling of her vagina squeezing on my prick, while it leaked pre-cum inside her. The next thing I knew, I was asleep.
It must have been about two hours later, when I started to turn over in my sleep, and the pulling on my penis woke me up. As I started to turn over, the little girl's vagina clamped down on my cock, as the lubrication that had been there earlier had dried up, and my penis was now stuck inside her. I knew I could pull out, but I didn't really want to. Besides, it would wake Suzy up, and she seemed to be sleeping so peacefully, with my cock stuck up inside her vagina.
I wrapped my arm around my little sister, cupping her budding breast in my hand. Suzy snuggled back to me, in her sleep, obviously enjoying my hand on her breast, and my penis in her vagina. As she snuggled back to me, my cock slid all the way home in the little girl's vagina. Wow, did that feel good. I stopped thinking about pulling out, and concentrated on enjoying the feeling of my little sister's body against mine, and her tight little hole massaging my prick.

I pulled out a little. Boy that felt good.
Next I pushed in, until the little girl's bare pussy was rubbing against the base of my cock. That felt good also.
Back out again. This time a little easier, as pre-cum leaked from the head of my cock, making it slipperier inside the little girl.
Back in again. I was actually fucking my 9 year old little sister in her sleep.
Out again, then in again. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. After about three more strokes, I felt a pulsing start in the head of my penis, and I knew I was ejaculating my seed right up inside my own little sister's 9 year old womb. It felt so good to feel my sperm flow into the belly of the sleeping little girl while she snuggled back against me, and my arm stroked the child's belly and developing little titties. After a bit, I fell asleep again, with my cock still dripping cum in the little girl's womb.
Later on that night, it happened again. I started to turn over, only my little sister's arms were wrapped around the one I had been feeling her titties with, and she wouldn't let me go. She obviously was enjoying having my arm around her, and didn't want me to move away. My cock had shrunk inside the little girl, but feeling her bare skin against mine, and her (now slippery) vagina massaging my cock, soon had me fully erect, and sliding my cock in and out of my little sister again. This time, I enjoyed a nice long screw. It must have been at least a half an hour, that I lay there sliding my engorged penis in and out of the child's vagina before I lost control and sent another helping of potent sperm squirting high up inside the sleeping little girl's developing young womb. This time, I did pull away from my sister's clasping arms, and squeezing little vagina, as my cock was no longer stiff enough to remain inside the little girl.
The next thing I knew, it was almost morning, and I was awakened by someone thumping on my back. Suzy was beating on me with her little fists; not really hard, but hard enough to wake me up, and to want her to stop. "What's the matter?" I managed to groan.
"You bastard," said Suzy.
"Huh?" I replied.
"You dirty bastard," repeated Suzy. "You fucked me last night, didn't you."
"I thought you wanted it." I was confused.
"That's right. I wanted it. And you, you bastard, you fucked me, and didn't even wake me up, so that I could enjoy it. Damn you!"
"Oh!" It seemed to be the most intelligent thing I could say. "Well, If that's all, we could do it now, if you want to."
Suddenly Suzy smiled. "You mean it?" she asked. "I thought you wouldn't be able to do it again, that's why I got so mad. Can we do it now?" The little girl's enthusiasm was catching.
I looked over at the clock. Two hours before time to get up. We still had time. I nodded my head, as I turned over, and lay on my back. I was too sleepy to get on top, so I motioned to Suzy to do so.

The little girl's eyes brightened. "You mean I get on top this time?" she asked. At my nod, the little girl spread her legs, and climbed over my body, pushing the sheets out of the way. I watched as my little sister reached down and placed the tip of my cock against her tight little slit, and then started working my engorged member up into her body. The little girl's body looked unbelievably small, but my sister kept working herself downward, until her bare little pussy was splayed out around the base of my cock, and the head was once again leaking pre-cum in the little girl's womb. Now I have mentioned that my older sister Karen, is the sort of woman I dream about. While little girls are fun, women like my big sister, are what I really dream about. Well, that morning, my little sister Suzy almost had me switching to little girls for my wet-dreams. Right then, it was like a wet-dream, as the child worked herself off on my cock. Suzy started rising and falling on my cock, getting slipperier and slipperier, as she approached her orgasm. Having cum three times that night, I was in no hurry myself to cum. Still, watching my little sister working for her orgasm, and hearing her encouraging me to squirt my sperm inside her, all the while watching the perfect little-girl body sliding up and down on my cock while the tight ring of the little girl's cunt repeatedly squeezed my penis, as she tried to milk the cum out of my cock, and into her vagina would have been enough to get a statue to cum, let alone a boy as horny as I was. After about 10 minutes, I let my little 9 year old sister have it. I poured what seemed like gallons of incestuous sperm into the little girl's belly. Over and over again, my cock squirted, until finally I knew my sister had all I was going to be able to give.
Suzy seemed to be content. Together we snuggled up and went back to sleep, still facing each other, and my cock still snuggled up in the child's tight little slit.
I woke up about an hour later feeling cold. Suzy was no longer there. She had returned to her room with her sister, and had left the covers half off the bed.
Groggily, I hurried down the hallway to the bathroom, where it seemed like I pissed 5 gallons of pee, that I must have been holding in all night. I staggered back to my room, hoping to get in another hour's sleep, before I had to get up. It was not to be. I had barely gotten in my bed, when the door opened, and my big sister, Karen sneaked into the room, wearing a lacy thing that barely covered her bosom (I learned later, that it was called a negligee), and a lacy pair of panties, that I could see right through. A slight stain darkened the front of the panties.
"Oh Mike!" breathed Karen. "I'm so glad you're awake. You've got to help me!"
"What's the matter?" I yawned.
"I haven't been able to sleep all night," said Karen. "'You remember yesterday, when you came in me, and I said that you might have gotten me pregnant?"
I was suddenly wide awake as chills ran down my back. Ignoring my suddenly erect prick; I gasped worriedly, "You mean, you're? . . ." I couldn't bring myself to say the word, "pregnant."

Karen must have been following my line of thought, because she suddenly giggled. "No, Silly! I'm not pregnant, or at least I don't think so. I won't know, until my next period, or about two weeks. It's just that I keep thinking about how I might be pregnant, and I might be carrying your baby, and how good it felt, when you fucked me, and how I felt, when you came in me, and I thought you might have made a baby inside me, and even before that, when you came in Diane, and Suzy, and I pretended that you were getting them pregnant. It's been running around and around in my head, the feeling of your sperm trickling out of my vagina, as I sat there on the toilet, wishing I didn't have to. I keep thinking about this, and thinking about this, and how I wished I hadn't drained it out, and that I had taken a chance instead, until I finally couldn't stand it. I had to come down here, and talk to you."
"So, you're talking," I said, trying to hide my growing erection. "So what's the point?"
"The point is," said Karen, "I'm horny as hell, and I want you to fuck me."
"You mean?" I asked.
"Yes. I want you to fuck me. And cum in me, and not pull out. I want to carry your sperm inside me, and take my chance with getting pregnant, like I didn't do earlier. I want to lie down, and feel my handsome little brother's sperm wriggling its way up inside my womb, in search of my egg, trying to fertilize it, and make his baby grow inside me. Dammit! I want you to try and knock me up. Just this once. Please Mike?"
Well, what's a brother to do? Especially after already fucking my two other sisters, and giving into Diane's request, how could I refuse my big sister, whom I loved so much? Besides, I think I would have died of frustration, as my cock was as hard as a steel bar, if I had refused. I decided then, to hell with it. If my big sister Karen, or Diane, or even my little sister Suzy, wanted me to get her pregnant, I would do it.
"C'mere Big Sister," I growled. "Baby Brother's going to give his big sister just what horny girls like her need: A little baby in her belly. I'm going to knock you up higher than a kite! Old Mikey's going to squirt his thick sticky baby-juice right up inside his big sister's belly, and get her pregnant."
Karen Shuddered. "Oh God Mike. Will you?"
I nodded. "Uhuh! Now take those panties off, and let me see you naked, if you want me."
Karen shivered again, but hurried to comply. "Do it Mike. Now, Please?" she said, as she lay back on the bed, and spread her legs. "Fuck me. Please?"
I slowly approached my big sister. Karen had been sitting on the edge of my bed. Now she was lying back on the bed, with her legs spread, hanging over the bed, and her feet just barely touching the floor. Holding my swollen penis in my hand, I walked up to my big sister, and rubbed the head against her slippery slit. With only a little pressure, the head slipped inside my sister's hole.

"Ooh!" said Karen, then: "Oh that feels good." As more of my engorged cock slid up inside her. "Do it Mike," she encouraged. "Fuck me, and cum in me. Let me feel you cumming in me."
I was enjoying the fantasy too. "Look," I said. "Look down. You've got your own brother's cock sliding up inside you, and your little brother's going to squirt the stuff that makes babies right up inside his own big sister's womb, and get her pregnant. C'mon Karen, tell me what you want. Tell your little brother to make a baby in that sexy little belly of yours."
Karen's vagina suddenly began clamping and squeezing on my cock in a rhythmic manner that threatened to have me squirting baby-juice up inside my big sister's womb, before I had even gotten my cock fully inside her. "Do it," she repeated, scarcely breathing. "Make a baby in me. Squirt your baby-juice in your big sister's belly, and knock her up."
Gritting my teeth, I was able to hold out for all of about 10 seconds, while I managed to get in at least two full strokes before I lost it. My big sister was just too sexy. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed a rounded breast in each hand, as I suddenly began spouting great gobs of thick sticky sperm into my own beautiful sister's fertile young womb. "Oh God Karen," I said, "I'm doing it. I'm cumming inside you. I can't help it. Take it Karen. Let me make a baby in you. Ooooohhh!"
In spite of the shortness of the sex, my sister was right with me. Thinking all night, about fucking me, and getting pregnant, must have put her on a hair-trigger also. "Oh God," she gasped. "Do it Mike. Cum in me. Knock me up. Make a baby in me." Suddenly, Karen wrapped her arms and legs around me in a clasp that threatened to squeeze the life out of me. "Unngh, Uunnnhhh! UUUUUUUUNNNNHHHH!" she grunted, while her vagina squeezed and milked each last little sticky drop of incestuous sperm up inside her unprotected womb.
"Oooh!" I groaned. My big sister had drained me. I felt as though I'd never be able to fuck again, my sexy big sister had pulled so much cum out of my penis, I thought my insides had been pulled out as well. My tiredness, lack of sleep, and the relaxation from my orgasm hit me like a sledgehammer. The next thing I knew, my mother was trying to wake me up. Except for her, my bedroom was empty, and I was tucked underneath my covers. Karen must have tucked me in on her way out.
My mother took one look at me, when I staggered out of bed, and promptly sent me back to bed. I must have looked terrible, because she called the school, and told them that I wasn't coming in that day. The last time that had happened, was when I had the measles, and had been sick for a week. I was too tired to argue. Besides, what kid of 12, really wants to go to school, when he has an excuse not to. (Of course, I couldn't tell my mother the real reason I was so haggard. That I'd spent the whole night fucking each of my sisters, one after the other. Somehow, I didn't think she would have approved.)

After I had slept for several hours, Mom came in and brought me breakfast in bed, while she looked me over. I was feeling slightly better by then, so I looked my mother over as well, with my new-found insight into the female figure. I suddenly realized, that my mother was beautiful. I thought to myself, "So that's where Karen gets her looks from!" The thin housecoat did little to hide her shape from my newly female-aware eyes. All of a sudden, to my horror, I was getting a hard-on for my own mother. And worse-yet, she was noticing it!
"Well," said my mother, "I can see you're getting better." "What's the matter Mike? Don't you have any girlfriends to use that thing on?" she asked teasingly. "You're not supposed to get an erection for your own mother!"
I blushed. How could I tell my mother that I did have 3 girlfriends that I was "using" my cock on, but that those "girlfriends" were my sisters!
My mother decided that she had teased me enough. "I'll leave you alone, Mike," she said. "Now you go back to sleep, and get better," she added with a twinkle, as she pointedly shut the door. "Or jack off, if that's what you need instead."
I was almost tempted, but the last thing I really needed was more sex, at the moment. What I really needed, was more sleep, and that's what I did. I slept, until 3:00 in the afternoon, when I finally woke up feeling refreshed, and wonderful. After the wonderful sex of the previous day, and a good night's (day's) sleep, I felt wonderful. I wondered if my big sister had gotten her wish.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

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The Birthday Present
An Erotic Story

I had thought my husband was kidding, that morning, when he said he was going to give our daughter Lynn a "fat belly" for her birthday. I had giggled, and asked, "What are you going to do? Knock her up? The kid's only 12 years old Dan. You aren't suggesting you're going to fuck your own daughter are you?"
I should have known better than to ask. Even when he jokes about sex, Dan is serious. If he said that he was going to impregnate our little girl, then you'd better believe he would try. And there I went, asking him the one question that would almost ensure he'd at least try to do it. My husband nodded, then added to reassure me. "If she'll let me," he said.
I thought about it. At first, the thought of my husband fucking our daughter seemed like a horrible thing to do to a 12 year old little girl. But after thinking about it, the idea began to have appeal. Lynn was developing into quite an attractive young woman, even at only 12 years old, and I'd already been worried about her fucking some young boy, just for the "thrill" of it, and getting knocked up. At least if Dan did it, we'd know who the father was, and Lynn wouldn't have to worry about supporting the child, as we'd raise it as just another one of our own. Dan and I had always wanted to have more children, but after Lynn, the doctor had told us that I wouldn't be able to have any more. At 33, I still felt young enough to raise another whole batch of children, and my empty arms ached, each time I saw another baby, or woman with a bulging belly, at the supermarket. I fantasized about it for a while, then decided that if Lynn was willing, why not? As long as my horny old husband didn't rape the girl, and she didn't object TOO strongly to having her own father's baby, why not let the man try?
"OK," I finally said. "Just don't hurt her, or force her into something you'll both regret."
My husband looked at me disgustedly. "You know me better than that," he said. "Have I EVER forced ANYONE, even you, to do something you didn't really want to do?"
I felt ashamed, for even thinking it. Dan was anything BUT the rapist type. Even with me, the mere THOUGHT, that he might be causing me pain, was enough to cause an otherwise proud erection to wilt like a marshmallow in a hot flame. The man loved our little girl so much; it was almost palpable. Yes, the thought of him hurting our daughter was silly, and I apologized. Still, I wondered just HOW he was going to get the little girl to go along with this, then decided that was HIS problem, not mine. Knowing Lynn, and how much she loved her father, it might not be a problem at all. MY problem, was keeping my nose where it belonged, and not spoiling everything by alerting Lynn to what her father had in mind.

So, for the rest of the day, I carefully minded my own business, and tried to ignore the little comments that Dan kept making to Lynn, about her "special" present, that he was going to give her later that day. It was hard to do though, as Dan's jokes grew closer and closer to telling everyone what he planned. He WAS careful though, to keep the more obvious ones to only Lynn and himself, until the last girl she had invited to her birthday party had left. THEN, he began to lay it on so thick, I thought I'd choke to death, holding back the guffaws, or sometimes even tears. I really couldn't believe he was really going to do this to our child, yet it was becoming more and more obvious, that he was.
"Now what's this present you've been hinting about Daddy?"
"Well, it's something most girls your age just dream about Honey."
"Well, let's just say it's a BIG present, for such a little girl. Maybe I shouldn't give it to you today, but should wait until you're older."
Daddy! I'm not a kid any more. I'm 12 years old, almost grown up!"
"Well, Maybe. You'll have to show me just how grown up you are."
"I can do anything that Momma can do."
I let out a gust of air, not realizing I had been holding my breath. Little did Lynn know, that had been JUST the line he had been waiting for.
"Anything Lynn? That covers a lot," said Dan. "If you can show me that you can REALLY do everything your mother can, then I guess I'll just HAVE to give you this present. In a way, it's kind of a present for all of us, you'll just have to take care of it for the family. In a way, if you do THIS, you'll be giving me and your mother a present as well. It might be a lot of work though. If you can prove to me that you're grown-up enough, I'll give it to you."
"Oh God!" I thought. "Will he EVER. What a line!" Then Lynn compounded it.
"C'mon Daddy. If I show you I'm grown-up enough, will you promise to stop screwing around and give me this 'present' you've been talking about? Please?"
"Well, I don't know about the 'stopping screwing around part,' we haven't gotten to that yet, but OK I promise I'll give you your present, if you promise to take care of it, and show me that you're old enough to take it."
"I promise I'll take care of it, whatever it is."
"OK, let's go down to your room, and check to see if you're old enough."
"Well, I've got to check your body out, to see if you're really old enough."
"Oh Daddy, you're beginning to sound like some of the kids at school, who're trying to get a girl to have sex with them."
"Who knows, maybe I am. . . Trying to have sex with you."

"Daddy! Stop joking." The girl's voice faded, as she entered her bedroom.
"Who says I'm joking? You DID say you'd do everything that Your mother does. Dan's voice faded to a mumble. I didn't need to hear the rest. I could almost finish his dialog for him: "And I have sex with your mother. If you're big enough for THAT, then I guess you're big enough for anything." Of course, I wasn't SURE that was the line he used, but I felt confident that it was fairly close.
I sat down in the big easy-chair, and tried to ignore the faint mumbles from down the hall. It wasn't easy. For 15 minutes, then half an hour, then 45 minutes the mumbling went on. I was jittering, wondering just WHAT my husband was really doing to our little girl in there.
I almost got up to see, when they had been gone about 30 minutes, and a loud "Ow!" came from the bedroom. Still, Lynn didn't start crying or come running out of the bedroom, and the mumbling continued. Besides, the door had remained open the whole time. I wondered if my husband had just taken our little girl's "cherry." I wasn't quite sure if I wanted him to, or not to. I couldn't take the suspense much longer. I was just about ready to go down and peek in on them, when I heard something that decided me.
"Daddy!" said Lynn, definitely loud enough for me to her.
I hurried down the hall, and peeked into the bedroom, to see what was bothering Lynn, to make her raise her voice after all this time. It was quite a sight, that greeted my eyes.
"Daddy!" repeated Lynn.
I looked in, to see what was bothering the child.
My husband was between our daughter's legs, as she lay back on the bed with her dress pulled up, and he was obviously stroking for a climax. At first, I was worried that Dan was raping the little girl, but from the way Lynn was humping back, it was obvious, that this was NO rape.
"Daddy!" repeated Lynn again.
<huh> <huh> "What dear?" puffed her father.
"You've got to stop!"
<huh> <huh> "Huh?" Dan pushed up harder in the little girl, bringing a squeal of delight from Lynn, before she resumed her complaint.
"Daddy! I could get pregnant!"
I had to giggle. For all her complaints, Lynn was working just as hard as her father to force more and more of his thick cock up inside her tight little hole. Not only that, but she had her legs wrapped around her father in a way that wouldn't let him pull out if he wanted to. Lynn's mind may have been warning her to stop before it was too late, but her body obviously wasn't listening. It obviously knew what it wanted, and if that included a big belly by her own father, then so much more the turn-on. Dan couldn't have pulled out if he had wanted to, and it didn't much look like he did.

"Don't you DARE pull out!" I said to myself, careful to not let them hear. "Do it Dan. Knock the kid up. Let our little girl feel what it's like, to have a MAN make a baby inside her."
The thought of getting his own daughter pregnant, seemed to excite him even more. Dan began shoving his cock up inside Lynn even harder, if possible. The hard jolts shook the little girl, as she strained with him. I knew just how she felt, as her father approached his climax. I knew that feeling Dan's big cock sliding in and out, had gotten her past reason, and into a realm of pure pleasure.
"Oh Lynn!" gasped Dan. "I'm. . . I'm. . . O Shit!"
Suddenly, Dan forced his cock all the way up inside our little girl's tight little slit, and held it there. From his frantic jerking on top of our daughter, I knew he was filling the little girl's womb with bolt after thick sticky bolt of his potent sperm. I almost melted with excitement, as I watched my husband spasm our 12-year-old daughter's cute little body full of baby-making cum.
"Daddy!" squealed Lynn. "I could have a baby!" All the time she was objecting, the little girl squirmed back at her father, trying to force even more of her father's squirting cock up inside her where it belonged. Lynn humped back even harder, as the child tried to get her little body to absorb every drop of her father's sperm in her hungry little womb.
"Oh God!" groaned the man. "I'm doing it. I'm getting my little girl pregnant. I'm sorry Lynn. I just can't help it. Fuck me. Take Daddy's sperm up inside you. Daddy's going to give you a nice big belly for your birthday. Oh Lynn, I love you so much."
I watched my husband jerk on top of the 12 year old little girl. It was obvious, that he was squirting his incestuous seed as far up in our daughter's unprotected young womb, as he could.
By now, Lynn had caught the fever also. "Do it, Daddy," she squeaked. "Knock me up. Make my belly get big with your baby. C'mon Daddy, your little girl wants to feel her daddy's baby growing inside her. Aauugghh!" the little girl screamed, as her climax overtook her, and she jerked and spasmed underneath her father, milking every drop of baby-making cum up inside her tiny little vagina, and working for more.
Finally, the two incestuous lovers collapsed on the bed, with my husband's thick cock still dribbling his potent sperm in our little girl's tight little slit. It was then, that my daughter noticed me watching.
"Oh. Hi Mom," she said, blushing a little at being caught in such a compromising position with her own father. "Daddy and I were making a baby."
"So I see," I said, trying to get MY breath back, after watching that incredible turn-on scene. "And did you?" I couldn't help but ask.
"I sure hope so," said Lynn, now seeming to forget her earlier worries. I guess she had decided she wanted it after all.

Seeing that I wasn't mad at him for not only fucking our little girl, but cumming in her when she could get pregnant, Dan decided to press his advantage while he could. "Well, if not," he said, "we can always keep trying, until she is."
This brought an embarrassed giggle from Lynn.
"And I suppose you'll just let her sleep in our bed, while you do this?" I tried, but I couldn't keep the grin off my face, in spite of the angry sounding words.
"If you don't mind," said Dan quietly, looking to see if I really did.
"If you think I'm going to miss seeing my husband knocking our little girl up, then you don't know me!" I said. "You'd BETTER do it there, or I'm liable to get angry!"
The whole family collapsed in a fit of giggling at these outrageous words.
Dan's cock slipped out of out daughter's tiny little slit with a slurp; as they both lay there gasping with laughter. My husband's cock was white and shining with his cum, and Lynn's crack slowly oozed a big gob of her father's fresh seed. Dan had obviously done a good job of trying to get our little girl pregnant. It was so exciting to think that my husband's sperm was wriggling its way up inside our daughter's womb, in search of her waiting egg, even as we spoke. I could hardly wait to see the 12-year-old girl's flat little tummy swollen with her own father's baby kicking inside her. I had been 16, before my father managed to knock me up for the first time. I hoped that our daughter would be luckier, so that Dan could father 4 or 5 kids on the little girl before she went to college, or got married. Dan and I always did want a big family, and with our daughter's help, maybe we could have one yet. Who knows, maybe some of their kids would be girls, and Dan could knock THEM up, when they got old enough. I was getting hot, just thinking of the possibilities.
Well, as much as he tried, Dan DIDN'T get Lynn pregnant that day. So, he didn't REALLY give her a "big belly" for her birthday. All she got, was a broken "cherry," and a belly full of her own father's seed. In fact, it wasn't until a little over three months later that she first missed her period.
Oh, I see that you can count, and are way ahead of me. You're right. The next year, Lynn had a real BIRTHDAY present on her birthday. He weighed 9 pound, 6 ounces. Before she got back from the hospital they were both working on making a little sister for their son to fuck. In fact, (believe this if you will) not two hours after delivering Jason, Lynn had her father jack off in her in the recovery room. (She was too sore to fuck him properly) I kept watch at the door, so that she'd at least have a CHANCE that she'd get pregnant on her "birth"-day.
I don't know if they succeeded or not, but Lynn never did have a period after Jason was born. Nine and a half months later she delivered Karen, and started working on Diane. Lynn hopes to be able to give us at least two more kids to raise, before she goes to college. She still says that having your own father's baby, and getting knocked up by him in the same day, is the best birthday-present a girl could ever get from her parents.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: REPOST: BLAME.TXT 14K "Taking the Blame" (Mf, cons, incest, pedo, preg, sad-story) Followup-To: Date: Thu, 22 Aug 96 23:41:05 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 305 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vir9v$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

Taking the Blame
A Sad Story

I remember the first time I saw Jennie. My first impression, was, "Oh what a shame!" The little 11-year-old seemed so bright and cheerful that day, I almost couldn't believe that she didn't even seem to know what had been done to her. Well, sadly that's my job. I'm a psychiatrist, that works for the city Human Services Department, and they send me the abused little girls that seem to make up an ever-growing number of our city's children.
If you looked, you could almost see the tiny little bulge in the girl's tummy, that advertised the fact that she would probably be a mother, before she was 12 years old. The really sad thing was; Jennie didn't even seem to realize what had been done to her. I mean, she DID know that she was pregnant, it's just that, at that time, the little girl seemed almost proud, that she was carrying her own father's baby inside her, instead of ashamed and frightened, like she should have been. It was my duty to show her, so she could lead a normal life, like I do.
I got into this job, because I know what it's like to be raped by a relative, and it gives me insight that other people don't have; especially men. Some people think that a single woman like me isn't the best person to be handling cases involving families, but I've been able to counter that at least I'm a woman. No man could possibly know what it's like to be raped. Besides, could you imagine putting these little girls in the hands of a MAN, after a thing like this? I try to fix things up, but sometimes even I can't do much to undo the damage.
It took me three days to win Jennie's confidence, enough that she'd even talk to me. At first she was suspicious of me, figuring I was just another or those so-called court-appointed head-shrinks; trying to help the prosecutor make a case against her father. I had to reassure the little girl, that my duty was to her, not to the state, and that anything she told me couldn't be divulged. Not even to convict her father.
As I talked to her, she finally admitted to having sex with her father. Not once, but many times. It had all started, she told me, as she followed her big sister one night; when she saw the older girl sneaking down to their father's bedroom. She told me that once she saw how much fun her older sister had with their father, she insisted on doing the same thing herself. Later, when her big sister got pregnant, she told me how she had bugged her father, until she finally got him to do the same thing to her.
Can you imagine the depravity of the man? Not only does he fuck his own little girl; somehow convincing her that she "enjoys" this atrocity, but he abuses her, until she actually BEGS him to get her pregnant. That's something like whipping a man, until he begs you to shoot him. Something I think should be done to men like the one who raped this cute little girl.

Of course, Jennie kept insisting that it WASN'T rape, that if anything, SHE raped HIM. God, that's even worse. Can you imagine how much he must have abused the child, to get her to think that having sex with him was a pleasure? And worse yet, she didn't seem to think there was anything wrong, with having her own father's baby. In fact, she seemed quite proud of the fact, almost flaunting her slightly bulging tummy, and saying how much she was looking forward to holding the little boy in her arms, and feeding him from her own body. That a man would do this, to his own little girl, then somehow force her into thinking she LIKED it, is beyond me.
For the first few days, hearing the little girl chattering happily away, about how good it felt; how much she liked the idea of being able to give her father another child to love, and even how having sex with her father had made both her and her big sister grow even closer together, almost convinced me. Then reality set in. I mean, a little girl starting to have sex, at 10 years old? There's no WAY a child that young could enjoy sex. I mean, a woman's body isn't ready to have babies, until she's 14 or 15 (Jennie being the rare exception.) If a girl that young is having sex with her father, no matter how much she says she wants it, it must because he's forced her. Probably in some unspeakable manner as well. In a case like Jennie, I figured that her father's abuse must have been so bad, she was even repressing the memory. This made me all the more determined to find out just how bad his abuse had been; to make her think it never happened. I mean ALL men abuse their children to some extent. It's in the nature of being a man. It's just that some men are worse than others; and her father looked to be one of the worst.
It took many sessions, but I finally managed to get Jennie to remember how her father had abused her. At first, the little girl insisted that her father had NEVER abused her, but after many sessions, I was able to help her uncover the memories she had repressed so hard. It makes me so mad; to see a little girl so abused, that she can't even remember BEING abused. It was only when I made her dig into her memories, pointing out each little time her father had punished her, and showing her that the times she thought he was showing his love, were just a chance to feel her body, not genuine hugs of affection. I mean, a man isn't supposed to hug his own son; let alone his daughter. I told Jennie, that she should have known that men don't love the same way women do. Any man who pretends to love you, is just dreaming of a way to get in your pants. It's a shame, but true.
I remember the first time I found out about men. As I mentioned earlier, I was raped by my uncle, when I was 12 years old. Just a little older than Jennie here. No, he didn't hold a knife to my throat. In fact, his approach was similar to Jennie's father. He made me believe I wanted it. I was just a little girl playing at being sexy, and he encouraged me. In fact, the SOB actually made me feel I wanted it. And you know that's not true. I mean, how can a girl of 12, really want to have sex? Heck, I'm over 35 years old, and barely like it now.

Of course, the worst part, was when he got caught. There I was that time, in his bedroom, sliding up and down on his cock while John was lying on his back with his eyes closed. He didn't even know my parents were there, until Momma's screams about him raping me woke the whole neighborhood. Up until that time, I thought a man had to hold a knife or gun to a woman, to rape her. Thankfully Momma taught me different.
Momma says I must have been in incredible pain, as I was moaning and screaming and even begging my uncle to cum in me. Can you imagine how much pain I must have felt, to be begging my own uncle to squirt his sperm inside me, just to get it over with? It must have been unbelievably bad, as my mind has blocked out almost everything. Even now, after years of therapy, I still can't make myself remember the pain. It must have been extremely bad, as all I remember is the horrified look on my mother's face, when she came into the room and found me sliding up and down one last time, before her brother filled my womb with incestuous cum. Years later, my memories still almost trick me into thinking it felt good.
For a while, I thought my mother was mad at ME. In fact, it wasn't until she got me to press charges against my uncle, that she let up on lecturing me about the evils of sex, and especially with your own relatives. After that, Momma would always make sure everyone knew about how abused I was and how you had to be careful around men.
Indirectly, I think that my uncle's raping me, led to my parent's divorce, as my father was trying to make Momma stop protecting me all the time, while Momma knew I had to be sheltered, and taught never to let men touch me in any way. Thankfully, Momma decided that I needed to be protected from men, more than she needed a husband, so they broke up.
Can you imagine? My father actually thought I should go to dances and parties, where men actually held the girls in their arms, before I was eighteen. Momma protected me from this kind of sexual abuse, until I turned 21. Then, she told me that being of age, she couldn't legally protect me any more, so she hoped I had learned to do it myself. I think I have.
If it hadn't been for Momma, who knows what might have happened? Momma taught me all about men, and what they wanted. I it hadn't been for her, who knows how I might have turned out? Thanks to my mother, I'm the woman I am today.
Poor Jennie. It took so much longer than I originally figured it would, to bring up the repressed memories of abuse. At first, she kept insisting, that her father had NEVER hurt her, and that you could hold a gun to his head, and he still wouldn't hurt her. It's a shame to see a little 11-year-old girl brainwashed like that. It was only with the help of hypnosis, that I was finally able to bring the full horror of her abuse to the surface.

For those of you not in the psychiatric field, hypnosis is a very suggestible state, where the person being hypnotized will do almost anything to please the hypnotist. A person can be made to imagine they feel no pain, even through having teeth pulled, or to see things that aren't there, or to even forget things, if the subject thinks that will please the hypnotist. It can also be used as a tool to uncover repressed memories. The subject can be asked to remember something, and he or she will search their memory in a manner not possible to a normal person. It was this method, that finally gave me some success with Jennie.
At first, even under hypnosis, Jennie insisted that her father had always loved her, and had never hurt her. However, when I asked her to remember times when she at least didn't get her way, she gradually remembered times when he had sent her to bed hungry, then times when he had spanked her. When I encouraged her, I was gradually able to get her to remember worse and worse things he had done to her, at my prompting.
After about 5 hypnosis sessions, Jennie finally broke down. Now I finally had her remembering these horrible things that her father had done to her. (Some of which are just too horrible to tell here. It's absolutely amazing, that the little girl wasn't scarred for life, the things she told me her father did to her, with a knife, cigarettes, and heavy leather belt. Surprisingly, she had managed to escape with only one little scar, that at first she had insisted she had gotten while roller-skating. It was only under hypnosis, that I was able to get her to remember how her father had beaten her with the lamp-cord, and then only when I prompted her.) It was quite a relief to me, to see the little girl finally admit to this abuse. After all, they say the first step to recovery, is to admit you have a problem. Now, Jennie finally had.
Once she realized that her father's love was all a sham, Jennie broke down. It was at this point, that she tried to take both her own life and the baby's, by sticking herself in the gut with a sharpened coat-hanger. She only succeeded, with the baby.
When I remember how much Jennie had told me she wanted that baby, I almost cried. I guess the little girl is better off without it though. I mean: can you imagine having to spend your life caring for the baby of the man who raped you?
It still aches me a little bit, when I remember how proud Jennie had been, when she first came to see me, almost showing off the fact that she was big enough to have her Daddy's baby. She had seemed so smug. Now look at her. She'll probably never have normal sex again, and almost certainly never have any children, with the damage she did. And all because of her father.
After several years, I'm just beginning to get Jennie to remember how much she hates her father. It's surprising how much she had suppressed this. Even with hypnosis, she's just beginning to remember. Up to now, she's kept this hate hidden so deep inside her, that you wouldn't even have suspected it, if you weren't a professional like I am. Once I get Jennie to confront the hate for her father, maybe she can finally start to heal.

Jennie is slowly recovering from her trauma, and I still see her every so often. Sadly, I was never able to help her older sister, like I have Jennie. It was with Karen's help, and even some from Jennie, that their father's sentence was reduced from 20 years, to 2, of which he only served 3 months. They both moved out of state, and who knows what depravity the man does to the girl? Karen was old enough at the time, that she refused to let me help her, like I did her little sister.
Right now, I understand that Jennie is doing fairly well, at the nursing home. She'll never be the young, happy child again, that I had such a precious glimpse of when I first saw her. Sadly, I understand that both her father and her older sister blame ME for her condition for some reason, instead of putting the blame where it belongs, on her father. It's amazing how some people will blame everybody but themselves, for the damage they do.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: REPOST: FATHER.TXT 688K"Her Father's Daughter" (Mf-mf-mF, cons, incest, pedo, preg, full-length-novel) Followup-To: Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:10:28 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 15560 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vitcf$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

Her Father's Daughter

An Erotic Story

"Mary was brunette, with a body that stopped traffic." Page 13

CHAPTER 1 The Report Card 1
CHAPTER 2 Suzy win's a bet 11
CHAPTER 3 June takes a chance on love 23
CHAPTER 4 Cindy gets some help from her mother 37
CHAPTER 5 Cindy and the hot-tub 47
CHAPTER 6 Suzy's reward 69
CHAPTER 7 Mary's Story 83
CHAPTER 8 Cindy gets an unexpected proposal 107
CHAPTER 9 Jeremy gets some unwanted help 123
CHAPTER 10 The Show 133
CHAPTER 11 Ginny's Dream 155
CHAPTER 12 Mike returns from camp 183
CHAPTER 13 John's Birthday Surprise 213
CHAPTER 14 Preparing for class, one night 239

"Aunt May" Cover

"Mary was brunette, with a body that stopped traffic." Contents

"He pulled down the little girl's panties" Page 14

"His cock made one last thick white squirt of sperm lick up the girl's belly" Page 29

"her own brother's potent seed squirting into her receptive womb, caused June to climax" Page 32

"the boy slipped the head of his swollen penis up into his little sister" Page 36

"Cindy stopped to lick one last glob of sperm off the tip of his prick." Page 42

"Cindy was starting to enjoy the feelings again." Page 66

"Jim was behind Karen, and was pushing his cock up inside his little sister's belly." Page 89

"Momma showed me the white stuff, that Daddy had squirted inside Diane" Page 91

"Daddy would deposit his sperm in Diane's womb" Page 98

"He would push his penis up against her tiny hole and squirt his seed in the child's belly."Page 100

"Marylin was just giving his cock one last tongue-licking suck." Page 110

"George was finally fucking his own daughter." Page 139

"the little girl had taken her father's cock up inside her tight little belly" Page 149

"she worked to get the two men to cum with her" Page 176

"John was first to pull out, his cock still dripping cum on the little girl's ass." Page 178

"Besides, you look sexy, with Daddy's sperm all over your cute little cunt." Page 184

"she felt suddenly full of her father's prick" Page 220

"the man's cock slid all the way up in the child's belly" Page 230

"she enjoyed fucking even more, when she was pregnant" Page 243


NOTICE: This book contains highly erotic, and explicit sexual material. If you are even slightly offended by such material, I suggest that you stop reading right now! The book contains graphic descriptions of all sorts of sex. It is completely non-violent though.

I wrote this book, because of the implicit and implied censorship, that I feel permeates the literature of today. What's that you say, You've seen books on every subject down at the local bookstore cum porn-shop? Check them out again. Lately, all the books on incest, bondage, bestiality, and children having sex, have vanished. Well, not ALL. In some cities, in some parts of the country, you can still find some books on incest. Not many, and they are getting unrealistic, as the most likely time for incest to occur, is when a person is a child, not when the person is over 18, and in college.

For a period of about 7 years, starting about 1975, there was a sexual revolution, in this country, and almost anything could be printed. At that time, I bought and read almost everything I could get my hands on. 90% of it was junk, but OH!, that 10% remaining! Then, over the years, the censors started cracking down again. The bookstores knuckled under to the pressure, the RICO act was used to threaten those who didn't comply, and even the publishers had to give in. It now seems to be a crime worse than murder to publish a story about little children having sex, people having sex with dogs, brothers having sex with their sisters, (or heaven forbid, their parents) or even light bondage seems to be verboten. (Personally, tying up someone, or being tied up, is a turn-off, not a turn-on. But, to each his own.)

Even before the crackdown, there were, (and still are) areas that seemed to be forbidden, even to suggest. In the loosest years, they were hinted at, in some of the raunchier books, but never actually suggested. (Well, I did read one book, that actually did not only suggest, but made it part of the story. One, out of thousands. (Yes, I do read that many.)) All these books seemed even then, to include some rules that no author dared break, if he was to be published. Some of these rules, as applied to porn, are:

No one gets killed. Personally, I think any one who
equates pain, with sexual arous
al, is sick. (But it's STILL

No children under 14. Now the rules read: No one under
the age of 18, even knows what
sex is. People are virgins,
until magically, at the age of
18, they know all there is to
know about sex.

Forward (continued)

No one gets pregnant. That's DUMB. If you are going to
have sex, some people are going
to get pregnant.

No woman wants to have a baby. If the previous one is dumb,
what can I say about this?

No interracial sex. This one's funny. Pictures of
interracial sex, are perfectly
acceptable. It's the written
description of interracial sex
that seems to be verboten.
There are other unwritten (in the books) rules, but these were the most obvious. I personally, think that it's a turn-on, to think of the first time someone has sex. I fantasize, about my first time, and think about what it might have been. One of my commonest fantasies, is where I am a girl, instead of a boy, when I first learned about sex. I think that if I were a girl, I probably would have been having babies about 9 months after I got my first period (or possibly even sooner). To pretend that I was 18, before I got interested in sex, is so unrealistic, even my considerable imagination won't swallow it.
Another thing that turns me on, is incest. No, I've never done it. The only one with whom it would be possible, would have been my sister, and she left home before I got old enough. If I had a daughter, I would never even think of suggesting to her that we have sex. (I think that people in authority, like parents and teachers, should not compromise their positions.) If my (nonexistent) daughter were to approach me for sex, I'd probably tell her, that when she had moved out, on her own, and still wanted it, then I might. (Notice, no age set.)
Finally, I am turned on, by the thought of little children having sex. If I were a girl, I'd probably have started with any brother or sisters I had, and then progressed up. A second fantasy I often have, is that I am a little girl, under 14 years old, who gets her big brother or her father to knock her up. Being the father of such a girl, for some reason, doesn't turn me on, as much as the idea of being the girl who gets pregnant. The world seems to think, that if they act as though children don't have sex, then they won't (Ignoring the tremendous increase in unwanted teenage pregnancy today.) Even if kids do have sex, it's forbidden to write about it. What hogwash! You can write the grisliest murder story you want, but to hint that a 12 year old girl might get pregnant, and worse yet, want the baby! Will get you thrown in jail, probably for a longer period, than if you had performed said grisly murder.

Forward (continued)

I finally decided, that if no one was (or dared to) write the kind of story I wanted to read (at lease once), then I would have to write it myself, if only for my own enjoyment. This story is the result. It is completely non-violent. The little girls in the story, are always the aggressors. (Yes, little girls having sex! I told you at the beginning, that it was raunchy). Yes, I know. I'm using rules myself. But these rules, are the ones I set, and I wanted a story that turned ME on. The heck with you. If you do like it, then fine.

The people in this story have no relationship to anybody I have ever known. This is a story. It is a complete fantasy. The pictures (If you happen to be lucky enough to have the version with the pictures) were gotten from BBS's, CD-ROM's, and friends. I traced every one of these back to the original magazine, or picture, and in every one, the publishers assured that, "All models are 18 or older." There is no "Kiddy-porn" here. The pictures I chose, were selected for models that "looked" young enough to fit the story. It's amazing, what a shaved pussy, and tying your hair back into ponytails will do to make even a 30-year-old woman look young. I'll admit, I cropped some of the pictures, to hide faces, or body-parts that didn't look either young enough, or didn't fit the story. Almost all the pictures were edited in some manner or another. All serial- numbers were filed off. Still, I was careful. The only "kiddy- porn" here, is the story itself.
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The Report Card

Little Suzy Fisher could hardly wait. The cute ten-year-old girl was sitting in third row seat of the schoolroom, almost breathless with excitement. In a moment she would know if her efforts had succeeded.
Nobody looking at the sweet innocence of the virginal young beauty would have guessed the turmoil that was running through the child's mind. Except for a slight flush where her neck had gotten red from excitement, nobody in the room would have ever suspected that little Suzy Fisher was worried about her report- card. Suzy was an exceptionally precocious little girl, and might normally have been accused of being a "teacher's pet" because of her amazingly good grades.
Nobody would ever make such an accusation in John Stockdale's classroom though. "Mr." Stockdale was as well known and feared by his students for being strict and fair as he was liked by the faculty for the high quality of his teaching. At the moment, he was busy handing out report-cards to the class. With each name called, a student went up to his desk, exchanged a few words with him, and returned. A few came back looking glad or excited. Most came back looking relieved. Only 2 came back looking as if they weren't pleased with the results, and it was no surprise to Suzy when it came to those two. "Cindy Macon," called Mr. Stockdale. Suzy watched as her sexy cousin got up, shook her beautiful long brunette hair over her shoulders from where it had been dangling down to her almost fully developed breasts. At eleven, Cindy looked much more mature than the 6-month difference in their ages would have suggested. While Suzy looked barely more than a tomboy, with little buds for breasts, and only a slight padding starting to develop on her slim hips, Cindy looked almost like a full-grown woman. Her swaying hips, and full breasts had more than one of the members of the faculty having wet dreams about getting her alone. More than one of the older boys in the school had already tried, but Suzy knew that her sexy cousin had turned them all down. Suzy wasn't sure she could have refused some of the boys if they had asked her, but Cindy seemed to be holding herself back for someone. Suzy watched as her cousin returned to her seat with a quick glance and a smile that reassured her that her cousin had done OK.
"Christ," Suzy muttered to herself. Wouldn't the man ever get to her? Only 2 more students remained. Then only 1. "Finally," Suzy breathed as she got ready to rise and get her report card. But he didn't call her name. Instead he said, "That's it, see you all next semester." The teacher paused and then continued, "Suzy Fisher. Could I see you in my office for a few minutes. I'd like to talk to you about your report-card."

Suzy felt the blood drain from her face, as she turned white as a sheet. "Oh NO!" she thought, "Not after all this trouble." She couldn't fail now! As she unsteadily got to her feet she looked around at the faces of the other children whose eyes were on her like spotlights. She saw sympathy in most of them, but sympathy was not what she wanted. Right now, she wanted the floor to swallow her up, before she started to cry! She had worked so hard! How could she have failed now?
John Stockdale ("Mr. Stockdale" to his students) was a stern man, but he wasn't cruel. When he saw the result his announcement had to his best student, he berated himself for an idiot.
"Oh no!" he explained in a rush, "It's not that! Your grades are fine! In fact, that's what I wanted to talk to you about." He paused, then continued, "Are you all right?"
He really was worried, because the little girl looked as if she was going to faint right there on the floor in front of everybody.
"No, Mr. Stockdale. I'm fine," Suzy replied, as her breath came back, "Just a little dizzy is all." The young girl could feel her thin dress clinging to her body like a wet T-shirt. She realized that all the boys were gawking at her as the material clung to her budding tits, and she could feel her panties were soaked with sweat.
Realizing that the show was over, the class started to disperse, but not before Suzy caught a reassuring smile from her best friend and cousin Cindy.
Suzy was now starting to feel a little chilly and sticky as the sweat that had broken out, now soaked her clothes. Gratefully, she followed the teacher's waved invitation into the little office next to the main classroom. This office was as neat as you might have expected for someone like Mr. Stockdale. Suzy slid into the wooden chair that he had available for guests, not noticing that her short little dress, now sticky with perspiration, stuck to the back of the chair as she sat down and lifted the front up almost to her navel, exposing the thin soaked panties that were pulled tight into her pre-pubescent little slit.
John Stockdale's breath came out with a rush as he sat down in his chair and noticed how much of the little girl's charms were exposed to his view. "Ahhh Suzy," he exclaimed, "don't you think you'd better . . ." He waved an embarrassed arm at where the child was unknowingly exposing herself.

Suzy looked down, and this time she actually did faint from embarrassment. "Oh Gawd!" was her last intelligible thought, as she slid to the floor in a boneless heap. There was a slight ripping sensation, then she was on the floor completely naked from the waist down. Her dress, still suck to the chair, had gone up around her armpits, while her panties had caught in the leg of the chair as it went over, and almost ripped them completely off.
John's first thought was for the child. He bounded from his chair, and managed to catch her head before it hit the concrete floor. "Suzy, SUZY! Are you all right?" he asked, as he cradled the now almost half-naked little girl in his arms.
Suzy slowly came around. Her teacher's face was next to hers and she had never seen him look so worried. "I'm OK Mr. Stockdale," she said woozily, as she snuggled into the comforting arms of the older man.
The teacher continued to hold the little girl as she recovered. Suddenly, the feel of naked skin on his bare hand, caused him to realize what was happening. He looked down at the child in his arms, and almost dropped her. He saw a half-naked little girl in his big burly arms. One hand was holding onto her naked little ass, while his thumb was sticking between her legs, and almost entering her virginal crack. A half a pair of white gauzy panties still clung to one leg, but the other was completely bare. A cold sweat of fear broke out. If anyone came in, his ass was grass! No jury in the world would find him innocent of child molestation and probably statutory-rape as well. "Oh Jesus," he muttered. How did he ever get himself into such a mess?
"Suzy, Please?" he almost cried, "Can you get up?"
Suzy aroused herself at his tortured plea. "Whatever is the matter?" she thought, as she tried to get back to her feet. Then she felt the cold air around her bottom and remembered what had happened. "You must think I'm terrible," she whispered, as she vainly tried to pull her shattered panties back together. "Exposing myself to you like that." The little girl was almost in tears as she kept trying to make a half-a-pair of panties do what a whole one was barely capable of. She didn't realize that she was giving the older man a better view of her pre-adolescent charms than if she had just given up. As it was, viewing the little girl in dishabille had given the man an erection that threatened to split his trousers.
"Uh Suzy. Just take them off, and put them in your bag," the older man instructed. John's hard-on kept growing, in spite of his good intentions, as he watched the girl in her disarray.
"But what if somebody sees?" the little girl wailed.
John's hair stood on end. If anybody heard. . .
"Just pull your dress down, and walk naturally. Nobody will notice," he reassured her.

"Oh Mr. Stockdale, I didn't mean to come in here and tease you." She smiled bravely up at him, suddenly aware that his pants were bulging slightly. "Though I might, if I were older," she added smilingly as kind of an afterthought.
"And I might enjoy it, young lady. If you were older," he replied. "Now back to business," he continued, as he watched the child smoothing her short dress down over the flat little belly that he would remember in his wet dreams for the rest of his life. "Your report-card."
Suddenly all ears, Suzy jerked back to attention. Her report card! She had been waiting all year for this moment.
"All 'A's, of course." John Stockdale didn't realize the effect this was having on the little girl sitting stunned in the chair.
"I've won. I've WON," she thought to herself. The thought grew too big to keep inside. "Wahooo!, I'VE WON!" she almost shrieked, as she jumped on the surprised teacher, wrapped her legs around his body on the chair, and kissed him full on the mouth.
John couldn't help responding. The sensuality of this young girl was going to land him in jail yet, he thought. He still couldn't resist opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out to see what her response would be. To his surprise, the little girl responded by opening her mouth, and almost swallowing his tongue. Then her little tongue was licking his. He felt her wet little pussy on top of his bulging pants as she wrapped her little arms around him and gave him the kissing of his life.
John had felt too much. His cock exploded in his pants.
Suzy knew it was happening, because her wild ride on top of him got suddenly slicker. Her bare pussy sent its flood down to join the slick stain that was seeping up to where her little crack was rubbing against the bulge in his slacks.
"Thank You. Thank You," she murmured, as she gave him one final hug, and a last little grind with her hips.
"Thank YOU! my dear, but I could get in a lot of trouble, if anybody ever found out about this," he replied.
"I'll never tell," she responded; as with one last soul- hungry kiss, she returned to her demure station in the other chair. "Now what was it you wanted to talk to me about?" she inquired. "I don't think that was it," she added with a giggle, "though I'll never really be sure now, will I?" This last was added with a sparkle in her eye, and a burst of youthful enthusiasm that took all the sting out.
"No. Ahem." John cleared his throat, and tried to get back on subject. "Suzy, you know you've gotten good grades this year." This was more of a statement than a question.
Suzy nodded. She should have. She'd certainly worked hard enough!

"What you don't know, is that the faculty has been following your progress with some interest. We've never seen such dedication and hard work. Now, I've had a couple of students that were smarter than you, though not very many. But I've never had a student get grades this good for a whole year. Now normally, we like to see our students excel in their work, but this is far from normal. Do you see what I mean?"
Suzy was confused. Would he get to the point?
"I mean, it's unusual for a girl your age to study this hard and long, and neglect play and sports and other children and. . .?" his voice trailed off in a questioning tone.
"So?" she prompted.
"So. What I mean is. . ." He paused, then blurted, "are your parents forcing you to do this? Will you get in trouble if you don't?" It was hard to get the question out, but he felt he must. After all, child-abuse took many forms.
All of a sudden, the secrecy, the questions the worried look on her teacher's face all fell into place in Suzy's mind. She couldn't help it; she started to giggle. It started out as a snicker, then a "tee hee" then a guffaw, then a roar! The girl gasped and choked and laughed till her sides ached. "Do you mean to tell me that you think my parents might be. . ." The thought was too funny. She burst into laughter again.
"Abusing you. It does happen." He couldn't help snickering a little himself; her laughter was so infectious.
At this moment there was an interruption. Cindy had been worried when her cousin and best-friend didn't come out of the office. She had waited patiently outside, and had almost rushed in when she had heard a loud cry earlier but hadn't dared enter. Now, hearing what sounded like loud cries of pain, she decided she'd better check.
"Suzy, Are you OK?" she called as she opened the door. At first, it looked like a rape scene. Her cousin was rolling on the floor holding her sides and screaming with what appeared to be pain. The little girl's dress was halfway up her naked little belly, and her panties were scattered on the floor. Their teacher was on the floor leaning over the little girl trying to calm her down, with one hand on each side of her naked waist. The screams intensified.
"Whoop! Whoop!" Suzy chortled. Now her best friend was getting into the act. It was too much. Her sides ached so much;she could hardly move.
"No, Cindy. Stop it," she barely managed to choke out; as she saw her cousin about ready to bean their teacher with a bookend. "It's OK. Really!"
"Are you sure?" Cindy realized that maybe things weren't quite what they had seemed, but she held onto her impromptu weapon anyway. "What's the matter then?" she asked, as she started to realize that these weren't cries of pain, but of laughter, and the tears in her little cousin's eyes were from the strain of trying to stop. "What's so Goddamn funny?"

"He, He, Heee," Suzy choked, "he thinks Daddy might be abusing me!"
At this, Cindy started to snicker. Pretty soon, she was holding onto her cousin as both of them rolled on the floor in laughter, the bookend lying forgotten in the corner.
Finally, John Stockdale could stand it no more. "Will somebody explain why this is so funny?" he asked. "Some people do force their children awfully hard, and child abuse is not funny!"
Cindy was the only one who was in a condition to answer.
"You've never met Dan Fisher have you?" she asked.
"Why yes I have. Several times. At PTO meetings," he replied.
"Ever been to his house?"
"No, of course not. I don't get to many of my student's homes. And generally not unless there's a problem." All of them knew that Suzy would never be considered a "problem" student.
"Well I go there all the time, and that girl's father worships the ground she walks on. He tries to not let it show, but anybody can see it in his eyes. He'd kill anybody who even tried to hurt his daughter." She paused. "I think she loves him the same way." She added as an afterthought.
"Now," she said, changing the subject, "what happened to your underpants?"
"Feh. Fell. Fell off the chair," Suzy chortled, as she pointed to the chair where a wisp of cotton still clung to the leg. She didn't seem to realize that her bare belly and hairless little vagina were exposed for all to view.
"Well we'd better do something before somebody else comes in here and reaches the wrong conclusions. Here," she said, lifting her dress right in front of the surprised teacher. "Hold my dress up, while I get out of these."
John was too surprised to argue. He watched in astonishment as the sensuous little girl stepped out of her shoes while he held up her dress and then calmly peeled out of her pantyhose and lacy panties. He almost had his nose in the child's belly button, and he could smell the aroma rising from the sparse hair that covered her dainty little crack.
"Put on these," Cindy directed as she tossed the almost see- through panties at her cousin, then started to step back into her pantyhose. At this time, she realized what she was doing in front of her teacher. She followed his gaze down to her suddenly wet cunt, and then back up to his face. "I'm sorry," she said, "I'm so used to going around naked with my brothers, that I forgot you weren't one of them."
"Lucky little brothers," he replied, as she calmly rolled the pantyhose up her thighs without bothering to cover herself.
"Lucky you too. Maybe." It was almost a promise.

"I'd better not chance it," he replied, as another surge of fear went through him. He'd better get these two sexpots out of his office before some father came after him with a shotgun.
"Your loss." Cindy seemed at ease, as she shrugged her dress back down, now looking no different than when she came in. "If you ever decide different. . .," she left the idea hanging.
"If." He made no promises. "Now Suzy, if somebody wasn't forcing you to do this, why did you almost kill yourself to do this well in school? I have to tell the faculty something."
Suzy thought for a minute. It didn't hurt to tell somebody now. "I had a bet," she replied.
"A bet!?" both of the other occupants of the room were astonished.
"With my Father," Suzy amplified.
That explained it all to Cindy, but John Stockdale was worried.
"What happened if you lost?" he asked. Maybe there was abuse here after all.
"Nothing," Suzy replied. "I just didn't win. Daddy didn't put any price on my losing. Just his disappointment. I really wanted to win for him," she explained.
"It must have been some bet," Cindy stated.
"It was." Suzy wasn't going to explain any more.
"Well, I guess that takes care of that," John said, as he started to usher the two children out of his office.
"Thanks, Mr. Stockdale. I really appreciate your concern," Suzy said, as she reached up and gave him another long open- mouthed kiss, right in front of her cousin this time.
Cindy watched with awe. "Maybe something has been going on between the two of them," she speculated. Not one to pass up an opportunity, she tapped on her cousin's shoulder and said, "My turn."
John Stockdale couldn't believe it. He had just been kissing one of his little under-aged students in a manner that would have been "Banned In Boston," and now the sexiest little girl in the whole 5th-grade class wanted to do it with him. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep for a week with the horny dreams these two horny sub-teens were going to give him. Still, he knew he wasn't going to pass on the chance that half of the male faculty members would give their right-nut to get.

"OK Cindy." He started to give her a peck on the lips.
Cindy Macon would have none of it. She opened her mouth, and wormed her hot little tongue into his. She started licking his teeth, and sucking obscenely on his tongue. "Mmmmmmph," she said as they kissed madly. She started grinding her hips into his with a sensuality that couldn't be contained. "Oh Mr. Stockdale. Someday, could you?" she said, as she finally pulled her tongue out of his mouth. It was obvious what she was offering.
"Maybe." It was almost a promise. He reached down and patted each girl on her firm young ass as he gave each of them a final kiss. "Now scoot, both of you. Shoo!" he said, as he shoved them out of the door.
He pulled the door shut behind the two girls and collapsed in his chair. "Whew!" he exclaimed, as he tried to get over his close call. Two minutes more, and he was sure that he would have been fucking both of the pre-teens right on the floor, regardless of the consequences. Jail, or father's shotguns, or pregnancy be-dammed. He probably would have done it. "And almost worth it too," he said to himself, as a pang passed through him for lost opportunities. Then he remembered Cindy's last words. Maybe not completely lost. He straightened his tie, took a last look around his office, grabbed Suzy's discarded panties, stuffed them in his pocket, and left the office whistling after he locked up. Maybe life wasn't so bad as a 5th-grade school teacher!

"Suzy. did you?" Cindy had to find out. They were walking home on the road, having missed the bus, and not wanting to wait for the "Last-Call" bus that took the sports and gymnastics teams home.
"Do anything with Mr. Stockdale? . . . NAW! Just kissed him a little. But you know what?"
"What?" Cindy was all ears.
"I almost wanted to." It was almost a whisper. "I don't know what I'd have done if he'd tried anything. After all, There I was with my bare pussy almost in his face. I wouldn't have blamed him if he tried."
"Tried to fuck you, you mean." The two girls had known each other for so long that they had almost no secrets from each other.
"Uh Huh. How about you. I saw you shoving your bare snatch in his face. Brothers indeed!" she snickered.
Cindy snickered also. "I probably would have fucked him, if you hadn't gotten him so scared. But about my brothers. Shows how much you know," she replied. "Remember what I showed you the other day? Well where do you think I learned how?"
"Who? Not Billy!?" came the breathless question.
"Yep. My Horny big brother. Came into my room one night last year, and taught me how to take care of a boy without getting knocked-up. Charlene had just dropped him; and he figured I wouldn't mind helping him out," she continued, "and I didn't. He then helped me out."
"You don't mean?" the little girl couldn't help asking.
"Yeah, He ate me out. You ought to have your big brother help you out."
"Oh I couldn't. Not with my own brother." Suzy was sure.
"Why not. I know the thought of making it with your father doesn't bother you, so what's so different about your brother?"
"What do you know about my Father?" Suzy was now on the defensive.
"I've seen the way you look at him. Practically cream your jeans anytime he smiles at you. Not that I object. I'd kinda like to have him get in my pants myself. He is sooo handsome."
Suzy had to agree but: "You keep your horny paws off my Father. He's mine!" she said with finality.
"Ok OK! He's yours. Now what was that super bet you had with your father? A car? . . . You're too young. I know what I'd bet my Father if he'd let me." Her voice stopped and she speculatively looked over at her cousin. Naw! It couldn't be.
"Anything I want." Suzy's voice was a whisper.
"Anything?" The older girl's incredulity showed.
"He said if he could do it, or get it without hurting somebody else, then I could have it."
"Wow! No wonder you've been busting a gut for the past year. What was the deal exactly?"

"Straight 'A's for 1 year. No 'B's or even 'A'-minus. It had to be 'A' or 'A'-plus. On every report card, in every class, on every test. He said if I did that, He'd let me have anything I wanted. Anything." Her voice trailed off for a minute, then resumed, "The only thing was: I couldn't tell a soul. Not even you. I couldn't tell anybody, until I either won or lost. He said I had to do it on my own. The only one who knew was Mother. Sorry Cindy, but this is absolutely the first time I could tell you."
"Wow. Anything. That covers a lot. I know what I'd want if my Daddy offered me a deal like that." She wiggled her hips suggestively. "You wouldn't be planning something like that would you?" The thought amused the older girl for a minute, then suddenly she looked harder at her now silent cousin and best friend.
The two girls had reached their parting place, where the paths to their 2 houses split. Suzy was already several steps down the other path when Cindy asked louder, "Would you?"
For minute it looked as though Cindy would never get an answer as Suzy walked farther and farther away. Then a ghost of a whisper came back to the older girl. It was very faint, but it sounded like: "It's a start."

Suzy win's a bet

It was 10 O'clock the next day, when Suzy dropped the bombshell on her father. She had managed to get him alone, and had shown him her last report card. Not only 'A' but every one an 'A'-plus.
"Well Suzy, What is it you want?" Dan Fisher told himself, "this is going to bee a doozy!" His daughter must have wanted something awfully bad to have worked this hard for it. When he had originally made the offer, he had never expected Suzy to take him up on it; let alone be able to keep up under the pressure for a whole year. Still, here it was, a year later, and time to pay the piper.
"I want you to teach me," she said.
"Huh? Suzy, I thought you liked school?" Dan Fisher was Puzzled.
"Teach me about sex," the precocious little girl amplified.
"Sure, Honey. Is that all? I thought we explained that to you last year when we got out the sex manuals and everything. What is it you want to know?" Dan was now really puzzled. He had thought that he and his wife were pretty thorough in their duties as parents, when it came to the sex-education of their children.
Suzy decided she had better spell it out. Her father didn't seem to be getting the message.
"Daddy, I know all that stuff." The pre-pubescent little girl sounded exasperated, but continued, "what I really want is: Number one, I want you to teach me how to make love. I want you to be the one to take my virginity. I've always wanted you to be first. Second, I want to learn how it feels to have a baby . . . your baby. So, I want you to make one in me. Put your. . . your penis up in my vagina, and squirt the stuff that makes babies right into my womb. Is that sufficiently clear?"
"Oh my God!" Dan was aghast. "Suzy NO!"
"But Daddy! You promised!" the 10 year old girl pouted.
Dan Fisher sighed. How had he gotten himself into this mess? "Suzy, I can't," he said. "You're much too young, and we could get into a lot of trouble if I did that. Besides, what about your mother?"
"Mommy won't care."
"Yes she will. She'd probably divorce me if she even thought I wanted to do this."
The little girl's response was entirely unexpected: "MOMMMMMEEE!!" she yelled.
"What?" came the muffled response from the other room. The words got clearer as the 35 year old woman appeared in the hallway. Mary was wearing a short black negligee, and not much else. Unselfconscious in her nudity, Mary repeated, "What's the matter Suzy?"
"Daddy won't keep his promise."

This was a shock. If there was one thing that Dan had always done, it was keep promises. No matter what the cost. He always paid his debts, and only a national disaster would keep him from doing what he said he would. "What's the matter dear?" she asked. "Can't we afford it?" She knew that Dan had promised the precocious child "anything she wanted," if she had gotten all 'A's on her report card for a whole year. They both knew that whatever the little girl wanted, it must have been important to her because she had been studying with a fervor that seemed to stretch her constitution. After working so hard to get her reward, it seemed almost unbelievable that her husband would refuse the child anything.
"No, it's not that," the man replied.
"Then what is it?" asked Mary, as she settled herself on the bed, next to her handsome husband, and their precocious child.
"She wants me to teach her about sex!" the man exploded. "How to make babies and everything."
"So, what's the matter with that? Besides, I thought she already knew where babies came from."
"You don't understand. She want's me to physically SHOW her. Put my penis in her vagina, squirt sperm in her womb, and actually TRY to get her pregnant!" The man was almost sobbing.
"Well then, do it," the woman calmly replied.
"I said do it."
"But. But." Dan was so astonished, he couldn't get out another word.
"Dear, if she wants to, she's going to. If not with you, then with someone else. Besides, I think it's kind'a cute, wanting you to do it to her. And you did promise."
"But if anybody found out . . ."
"Nobody's going to find out. Who's going to tell? You? I don't think so. I'm sure not going to tell anybody. Suzy?"
It took the little girl a second to realize that she was being addressed. "Oh no. I'd never tell anybody," she breathed.
"Not even your best friend? Not even Cindy?"
"No." The child was sure.
"What about Jeremy, or June?" Mary was referring to their older two children.
"Not if you don't want me to," the girl whispered.
"But what if she gets pregnant?" The man made a last-ditch try for sanity.
"You can always use a rubber," the woman pointed out.
At this the little girl got upset. "NO!" she said. "I want to feel the real thing!" she said. "Besides, you promised!"
"Well, you could always pull out. And besides, I think she's to young to get pregnant anyway."
With this reminder of the youth of his child he looked at her again. Slim. Just barely budding breasts. He looked down at the nightie she had worn when she came to him, and had since taken off. Thin white panties. Hairless little slit underneath, now slightly puffed with excitement. He made one last try. "I thought you'd get mad at me if I even suggested such a thing."

Mary smiled. It was a loving smile. "Oh honey, I love you. I love her. You love her. She loves you. Why should I get mad at that. Besides, there's something about me you don't know. I've never told you before, but my father was my first man, so I don't see what's so wrong with you and Suzy."
Dan stared at his lovely wife. Short and sensual, Mary was brunette, with a body that stopped traffic. Right now, with one gorgeous tit hanging free of the negligee, which didn't cover much anyway, she looked like a wet-dream come true. He had never really understood how he had been so lucky as to get a woman like her. Now he realized he never really knew her at all.
"Your father?" he blurted.
"Yep. We started when I was 11. He got me pregnant for the first time when I was 12," Mary stated matter-of-factly.
"The first time?" Dan choked.
"Yeah, well I lost it," Mary said, as a sad look passed over her face. "So we kept trying till I had April."
"April. But I thought . . ." Dan's voice trailed off.
"Yeh, I know, you thought she was my younger sister. And she was. But she was also my daughter. Mom and dad raised her along with the rest of the brood."
"But what about your mother?" Dan asked desperately, trying to figure things out.
"Mom?" she replied. "Who do you think took me into see Daddy when she caught me playing with myself? Mom started it. Mom always felt that a man could never share the maximum possible love with his daughter, until he had ejaculated his sperm into his own little girl's belly, while the child was trying to get pregnant. Now I don't quite buy that, but carrying your own father's baby inside your womb, does create a bond between girl and her father that just isn't possible any other way, so I can sympathize with Suzy's request."
Suzy had been following the conversation with interest. Wow! She was finding things out about her parents that she never imagined. Her mother especially.
"What about me?" she asked, "Can Daddy fuck me?"
Dan looked over at his wife's amused face. His face turned red. He started to say something, then stopped. Finally he relaxed. "OK honey, if that's what you really want for your reward, I guess that's what you'll get. Since your mother doesn't seem to object."
"Oh goody Daddy, can we do it right now?"
"Right now?"
"Yes right now! I'm so excited I could just melt. Please Daddy?" this was said in a little-girl voice that caused him to shiver. He never could refuse the child something when she talked like that.
"OK honey, If you're sure."
"Daddy, I've been sure for the last year. Why do you think I worked so hard."

"He pulled down the little girl's panties" Page 15 

"I'll be in the other room," Mary said. "I'll leave you two lovebirds to be alone."
"Don't go Mommy," said Suzy. "I love you too. You can watch us. Please? Then I can watch you and Dad afterwards."
Mary felt as if she had been dipped in boiling water, her skin got so hot. Her daughter wanted her to watch. And wanted to watch her! The talk had already gotten her so hot she had been about to go finger herself off. This revelation by her daughter was the last straw for the hot-blooded woman. For the first time in her life, she climaxed without a finger on her or in her.
"Woooogh!" she gasped as she slipped to the floor, clutching at her pubic area with one hand, while the other grabbed her breast. "UunnnGH" Spasms wracked her body for several seconds.
"Mommy. MOMMY! What's wrong?" The worried face of Suzy appeared in her vision. "Are you OK?"
"Whew. I'm fine honey. In fact, I'm feeling just great. You just made me feel so good; I love you darling."
"I love you too Mommy." Suzy was slightly confused, but if her mother was all right, then she wanted to get back to her business with her father.
"C'mon Daddy, do it to me. Teach me how to make a baby."
Dan had to chuckle. She certainly knew what she wanted.
"Well Suzy, you know some of this. For example, you know that this is your vagina." He pulled down the little girl's panties, and for the first time, he reached out and touched his little girl's slit.
"Oh yes Daddy. Is that where you put your penis in me?"
"When you're ready dear. Let me feel."
Dan rubbed his finger in the child's slit. Slowly he worked the tip of his finger into the girl's hole. She was definitely wet and ready.
"Oh Daddy, That feel's so good."
"Shhh," he hushed her, as he worked his finger in deeper. He could feel the child's vagina sucking at his finger as it vanished up to the second knuckle. "Daddy'll make you feel even better." He started to push his finger in and out as Suzy started to push her hips up off the bed. "See, A man's penis goes in here, just like this, and then . . ." He was interrupted by a loud "Ow!" as his finger struck an obstruction in her vagina.
"Ow, Daddy, what's that? It hurt."
"That's your hymen. Your virginity. Or as some people say 'Your cherry,'" he replied. "When a man's penis tears it, and goes all the way up into your vagina, then you are no longer considered a virgin. It's a little strip of skin that separates the front of the vagina from the back, and prevents a man from fully entering you without breaking it."
"But doesn't that hurt?" She looked worried.
"A little, but most women seem to think it's worth it for the additional sensation it brings when a man puts his penis all the way up inside her," Dan soothed the child. "We don't have to do that if you don't want to."
"I want to Dad, It's just that I'm scared."

"We'll see," he replied, as he continued working his finger in and out. In the mean time, his other hand was fondling her budding breast. "Do you like this, what we're doing now?"
"O yes Daddy it's feeling better and better. Do you like my body?"
He looked down at her little frame. Flat little belly, budding breasts, slippery little mound that had swallowed up half his finger, and angelic little face, looking up at him anxiously. "Yes dear, I love your little body. It's beautiful."
Her father liked her body. He thought she was beautiful. That thought made Suzy shiver all over. In a minute, he was going to put his penis into her body, and teach her how to make a baby. "Daddy, I love you."
"I love you too."
"Daddy, Aren't you going to get undressed?"
That was too much for Dan. He looked down at the nearly naked body of his child, so sweet and virginal, yet so ready. Then he looked down at himself. Fully dressed, yet with a hard- on that bulged at his groin that threatened to split his pants. The contrast was too much. He started to howl with laughter. Mary, who had been watching the seduction (Of whom, she wasn't sure.) with interest, started to giggle.
"Well, you're certainly not going to get the kid pregnant with your clothes on, are you?" she snickered.
Dan reached for his belt, started to loosen it, then stopped, as an idea occurred to him. "You do it," he said.
"Huh?" Suzy gaped at him.
"You do it. It's your lesson. If you want to see me naked, you undress me."
"Wow, can I Daddy?" Without waiting for a reply, the little girl began yanking at her fathers pants.
"It helps if you unbuckle the belt first," Mary's calm advice from across the room slowed Suzy's mad yanking.
Blushing, Suzy stopped pulling at his pants, and reached for his belt.
"Take my shoes off first," Dan suggested.
Suzy was getting quite a lesson in undressing a man as she first pulled off his shoes and socks, then his pants, and reached for his shorts, which were bulging ominously.
"Uh Uh," he said. "Shirt first. Otherwise, you might never get it off."
Suzy's fingers tingled where she had touched his bare skin. Barely able to contain her excitement, she reached for her father's sweater and T-shirt, and pulled them off, over his head. Now Dan was almost naked. The little girl shivered with excitement, as she reached for the final article of clothing.
As her father's underpants dropped to his knees, Suzy got her first glimpse of the huge penis that had been responsible for her birth. She gasped, as she saw the thing she had been working so hard to get access to. It was over nine inches long, and almost an inch and a half thick. To Suzy, as she looked at the swollen prick pointing obscenely at her flat little belly, with pre-cum leaking out of the end, it seemed as big as her arm.

"Oh Daddy, It's so big. Is all that supposed to go up inside me?" She seemed a little scared.
"Only as much as you want," he replied.
"O Daddy, I want it all! I just don't see how it'll fit," she exclaimed.
"We'll just see how it goes. OK?" he reassured his trembling child.
"OK Daddy, Can I touch it?" she asked, as she reached for the 9 inch prick pointed at her flat stomach.
Her soft little fingers were too much for the overexcited man as she wrapped the cool soft digits around his steel-hard shaft.
"Oh Shit!" he exclaimed, as he began spouting sperm all over his little baby girl. It squirted onto her budding little breasts, splattered down her flat little tummy, and dribbled into the slit between her legs.
"Oh, Wow Daddy. Does that feel good?" Suzy cooed, as she milked his erupting cock with her now sperm-slick hand. "C'mon Daddy, shoot it all. Don't hold back."
Dan couldn't believe his little girl could be so sexy.
"Wow Daddy, is this the stuff that makes babies?" she asked.
"When it goes up in a woman's vagina," he replied.
"You mean like this?" she asked innocently, as she leaned back on the bed with her legs apart, grabbed his still oozing penis with her slippery little hand, and forced the bulging head into the open slit of her sperm-covered crack.
Dan couldn't help himself. His cock-head was squeezed by a tight ring that pulsed around it. His prick spasmed again, and shot a torrent of sperm into the surprised child.
"Mmmmmm, Daddy. That feels neat. Shoot that stuff in me. C'mon Daddy, Make a baby in little Suzy," the tiny girl babbled obscenely, as her father's warm seed filled her vagina. She tried to push his spewing cock farther up in her tightly stretched little hole, but it wouldn't go.
Dan's cock started to deflate a little as guilt overtook him. Here he was with his cock almost buried in his youngest child's vagina, and he had already ejaculated his hazardous sperm right into the little girl's belly. But his daughter wasn't finished with him yet.
"Daddy, that's not fair. You said you'd show me it all. You didn't put it up inside me like you promised," Suzy complained, as she fisted her father's slightly shrunken cock.
The feeling of his little girl's slippery hand (Slippery with his semen!) massaging his cock, while the child begged him to stick his penis in her tiny unused hole, got the better of the man. His cock once more rose to attention.

"Daddy, It's getting hard again."
"Uh Huh," he replied. Further words were hard to put together.
"Are you going to fuck me now?" The little girl's question decided him.
"Yeah honey, we're going to try. Here. Rub cum all over my prick, and get it real slippery."
Suzy grabbed a gob of cum leaking from the tip of his engorged cock, and smeared it all over. The sensations were almost enough to make Dan cum again, but he managed to stop in time. "Now rub some all over your vagina," he instructed. "We want to make it easy for me to get into you."
Watching Suzy spread her father's sperm all over the pouting lips of her vagina and then pushing some up inside was too much for Mary who had been quietly fingering herself in the corner. She climaxed violently again. "Mmmmmmph," she said, trying not to distract her husband and daughter who were just about to consummate their union.
At that moment however, an earthquake would have had a hard time distracting the two on the bed, as Dan slowly approached his daughter, and pushed the head of his cock at her tiny little hole.
"Daddy! It's too big! It won't go in," sobbed the little girl as they both strained together. Dan felt the ring of muscle at the entrance to her vagina surround the head of his cock, but it seemed no matter how hard they pushed, her muscles wouldn't expand enough to let him in.
"I guess we'll have to quit," Dan said reluctantly. "I don't want to hurt you."
"No Daddy, I've just got to have it. Push harder. Please!"
They both pushed, but nothing seemed to happen. Suzy was almost getting hysterical. "Please Daddy!!!"
"Wait a minute," Dan said, "I've got an idea."
He withdrew his penis, and then wrapped his fist around the head, and started to squeeze.
"What are you doing Daddy?"
"Squeezing the blood out of the head of my penis, so it'll be smaller, and might go in then," he explained, as he maintained the pressure for a minute.
He then released his grip, grabbed a dollop of cum from his daughter's belly, smeared it over the head, and pushed the now reduced head of his cock into her small hole with almost one motion.

The woman watched, as her husband's prick slowly stretched the child's opening.
"Uhhnnn!" said both of the people on the bed.
It seemed that the giant prick couldn't possibly get into the tiny hole, but it slowly stretched, and the head bulged dangerously as the knob slipped inside with a slight pop.
"Oh Daddy, It's going in!" the little girl said, as she squirmed excitedly on the bed.
"Careful Honey, or you'll make me cum," the man cautioned, as he felt his daughter's tight little slit clamp down on his engorged cock. "I don't want to get you pregnant."
"I don't mind, I want your baby in me," came the whispered response.
This was almost too much for the man. With the head of his cock sticking just inside the lips of his own child's vagina, she was telling him, "She didn't mind." if he got her pregnant. He looked over at his watching wife.
Mary was too caught up in the sensuality of the moment. Her own pussy felt like it was going to boil. If she didn't see her husband cumming in their little girl, she thought she would explode. She caught his eye, and nodded. If their daughter wanted to get pregnant by her own father, who was she to object?
"You're a little young yet, Honey," Dan said, as he felt a second inch of his engorged penis disappear into his tiny little daughter's obscenely stretched little slit, "I don't think you're body is ready to have a baby yet. After all, you're only 10 years old."
"I had a period last week," Suzy whimpered; as third inch of her father's cock forced its way up into her virginal young belly.
This was too much for Dan. The thoughts, his little girl was possibly fertile, and actually wanted to have his baby, were too exciting. "UHhhhhnn! Oh Shit!" the man exclaimed, as his prick exploded in the child's tightly stretched little belly.
Suzy felt her father's cock expand in her belly and then suddenly felt slick, as his warm slippery sperm squirted against her unbroken hymen. "Oh Daddy what are. . .?" She stopped, as she realized that her father was climaxing inside her belly. "Oh, that's it. Cum in me!" she exclaimed, as the soothing warm liquid filled her obscenely stretched little tunnel, "Cum in my pussy Daddy. Shoot the stuff that makes babies up inside me. Make me have a baby. Don't stop. Please Daddy!"
Dan couldn't have pulled his erupting penis out of his climaxing little girl if he had wanted to. His cock was now tightly gripped by the ring of his daughter's vaginal muscles, as she spasmed with him. Squirt after squirt of thick slippery sperm went right into the welcoming belly of the 10-year-old child. The thought of shooting his seed inside his own baby girl, kept arousing Dan and made him ejaculate his semen into his tiny young daughter again and again. God, she was still a virgin; and not even eleven years old yet!
Dan felt almost overcome with love for his little girl. He had never realized how he loved his little daughter, until he felt his sperm flow into the child's belly, while the little girl implored him to get her pregnant.

After a bit, the sensations slowed, and Dan looked down to where his prick had vanished a third of the way up inside his little girl's body. A tiny bubble of white on one side, showed where some of his sperm was leaking out. Suzy looked flushed with excitement, quite happy, and proud of herself. She had actually managed to get her handsome father to cum inside her. She had welcomed her father's enormous penis into her tiny belly, and milked his cock with her tight little tunnel, until it squirted warm sticky seed into the tiny vagina it had created 11 years ago, in her mother's womb.
Suzy loved the warm slippery feeling of her father's thick sticky sperm soothing the inside of her tightly stretched tunnel. "Oh Daddy, that was so good. Feeling you cumming inside me was so wonderful, Daddy. I love you so much." The knowledge, that her own father's seed was soaking into her womb, made Suzy love her father even more than before.
Dan had to agree, "I love you too Honey." Nobody had ever made him cum so much; not even his oversexed horny wife. Thinking of which, the man glanced over to where he had last seen his wife watching him couple with his daughter. Seeing Dan mate with his own daughter, had pushed Mary over the edge. The woman was in the throes of a mighty orgasm as she fingered herself to a climax. Watching her husband trying to breed her little girl was too much. She collapsed in a heap, as she saw in her mind's eye her husband's prick squirting his seed in the child's womb. When she had seen Dan tense up, and a white glob appeared, squeezed out of the child's opening, she knew that her husband was ejaculating his potent sperm deep inside their little girl's body. She had fallen to the floor as her own orgasm overtook her, imagining it was her father shooting sperm into her own womb. "Oh! Cum in me Daddy!" the woman moaned, as she shook in the throes of her orgasm. "Cum, Cum. . ." Her mutterings grew unintelligible.
Finally, she recovered enough to watch as her husband withdrew his cock from the overstretched slit of their precocious offspring. It came out white and shining with the copious spending of the girl and her father. After he had removed his engorged member from the child (with a slight "pop" as it exited), a glob of white appeared in the slightly stretched opening. Suzy reached down, and gathered up the blob with the tip of her finger, and brought it up to her face to look at.
"So, that's the stuff that makes babies," she said, as she looked at her father's cum, with an innocent look on her angelic little face. "Am I pregnant now?" she asked hopefully.
"Probably not," he replied, "you don't generally get pregnant the first time, though it's possible. You are probably way too young anyway."
"Next time, I want you to put your cock all the way inside me," she said.
"It'll hurt, when I go through your hymen."
"I don't care. I want to love you like Mama does. I want to fuck you, and have your babies, and everything. I wish I could marry you."

"You don't have to fuck me to prove you love me Honey. You know my little Suzy is the most important thing in the world to me."
"After Mommy."
"After your mother, of course. If it wasn't for your mother, I wouldn't have you."
"That's OK, I love Mama too." The girl looked again at her father's cum dangling from her fingertip. Then she reached down between her legs, and shoved the cum-drenched finger up her little slit. "Daddy, are you going to fuck me again?"
She waited while he hesitated, then put on her sad little girl look. "Please?"
When he didn't reply, she said, "After all, you were going to teach me all about making babies, and I'm still a virgin."
"Probably not pregnant either," she added as an afterthought. "And I won't know everything about making babies till we make one. Promise you'll make a baby in me Daddy?"
At that moment, it didn't seem to much to ask.
"Sure honey, If that's what you really want. But, it may take a while."
"That's all right Daddy, that's what will be so much fun. Having you fuck me all the time, until I get pregnant." She paused in thought. "Daddy, will you still fuck me after I get pregnant? . . . . Please?"
"OK, sure, whatever. But remember, I still have to take care of your mother."
"I know Daddy. Can I watch too?"
"I suppose, you know all about it already."

June takes a chance on love

After that, the threesome stopped to have lunch. The lunch was filled with talk about sex, babies, and what would happen if and when Suzy turned up pregnant. Suzy felt really grown up now, and would have loved to continue the conversation, but her older brother and sister breezed into the room, and after a warning glance from her mother remembered that the older duo weren't supposed to know about her "lessons". "Damn," she thought. She had been sure that her father would take her back to bed, and finish what he had started. She could feel the oozing of his seed in her vagina soothing the slight sting where his finger had pushed earlier. "If it wasn't for those two rats, Daddy would probably have pushed his big cock all the way through, and then I wouldn't still be a virgin!" the girl sulked.
It was hard to remain mad at her two older siblings though. They were both bubbly infectious personalities that made you want to laugh and be around. Jeremy was a tall handsome 14 year old that looked like a younger version of his father. June looked like a miniature version of her mother, with the same dark hair and eyes, and a sensual swing to her hips that made her seem much older than her 12 short years. Suzy on the other hand had her father's hair and eyes, but her mother's strikingly beautiful face.

Jeremy at the moment, (when Suzy's attention came back) was engaged in telling a story complete with waving arms and sugges tive movements about what had happened down at practice between one of the cheerleaders, and two of the boys in the locker-room.
"She didn't. Really?" said June. "With both of them?"
Suzy was now sorry she hadn't been listening earlier.
"Yep," said Jeremy, "and not only that, but her panties were gone."
Suzy couldn't resist: "Are you sure?" she breathed.
"Un Huh. I was there, and I actually saw her bare cunt." Jeremy was trying to shock his little sister.
"What did it look like?" she replied, not to be outdone.
"You know, kinda puffy with a little crack in the middle, and a little black hair just above the hole," he continued. "I wouldn't mind getting some of that."
"Oh you boys!" June said, taking a playful swing at her brother, which he ducked. "You'd probably fuck anything in skirts, if you had a chance."
Jeremy didn't deny it. Just talking about sex with 2 sexy girls was giving him a hard-on. Even if the girls were his own sisters. Sisters were supposed to be a pain, but Jeremy had always gotten along well with his. He pretended to dislike his sisters when other boys were around, but in reality he got a kick out of spending time with his sisters, and learning what they did with the other girls.
"You'd probably fuck me or June if you could." Suzy couldn't believe her daring.
"Probably," Jeremy dared her right back.
"I've got to go. Now," June said, her breath coming quickly as she rushed from the room. "Gawd!" she mumbled to herself. Her brother wanted to . . . She couldn't bring herself to complete the thought. Her brother wanted to fuck her! There, she did it. Now she wondered what she was going to do with the knowledge. She knew she would never be able to resist, if he came right out and asked her. But he wouldn't. She knew that. Her brother was too much the nice guy to force himself on her. For a moment she felt relieved. Then, after a bit she realized that would mean that she was going to remain horny for the next several years. At 12, June was always horny.
She had started having periods about a year and a half ago, and since then, she had seemed to be in a perpetual aroused state. Sometimes, she sneaked down to her parents' room, and listened outside the door in the morning, while they made love. She knew now that her father always woke up in the morning with a hard-on. He and her mother would fuck, while they thought the children slept. Afterwards, she would sneak back to her room so as not to disturb Suzy who slept in the room between; and finger herself to an orgasm while imagining that it was her, that her father was fucking, instead of her mother. She would have been shocked, had she known that her little sister had already fucked their father, right now had his seed in her womb, and was planning to go even further.

All of a sudden, a thought occurred to her. She could get Jeremy to fuck her! It seemed like a perfect solution. She loved her brother. She knew he wouldn't hurt her for the world. He would never tell. And best of all, he reminded her of her handsome father.
June's plans started to fall into place. He wouldn't seduce her, and she couldn't seduce him, but what if they seduced each other? She had a pretty good idea of how to start after their conversation earlier.
"Jeremy!" she called, "Could you come here?" interrupting the conversation that she could still hear going on, by the occasional shrill giggle of her little sister.
"Just a minute!" he yelled back; trying to finish the story he was telling.
A couple of minutes later, June heard a loud guffaw from her sister, as the two siblings broke into laughter.
"Not Really!" screamed Suzy.
"Really," assured her brother, as the two children broke up.
Jeremy came to his sister's room still wiping his eyes with laughter. So at first, he didn't see what his sister was doing.
"So what did you waaa . . .," his voice died away as he looked down at his almost naked little sister. The little girl was lying on her bed with her panties off, and her bra lying beside the bed. Her flimsy, open-knit, see-through blouse, was pulled up above her developing little tits. Except for that, she wasn't wearing a thing. That is unless you counted the hand stuffed between her legs madly moving in and out as she played with herself.
"Dammit, I was almost there!" she said, as she realized her brother was there. Then a wave of fear passed through her. What if he didn't want her? What if, worse yet, he told? "Shut the door, dammit," she exclaimed. "Do you want everybody else to see me?"
"Wow June, I didn't realize . . ." His voice trailed off again.
"Yeah, well I get horny too. Don't you ever jack yourself off?"
"About a hundred times a day."
"Me too. And I just thought of something we could do about it."
"We? You and me?" he squeaked, as it began to dawn on him what his little sister was talking about.
"We. You and me." Her voice was emphatic.
"But what if we . . ." He couldn't say it.
"Got caught? We won't. We don't dare," she responded. "But do you want to go on like this for the next 10 years? Or didn't you mean what you said earlier?"

It took Jeremy a minute to remember the conversation from earlier. "Let me get this straight," he said. "You mean that you wouldn't mind if I fff, ffff. fffu." He couldn't get it out.
"Fucked me?" She startled him by her brazenness. "No." Then almost shyly, "That is if you want to."
"If he wanted to!" his mind almost screamed. He had never wanted anything so much in his life.
"We'll have to be careful," he temporized.
"We will. Now come here big brother, and show me how much you want me."
Jeremy reached for his sister as she reached for him. There was a sudden commotion, and they both ended up in a breathless heap on the bed. Jeremy had his arms around a nearly naked girl who was kissing him madly. The fact that the girl was his little sister, made it even more exciting.
"Wait," he said, "let me get these things off."
He started to peel out of his shorts.
"Oooh!" said June as his aroused cock spring into view, "Your cock looks nice." It was a nice 6 inch piece of swollen tissue sticking out at her. "I think it likes me."
"You'd better believe it little sister. It likes you a lot. It wants to crawl up inside your little pussy-hole and squirt you full of cream."
Suzy was getting turned on by her brother's lewd words, but she didn't lose complete track of reality. "You'd better not." A flash of fear went through her. "I might get pregnant."
Jeremy stopped, with his shirt still on, and came back down suddenly. "I suppose so, but if I don't, then what can we do?" All of a sudden, the easy answers to his horny problem had vanished.
June was in a quandary also. "I don't know. I'm not on the pill. Do you have anything?" Her frustration was almost overwhelming.
Jeremy thought. "Well, I could get some rubbers. I don't like them, but it's better than knocking you up."
June brightened. "Do you have one now?"
"No. I can get some from Mom or Dad tomorrow, but not right now. They'd probably catch on to whom I'm going to use them with."
June was almost in tears from frustration and horniness. "Well what can we do?"
Jeremy thought it over. "Well, as I see it, we have four choices. First, we can do nothing." He paused to look at his naked sister.
June shook her head. No.

"Second, we could just play with each other. Not actually fuck."
That didn't sound too good to June either. She was tired of "just playing" She'd been doing that for too long already, and she told her brother so. "What are the other choices?" she asked.
"Well, I could pull out before I cum."
"Really? Could you?"
"I think so. It wouldn't be as satisfying, but I could probably do it."
"What's the last choice?" Even as she spoke, June felt she knew the answer.
"We could always take a chance. Most girls don't get knocked-up on the first try. When was your period?"
"Huh?" June couldn't figure the change of subject. What did school have to do with sex?
"When was your last period? You know, monthlies," Jeremy explained.
"Oh! I don't know, a week or so ago I guess. Why?"
"Because, if it was close to your period, you wouldn't be so likely to get knocked-up." Jeremy said
"Oh," said June, "I guess that's out then. But I can't wait. I've got to do something NOW!"
Jeremy felt the same way. If he didn't get his prick inside his cute little sister pretty soon, he felt he'd die of frustration. "Well I guess I'll just have to try to pull out in time," he said.
"No," she replied.
"Huh?" He didn't understand.
"Not the first time. I want the first time to be perfect. For you and for me."
"You mean?" he asked.
"Uh Huh," she replied, "I want you to fuck me, and shoot your cum in me and everything. I'll carry your sperm in my belly tonight, and then we'll worry about my getting pregnant. Tomorrow, you can get some rubbers or pull out or something, but right now I want the real thing. We'll just have to take a chance."
Suddenly he hugged her. "I love you Sis," he exclaimed.
"I love you too. Now get on top of me, and fuck me full of cream."
"Shouldn't I work you up a little, get you excited first?" he asked.
"If I get any more excited, I'm going to explode!" she said, "Do it NOW!" Madly she spread her legs and pulled her brother to her. "Get your cock in me before I die!"

"Geeze. Wait a second Sis. I. . ." His voice cut off as he felt the tip of his prick surrounded by the tight ring of muscles at the entrance to his little sister's vagina. He couldn't believe it; he was actually fucking his horny little sister. His cock bulged as he pushed another inch up into the child's belly. "Ok Sis, you got it. Boy do you have it!" he exclaimed, as he watched half of his prick vanish into the little girl's slit.
"Oh! Wait! Auggh!" June exclaimed, as his cock went through her hymen and slid all the way home until the tip was resting at the entrance to her uterus. "That hurt."
"Sorry Sis, but I had to bust your cherry. Do you want me to stop?" He didn't know how, but if she asked him, somehow he'd find the willpower to pull out.
"Don't be silly. Just go easy when you fuck me OK?"
He pulled out an inch, then fucked his cock back into the child's vagina. "How's that?" he asked.
"Ow. Hurts a little. But keep doing it. It's starting to feel better."
The 12-year-old girl couldn't believe it. Ten minutes ago she had been a super horny little virgin. Now she was a woman. She had her big brother's cock stuck up inside her vagina, and pretty soon he would be squirting his white stuff in her womb.
"Are you going to cum in me?" she asked, in her little-girl voice, "Are you going to stick that big nasty old cock up in my belly, and squirt me full of baby-juice?" All the while, she was rocking her hips in time with his as she felt him sliding in and out.
"Oh June don't." Her obscene words were getting to him. "If you keep talking like that I'm gonna . . .," he trailed off.
"Cum?" she finished for him. "Is big brother gonna squirt his nasty baby-juice clear up in little sister's womb? Does big brother want to get his little baby sister pregnant? C'mon big brother, knock your sister up. I don't mind. I want to feel you make a baby in me."
Her obscene talk was too much for the 14 year old boy. It was bad enough to have his cock sliding in and out of his little sister's tiny slit, but this talk was just too much. His prick grew impossibly stiff. The head dilated, and he started to spew his semen inside the 12-year-old girl's writhing belly.
"Mmmmmm," June purred, as she felt her brother's penis bucking in her tummy. All of a sudden, their motion got slicker, and she knew Jeremy was squirting the thick sticky white stuff that made babies, up inside her flat little belly. "Cum in me! Knock me up Jemmy!" June used her old little-girl name for her brother, as her own orgasm engulfed her.
Jeremy felt the child's vagina clamp down on his erupting prick, and he knew that his sister had made it too. He shoved one last time up into the little girl and felt the tip of his cock enter her uterus. Spasm after spasm shook him as he squirted the last of his sperm into his young sister's developing womb.

"Oooh that's so good," sighed June, as she felt her brother's seed draining into her 12-year-old womb. She loved the warm slick feeling of his sperm inside her. Then she felt him pull back slightly and the head of his cock uncoupled from her uterus. "I love you Jeremy," she said, as his cock slowly shrank in her vagina.
"I love you too Sis, But this is dangerous. Hadn't you better go douche or something?" The older boy's tone was worried.
"No silly. That just washes it up into your womb. Didn't you read the sex manuals Daddy gave us?"
"Not that part. What do you do then, to keep from getting pregnant?"
At This point, the older boy pulled his cock from his little sister's vagina. The sensation of the little girl's cunt milking him as he withdrew was incredible. His cock made one last thick white squirt of sperm lick up the girl's belly, in an obscene white puddle. As she lay there with her legs spread, a bubble of white slowly started to ooze up out of her newly stretched hole.

"His cock made one last thick white squirt of sperm lick up the girl's belly" 

"Well, If I didn't want to become pregnant, the best thing for me would be to go sit on the toilet, and let it drain out, as best it could. If I did want to have your baby," she continued "I should lay here with my ass elevated, and let it seep in. Like this." The little girl demonstrated by grabbing a pillow and lifting her slim buttocks off the bed while sliding it underneath. "There!"
Jeremy couldn't believe it. "Hadn't you better hurry then?" he exclaimed, nodding towards the bathroom.
"Silly! I told you that I wanted this time to be perfect. For you. If you think I'm going to flush your precious seed down the toilet tonight after what you just did for me, well you just don't know." She smiled at him a loving smile that almost broke his heart. "Today, you make love to me as a real woman. If I get knocked-up, well we'll see. Tomorrow and after, we'll have to take precautions." She paused. "Are you ready to do it again?"
"Well gee Sis." He pointed at his now flaccid tool.
"Oh don't worry, I know what to do about that. Cindy taught me."
"You know, Cindy, our cousin, Suzy's best friend."
"I know, I just didn't think Cindy would go in for such things."
"You didn't think I went in for such things either," she pointed out.
"You're right. So what did Cindy teach you?"
He was completely unprepared for his little sister's next action.
"This!" she exclaimed, as he suddenly felt his sperm-covered cock swallowed up by his little sister's sucking mouth.
He couldn't believe how good his little sister's mouth felt. She licked, and swallowed, and sucked until his cock started rising again.
"Like it?" June asked, in a pause to catch her breath. She didn't wait for a reply but went back to sucking on his now almost fully erect tool.
"Wow! I sure do!" he exclaimed. "But isn't there something I can do for you also?"
"You already are," she replied, after pulling her mouth off his swollen cock with an obscene "pop". "Tomorrow, you can lick me down there, but right now I want to fuck. I want my big brother's cock buried inside my pee-hole, squirting baby-juice in my vagina, trying to get me pregnant. Just this once. Tomorrow, we'll worry. For today, I'm going to pretend I'm married to my big handsome brother. Remember though, this is the only time, so we'll have to make the most of it."

"OK, I guess," Jeremy replied, as he prepared to mount his little sister again. "This time, let me feel your tits, and your belly against mine. Spread your legs, and let me in."
June spread her legs, and Jeremy could see a trickle of white oozing out of her newly stretched hole. Knowing that his little sister might already be carrying his baby made was a scary feeling, but he was proud that she would want him as a father for her child. Slowly he pressed his stiff member up between the little girl's slightly spread legs.
"Ooooooh!" they both moaned, as his cock slid easily into the child's belly for the second time. If June could talk raunchy, then Jeremy felt he could too:
"Look at you. Cute little baby girl, with your big brother's baby-maker stuffed up in your belly. Wanting to get pregnant by your own brother! Well big brother's gonna give you a big belly. I'm gonna squirt your tummy full of baby-juice and knock you up higher than a kite."
Jeremy moved easily in and out of the little girl now as his cock, lubricated by the sperm he had already squirted in the youngster, slid all the way back to the neck of her womb. He then pulled out until only the head was held by tight ring of muscles at the entrance.
"Oh Jemmy! Do it! Stick your big baby-maker in me and knock me up. Make my tummy get big with your baby."
"Hold on June, You don't want me to cum just yet. Here, put your legs together."
June did as he asked, moving her legs inside his, as he sat back on her thighs with his big cock obscenely stretching the tiny little slit between the underaged little girl's legs.
"Now look down, where your brother's cock is about to squirt baby juice in your womb. Big brother's gonna make a baby in that cute little belly."
June followed his directions, and looked at her flat little tummy, now being stretched by the pulsing of her brother's bloated penis, then farther down between her legs, where his engorged cock vanished into the tiny hole she used to pee out of. The obscene sight was almost too much for the aroused child.
"Oh Jeremy, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck ME!" she cried, as her immature young cunt started to convulse around her big brother's slippery, sliding cock.

"her own brother's potent seed squirting into her receptive womb, caused June to climax" Page 33 

Unable to hold out much longer, Jeremy came down on top of the little girl and started to jam his cock into his sibling's slippery little hole with rapid strokes. Feeling his 12-year-old sister's smooth little belly rubbing against his, her pert nubbins of breasts poking his chest like little spikes while her spasming slit squeezed his cock like a runaway milking machine was too much for the older boy. Jeremy jammed his erupting prick all the way up in his little sister's belly. This time, the sperm he had already ejaculated inside the youngster lubricated his cock, so that the head of his penis pushed past the clasping ring of her cervix and clear into the little girl's womb.
"OW!" June said, as the 14-year-old boy's cock stretched her uterus. Then she couldn't say anything, as the feeling of her own brother's potent seed squirting into her receptive womb, caused June to climax with an intensity she couldn't believe.
"Wuh WuH! Wuh," the tiny girl panted, as the sensation of each ejaculation of her big brother's semen into her belly caused her to climax. June could feel the base of her brother's distended cock expand, then felt the swelling progress up the bloated conduit, until it concluded with the forceful injection of another dollop of prolific sperm into her fertile young belly. Each copious squirt of her big brother's seed into the child's eagerly accepting womb caused her to climax all over again, until she almost blacked out.
Jeremy was too engaged in his own climax to notice his sibling's predicament. The feeling of his little sister's cervix clenching at the head of his penis like a vagina within a vagina was too much. He kept pushing his engorged member as far as he could into the squirming child, while he ejaculated jet after jet of semen into her tightly stretched little belly. Each time the older boy thought he was finished, June's wildly convulsing vagina would squeeze his cock again, and his penis would respond by sending another surge of sperm into his little sister's 12-year-old womb.
All good things must end, and Jeremy's mighty ejaculations finally slowed down to spurts, then a trickle, and finally just an ooze leaking into his younger sibling's distended belly. June, without the extra stimulation of her virile older brother pumping cum into her womb, slowly came down from her high.
"Boy that was good!"
Jeremy couldn't help but agree.
June reveled in the risky feeling of having her own brother's thick sticky sperm warming the inside of her belly. The little girl felt so chock full of the warm, gooey, life- giving fluid, her handsome big brother had been injecting into her womb, that she thought her little tummy might burst. "Wow, I never thought it would be like that!" she said, as the head of his shrinking cock pulled out of the tight clasp of her cervix with a slight popping feeling.

"Me neither," Jeremy agreed, running his hands up and down his little sister's naked body while he enjoyed the feeling of her greasy, cum-filled vagina massaging his now soft member. "Was that good enough, little sister? I feel as if I shot enough baby juice in your belly to impregnate a hundred girls."
"Mmmmmmm! I hope so!" June leaned into the boy's caresses and squeezed her brother's soft cock with her little slit. "I don't know what I'll do when tomorrow comes, and we can't do it for real any more. The feel of you trying to get me pregnant is too good."
"We shouldn't even be doing it this time," Jeremy pointed out. "If that cute little belly of yours starts to swell, there's going to be trouble."
June looked down at the flat little belly that her brother's big cock was no longer stretching. The young girl imagined her smooth little tummy being swollen by her handsome big brother's baby. "Mmmmm. I don't care. It was worth it," she replied. "I wouldn't mind having your baby growing inside my belly, making it big. It's just what other people would say."
"Like Mom and dad."
A shiver of fear went through the little girl. "Yeah, them too."
At that moment, both children heard the clock in the hall chime the hour.
"Oh god, I've got to do my homework before supper!"
"And I've got to meet Cindy at the library!"
The two incestuous lovers pulled apart. As Jeremy's cock exited his sister's slit, it was followed by a torrent of pinkish fluid.
"Oh Wow what's that?"
"Stop it before it gets on the bed!"
Jeremy grabbed madly for something, anything to stop the flow of pinkish-tinged semen that was flowing from his sister's ravished vagina. "Here, use this!" he said, as he grabbed his shirt and stuffed it at the little girl's hole.
"Not your favorite shirt!" she exclaimed, as he swabbed her slightly sore pubic area.
"It'll always be my favorite shirt now," He replied, as he dabbed at the trickle that still seeped from her crack. "How come it's not white? I never knew girl's cum was pink."
"Silly! That's just my maidenhead, my virginity. You popped my cherry remember?"
Jeremy blushed crimson at the reminder. "I'm sorry," he said.
"Not too sorry I hope."
Jeremy's blush grew even brighter if possible. "No," he whispered, "I loved it."
"Me too."

With that, the two children broke up and Jeremy, gathering his clothes, headed for his room, taking one last aprecciative look at his little sister's lovely developing body. The little girl posed a moment for her older brother, displaying her budding young breasts and the childish vagina peeping from between her shapely legs, before she quit with a quiet, "Damn!"
"What's the matter?" Jeremy paused in his exit to inquire.
"Your cum. It's running down my leg."
Sure enough, Jeremy could see a glob of white on the little girl's leg while a trail of wetness stretched all the way back to her down-covered little slit.
"Don't worry," she said, as she dabbed at it with a tissue, "I'll just use a tampon" She giggled at a sudden thought. "I used to use them to keep boy's sperm out. Now I'm using one to keep yours in." At his quizzical look she explained, "I'd wear one when I went on a date, so I could tell the boy I couldn't fuck because I was having my period, and I'd be able to show him. Actually, it never happened, but I was ready."
Jeremy giggled also at the revelation, then headed for his own room. Quickly glancing down the hall, and seeing no one, he made a silent dash for his room to get dressed and start on his delayed homework. He didn't notice his mother as she sat taking a shit in the bathroom. Mary had been coming back into the house from out in the garden, when she had felt her stomach cramping and had made a mad dash for the bathroom just in time to get her panties down before the quick bout of diarrhea caused her to lose control. She wished she had been able to shove the door shut, and was trying to reach it with her toe, when she heard the door to June's room open, shut, and footsteps come down the hall. She was about to ask her daughter to close the bathroom door for her, when she shut her mouth with a snap. It wasn't June. It was her son, moving fast down the hall without looking to either side. For the second he was in view, she stared. The teenager was completely naked, and it was obvious that her son was no longer her "little" boy. From the size of the piece of meat dangling between his legs, she was sure that he would give lot's of pleasure to some lucky little girl, when he got older.
A sudden chill ran down her spine. "Older? Lucky little girl?" Her words replayed themselves in her mind as she remembered that her "little" boy had just come from his little sister's room, naked, and Mary knew June was still in there, because she could hear the little tune the child sang as she got dressed. The tune was the same one June always sang as she put on her clothes: "Some day my prince will come." June had been singing that song as she got dressed for years. Ever since they had brought the video "Snow White" home, the girl had at first sang it all day long. Finally she had slowed down enough so that she only sang it while getting dressed. Mary used it as an invisible marker on her child's progress every morning. She new just when the girl was "decent" and just when she finished putting on her shoes. Now, for instance, Mary knew the little girl was pulling on her panties from the progression of the song.

"Pulling on her panties!" The thought burst into her mind. And her son was naked! What were the two of them doing in there? All sorts of answers flooded her mind. "Playing Doctor." "You show me yours, and I'll show you Mine." "Mommy and Daddy, where I put my penis in your hole." That last thought, along with the remembrance of what Suzy had done that morning with her father stopped her. What was she getting excited about? June was older than she had been for her first time, and certainly much older than Suzy. Still, the woman made a vow to herself to keep an eye on the two siblings. She didn't want her little babies getting hurt. She also had to admit that she was more than a little turned on at the prospect of mating her two children. Mary decided that she had better prepare herself for a bigger family in the near future. With her husband busy breeding their youngest daughter and trying to get the little girl pregnant, and her older son and daughter doing Lord-knows-what, stark naked in the little girl's bedroom, she figured that there was going to be the patter of little feet in the house before long.
Mary thought a little longer before she left, smiling, to make dinner. "You know, Mary," she said to herself, "this might actually be fun!"

"the boy slipped the head of his swollen penis up into his little sister" Page 37 

Cindy gets some help from her mother

Cindy Macon was horny. This was not unusual. In fact, she always seemed to be horny. For the past two years, ever since her breasts had started to grow, she had been horny most of the time. If it hadn't been for her brother, who helped her out with his tongue and fingers at least once a day, she probably would have been pregnant six times over. As it was, she had been able to remain a virgin in spite of the enormous pressures for a child of her obvious sensuality. The last 3 months had been the worst, as she started having regular periods. Her first one had been 6 months ago, and it had caused her to get so aroused that she had almost fucked one of the jocks who always seemed to be making lewd passes at her. If their passes hadn't been so crude, that they turned her more off than on, she probably wouldn't be a virgin right now. As it was, her brother was the only man who had ever touched her. He had showed her how to satisfy a man with her mouth and tongue, while eating her pussy with a relish that never seemed to diminish.
Only once, had the older boy ever gone any further. That time, Billy had come upon his little sister, while the little girl was pulling out her last used tampon. Billy had asked his sister if she was "on the rag." When the little girl replied that her monthlies had just ended, the boy proceeded to eat his sister's creaming little pussy to about six screaming orgasms. Billy had been jacking himself off all during the time he ate the little girl out. While the child was lying there, weak and spread-eagled in front of him, the boy slipped the head of his swollen penis up into his little sister's well-lubricated young slit, and proceeded to ejaculate wad after wad of hot slippery incestuous cum right up inside the defenseless little girl's unprotected young belly. The warm, sticky feeling of having her handsome big brother's slick gelatinous sperm soaking into her receptive young vagina, had caused Cindy to climax like never before.
Cindy had begged her older brother to repeat the process. Billy had refused, insisting that he didn't want to get his little sister pregnant. He had told the girl that if she still wanted it, to come to him when her period ended next month, and he might do it again. Cindy had been waiting for a month now. She had been about to tell her brother that she was ready, when the episode in the schoolteacher's office had occurred.
Cindy's blood was about to boil from sexual arousal, and she decided that enough was enough. Tonight, she would go to sleep as a woman, not a scared little virgin. She knew just the person to do the job, after that steamy episode yesterday. But first, she had to find out about Suzy.

Nobody was surprised, when Cindy showed up at the Fisher residence, and walked right into Suzy's bedroom without knocking. The two girls were together so much, and Cindy slept over so often, that it almost seemed like her own home. In fact, there had been several humorous suggestions about giving the girl her own room.

Suzy was lying on the bed; finger up her slit; working herself to another orgasm. To Cindy it seemed that her cousin's little crack was shinier that she had ever seen it before. Oblivious to her cousin's presence, Suzy mumbled to herself as she ticked her clit, and rammed a finger up her tiny snatch. "Oooooh Daddy. Shoot your cum in me. Make a baby in me." The child's obscene mumbling turned to grunts and moans as she reached her climax. "Uhnnn. Oooh. Aaaaaahhhh!" The little girl groaned as she finally came back to reality. "Cindy!" she exclaimed in shock, "how long have you been here?"
"Long enough, cousin mine," Cindy gloated. "I guess you finally got what you wanted. Didn't you?"
"I'm not supposed to tell," came the whispered response.
"You don't have to. Tell me, was it good?"
"Mmmmm," was the only reply.
"I can tell. Now guess what?"
"What?" asked Suzy, all ears now.
"I'm going to do it tonight."
"No! With who?" Suzy couldn't believe it. First her, and now Cindy. It seemed like everything was turning to sex.
"Mr. Stockdale."
"No! I don't believe it." Suzy was aghast. "But he's our teacher!"
"Not any more, remember. And I know just how to get him." Cindy sounded sure of herself, even though doubts were beginning to nag.
"Are you going to do it now?" Suzy asked.
"In a few minutes. I've got to talk to Mother first." Cindy got to her feet. "But, I just HAD to find out about you first. Wow! You really did it. All the way? He didn't pull out?"
Suzy first nodded, then shook her head.
"Well, I hope you don't get pregnant," Cindy said, as she headed out the door.
Suzy Fisher's quiet reply almost stopped her in her tracks.
"I do."
The implications of her cousins last words stirred up even more turmoil in Cindy Macon's overheated little brain. Suzy wanted to! Wow! She wondered if she'd have the nerve. Well, "Que Sera Sera." If she did, she did. Now, to get her mother in on her plan.

Bang! The screen door slammed shut as she entered the Macon Kitchen.
"Cindy. How many times do I have to tell you. . ." Arlene Macon was a petite woman who looked almost as young as some of her older daughters. "What's the matter honey?" she changed directions swiftly. Her maternal instincts were strong, and her empathy was unbounded. She knew something was bothering her little girl. Cindy may not have looked like a little girl, but Arlene knew that inside she was still a barely 11 year old child.
"Mommy, You know how Billy sometimes has Marylin over for the night?"
Arlene knew what her child was referring to. It was something she had suggested to Marylin's parents, and they both agreed it was better than having the two kids making out at the drive-in, and possibly getting picked up by the police.
"Yes dear. So?" she prompted.
"I want to have a boyfriend over." The statement was flat.
Arlene sucked in her breath. She knew it would have to happen someday. But Cindy was so young! She knew she couldn't let the child down now, when she obviously needed her mother's love the most.
"So, have him over." She somehow managed to get the words out without seeming strained.
"Uh Mom?" The voice was hesitant.
"Yes dear?"
"He's an older man."
"Not married I hope?" Arlene couldn't keep the edge of fear for her baby girl out of her voice.
"Mommy! I'm not that dumb!" the little-girl voice continued, "It's Mr. Stockdale."
Arlene felt so relieved she almost sat down. Of all the people she knew, the 5th-grade teacher was one of the most attractive and kindly (outside of the classroom) men she had ever met. She knew several of the young (and not-so-young) women about town had set their caps for him. It was no wonder Cindy was, to pardon the expression, "Going to take a crack at him." She sniggered to herself at her little joke.
"I see," she said to her overeager child, "and does the poor man know about this yet?"
"Uh, no Mom. That's where I needed your help," Cindy blurted.
"Why don't you pull up a chair, and tell old Arlene all about it Honey." The girl's mother picked up the ever-ready coffee pot from the stove and sat down to listen.
Cindy sighed with relief. Her mother was going to help.
For the next hour, the older woman listened to her little girl, as she poured out her story of frustrations and horniness. She had already known about the child and her brother, but the bit about the tampon was new to her.
"You had your period this week honey?" Arlene inquired worriedly.
Cindy reassured her mother, then continued with her tale. When she got to the part about the teacher's office and the torn panties, her mother was wiping her eyes in sympathetic laughter. "That poor poor man!" she snickered.

Cindy didn't hold back a thing. She told her mother about Suzy's bet, and what she thought the probable outcome was. Finally she got down to the point. "Mom. I'm so frustrated. Suzy's getting what she wants, though it might take a while. Billy's getting his rocks off in Marylin almost every night. Listening to you and dad every morning makes me want to scream. If I don't get laid for real, I'll probably take Joe up on his offer."
Joe Jackson, (J. J. to his friends, of which there were few.) was a crude oaf of a boy in the 7th grade who was always bragging about the girls he had laid, and how he never used a rubber. His swaggering bullying manner turned off most of the girls, but Cindy knew that a few were turned on by it. In fact, there was a rumor that more than one of his "girlfriends" had turned up pregnant, and had to get an abortion. Nobody could imagine any girl in her right mind wanting to keep his baby. A couple of times, he had slobbered at Cindy, and once he had even offered to teach both Cindy and her cousin Suzy "the Fact's of Life," and "How to make a baby." The offer had so disgusted Cindy that she hadn't felt like eating that night.
Arlene smiled. She knew her daughter better than that! Still, she obviously needed help, and knew where she wanted it from. "I'll take care of everything dear."
"Oh Mom." The sigh of relief seemed to fill the house.
"Now you get ready for your 'date' dear, and I'll take care of John Stockdale." Arlene shooed her wayward child out of the kitchen as she reached for the phone.
It seemed like eternity, even though it only took 3 rings before the click in the receiver told Arlene that someone was on the other end of the line.
"Stockdale," came the firm response.
"John, This is Arlene Macon. Yes, Cindy's mother. Are you busy tonight?"
Cindy snuck back to the hall where she could hear the one- sided conversation.
"Well could you break it? Something has come up."
A pause.
"Yes I know. Cindy told me something that happened yesterday after school, and I think that we should take care of the matter."
"No, it can't be done over the phone."
"Fine, I'll expect you at 6 O'clock for dinner."
"Yes, for dinner. Be on time."
"Oh, and one more thing."
"Bring a toothbrush. You'll be spending the night."
With that there was a 'click,' and Arlene turned to her gleeful child who was no longer even pretending to hide in the hall.
"Well! I bet that got his curiosity up!" Arlene smiled at her offspring. "Now to take care of your Father."

Arlene proceeded to the bedroom where her husband was reading on the bed, and shut the door.
Cindy snuck down after her, and listened intently. All she could hear were mumbles, punctuated by an occasional loud exclamation of: "She WHAT!" "NO!" "But she's just a baby!" "Who?" "I will not!" And finally: "Ok. OK! I give up. You win!" followed by more mumbles, then giggles. Shortly, the unmistakable squeaking of bedsprings, told Cindy what was now taking place. A moment later, the door suddenly popped open, and Cindy was confronted by her naked father. He had a nice 7-inch cock, just slightly bigger than her brother's, and a gob of white sticky stuff obscenely welled from the tip.
"Well, If you're going to spy, you might as well have a good seat," he grunted, as he pointed to the chair alongside the bed. He turned the beam of his infectious smile on her to take the sting away. Cindy sat on the indicated chair with a thump.
"How. How, could you tell?" she finally got the breath to inquire.
This brought snickers from both parties on the bed.
"Watch," instructed her Father, as he got up again and brushed by the girl on his way out of the bedroom. A sticky glob of his cum smeared the child's cheek as his cock was rubbed across it.
George Macon went outside and closed the bedroom door. "Look," said Arlene, pointing at the bottom of the door-frame. There was a quarter-inch strip of light at the bottom of the door. A shadow halfway across showed where the girl's father's feet blocked the light. "We could always tell," Arlene told her girl. Cindy was mortified.
"That's Ok honey. We didn't mind," the woman reassured her child, as her husband reentered the room and proceeded to mount his wife in full view of their astonished little girl.
Pretty soon the woman was climaxing violently on the bed. The thought of her little girl watching made her cum fast.
George Macon, on the other hand, had already ejaculated once in the petite little woman, and wasn't ready to cum again so soon. "Come here," he said, motioning to the girl, sitting on the bed in front of him. "Show me what your brother has been teaching you."
Cindy eagerly complied. Taking her father's big penis in her hot little hands, she began licking the cum off the tip. Then, swirling her tongue around a big glob of sperm that oozed up out of the piss-hole, she swabbed it all over the now thoroughly erect member and proceeded to swallow her father's cock. Up and down, up and down she sucked while moving her tongue back and forth, sticking it in the slit at the end to lap up the gobs of pre-cum that kept oozing out. She couldn't wait for her father to cum in her mouth.

"Cindy stopped to lick one last glob of sperm off the tip of his prick." Page 43 

"Wait. Stop!" The girl's father pulled her off his already spasming cock. "I don't want to cum yet."
Cindy stopped to lick one last glob of sperm off the tip of his prick. "I wanted you to cum," she pouted.
"In a bit. Now just lie back on the bed here."
"Take off your dress Honey, lie down, and let me look at you," he amplified.
Cindy skinned her short dress off over her head, and slid her panties off in record time. Spreading her legs, she lay there open, for her father's inspection. George pulled apart the lips of his little daughter's almost hairless slit and looked inside. Slick and wet, a bubble of clear liquid started to well out of the tiny hole. His daughter was ready to fuck all right. He envied the man who was about to take her virginity. Still, he could taste her, even if he wasn't to be the first to fuck her. He lowered his head and swabbed the little-girl-slit with his tongue. It was like a bomb went off when his tongue touched the little nubbin at the top.
"Waaaauuugh" The buildup had been too much for Cindy. She climaxed violently. The wracking spasms of her body kept pushing her crotch at her father. The man kept licking and sucking until the child slowly stopped her wild gyrations. When Cindy regained her composure, she found that her father was no longer licking her slit, but instead had pushed a finger two knuckles deep into her vagina and was probing for her hymen.
George enjoyed the feeling of his child's vagina sucking and squeezing on his finger. Finally, after about 2 inches had gone in, he encountered an obstruction.
"Ow!" said Cindy. She really was a virgin!
"Just checking," her father said. "I don't want you to get hurt if your hymen is too tough when you get fucked tonight." He continued probing until he had assured himself that the child's virginity was not only intact, but from the feel of it, thin enough and with a slight tear in the center, no problem for a really stiff cock.
"Get fucked tonight. Her Father was going to let her. He didn't want her to get hurt." The man's words went round and round in her head. Her Father loved her! And she loved him too, she realized.
"Daddy, don't you want to. . ." She pointed down at his erect member, now dripping pre-cum on the carpet. "Put it inside me?" she finished.
"That's for your 'boyfriend,'" her father explained. "Still, your mother says you and your brother. . ." He looked at his little girl speculatively.

Cindy nodded.
Accepting his little girl's acquiescence, George took his engorged cock and put the drooling tip right up against the entrance to his daughter's open vagina. Drops of pre-cum lubricated the head of his engorged weapon as he swabbed it up and down in the sensuous little girl's almost hairless slit. Each time his penis reached the entrance to the child's spasming little hole, he would push the tip of his cock in, and let a bubble of slippery fluid be injected into the receptive belly of the nubile young girl.
"George! You're going to get that little girl pregnant," his wife admonished him.
"It's OK, Daddy," Cindy reassured him.
Ok for what? For him to cum in her, or for him to get her pregnant? George decided that whichever it was, the chance was worth it. "Here it comes, honey," he exclaimed; as he pushed the head of his turgid penis into the tight ring at the entrance to his sexy young daughter's tight little vagina. There was a slight popping sensation, then he felt the muscles of his pubescent child's vagina clasping and squeezing the head of his cock. The sensations were exquisite. His penis, looking like a hose connecting 2 fireplugs, spasmed and sent a thick sticky glob of sperm into his diminutive offspring's clutching young belly.
Cindy loved it. After her previous orgasm, to have her own handsome father squirting his warm sticky semen inside her hungry vagina, soothed the aching in her tummy she had felt all day. The tiny risk of pregnancy just added to the thrill. "C'mon Daddy, Squirt some more. Let me feel your cum." she requested.
The clasping of the juvenile vagina around the tip of her parent's penis was the last straw for George. His distended cock inflated tremendously, and began sending torrents of slick greasy sperm into the swelling belly of his surprised little girl. Squirt after squirt. Cindy was amazed at how much cum her father had for her. She felt her tiny little tunnel being stretched by the pressure of her father's squirting sperm, and still the man kept spasming, as his balls emptied themselves into the squeezing little belly of his sexy young daughter. Cindy wrapped her hot little fingers around her father's cock. Now the young girl could feel each separate bulge of her own father's potent sperm, as it worked its way up the tube on the bottom of his penis, and then expanded the head, before being injected into her distended little belly.
"Cum in me Daddy. Squirt your hot sticky Daddy-cum in Cindy's little belly." Arlene climaxed as she heard the obscene words come from her daughter's lips, while she watched her husband frantically trying to inseminate their little girl.

"Mmmmm Daddy. I like that," Cindy said, as she felt her father working about an inch of his cock in and out of her tiny little slit, trying to milk the last greasy curds of hazardous baby-making sperm up into his own diminutive young daughter's virginal 11-year-old belly. Cindy reached down and grasped the base of her father's virile penis, and then with a sensual milking motion, proceeded to strip the last lingering globs of incestuous sperm up through the tube on the bottom and into her eagerly accepting vagina. The sensations, as each last greasy curd expanded the head of the man's penis, and then exited into the welcoming young belly of his not-even-12 year old daughter, were incredible.
"It must be something about breeding your own kid," George thought. Then he had a touch of horror, as he realized he might have done just that. Still, knowing that his daughter had taken his sperm willingly, and wouldn't be upset if he did get her pregnant, made George love the little girl more than he would previously have conceived. He thought he had loved his little girl before, but now he knew that it had been just a shadow of what was possible.
As the last greasy dollop of semen squirted from the head of his penis, into the clasping young vagina of his own sexy little daughter, George Macon's cock began to shrink. The head of his swollen cock was still trapped in his daughter's tight little vagina; the muscles at the entrance wouldn't let it go. The contractions of his own child's pussy, squeezing the head of his penis, felt so good; he didn't want to withdraw. Still, all good things must end. "I'm going to pull out now," he warned.
"George, Wait!" The frantic cry from his wife stopped the exit of the father's cock from his offspring's belly, and he paused while Cindy continued to milk the tip of his now diminished penis with her squeezing vagina. Shortly, Arlene returned from the hall with a large towel, which she placed underneath the incestuously coupled duo.
"There! Now you won't get it all over the bed and carpet," she said, as she watched the father and daughter uncouple.
As George's penis left his daughters' vagina, it was like pulling a plug. A gush of white sticky sperm came flooding out and soaking into the towel. Cindy's belly felt empty. She had loved the warm feeling of her father's slippery sperm filling her vagina, and now it was all running out.
"Oh Daddy, I wish I could keep it all inside," she moaned, as the torrent subsided and all she felt was a slight trickle of her father's sticky cum soaking into her immature young womb.

Arlene Macon clucked as she helped clean up the ravished vagina of her young daughter. "All I can say is: You took quite a chance young lady, especially with that man of yours, coming over for dinner. Who's baby are you going to have anyway?"
Cindy blushed beet red. "Nobody's. At least not right now. I'm pretty safe."
"Uh Huh. Cindy, do you know what the medical term is for girls like you, who rely on the rhythm method?" Arlene asked her daughter.
"No, What."
"Oh. Oh! I see what you mean. Does that mean I can't have Mr. Stockdale 'do it' in me? I wanted to feel his cum inside me, the first time."
Arlene looked seriously at her young daughter and replied, "do what you must. I just want you to be aware of what might happen."
"Oh, I am Mommy, I am." Cindy shivered at the thought. She might already be pregnant. And by her own Father! Then she shivered at an even more deliciously scary thought. Tonight, she was going to try again. All night long. And with Mr. Stockdale!
"God, I hope I don't get pregnant." She shivered. The thought of having a baby was scary, but a little exciting too.
"You'll be pretty safe," her mother reassured her, "at least for about a week. Then you'd better cool it." Arlene's advice, though somewhat at odds with her earlier statement, made sense to Cindy.
"Ok Mom," she said, as she got up to take a shower. Cindy left the room stretching her naked body to work out the kinks, never noticing the large glob of sperm that dribbled out of her puffy slit, and ran obscenely down her leg. She felt so good! She didn't realize the perfect spectacle she made of herself as a freshly fucked young girl, but her parents did.
"Wow, did you see that?!" Arlene called her husband's attention, but he had already noticed, and his cock started to rise again, even after all the abuse it had received.
Arlene decided that she had better make use of it before it vanished, and before she was all the way to the bathroom, Cindy heard the now familiar squeaking of the bed, along with loving murmurs of: "Child-raping, daughter-fucker." "Horny slut." "Incestuous pedofile." "Child-procuring Madam." The murmurs died down, as the action got faster. There was a peak of activity, just before Cindy turned on the shower, and she heard the final murmurs. These were almost inaudible; but she had heard them so many times before, she could recognize them from the tone, if not the content. "I love you, Honey." "I love you too, Dear."
Cindy finished her shower and prepared for her 'date'. She wondered how Mr. Stockdale was going to respond.

Cindy and the hot-tub

"Mommy, I don't know what to dooo!" The little-girl wail was at complete odds with the spectacle of the half-naked woman- child figure, with a towel wrapped around its waist that filled the doorway.
"I can't just come out and ask him. What if he says no?" The child's torment was obvious.
"I thought you said he wants to," the older woman replied.
"I can tell he wants to. He can still say no. He might be afraid." The cause of her child's distress was now obvious.
"Come here dear. I've got an Idea." Arlene held out her arms to the distressed child. "Now listen. He can't say no, if he never gets asked. Now here's what we're going to do." She started to whisper into the little girl's ear as Cindy had plopped down naked in her mother's lap, dropping the towel as her head started bobbing up and down. Pretty soon, giggles started to shake the girl, while her swelling little breasts bobbed up and down deliciously.
"Aren't you going to tell us too?" asked Billy Macon, enjoying the spectacle of his naked little sister's bobbing breasts. His Father had already explained to him about his sister's 'date,' and he couldn't wait to see how she brought it off. The three of them had been sitting around the kitchen table discussing the upcoming evening when Cindy's spectacular entrance had stopped them.
"No, You men, will just have to watch and see." Arlene was adamant. "Your reactions will be more genuine that way." "Just remember to act as if this was all perfectly natural, and it happens every day." "And stop ogling your sister's boobs!" "It isn't as if you never saw them before," she finished, in mock disgust.
At this, Cindy brazenly stuck out her aroused semi-developed breasts at her brother, and wiggled them provocatively. The older boy got up; calmly walked over to the naked little girl;and gave each jiggling mound a long sucking kiss. Then said with a smirk, as he left the room just ahead of his mother's swat, "They're nice boobs Sis." His voice blended into the slam of the screen door, "But I've seen better."
"He has too," the exasperated, but loving voice of his mother continued, "That Marylin!"

Both of the other two remaining occupants of the room started snickering. Marylin and her boobs. It was funny, yet almost tragic, the way Billy's 16-year old girlfriend was mainly noticed for her breasts. Most men never even saw her pretty face, or her petite little body. The teenager's breasts stuck out like cannons in front of her. Only 16, and she already wore a 44D bra. Even Dolly Parton didn't look so top-heavy. Of course, it didn't help, that the sexually obsessed teenybopper wore tight sweaters, or tiny bikini-tops to emphasize her overdevelopment.
The sex-bomb had gone through a string of boyfriends, and even older men with an abandon that had rocked the neighborhood for a year. Once, there had even been rumors of a charge of statutory-rape against one of the married men down the street. It wasn't until the nymphet had settled on Billy as her semi- permanent stud-in-waiting, that the hoorah started to die down. It seemed that his nonchalance, and willingness to put up with her promiscuous ways kept her coming back, as she had never done for any of the other boys. Billy knew that one man would never be enough for the sex-obsessed teenager, and was happy that she preferred him as her primary source of satisfaction. He could feel the love developing between the two of them, and knew if he just bided his time, she would probably say, "Yes," when he asked her to marry him. In the mean time: "Since he was already getting the milk free, why buy the cow?" It was a standard family joke made even more funny by Marylin's oversized mammarys.
Tonight, Marylin would be joining them for dinner, but the two would stay at her parents' house that night. Sometimes they slept in Billy's room, and sometimes at her place. Her parents had long-ago given up on controlling their child's sexual excesses, and were relatively relieved to see her confining most of her sexual activity to just one partner. Billy was almost as welcome at her house, as at his own, because they saw in him a possible permanent solution.
At the moment, Billy was on his way to pick up Marylin for dinner at his house, then back to hers, for a night of sleeping together. If they actually got any sleep that is. The boy had left early, because Marylin had promised him a 'quickie' if he hurried.
Arlene sighed to herself. Her "little" boy, was almost as oversexed as the blond bombshell he was screwing. Look what he had done with his innocent little sister. She started giggling at the new train of thought, as she considered what the "innocent" little girl was planning. Well, maybe not so innocent.

John Stockdale was sweating as he reached out to push the button beside the door. He glanced at his watch. Precisely 2 minutes to 6. The man considered waiting another minute or two to be exactly on time. He hated it when guests showed up early at his house. Finally, he decided that by the time the doorbell was answered, and introductions had been made, the point would be moot. "BING! bong," went the bell, and the door jumped open startling him. Cindy had been following her mother's instructions, and was soaking in the hot-tub ready to jump out when the family had announced the arrival of his car. She had jumped out of the tub, and had been waiting, dripping, on the hallway floor, for him to press the button. It had seemed like an incredibly long 2 minutes.
The handsome man was almost floored by the vision that appeared in the doorway. The girl, ("No, make that woman," he thought.) framed in the light of the lowering sun was almost naked. She had obviously just gotten out of some kind of pool, because her hair was soaked, and dangling in strings, and she wore a tiny bikini that didn't hide a single one of her charms. The two tiny, almost transparent, triangles that covered her budding breasts were plastered down, and John could see each erect nipple through the gauzy wet cloth. The third triangle vanished into the crack of her pouting vagina; actually inside the lips, instead of covering them. (Her mother had worked hard, to get just the right effect.) The result was overpowering. She would have been a lot less desirable looking if she had been merely naked.
"Oh Mr. Stockdale!" Cindy exclaimed. The nubile young girl jumped at him with childlike glee, and wrapping her wet arms around his neck, and gave him an open mouthed kiss that made the one he had gotten the other day seem like one from a maiden aunt. She pushed her lively little tongue between his teeth, and almost down his throat, then wiggled her wet squirmy body so close that he felt she had been plastered to his front. He had to put his arms around the squirming child to keep his balance. The man's arms automatically wrapped themselves around the excited little girl, and he couldn't help but be turned on by the feeling of her wet naked skin. It had been a long time, since he had a naked woman in his arms, and never one so young and eager. Being handsome had its advantages, but never had a woman (Child, he corrected himself as he remembered her age.) come onto him like this.
All of a sudden, her age, the reason he had been called over, and the situation as it must look to her family caused him to break out in a cold sweat. He was dead! His school-teaching career was finished. They'd probably lock him up and throw away the key until he was so old he wouldn't know what to do with a woman, let alone be able to fuck one.
Cindy felt the man go stiff with shock in her arms. "Now what's wrong?" she thought. "What's wrong?" she put the thought into words.
"Your parents!" the desperate man gasped.

John managed to hold onto a ray of hope. Maybe nobody had noticed. The faint glimmer died when he saw an older woman at the head of the stairs. She had obviously been watching the reaction her offspring's attire and activity had been causing. Catching the man's eye, she smiled, and John almost fainted with relief. Her mother wasn't angry! In fact, she seemed almost pleased as she ushered her guest into the living room with a volley of words:
"Well why don't you invite the poor man in Cindy?"
"Shame on you. Don't you have any manners?"
"You must be John Stockdale. I see you and Cindy know each other" This last with a sparkle in her eyes and voice that left the man wondering. Didn't she mind?
The woman was still fairly good looking for her forty years. Time seemed to have gone easy on the fair skin and sensuous body. The woman's continuous friendly chatter gathered up her errant child and soon-to-be lover and deposited the two of them, alone, in the little girl's bedroom, without John Stockdale ever being able to figure out later, how it was done.
"Now you two sit right down here, and discuss your problem, while I finish fixing dinner." The woman exited through the door, and he heard the latch click. The silence was deafening.
"Our problem?" he finally managed to inquire.
"Well, My problem actually." The girl looked up at him hopefully.
"Uh?" he encouraged.
"I'm a virgin."
"So?" John Stockdale was not one to be pushed.
"So, I want you help me not-be one."
The older man felt his ears turning red. Alone in a room with a nubile young girl who wanted him to take her virginity was every man's wet-dream, but this was unheard of! He temporized.
"You What?" he exclaimed.
"I want you to make love to me. Take my virginity. Pop my cherry. Bust my hymen. Tap my. . .," she seemed about to continue, when he interrupted:
"Ok. I get the message." He paused. "Your parents would kill me."

"Mr. Stockdale." He got the feeling he was an idiot child being addressed by an adult.
"Yes." If he was going to be addressed as a child, he would answer as one.
"Who's bedroom are we in?"
"You're a man, I'm a woman, well girl," she amended.
He looked at her and had to agree again. Very definitely female.
"I'm almost naked right?"
John had to agree. Almost was right!
"Who brought us here?"
"Your mother." The light was beginning to dawn.
"Did you hear the door lock when Mommy left?"
He had, and he could now see where this conversation was heading.
"You may not have noticed, but we passed Daddy in the hall. Did you see him?"
He shook his head.
"Well he was there, and he saw US," she emphasized. "Now, for the sixty four thousand dollar question." She paused.
"What?" He couldn't help himself. He had to find out what she was getting at.
"How many Chaperones, do you see in this in this room?"
"You don't mean?" It was too much; he choked.
"Mommy and Daddy know I chose you. They want my first time to be nice, Not some hurried 'wham, bam, thank-you-mam' in the back seat of a jalopy. They like you. More important, they trust you. Do you know what I mean?"
He did, but another thought occurred. This had happened before.
"Cindy, you don't expect me to marry you do you?" He had to ask. Other women had tried the same trap, and her age didn't mean she was safe.
Cindy gave him a smile that warmed the whole room like the sun coming out.
"John. Do you mind if I call you John, now that I'm no longer in your class?"
"Please do."
"John," she savored the word. "If, when I get older, you decided you wanted me to spend the rest of my life with you, and asked me to, I might say yes. Right now, I'm just a horny young virgin, who wants to get laid, and you're the man I picked for the job. No more, No less."
"That's quite an honor in itself," he replied, shook by the child's wisdom.
"Then you will?" Cindy held her breath.
"I'll do my best."

At these quiet words, Cindy exploded with glee. Wrapping her nearly naked body around the man, she began covering him with kisses and hugs so that he felt nearly smothered. Responding freely this time, he ran his big hands all over her squirming little body. Feeling her nubile young tits, and running his hand down her flat little belly and slipping his finger into the crack between her legs. The feel of her soft naked skin was enough to drive a man wild.
The man was about to pull off the girl's bikini, when there was an interruption.
"Supper's ready, you two in there." The gruff voice obviously belonged to the girl's father.
"Just a minute Daddy!" The child's voice was two octaves higher.
"This'll have to do for now," Cindy said, as she snuggled her near naked body up to his and gave him a last tongue-sucking kiss that made his hair stand on end.
"Wow! When she gets a little older!" he thought, then gathered his mysteriously unbuttoned pants back together as they made themselves presentable for dinner. He watched as Cindy slipped into a baby-doll nightie that, if anything, made her look sexier than just the bikini alone.
Noticing his glance, she reassured him, "don't worry. It's just Family."
"Some family," was his thought, as the barely dressed little girl led him out the door, and into the kitchen where dinner was just getting underway.

That evening, John knew he would remember every minute of, until the day he died. He would probably dream of it when he was lying in his coffin. The thing that impressed him most, was the very ordinariness. The way everybody acted as if there was absolutely nothing unusual going on.
The first thing he noticed, was all the reassuring smiles everybody gave him, as the welcome chatter of the effusive woman led him over to the crowded table and ushered him into a chair where Cindy was squeezed in alongside. Everyone seemed genuinely glad to see him, and he couldn't detect a trace of phoniness in their cordial greetings.
"Hi Mr. Stockdale." This was from a 16 year old boy ("Young man," he corrected himself.) John recognized from his class of 5 years ago. Now he placed the boy (man) as Cindy's older brother. The teenager grinned at him, then gave an even bigger approving smile at his Cindy. Cindy smiled back as she snuggled closer.
A second, "Hello Mr. Stockdale," directed his attention to the woman who was sitting next to his former student. What a woman! If Cindy was dressed to arouse, this woman was a walking invitation to rape. The first thing you noticed (couldn't help but notice) was her enormously overdeveloped breasts. These topped a petite little body that seemed to exude sex. The hips were wiggled at him with a sensual promise that implied, "Anything you see, that you like, you can have." He rethought his earlier estimate. It would be impossible to rape someone who was that obviously willing. This incredible body was encased in a miniskirt that seemed to have been painted on. The skirt was so short, John realized he would be able to see the indentation of the woman's slit in her panties, even when she stood up. As for when she sat down. . . John felt himself get hot under the collar. The dress must have been cut to exact fit, because her enormous breasts stretched the fabric without a wrinkle. He realized he could make out the bumps of nipples through the fabric. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra, even with that exaggerated bosom.
John was finally able to force his popping eyeballs above the woman's neckline, and received a shock. This wasn't a woman. It was just a girl! He recognized the attractive face of the teenager from the same class as Billy Macon, and wondered what she was doing there.
"Don't mind Marylin," came the admonition from his table partner. "She fucks everybody. . . Can't help it. If you ever need a piece, just call Marylin." This astonishing morsel of advice from the girl who so obviously had a crush on him just about floored John. He looked over at the girls face above the twin cannons that were now directed at him. The huge mammarys of the girl swayed as she made a "mew" of her face at Cindy, then nodded to confirm the younger girl's statement.

John's embarrassment was cut short by two squeaky "Hi Mr. Stockdale."'s from his left. It was obvious that the two children sitting next to him, were not only brother and sister, but miniature versions of Billy and Cindy. He suddenly realized that he was looking at 2 of his prospective students for the next 2 years. As he gravely said hello, the 10 and 9-year-old youngsters lapsed into embarrassed silence. After all, what do you say to the teacher whose class everybody seemed to dread, but who turned a smile like that on you?
The schoolteacher ("Turned child-rapist," he thought to himself.) next turned to meet the person he had been dreading. The girl's father.
George Macon knew what was going on in the man's mind by the trapped-bird look the nervous pedagogue threw his way. "The man's trying desperately to smile," was his thought. He knew if he didn't put the man at his ease, his daughter's night would be ruined, and it would be his fault. "Well," he thought, as he approached the other man with a welcome smile, and a warm outstretched hand, "my oversexed daughter does have good taste in men."
George put the thought into words, smiled at the man's raised eyebrows, and spoke the other thought that had been in his mind all evening, "Just don't hurt my little girl." This caution was given in such a friendly positive manner, that John felt complimented, as well as warned.
The friendly, chattering woman made it clear that she was Cindy's mother, as she seated everyone, and started to serve dinner.
Dinner was a warm comfortable meal where everybody helped themselves. There was a constant background chatter about school activities being wrapped-up, friend's vacations being planned, and other beginning-of-summer activities. The roasted chicken was crisp on the outside, and hot and juicy on the inside. The potatoes were real mashed potatoes with a wonderful homemade chicken gravy. Everyone kept pressing him to: "Have some more of this," and "Won't you try some of that," until John felt like he was at his mother's house during one of her famous holiday feeds. During the entire meal, Cindy clung to his side, and while she joined in the friendly chatter, he noticed that she spent most of the time either listening, or just resting her head on his shoulder. All of a sudden, it seemed like he was doing the right thing by being here, instead of just indulging himself in some dirty-old-man's fantasy. He wrapped his arm around the sexy little girl, and enjoyed the warmth of her body as she snuggled into his caress. The other people at the table smiled at him, and he could feel the wave of approval at his loosening up. He decided, "If these people didn't mind. He shouldn't either."

At this, the last bit of tenseness left him; and he began to use his considerable diplomacy to be not only welcome in this extraordinary house, but to try to fit in. He started by befriending the two shy children on his left. After a short while, he had the two youngsters giggling over a story about 2 fish and a bear, his own father used to tell him when he was their age. Next, he turned his attention on Cindy's mother, and won her heart by begging for a copy of the recipe for the chicken gravy that he had liked so much. The two teenagers, he ingratiated by telling a story about the school picnic 5 years ago that filled in the missing pieces of what, to the children of that class, had been a mystery.
"Do you mean to tell me, that that's why there weren't any French-fries," snickered Marylin.
"Well, we couldn't use the grease after that, you know," he replied.
"Mrs. Johnson must have been mortified. I always wondered why she moved to Arizona." Billy was amused, but a little sad also. After all, Mrs. Johnson had been one of his favorite teachers. He had once had a terrific crush on the pretty young teacher, and it had been a blow when she had moved out of state.
John Stockdale turned his attention to the man sitting at the head of the table.
George Macon was amused. He had been watching the progress of his daughter's paramour's attention proceed around the table. As the pedagogue gave each person his attention, George could see the care he took, and his admiration for the man increased. By the time John had focused his attention on him, he prepared himself to be wowed.
Instead of speaking, John just looked at George, raised his eyebrows to show he knew his efforts were appreciated, and returned his attentions to the comely wench whose machinations had started this wild scenario. The "wench" was delighted. Her handsome soon-to-be lover, had made friends with her whole family, and was obviously pleased with her as well. She shivered with delight, as she remembered how her mother had planned the rest of the evening.
John Stockdale got up from his seat at the table. His stomach groaned. He hadn't eaten this well since his mother's thanksgiving feast. He started to gather up his dirty dishes, and help with the cleanup, but Arlene Macon would have none of it. "Now you go out in the living room, and take care of that little girl," she admonished him. As he moved to comply, the little woman hauled him to one side and whispered in his ear, "The poor girl has never had a date before. Now you do it up right, make like a young boy trying to get his date all hot and bothered without her family noticing. Seduce the girl. We'll all play along."
At this point, Arlene announced to the family that: "Mr. Stockdale will sleep in Cindy's room tonight, as the bed is bigger. Cindy, you use your brother's room. He's visiting Marylin tonight and won't be using it." She returned her attentions to the mismatched couple standing by the living room door.

"Now you two youngsters go in there, and have a good time. Cindy, you shouldn't still be wearing that swimsuit, go get decent," she chattered, as she ushered her offspring back to her bedroom to "Get decent," and John to an overstuffed love-seat that was placed back-to-back with a full-sized couch that faced the large television in the living room. From her 40-year vantage point, the 16 year difference in their ages was not that great. They were both "youngsters" to her.
From that moment on, the rest of the night seemed like one long wet dream to the sexually deprived teacher. A wet dream that he couldn't wake up from. If it had been any normal wet dream, he knew he would have woken up with the solution to his problem all over his hand in the first 20 minutes.
First, Cindy returned from her bedroom, wearing the same short dress she had been wearing the previous day. Only this time, she wore no pantyhose. She joined him on the couch, snuggled up to him with a sensual wiggle, and gave him a kiss that never seemed to end. John emerged from the kiss with a gasp.
"We'd better cool it Cindy, Your parents might notice." He decided to follow Arlene's advice, and play along.
"They won't notice, they're watching TV," whispered Cindy right back, getting into the game. "Besides, it's too dark over here for them to see anything."
John took a look around. Cindy was right. The rest of the family was watching some loud drama on the large television set, and if they wanted to look over at Cindy and her "date," they would have to really crane their necks. He also noticed the lighting was arranged so that he and Cindy were in almost complete darkness, while anyone looking at them would be looking into the glare of the bulb that provided the sparse illumination in the living room. It was almost as if someone had set up the room to make it easy for a girl to be seduced by her boyfriend there. (It had. Arlene had spent 2 hours adjusting the furniture angles to get it just right.)
The man reached for the girl, and wrapped his arm around her waist, up under her dress, just below her blossoming breasts. Cindy gave a delighted squeal, and kissed him again, as his fingers reached her bra-less bosom.
"Did you say something Cindy?" came the inquiry from the couch.
"No Mama," came the more subdued reply, "just talking to John here." She tried hard to keep from squealing again, as the man's warm hand started massaging her oversensitive breasts right underneath her skimpy little dress. Well, two could play at that game. She started massaging the front of his trousers with her hand.
"Unnnh." John couldn't hold back the groan, and they both glanced to see if the sound had attracted more attention from the other side of the room. Not apparently.

For the next hour, the two lovers "made out" on the love seat. They cuddled, and smooched, and he played with her breasts till the aureoles were red and swollen. He "felt her up" between the legs, and slid a digit in and out while she pretended to try to squirm away from his "immodest" advances. She responded by reaching in his pants, and fondling his organ until it was so swollen that even with it pointing straight up his belly, inside his pants, the tip was almost exposed at the top of his belt. Once, after checking to make sure nobody was looking, she pulled his belt down an inch, so she could kiss the tip, and wiggle her tongue in the slit. It took all of John's willpower to keep from exploding hot sticky sperm all over the excited child's face and his own pants. Mostly the two just kissed. "Kissing" was almost an insult to the ability of the girl, however. John didn't know who had taught the child to kiss. (It was her brother.) He was just grateful to be the one on whom she wanted to use her expertise. Her warm soft mouth would cover his, while she licked his teeth, and the inside of his mouth. She would then stick her tongue in his mouth and twine her tongue around his. Sometimes she would suck his tongue into her mouth, and sometimes she would shove her lively little tongue almost down his throat. All of this, while hugging and cuddling with him in a manner guaranteed to get a rise out of a stone statue.
It was almost a relief, when there was a "Bang!" from the screen door in the kitchen announcing the return of Billy and Marylin. It seemed that relatives had come to visit at Marylin's house and, with her room occupied by two cousins, she and Billy would not have the privacy she required. Arlene "solved" the bed mix-up, by announcing loudly, "Cindy, you'll just have to sleep on the couch tonight."
This interruption, spoiled the setting, so Arlene suggested that they all take a soak in the hot-tub.
John had noticed the hot tub, when he came into the house, but had been too distracted up to now, to realize that it was where his young "date" had been lying in wait.
"But I didn't bring a swimsuit," he pleaded.
"Oh don't be silly. You don't need one," came from the older woman, as she calmly stripped in front of everyone and proceeded to climb naked into the swirling water.
Cindy was already shrugging out of her dress; and he heard two loud cries of glee as two naked children dashed down the stairs and splashed into the large tub. As the two kids dashed by him, he was shocked when he noticed Cindy's younger brother, Mike. The little boy had the schlong of an adult! Little Ginny looked like any other little 9-year-old girl, beautiful face, with kind of a wistful expression on it, no breasts, or hips to speak of, and just a tiny hairless slit was visible before the two children vanished into the swirling water of the hot-tub.
"Well, When in Rome," he said, as he removed his pants, and followed the vision of loveliness down the stairs to the big redwood tub set deep in the floor. He lowered himself into the hot water, and then nearly jumped out again. The feeling of Cindy, rubbing her slippery naked skin against his, while she slithered up alongside him and nibbled on his ear, almost made his hair stand on end.

The girl snuggled up to him; rubbed her slippery young breasts against him; and cooed in his ear, "Look at Marylin. Isn't she just a sight?"
He pulled his attention away from his own reactions, and looked up to see what Cindy was talking about. It really was quite a sight. Marylin Summers was about to enter the tub naked. Her mammoth breasts stuck out in front of her even without a bra to support them. She was showing off her body to each of the men, as she pushed her oversized frontal development at each of them. "Marylin, Don't," pleaded Billy, embarrassed at his girlfriend's actions. The girl gave him a big pout, but subsided, and pushed through the water to where she could sit on his lap. John thought for a second, that the girl actually sat right down so her boyfriend's penis went up inside her, but decided it was an illusion caused by the swirling water. He had enough problems with his own penis, and the lovely young thing squirming in his lap had caused it to slip up between her legs where she occasionally would reach down in the water and give it a squeeze with her bare hand. Nobody seemed to notice.
John glanced over at Marylin again. The older girl was sitting there with a peaceful look on her face, as though she was enjoying something, while Billy had an almost strangled look on his. John wondered what the self-admitted sex-bomb was doing to the boy under the cover of the bubbling water. Whatever it was, nobody else seemed to notice. Shortly, Marylin got out of the water, grabbed a towel and headed up the stairs, leaving Billy looking bushed as he relaxed in the foamy waters.
The rush and bubble of the water were beginning to remind John of something. "Uh Cindy. Don't." Her touch was too much on his suddenly oversensitive cock. "Where's the bathroom? I've got to pee," he whispered in her ear, to keep from dying of embarrassment.
"Up the stairs. Second door on the right," came back the whispered response.
John got out of the tub in a hurry suddenly conscious of the fact that his naked cock was sticking straight out in front of like a billy-club where everyone could see. The only reaction he got though, was a point up the stairs from Arlene who seemed to guess what his problem was.
The man made a mad dash up the stairs, managed to avoid tripping over a pile of discarded clothing, and charged into the toilet in a hurried scramble. He came to an abrupt halt as he realized the bathroom was not empty. It was in fact occupied by Marylin, who was sitting on the stool letting Billy's cum drip out of her vagina, before returning to the hot tub. John Stockdale almost slid into the room on a loose bath mat, and he stopped with his overstimulated and underused cock almost in the face of the 16 year old girl with the overdeveloped bosom. His face turned red.

"I. I. . ." He tried to say, "I'm sorry," but the words just wouldn't come.
Marylin ignored his protestations. Staring her in the face was a lovely hard cock that needed service, and if there was one thing that Marylin knew, it was how to service a hard cock. She shut the man up by swallowing it.
"Oh Marylin, you don't have to. . ."
The girl ignored him and kept on sucking. She ran her tongue over the tip, licked up and down the shaft, and then just plain sucked until the overstimulation he had been getting all evening got the better of him.
"Uh Marylin, I'm going to cum. You'd better let me pull out." He tried to disengage, thinking she would be disgusted if he ejaculated in her mouth, and was astonished when she started sucking even harder. He couldn't help himself; he started to squirt hot sticky cum right into her mouth.
Marylin wrapped her tongue around the spewing instrument, and savored the taste of her former teacher's cum. She loved the taste of cum almost as much as she liked it squirting up her overheated little pussy. Besides, she had had a crush on "Mr." Stockdale for years. To have him squirting his seed in her mouth was almost a dream come true. She realized he was Cindy's date, but figured she would take the "edge" off him so he would be able to do the younger girl properly, she rationalized.
John's cock was now shrinking to its normal size, and the reduced pressure reminded him of the chore he had come into the bathroom to accomplish. "Marylin stop," he warned, "I've got to pee." The teenager kept on sucking the last of his cum out of his penis, and he could see her throat gulp as she swallowed the last drops.
"Marylin, I'm going to pee in your mouth if you don't stop!" he warned louder now, as his bladder control almost deserted him.
"Mmmmpfhhf Mmmmd," she responded, as she kept her mouth fastened around his now flaccid penis. It sounded vaguely like, "Go ahead."
The man lost control. His penis squirted. He tried to hold back, but his bladder pressure had grown too strong. John expected the girl to pull back in disgust, when he started to piss in her mouth, but she actually sucked harder. It was too much effort to restrain himself any more. He let go. A stream of urine poured out of his cock into the teenager's sucking mouth. He felt the youngster swallow more of his cock so the head of his penis was at the back of her mouth, and he was actually pissing down the girl's throat. John had never done anything so obscene in his life. A couple of women had "let him" come in their mouths, but they had not enjoyed it. This was incredible. The oversexed teenybopper with the massive boobs had not only swallowed his come, but she was sucking his cock while he emptied his bladder down her throat; drinking his urine as if she liked it. The man could see the muscles of the young girl's throat working, as she swallowed and strained to keep up with the deluge. It seemed like an eternity he stood peeing in the girl while the stream of urine poured down her throat. Finally, the torrent slowed to a trickle, then spasmodic squirts, then stopped.

Marylin pulled the man's cock from her mouth, and licked the few remaining drops from the head. She couldn't believe she had actually done that. It seemed so incredibly nasty, even for her. At the time however, it had seemed like the most natural thing in the world. She liked Mr. Stockdale a lot; and since she couldn't get up, she couldn't let him pee on the floor could she? She knew that there was a flaw in her logic somewhere, but was not inclined to trace it down. She decided she'd probably let him do it again, if he wanted to. She gave his cock one last obscene kiss, and told him, "Now you just go back there, and take good care of Cindy. But first. . ." At this she pulled his lips down to hers.
John was at first a little turned off at the thought of kissing the mouth that had just urinated in, when he remembered: It was his urine the girl had just swallowed, and if she liked him well enough to do that how could he refuse to kiss the mouth that had been so generous to him? He concentrated on giving Marylin the kiss she deserved, while ignoring the faint whiff of ammonia that clung to her mouth. After a few seconds, it no longer bothered him, and he let his tongue duel with hers for several long seconds before disengaging with a loud "smack!" He then gave Marylin a final peck on the lips, a grateful pat on the head, and left the bathroom to continue with his "date".
John returned to the hot tub feeling relieved. Without the twin pressures of a full bladder, and a hard cock, he felt like he might make it through the rest of the evening without embarrassing himself. He didn't realize that the state of his erection signaled more to those watching than he realized. He slid into the tub conscious of a battery of amused eyes on his naked body. "What's so funny?" he wondered, as Cindy slid up alongside him and rubbed her pert little mounds of breasts against his side. She reached down and fisted his now flaccid penis.
"Oh darn!" the little girl exclaimed, "Marylin must have gotten to him."
The man felt his face turn bright red as the tub exploded into laughter around him. He felt as though he wanted to duck his head under the water, and not bother to come up.
"It's OK," came the reassuring voice of the naked little girl squirming next to him. "I don't mind. We all know that Marylin will be Marylin."
John managed to reopen his eyes and look around the circle of family members in the tub. Eye after eye caught his, and each amused face gave him a nod that showed they appreciated his predicament. Nobody seemed to be mad at him, not even the little 11-year-old girl whose sexual privileges had been usurped. John resolved to make it up to her. He started running his hands up and down the sides of the naked little girl, ignoring the friendly crowd of family members that were so interestedly watching. He massaged the child's front, ran his hands over her slippery little breasts, and down between her legs. He then motioned her to get out of the tub, and onto a towel; where he proceeded to rub the naked little girl's back, really getting into the massage.

"Here, use this," came the quiet voice of the girl's mother.
He looked around. Except for Arlene, he was alone with Cindy. He could hear some quiet conversation leaking down from the living room; but that was the only other indication of life in the house. He looked back at the woman who was proffering him a tube of something.
"Use this," the woman repeated. "It makes the skin slippery." Then she handed him the tube of massage-oil. With that, she quietly left, and proceeded up the stairs to rejoin the rest of her family.
Cindy had turned over when she heard her mother's voice. Now she lay naked on the towel and enjoyed the slippery feel of her older lover's hands massaging her breasts, tummy, and legs. He tickled her little snatch, and ran a tentative finger up inside. She responded by arching her back so the probing finger went clear up to her unbroken hymen.
"Not so fast, little one," cautioned John. "We have all night." With this, he motioned the girl to turn over on her belly.
Cindy decided to relax and enjoy the massage. She felt the older man massaging her feet for a deliciously long time. Then he proceeded to work on her calves, and then up to her thighs. The girl felt frustrated when he stopped working on her thighs without touching the hot little hole between them, that she felt needed lots of attention also. Still, she let him proceed at his own pace.
The older man now climbed on top of the little girl, almost crushing her for a moment. Then, he proceeded to rub her scalp with the tips of his fingers.
"Mmmmmmmm," Cindy purred. She could almost go to sleep; the massage was relaxing her so much. However, the thought of the naked man on top of her, with his naked cock pressing against her naked little ass was too exciting to allow that.
John Stockdale had a problem. To coin a phrase, a "big" problem. He wanted to rub the little girl's back, but his engorged cock kept getting in the way. "Uh Cindy?" he asked.
"My. . .cock. It's getting in the way. Would you mind if I put it down between your legs?" He held his breath as he waited for the little girl's response.
Cindy giggled. He had to ask? She responded by spreading her legs wide, until she felt the big piece of salami go down between her legs, and come to rest against her creaming little cunt. She then closed her legs around the warm pulsating hunk of meat.
John smeared the oil on the sexy little girl's back. He enjoyed the feeling of her silky-smooth legs and slippery little crack massaging his cock, as he massaged her back. He rubbed her arms, and worked his way down her back enjoying the slippery feel of the oil on her skin as he massaged her shoulders, then her waist and backbone and finally worked his way down to her pert little rump.

AS his work progressed down the back of the little girl, John sat up straighter and straighter until, when he started rubbing her delicious little ass, he was sitting bolt upright. The pressure this put on his erect penis, forced it against the little girl's crack, until he felt the lips of her slit surround the head. The sexy little girl didn't object. In fact, she wiggled her little butt to seat the head of his cock firmly against the entrance to her vagina.
John proceeded to rub the pert little ass of the delicious little girl. As he did so, he felt the lips of her tiny slit sucking at the head of his engorged penis. Each time he pushed up on her cute little fanny, her tiny snatch would spread apart, and he would see the tip of his cock pushing against her slick little hole. Then, as he released the pressure, her vaginal lips would snap back around the head with a sucking smack.
"Uh Honey," he warned, "I'm gonna cum. Is it Ok to cum in you?" He worked the head of his cock a little farther in, until he felt a ring of muscles gripping the very tip.
"Mmmmmmm," responded Cindy, as she rotated her ass; trying to capture the deliciously probing instrument.
It was too much for John. He held the tip of his cock against the open slit of the unresisting little girl, and let spasm after spasm of slippery cum be conveyed from his overstimulated penis, into her welcoming young vagina. He looked down as his erupting penis squirted his potent sperm into the tiny little slit. He wondered if the child could get pregnant, but was to overcome by the sensations to stop now, even if he had known that she could. Finally the spasms slowed and he pulled his cock back to where he could see the little girl's hole, now open, with an obscene little puddle of his sperm welling up in the bottom. He hadn't realized he was holding his breath, until it all came out with a rush. "Whoooo!" he said.
"Mmmmmm," responded Cindy again, enjoying the naughty feeling of having her teacher's warm slippery sperm soaking into her belly. "That was nice."
John had to agree. It was more than just "nice."
While the two of them got dressed again, he quietly said, "Cindy? I should have asked before. You're not on the pill are you?" It was more of a statement, than a question.
Cindy smiled up at him sensually. "Of course not. I'm still a virgin." Then she giggled, "Though for a moment there, I thought I wouldn't be."
She put a finger to his lips as he started to say something. "Now don't worry. I just had my period yesterday, so I should be pretty safe. Also, If by chance I do get pregnant, no one will ever know it's you. Mommy said she'd help if I did."

"You mean you'd have an abortion?" He couldn't help feeling sad at the thought.
"No, Silly! I meant Mom would act as if it were her own. I'd just have another baby brother. Or sister," she added.
"And your Father went along with this?" He was incredulous.
"John." Cindy rolled the name on her tongue.
"Yes Cindy?" Her name coming from his lips, felt almost as good.
"How much luck have you had tonight, avoiding Mother's little schemes?"
"None," he had to admit.
"I rest my case."
The two of them spent the rest of the evening cuddled up together on the big sofa watching television right through the 10 O'clock news. It felt so comfortable, they almost fell asleep in each other's arms before Arlene came to shoo them off to bed.
John found himself alone in Cindy's bedroom, as he proceeded to undress. He looked around the room, and saw a typical little girl's bedroom. Dolls were stacked in one corner. A cute little chair with pretty pink hearts filled the other one. A dresser cluttered with little-girl toys. No make-up. The bed smelled faintly of her, as he slipped naked between the sheets. He always slept naked, and he didn't see why things should be different tonight. John felt slightly disappointed that Cindy wasn't in the room with him, but he realized that making love to the little girl in her own bed, while her parents slept right down the hall, had just been a lecherous fantasy. He snuggled down to get some sleep; burying his nose in the girl's pillow to help him remember her sweet scent.

The man had barely gotten to sleep, when he was awakened by someone opening the door. He watched through slits in his eyes, as the door opened, somebody slipped inside, and then it was dark again as the closing crack of the door shut off the little light that had been coming from the hall. There was no sound on the carpeted floor, as the figure came over to the bed, lifted the covers, and slid in alongside.
All of a sudden, John found himself with an armful of deliciously naked, squirming little girl.
Cindy panted in his ear, "I thought they'd never get to sleep."
"Who?" He was puzzled. "Your parents?"
"No silly. Mike and Ginny," she explained, referring to her younger siblings, "Now shut up, and show me how much you like me." With this, she pulled the older man on top of her and started to hug and kiss him like she had wanted to all day. It was so deliciously naughty, to be lying in her own bed with a naked man. She reached down to his suddenly erect penis, and placed the tip at the entrance to her creaming little slit. "Now push it all the way up inside me," she instructed.
"Uh Cindy, are you sure?" John gave her one last chance to back out.
"If I'm not sure, It's kinda late now don't you think?" she reassured him.
The man had to agree. Deciding that it was now or never, he started to push his swollen cock into the little girl. Both of them gasped, when the engorged member popped inside the ring of muscles at the entrance, and then slid with a rush on in until the head was pushing at the surprised little girl's unbroken hymen.
John let his prick soak in the sucking heat of the child's belly. He enjoyed the clasping of the muscles at the entrance to her vagina around the middle of his cock, while the head probed at her virginity. "This might hurt a little," he warned, as he prepared to take the final step.
"I know," came back the squeaky cry. "Just do it. Please?" Cindy was frightened by the thought of the pain, but even more frightened that he might not do it if she showed her fright to him. With this, the determined little girl pushed her crotch up at the man as he bore down.
Cindy felt a ripping sensation inside her. If she hadn't known what to expect, she would have thought that he had ripped open the walls of her vagina, and was pushing his penis right on through a hole in her stomach. It hurt! The little girl began to cry.

John stopped. He knew he had broken the child's hymen when he felt his penis suddenly slip all the way up into her belly. This should have been one of the most exciting moments of his life, as the young girl surrendered her virginity to him. Instead, he felt like a heel. He had never liked the thought of causing pain, and now the girl's quiet sobbing was breaking his heart. His cock went as flat and soft as a wet noodle. It slid out of the girl's vagina and plopped down against his balls. He knew the girl would never forgive him for this; so he grabbed his clothes and quietly headed for the door. It was going to seem awfully lonely back at his bachelor apartment. Tomorrow, he'd apologize to the child's parents, and move out of town if necessary.
"John." The sobbing voice of the child stopped him as he reached the door.
"I'm sorry I hurt you Cindy. I'm going now. You won't have to see me again." He was determined to make it easy on the girl. John struggled into his shirt, as he prepared to go.
"Don't you DARE leave me now!" The determined voice of the young woman stopped his retreat again.
"But I hurt you. I thought you'd be mad." He came back to the side of the bed where Cindy had turned on the bedside lamp. She looked so innocent, and childlike with the covers pulled up to just cover her budding breasts. Her nose was red, and he could see a trickle of dampness coming from the corner of each eye. The girl snuffled, then spoke:
"John." She was treating him like a wayward child again. "I had to lose it sometime. It would have hurt then as well. You heard me say that I wanted you to do it. Well I did. So it hurts a little, I'll get over it. I never asked you to go. Now you come back here, and get in bed with me or I'll never forgive you as long as I live."
John Stockdale knew when he was licked. He dropped his clothes on the floor; and comforted the little girl by holding her in his arms and cuddling her until he almost fell asleep. His penis, pleasantly stimulated by the smooth naked skin rubbing against it, started to rise again. Cindy felt his rising cock against her belly, and asked, "John?"
"Huh?" He tried to shake the sleepiness from his head.
"Could we try it again. It probably won't hurt so much this time." The girl was insistent.
John almost lost his hard-on at the reminder of the pain he had already caused the girl but she worked her little body against him, and kissed him until his cock was as erect and ready as before. "Now push," she prompted him.
This time, his erect penis went all the way up inside the little girl with a rush. John felt his balls come to rest against the child's ass, while the head of his penis butted up against her womb.
"See. That didn't hurt so much." The tears squeezing out of the corners of her eyelids put the lie to her reassurance. "Now fuck me, and cum in me," she encouraged, "I want my first time to be good for you."

"Cindy was starting to enjoy the feelings again." 
John closed his eyes so he wouldn't see the tears, and concentrated on getting his rocks off. The child was determined to have him cum in her, and he knew she would keep trying, no matter how much it hurt, until he did. The least he could do, was make it quick. He began sliding his cock in and out; savoring the nip of the muscles at the entrance, and enjoying the feeling of her cervix poking at the head of his cock when he reached bottom. In and out, in and out. He knew he was close, just a little more. . .
Cindy was starting to enjoy the feelings again. Except for an occasional twinge when the head of his cock brushed against the torn remnants of her virginity, it was exciting to be lying underneath a rutting male who was about to squirt his sperm into her hungry vagina. Especially a virile man like Mr. Stockdale, who really cared about how a woman felt. Cindy went warm all over as she suddenly realized how much she loved him. This unexpected revelation, combined with the internal stimulation he was giving her, took the child over the edge. Her mind abruptly went blank as her vagina went into convulsions around the thick piece of gristle that was about to inseminate her. She grabbed her lover in a death-grip, and started bucking wildly as her first full-blown orgasm with a cock inside her belly overtook her.

The sudden squeezing of her vagina on his cock took John Stockdale by surprise. He had never expected the little girl to climax on their first try. Her reaction was the last straw. John began squirting stream after stream of hot sticky sperm into the spasming belly of the 11 year old girl. Squirt after squirt. He was trying to empty himself into her. The man knew he should pull out, so as to not get the child pregnant, but couldn't. Her legs were wrapped around his as her young body worked frantically, trying to reproduce. Her clutching vagina milked out every last drop of her older lover's creamy seed. Finally, her spasms eased; and she enjoyed the final moments with the last hazardous drops of his sticky sperm slowly leaking from his prick into her vagina, up near her womb.
"Whuuuff, That was good. I never expected that!"
John had to agree as he collapsed on top of the woman-child completely exhausted. Shortly, the two of them fell asleep, the very picture of two people fucking. He between her spread legs, with his cock still dripping his potent seed into the young girl's developing womb.

Suzy's reward

Dinner at the Fisher house was not nearly as fancy. The fare consisted of frozen pizza and Coke, with ice-cream for dessert. All through the meal, there were surreptitious glances, giggles, and funny looks being passed, until Mary decided that enough was enough.
"Wham!" The spatula slapped the table, getting everyone's attention.
"There are things going on in this house, that, I think, the whole family should know," Mary announced, as she laid down the spatula.
June glanced guiltily at Jeremy, who was looking back at her openmouthed. June then looked at her mother; and receiving a stern glance in return, wished she could just melt under the table. Jeremy looked over to his mother also; and felt his ears getting so red, he felt as if they were on fire.
Suzy was looking at her mother with astonishment. After all that stuff about her not telling anyone this morning. . .
Dan just leaned back in his chair and waited. He knew his wife better than anyone, and he figured that she'd let him know anything he needed to know, when she figured he needed that information.
"Now I want all of your solemn promises, that not a word of this will ever leave this house." She looked around the table, and caught each eye in turn, until everyone had nodded his/her acceptance.
"First, Suzy's going to have a baby." Mary looked at the dropped jaws of her two older children with some satisfaction. "That ought to get them," she thought.
"No, not right away," she continued. "She's probably not even pregnant yet; but she and your father are working on it."
Jeremy cast incredulous eyes at his little sister, while June looked at her younger sister in awe. June had thought she had been daring with Jeremy while little Suzy, who she thought didn't even like boys yet, was. . . was. . . She finally forced the thought into her brain. Was making out with DADDY?
"Do you mean that Daddy? . . ." She couldn't say it. The thought was too outrageous.
"Yes. Your Father is fucking Suzy. They aren't using birth control, and she is trying to conceive." The woman's tone was flat.
"Does that mean you and Daddy are going to get a divorce?" Jeremy put the thought that was troubling him into words.
"No Dear. Dan and I still love each other. We have no plans to get divorced. In fact, I love him more than ever."
"But if Daddy's sneaking around and raping Suzy, How could you?! I'd never forgive him, if my husband did that to me." With this comment, June shot a black look at her father.
Jeremy was looking at his younger sister with some consternation. She didn't look hurt, or even mad. In fact, now that he thought of it, she looked proud.

"Whoah! Stop! Hold it. Did I say your Father was raping your sister. As I remember, the word I used was fucking. No, your Father is not raping Suzy. In fact, with the pressure she brought to bear on him, it's more like she raped him. Now, as to the other item, your father is not 'sneaking around.' He is doing this with my full knowledge and encouragement. Perhaps I had better explain from the beginning." Mary stopped and caught her breath.
"Now, All of you just sit there and listen," said Mary, as she started to tell them the whole story of the "bet" that Dan had made with Suzy, and the unexpected reward she had requested. This took quite a while, before she wound up with:
"So, after I convinced him it was OK, he decided that if that was what Suzy wanted, then it was up to him to live up to his side of the bargain."
"You mean Daddy actually fucked Suzy?" Jeremy still couldn't believe it.
"Well, mostly." Mary paused to go on but June interrupted.
"What do you mean 'Mostly?' Either he fucked her, or he didn't."
"I mean," said Mary, "he fucked her, he came in her, but he hasn't yet broken her hymen. Technically, she's still a virgin. Does that satisfy your curiosity?"
June nodded, and then stared at her little sister with awe. To work that hard, she didn't think she could ever do it. Not even for a reward that big. She appreciated her younger sister's reasoning though. She knew her parents would have refused if Suzy hadn't had Dan "over the barrel," as it were. No wonder Suzy looked so proud of herself. Wow. To be carrying Daddy's baby, with Mom's consent. June knew she would have to congratulate the kid. With that, she put the thought into words: "Well, all I've got to say is: 'Congratulations Suzy.'"
Jeremy added his congratulations, and started the whole family singing, "For She's a Jolly good Fellow!" which made Suzy blush, then felt happy that they all cared for her so much.
After the hubbub had died down, Mary explained that if Suzy was going to have her father's baby, the whole family was going to have to help. There might be nosy questions. If/when somebody noticed that Suzy's belly was getting big, they would have to be ready. She explained that when Suzy's belly started to show, The girl was going to "get sick" and go to visit her grandfather on the farm. In the meantime, Mary was going to start getting fatter, and then when Suzy started to get really big, she would wear matching padding under her dress to look as if she were pregnant. In the last month, Mary would go to visit her "sick" child, and it would appear that Mary had another baby while staying on the farm with her father.
"So you see, we are going to need your help to bring this off. If anybody ever found out what your father was doing. . ." She didn't have to finish. The whole family understood.

The thought of losing their father if someone found out that he was screwing Suzy was scary. Both of the older children knew how much their father cared for them, and the thought of not having him around was frightening.
"If anyone asks, I'll say it was me," volunteered Jeremy. The thought of going to jail was scary, but losing his father was frightening.
"Thank you dear, but I don't think that'll be necessary," Mary explained. "The main thing is that Suzy NEVER admits who has been fucking her. Do you understand that young lady? If anyone asks, no matter what they threaten you with, you never admit fucking anybody. If they say they'll throw me, your brother, or your father in jail, if you don't tell, you don't admit a thing. Do you understand what I'm getting at?"
Suzy did. She was a very bright child. "You mean that no matter what anybody suspects, they'll never be able to make a case if I don't say something," she replied. "Don't worry Mom. I'll keep my mouth shut. Even if they threaten You, or Dad, or Jeremy, or even June. I won't be bullied."
Dan and Mary both heaved a sigh of relief. She did understand! "What about you two?" Dan asked his two older children. "Somebody might start badgering you also. That's why your mother and I decided that you both had better be in on this from the beginning."
Both Jeremy and June assured him that red hot pincers wouldn't get them to admit anything. With that assured, Mary decided to get everything out in the open.
"Now that we've taken care of that, there is one other thing," she said, "Jeremy."
"Huh?" replied the boy.
"What were you doing in your sister's room this afternoon? I saw you coming out naked, and June was getting dressed afterward. Do I have to prepare for more than one pregnancy in this house?" The smile she had when she asked, took a lot of the sting out; but both of the older children looked at each other guiltily.
"Caught!" Was their common thought. Then each of their heads gave a bare nod to their mother's inquiring look before being hidden in blushes and shame. The woman decided she might as well find out just how bad the news was.
"I see. And just how long has this been going on?" she inquired.
"Just today," mumbled Jeremy.
"Did you actually put it inside her?" Mary asked.
Jeremy nodded, finding it hard to speak.
"Did you use a condom?" she continued.
Jeremy shook his head. It was obvious that she was not going to get much more from him; so Mary turned her attention to the other guilty party.

"Did he climax in you?" she asked June.
"Yes Mama, several times," the young girl responded.
"I see," the older woman continued. "Did you?"
"Oh yes!" The girl's voice turned dreamy as she remembered.
"Well, when was your period?" Mary asked. Maybe there was still a chance.
"Two weeks ago," the child's voice responded.
"O Shit! You kids. You'd almost think you were trying to get knocked-up." The woman's voice was exasperated.
"I was," the girl replied, then went on at her mother's startled look, "but I don't want to be. At least not yet. Maybe in a couple of years when Jeremy and I are older, but I don't want to be tied to a baby just yet. Suzy may want to spend her teenage years raising a baby, but I wanted to have some fun first. I just couldn't help myself. I love Jeremy, and do want to have his baby, but not yet." By this time the 12-year-old girl was almost sobbing, as she suddenly wrapped her arms around her mother's neck and buried her head in her mother's hair.
Mary comforted her distraught daughter, "It's OK honey. Tomorrow, we'll get you two a box of condoms. Monday, I'll take you down to see Doc. Sheffield, and get you on the pill. There's a good chance you didn't get caught, even if this is your best time. In the mean time, I'm going to have a few choice words with your brother." She turned her glare on the older boy who wilted under her gaze.
"But. But." Jeremy gave up. His mother would never believe his protestations of innocence.
"Mommy, that's not fair!" Jeremy might not come to his own defense, but June would. When Jeremy had been so considerate of her, then to be unjustly accused, seemed wrong to her. She'd have to tell the whole story even if it meant that she took punishment that he would have gotten otherwise.
"Jeremy tried to wait till we got some rubbers, but I wouldn't let him," she explained. "I wanted him to try and get me pregnant. I just couldn't help myself. I was so horny, and he was so nice to me, and so handsome, and so loving, and so caring, and so sexy, and so cute, and so. . ." At this point she started sobbing for real in her mother's breast. "And then he was going to pull out, and I didn't let him. I couldn't bear the thought of it going to waste. Finally when he wanted me to at least go douche or drain it into the toilet. . ." The little girl started bawling for sure now; soaking the front of her mother's dress while sobs shook her little frame.
"It's all right dear. I'm not going to punish Jeremy. I'm not going to punish either of you. Lord knows, you deserve it. Doing this without telling either of us first," the older woman comforted her daughter.

"You mean you wouldn't be mad if we'd just told you first?" inquired Jeremy, amazed at his daring after escaping one reprimand. "We thought you'd just get mad, and say NO."
Mary quietly looked at her only son, then replied, "Do you think you would have refrained if we had asked you to?"
"Uh no. We'd have probably sneaked off and done it anyway."
"Do you think your father and I are so retarded that we couldn't figure that out?" She stared at him.
"No." Jeremy didn't know just how smart his parents were; but retarded was the last epithet he would think to apply to either of them. Both had Phds, His mother he knew had worked in some hush-hush work for the government that still brought some mighty high-powered people over to ask for advice. As for his father, he knew they didn't pay $150,000 salaries to everyday computer-programmers. The work his father did at the systems house must be quite something; as several companies had tried to hire him away. Jeremy had gotten several headhunter's calls as they tried to inveigle his father to work for someone else.
"I guess I just didn't think," he responded.
"Just didn't think. I think that applies to both of you. Next time try to. OK?" The admonition was given with a loving smile that made Jeremy feel better. Still guilty, but better.
"Ok mom. I'll try. June? Are you OK?" This last was addressed to his sister who was still curled up in her mother's lap.
"I'm OK Jemmy" The girl wiped her eyes, and tried to sit up.
"Well! Now that that's settled. Let's go on. June."
"Yes Mommy."
"If you were able to get pregnant tonight, you probably already are. You can wait 'til tomorrow to use those condoms if you want. MAKE SURE YOU DO THEN. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes Mommy!" The child was overjoyed. A whole night of fucking before she had to take precautions. She couldn't wait. The little girl hugged her mother.

"Mommy? Can Daddy and I 'do it' now?" Suzy inquired. "We never got to finish earlier."
"I suppose. If we're going to have an orgy, we might as well get started now. C'mon you guys. Everyone into the bedroom, and get undressed. No Jeremy, not in your bedroom, in ours. We'll all get undressed together." With this, Mary ushered her offspring and husband into the big bedroom with the king-sized bed that she and her husband used to laughingly call their 'playpen'.
As she watched her father remove his clothes, June almost forgot to take off her own. She never thought she'd ever get to see her own father naked, except for an occasional glimpse of him in the shower. Now she was standing so close to him that his enormous cock touched her bellybutton when she wasn't careful. The 12-year-old girl was so excited, she didn't even notice the appreciative looks her own state of undress was drawing from her father and brother.

"Wow Daddy, It's so big. How are you going to get that big thing in Suzy? Won't it hurt her? I think it'd split me open if you put it in me." With this, she reached out and grabbed her father's prick with her hot little hands, and rubbed it against her lightly rounded belly.
Dan almost repeated his actions of earlier that afternoon. It was only with extreme effort that he kept from cumming all over his older daughter's naked little belly. "Uh June, if you don't stop, I'm going to cum all over you," He warned. "I'm supposed to use this on Suzy. Why don't you go over and help out your brother. He looks like he needs it."
Jeremy did look like he needed help. His cock was sticking out so far, he was having trouble getting his underpants down.
"Wait big brother. Let me help," said June, as she walked over to her brother, kneeled down, and swallowed the engorged cock that was still sticking out of the hole in his underpants.
This was too much for Jeremy. First seeing his whole family naked, getting ready to fuck, then having his cute little sister swallow his cock got the better of him. He began to ejaculate in his little sister's mouth. "Unh UunnnH. Oh June! You don't have to. . . Oooooh that feels good," he exclaimed, as he shot bolt after bolt of his rich seed into his cute little sister's wildly sucking mouth.
June let her brother's cum fill her mouth. She liked the sweet sticky flavor of his cum. She wrapped her tongue around the stiff shaft, and stripped the last tasty curds of her brother's seed into her mouth. She liked the taste so much; it was only with reluctance that she finally swallowed, to keep from losing some on the carpet. She pursed her lips around her broth ers swollen organ, and sucked the last tasty drops out of the end. She was so proud that she was able to do this for her handsome big brother.
It wasn't until the young girl finished, that she realized the show she was putting on for the rest of the family. This was brought home to her by the sudden clapping of the rest of the family as they cheered her on.
"Way to go June," from Suzy.
"That's my girl," from Dan.
"Get it all dear," from Mary.
"Geesh. Thanks Sis," from Jeremy.
June blushed, as she got to her feet, but made a big show of swallowing the last of her brother's cum, then turned around and made a sweeping bow. "Now it's your turn, little sister," she said joshingly, "Top that!" as she turned a big smile on her younger sibling.
Suzy swallowed hard. "C'mere Daddy," she said, "do it to me." The little girl lay back on the bed and spread her legs exposing her hairless little slit.
"Please Daddy? Fuck me," she implored.
"Well, go on dear," Mary encouraged him. "Fuck her."

Dan approached the little girl on the bed. "Come here Honey," he told her, as he reached for his little girl, pulled her back upright, and started kissing her. He opened his mouth, stuck his tongue between her teeth, and was pleasantly surprised when she started kissing him back with an experienced tongue that he didn't realize she possessed. The little girl stuck her tongue back in his mouth and twined it with his. She began rubbing her bare little titties against his chest, and rotating her smooth little belly against his. Dan responded by running his big strong hands up and down the little girl's back, enjoying the feel of her naked flesh against his. Shortly, Suzy began grinding her crotch against his, while his penis was dribbling drops of pre-cum all over her naked little belly. Dan decided his little girl was ready.
"Ok Suzy, Here it comes," he said, as he pushed his engorged cock into the little girl's slit.
Suzy's eyes got wider and wider, as the head of her parent's cock forced its way into her little crack. The hole stretched, and stretched, until it seemed it could stretch no more. Suzy's little hole was white with strain, and it looked as if her father's cock just wasn't going to fit, when suddenly, the head vanished inside the little girl's hole.
"Whoosh." There was the simultaneous expulsion of air from five sets of lungs. Everyone in the room had been holding their breaths.
"Wow. I don't believe he got it in her," said June, in awe of her little sister. "Doesn't that hurt Suzy?"
Suzy shook her head as she pushed back at her father, and watched another inch of paternal cock vanish inside her horny little belly. "Feels good," she replied, squirming excitedly.
"Suzy, Stop!" Dan admonished. "If you keep that up, I'm going to cum."
"Want you to cum in me," the little girl replied. "Want you to make a baby in me."
"If I cum now," the man reminded her, "I wont be able to break your hymen."
Suzy immediately stopped squirming. "You promised you'd do it Daddy. Don't stop now." She waited for his final entrance.
Dan pushed his big cock into his little girl's vagina. She now had 3 inches inside her, but it wouldn't go any farther. He pushed harder at the obstruction.
"Ow," said Suzy, then bit her lip to keep from saying more. She wasn't going to chicken out now. Not with the whole family watching.
Dan pushed harder. He knew he was hurting Suzy, and figured if he didn't break her "cherry" now, he'd never be able to do it. He was already starting to lose his erection at the thought of causing pain to the little girl he loved so much. The girl's hymen wouldn't budge. He looked down at his little girl, and knew he wouldn't be able to do it. She wasn't saying a word, but the tears welling out of the corner of her eyes told him the whole story.

"I'm sorry Suzy. I just can't do it," he said, as he started to extract his softening penis from the belly of the little child.
There was a sudden, "Smack!" followed by a loud, "Ouch!" then by a higher-pitched, "Ow!" as Mary "took a hand" in matters. The woman had seen what was happening, and had decided to do something. The "something" was a swat on her husband's bare buttocks just as hard as she could hit. The reflexive response of pulling away, had driven Dan's penis up in Suzy's little belly, ripping her hymen away with scarcely a pause.
Mary looked down between the incestuously coupled duo. Her husband's cock was now 2/3 of the way up in the child's belly. "Now you fuck that little girl, like you were supposed to, and stop this nonsense," she admonished.
Dan started to giggle, and Suzy joined him. "Yeah, Daddy. Fuck me like you are supposed to." She started rocking her hips, enjoying the sliding, slipping feel of her father's cock that was finally clear up in her belly where it belonged. The little twinges of her broken hymen, just added to the excitement. "Fuck me, Daddy," she prompted again.
Dan just stood there looking down at the obscene sight. There was his little 10-year-old girl with her little tiny breasts and slim, almost boyish hips lying naked on the bed. Down below, he could see her flat little belly, now bulging slightly each time his cock slid home. Just below the childish belly, was her hairless little slit, now obscenely stretched around her own father's cock as he carefully slid in and out about three inches at a time. The enormous penis seemed much too big for the tiny little girl; but Suzy kept pushing back at her father each time he pushed at her. She would pull back at the same time he did; and it seemed that the little girl's vagina would turn itself inside out as it clung to his engorged cock. He could feel his daughter's little vagina squeezing his cock as the child worked to get her father to impregnate her.
"Oooh Daddy, That feel's nice," Suzy exclaimed, as she felt her father push his cock all the way into her belly, until the head was pushing at the gates to her womb. She looked down and saw that most of her father's oversized penis had vanished inside her little crack. Suzy squirmed, trying to get the last three inches in. "Daddy, Can't you get it all in me?" she asked.
Dan tried. With all but the last three inches of his cock now clear up inside the little girl's belly, he pushed harder.
"Unggh!" said Suzy, as she felt her vagina stretch, and another inch of her father's cock slid into her tightly stretched little vagina. She could feel her father's enormous penis push ing at the ring of muscles that guarded the entrance to her womb. It wouldn't go any farther.
"I'm sorry Suzy. That's all I can get in," Dan told the little girl. "We'll just have to wait until you get older, and you're bigger inside before I can get the rest in."
"Please Daddy. Try. I want all of you in me," the little girl pleaded.
Dan pushed, and pulled, and then pushed in even harder. His cock slid in and out of the child's belly; but the most he could gain, was another quarter-inch.

"It's no use," he said. "I don't want to hurt you, and there's just no more room."
"Daddy," spoke up June.
"Jeremy puts his penis all the way up in my womb. Can't you do that with Suzy?"
The thought almost caused Dan to climax right then, but he managed to hold onto most of his self-control. "I don't see how," he responded. "I don't want to tear Suzy inside."
"Dan," interjected his wife, "just push all the way up inside her, and keep up the pressure. Her muscles will eventually loosen up, and you can go inside."
"You want me to try that Suzy?" Dan asked the little girl.
Suzy nodded, and braced herself. Dan pushed his stiff cock all the way home in his little girl's vagina. He then started pushing the head of his penis into the ring of muscles that guarded her womb. At first nothing happened, but Dan kept up the pressure, slowly trying to push deeper, each time he felt a little slack. He looked at his little girl. Suzy was biting her lip to keep from crying, but still little tears leaked out of the corners of her eyes. The 10 year old girl was no quitter though. She still kept gamely pushing back at her father, encouraging him with, "UnnH Daddy, I think it's starting to go in."
Sure enough, Dan could suddenly feel a tight ring of muscles surround the tip of the swollen penis he was pushing into his little daughter's flat little belly. Meanwhile, the rest of her vagina was milking on the bottom part of the meaty cylinder. He could have came then, but the pressure increased on the head of his penis, and he suddenly felt a tight ring slide over the glans, and painfully squeeze his penis just behind the head, while the last 2 inches of his cock vanished into the willing receptacle between his young daughter's legs.
"Ow!" said Suzy and Dan both together, as his pubic hair came to rest against her bare little cunt.
"Ooooh I did it. Look Mommy, I got all of Daddy's cock in me," the little girl babbled. "Now Daddy, fuck me, and get me pregnant. I want you to cum in me. Shoot your juice in my womb. Please Daddy? Make a baby in me. I want to feel you making a baby in my belly. Get me pregnant with your cum. Please Daddy? Unnhh Uuunnnnhhhh!" The little girl's words became incoherent, as her climax overtook her.
Dan couldn't believe the obscenity of what he was doing. All his life, the man had thought that the worst thing a father could do to his little girl, was to have sex with her. The stories about virginal young girls who were abused by their fathers had always made him wonder how a man could do such a thing to his own child. He had been horrified at tales of little girls as young as 12 being molested by their parents. As for the thought of a man who would stoop so low as to actually father a child on his own flesh and blood. . . It was unthinkable. But he was not only "molesting" his virginal young daughter, he was actually fucking his own pre-teenaged kid.

Dan would push his swollen cock up into his little girl's belly, until the head popped into the child's uterus. Then he'd pull out, and the little girl's vagina would cling to his retreating cock and almost turn itself inside out. Then back in again until his pubic hair met the naked lips of the child's tiny slit, and the head of his cock was once again leaking pre-cum inside his little girl's 10-year-old womb. In, out, in, out. Dan knew he was about to ejaculate his dangerous baby-making sperm right inside his own daughter's receptive young womb.
Dan thought, "If it is bad for a man to molest a girl who is 12-years old; what about a man who would stick his adult-sized penis right up inside his own child's tiny little vagina, and actually squirt his potent seed inside the unprotected belly of a little girl who was only 10?" Yet here he was, with his 9-inch cock stuck all the way up inside his 10-year-old virgin daughter's tight little belly; and he was about to ejaculate his vigorous baby-making sperm directly into the child's immature young womb and try to get his own little girl pregnant. The amazing thing was, that far from being scared, and resisting her father's incestuous advances; little Suzy had not only started the whole thing; but had almost blackmailed him into fucking her. Not only that, but the precocious young girl was actually begging her own father to beget a child in her womb. And his family! His family not only wasn't mad at him for fucking his little girl, they were actually encouraging him to impregnate his own pre-pubescent little daughter.
"C'mon Daddy, knock her up."
"Yeah Daddy, knock the kid up."
"Go ahead Dear. Let's see you make a baby in Suzy."
"Unh. Unnnhh. Breed me Daddy. C'mon, fuck me. Please?"
The feel of his own little girl climaxing around his tumescent cock, while she muttered these obscene things, took Dan over the edge. He felt his little girl's cervix squeezing the swollen head of his prick, while she tried to milk the semen out of his balls with the strong muscles at the entrance to her vagina. He pushed the last fractional inch of his engorged penis up into the virginal belly of his tiny little daughter, and gave his little girl what she had been asking for. He felt his cum gather behind the head of his penis, until the pressure became so great that the spasming muscles of her cervix could not hold it back. He squirted a big sticky glob of incestuous sperm right into the center of his tiny little daughter's welcoming 10-year-old womb.
The feeling of her father's oversize cock stretching her uterus, while he ejaculated rope after big slippery rope of warm greasy sperm right inside her receptive young womb, caused the little girl to lose all control.
"Oh Daddy. Do it. Squirt your cum in me. Make a baby in my tummy," she rambled, as her orgasm caused her small body to jerk uncontrollably.

Dan felt overcome with love for his little girl. He realized that squirting his seed into his own child's womb, while the little girl begged him to impregnate her, made him love his daughter in a way that nothing else could. There was something about getting your own little girl pregnant, that created a bond that couldn't otherwise be matched.
Mary watched the incestuously mating couple on the bed. The tiny little girl looked much too small to take the mighty thrusts of her father's enormous penis in her overstretched little slit. Still, the child would push back with each vigorous thrust that made her flat little tummy bulge from the pressure of her parent's bloated cock on the inside. When Dan suddenly forced his swollen prick all the way up in their little girl's bell, Mary knew her husband was squirting his potent seed in the child's womb.
"Do it, Honey," the woman encouraged. "Fuck your daughter. Cum in her Dan. Knock the kid up. Let me see you make a baby in Suzy."
Mary then turned her attention to her little girl who was gasping as she worked, using her vaginal muscles, to milk her father's thick sticky sperm up into her firm little belly; striving mightily to get her immature young body to reproduce.
"Get ready Honey," she said. "Your father is going to squirt the thick sticky white stuff that makes babies right inside your womb. Take your daddy's sperm inside you. Your father loves you very much; and he's going to try and get you pregnant."
Dan lost all touch with reality. If his wife and his 10-year-old daughter could talk nasty, why couldn't he? "Here it comes," he mumbled. "Daddy's cumming in his little baby girl. Daddy's going to make a baby in that cute little belly. I'm going to squirt my nasty old baby-juice in that sweet little belly of yours, and knock you up. Daddy's going to make your belly get big with his baby. C'mon Suzy, tell me you want me to get you pregnant."
With each sentence, Dan forced his convulsing cock as far as he could into his child's womb. Spasm after spasm shook him, as each thick sticky glob of incestuous sperm pushed its way through his swollen penis, into the squeezing belly of the pre-pubescent little girl, before being forcefully injected into his horny little daughter's eagerly accepting womb.
Suzy loved it. She loved her father, and couldn't think of a better way to show it, than by bearing his child. She liked the warm slick feeling of having her own father's sperm soaking into her receptive womb; knowing that it might make her pregnant. She enjoyed the feeling of being underneath her rutting father as the man worked mightily to breed his own daughter. Each time, Suzy would feel the base of her father's turgid cock expand, then she would feel the bulge advance up the swollen tube, into her tight little belly; until it ended with the forceful injection of another surge of life-giving sperm into her uterus. Each prolific squirt of her own father's potent seed into the child's eagerly accepting womb, caused the little 10-year-old girl to climax all over again.

It made Suzy feel all warm inside to feel her virile father's precious sperm squirting high up in her belly; to know that he loved her enough be willing to get her pregnant, and that she might already be carrying her own father's child in her womb.
"Do it Daddy," Suzy encouraged. "Knock me up. Make my belly get big with your baby. Get me pregnant with your cum."
At last, Dan's wild ejaculations slowed. His swollen cock began to shrink in his daughter's vagina. He lay on top of his little girl; enjoying the squeezing of her tight little vagina on his softening penis as the head 'popped' out of the child's uterus. Dan finally kissed his daughter, while he lay on top of her; enjoying the feel of his little girl's smooth young belly rubbing against his, and her tiny little tits poking into his chest.
"Thank you Suzy," Dan was finally able to breathe.
"No, thank you Daddy," was her response. "I hope I'm pregnant now."
"Well, We certainly tried hard enough," he replied, as he looked around to see his family's reaction, while keeping his now softened penis pushed up inside his young daughter's snugly clasping vagina.
It was quite a sight that greeted his eyes. Watching Dan trying to breed his own daughter, had been too much for the other occupants of the room. Jeremy was madly fucking his little sister on the bedroom chair, sliding his swollen cock in and out of her obscenely stretched little slit; while feeling his mother up between the legs. Mary was about to climax on her son's fingers; while she licked June's swelling breasts, and encouraged Jeremy to breed his sister like their father was doing to Suzy.
"C'mon boy, knock your sister up," She prompted. "Let me see you make a baby in your sister." Mary couldn't believe her own mouth.
"Yeh Jeremy, Make a baby in me. Knock me up like Momma says," encouraged the little girl, as she humped back at her big brother; and watched his swollen penis appear and disappear in the tiny little hole between her legs.
Jeremy couldn't hold out any longer. He began ejaculating his thick sticky sperm right into his own sister's squirming little belly. "UnnnH," he exclaimed, "here it comes. Oh God, I'm shooting the stuff that makes babies in my own sister. Take it, June. Let me make a baby in you."
Mary climaxed along with her two children. She was thrilled by the thought of mating her two children. Watching her son breeding his little sister, while she was fingered by him, was enough to get her over the top.
"Whooohh!" was all she could say, as she collapsed on the bed alongside her husband, who still had his oversized penis stuck in their youngest daughter's tiny slit.
Dan watched his son, as the boy pushed his erupting penis all the way up in his little sister's belly, and held it there. The man could tell his son was cumming inside the little girl. As Jeremy pushed his spasming cock up hard inside his sister, Dan could see a smear of white appear on one side of the child's tightly stretched little hole.

June's tiny little vagina was too small to hold all the thick greasy sperm her big brother was squirting inside her womb.
Dan couldn't help himself. His overstimulated brain made him say something that he couldn't believe was coming from his own mouth. "Do it boy. Cum in your sister. Let's see you impregnate your little sister."
Jeremy had started to relax, when his father's encouragement reached his brain. The thought, that his parents were actually encouraging him to get his little sister pregnant, was too much. The boy's overstimulated cock once again expanded in his little sister's belly; dilating the child's vaginal orifice, as he began spewing jet after creamy jet of thick viscous sperm right into his own little sister's unprotected womb.
Hearing her father's words, encouraging her brother to get her pregnant, while feeling her big brother squirting his thick sticky semen inside her taut little belly, caused June's climax to intensify until she almost blacked out. The little girl grabbed her big brother; wrapped her arms and legs around him; and proceeded to thrust her tiny little body up at his engorged cock with an intensity that threatened to bruise both of them.
"Unnh UnnnnHHHH! Aaauuuuggghhh!" grunted the little girl, before collapsing in a boneless heap underneath her rutting brother.
Jeremy pushed up one last time in the little girl's belly, and ejaculated one last incestuous dollop of dangerous baby- making seed right into his own little sister's receptive young womb.
The sight was so stimulating, that Dan's cock, which had never gotten completely soft, began to inflate again in Suzy's squeezing little belly.
"Ooooh Daddy, I feel that," said Suzy, as she began to squirm on her father's hardening penis.
"Here, Honey. Try it this way," Dan said, as he pulled the little girl off his cock; then lay back on the bed, and motioned for her to climb on top. Suzy immediately pushed her father's big cock between her legs, and sat down on him. The two incestuous lovers both sighed with satisfaction as the man's penis disappeared again into his diminutive offspring's tight little belly.
"Oooh Daddy," the little girl said, as she forced herself down on her father's enormous penis until the head of the engorged member squeezed into her hungry little womb, "I think it goes in deeper this way."
Dan liked the feeling of his daughter's tight little slit squeezing his engorged cock. After cumming 3 times that day however, he was in no hurry to do it again. He wanted to enjoy the sensations of being mated to his daughter as long as he could this time. "Jeremy, June," he called to his elder two children, "come over here on the bed, and do it this way. You can both rest, and still fuck at the same time."

Jeremy hurried to comply. When he pulled his cock out of his little sister, a flood of white flowed out of the little girl's slit and started to soak into the chair. Mary hurriedly grabbed the box of tissue beside the bed, and mopped up the mess between her young daughter's legs.
"There," she said. "Next time watch it when you pull out."
"Daddy's cum didn't come out of Suzy, when they switched," complained June.
"Daddy came in Suzy's womb, and her cervix probably is holding his sperm inside," explained Mary. "She's so young, her muscles can probably keep it from coming out."
June, in the meantime, had climbed on top of her brother, who had joined their father on the bed. Reaching down, she grabbed her brother's penis, and pushed it up her hole. Shortly, Suzy and her sister were sliding up and down together on their father's and brother's respective cocks. It was quite an erotic sight, and Mary had a good view.
"Slow down you two," Dan cautioned his daughters. "We want this to last a while."
Obediently, the two little girls slowed their rising and falling and just sat squirming on their incestuous partners.
"Now Dear," Dan said, "why don't you tell us all about you and your father? We'd like to hear all the juicy details."
"You want ALL the details?" Mary asked quizzically.
"ALL of them," Dan assured her.
"Well," said Mary, "this may take a while."
The whole family assured her that they all were willing to listen to the complete story, and this is what she told them:

Mary's Story

I guess it all started with my mother. Or maybe, you could say, with her father. Momma was an only child. She grew up on the farm with hardly anyone her own age. The nearest neighbors they had, lived 2 miles away, and had no children. The only time she met other children, was when she went to school. Momma spent most of her time with her parents, and they were very close.
When Momma was only 3 years old, she started climbing out of the crib, which was starting to get too small for her. She would creep over to her parents' bed, and get in bed with them. Momma loved to snuggle up next to her father, and go to sleep there. Well, at first, Grandma and Grandpa tried to put her back in her own bed, but Momma was persistent. She'd wait until they fell asleep again, and climb right back into bed with them. After a while they gave up, and decided that they'd let her sleep with them, "Until she got older." That was a laugh. She never got enough "older," that she let them put her in her own bed. It's true she had her own room, when she got older. Still, every night, she'd sneak down to her parents' bedroom and crawl in bed with them, usually on her father's side. She liked it best, when they'd let her sleep between the two of them.
As you can imagine, at first it put a cramp in her parents' love-life. After a while though, they decided that she was too young to know what they were doing, and later they figured that she knew anyway, so what the heck. It finally got so that they'd make love whether she was in the room with them or not. They explained to her what they were doing, that they loved each other very much, and this was one of the ways that they showed their love for each other. Momma learned to accept this; and would enjoy watching them. It made her feel good to know that her parents still cared for each other.
For some reason (Momma never did tell me.) Grandma was unable to have any more children, so another child never came along to interrupt this scenario. After several years, her parents were so used to having the child in bed with them, that they found it difficult to sleep without her in bed also. This went on for several years, until Momma was about 6 or 7.

One night, Momma woke up in the middle of the night with her father's penis sticking between her legs. This in itself, was not all that unusual; her father's cock would often grow to an erection during the night, and she would just lift her leg, and let it rest between her legs. When her father awoke, he'd pull away, and Momma would usually get a good view of her parents making love. This night was different. Her father was having a "wet dream" and was sliding his cock in and out between her legs with a copulating motion that Momma had seen him use many times, on her mother. At first, she was a little frightened. Then she was proud that her father loved her enough to treat her like her mother. She closed her legs around her father's cock, and pulled it up tight against her little slit as she backed up to him and moved her hips along with his. After a little bit of this, her father ejaculated in her hands, as she held the head of his penis where it stuck out from between her legs. Momma knew this white stuff was what her father usually squirted in her mother, and she was happy she was able to help her father out in this manner. Shortly, her father turned over in his sleep, and Momma got up and washed her hands. After that, Momma always took a handkerchief to bed with her in case it happened again.
As you might guess, it did happen again. Not that night, or even the next. Several weeks later, Momma woke up to feel her father's penis sliding in and out between her legs again. This time, she used her body and legs to jack him off into the handkerchief, and went back to sleep with her father's cock still leaking sperm on her legs. This scene was repeated about once a week or so, for several months.
After several months of this, Momma found that it felt good when her father's penis rubbed her little slit back and forth. She started pulling his cock up against the top of her crack, and working with him until he came. She got to like the warm slick feeling of his semen squirting against her belly as she held his penis up tight against her. Well, as you can guess, one day she got a little too excited, and pushed the wrong way when her father started to squirt. Her father's cock pushed up between her legs, into her little hole, and actually started to squirt his cum inside Momma for the first time. Momma liked the feeling of her father squirting his cum inside her, and probably would have let him continue; but her father was still dreaming and tried to push his big cock right up into her belly while he was cumming in her.
This brought a loud "OW!" from Momma, which woke up both her parents. This started a hoorah that you wouldn't believe. When Grandma woke up to find her husband with his cock stuck between their little girl's legs, squirting his sperm right into the child's belly, she hit the ceiling. She thought he was raping Momma, and started hitting him, and calling him names, and threatening him with all sorts of things. It wasn't until Momma told her that her father was not raping her, that he was in fact asleep, and she had been using his cock to masturbate with, that her mother finally calmed down. Her mother told her that that was the last night she would sleep with them. From then on, she was told, she would sleep in her own room. Well, she didn't figure on Momma.

That night, after spending 2 hours alone in her own bed for the first time, Momma got up and sneaked down again to her parents' bedroom. She waited until they were asleep (It took an awfully long time, as her parents were used to Momma sleeping with them.), then she sneaked into their bedroom, and crawled in next to her Daddy. Her parents were so used to her being in bed with them, that they didn't even notice until the next morning. Her parents decided it was a hopeless case, and gave up.
After that, Momma never took the handkerchief to bed again. When she felt her father's copulating motions, she'd rub the head of his prick up and down her crack until she felt the first squirt. Then she'd push her father's penis up against her little hole, and let him squirt his sperm up inside her. This continued about once a week, until she was 11.
One night, when Momma was about 11 years old, she started feeling horny. She hoped that this would be one of 'those' nights again, but her father just slept. So, Momma snuggled back up to her father spoon-fashion, and reached for his cock. It wasn't so big this time, him not having a wet-dream; but she was able to get it hard enough to fit between her legs. She managed to get the head between her legs and was pushing down trying to get more sensation from it when she felt a snapping sensation, as her father's penis suddenly shot up into her belly. The next thing she knew, she was fucking her own father. She had figured her father would be the first to fuck her someday, but it was still a surprise to the little girl when it happened. At first it hurt a little, when her father's big cock stretched her tiny little hole; but pretty soon the child got used to having her tight little tunnel being enlarged by her father's growing penis. She started trying to make her father squirt his sperm in her while he slept. Grandpa however, was not going to sleep through his first fuck with his daughter. Feeling his daughter's tight little sleeve sliding up and down his distended cock, woke Grandpa up within 3 strokes. A minute later, Momma found herself underneath her father, while the man started pushing his big cock up into her belly, until it pushed against her unbroken cherry. Then he pulled it back, until just the head was held by the clasping lips of her hot little vagina. Back and forth, back and forth. Pretty soon, Momma could feel her father's big cock start to swell, and knew she was about to have her father's seed squirting up inside her belly where it belonged.
The rocking motions woke up her mother, who looked over at her copulating husband and daughter, sighed, pulled the pillow over her head, and went back to sleep. Grandpa proceeded to fuck Momma until both of them came. Momma enjoyed the feeling of taking her father's sperm properly, in her belly, for the first time.
From then on, Grandpa would fuck Momma at least twice a week, when he wasn't fucking Grandma. He never pushed his cock all the way inside her, and never broke her "cherry" (He said that was for her husband.), but he did everything else. He taught Momma how to suck cock, and how to take it up the rear. Things went on like this for several years, until Grandma died.

When Momma was about 14, she caught the measles. Probably from someone at school. Her mother and father nursed her through it, and it wasn't until she was almost over it that they found out that Grandma had caught it too. They hadn't realized that Grandma had never had the measles before, and could still catch it. Well, Grandma caught it hard. I've learned since, that when older people catch the measles, it's much harder on them. Well, back in those days, they didn't know that, and didn't take precautions. Grandma died after about a week of fever and rambling.
During the last few days, during a short spell when Grandma was feeling a little better, she asked Grandpa to be sure and take care of Momma, and to please not leave the farm that the two of them had worked so hard to make. She then asked Momma to take good care of her Daddy for her. At the time, the two of them thought that Grandma would be getting better soon, but promised anyway to make her feel better.
When Grandma died, Momma thought it was her fault. After all, she had given Grandma the measles, she figured. So, she figured it was up to her to take care of Grandpa like her mother used to. About a week after the funeral, Momma waited until Grandpa was asleep, sucked on his cock until it was fully erect, and then sat down on it all the way. Her father woke up with his 14-year-old daughter bleeding all over his belly, but insisting that he fuck her properly, as she was now his wife. Grandpa told her that she didn't need to do this, but she insisted, and kept at it until he gave in. After that, Momma lived with her father as man and wife until she turned 18. Momma gave Grandpa 3 children, but only the first one lived. That one was Danny.

At this point, there was an interruption in the story, as Dan blurted, "Danny? But, isn't that the same name as your father's?"
"Yes Dear, I'm getting to that. Do you want me to tell the story or not?" Mary replied, annoyed at being interrupted.
Dan assured her that he did, so Mary continued:

Momma had Danny about 2 years later, when she was 16. By that time, she had established herself as her father's "wife", by sheer brass. She had already stopped going to school, She just died her hair, put on paint and powder, Started wearing her mother's dresses, and acted like she was Grandpa's "new wife". Nobody questioned her about where they got married, or what happened to his daughter. In those days, when a girl turned 16, she either got married, or helped out on the farm; no more school.

Danny was about 2 years old, and Momma had lost 2 others, when Grandpa got kicked by a mule and died. The crazy thing was, they hadn't had a horse or mule on the farm for 5 years when it happened. Grandpa was helping a neighbor, transfer a mule to a truck for shipment; when the crazy animal got loose. They had just recaptured it, when the animal kicked Grandpa right through a board fence, where he had ducked to get out of the way. The boards were rotten; and the mule's hoof went right through the fence like it was cardboard, and stuck there. Grandpa died of a concussion the next day. I understand the mule broke a leg, and was shot.
Well, after Grandpa died, Momma decided to quit the charade about being his "wife." She was 18, the only living heir to the farm, and with Grandpa dead, no one could cause him trouble about screwing his own child. She took over the farm, and started to raise Danny all by herself.
It was hard for Momma to work the farm, all by herself, but most of the work she managed. She worked out an arrangement with a nearby farmer, whereby he planted crops on her farm, and she got paid by getting a share of the produce. Generally, it worked out to about a 25% share. It wasn't a lot, but with that as income, and a garden and a cow and a few chickens she somehow managed to make ends meet without mortgaging the farm, or her own life to some husband she didn't want. After Grandpa died, at first Momma thought she'd never want another man. As Danny got bigger, he was able to help out on the farm more and more, until by the time he was 18, the farm was back in full operation as a family concern. During that period however, there were many lonely and hungry nights that the two of them shared on that lonely farm in the middle of nowhere.
I don't know just when Momma began sleeping with Danny, (Yes, you guessed it, Danny is my father.) but I think it started when Grandpa died and Momma was so lonely and heartbroken that she took her son to bed and cuddled up with him. Having slept with her own parents when she was young, she didn't see anything wrong with having her son sleep with her. They slept in the same bed for the next several years. Momma eventually managed to get her sexual appetite under control, and since Danny was too young, nothing much happened until Daddy got to be about 9 years old. By that time, Daddy was already starting to get erections. One day Momma came in late, and found her son playing with himself. Momma told him that he shouldn't do that; that it was her job; and proceeded to suck her son's penis until he got some kind of release, and asked her to quit. After that, the young boy was after his mother to suck him about 2 or 3 times a day. He didn't cum yet, but he liked the feeling so well that he wanted to do it all the time. Well Momma felt this was OK, but she was getting too turned on herself. So Momma showed him how to lick her, and made him promise to do her each time she did him. The first time she came when her own son sucked her to orgasm after so many dry years was quite something, I understand. Daddy thought she was dying, or having convulsions, or something. Well, she explained that it was Ok, and that she just felt too good to hold still, and that when he was older he would understand better when it happened to him.

After about a year of this, Momma woke up one night, and felt her son's cock pressing against her bottom. She just naturally lifted her leg, slid her son's cock up into her hole, and enjoyed her first cock-induced orgasm in almost 9 years. Once Daddy found the pleasures of fucking, he rarely wanted to go back to just sucking, so Momma decided to let him continue. They fucked almost every night after that.
It was about a year later, when Daddy was 10, that he experienced his first orgasm. At first he thought he had peed in Momma, but she told him that it was all right, and that it was something that he was supposed to do. A few days later, when he pulled off Momma, he noticed a trickle of white coming from his mother's vagina. Momma explained that that was the stuff that made babies, and that if he wanted, she would let him make one in her. Talk about letting the fox loose in the chicken coop! Daddy wanted to do it all the time after that. After several months, Momma's belly began to swell; and by the time my father was 11, he was the father of an 8 pound baby boy by his own mother.
Well Daddy didn't want to stop at just one; and after a few years there were not only my older brother Jim, but my 2 older sisters Karen and Diane, Me, my younger brother Joey, and Rachel. After 6 kids by Daddy, and 3 by her father, Momma felt she had done her duty (so to speak) and it was time to stop baby- production. They didn't use any birth-control, just tried to refrain from full sex during Momma's fertile periods.
Of course, it was a lot easier for Momma; she was 36 years old, and not so sex-driven any more. Daddy was 19 and just reaching his peak. Momma would suck Daddy off, and let him "use the back door," so to speak, but she really hated to put him off. It wasn't until she came across Karen fucking off my older brother Jim about 3 years later, that she found what she thought might be a semi-permanent solution.

"And what was that?" interjected Dan.

"Jim was behind Karen, and was pushing his cock up inside his little sister's belly." 
Well, Momma walked into the livingroom one day, and found Karen and Jim, both naked. Jim was behind Karen, and was pushing his cock up inside his little sister's belly. Momma came in, just in time to watch her son, as the boy started ejaculating his sperm right up inside her little girl's womb. Momma could see that her son was pumping his little sister's womb full of cum, by watching the tube on the bottom of the boy's cock bulge, each time another thick sticky gob of cum was forced into her daughter's welcoming little belly. Jim was almost 13, and Karen was barely 12 at the time. Momma asked them how long that this had been going on; and when she learned that they had been having oral sex for over a year, and that they had only recently progressed to the "real thing"; she thought that Karen might help out with her father. Daddy, Karen, Jim, and Mommy all sat down that night and worked it out, so that whenever either Momma or Karen was in her fertile period, the other one would take over the "duties".

This usually worked out fairly well for both of them. It meant more regular sex (No more sneaking around for Jim and Karen.) and less worry about pregnancy. They were both able to have about a week off each time. Of course Daddy and Jim didn't neglect them. Both of them were expert lovers with their mouths as well with as their sexual organs. Occasionally however, both women would have their periods at the same time, and this would result in a dry-spell for Daddy and Jim.
About 6 months later, Diane got into the act when she found Daddy screwing Karen one morning. She wanted some too, and when they found out she wasn't having periods yet, it solved the timing problems for a while.
Of course, I didn't know about any of this. I was only 10 at the time, and I thought boys were "yucky." I had just started having my periods (Momma had told me to expect them, so when I started to bleed I knew what to do. I just never bothered to tell anyone.), so I thought this whole sex thing was just a bother and a mess. It wasn't until about a year later that I started feeling really horny. It seemed that once my periods started getting regular, I'd get itchy between the legs every month about halfway between my periods. I had mentioned it to Marge (A school friend.) and she had shown me how to tickle myself between the legs until I "Got off." She said her older brother had shown her what to do. Once I started, it seemed I just couldn't stop. Pretty soon it seemed that I would spend all my spare time in my room with one, the other, or both of my hands stuffed between my legs working myself off until I just couldn't do it anymore. Well, one day, I finally got caught.
Momma had heard the bed banging against the wall, over and over one morning when Diane was busy with Daddy. She figured that if I was old enough to be masturbating, maybe I was old enough to help out with the "chores". The first thing I knew about it, was when Momma came into my room just as I was about to climax for the third time. My hand was between my legs, and I didn't have a stitch on, so there was no doubt what I was doing.

"Momma showed me the white stuff, that Daddy had squirted inside Diane" 
Momma told me to get up and follow her. I was scared to death, thinking I was going to be punished for doing something awful. It was quite a surprise, when Momma led me into Her and Daddy's bedroom, where Diane was sitting naked on top of Daddy. She led me over to the bed, and showed me where Daddy's penis was going up inside Diane. Then, after Daddy and Diane worked themselves to a climax, Momma showed me the white stuff, that Daddy had squirted inside Diane, and told me that this was the stuff that made babies, that Diane was getting a little old to take that stuff in her belly, and that starting tomorrow, it would be my job to take care of Daddy each morning. They had me climb on top of Daddy's sperm-covered penis, and sit down on it, so that I'd know what to do in the morning. Well naturally being a virgin, I bled all over the place; but Daddy just kept pushing his cock up my hole until I started to feel better. Once I started squirming on top of him, trying to get back my lost orgasm, Daddy squirted a lot of that white-stuff up inside me; causing me to climax like I never had with my fingers.
This was the start of a long comedy-of-errors, that resulted in my getting pregnant.

"What's a comedy of errors, Momma?" inquired Suzy.

"That's when two people think they agree on something, but each one has a different understanding of what it was they agreed upon, causing all sorts of troubles," answered Mary as she continued with the story.

Well in this case, Daddy thought I couldn't get pregnant because I wasn't having my periods yet. He didn't know that I had started having periods before Diane did. Both Momma and Daddy figured that since Diane had just started having periods, it was dangerous for her to fuck Daddy because she might have a baby. Now me, I thought they were trying to make a baby, and that Diane had gotten too old or something. You've got to remember that my knowledge of how babies were made was still a little rudimentary. I was proud that Daddy would want me to bear his child, and was happy that Momma would let me.
So, every morning, I'd go in and see Daddy, and make him squirt his sperm in my belly, then go back to my room hoping this was the time I got pregnant. Daddy on the other hand was glad to screw me because he figured I couldn't get pregnant, not knowing that I'd been having regular periods for over 6 months, while my older sister Diane was just starting, and her periods hadn't settled down yet. Jim, at this time, was working on a neighboring farm during the summer, so he didn't figure in the picture.
It was almost 6 months before things fell apart. It was one Saturday afternoon, and Daddy and I had just been getting a "quick one" before returning to the chores. I liked getting fucked in the afternoons, because then I usually got to carry Daddy's sperm in my womb until bedtime. Well this afternoon, Daddy had just shot an especially big load of cum in my belly, and I was leaking all over the place. As we were mopping up the mess, I said something to the effect that THAT load was probably big enough to get me pregnant. Daddy laughed, and agreed that when I got older, and started having periods, it probably would. This was a shock to me, so I asked him if not having periods meant I couldn't get pregnant. When Daddy assured me that was usually the case, I started to cry. Momma heard me; and asked Daddy what he had done to make me cry. Well, Daddy told her, what he had told me, and said he didn't understand why I was crying. Momma then told me to stop my blubbering, and tell them what I was crying about. Well between sobs, I told Momma that Daddy had told me that I couldn't have his baby if I wasn't having my "monthlies"; and I had stopped having my period several months ago; and I was so disappointed that I couldn't have a baby; and I loved Daddy so much, and wanted him to love me; and now he wouldn't fuck me any more because I couldn't get pregnant. At this point, I was sobbing on the bed, with my face buried in the pillow, just crying my heart out. I never saw the thunderstruck look on my parents' faces. Even after all these years, I'd still give 10 years off my life to be able to go back and turn around and see the reaction my sob-story had upon them. But I was too preoccupied with my own perceived "lost chance" to have Daddy's baby, that I never realized what a shock I must have given them.

By the time Mommy and Daddy picked me up and started to explain, they must have already gotten over their consternation, and had decided on a course of action to follow.
The next hour was another comedy of errors, and this one was worse than the first. Daddy picked me up and told me that it was OK. Momma told me that not only could I get pregnant, but that I probably already was, and that not having periods was almost a sure sign.
Hearing this, I started to brighten up. I wiped the tears from my eyes, and started feeling proud of myself, when Daddy blew it.

"What did he do then?" interjected Jeremy.

Mary continued with her story.

Well, just when I was starting to feel happy that I was finally carrying Daddy's baby; Daddy started to apologize! He told me that he was sorry he had gotten me pregnant; that he hadn't intended to; and how sorry he was that he had done that to me. With each sentence, it got worse and worse. I was devastated. Daddy didn't love me, I felt. He didn't want me to have his baby. He didn't want me. He didn't want my baby. I felt like I wanted to die!

June was quietly crying to herself, in sympathy as she listened to her mother's story. Her brother's cock had shrank inside her pussy, as he also sympathized with their mother.

"Did you ever get it straightened out?" snuffled June.
"Eventually," her mother continued.

Well the next thing you know, I was bawling harder than ever. I had my head buried back in the pillow, and this time I wouldn't be comforted. I shrugged off my parents' trials to comfort me. It seemed that each thing that they said, made it worse. By this time the whole family was standing around watching. Mom and Dad didn't have a clue, as to what they were doing wrong.
Finally Karen decided that she'd better take a hand, since Mommy and Daddy weren't having any luck. She shooed the rest of the family out of the bedroom, and just sat there, until I my sobbing subsided to a reasonable level. She was a lot bigger than me. She just picked me up, and put me in her lap. She then held me close until my gasping sobs slowed down to just tears. When I seemed a little more composed, she asked me to explain what was the matter. I remember that conversation as if it happened yesterday.
"Daddy doesn't love me!" I gasped out almost angrily, my sorrow and hurt turning to anger at my father.
"Hnnnnh?" she inquired, urging me to continue.
"He doesn't want my baby," I amplified.
"You are going to have a baby?" Karen inquired, somewhat surprised, but not shocked.

I nodded and continued, "and Daddy doesn't want it! He told me so." I started crying again.
Karen cuddled me, as she considered our father. She couldn't imagine it; so she turned back to me and said, "what did he say. Tell me his exact words."
"Well," I said, "he said, 'I'm sorry I got you pregnant. I didn't mean to. I wish we could do something about it.'" The horrible implications of my father's words were too much, and I went back to sobbing in my big sister's arms.
All of a sudden, a light must have dawned on my sister, because the next thing I heard was suspiciously like a snicker. She must have had a lot of self control however because she stifled it; and started to explain things to me.
"Mary," she said, "listen to me. Daddy loves you very much. You've just misunderstood him."
"Huh?" I sobbed, a tiny ray of hope gleaming in the darkness of my despair.
"First, you've got to understand that in most families, fathers are not supposed to make babies in their little girls. It's a very bad crime, called ingest. No, incest, I think," she explained.
"But Momma had. . .," I started to interrupt.
"Momma does her own thing, and that was a long time ago. Grandpa is dead, and no one is going to cause trouble for him," Karen soothed away my objections. "Daddy might get in a lot of trouble, if you're really pregnant. They might take him away and we'd never see him again."
This thought was as scary as the thought that Daddy didn't love me. I was now frightened; that because of me, they'd take Daddy away. "Oh Karen, what am I going to do?" I wailed.
"Shhh!" she hushed me. "We'll work something out. Don't worry. We won't let them take Daddy away."
"Now," she continued, "about this other thing, your thinking that Daddy doesn't want your baby. That's nonsense."
"But he said. . .," I started.
"He said he was sorry he got you pregnant," Karen snapped. "He never said a word about not wanting your baby."
"But isn't that the same thing?"
"No Honey. Daddy loves you and doesn't want you hurt. It hurts real bad if you have a baby. He never realized that you actually wanted to have his baby. If he thought that you wanted his baby, he'd probably be so proud he'd almost burst. Remember, he thought you were too young, and it was safe. He probably feels like a heel now, that he didn't try to protect you. He figures that you'd be mad at him for getting you pregnant."
All of a sudden, I saw what she was getting at. It was like a religious experience. Daddy did love me! Then, I suddenly felt guilty. Because of me and my ignorance, Daddy not only might get into trouble, but I had been accusing him of not loving me when it was his love for me that had caused the misunderstanding. "Oh God! Karen, how can I ever make it up to him," I wailed.
Karen smiled at me, and said, "I think you already have," while patting my tummy.

I gaped at her.
"Just watch," she assured me.
Sure enough, when Karen got through explaining everything to Mom and Dad, everyone in the family rushed to assure me that they not only loved me, but they would love my baby as well. The whole family gathered round, and made plans to take care of me and my baby. They worked on taking care of Daddy too. Mom suggested that she wear padding to make it look like she was pregnant, and I'd get "sick" for a while. ("Yes dear, That's where I got the Idea," Mary assured her husband.) Daddy assured me that not only did he want the baby, but he loved me all the more because I had wanted it also.
For the next 3 weeks, everyone treated me like a princess. They wouldn't let me do strenuous work, and they all watched what I ate, and my health like hawks. Karen had picked up some books on natural childbirth from the library, and had started me on exercises. Diane was helping Momma make baby clothes. Everything was wonderful. Then one morning I woke up with cramps in my stomach. I thought I had diarrhea, and went to the bathroom. The next thing I knew, there was a bloody mess in the toilet. I thought I was dying. Momma said that my screams could be heard in the next county.

At this point Mary paused in her story to wipe the tears in her eyes. She looked around. There wasn't a dry eye looking back at her. She felt a burst of love for her family, that would sympathize with her so, and continued.

After Momma and Diane got me in the tub, and cleaned up, it was hours before I was rational. They explained that I had lost the baby, and I went into hysterics. At first, I wished that it had been me that died, not the baby, until Karen pointed out sensibly, that if I had died, the baby would have also. I still felt so guilty, and heartbroken, that no one could talk to me. Not even Karen. I felt like I had betrayed Daddy by losing his baby, and had cheated the rest of the family, and myself also. I stopped eating. For almost a week, I didn't eat much more than a slice of toast, and a glass or two of water. The family tells me I looked like death. It wasn't until I realized what I was doing to my family, that I came out of it. Specifically, it was Daddy.
One day I looked over at Daddy, and he looked so tired and haggard. He had obviously been crying, because he thought he was going to lose me too. Daddy finally couldn't stand it any more. He came over to me, and begged me not to die. I was shocked. Me die? I looked at Daddy, and could see that he was serious. The thought that I was causing my Daddy so much pain, shocked me back to my senses. I told Daddy that I'd try to do better for him. He brought me some soup, and I ate it. When Daddy saw that I was eating again, he told me that if I really wanted his baby that bad, we could always try again. We both knew that it would never be the same; but I still begged him to try at least one more time. That night, I slept with Daddy, alone, for the first time. Momma shooed everyone else off to their rooms; and she and Diane slept with Jim that night.

I slept with Daddy for the next 4 months, until I finally caught again. Each night, Daddy would make love to me. He would caress me; stroke me; feel me up; eat me; and make me feel like a real woman. After he had gotten me all hot and bothered, he would get on top of me, and we would make love. There is no other word for it. We wouldn't just "fuck," we would hold each other, and kiss, and snuggle all the while he was sliding his big baby-making cock in and out of my pussy. I would usually climax about three or four times before Daddy would stiffen on top of me, and pump his precious sperm into my womb. In the morning, Daddy would usually wake up with a hard-on, and we would hurry to get him off before he got up to go pee. I usually did not get off in the mornings, I just lay there, and let Daddy squirt his sperm in my belly. I enjoyed being able to carry my father's seed in me while I worked all day, until we repeated the whole thing that night.

It was about 2 weeks after my 12th birthday, that I missed my period again. I figure Daddy knocked me up on my birthday, or near enough as makes no matter. From then on, I referred to the baby growing in my belly as my "Birthday Present" or "My April Shower," as my birthday was in April. We never had to pull Momma's stunt with the padding. I didn't start to get big, until after Thanksgiving; and I was wearing such heavy clothes by then that no one noticed. Then came the Christmas break from school; and then in January, we were snowed in for almost a month. April was born at home, on our farm, in a howling blizzard. Momma acted as midwife, and took care of everything. The doctor couldn't have come out there if we had wanted him to, as all the roads were closed. It's a good thing I didn't have any trouble. After four hours of yelling and screaming and, "Please Daddy, Make it stop!" I gave birth to the cutest little bundle of joy that a mother could wish for. Momma cut the cord, and Daddy helped by supplying fresh clean linen, and cleaned up the mess. Karen and Diane watched the two littler kids while Momma and Daddy took care of me and the baby. Momma kept me out of school for a week after that; and Daddy went down to the courthouse to register April as being born in our house. After this, things went back to normal in our house, except for me having to nurse the baby; and some trouble saving my milk for Momma to use while I was at school. I liked nursing, but having big boobs all of a sudden, sure increased my popularity with the boys at school. Of course, I wasn't interested; getting all the sex I'd ever want at home.
About a month after having April, I dropped back into the "rotation" as it were, with Diane and Karen and Momma. With 4 horny girls, it must have seemed like their own private harem to Daddy and Jim. Us girls of course, had no troubles getting them interested if we needed it, and with 4 of us there was almost always at least one of us whom it was "safe" to fuck properly.

It was shortly after April's 2nd birthday, that Jim and Karen decide to strike out on their own. They moved into the next town as husband and wife. Nobody there knew them; and with the same last name, everyone assumed they were married. This helped, because the farm wasn't all that big; and with 2 fewer mouths to feed, Momma and Daddy breathed a lot easier. Jim got a job working in a hardware store; and Karen worked in the local bank. After working there for about 10 years, Jim and Karen bought out the owner of the hardware store, and now work there together. It'll probably take them a couple more years to pay it off, but they'll then own it outright. I understand, that they never did hide their relationship from their children. They all slept together in one big bed, babies and all. Their son Mike, was fucking his little sister Judy, before he was 10. The little girl was carrying her own brother's baby in her womb, when she was only 11, and had her first child by her big brother when she was barely 12 years old. Judy had her second child by her own father, scarcely a year later. Karen, in the meantime, let her son get her pregnant, so she had another baby, almost the same time as Judy had her second child. The last I heard, Judy was pregnant again, by her big brother, and the baby was due sometime this summer.
This left me, Diane, and Momma to take care of Daddy. By this time, Joey was starting to get interested, and pretty soon was crawling into bed with me or Diane. This was a little dangerous, so we told him what the rules were, and put him on the "schedule," along with Daddy. The three of us girls decided to take turns with the two "men," a month at a time. It was during one of my "turns" with Daddy, that I goofed up, and found myself pregnant again. I'm not sure if it was just a mistake, or my body just felt like having another baby, but 3 years after April I was throwing up, and my belly was beginning to swell with Daddy's baby.

This time, Diane didn't sit still for being left out. When she found out that I had missed my period, Diane insisted on having Daddy fuck her while she was fertile, and try to get her pregnant too. So, for a month, I watched as Daddy would fuck my sister. Daddy would deposit his sperm in Diane's womb, every night. Sometimes, he would have a little extra for me, but mostly I'd get my sex from my little brother while Daddy worked on getting my sister pregnant.
This wasn't all bad for me. Joey would quite often fuck me when he wasn't helping Momma out. By this time, my little brother was getting to be quite a skillful lover, even if his cock wasn't quite as big as Daddy's. Joey could fuck me for hours before squirting his sperm in my belly. He always had enough to go at least twice.

"Daddy would deposit his sperm in Diane's womb" 
I remember one day when he spent the whole day fucking both me and Momma. He alternated between the two of us, squirting his sperm in first my belly, then stopping, and squirting the rest in Momma's. He liked to pretend that he was getting us both pregnant at the same time. We would play along, asking him to make a baby in both of us at the same time. Every once in a while I get a little sad, thinking that I never really gave the kid a chance. Sometimes, I wish that I had let my little brother knock me up, I just never had the time to spare to carry his baby though. Anyway, about a month after I got pregnant, Diane missed her period as well. Both of us had easy pregnancies, and Delivered healthy baby girls the next spring. We named the kids. . ."

Dan interrupted the story with a disgusted snort, "don't tell me. Yours was named 'May' and Diane's was named 'June'. I always wondered why you insisted on naming June after your 'little sister'. Ha! I guess it's a good thing Suzy wasn't born in July."
Mary smirked. "So you finally figured it out. It was a funny family joke at the time, and nice girls names too."
Mary continued with her story:

It was while Diane and I were both sporting big bellies, that Rachel decided she wanted to get fucked. She had watched us, and decided that she wanted some too. Rachel wasn't all that enamored about having babies like Karen and I were; but boy did that little girl like to fuck! For a while, it looked like our little sister was going to keep both men so drained, that Diane and I would be left out completely. After a while though, Rachel had settled on Joey, as her primary stud, Leaving Daddy for us.
Diane and I decide that was enough babies. We wanted to save ourselves to marry someone else. After all, Daddy still had mother, Jim was gone, and there wasn't enough farm to go around with all of us kids. We helped Momma raise the younger kids until I got that scholarship that sent me off to the university where I met you. Diane left later, and is in New York right now, still looking for another man like Daddy. Joey and Rachel pulled another "Jim and Karen" stunt, and are living in Toledo. April is engaged to a nice local boy, and plan's to be married next summer. When Momma died last year, I understand that May moved her things into Daddy's room, and has been sleeping there ever since.

"He would push his penis up against her tiny hole and squirt his seed in the child's belly." 
"Was that her first time?" asked Dan.
Mary snickered, as she explained.

First time for May? That's a laugh. May started crawling into bed with me and Daddy when she was about 6. The little girl must have found out about Momma and Grandpa from her older sisters, and she wanted Daddy to fuck her. She wouldn't take no for an answer. I thought I was oversexed. That lovable little slut was getting her father to squirt sperm in her belly for 3 years, before he could even get his cock inside her. The little kid would look so cute; sitting there naked, on her Daddy's lap; rubbing his big penis in her tiny little crack; until Daddy couldn't stand it any more. He would push his penis up against her tiny hole and squirt his seed in the child's belly.
I remember how proud May was, the first time she managed to get her father's penis inside her. You'd think she had won the gold-medal or something. We were sitting in the living room, after going swimming. Everyone was naked, and little May was sitting on her father's lap, facing him, as she masturbated herself with his cock. We all thought it was adorable, the way the little girl worked so hard to get her father to cum in her.

Of course, it was easier for us older girls. Any of us, could take Daddy's penis clear up inside our belly, and squeeze the whole thing with our vagina. Little May had only her hot little hands, and her tiny little slit to stimulate him with. She would work on Daddy, sometimes for a half hour or more; rubbing his big cock against her little clit, and pushing the head of his big penis up against the entrance to her tiny little cunt, stretching it open, before Daddy would finally discharge his thick sticky sperm up inside her tiny little vagina. This time, Daddy had just finished squirting his seed inside her hot little hole, and she was working for "seconds." Daddy's cock had shrunk a little after his orgasm, and both he and May were all slippery with the semen he had already ejaculated inside the little girl's vagina. All of a sudden, May found herself sitting on her father, with half of his cock buried inside her tiny little slit. She called us all over, and showed us that she was now a "Real Woman," as she could take Daddy's penis right up inside her belly just like the rest of us. Not quite 9 years old, and already the little girl was fucking her own father. Well pretty soon, Daddy was squirting his potent sperm right up inside the kid's tight little belly. Then the child insisted that Daddy take her virginity, so that she could fuck him "Properly".
Within a week, May was taking her father's penis all the way up inside her hot little belly; and Daddy was regularly squirting his seed right inside the little girl's womb. It always turned me on to watch my daughter as she fucked our Daddy. To see her little belly swell each time Daddy pushed his big cock up in her tiny little slit, knowing that the same semen that he squirted in Momma's womb to make me, and then squirted again in my belly to make May, was about to squirt in our little girl's belly and try to make another baby in her. It was always a thrill to watch Daddy sliding his big cock in and out of our little girl's tiny slit until the child's squirming got to be too much; and he would finally shove his big penis all the way up in our daughter's tiny little belly and ejaculate his potent sperm right inside the little girl's womb.
If it had been up to May, she would have taken over Daddy's services completely, and left me and Diane out in the cold. Of course, the rest of us wouldn't stand for that, and put her in the "rotation" just like everyone else.
Of course, to May, the "rotation" meant something different than it did to the rest of us. She never stopped fucking. By this time, most of us girls were on the pill. May wouldn't take it. She kept right on fucking Daddy even when she started having her monthlies. She said she wasn't going to cheat him. May insisted on having Daddy as a partner during her fertile times. She always made sure that Daddy ejaculated his sperm in her belly, "Where it belonged," whenever she was fertile. May was carrying Daddy's baby in her womb when she was only 9, and she had her first baby by her own father, when she was a little over 10 years old.

"Wow! No wonder you didn't object about me making it with Suzy," said Dan. At this time, something that had been nagging him finally came to the surface of his mind. "May. May," he mused. "Wasn't your Aunt May out here, just about this time last year?" Dan looked suspiciously at his youngest daughter.
Suzy had the grace to blush. "Yes Daddy, it was her idea. Do you remember when Aunt May came out her, she brought all the children along?"
Her father nodded and encouraged her to go on.
"Well," continued Suzy, "while she was here, I helped her take care of the littler kids. Especially the baby. When Aunt May saw how much I liked the children, she encouraged me to help. She even had me nursing little Susan."
"You mean you gave the kid a bottle?" asked Jeremy. "That's nothing unusual. I've taken care of you, and given you your bottle when I was only 6."
"No, idiot." Suzy smiled sweetly at her older brother. "I said I nursed her. May had me let the baby suck on my tits to calm her down. After several days of this, about a week before she left, I found that I was actually giving milk! I told Aunt May, and she told me that it wasn't all that unusual, except maybe for my age. She figured it wouldn't hurt either me or the baby, so I just continued until she left. Well, about 2 days before she left, I was sitting there, nursing the baby when I realized how much I was going to miss the little girl. She felt almost like my own child; and I didn't want to give her up. When I started to cry, Aunt May had me explain. She said that if I wanted a baby that bad, maybe I should have Daddy make one in me. At first, I was shocked; but after a while, the idea sounded better and better. I was too young to get married; I love Daddy more than anybody; and there's no one in the world who's baby I'd rather have. I knew however, that Daddy would never go for it. When I told Aunt May this, she told me that I would just have to get my father in a position where he couldn't refuse. It seemed like a Godsend, when a few days later, you made me that offer to improve my grades."
"Why that little she-devil," exclaimed Dan. "She set me up."
The rest of the family giggled.
"You never finished your story. Tell us about Aunt June," prodded June.
Mary continued with her story.

June Didn't get really interested in sex, until she was about 12. By that time, she had watched May have two babies, and saw her working on a third. I guess seeing May's pain when she had her babies scared her. By the time June got interested in boys, she was on the pill. As far as I know, she only fucked Daddy once. That was just before she left. She walked into the bedroom, naked; told me and Diane that this was her turn; and chased us all out. We were somewhat disappointed in not being able to watch; but we sure all crowded around the door and listened! June told Daddy that she felt she owed him the chance, just like the rest of us. She said she had stopped taking the pill 3 months ago; that this was the middle of her period, when she was the most fertile; and she was going to let him try to make a baby in her. She said she was going to be moving to LA; and felt she owed him this one chance. Daddy, of course, insisted that she owed him nothing, and to go get dressed. June told him that it didn't matter what he felt; she felt she owed him this, and she was going to stay there, naked, in his bedroom, until either he fucked her, or she starved to death. June was adamant. Daddy just gave up and fucked her. After that one time, June waited until she got her next period, and then started packing.

"Where is June now?" inquired Dan.

"June," sighed Mary, "is living in LA working as a high- class prostitute. For some reason, she likes sex, but doesn't want to get hooked up to just one man; and she's scared to death of having babies. She sure doesn't get that from anyone else in the family. She says this way she gets all the sex she wants, with no hassles. She picks her own clientele, and sets her own prices. 'Easy work, and her own boss,' she says. None of the rest of the family understands her, but we still love her. She still comes out to visit every few years."

"Oh," said Dan, nonplused, "so you are the sister of your father, and the mother of your sister. If I have it right."
Mary snickered. "If you think that's complicated, consider May. May is the sister of her mother; the mother of her own sister and brother; the grandchild of her sister and aunt; the daughter of her aunt and sister both; and the wife of her father, grandfather, uncle and granduncle all rolled into one. It would probably take a year to catalog her uncle/aunt, niece/nephew, and cousin relationships. Every time I hear the horror stories about inbreeding, I have to laugh. Not one of the children in our family is retarded. In fact, most of us have tested with above- normal IQs. May's children are all bright active youngsters. Not a dud in the bunch. Of course that makes sense. Her kids are 7/8ths or more Daddy, and he's no dumbbell."

Mary looked over at her two daughters, still sitting legs- spread, on their respective partners. "Did you get off?" she asked them.
Both little girls nodded.
Suzy said, "Dad went off in me three times, while you were talking."
"Twice," said June, referring to Jeremy.
"Well, I think that we've had enough sex for tonight. Let's all go to bed," Mary said, as she started for the bathroom to take a shower.
"WE have," said Dan. "I don't know about you." He looked around at his children and got their nodding agreement. "Let's get her kids!" he yelled.
"Wha. . .," said Mary; as the next thing she knew, she was buried under a pile of warm, friendly, naked, bodies. By the time she got her orientation back, she found herself flat on her back, with a daughter sucking on each swollen tit. She could feel their naked breasts rubbing against her sides and their flat little bellies were rubbing against her hips. Down between her legs, all she could see was a head of hair that went up and down in time with the delicious feeling of being eaten by an expert.
Out of sight, but definitely not out of feel, she could feel her head being rubbed in a finger massage that she recognized as coming from her husband. He was so good at it, and knew how much she loved it. At first Mary was inclined to tell Jeremy to stop it; that she was his mother after all; but then she realized that would be hypocritical. She relaxed in the warmth of knowing that she was loved. The warmth crept up her legs, down from her breasts, and all of a sudden centered in her overheated vagina where her son was nibbling at her clit, then stabbing his tongue in her hot little hole, and licking up and down. She climaxed violently. Jeremy didn't stop. Neither did her two daughters and husband. Mary kept climaxing time after time until she was about to collapse from exhaustion.
"Stop! No more. That's enough!" she gasped.
"Not quite enough," said Dan. Motioning to his son he said, "OK Jeremy, Now!"
The next thing Mary knew, she felt her vagina being filled with a stiff hard cock; as her son replaced his tongue with a part of his body more fitted to the purpose. Mary couldn't help herself. She wrapped her legs around her rutting son, and begged him to continue.
"Fuck me Jeremy," she said. "Show me how much you love me. Shoot your baby-juice in your mother. Show Momma how you like to fuck her; just like you do your little sister. Lets see you make a baby in your mother. You do it right, and Momma'll give you another little baby sister to fuck. FUCK ME!" Mary's voice rose almost to a scream; as she started having climax after climax at the thought of having her own son knock her up.

The older woman was halfway through her third massive orgasm since her son had started to fuck her, when she felt his penis blossom to incredible hardness, and started spewing thick rich semen into her wildly gyrating belly.
"Oh Momma, I'm cumming in you. Let me make a baby in you Momma. Here it comes. Unhh Uhhhhn!" Jeremy grunted, as he squirted the last of his sperm in his own mother's welcoming vagina. "Whoooo!" he gasped, as he collapsed on top of his mother; between his two horny sisters who greeted him with sloppy kisses as they temporarily neglected their mother's overstimulated breasts.
Mary felt both exhausted, and crushed at the same time; as her husband came around to join the pile on the bed. She hugged her family though, and would have lain there comfortably in the loving arms of her family for hours, in spite of the weight, if she hadn't stopped to think of something.
"What about you Dear?" she inquired. "Don't you want some?" In spite of being exhausted, she knew she couldn't refuse her husband, after this.
"I think that six times in 5 hours is more than enough, and a plenty for me. Don't you think so? I don't think I could get it up if all three of you girls worked on me at once." Dan shrugged off her suggestion.
"Wanna bet?" replied June and Suzy simultaneously.
"No Dears. No bet. I'd probably lose. I just think I've had enough for today, and the same goes for all of you. Don't you agree?" Dan looked at each of his naked offspring, and then at his wife. Everyone felt deliciously satiated, and almost wrung out. There were no contradictions.
"Now!" said Mary, "Everyone into the shower. No, not separately, all together. It's fun."
It was too. All five of them just barely fit in the shower together. There was much squirming of naked skin against naked skin; plump tit being rubbed against hairy arm; and flat slippery belly against rounded rump. They tickled each other and played "Grab the sausage," and "Hide the finger," until the shower almost collapsed under the strain when Jeremy dropped the soap; and couldn't get up when he reached down to get it. Mary finally shooed everyone off to bed. She sent Dan into Suzy's bedroom to sleep with his daughter for the night; and invited June and Jeremy to join her in the big bed in the master bedroom.
Within 10 minutes, Mary was sleeping soundly on one side of her son, while June was asleep on the other. Jeremy cuddled up to his sleeping sister; lifted her leg so his cock wasn't strained; and put it between her legs, up against her still slippery-with-his-sperm cunt. He wrapped his mother's arm around both him and his sister, as they cuddled all together spoon- fashion and slid off to sleep.

In the other bedroom, Suzy cuddled up with her father.
"Daddy. Can I sleep with you inside me?" the little girl requested.
"If you can get it hard enough," Dan replied, pointing down to his shrunken member.
Suzy didn't reply this time. She just backed up to him, and reached down with her hot little hand; pulled his flaccid penis up against her slippery little hole; and proceeded to jack him off against her slippery little slit. After about a minute of this, her father's cock was hard enough that with a little straining, it went up her horny little hole with a rush. For a minute, she squeezed her father's penis with her vagina and enjoyed the twinges of response she got. Shortly thereafter, she fell asleep. Dan lay there a little bit longer, enjoying the gentle squeezing of his young daughter's vagina on his prick. He was tempted to push in and out, and try to impregnate his little daughter in her sleep; but conscience and weariness overtook him. He fell asleep, while still contemplating the notion.

About halfway through the night, Dan started dreaming. He thought his two lovely daughters were both begging him to get them pregnant. First Suzy, then June would take his swollen cock and stick it up between her legs, and ask him to squirt his semen into her clasping little vagina. Without waking, his penis expanded and he ejaculated a fresh load of sperm into his sleeping daughter's unresisting little belly. After that, his sleep got deeper, and he didn't dream at all; as he slept with his big cock acting like a plug; keeping his potent seed trapped in his little daughter's quietly accepting vagina.

Cindy gets an unexpected proposal

Cindy was dying. She had been playing in the sandbox, when the truck backed up and began dumping sand on her. Her legs were trapped. She couldn't feel them at all. She knew she had internal injuries, because of the pain in her belly. The pressure of the sand was crushing her. It was squashing her belly, and crushing her chest. She could barely breathe.
"Not now!" she thought, "I'm too young. I never had a chance to love a man properly. Please God! I want to live to have children. To know what love really is!" Cindy wanted to scream, but couldn't get her breath. She opened her mouth, and sand got in. The pressure got greater.
"Oh John," she thought, "I could have loved you, but I never had a chance!" Cindy opened her mouth for one final scream before the sand covered her head; and got a mouthful of hair.
"Hair? hair???! What the?" Cindy woke up, and spit out the mouthful of hair that John had inadvertently draped into her mouth. All of a sudden things began to make sense. The rumble of the sand-truck was John Stockdale's quiet snore. The slight pain in her groin, was from her lost virginity. The squashed feeling, and the inability to breathe properly, were the natural results of a 200 pound man sleeping on top of a 80 pound girl.
Cindy moved her legs, and was relieved to find that she could not only move, but feel with them as well. She ran her little legs along his big hairy ones; and enjoyed the feel of their naked skin rubbing together. She was going to be able to have love after all! Quietly, she said, "Thank you Lord." Cindy wasn't religious; but she felt so grateful that she was alive, and had someone she could love; she had to thank someone.
Cindy pushed up on her older lover. He was so heavy, she could hardly move him. John instinctively resisted the movement, and snuggled closer. He kissed the little girl on the neck, mumbled something that sounded like, "Love you," and went back to snoring. The squirming pulled his semi-hard cock about an inch out of the little girl's belly. Then it went back in, and seated itself with his pubic hair once more rubbing against her light fuzz above, and bare slit below.
The sensation thrilled Cindy. She stopped trying to push the man off her chest, and concentrated on working her little mound against his groin; and sliding her vagina up and down around his swelling cock. She worked, and worked, but just couldn't quite get off. Eventually, she got tired, and drifted back to sleep. This time, she wrapped her arms lovingly around her sleeping lover, and dreamed of big teddy bears and thick heavy, warm covers. Eventually, she stopped dreaming entirely, and slipped into a deep dreamless sleep.

Cindy's midnight administrations had not gone completely unnoticed. John Stockdale had been sleeping, when the little girl began working herself around his cock. His drowsing brain incorporated the feel into his dreams: where he was back in his office at school, and Cindy Macon, and little Suzy Fisher were both naked, and playing with his cock. He dreamed that he had just convinced little Suzy to let him put his cock in her tiny little slit, "Just to see what it feels like." He was just starting to push his engorged penis up in the little girl's belly while Cindy cheered him on. In his dream, it felt so good as his swollen prick vanished up inside the tight little hole. He could feel the child's hungry little vagina squeezing on his cock, trying to coax his sperm out of his balls and into her eager young belly, where it belonged. Gradually, the dream faded into reality. "What a wet-dream!" John thought. Amazingly, the sensations continued, even though the dream was ending. He still felt the budding little tits against his chest, and the tight squeeze of an immature young vagina sucking on his sliding cock. If he looked down, he could see a flat little belly, and an almost hairless slit stretched tightly around his now fully engorged prick. Farther up, were two of the nicest little mounds of tit-flesh that a man would ever want to fondle. John came fully awake, and realized where he was. He was in bed with the sexiest little girl in the whole 5th grade class. He was spending the night in the child's own bedroom, where earlier he had taken the little girl's virginity. Now he was actually fucking the little girl while she slept. He felt the child's vagina sucking on his penis, each time he pulled out, and squeezing each time he pushed in. Mentally, it was exciting to know that he had already ejaculated his sperm twice in the little girl's belly; and the child was already carrying his seed in her tiny little womb. Knowing the little girl wouldn't mind if he tried to get her pregnant, was too much, even for a strong-minded man like John Stockdale. He knew he was going to try to breed the sleeping child. Carefully, he pulled his swollen cock halfway out of the sexy little girl, and then slid it all the way home in her tight little belly. He pushed his cock up hard in the nubile young girl; and felt a little squirt of pre-cum leave his prick, and lubricate the inside of her vagina. Back and forth, back and forth, his big cock slid. There was something incredibly exciting about trying to impregnate an 11-year-old girl, while she slept; knowing she couldn't object. One more push, and John knew the time had come. He was going to do it. He was going to inseminate the sleeping child. He pushed his swollen cock all the way up in the little girl's belly, as spasm after spasm shook him. He was trying to squirt as much of his dangerous baby-making sperm, as far up inside the little girl as he could. The thrill of knowing he might father a child on the innocent young girl, was incredible. It was naughty, and forbidden, and incredibly sexy. Even the slight pangs of conscience that might have spoiled his pleasure, were soothed by the knowledge that Suzy had wanted him to cum in her earlier; and her parents wouldn't get mad, even if he did get the little girl pregnant.

John's ejaculations slowed to squirts, and then dribbles. He pulled his now tender cock from the clasping vagina of the sleeping child. Noticing a bubble of white welling from the little girl's puffy slit, he fumbled for a tissue, and stuck a piece in the child's little hole to act as a plug. He then flopped over on his back alongside the little girl, as the realization came to him of how much he was going to miss the girl ("Woman now," he corrected himself.) when he had to go home the next day. Damn! Only one night with this incredible child, and he was already seriously considering marriage. The self revelation was astounding. He actually loved the little girl. The more he thought about it, the more certain he was. He'd have to ask her in the morning.
All of a sudden, he berated himself for an idiot. The girl was much too young. It would be at least two more years before she could get married even with her parents' consent. Besides, what kind of ego-trip was he on, to think that she'd accept. She had told him that this was just to "Pop her cherry." She'd probably laugh in his face.
This last thought, was too outrageous. John was too intelligent to delude himself with that one. Cindy was too nice a girl to laugh at a prospective suitor. He'd watched the little girl turn down Joe Jackson's crude proposal in the hall one day. She had managed to tell him no, without being sarcastic, or mean. If she could do that with a scumball like J. J., he knew she would find some way to let him down easy. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He resolved to ask the child (Woman) the next day, First Thing. With that resolution, John Stockdale wrapped his arms around the sleeping child and went to sleep. It was so comfortable that the last thought he had as he drifted off to slumberland, was, "I could get used to this, very easily."

"Marylin was just giving his cock one last tongue-licking suck." Page 111 

The next morning, John woke up to a hard-on. There was a warm slippery something moving up and down on his cock. After a few seconds, he recognized the sensation of a terrific blow-job.
"You don't have to do that, Honey," he told Cindy through closed eyes; enjoying the sensations of a warm wonderful mouth sucking on his rapidly expanding prick. He reached down to rub the girl's scalp while he talked. His fingers tangled in the girl's soft curly hair when he started to rub.
"Curly hair?!" his mind screamed at him, "Cindy has beautiful straight brown hair." His eyes snapped open as he jerked upright, and looked into the friendly eyes of Marylin Summers. Marylin was just giving his cock one last tongue- licking suck. The amazing little girl with the big boobs was completely naked, except for a flimsy bra tucked underneath her dangling mammarys, and a friendly grin.
"Isn't this a nice way to wake up?" inquired Marylin. "I try to wake Billy up this way whenever I can. Makes him get all ready to fuck. I can't imagine why." This last outrageous denial was given with a smirk and a sparkle in her eye that showed that she was sharing a private joke with him.
"But. But what happened. . .?" John Stockdale was at a loss for words.
"To Cindy?" Marylin finished for him. "I sent her in to take care of her big brother, now that her virginity is no longer in the way. I told her that I'd take care of you, until she gets back."
"But I was going to tell her. . .," John's voice trailed off. This was private.
"That you loved her, and wanted her to marry you. Right?" The pretty face smiled at him as she completed his second unfinished sentence, while keeping her hand moving up and down on his rigid cock.
"How. How did You know?" John felt his face flaming red as he asked.
"You kept mumbling about it in your sleep. When I met Cindy in the bathroom this morning, she told me about it. She sounded kind of proud, and yet confused. So I suggested that she go in and take care of her brother; while I took some of the lust out of your love, and toned it down to something a 12-year-old girl could handle." Marylin paused, then continued, "Now don't go getting all uptight. Cindy'll be back here in a few minutes. If you fuck me first, you won't be so horny and goggle-eyed when you propose. That is unless you don't like me." This last was said with a wistfulness that showed how insecure the child really was about her sexuality; in spite of her obvious charms and experience.
"Uh no. It's not that. It's just that Cindy. . ." John's voice trailed off again. How was he going to explain this to this amazing young girl?
"Cindy knows what I'm doing, and doesn't mind. If she did, do you think she would have left me alone in here with you?" The girl raised her eyebrows in question.

"Uh, no but. . ." John couldn't think of what to say.
"No buts. Now come here, and fuck me. That is, unless you don't want to." Marylin moved over on the bed, and motioned for the man to get on top of her.
John Stockdale gave up. It seemed like this house was filled with sexual conspiracies. He rolled over on top of the blond sex maniac, and grabbed her enormous mammarys. "OK," he said, "but first, I'm going to do this." With this, he started sucking on one large tit, while he massaged the other with his left hand. His right hand was not idle. He reached down between the girl's legs, and started pushing his index finger in and out of her squishy love hole.
"Oh Mr. Stockdale. How did you know that I love to have my tits sucked? Do that some more. Push your finger right up inside! Augghh!" The 16-year-old girl began to climax around his probing digit.
"I know just what horny little girls like you need. And right now, what you need is more of this!" With this statement, John switched. He moved his mouth to the other swollen tit, and swapped hands his right hand started caressing the girl's right breast, while his left dipped into the creaming little fuzzy slot that had been sucking on his right hand.
"Oh that feels so good. Now fuck me. Please?" The pleading of the 16-year-old sexpot was too much. John got between the girl's legs, and positioned his engorged cock in her fuzz-covered little hole
"OK Marylin, here it comes," he exclaimed, as he pushed his swollen member all the way up in the girl with a rush. The man felt a tight ring surround the head of his penis, and then slip down his cock until it grabbed the base so tightly, it was almost painful. The teenager was even tighter than Cindy, and Cindy had been a virgin! The squeezing of the girl's vagina as she started to climax, trying to milk the sperm up from his balls and into her eager young belly was incredible. John knew he wasn't going to last long.
"Marylin, slow up," he cautioned the madly humping girl, "I'm going to cum!"
"Do it," she grunted. "Cum in me. 'Want your cum in me."
"Shouldn't I pull out?" John asked, "I don't want to knock you up."
"'s OK," the oversexed teenybopper assured him, "'On the pill. Squirt your cum in my belly. Now! Unnh UnnnGh!" She suddenly grabbed him in an embrace that threatened to choke him as her pelvis went into high-gear, and her vaginal muscles spasmed so hard around his cock that he felt she might tear it off if she wasn't careful. John Stockdale's penis had had enough. It bulged dangerously, and began to spew thick sticky ropes of semen into the vagina of the climaxing teenager. Squirt after squirt. John felt like he was emptying his whole body into the belly of the orgasming young girl. Finally, his ejaculations slowed to a trickle of sperm leaking from the head of his penis into the girl's spasming hole.

"Oh God that was good!" said Marylin, as she came down from her mighty climax. "I always wanted to fuck you. Ever since if first entered your class, I knew that one day I'd have to have you. If I'd known that it would be this good, I'd probably have raped you back then." She followed this with a little giggle as her body started to relax.
John had to agree. It had been good. Still. . . "Uh Marylin. Don't get hung up on me. Right now, Cindy is the girl I want," he warned.
"Oh don't be silly," she replied, "I know that! I love Billy too. That doesn't keep me from getting a little on the side." She stopped to giggle. "Or a lot, as the case may be. Billy understands, and so does Cindy. I just want you to fuck me once in a while. I'll get Cindy's permission each time, if that'll ease your conscience. OK?"
"Well, under those conditions, what can I say but OK?" John replied, as he tried to disconnect from the incredible young girl. A tight ring squeezed its way down the length of his prick, stripping one last sticky glob of sperm from the head of his cock, into the welcoming belly of the oversexed teenager with the incredible bosom. "I'll get a tissue," he said, as his penis finally snapped out.
"Don't bother," said Marylin, "look." Sure enough, not a drop of semen leaked out of the girl's vagina, as she got up and headed for the connecting bathroom. "I can keep it inside for hours," she assured him. Her muscular control was incredible.
"Which reminds me," she continued, as she stopped, posing naked, in the doorway, "I want you to promise me something."
"Well, that depends," said John carefully. "What?"
"Someday, after I'm married, I might want to have a baby. Your baby. I want you to promise that you'll fuck me then, and help me get pregnant. You won't have to support the baby or anything, just help me make it."
"But what about Billy, and Cindy?" John temporized.
"Billy knows about me, and will do what I want. He's already told me that if I marry him, I could have a baby by anybody I want. He just insists that at least every other one be his. As for Cindy, I'd get her permission first. Who knows, If you two are married by that time, maybe she'll want to have one by Billy, and we'd just swap."
The thought was too incredible. "Well, OK. If you say so," he replied.
"I do say so. Promise?"
"OK, Ok. I promise. Now get your cute little ass out of here, and send Cindy back when she's finished with her brother."

Marylin wiggled her "cute" little ass back at him as she proceeded through the bathroom without stopping to drain his seed out of her vagina. She kept on going right through the connecting door on the other side; leaving both doors open so that John could see into the other bedroom. There was part of a bed visible in the opposite doorway; on which, John could see Cindy's torso, as it shook with regular jolts. Someone was obviously fucking the little girl; and from the sound of it, she was about to have a rousing climax.
"Oh Billy. Fuck me, Fuck me FUCK ME!" The obscene words spilled from the little girl's lips. "Squirt your sperm in my belly. Don't hold back. Let me feel you cum in me. Unh Unnnnh!" These last 2 grunts were forced from the child's lips, as her brother jammed his cock high up into her tight little snatch and held it there, as he ejaculated squirt after thick sticky squirt of potent seed right up inside his own little sister's belly, where it belonged.
Shortly, Cindy appeared in the doorway; the very picture of a freshly fucked young girl. Her brother's sperm was leaking out of her little slit, and dribbling down her leg; as she hurried to the stool, and began to clean herself up with tissue. She looked over at the man standing in the doorway with an embarrassed grin.
"Sorry," she said, "I just had to let him. If it wasn't for Billy, I'd probably have been out screwing half the school by now, and have been pregnant 6 times over."
John nodded his understanding; and then said, "could we talk, privately? Please?" This last was almost a plaintive plea for understanding.
"Yes Dear," said Cindy. She figured she knew what the conversation was going to be about.
John's heart raced. She had called him, "Dear." Now he could only hope, that the little girl knew what that term of endearment had meant to him.
Cindy finished her toilet; and reentered the room, shutting the door behind her. The young girl walked, unselfconsciously naked, over to the man sitting on the bed, and cuddled up in his lap.
"Now, what was it you wanted to say?" the girl asked, as she smiled at him with a warmth that felt like the sun coming out from behind a cloud.
At first, John was speechless. How could he tell this incredibly beautiful child how much he loved her, without sounding like a boy on his first date? He decided that even that was better than looking like a dumb idiot. "Cindy," he said.
"Yes?" she encouraged. The sound from her lips almost stopped his heart. It took the man several seconds to recover before he continued.
"Cindy, do you remember what I said last night, about not expecting me to marry you?"
Cindy nodded, and said, "I meant it. You can have me as often as you want. No strings attached. If you want, I'll even let you make a baby in me. Would you like that?"

John Stockdale started to shake his head, then realized how that might be misinterpreted. He started to nod, then blushed, and finally ended up hiding his face in his hands. Why did the child have to make it so difficult?
"What's the matter? Don't you want me?" The little girl looked almost frightened.
This was too much for John. He grabbed the girl, and buried his face in the beautiful long hair that was draped over her shoulder, as he started to cry.
"It's OK," Cindy comforted him, as she as she patted him on the back. She figured if he didn't want her, she wasn't going to push him. She would learn to live with the heartache somehow. After all, the man had never promised to love her. She was just going to have to hide her love, and act happy, even if it broke her heart to see him leave. "You don't have to say anything. We'll just pretend this didn't happen, and you can go back home without worrying about me." Cindy couldn't resist adding, "I want you to know, that I'll always be grateful that you were my first."
John knew he had to control himself. He was about to lose the chance of his lifetime, if he let this misunderstanding continue. "No. NO! You don't understand!" he almost bellowed into the face of the beautiful young girl. John grabbed the child by her arms and looked her square in the face. "It's not that I don't want you," he continued, as her face took on a puzzled look. "The trouble is, I do want you. More than you'll ever know. I don't want to just fuck you, though you turn me on like you wouldn't believe. I want to spend my time with you. I want to wake up next to you every morning. Yes, I even want you to carry my baby. I don't know how I'm going to go back to my apartment. I won't be able to sleep without you near. I know you're much too young to appreciate this; but I love you, DAMMIT!, and I want to marry you!" This last statement came out as almost a shout. He looked into the eyes of the girl for his answer, dreading the thought of seeing fear, or worse yet, pity.
Cindy's face lit up like the sun. She felt like a woman who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and then learns that the lab had made a mistake, and it wasn't cancer after all, just a mild skin-rash. He loved her! Not only that, he wanted to marry her! Still, she controlled herself long enough to make sure she hadn't made a mistake.
"Mmm, John?" she asked.
"Yes," he breathed. His previous declaration had taken almost everything he had.
"Was that a proposal, or a proposition?" She added a smirk to lighten the question.
"Both. Will you sleep with me for now, and marry me when you can?" John held his breath for the answer.

"WAHOOOOO!!!!" the girl bellowed, as she grabbed him like a drowning man grabs a life-ring. "YES!, and yes!, and yes, and yes, and yes, and. . ." Each yes was punctuated by a resounding kiss that landed on another part of the man's anatomy. The last one landed square on John's cock. From then on, the little girl's tongue was too busy to talk, as she licked her way up his body, enjoying the salty taste of his sweat. She ran her lively little tongue into his belly button, and licked it; before proceeding up to his chest where she sucked on the man's nipples, and nipped at the tips with her sharp little teeth. From there she proceeded to kiss the man on his neck, and on up until she was nibbling on his ear. Her hot little breath in his ears almost blew John's mind. The amazing child proceeded to lick all over his ear; and then she stuck her hot little tongue right inside. After doing one ear, she worked her way around his neck with loving kisses, and gave his other ear the same treatment.
"I love you," Cindy said, as she finally stopped long enough to look the man square in the face. "Say you love me."
"I love youbbblp!" John's voice became garbled as Cindy mashed her soft warm little mouth down on his, and started sucking on his tongue so he couldn't finish his reassurance.
For a long time, the two lovers kissed, then pulled apart and just looked into each other's eyes. John tried to memorize every detail of Cindy's face. The two of them were so engrossed with each other, they never noticed the gathering audience that Cindy's war-whoops had drawn.
"I don't know how I'm going to be able to go back to my apartment. It'll be two years before you are old enough to get married, even with your parents' permission. I don't think I'll be able to sleep, not knowing that you're near." John's voice was worried, as he shivered; thinking about his lonely bachelor apartment.
"We'll work something out." The gruff voice caused the two lovers' heads to turn around so fast that John was surprised that his neck didn't snap under the strain. The whole family was looking at them. Billy and Marylin were watching from the adjoining bathroom. The girl's father and mother were standing in the doorway that Cindy had left unlocked the night before. The heads of a little boy could be seen peeking around Arlene's legs, while the curly head of a little girl peeped between her fathers. "Is everything OK Cindy?" he asked the girl. "It sounded like you were screaming."
John was suddenly conscious of his nakedness, and the nakedness of the little girl who was sitting on his lap. If it hadn't meant that he would have to dump the girl on the floor, he would have grabbed his clothes, and dashed out of the room in embarrassment. Cindy rescued him, by calmly answering her father's questions, both explicit, and implied.
"I was," she answered. "John asked me to marry him, and I said yes." This last was almost defiant; as if she was daring her father to make something of it.

"I see. Well congratulations. Both of you." The older man sounded sincere. "As I said before, we'll work something out. C'mon you kids. Let's leave them alone. Oh, and John," this last was said as Cindy's father stuck his head back inside the door, just before closing it.
"Yes?" John said, holding the girl in front of him.
"While the two of you are planning your future, you might give some thought to the fact that there are other states besides this one." This bit of information was followed by the "snick" of the lock, as the door closed behind him.
Cindy and John stared at each other openmouthed. Of course. There were several states where a girl could marry as young as 12 with her parents' permission. The two lovers fell together on the bed as they began to prepare for their future together. Shortly, there was the squeaking of bedsprings that would have announced to anyone listening, what was taking place in the little girl's bedroom, but no one was. John's final thought before he gave himself up to the charms of the beautiful young girl was, "I can see why Cindy loves her father so much. I'm beginning to love her parents, almost as much as she does."

After about 20 minutes, during which John had cum twice in the beautiful young girl (Once in her belly, and once in her ass. At her insistence; Cindy said she wanted to get used to it. She explained that she was going to let him "Use the back door," whenever he couldn't fuck her "For Real," up the cunt, without getting a big belly.), the two lovers paused to talk some more.
"Cindy?" John loved the feel of her name on his lips.
"Mmmmm?" Cindy was feeling too good to do more than purr at the sound of her name coming from her lover's lips.
"You love your father very much, don't you?" All of a sudden, John realized how inane that sounded. "I mean more than just as a father," he expanded.
"What do you mean?" Cindy was confused.
"I mean, like your brother. You'd like to go to bed with your father, wouldn't you?" John felt he had to know.
"I suppose. I won't though, now that we're engaged." Cindy felt she owed him that honesty. "Billy either," she finished.
"Oh dear. Now I've done it," the man muttered.
"Cindy, listen very closely. I love you," John said.
"I love you too," she replied, warmed by his words.
John was getting frustrated. How could he put this into words? He tried anyway. "Cindy, what I mean is, I love you. I don't own you. If you want to make love to somebody, even (or especially) your own father, I won't object. I just don't want you to ever have to lie to me."

John raised his finger, and put it on the lips of the little girl as she started to say something.
"Hear me out." He stopped her interruption, then continued, "Let me finish what I'm going to say, then answer. Please?"
John continued at the girl's acquiescent nod, "I know that some people get mad, if their wife or girlfriend even looks at another man. I don't. I consider that jealousy, and I think it's the result of looking on someone else as your possession; not someone you want to be happy. I think that jealousy destroys love, not enhances it. As I said, I love you; I want you to be happy. If it would make you happy to take your father to bed, then I'll do everything I can to make it happen. The same thing goes for your brother. Just save a little for me. Please?"
John's eyes sparkled as he smiled at his own joke, and continued, "As your husband, I do expect you to carry my children but," He paused for breath.
Cindy interrupted. "I'd like that!" she said, with a giggle.
Waving the girl to silence, he continued, "As I was saying, 'but they don't all have to be mine, if you don't want.' Marylin was telling me this morning that Billy told her that she could have every other child by someone else, if she wanted. If your brother can be that generous to his future wife, I don't see why I can't with mine."
Cindy gazed at the man with stars in her eyes. "You mean?" she could barely breathe the question.
"I mean, that after you have at least 2 of my kids, that if you want to have a baby by your father, or by your big brother, or even one by each, I won't object. Of course, the next one after that, would be mine," he added as an afterthought.
Cindy couldn't believe her luck. She knew she had been getting the handsomest, smartest, most eligible man in town for a prospective husband, but she hadn't realized how much she had been prepared to give up to get him. Now to find out that she wouldn't have to give up anything, that she could have it all, thanks to this wonderful man. . . . Her little heart almost melted in gratitude. She proceeded to thank him the best way she could, by grabbing him, hugging him, and trying to show just how much she loved him. In the back of her mind, she swore that he would never lose by his generous offer. She would make it up to him somehow. A germ of an idea started to grow in her head as she snuggled up to him. John's cock had received too much use. It wouldn't rise any more that morning, if all the young female students in his class had tripped into the room and performed a striptease in front of him. Still it was pleasant to cuddle up naked next to a beautiful young, willing female whom, he felt, loved him almost as much as he loved her.

"Cindy?" John asked after a suitable period.
"Yes Dear?" Cindy muttered into his neck, as she nuzzled his earlobe.
"Can I ask a favor?"
"Nnnn?" Cindy bit at his earlobe. As if he had to ask. If John had asked her to jump in a pot of boiling acid, she probably would have obliged at the moment.
"If you fuck your father, can I watch?"
That got Cindy's attention. "Why you dirty old man!" Her eyes gleamed with mischief. "We'd have to get his permission."
"Your mother's too."
That thought hadn't occurred to Cindy. "You're probably right," she said.
"I know I'm right," John continued. "And, now that I think about it, that's probably the best approach. Your mother would probably understand, and she could convince your father. I think I'm beginning to love your mother almost as much as you do."
Cindy smiled. Her smile filled the room like the sun on a warm spring day. The idea that had been growing in the back of her mind had just ripened into full fruition. Cindy had just figured out how to thank this incredible man for his generosity.
"John?" Cindy inquired.
"Yes Cindy?" John rolled the girl's name around on his tongue.
"When's your birthday?"
"September 4th. Why?"
"Just thinking. That's Labor Day, isn't it?"
"'Day before. Why?" he inquired again.
"I was just thinking about what to get you for your birthday. I think I'll surprise you."
"Whatever you say." John went back to the enjoyable task of running his big hands over every inch of this incredibly beautiful young child's body. He was trying to memorize every square inch of the little girl's body by feel.

About an hour later, the murmurs in the little girl's bedroom were interrupted by a cheerful, "Breakfast in 5 minutes!" that obviously came from Cindy's younger sister.

John reluctantly untangled himself from the arms of his young fiancee. As he reached for his clothes, Cindy interrupted him.
"Just your underpants, John," she said. "Breakfast is very informal."
John shrugged, and resisted the impulse to dress anyway. After last night, he'd believe anything about this family. . . Well, almost anything. If Cindy had informed him that the whole family went nude all the time, it wouldn't have surprised him now. (In fact, that was not far from the truth.)
Cindy followed her own advice; and slipped on a lacy pair of panties that hid nothing, and the baby-doll that she had worn the night before. She didn't bother to cover her plump little breasts. John got the distinct feeling that she had worn the bikini-top the previous night just to keep from shocking him.

When the two lovers reached the breakfast table, breakfast was already in progress. Waffles were being served on a first- come/first-served basis from the waffle-iron. (No frozen waffles for this family.) There was a huge pot of coffee, and bacon by the bushel-basket.
As John settled himself in to his seat, he was glad he had resisted his impulse to "dress decent" for breakfast. He would have felt as out of place, as a man in top-hat and tails in a nudist colony. Cindy's father was wearing nothing but a pair of underpants and an enormous fur-rug on his chest and arms. He didn't seem to be the least bit embarrassed about dressing that way; so John felt right at home. Cindy's mother was wearing a blue baby-doll nightie that, while you couldn't see through it, didn't hide anything, as the front buttons were missing, and John could see occasional glimpses of a beautiful set of firm breasts and a smooth flat belly. He didn't even have to try to see the black "vee" that covered the older woman's mature vagina as the tiny little baby-doll didn't quite reach that far down.
Cindy's two younger siblings were unabashedly naked. The two children were arguing over who got the next waffle, when their mother settled the matter (temporarily) by dividing it between Cindy and John. John settled down to enjoy the food and good companionship.
As they started to eat, George waved a forkful of waffles at the two lovers. "I have a couple of suggestions, If you two don't mind," he said.
Cindy and John looked at each other and nodded agreement. Whatever Cindy's father wanted was fine with both of them. They figured that if he didn't help, their relationship was in trouble anyway.
"Now, first off, you like teaching, don't you John?"
John nodded his acquiescence.
"Well, I've been thinking. If you two get married next year, or if anyone finds out that you are even dating, you might have trouble holding onto your job."
"Yessir, I know," said John, "Cindy and I figured that I would just have to get another job. One that isn't so sensitive. We'd also have to move someplace where people didn't know us."
George finished swallowing a bite of waffle, cut another chunk, speared it with the fork, and brandished the waffle-filled fork like a wand. "I have another suggestion," he said. "John, How much do you pay for that apartment of yours?"
John explained that he got the apartment under a special arrangement with the school for only a small deduction from his pay. Heating and utilities were extra.
"Well," George inquired, "would you be willing to pay about 20 percent more if you could live with Cindy, and nobody would think anything funny was going on?"
"Sure, But I don't see. . ." John's voice trailed off as he decided to wait and let Cindy's father explain.
"What I've got in mind is this: As you can see, this is a big house." Everybody nodded as he continued, "I've been thinking, that we could convert one of the garages into a small apartment, and rent it out. . . to a friend. If you see what I mean."

"Wow Daddy, what an awesome idea," Cindy breathed.
"Well to continue, If I did this, advertised the place, then rented it out to you; nobody would think anything if you moved in here. Especially if you could explain that your overall bill was smaller here because we covered the heating and utility bills in your rent. The nifty thing is, Cindy's room is right next to the garage; and we could cut a door from Cindy's closet, right into the new apartment, so that they shared a closet. You'd hang your clothes at one end, Cindy'd hang hers at the other; and nobody would ever have to know they were connected. Cindy could go into her room, lock the door and nobody would ever have any idea that she was sleeping with you. Next year, you two could go and have a private little wedding just in case. Later, when Cindy turned 17 or 18, you two could have a big fancy public wedding, and nobody would be the wiser. What do you think?" George inquired; proud of himself for coming up with what he thought was quite a nifty solution.
John looked at Cindy. Cindy looked back at John. John inclined his head. Cindy said, "It sounds wonderful Daddy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." With the third "Thank you," Cindy had landed on her father's lap, and was covering him with kisses.
George kissed his daughter back, and suddenly became aware of how much delectable female he had in his lap. His cock started to rise, stretching the material of his shorts until it threatened to burst out the hole in the front. "Uh Cindy, you'd better stop. You don't want to get your poor old father all excited you know."
"Oh don't be silly Daddy," said Cindy, as she started kissing him in earnest now; trying to insinuate her slippery little tongue in his mouth.
"Dear, your fiance is watching," said Arlene, as she tried to rescue her husband from this embarrassing situation.
"Uh, Mrs. Macon?" inquired John.
"Arlene. Please," replied Arlene.
"Arlene. There's a favor Cindy and I wish to ask of you and your husband," said John, ignoring Cindy, as she continued to kiss her father; and began rubbing her developing breasts against her father's.
"What is it?" asked Arlene, "Does it have anything to do with this?"
John caught Cindy's eyes, she nodded, and he continued, "Yes it does." He looked around, saw that the younger children had left the room, and continued, "Cindy wants to fuck her father." He figured the best way to say it was the bald statement. "I told her it was OK with me."
"But?" Arlene could tell there was more.
"But we need your permission, and I told her that I'd like to watch."
"You're sure about this?" A lot was implied in Arlene's question.
"I love Cindy." John made the statement as if it explained everything. By his lights, it did.
"Well, it's OK by me, if that's what you two want. You'll have to ask him though. I'm not going to."

George had been following the conversation despite the distraction of his nubile young daughter squirming her half-naked little body on his swollen cock. "Are you sure that's what you want?" he asked each of them in turn.
John gravely nodded.
Cindy was much more ebullient. "Oh yes. Please Daddy?"
After living with Arlene, George Macon had learned that when a woman decides she's gonna, she's gonna. "OK honey, if that's what you really want, how can I refuse?" he asked, not expecting an answer. "Do you think you can wait until after lunch? I've got some calls to make if we want to get this garage-conversion going by next week."
"Oh yes Daddy! Thank you. Thank you." Cindy resumed her kissing.
This time, George did not resist when Cindy stuck her lively little tongue in his mouth. He kissed her back, sucking on her tongue, and running his hand up and down her back, underneath the thin nightie. "Later Dear," he cautioned his exuberant offspring. "You keep this up, and I'll be cumming in my underpants, not in you."
Cindy eased up; stuck her tongue out at her father; and went back to sit on John Stockdale's lap. "Well," she pouted, "I'll just have to wait I guess. In the meantime, I'm sure John won't be so mean, and turn me down." This was followed by a beam of a smile at her father that let him know that she wasn't really mad.
Shortly, Cindy and John went back to the little girl's bedroom, for as Cindy said jokingly, "Something 'big' has come up, and John and I want to get it straight between us." She giggled as John continued the joke, "Yes, but I'm sure that if we work together, Cindy and I can work it out. I'm sure that everything will work out in the end." The two lovers were almost cracking up by the time they reached Cindy's bedroom, and shut the door.

Jeremy gets some unwanted help

Mary felt the man beside her stir. She snuggled up to her husband, and put her arm around him. She giggled to herself, as she felt him moving his hips back and forth. The man was having a wet dream again. Still snickering to herself, Mary reached around the man and grabbed his erect penis, and started jacking him off. She thought to herself, "I'll make him cum, and he'll think he's fucking some young chick."
On the third stroke, she felt her hand hit warm flesh instead of air. There was someone else in the bed! Mary woke up completely. She was in bed, not with her husband, but her son. Not only that, but her daughter June was in bed with them also. Both of the children were naked, and Jeremy was sliding his cock in and out between his little sister's legs, leaving a trail of pre-cum lubricating a path between the little girl's thighs. Mary couldn't resist. She kept on jacking the boy off. As the boy pushed in and out, she angled his cock up so that it rubbed up against his little sister's slit. Back and forth the boy rubbed, slippery fluid leaking from the end of his engorged cock, lubricating his little sister's slit, as his mother pushed the head of his penis up against the tiny little hole between her little girl's legs. Mary was getting so hot, she couldn't resist the temptation. The next time her son pulled his cock back, she angled it up so that the head was pushing into the little hole at the entrance to her daughter's cunt. When Jeremy next pushed forward, the head of his penis vanished into the little girl's crack. Back and forth, back and forth. With each push, more of the 14-year-old boy's penis would disappear up into his sleeping little sister's 12-year-old belly. Mary couldn't believe it; it was so exciting. Jeremy was actually fucking his little sister in his sleep. Mary kept running her hand up and down the part of the boy's cock that wasn't up inside the little girl's vagina. The woman was actually jacking her own son off into his little sister's vagina. Shortly, Mary felt Jeremy tense up and she knew the 14-year-old boy was about to squirt his hazardous sperm right up inside his little sister's fertile young belly. Mary knew she should stop him, pull his cock out of June, or something, before the boy got his little sister pregnant, especially after the warnings she had given both of them the previous evening, but the situation was so exciting that she could no more have stopped them, than she could have lifted the fireplace with her bare hands. When Jeremy suddenly pushed most of his cock up inside the sleeping child, Mary felt the boy's penis expand, as a bulge rippled through the tube on the bottom. Mary could tell that her son was squirting his thick sticky cum inside her sleeping daughter's immature young vagina. She moved her head closer, so that she could see as well as feel, each prolific squirt. She could see the thick sticky curds of Jeremy's potent sperm, as each one dilated the tube on the bottom of his penis, before being injected into the receptive belly of the sleeping little girl.

Mary felt so hot she was sweating, as she watched her sleeping children mate. The thought of her son, breeding his little 12-year-old sister, while they both slept, almost made her scream with unreleased passion. Shortly, a smear of white cream appeared around Jeremy's cock, just before the boy stopped squirting his sperm inside his little sister. After a bit, Jeremy slid back into a deeper sleep, as a dribble of white sticky cum leaked out from around the young boy's cock that was still suck up inside his sibling's tiny little slit.
Mary couldn't have slept now, if she had taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills. She had to go and get some relief. Easing out of the big bed, she went in search of her husband.
This was not to be Mary's day. As she looked into Suzy's bedroom, she was just in time to see her husband as the man started to insert his oversized penis into her youngest daughter's tiny little cunt. Suzy was trying to hurry him with: "Fuck me Daddy, please? Get me pregnant. Make a baby in me Daddy. Unnh, Unnnhhh!" The last two grunts were forced out of the little girl; as the man forced his enormous cock all the way up inside his daughter's tiny little belly with a rush.
"Here you go Suzy," Dan said, obviously overcome by his lust for his own daughter. "Daddy's going to get you pregnant. Daddy's going to squirt the thick sticky white stuff that makes babies right up inside your tight little belly, and knock you up higher than a kite. If you want Daddy's baby in your womb, just keep fucking me like that. Ooooh that feel's good. Make me cum, Honey. Make your Daddy squirt his thick sticky cum right up inside your cute little belly." It was obvious that the man wasn't going to last very long.
"Oh yes Daddy!" encouraged the little 10-year old girl. "Cum in me Daddy. Cum. Cum. Cum," Suzy said, as she humped back at her father, enjoying the feeling of her father's big cock, sliding in and out of her tiny little slit.
All of a sudden, Dan lurched on top of the underaged little girl, and pushed his penis as far up inside the child's squirming little belly as he could. Mary could tell that her husband was squirting his virile seed right inside their little girl's womb.
"Oh Daddy! That feel's so good. Cum in my belly Daddy," Suzy encouraged the man as she worked with him; milking her father's potent sperm out of his spasming penis, right up into her eager young belly. "Knock me up Daddy. C'mon, Daddy make a baby in me." The little girl was thrilled to know that the same sperm that her father had squirted in her mother's womb 11 years ago to create her, was now squirting in her womb, as her rutting father worked to make a baby in his own daughter. Each copious squirt of her own father's precious seed inside her belly, made the little 10-year-old girl love her father more. Suzy loved the thought of carrying her handsome father's seed in her womb, and could hardly wait until she was carrying his baby there. The thought of watching her little tummy swell, with her own beloved father's baby growing inside her womb was extremely exciting to the little girl.

If Mary had been hot before, she was boiling now. Watching her husband trying to impregnate their little girl was too much for the hot blooded woman. She fell to the floor with a thump and started clawing at her overheated snatch. "Fuck me!" she screamed, "Somebody please fuck me!"
The commotion in the doorway distracted Dan. He had been ejaculating his sperm in his daughter's tight little belly; enjoying the thought of impregnating his own little girl; knowing she wanted his baby, and his whole family supported him in his effort, when he heard his wife's scream, and saw her collapse in the doorway. He pulled his still squirting prick out of his young daughter's belly and ejaculated the last drops of incestuous sperm all over the tiny little girl's body; leaving a trail of semen stretching from the child's budding little tits, all the way down to her tiny little crack where his sperm was already starting to ooze out in an obscene white glob.
Quickly, Dan rushed over to his wife, where she lay writhing on the floor; begging somebody, anybody, to fuck her. After just cumming in his little girl, Dan knew his cock was in no condition to help satisfy his wife. He figured that the woman had been watching the two of them fucking, and it had just been too much. Still, he figured he could help a little.
"Suzy. Go get your brother," he instructed the little girl. "Maybe he can help." In the meantime, Dan spread his wife's legs, and "Put his mouth where his money was." He started licking his sexy wife's creaming slit; trying to get her off at least once before their son got there.
Once Dan's slippery tongue swabbed up her slit, and touched her overheated clit, Mary went into convulsions. She grabbed her husband by the hair; jamming her crotch into his mouth as her hips started wildly gyrating. She shoved her cunt at the man's mouth so violently that his teeth banged into her pubic bone and bruised the lips of her vagina, almost splitting his lip. The pleasure and the pain combined in one wild orgasm. Mary knew she was going to regret this later; but she couldn't help herself now.
"Oh Honey, do it some more. Please? Fuck me Honey. I need it so bad!" she pleaded with her husband.
Having just fucked his youngest daughter, and nursing a sore lip, Dan knew he couldn't fuck again quite yet, so he tried to do his best with what he had. He started to shove first two fingers, then three up his oversexed wife's squirming hole; hoping that his son would arrive to help, when he was interrupted by another scream, this time from the other bedroom.
Hearing her daughter scream, snapped Mary out of her sex- crazed trance. Her daughter needed her! She scrambled to her feet and rushed for the door; only to collide with her husband as they both scrambled to see what was the matter. The two adults sorted themselves out, and dashed down to the master bedroom, where they found June pounding her fists on her older brother's chest; weeping and yelling at him.
"You just couldn't wait, could you?" she yelled at him. "Now what am I going to do?" the little girl said, as she collapsed in her brother's arms, sobbing.

"What's the matter?" Mary asked, looking first at Suzy, who shrugged, and gave a "Search me," look back.
Jeremy looked as confused as Suzy, so Mary turned her attention to June. "What's the matter Honey? Tell us what's wrong," she repeated.
June stopped sobbing long enough to throw a black look at her older brother and say, "He fucked me."
This caused the whole family to look at her in amazement. "Huh?" was Suzy's comment.
"He fucked me while I was sleeping," June amplified.
"But." "But," came from the two parents. Suzy put their feelings into words. "But, I thought you liked to fuck him?" she queried.
"I do," said June, "But we were supposed to use a condom, or pull out, or something this morning; and big old horny bastard here just couldn't wait. He just had to fuck me, and shoot his sperm in me; and now I'm probably pregnant for sure." The girl went back to sobbing, then stopped, sniffled, and added, "It wouldn't be so bad, if he'd just asked me. The way I felt last night, I might have let him knock me up anyway. I'm so mad, because I thought he cared for me. Now I'm thinking he just wanted to get his rocks off."
Mary felt guilty. She had to stop this misunderstanding. "June, wait!" she said. "I'm afraid it's my fault."
"What?" said June, "How could it be your fault? He's the one who fucked me, and came in me. You sure didn't." She half- smiled at her own joke.
"Honey," said Mary, "when I woke up this morning, both you and Jeremy were sleeping. I started jacking Jeremy off in his sleep, and then I couldn't resist it. I pushed his cock up inside your pussy, and had him shoot his cum up inside you. He was sleeping, and didn't even know he did it. I did, and I'm dreadfully sorry. I was just so horny this morning, that it seemed natural for me to help your brother make a baby in you. Besides, last night you wanted it, and I was half asleep. It was hard for me to even think of stopping him. Can you ever forgive me?" Mary was almost crying herself as she finished.
June was so happy at not having to hate her brother, that she would have forgiven anything. "Well, if Jeremy'll forgive me," she said, looking up with pleading eyes at her adored older brother. "Please?" she implored with tears in her eyes; afraid that her accusations might have turned him against her.
Jeremy hugged his little sister and assured her that he had nothing to forgive. It was all just a silly mistake. "Mom?" he inquired, "Could you get those condoms now, before I really do accidentally get June pregnant?"

"No," said June.
"Huh?" inquired Jeremy.
"I said NO! As I said earlier, I was almost ready to let you impregnate me anyway. This decided me. When you fuck me, I want to feel you squirting inside me, trying to get me pregnant. I'm not going to cheat you. I was almost sure before. Now I am sure. I want to carry your baby, and I'm not going to wait until I'm older. If Suzy can have Daddy's baby, then I'm surely old enough to have yours. After that, I want Daddy make a baby in me also. After that, we'll see." June finally ran down.
"But I thought you didn't want. . ." Jeremy couldn't finish.
"I decided I did. Or don't you want to?"
Jeremy hugged his little sister, and kissed her by way of answer.
"Dear?" asked Mary.
"Yes Dear?" replied Dan.
"With you fucking Suzy, and Jeremy trying to impregnate June; I've decided I want to have another baby too."
The whole family turned to look at Mary.
"I figure, that if you make a baby in Suzy; and now June wants you to father her second child; that it isn't out of line for me to want Jeremy to knock me up. At first, I thought of waiting until you started fucking June; then I decided that I'd better not wait. I don't know how many more years of baby- production I have left; and if I want to enjoy sharing parenthood with own my son, I'd better get started before it's too late."
Dan stared at his wife; then laughed, and hugged her. "I guess if that's what you want, what's a man like me, who's fucking his own daughter, to say but: OK." He smirked and added, "Going to have your own grandchild, just like your mother, Huh?"
June interrupted, "But what about me? I thought Jeremy was going to fuck me, not Mom."
Mary hurried to quell her daughter's worries. "He is, Dear. Jeremy'll sleep with you every night. Just once in a while, I'll want him to fuck me, if you don't mind? Maybe we can all do it together once in a while."
June thought about it, then nodded. As long as she got to fuck her beloved big brother, it might even be fun to watch him trying to impregnate their mother. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. She loved her mother very much, and she loved her brother also. The thought of having her brother's baby along with her mother began to turn her on. "Do you think you're up to it, big boy?" she asked her brother.
"Try me." The 14-year-old leered at his little sister.
"Oh, I'm about to," said June. "Come here Mother. Jeremy's going to see if he can get his own mother, and his little sister pregnant in the same day." The two women converged on the still naked young man.

"C'mon Suzy," said Dan, as he led his younger daughter back to her room, "Jeremy's got his hands full, it seems, and so do I." This last was said as he began to massage his little girl's budding young breasts and run his big hands up and down her little body, until the child was almost screaming for her father to fuck her again. Dan proceeded to give his little girl what she wanted. Before they left the bedroom that morning, Dan had left three more generous loads of thick, sticky, baby-making sperm in his little girl's belly, two up her cunt, and one down her throat. One time, Suzy had sucked her father off, even though it seemed like a waste; because she said she wanted to know what it tasted like, and she already had enough of her father's sperm in her womb to get her pregnant, if she could that day.
Suzy liked swallowing her father's sperm, but she decided she preferred to have it squirting up inside her cunt. Sperm didn't taste bad she decided; it didn't tasted good either. As far as Suzy was able to tell, sperm didn't have any taste at all, except for a slightly sweet, sticky flavor. The fun part, was doing it for her beloved father. Knowing that it made her father feel good, to squirt his thick sticky sperm in her mouth, made the little girl shiver with excitement. Suzy decided that she'd let her father cum in her mouth any time he wanted to. Still, it felt best to Suzy, when her father had his enormous penis stuck all the way up in her tight little belly; squirting his potent seed up inside her tiny little womb; trying to get his own little girl pregnant.

In the other bedroom, Mary approached her son. "How about it big boy?" she asked huskily, "Think you can handle two women?"
"Yeah, Jeremy," said his little sister, "there's two horny women here who need breeding. Do you think you can handle us both, or should I go and get Daddy to help?"
Jeremy's cock was as hard as a brickbat. Having two beautiful women begging him to get them pregnant, without any worries of the consequences, was every man's dream. It was like having his own harem. When the women were as attractive as his mother and little sister. . . Jeremy had always had a little secret letch for his mother. He had often daydreamed about what his mother had up underneath her dress, but had never had the nerve to say anything. As for his little sister, June gave him hard-ons every time he looked at her. It was a wonder to the boy that he had refrained from going into the little girl's bedroom, and raping his little sister while she slept, years ago. Of course, he'd never really do such a thing. Jeremy loved his little sister way too much to ever do such a thing. Still, the temptation had been there. Now, to have his own gorgeous mother, with her beautiful full tits, and smooth belly, and lovely fur- rimmed cunt, asking him to make a baby in the same womb he and his two sisters had come from, was simply too exciting to bear. And his little sister wanted him to impregnate her as well! Jeremy didn't know if he could get his own mother and little sister pregnant in the same day; but he was sure going to try!

June was getting impatient waiting for her brother's reply while he daydreamed. "Well Momma, I guess Jeremy doesn't want to fuck us," she said. "Lets go see if somebody else would like to make babies in our bellies." She made as if to head for the door.
Jeremy started to object, when Mary intervened. "You go ahead dear," she said. "Me now, I'm going to get my son to fuck me, and get me pregnant. You can go find someone else to make babies in your belly; but I'm going to wait for Jeremy, if it takes all day."
June came back from the door. "Oh no you don't. I see your plan, to get Jeremy all to yourself. Jeremy's going to make a baby in me first!"
Jeremy finally gave in to the humor of the situation. "Come here, you two oversexed cunts," he commanded. "Neither one of you is going to be first. I'm going to make a baby in both of your cute little bellies at the same time."
"This, I've got to see," said June, as she and her mother hugged the boy.
"Believe me Sis, you won't be able to miss it," snickered Jeremy, as he led his two naked relatives over to the big bed. "Now we've got to get you two girls all primed up, and receptive for my sperm. So June, you get on top of your mother, and start eating her out."
"But I've never. . .," started June, as her brother started to position her on top of her mother, with her head facing the woman's vagina.
"Don't give me that load of blarney, little sister," said Jeremy, "I know what you and Cindy were doing the other day, and I don't think it was the first time either!"
Mary looked at her daughter with interest as the little girl blushed, then inquired, just before she started licking her mother's creaming snatch, "Jeesh. Can't a girl have any secrets around here?"
"Oh! That feels good Honey. Here let me do you too," Mary said, as she positioned her daughter so that she could return the favor. Pretty soon, the two women were licking each other in unison, as they got more and more aroused.
Jeremy had been excited before. Now he was almost ready to explode. He knew that he didn't dare cum now, not when he had two receptive females just begging him to impregnate them. Climbing on the bed behind his mother, Jeremy instructed his little sister. "You just keep on licking while I do this," he said, as he climbed between his mother's legs, and inserted the head of his cock into the fuzzy gash that his little sister was licking.
June didn't pause. She kept on licking her mother's crack, just including her big brother's cock in the licks. Each time her brother would pull the head of his cock out of her mother's slit, June would lick the head, then her mother's clit, then back to her brother's cock, then back to her mother. Back and forth, back and forth she licked. In the meantime, Mary was doing yeoman's work on her little girl's little slit. June was getting so hot she knew she couldn't last much longer.

"I can see how you're going to get Mom pregnant, but how about me?" the little girl inquired.
Jeremy pushed his cock all the way up in his mother's belly, enjoying the feeling of his own mother's cunt squeezing on his leaking prick; as Mary tried to make her son squirt his potent sperm up inside her receptive belly. "Just wait June," He instructed. "You're next, and I'm not done yet." With this, Jeremy withdrew his throbbing penis from inside his mother's belly; where the boy knew he was in danger of ejaculating his sperm prematurely.
Jeremy then scrambled around the bed, and repeated the process with his little sister. He crawled between his sister's legs; and inserted his swollen cock up in the little girl's creaming little cunt.
Mary watched, as her son's big cock vanished up her little girl's tiny hole, right in front of her nose this time. She had never had such a good view of two people fucking. Shortly, she was reminded of her own duties; as her daughter paused in her licking of her mother, and said, "Keep licking Momma, I'm almost there." Mary resumed licking her daughter's creaming little cunt; only now she included her son's cock in the process.
Jeremy gave a few deep strokes up his little sister's squeezing little snatch before he had to stop. He knew he was about to spout his baby-making sperm right up inside the child's tight little hole; and June was almost wild as she worked towards her climax. Regretfully, he pulled his cock out of his little sister's clasping tunnel.
"What did you do that for?" June was almost crying. "I was almost ready to cum."
"I said I'd get you both pregnant, not just one," said Jeremy. "Now turn around, and kiss Mom."
June scrambled around on the bed to face her mother as she inquired. "But what are you going to do?" she said, as she followed her big brother's instructions, and began kissing her mother. Mary kissed her little girl back, and June found out that Cindy (Who had taught June most of what she knew about kissing.) was an amateur. Her mother really knew how to kiss! The two women kissed, and slobbered, and tongue-dueled until June was about to burst. She ground her overheated little snatch against her mother's; and rubbed their smooth bellies together. The feeling of her mother's plump tits against her little nubbins was driving the little girl wild.
Jeremy, in the meantime, had climbed between the two women's legs; and was about to start. "Look," he said, "I'm going to put my cock in first one hole, then the other. When I cum, you'll both get some. Now, let's see which one of you can get the first squirt." Looking at his own mother and little sister making love, had kept the boy's cock so aroused, he was almost ready to burst.

Jeremy slowly pushed his engorged cock all the way up in his lovely young sister's squeezing little belly. Then, he withdrew, and angled the big piece of meat down into his mother's creaming fur-ringed snatch; and slid it all the way home into his own mother's mature vagina. Out again, and up into his tiny little sister's almost bare cunt. Out, and down into his mother's belly. Up, and into his sister's. Down and into his mother. Up into his sister. Down into his mother. Up, sister. Down, mother. Up, one more time. The boy slid his swollen penis all the way home in his little sister's squeezing young belly. The boy felt the head of his cock snap into the tight ring of muscles that guarded his little sister's womb. Jeremy was almost ready to cum.
June beat him to it. The excitement had been too much for the little girl. Suddenly, Jeremy felt his cock gripped by his little sister's vagina in a squeeze that literally sucked the sperm from his balls. The boy exploded, in one big squirt that sent a torrent of thick greasy sperm right up inside his little sister's climaxing young womb. Hurriedly, Jeremy withdrew his spurting penis from the little girl's belly, and sheathed it inside his mother. Before the boy was able to get his cock properly inserted in his mother's tunnel, he had spouted two thick slippery ropes of semen all over the pouting lips of his little sister's vagina, and down into the hair surrounding his mother's more mature vulva. Jeremy pushed his squirting prick deep into his mother's welcoming vagina, and let his thick greasy cum spew into the woman's squeezing belly. After two good squirts of sperm in his mother's welcoming vagina, he pulled out; and managed to get it back into his little sister, before flushing her still climaxing womb with a fresh shot of baby- making sperm. He pulled out, and slid his cock back into his mother; where he left it, as the woman started to climax. Jeremy let the last of his potent sperm flow into his mother's receptive vagina.
Making love to her own little girl, then feeling her own son trying to impregnate her; squirting his virile sperm into her vagina; made Mary climax like she hadn't done in years. The woman loved to fuck; and her husband was a wonderful lover; but having her own son sticking his big baby-making cock right up inside her clasping vagina, squirting his thick sticky sperm in her belly; knowing he was trying to make a baby in his own mother's womb, was so exciting, that she came and came and came. It was doubly exciting, to know that the boy was working on impregnating his own little sister at the same time. Mary figured she hadn't had a climax like this since her father had fucked her and made their daughter, May in her belly. Now her own son was trying to have her carry her own grandchild in her womb; just like she had carried her little sister in her womb for her father. Mary kept climaxing, and squeezing her son's big penis with her vagina; trying to coax every last baby-making drop of the boy's potent seed up into her hungry womb.

By the time the three incestuous lovers left the bedroom in search of breakfast, the boy had managed to fuck each of the women individually one more time. First, Jeremy fucked his mother; because June had already gotten his sperm in her belly twice that morning. Then Jeremy fucked his little sister again; leaving one last sticky load of sperm soaking into the little girl's belly before the boy had to temporarily call it quits.
When Jeremy finally got up from the bed, he was so tired, he could hardly walk. There was an ache in his groin that told him that he wouldn't be able to get it up now if his life depended on it. Still, after looking down at the two satiated women lying spread-eagled on the bed, each with an obscene white glob of his thick greasy sperm welling out of her well-fucked hole, Jeremy decided that he had done a pretty good job.

The Show

After lunch, Arlene called her daughter into the bedroom, and asked the little girl if she was sure she wanted to do it with her father.
"You know, you could get pregnant," Arlene warned Cindy.
"Yes Momma. John and I decided it was worth it," Cindy assured her mother.
"Well, If you're both sure. . ." Arlene was pleased that Cindy had discussed the matter with her fiance.
"We are. But Momma?" Cindy was hesitant with her question.
"What Dear?" Arlene knew there was something else the precocious little girl wanted.
"Momma, I don't want John to lose out. Ever. I don't want to even slightly feel that I'm cheating him. And if Daddy's fucking me. . ." Cindy couldn't manage to finish. She couldn't ask this of her own mother. Cindy decided they'd just have to call the whole thing off.
"Now don't you worry about a thing." Arlene could almost see the thoughts running through her daughter's mind. "I'll take care of John. You just enjoy yourself with your father."
"Oh Mom! Would you?" The smile on Cindy's face was enough thanks for ten times the trouble the woman had gone to.
"Just watch me. That handsome man of yours always did turn me on; and with George getting in your cute little panties, I don't see where he should have any objection to me getting a 'strange piece,'" Arlene observed. "Still, I'd better check."
Arlene went back to the kitchen where her husband was nursing a last cup of his wife's delicious coffee. Shortly, Cindy could hear one side of the conversation, as her father's voice carried through the house, and back into the bedroom.
"What does she want now?"
mumble mumble
mumble mumble
"Are you sure?"
mumble mumble
"I suppose. I don't have much choice in the matter do I?"
mumble mumble
"OK dear, you win. You always do, don't you?"
mumble mumble
"Yes, I suppose it will be fun."
mumble mumble
"OK, OK! I'll admit it. I wouldn't miss it for the world."
mumble mumble
"Yes dear. I love you too."
Shortly, George Macon came into the bedroom, and gave his lovely young daughter a lopsided grin. "And I used to think I was kinky," he told the little girl. "C'mon wench. Let's go get your man; and get this show on the road."

The "wench" eagerly complied, as they went downstairs to find out where Cindy's "man" had vanished to. They found John, naked from the waist down, with his feet dangling into the hot- tub. Marylin Summers was in the hot-tub, between the man's legs, giving him what was obviously a very good and thorough blow-job.
John looked up at Cindy, and gave a helpless shrug, as if to say: "What can I do?" He felt embarrassed at being caught "with his pants down," but Marylin had been impossible to refuse.
"Marylin!" Cindy's sharp tone caught the oversexed teenager by surprise. She almost bit into the teacher's cock. Managing to restrain herself; Marylin gave one last slurping suck to the handsome man's penis before removing her mouth long enough to reply.
"What now?" she asked. "Can't a girl get a quiet piece or two without everybody interrupting? Cindy, you had him twice this morning. Can't I borrow him for just an hour or two?" This last question came out as kind of a guilty plea. Marylin knew she had somewhat overstepped the permission she had earlier received.
"Oh Marylin, whatever are we going to do with you?" Cindy's voice took the sting out of her words. Cindy genuinely liked the older girl, in spite of her promiscuous ways. "You might ask first!" she said; reminding the older girl of whose fiance she was making love to. "We need John now. NOT after you've removed all the starch from him. If he's willing, you can have him all to yourself for two hours this afternoon."
"Promise?" The joy in the teenager's voice was obvious.
"Promise," said Cindy.
"Hey, what am I? Just a piece of meat?" asked John.
"I said. 'If you were willing.'" replied Cindy. "Did you want us to leave you out?"
"No. Nono. Forget I said anything. Just kidding," assured John, as the four people headed back upstairs.
"Unh? Can I watch too?" came the plaintive cry from the young woman in the hot-tub. "Please?"
It was one of the hardest things that Cindy ever did, but she headed back down to tub; as she started to explain to the insecure young teenager. "Marylin, we love you very much, but this is very personal; and just family this time. I've only known John closely since last night. Sometime, when we're more comfortable together, maybe I can ask John and Daddy to invite you in; but for right now I don't dare. I know you've fucked both Daddy and John before; so don't get too upset. Besides, I've already told you that you can have John this afternoon. Can I have him for a while just with my family?"
Put in that manner, Marylin couldn't refuse. "How about Billy?" she asked. "Do you need him too?" The request was mournful.
"No Marylin, we don't need my oversexed big brother," assured Cindy. "Why don't you get him; and go over to your place, and knock off a piece or two. That'll keep you both out of our hair; and maybe take an edge off your horny problem."

Marylin beamed at the idea. She wasn't going to have to do without; and Cindy's assurance made her feel like she was actually helping out, by doing what she loved most: Fucking. Not only that, but fucking the biggest stud in the neighborhood: Billy Macon. Marylin knew he was the biggest stud, not in inches, but in stamina, and in knowing how to please a girl, because she had personally sampled every one. "Well, almost every one," she reminded herself. Still, any man who had resisted her charms, couldn't be much of a stud could he? Marylin was sure she had captured the best.
Suddenly, a thought occurred to the oversexed teenager. "She hadn't really captured him yet, had she? Billy hadn't yet proposed; and she hadn't yet accepted. She had been holding the boy at arm's length; trying to get as much fun in before she allowed herself to be 'caught'. If she wasn't careful, this wonderful man might get away from her." Marylin decided she was going to do something about it. If little Cindy Macon could make up her mind in one night, she should know if she really wanted Billy by now. Marylin decided that she did; and that she was a fool for not letting him know. Well hopefully, that would be easily rectified. Marylin headed for Billy's room.

A second thought occurred to Marylin. The teenager called after the retreating group headed for the bedroom. "Cindy!" she called. "Wait!"
Cindy returned to see what was bothering Marylin.
"Cindy, what if I was family?" inquired Marylin. "I mean, if I was going to marry Billy, like you are John? Could I watch then?"
"But I thought you said you weren't ready to settle down with just one guy. That's why Billy never asked you," said Cindy.
"That was before I saw how happy you were with John. Now, the thought of losing Billy scares me. I'm going in to see Billy now; and if that boy knows what's good for him, we'll be engaged before I come out." Marylin sounded sure of herself.
"Knowing Billy, I'm sure you will," responded Cindy. "As for the other, it's not up to me. I'll just have to ask." With this, the young girl went back up the hall to where the other three people were waiting.
There was a flurry of discussion among the four people standing in the hall, followed by a laugh from George. "I guess, If they're engaged, let them both watch," he said. "It's not as if they didn't know what we were doing anyway!"
Cindy called down the hall to the teenager who was eagerly awaiting her response. "You've got ten minutes, Marylin." She informed the girl. "After that, we'll start without you."
"Wait!" said Marylin. "It won't take that long." She had noticed the head of her boyfriend peeking out of his bedroom doorway, as he tried to figure out what all the shouting was about. Billy was wearing a towel and not much else; as he had just returned from taking a shower.
Marylin walked up to the boy; glad to see that he was not overdressed; as otherwise she might have felt a little embarrassed, being naked during their proposal.

Billy grinned as the stacked teenager walked up to him, naked, obviously with something on her mind. When Marylin had something on her mind, it usually resulted in something sexy and fun for the teenaged boy. This time, Marylin managed to take even him by surprise.
"Billy, you've hinted that you might want to marry me, if I wanted you," she started. "Do you still want to marry me?" Marylin held her breath.
"Any time of day, and twice on Sundays," said Billy. "How about this afternoon?"
"You're on," said Marylin. "I'll be busy 'til about 6:00. How about then?"
"WAIT A MINUTE!" exclaimed George. "You two are not cheating us like that! I know that Father would have fits, if you pulled this on him. And as for your Mother, she'd have a whole litter of kittens, if she didn't have a little time to prepare for her only daughter's wedding. Besides, It'll take at least a week before you could get the license and blood test, and everything. Can't you wait just a little bit?"
Marylin giggled at the picture of her mother "Having a litter of kittens." She and Billy talked it over, and decided that they could wait a little. After a short discussion, the two teenagers decided that maybe it would be best if they waited until after vacation, so that all their friends could attend. "Is the third week in September long enough?" they asked the two adults.
"That's a lot better." George and Arlene breathed a sigh of relief. "You'd better check with your parents though. Your father is the one who is going to have to pay for the wedding you know." The two teenagers agreed that they would set it up with the girl's parents.
"NOW!" said Cindy. "Can we get on with what we were doing? Oh yes, Congratulations Marylin. You too Billy."
Marylin followed the four people as they headed for the master bedroom; stopping to grab Billy by the arm, as the boy started to return to his own room. "Come on Billy," she said, "you're invited too!" Marylin grabbed the boy's towel, and tossed it back into his bedroom; as the two teenagers trooped naked into the bedroom following the others.
Inside the bedroom, everyone was busy removing what little clothes they still had on. Cindy removed her panties, leaving her wearing only the nightie; while Arlene slipped out of her blue baby-doll, exposing a body that belied her 40-some years. Except for the slight wrinkles on her face, and a little sag to her bosom, it was hard to believe that the woman was more than 25 years old. There was no sign that the woman had carried four children in that flat tummy; or that she had nursed all four of them on those gorgeous tits. Arlene believed in exercise, and had assiduously worked to keep her figure in shape after having each child. Right now, she was seriously considering having another one, and strangely enough, not with her husband, but with his permission.
George finished removing his shorts, and beckoned to his little girl, who hadn't yet take off the little baby-doll. "Come here Cindy," he said. "Let's get started."

Shivering, Cindy walked over to her father, barely noticing as the other four occupants of the room started to pair off. Cindy had always loved her father; and for years, the young girl had dreamed about actually fucking him. Now her dream was about to come true. Only this was actually better than her dreams. In her dreams, there has always been a little nagging fear about being caught by her mother. In the reality, her mother not only knew, but approved, and was watching her little girl as she got ready to be fucked by her own father. And not only her mother, but her fiance as well. Cindy knew she loved John almost as much as she loved her father; and was sure that in a few years, she would probably love him even more. To know that the man she loved, and planned to marry, was not only watching, but encouraging her, as she got ready to make love to her beloved father, was almost enough to make the little girl climax before her father even touched her.
George reached out and touched his lovely young daughter. He ran his big strong hands down the side of the beautiful young girl's side; feeling her shiver with excitement as he did so. Over in the corner, he was vaguely aware of his wife and John Stockdale, as they cuddled up together on the main bedroom chair. His son, and the boy's girlfriend, were already fucking on the floor together, in well-practiced rhythm; as they watched the seduction of the little girl by her own father.
The feel of her father's big strong hands running up and down her body was the last straw for Cindy. The excitement was too much. The little girl began to climax in quiet shudders that turned into wracking spasms. "Unh, Uunnhh!" she moaned, as her unexpected orgasm overtook her.
George Macon had to grab his little girl before she collapsed on the floor. He had known his little girl was hot; but he had thought he would have to work the child up a little; and get her ready, before he tried to stick his cock inside the little girl's belly. To have his daughter climax, just at the feel of her father's hands, was both unexpected, and quite a turn-on for the man. George's cock, which hadn't been completely hard before, suddenly exploded into a raging erection.
Cindy felt her father's penis come to attention between her thighs. Her little cunt suddenly got so wet, that she knew she couldn't wait. She was just recovering from one climax, but she knew she wouldn't be satisfied, until she felt her father's big cock sliding clear up inside her flat little belly; squirting his potent seed right inside his own daughter's receptive young womb, where it belonged. "Fuck me Daddy," the little girl pleaded. "Please fuck me now!"
George nodded. He didn't have to wait. His little girl was obviously ready to fuck, without needing any warm-up. He pushed his little girl down on the bed; and positioned his erect penis between his little girl's legs. George shivered with excitement, he was about to fuck his own little girl, properly this time; and nobody was going to object. In fact, the man could feel his family cheering him on; as he started to swab the head of his cock in his little girl's wet slit, lubricating it; as he prepared to push his swollen penis right up inside his own daughter's tight little hole.

This exciting scenario was interrupted by a "crash bang," reminding the people in the bedroom that there were two more members of the family that they had temporarily forgotten about. Mike and Ginny came into the room arguing loudly.
"I told you they wouldn't be open!" yelled Mike, obviously referring to the swimming pool, where the two younger children had been headed earlier.
"Did not!" responded Ginny.
"Did too."
All of a sudden, the two siblings noticed what was going on in the bedroom. Their older brother was fucking Marylin Summers on the floor next to the bed. This wasn't very surprising, The two youngsters had accidentally caught them fucking before. Marylin wasn't too careful about where, and when she fucked; while Billy was always ready to oblige her. Besides, she figured the kids knew what they were doing anyway; so why hide it? The surprising thing, was what the other four occupants of the room were doing. Their mother was curled up in the big bedroom chair, with Cindy's teacher, Mr. Stockdale, and they were both naked. Arlene was slowly stroking the man's tumescent cock; while the man licked her swollen breasts. And their father! Their father was standing between their sister's legs, obviously about to slide his engorged cock right up inside his own little girl's tiny little cunt.
"Oh wow, Daddy!" said Ginny. "Are you going to fuck Cindy?"
"Can we watch?" added her older brother.
George looked at his wife; who looked back at him. It was obviously too late to deny anything now. They'd just have to explain everything to the two children later. Arlene figured that if she chased the two children out now, their imaginations would make things even worse than they really were. "I guess," she said. "Just sit quiet, watch, and don't say anything," the woman admonished the two children. "I'll explain everything later." To herself, Arlene wondered just what she was going to say.
Knowing that his wife was taking care of matters, George returned his attention to his older daughter. His cock had shrunk slightly at the interruption, but it was still fairly stiff. "Are you ready Cindy?" he inquired, before trying again. This time getting behind his daughter, to give the onlookers a better view.
"Oh yes, Daddy!" replied Cindy. "Please do it to me."

The whole family watched this time; as the older man slowly pushed the head of his penis into the little hole between his daughter's widespread legs. The little girl's hole stretched, and then snapped around the head of her parent's prick. There was a sudden "Whoosh!" of expelled air, as everyone in the room stopped holding their breath. Cindy had done it. The little girl had taken her own father's prick up inside her tiny little vagina. George pulled his leaking prick out of his little girl, and then pushed it back in. The pre-cum leaking from the tip, lubricated the little girl's slit, making it easier to get his cock farther up inside the child's belly with each stroke. Besides it felt good, each time he felt the muscles at the entrance to his little girl's vagina snap over the glans of his penis, and then snap back off as he pulled out. In, out. In, out. With each stroke, more of the man's cock slid into his young daughter's clasping young vagina. Finally, George felt his engorged penis slide all the way home in his little girl's belly. His balls came to rest against the child's firm young ass, and his pubic hair rubbed up against the light down surrounding the little girl's tiny little slit. George was finally fucking his own daughter.

"George was finally fucking his own daughter." 

"Oooh, that feels good Daddy," said Cindy, as her father seated his leaking cock all the way up inside her tightly stretched little tunnel. "Now fuck me Daddy. Do it just like you were trying to make a baby in me. Cum in me Daddy. Do it." The child's obscene words turned into babbling, as she humped back at her father; causing the man's big cock to slide in and out of her tightly clasping little vagina with an obscene sucking sound.
"Unh!" said George, as he felt his sexy young daughter trying to make him squirt his sperm in her taut little belly. "Careful Honey," he cautioned. "I don't really want to get you pregnant."
"It's OK Daddy," reassured Cindy. "I don't mind. John doesn't mind. And it's OK with Mommy, if you do get me pregnant. Besides, I think it's too early in my period for me to get pregnant. So, don't you dare pull out! I want to feel my father squirting his sperm right up inside my belly, as if he was trying to make a baby in my womb."
His little girl's obscene request, was too much for George Macon. The overstimulated man began spewing his seed inside his little girl's squeezing young belly. Off to one side, he was vaguely aware of his son and the boy's girlfriend as they also came noisily to a climax. Hearing little Cindy begging her own father to squirt baby-juice in her belly, had been the last straw for the two oversexed teenagers.
Cindy felt her father lurch on top of her, and then she felt suddenly wetter inside. The little girl knew her father was squirting his warm sticky seed inside her tight little belly. That thought, and the warm feeling of his big cock stretching her immature young vagina was enough to send Cindy over the edge for the second time in 10 minutes. The little girl grabbed her father in a death-grip; as she started madly thrusting her tiny little slit as far up on her father's prick as she could make it go. "Cum in me Daddy. Cum. Cum. Cum," the little girl implored.
The Little girl suddenly felt her father's cock get even bigger in her squeezing little vagina, as the man's prick inflated, and started sending torrents of incestuous sperm up into her tight little belly. The last time George had came inside his sexy young daughter, he had already spent himself once inside his amorous wife. This time, he let his sexy little girl have it all. The man's overstimulated penis began pumping sperm into his daughter's receptive young belly like a fire-hose gone amuck. Squirt after squirt. Cindy knew her father came a lot, from the day before, but this was amazing. The little girl felt her flat little tummy swell with the pressure of her father's sperm. More and more of the man's slippery sperm slid into the welcoming belly of his little 11-year-old girl. Cindy felt stretched inside; as each thick sticky spurt of her father's creamy seed dilated her tiny little tunnel, and distended her tight little tummy.

The sensation, of her own father pumping his potent baby- making sperm into her hungry little belly, was too much for the little girl. Cindy fainted dead away, from the intense pleasure of feeling her father's mighty climax inside her welcoming belly; and knowing the man loved her enough to squirt that much sperm inside his own little girl.
George felt his little girl's vagina squeeze his pulsing prick; milking the last of his hazardous baby-making sperm up inside the child's belly; as his daughter went into convulsions underneath him. Suddenly, the little girl relaxed completely as she passed out. The reduced pressure on his penis, made George come down from his own high. His penis sent one last sticky glob of incestuous sperm up into his little daughter's vagina before starting to shrink. "Cindy. Cindy!" He exclaimed. "Are you OK?" The man kept his shrinking cock pressed up inside his little girl; because he knew from previous experience with his wife, that it would be a shock to the child, if she came to, and found that he had withdrawn.
Cindy gradually became aware of her father's worried inquiries. "I'm OK Daddy," she said. "Just hold me. Please?" The little girl relaxed in her father's arms, enjoying the feeling of his slightly shrunken cock holding the sea of his precious sperm bottled up in her belly like a cork. "Oh Daddy, I wish you didn't have to take it out," she exclaimed. "I want to keep your seed inside me, at least for a while, anyway."
"Here Honey. Use this." Arlene had temporarily abandoned John on the chair; as she dashed into the bathroom, and returned with a towel, and a tampon. "I like to use these, when I want to keep your Daddy's sperm inside me," she said. "It isn't fool proof, but it keeps most of it inside."
Cindy grabbed the applicator from her mother; and prepared herself for her father's withdrawal. As George pulled his now shrunken penis out of the belly of his little daughter, a thick glob of white started to follow it. Cindy hurriedly put the end of the applicator up against her slit, and pushed it home. The torrent of white sticky semen stopped flowing from the little girl's slit; and Arlene helped mop up the remaining mess. "Thanks Mom," said the little girl, as she got up; enjoying the warm feeling of carrying her own father's sperm inside her belly.

"Now it's our turn," said Arlene, as she returned to her little girl's paramour. "Think you can top that?" she asked, as she led the man over to the bed, and pulled him on top of her.
John shook his head. He was still in awe of the older man. He wondered how long it would be before he would be able to turn his fiancee on like that. Probably never, he decided. He would never be able to match the thrill to the little girl of fucking her own father. Still, Cindy seemed to be quite pleased with his lovemaking; and in the meantime, he was neglecting his duties to the little girl's mother. John set out immediately to rectify the situation. The two of them had been mildly feeling each other up, while they watched Cindy making love to her father, so they were already somewhat aroused. Watching the mighty climax of the two incestuous lovers, had excited them some more. Still, John decided that Arlene deserved his best; so he proceeded to give the beautiful woman just that.
John started out by running his hands up and down the woman's body. Feeling a woman's skin was always a turn-on. Arlene "Mmmmm'd" at his caresses. Then he started in on the woman's firm melons of tits. At first, he just rubbed them. Then, getting into the act, he started licking first one, then the other; squeezing the one he wasn't licking one hand, while continuing to stroke the woman's sides with his free hand. After a short while, John ran one hand up Arlene's thigh, across her smooth belly, and down the other thigh, deliberately skipping the furry patch in the middle. Slowly he continued his massage, stroking all over the woman's body. With each pass, his fingers got closer to the woman's creaming snatch, but never quite touched it; until Arlene was almost screaming with frustration, and was about ready to beg the man to rub between her legs, before she had a heart-attack.
Cindy watched the seduction of her mother with interest. She knew that John would be using these techniques on her some time; and wanted to see just how good he was. It seemed that her erstwhile teacher was not only handsome, intelligent, and one of the most caring men in the world, but a top-notch lover as well. Cindy looked forward to learning lovemaking techniques from the hands of a master.

While they were watching, Cindy and her father had settled into the big chair that had been vacated by the two people on the bed. Cindy decided to keep busy by practicing some of her own techniques that she had learned for her big brother. George had barely settled into the chair when he felt a warm mouth surround his sticky penis, and start licking it clean. Cindy was giving her own father a blow-job; while they both watched her fiance as he started to make love to the little girl's mother. George settled back to enjoy both the blow-job, and the show. Cindy was an expert. First she cleaned all the sticky residue of their lovemaking off her father's dong. She savored the taste of the man's sperm, combined with the subtler flavors of her own spendings. When she had finished, she proceeded to work on the man's cock; licking and sucking, until it was as hard and vibrant as when the man had been squirting his seed up inside her belly. Then she settled into a nice long blow-job; pausing each time her father showed signs of impeding climax, so that they both could continue watching the show on the bed while hovering at the brink of orgasm.
The show on the bed had picked up speed. John had progressed from teasing the woman by ignoring her creaming little snatch, to stroking it with his fingers, and teasing her clit with the tips of his fingers. Arlene had been responding by stroking her lover's penis with her hands, and varying that with stroking the man's whole body. John decided that it was time to "get down to business" so to speak. He motioned to the woman to lift and spread her legs, so that he could get between them. Arlene did as he suggested; expecting him to climb up, and push his erect penis up inside her cock-hungry snatch where it belonged. John surprised her. Instead of moving up on the woman, he moved down, and started to lick the mature woman's creaming slit as if it was ice-cream on the 4th-of-July. Arlene felt as if a bomb had gone off in her belly as she started to climax on the younger man's expert tongue.
"Oh Honey! You don't have to. . .," she started to say, just as her orgasm exploded. From then on, for the next two minutes, her mutterings were only semi-intelligible, sounding vaguely like: "Unnh! Oh, do it. Unnnh. UNNNH! Lick me there, Honey. Oh don't stop. DON'T STOP! AAAUUUuuugghh," she finished with a scream, as she slowly came down from her enormous high. "Whooo!" she said. "You didn't have to do that."

"Didn't you like it?" John asked with a grin.
"You know I did!" Arlene responded, returning his grin. "But what about you? You didn't get off."
John's grin grew broader, if possible. "Well let's see if we can do something about that," he said. "Maybe this time, we'll both get off." He waggled his erect penis at the woman to emphasize his "point".
"OH yeah!" encouraged the older woman. "Get that big thing into me!" Reaching down between her legs, she took the man's cock, and placed the head at the entrance to her overflowing hole. Shortly there was a sigh of satisfaction from both of the occupants of the bed; as John's cock vanished up inside the woman's belly.
"Ooooh, That feel's good," said both lovers at the same time, then both giggled as they heard their sentiments echoed in real time. John started to slide his cock in and out of the gorgeous woman's belly; when he had a worrisome thought.
"Uh Arlene?" he queried. "Hadn't I better put on a rubber or something?"
Arlene smiled at her lover's concern. John now understood where Cindy had gotten those smiles that brightened up a room, Arlene's smile was like a breath of sunshine. "It's OK Dear," she said. "I'm on the pill. I won't be going off it till next week."
"Next week?" inquired John, as he flexed his cock inside the woman's belly; causing her to squeal with excitement.
Arlene caught her breath, and continued. "I'm going off the pill next week, so you can get me pregnant," she amplified.
This revelation was too much for John. He had been planning on enjoying making love to the beautiful older woman for quite a while; but hearing that she expected him to father a child on her was too exciting. John's cock exploded in a torrent of sperm. He kept jerking as spasm after spasm wracked his body; and he emptied his balls into the welcoming belly of his little fiancee's mother. "Unh. Uuunh!" he grunted; then said as his orgasm slowed down to mere squirts, "I'm sorry Arlene. I meant for it to last longer." Shortly, his squirts turned into dribbles; as his penis wilted inside the woman's squeezing vagina.
"Don't be," the woman assured him. "It's always exciting to know that I can still turn a man on that much. Besides, I got mine earlier."
John felt a little disappointed. He inquired. "You mean to say that: You didn't mean it when you said you wanted me to. . ." He couldn't finish the question.
"Oh but I did!" reassured Arlene. "I expect you to come over next week, and 'Help me out.' What I meant was, I like it when a man likes me so much, that he can't hold out. It's an incredible turn-on."

"But why. . ." John's next question was interrupted by a loud, "Ow! That hurts," from the corner of the bedroom.
Everyone stared over at the corner of the room. Mike and Ginny had been following their parents' instructions to, "Watch and be quiet," so well, that everyone had forgotten they were there. While the two children had watched their father making love to their sister, Mike had quietly removed his little sister's bathing suit; and then she had helped him out of his. The two siblings had been quietly fingering each other, getting more and more excited, until they had seen Cindy's teacher push his penis all the way up inside their mother. That had been the last straw for the two youngsters. Mike had motioned for his little sister to turn over, on her back like their mother; while he put his cock up inside her, just like the grown-ups on the bed were doing. This might have worked, except for one small detail. (Er. . . large detail.) The detail was Mike's cock. As John had noticed earlier, and Arlene had commented once or twice to her husband, the little boy had the penis of a grown man. The boy's cock was only 5 inches long, but it was over an inch-and-a-half thick! The little boy's cock was far bigger around, than even his father's. The thick cylinder of meat tapered down at the head, to a size more suited to a little boy; but it was still over an inch across. Mike had somehow managed to insert the head of his cock into his little sister's tiny hole without more than a slight twinge of pain from the little girl; but there was no way that the rest of his cock would go inside. Mike had been enjoying the feeling of his little sister's vagina squeezing the head of his cock, when he heard his mother saying she was going to try to have another baby. This was so exciting, along with the squeezing of his little sister's hole on the head of his penis, that Mike had started to climax right up inside his little sister's belly. The boy's climax had triggered his little sister's as well. Involuntarily, Mike and Ginny had tried to push more of the little boy's enormous cock up into the little girl's vagina. There was no way that it would fit; and the loud "Ow" had been the result. When the adults finally noticed what the two young siblings were doing, they could tell that the boy was in the grips of a mighty orgasm as involuntary shudders shook him, and his spasming body kept pushing his big cock at his little sister; bringing an occasional quieter "Ow" from the little girl. It was obvious that Mike was squirting his boyish sperm right up inside his own little sister's belly. Ginny wasn't trying to push her big brother off, however. If anything, the little girl was actually trying to make her big brother's cock go up inside her tight little hole. It just wouldn't fit.
Finally, the two children stopped thrusting themselves at each other. Mike pulled the head of his cock out of his little sister; and lay back with a silly grin on his face. Ginny collapsed on her back also; but she obviously hadn't yet quite gotten off.

The little girl grabbed her crotch, and started madly thrusting her little fingers in and out moaning, "Oh don't stop. Why did you stop? Oh please. Please?"
"Billy, go help your little sister," instructed Arlene; sympathy for her little girl's predicament overriding concerns about the children's sex-play.
Billy looked down at his shrunken cock; and shrugged at his mother. After 3 times with Marylin, he was supposed to "help" his little sister?
"Use your tongue, idiot. Like you do on Cindy!" The woman's tone was exasperated.
"Oh," was all that Billy said as he crossed the room; picked up his little sister bodily; placed her on the bed; removed her hot little hands from her overheated little hole; and inserted his tongue. The older boy didn't stop licking, even when his younger brother's sperm came cascading out of the child's slit. He sucked, and cleaned out his little sister. Even when the little girl came noisily to a climax, Billy didn't stop. He knew once would not be enough for the little girl. He kept on sucking and nibbling at his little sister's crotch, until the little 9-year-old exploded in a second orgasm, then a third. By this time, Billy had recovered enough that his cock was now fully erect.
"Uh Ginny?" he inquired, "would you like to feel me squirting the stuff that makes babies in you?"
Ginny responded plaintively, remembering her other brother. "It'll hurt," she said. "Besides, won't I get pregnant?"
"I won't put it inside," assured Billy. "I'll just let it squirt up your hole. I think you'd like the feel. You're too young to get pregnant; so you might as well enjoy it while you can."
Ginny thought a minute, then gave in. "Well, OK. If you promise not to hurt me."
"Promise," assured Billy, as he fisted his swollen penis and prepared to inseminate his little sister.
Arlene was about to yell, and stop the boy before he knocked his little sister up, when she recalled an article from somewhere that suggested that a woman who made love to more than one man, within a short time-period, was actually less likely to get pregnant, than a woman who had only one lover. Mike had already cum once in the little girl; and Arlene figured that even if she remembered the article wrong, the little girl wasn't any more likely to get pregnant, if she had two people squirting sperm in her belly, than if only one. The woman bit her tongue, and watched her two offspring consummate their union.

Billy fisted his cock, and started jacking himself off into his little sister. He pushed the head of his penis up against the child's hole; and let a slippery gob of pre-cum bubble from the tip, up into the little girl's belly. The boy began swabbing his leaking cock up and down the little girl's slit; pausing each time, to push the head in the tiny hole; enjoying the feel of the little girl's muscles squeezing around the tip; as his cock began drooling heavier and heavier. Each time, the head of his cock pushed in a little more into the tiny hole, as another slippery bubble of fluid was injected into the little girl's belly. Billy could feel himself almost ready to come; when all of a sudden, the head of his cock vanished up inside his little 9-year-old sister's squeezing belly.
"Ooof!" said both of the two young lovers.
"I'd better pull out," said Billy, trying to keep his promise.
"No. Don't," said Ginny. "It doesn't hurt, like this. Just be careful. Please?"
Billy stopped pulling his cock out of his little sister's belly. Instead, he pushed it in a little; then pulled it out a half-an-inch; then back in. Pretty soon, the boy was sliding about two inches of swollen man-meat in and out of his little sister's belly before the little girl told him to go easier; and that was enough. Billy was happy; even with only two inches. His little sister had the tightest little snatch he had ever had the pleasure of slipping his cock into. Even tighter than Marylin. In, out. In, out, he slid. He knew he was about to come, when his little sister said something that took him over the edge.
"Aren't you going to shoot that white-stuff that makes babies in me?" the innocent little girl asked her big brother.
It was too much for Billy. The boy began spouting greasy gobs of incestuous sperm into his tiny little sister's 9-year-old belly. Squirt after squirt of the boy's seed squeezed out of the head of his penis, and into the welcoming belly of the virginal young girl. One last time, Billy pushed his cock up inside his little sister; until the head of his penis was right up against the little girl's unbroken hymen; and he was squirting his cum through a tiny hole in the center. It took all the boy's willpower to keep from pushing his cock the rest of the way home, and taking his little sister's virginity. Finally, the boy's cock stopped spasming; and he pulled out of the little girl. Billy looked down at the 9-year-old child. The little girl lay there, with her legs spread; as an obscene white glob of her own big brother's sperm started to well up in the slowly shrinking little hole that had been so recently stretched by her older sibling's cock. A matching glob of gooey white sperm oozed from the end of the teenager's penis; as the boy stood, dripping the last few drops of his incestuous cum onto his own little sister's flat little belly.

Cindy had been busily sucking her father off; while they watched Billy inseminate her little sister. George knew he was about to cum again, after watching two wet-dream-quality shows in a row. "Oh Honey, Cindy!" he exclaimed. "Suck it! Daddy's going to cum. Oh suck it, please!" George pushed his cock all the way back in his little girl's throat; as he got ready to ejaculate his sticky white cum in his own sexy daughter's sucking mouth.
Cindy sucked harder. At last, she was going to get her father to cum in her mouth. Yesterday, he had stopped, and squirted his cum in her belly. Today, he had fucked her "for real," for the first time. Most of Cindy's previous experience had been sucking her big brother off; and she wanted to show her handsome father just how good she was. Now, she was finally going to get her sexy father's creamy sperm sliding down her throat, just like she wanted.
It turned out that this wasn't to be Cindy's day either. As her father's penis started to expand in her mouth, and the flow of pre-cum increased tremendously, heralding the arrival of a thicker, more satisfying fluid, George was interrupted by his wife.
"George!" Arlene said. "Stop!"
"Huh?" said George Macon; temporarily being distracted from ejaculating in his daughter's mouth.
"Ginny needs you," said Arlene, pointing to the tiny little 9-year-old girl, leaking her brother's sperm on the carpet. "Squirt your cum inside her."
For a moment, his wife's words didn't register. Then they did. "You want me to fuck Ginny?" the man exploded.
"I didn't say fuck. I said squirt your sperm in her. Like Billy just did. Don't ask questions, I'll explain later. It might keep her from getting pregnant."
Regretfully, George pulled his cock from Cindy's sucking mouth. "I'm sorry dear," he comforted her, "but duty calls."
Cindy made a face, as she pulled her mouth off her beloved father's cock. "Damn," She thought, "if it's not one thing, it's an udder. As the cow said, when it stepped on it's teat." She almost giggled at the old joke, regaining some of her lost good humor. She loved her little sister; but Damn, the little girl picked the most awkward times to need her father's services. This time, Cindy did giggle, as she thought of what kind of "services" her little sister needed. "Like those a cow needs from a bull." Her giggles turned into snickers, as she watched her father approaching her little sister, with his big cock pointing at the child like a billy-club.
"Oooh Daddy!" said Cindy. "Are you going to squirt baby- stuff inside me too?" At first, the little girl looked frightened, then her face lit up with a hopeful, almost pleading look. At her father's nod, her angelic little face lit up in a smile, like George hadn't seen in years. "He's going to do it," thought Ginny. Her father wasn't mad at her, and he was actually going to do it! Ginny almost melted with the warmth she felt for her father, as she felt his big cock bump up against her slippery little hole.

"the little girl had taken her father's cock up inside her tight little belly" 
George barely had time to get his big cock seated in the little girl's hole, and nod in answer to the little girl's obscene question, before his overstimulated cock began spewing thick sticky cum right up inside his little 9-year-old girl's welcoming belly.
Three big heavy squirts of paternal sperm went inside the child's belly, before Ginny reacted. "Oh Daddy," she said. "Do it. Squirt the white stuff that makes babies up in my belly." The underaged little girl began squirming back at her father; forcing the head of the man's cock to pop inside the entrance to her tight little vagina. Two more squirms, and the little girl had taken her father's cock up inside her tight little belly as far as it could go, without losing her virginity.
Ginny looked down at her tight little belly, now distended by her own father's bloated cock, and the pressure of her father and brother's sperm mixing obscenely inside her vagina. She could almost imagine that she already had a baby growing inside her immature young womb, and that it was stretching her belly. The little girl liked the thought so much, that she decided to encourage her father. "Oooh Daddy. Squirt your baby-juice in me," she encouraged. "C'mon Daddy, make a baby in my belly. Make a baby in me Daddy. Ooooh Daddy, that feels good!"

This last, was forced out of the 9-year-old child, as her father slid his big penis in and out of her tight little belly, and pushed his squirting prick right up against her unbroken hymen, and ejaculated the last heavy globs of baby-making sperm right up inside his youngest daughter's eagerly accepting vagina.
George looked down at his youngest daughter, as she lay panting beneath him. If anybody had even suggested that he would even lay a hand on either of his little girls the previous day, he would have shot the S.O.B. without a second thought. Yet, here he was, with his big cock stuck clear up inside his own little 9-year-old girl's squeezing little belly; with it still leaking his hazardous baby-making sperm inside the child's vagina; and he didn't even feel guilty. It had been a weird request from his wife; asking him to inseminate his own little girl to keep her from getting pregnant; but he trusted his wife. Still, he thought, this would take some explaining. Not only had he just fucked his youngest daughter, but he had also fucked Cindy as well. George tried to feel guilty about fucking Cindy, as the little girl was old enough to get pregnant, and who knows, might even be carrying his child in her womb at this very moment; but he couldn't. Cindy had much too obviously wanted everything she had gotten. In fact, the little girl had already talked about how she expected him to father a child on her, after she carried two for her husband. The thought was so exciting, that George sent another surge of sperm into Ginny's clasping young belly.

"Oooh Daddy. I feel that," said Ginny, as the last sticky surge of sperm forced it's way into her heaving young belly. "That's it, Daddy. Squirt all your thick sticky baby-making juice in little Ginny. Don't hold back. Cum in my belly daddy." Ginny felt so happy; she actually started to cry.
George felt like a heel. He must have hurt the little girl. "I'm sorry, Ginny," he said. "I didn't mean to hurt you."
Ginny sniffled. "Didn't hurt," she said. "I'm crying because it felt so good."
George's cock began to shrink inside his little girl. "I'm going to pull out now, Ginny," he warned the child. "Cindy, could you hand me that towel?"
Cindy reached for the towel, then had a sudden thought. "Ginny? Do you want to keep Daddy's sperm up inside you too?" she asked. At the little girl's wide-eyed nod, Cindy hurried into the bathroom, and returned with another tampon. "Here, Use this," Cindy duplicated her mother's instructions.
Shortly, Ginny was standing up, with a proud grin on her face. She had actually fucked her own father. Not only that, but both of her brother's as well.
The little girl felt warmed inside by the knowledge that she was carrying her father and brother's sperm in her little belly.

Arlene decided that she'd better quash things before they got out of hand. ("As if they weren't already out of hand," she thought to herself.) She sat her four children down on the bed; and explained to them that Ginny was much too young to have a baby; and if they kept this up, the little girl might get hurt. None of the older children wanted to see little Ginny get hurt. When Ginny was younger, she had always been the bright sunshine in the family, with sunny smiles and a warm disposition. Arlene made the two older boys promise that they'd restrict their coital intercourse to either Marylin (Who was always ready.), or Cindy, whenever she was available. Ginny would have to get by with oral sex, or fingers. Cindy assured the little girl that this wasn't so bad, as she and Billy had been doing OK with just that for several years. Ginny was a little disappointed that she couldn't get fucked like the rest of the family; but after a demonstration by Billy, decided that oral sex wasn't so bad after all. The little girl decided that she could wait until she was older, before she started the riskier stuff.
Somewhat reassured, Arlene left, and started to prepare lunch; as the two older boys decide to show Ginny just how much fun oral and finger sex could really be.
Afterwards, Cindy took Mike aside, and let him enjoy real sex with his older sister. Cindy found that even she could barely take the little boy's enormous cock up inside her belly without splitting; but she managed. After Mike had ejaculated two thick sticky loads of sperm in his older sister's belly, Cindy told him that he could come to her room any night that John wasn't there, and sleep with her. She warned the little boy that he'd have to be careful when she was in her fertile periods; but she would warn him when that happened. Cindy didn't realize how much she was promising.

It turned out, that her little brother was about as horny as Billy and Marylin. Only he didn't have a girlfriend like Marylin to help him out. Only Cindy, and occasionally Marylin. That night, after John Stockdale had left, (To take care of some business, he assured Cindy. He'd be able to sleep with her about every other night.) Mike crept into his big sister's bedroom; asked if she meant it, when she said he could sleep with her; and when he got an affirmative grunt from Cindy, proceeded to crawl in bed with her. Cindy had been feeling somewhat lonely after John had left; so she received her little brother's amorous advances in a more receptive mood than she might have otherwise. Within 15 minutes, the 10-year-old boy had deposited two big sticky loads of sperm up inside his big sister's receptive 12-year-old belly. After that, the two incestuous lovers went to sleep. Five times that night, Mike woke up; found his sister sleeping, and his penis erect. Each time the little boy took his engorged penis, pushed it up inside his sleeping sister's vagina, and ejaculated his thick sticky sperm in the little girl's unresisting young belly. Sometimes Cindy woke up to feeling her little brother cumming inside her, and sometimes she didn't. Cindy decided she didn't mind, as long as the little boy didn't wake her up.

This developed into a pattern. About every other night, John Stockdale would sleep over with Cindy; and Mike would have to either share Marylin with his big brother (Marylin didn't mind. She could have fucked the whole family under the table.), or make do with his little sister's oral sex (Ginny was getting quite good, with practice, so this wasn't as bad as it sounds.), or get along with his own fist, as he had been doing for years. On the other nights, Mike would slip into bed with Cindy; and after a good-night fuck or two, Cindy would go to sleep. Mike would usually fuck his big sister 5 or 6 times during the night; usually leaving his penis stuck up inside the little girl's hole so he was ready between times. When Cindy got up in the mornings, she sometimes jokingly complained that her belly "sloshed" with her little brother's sperm inside. Mike was becoming almost as prolific with his sperm, as his father. This pattern of alternating sex continued for almost a month; with an interlude of 2 weeks when Cindy insisted that none of her lovers (Including Billy and her father. Cindy occasionally had sex with them also.), cum in her cunt, as she might get pregnant. Cindy resorted to oral and finger sex during this period; just like her little sister. Once, she let John fuck her in the ass; but the little girl decided that it was too uncomfortable; and resumed oral and digital sex. After the dry period, Cindy slipped back in the routine; alternating between her fiance, and little brother; while the carpenters worked on the house preparing the room for the new "boarder." This pattern continued, until it was interrupted by Mike going off to camp. The little boy hated to lose out on the terrific sex he had been getting; but baseball camp had been his dream for years; and there was no way that he was going to miss out. Sex would have to wait.

Over at the Fisher house, the sexual-ball kept rolling also. Monday morning, Mary had taken her two oversexed little girls down to see Doctor Sheffield. Mary knew the man wouldn't be shocked when he learned the two children were having sex; as she had met him through Marylin's parents. The Summers had put their daughter on the pill when she was only 9 years old, when they found the little girl in bed with her uncle; after she had blackmailed him into teaching her about sex. Marylin had already been having periods; so they were worried about the little girl getting pregnant. The couple had found their doctor to be not only a good doctor, but understanding as well. The Summers had been worried that their doctor might tell the authorities about the little girl, and make all sorts of trouble; but "Doc" Sheffield had only laughed; and said that he got a lot of little girl's in his office needing help; some of them even younger than Marylin.

Never mentioning any names, the man told Geraldine (Marylin's mother) about one little 8-year-old girl who got pregnant by her big brother, who was only 10. Luckily, the little girl had lost the baby. Doc. Sheffield told the Summers that it was lucky that they had brought Marylin in before she got pregnant, as she was definitely fertile; and if she kept of fooling around with older men, she would probably have a baby within a year. Once Marylin started going with Billy, the Summers had persuaded both the Macons and the Fishers to switch to "Doc" Sheffield. Now Mary was doubly glad that she had.
Doc. Sheffield (Funny how nobody ever referred to him by his first name.) already knew about Mary and her father, as she had confided in him several years earlier. Mary told the nurse that she wanted to see "Doc" Sheffield in private; and then told the man most of what was going on in the Fisher house. Doc. Sheffield insisted on examining both girls, and taking a urine- sample from all three women. After examining both June, and her little sister Suzy, the doctor told Mary that both girls were healthy; unhurt by losing their virginities; and it would probably be OK for both girls to continue with their sexual activities. He assured Mary that both children were big enough, and healthy enough to bear a child if they wanted to. Even little Suzy would probably be all right. In fact, he told Mary he thought June was a little "Too healthy," if she knew what he meant. Mary raised her eyebrows at this; and "Doc" Sheffield responded by handing the woman a cardboard-box, about 6-inches square. Mary opened the box, and found an even half-dozen home- pregnancy kits packed inside. When the doctor assured her that June's test wasn't conclusive yet, but her and Suzy's were negative: Mary decided she had better stock up on baby-things.
A week later, Mary used the first of the kits on June; and the little girl tested positive. June figured that she had gotten pregnant, "First shot up the tube." by her big brother.
Jeremy kept on fucking his little sister; enjoying the thought of his little sister having a baby for them both to love. The boy also kept on having sex with his mother; as Mary had gone "off the pill," and was working as hard as little Suzy to get pregnant by her own son.

Suzy slept with her father every night; and each night Dan would deposit a healthy load of sperm in his little girl's belly; and Suzy would go to sleep with her father's seed soaking into her receptive young womb. Each morning, Dan would mount his little girl, and send the child out to play with a fresh load of her father's sperm soaking into her womb; held inside the girl's tight little belly by a rubber diaphragm that his daughter had gotten from "Doc" Sheffield. The doctor had shown the little girl how to use the device; and told her that it could be used to keep sperm inside a woman's womb, as well as outside. Suzy preferred the first choice.

Ginny's Dream

It was absolutely astounding how a little thing like a 1-week trip to baseball camp for a little boy, could cause such a mix-up. It was all caused by bad timing, and mixed signals.
It all started the day Mike left. Little Ginny was almost in tears. The little girl had gotten used to her big brother sleeping with her; and the boy had been keeping her sexually satisfied with his tongue and fingers (with some help from Billy). Ginny hadn't missed the sex, until she got that first taste. Now the little girl was after her big brothers to lick her off, three or four times a day. She had gotten Mike to sleep with her most nights (when he wasn't sleeping with her older sister, Cindy). Ginny didn't begrudge her brother the sex he got from her older sister, knowing how much better if must feel to the boy; but she couldn't wait until she was old enough to get on the pill, so she could have him, or her big brother fuck her for real. The two siblings would suck each other off two or three times a night. Little Mike was getting to be quite an expert at licking the little girl's pussy, and getting her to cum. Ginny was no slouch at a blow-job either. The two children would usually go to sleep, head-to-tail, so that hey could suck each other off, any time they felt like it. Once, little Ginny had managed to suck her brother off 4 times in a night without waking the little boy up. Mike had never been able to return the favor though. Just one lick of her horny little snatch was enough to wake Ginny from the soundest sleep, and have her begging for Mike to finish the job.
Occasionally, the two youngsters would try to fuck. George had given Mike some condoms; but his prick was much too big for the little girl; and besides, it didn't feel nearly as good. Mike said he'd rather fuck his fist, than use a rubber. Still, oral sex was pretty good; and the two children did amazingly well.
Now Ginny found herself suddenly without a sex-partner, after getting used to having it on a regular basis. The little girl didn't even have Billy to fall back on. Billy and Cindy were spending the week at Marylin's place; meeting the girl's relatives, and making preparations for their wedding in two months. Billy had promised that he would come over, and "help out" his little sister, at least once a day; but that seemed like an awful long time to the little girl, between sexual-bouts. Especially, when she had been used to getting it three to five times a day. Cindy had noticed her little sister moping, and had volunteered to either help herself, or maybe have Mr. Stockdale help out. Ginny was thrilled with the idea of making love to Mr. Stockdale; but decided that she wanted her first time with the handsome schoolteacher to be "The real thing," not a hurried tongue-job. She did take up Cindy on her other offer; and found out that sex with another girl could be nice. Not as nice as with a man, but nice. Still, Cindy was spending most of her time with the older man, as the two of them tried to get John moved into the garage/apartment before the upcoming school year.

The first day, was only mildly frustrating to the little girl. Billy came over shortly after noon, and left the little girl weak and limp from climaxes in just half an hour. Cindy came into the little girl's bedroom after supper, and helped her little sister get off; before going to join John in the garage where they were going to try out the new bed that had just been installed.
The next day was sheer sexual torture for the little girl. Cindy wasn't able to do much more that help finger her little sister off in the morning, before she and John Stockdale took off for a day of furniture-shopping. Billy called, in the afternoon, and said he wouldn't be able to come over until much later; because he and Marylin were going to go and visit one of her relatives. The day seemed to just drag to the horny little girl. It seemed that everyone was getting sex but her. She woke up in the morning, and heard her parents "tearing off a piece," as usual. At breakfast, a little later, the casual undress, of the family, that she had hardly noticed before, seemed almost designed to call attention to the sex she wasn't getting. To see Cindy, in the dishabille of her bra and panties; snuggling up to her handsome lover; with a wet-spot that stained the older girl's panties; proclaiming that they, at least, were not depriving each other; seemed almost like an affront to the child. Ginny loved her older sister; but she wished that, just this once, until Mike got back from vacation, the older girl would dress "decent". Ginny knew she wasn't being fair; but it seemed that life wasn't being "fair" to her either. After a bad start, things went downhill.
First, Billy called, to tell the little girl he'd be late. He assured Ginny that he'd be over if he could. Already it was starting to sound bad. Then, after a quick "hand-job" from her big sister that barely took the edge off, Cindy and John took off shopping. After her father left for work, and her mother went grocery-shopping, Ginny found herself alone in the big house for the first time in almost a year. Ginny tried to watch television, but turned it off when it seemed that there was nothing on but daytime soaps with steamily-suggestive love scenes; and the commercials always showed big handsome men chasing drop-dead-gorgeous girls down some beach, where they ended up in a clinch. Ginny was almost going nuts.
The little girl wandered around the house for a while. She actually stopped and cleaned up her room; she was that desperate. About noontime, Arlene called and asked if Ginny could fix herself a TV dinner for lunch; as she had met an old friend at the store; and the woman had invited her out to lunch at a restaurant.

After the thrill of being in charge of the house started to drag, Ginny found herself nosing around. She poked into her big brother's room, and found his stack of Playboy magazines. For a few minutes, she leafed through them, until the sexy girls, and handsome guys started to get her even more worked up. Ginny started to return the stack to where she got it, when a slimmer magazine slipped out. Ginny picked it up, and was about to slip it back in the pile, when she noticed that the girl on the cover of this magazine wore nothing but a grin, and a face-full of white stringy cum. Her big brother had left a porno magazine stuffed in with the Playboys.
Unable to help herself, the little girl leafed through the skin-magazine. When she came to the picture of a girl who must not have been much older than Cindy, lying on her back, as a big handsome man knelt between her legs, squirting thick slippery ropes of cum into the hole that the girl was holding open with her fingers, Ginny couldn't take it any more. She leaned against the wall, and brought herself off with her fingers. This was not very satisfying; but it brought some relief. Hurriedly, Ginny stuffed her big brother's magazines back where she got them, and left the room, before she got any more frustrated.
Continuing her "Poking-around," Ginny found herself in her parents' bedroom. Ginny hadn't been alone in her parents' bedroom for years. Thinking about it, she realized that she must have been only 5, the last time she had been in here alone. That was the last time she had slept with her parents. Ginny vaguely remembered that she used to sleep in her parents' bedroom, until she reached the age of 5; and then for some reason, she had stopped, and from then on, she had her own room. "I wonder what brought that thought up?" Ginny asked herself, as she continued her explorations.
Ginny's attention was caught by the rack of books behind the headboard of the bed. If you knew Ginny, this would be no surprise. At the ripe old age of 9, Ginny was already showing signs of becoming a bookworm. Ginny started looking at the books her father kept handy. No porno stuff here, she thought. Her father didn't buy books to look at. When he bought a book, it was to read. Ginny started looking through the titles:
Green Odyssey.....................something science-fictiony
Stranger in a strange land........more science-fiction.
Asimov's Guide to the Bible?......Funny, religion?
Alice through the looking-glass...Ginny had already read it.
Autobiography of a flea...........Ugh! Ginny hated insects.
Lolita, the story of a young girl.This looks interesting.

Ginny settled down on the bed to peruse the last book in the string. She liked stories of girls her age, but wondered why her father would read one. Lolita. Funny name for a girl. Ginny thought she remembered hearing the name of that book before, but the reference wouldn't come. Ginny popped a jellybean in her mouth from the candy-jar beside the bed, and settled in to read. 15 minutes later, her breath was coming fast, and she had to put the book down. This was a story about a young girl all right. A young girl who seduced her own father! Ginny pushed the book back in the shelf, and grabbed the one next to it.

"Autobiography of a flea. Sounds kind of dry, but I need something to take my mind off sex for a while," she thought to herself. "This ought to turn me off." She opened the book, and started to read. At first, it was kind of sick. Some kind of story about a flea, references to "bloodsuckers," and a young girl named Belle. After a while, it read more like a romance, than a story about fleas. It wasn't until she reached the point where the priest seduces the 14-year-old girl, that Ginny realized that this book was even hotter than the previous one. She hadn't realized that her daddy was a pervert, when it came to reading material. Still, these did make good reading. The trouble was, Ginny was already so hot she was about to explode. The last thing she needed, was a book to get her more aroused. Ginny wondered if her father was really interested in young girls. The books he read, seemed to suggest it. Maybe he'd be interested in her, if she acted sexy around him. It had been fun, what they did the other day; but her father had made no further advances to the little girl; so she figured he wasn't interested. Maybe she was wrong. Ginny determined to find out.
Putting the books back, Ginny kept on looking. Wow! A string of videos, some of them obviously X-rated:
Debbie does Dallas...The whole town?
Deep throat..........No way!
Taboo II.............Taboo? Sounds like a witch-doctor.

Curious, Ginny turned on the bedside TV, and slipped the cartridge into the VCR slot. Somebody had been watching the film, and hadn't rewound it. Ginny was about to push the rewind button when the screen snapped into full color and sound, as the VCR slipped automatically into "PLAY".
"I never saw anybody fuck their sister before." Ginny's hand snapped away from the rewind button as though it had been slapped. The little girl watched, as the madly fucking couple, on the screen worked towards their climax, encouraged by a younger girl who was obviously enjoying the show. "Oh! He is good, like you said he was," said the cute blonde, playing the role of "little sister," on the screen. Shortly, Ginny watched the older boy, as he tensed up, and began squirting sperm inside his "little sister". The boy pulled his cock out of the girl. His "sister" reached down, grabbed her "brother's" huge cock in her little hand, and milked several drops of creamy sperm onto her belly. Then the girl hurriedly pushed her "big brother's" still squirting cock back inside her vagina, where it belonged, and resumed fucking. Ginny turned the video off. This was the last straw. She was so horny; she could cry. In fact, she started to. Ginny blindly stuffed the cartridge back on the shelf, and ran to her own room, where she started bawling. "It just isn't Fair!" she said to herself. "Everybody else is getting it. Why can't I?" Snuffling, the little girl cried herself to sleep. By the time she woke up, her mother had returned, and the house was filling with wonderful aromas, as the little woman prepared dinner.
Ginny resolved to ask her mother for help, After all, look what Arlene had done for Cindy. With this resolution, Ginny started to feel better, and headed for dinner.

As stated before, Arlene had a lot of empathy. However, you didn't need to be an empath, to see that there was something wrong with Ginny, as she dragged herself to the dinner table. The little girl's nose was red and swollen, her eyes were bloodshot, and there were wrinkles in her pretty little face that had obviously been put there when the little girl had fallen asleep with her face pressed into her teddy-bear. Ginny had outgrown the bear several years ago; but still turned to it when there was no one else.
The smell of Arlene's cooking was usually enough to revive a faint heart; but the little woman could tell that this was no small matter. "What's the matter Ginny?" she inquired, her heart going out to her little girl.
George paused, the cup of coffee halfway to his mouth. The distress of his smallest child almost broke his heart. The little girl always seemed so sad lately, but this was heartrending. He swore to himself, that if there was anything that he could do to help his little girl, it would get done. He wished he knew what to do to make the little girl happy. Lord knows he tried. He sometimes had nightmares, thinking that it was his fault, and that he was responsible for the child's distress. Ginny had been such a bright and cheerful child, during her first few years. Then, she had started losing the bright smile and sunny disposition. She had never caused any trouble. In fact, she was almost too well-behaved. It was almost as though she were working for some reward that never seemed to materialize. About 3 years ago, the little girl had started appearing in her parents' bedroom doorway, with a wistful, almost hopeful look in her face every night. When asked what she wanted, she would always reply, "Nothing Daddy. Love you," and retreat to her bedroom. This had gone on for a few months, until the child seemed to outgrow it. George and Arlene had discussed the matter; but if the little girl insisted that nothing was wrong, there wasn't much they could do. Still, the two adults worried, and watched their little offspring.
The previous month, during what the whole family still referred to as "The Orgy," they had seen the first seemingly genuine smile on the little girl's face in years. Afterwards, Ginny had seemed to open up, and the wistful look had been receding, until tonight. George and Arlene had been looking forward to a quiet evening, with most of their children out of the house (Cindy had snuck over to John's apartment, for 1 last fling, before her "dry spell"). They planned to go over and help the Summers in some preliminary wedding preparations later, but had certainly not expected anything like this!

Ginny began sobbing, as she collapsed in her mother's arms. "I can't stand it," she wailed. "It's too much, getting it, then losing it."
"Getting and losing what, Honey?" Arlene made a stab in the dark. "You mean sex?" she inquired.
"That too," sniffled Ginny. "It's just that I got to sleep with Mike, and it felt so good to snuggle up with someone again. Someone who loved you, and was happy to make love to you. Now he's gone; Billy's gone; Cindy's gone; and I'm all alone!" The little girl burst out sobbing uncontrollably into her mother's hair. "Not getting any sex, doesn't help either," she continued after a minute.
George looked at his wife. Arlene looked back. They both nodded. George coughed, and said. "We're here Honey. If it'd make you feel better, you can sleep with us 'til Mike gets back."
"We'll also help you out with your other problem," assured Arlene. "Your father and I will help you get off. George can use a rubber, so you don't get pregnant. It's not as if you were a virgin."
Ginny was so excited; she didn't bother to correct her mother's assumption. "You mean I can sleep with you, again?" she asked eagerly. "The whole night?" Ginny waited breathlessly for the answer.
"Sure, why not?" said George, as he and Arlene both missed the significance of the little word "again," that meant so much to their little girl.
"And Daddy'd have sex with me and everything?"
"Well, not everything; we don't want you getting pregnant," laughed Arlene. "But, pretty much everything else. You'll have to wait until after we get back from the Summers' though. We promised to help out over there, this evening."
"Oh thank you, Momma! But I don't mind. Daddy can get me pregnant if he want's to." The little girl kissed her astonished mother, and gave her such a bright sunny smile that it was hard to believe this was the same girl. Arlene was so surprised by her little girl's words, that for once in her 40-odd years, she was speechless.
"Thank you too Daddy." Ginny dashed over to her father; plumped herself in his lap; and gave him such a loving look that his heart jumped in his chest. "Kiss me Daddy," the little girl begged. "Please?"
George looked over at his wife, who was looking back at him with some amusement. He kissed his little girl. It started out as a peck, then a smooch, then a genuine kiss. George stopped for breath. "Whooo, Honey. You're getting your poor old father all excited," he warned.

"More Daddy, Please? Do it like you loved me. Like you do Momma. I love you so much, Daddy," the little girl implored, as she turned her angelic little face up for more.
George looked at his wife, gave a shrugging motion. Arlene smiled back at him and nodded. "OK Hon," George told his overeager offspring, "but this'll have to do until after we get back. OK?" At the little girl's eager nod, he bent his lips down to his daughter's.
It was like a shock went through both of them. Ginny opened her mouth, and got a mouthful of her father's tongue! Eagerly she kissed back. Her father was an even better kisser than Billy! Ginny explored her father's mouth with her tongue, while she felt the man's hands running up and down her almost naked little body, finally centering on her sensitive little breasts. The excitement, after a whole day of frustrations was too much for Ginny; the little girl began to climax, rubbing her overheated little snatch on her father's leg, as she desperately continued the kiss. Taking pity on his little girl, George slipped a finger up inside the child's climaxing little hole, and helped her work off her orgasm. The little girl was climaxing so hard, and squeezing his finger so hard, that it was almost as though she were still a virgin, he thought.
Finally, Ginny came back to reality. "Thank you Daddy," she breathed. "You don't know how much I needed that." She gave her father a smile that almost blew him away. He hadn't seen a smile like that on Ginny's face since. . . George couldn't remember.
"Oh, I've got some idea," chucked George; looking down at his lovely young daughter's creaming little slit, that had just been squeezing the heck out of his probing finger. "Now, let's eat dinner. That'll have to hold you until your mother and I get back tonight. Think you can wait 'til then?"
Ginny nodded. After all, She'd been waiting for years; a few more hours would be easy.

Ginny was wrong. After cleaning up the dinner dishes that her parents had left to her care, the time seemed to drag forever. If she hadn't known better, she would have sworn the clock stopped running every time she wasn't looking at it. And when she did look at it, the seconds seemed to take minutes, the minutes seemed like hours. "Christ!" The little girl swore to herself. Had only an hour passed since they left. It seemed like weeks! She tried to watch television, but the shows were all so boring, compared with what was coming. The little girl jittered around the house, until she decided she'd better settle down. Being nervous wasn't making the time go faster. Maybe if she read a book?

Ginny looked through her stock of books from the library. Somehow "The Babysitter's Club" sounded kind of asinine, when you might be making a baby yourself. Ginny decided to borrow one of her father's books. She brightened. That "Flea" book had been hot!
Shortly, Ginny was ensconced in her bedroom; nightie pulled up around her waist; as she fingered herself off while reading the erotic book. When she got to the part where the Father impregnates his own daughter, thinking it was his neighbor-girl Belle, Ginny forced herself to a climax. "Whhaauuuh! WhOOOoooo," the little girl gasped, as she relaxed afterwards.
Ginny felt so satisfied; she snuggled down into the thick furry bedspread. She was so relaxed; she found it hard to continue reading. The story continued on; about how the flea was so bored at the priest's sermon, that he went to sleep. Ginny followed suit.

Two hours later George and Arlene returned, and found little Ginny fast asleep on her bed. The little girl made quite a picture. Just a little over 9 years old, her immature young body looked much too little for sex; but lying there, with her little fingers still stuck inside her pouting little slit, she made an erotic picture that would have had the dirty old men of the world squirting sperm all over, from just a look. Even on her own mother and father, the effect was terrific.
"Whooo. Would you look at that?" said Arlene.
George was already looking; and it was obvious to Arlene, that he was getting aroused. "Look at what she's reading," he gasped; pointing to the book dangling from their little girl's fingers.
Arlene snickered. "I thought you were going to put that book away, where the kids couldn't find it."
"I was, but then it seemed that the kids were all having sex anyway, so it didn't seem to matter anymore," replied George.
"I suppose you're right," sighed Arlene.
The two parents decided not to wake the little girl. Arlene took the book from the child's limp fingers, and placed it carefully on the nightstand. After all, it wasn't as if the little girl didn't know what sex was all about. Carefully, George pulled the bedspread over his sleeping little girl; taking one last horny look at the child's finger stuck up in the pouting lips of her immature young vagina. Taking a last deep breath, the two parents let themselves out of the little girl's room.
"I saw you, you dirty old man. Sneaking peeks at your own little girl's snatch." Arlene's grin belied her angry words, as they got undressed.
"Yeah, who was it earlier, who told the little girl that Daddy would take care of her sexually tonight?" responded George.

"Me. What's the matter big boy? Don't you think you're up to fucking your own little girl?" Arlene loved teasing her husband, and getting him hot. "Or maybe its me, that you're no longer able to service."
"Think so huh? C'mere wench!" George grabbed his wife, and began kissing her. "Did you hear what Ginny said, when you told her that I'd help her out tonight?" he inquired, after a short tussle.
"You mean when she said she didn't mind if you got her pregnant?" asked Arlene. "I bet that gave you a hard-on."
"Almost made me cum in my pants, you mean," replied George. "If we hadn't promised to help out, over at the Summers' I'd probably have fucked the kid right there on the floor, and without any rubber either."
"George! You wouldn't!" exclaimed Arlene, pretending to be shocked.
George wasn't fooled. "Excites you, doesn't it Hon?" he asked. "Thinking of watching me impregnate that little girl. Here, why don't you pretend that you're Ginny, and Daddy's going to fuck you and try to get you pregnant?"
Arlene dropped right into the role. "Oh Daddy," she squeaked, in a high little-girl voice. "Are you going to put that big thing in me tonight?"
Even the thought was too much for George. Hurriedly he climbed aboard the little woman, and started fucking her for all he was worth. "Oh Ginny!" he exclaimed. "Daddy's cumming in his little girl."
"Oh Daddy! Fuck me. Knock me up Daddy!" Arlene climaxed herself, as she felt a stream of her husband's sperm enter her belly; imagining it was her father, trying to get her pregnant.
It was always a pleasure and a surprise to the woman, when she felt how much sperm the man always had to squirt in her belly. Now, imagining that her father was trying to impregnate her, the stream of slippery cum pouring into her womb made the hot woman climax like never before. It was several minutes before she came down from her peak.
"Whooo, That was good," she finally said.
"MMM Hmmm," replied George. Even imagining getting his little girl pregnant was too much. "Do you suppose she meant it?" he asked his wife.
"Even if she did, you'd better not," replied Arlene.
"I suppose you're right. Still, it was quite a turn-on."
Arlene had to agree, but was so relaxed after her mighty orgasm that shortly, she fell asleep.
George remained awake for a few more minutes. There was something about fucking little Ginny that was faintly disturbing; even though the little girl was already being fucked by her two older brothers, and obviously was willing. Tired, George couldn't quite put his finger on what was bothering him. . . something about sleeping with his little girl. . .
George was asleep.

Ginny was having the old dream again. She was sleeping, next to her father, when she felt his cock growing between her legs. This part of the dream was always the same. The little girl reached down, and grabbed her father's growing penis, and slid it up against her little hole. Gooey liquid began seeping from the little slit on the end; and Ginny started smearing it all over the man's prick; making the whole thing wet and slippery. She then tightened her legs up around her father's big cock, and began riding it like a horse. Back and forth, back and forth the big cock went between her legs. By this time, Ginny was starting to get wet herself. She began pushing her father's penis up against her tiny little hole; and using her hands to jack him off.
It was at this point, that the two endings to the dream varied. Tonight, Ginny was lucky. It was the happy ending.
As Ginny jacked her father off (in her dream) she felt his big penis suddenly grow even bigger. Hurriedly, the little girl pushed her father's suddenly spewing cock up against her little hole; and felt suddenly wet and slippery inside, as her father sent gush after gush of warm greasy sperm up inside his own little girl's receptive young belly. Ginny was proud of herself, taking her father's sperm inside her. She knew her father squirted this white stuff up inside her mother, to make a baby. She was so happy that he'd want to do it to her also. At this point in her dream, Ginny would usually fall asleep; with her father's potent sperm trapped inside her tight little hole.
Suddenly Ginny woke up. She remembered the dream. Only Ginny knew it hadn't been a dream. It had actually happened. Many times. The little girl had been only 5 years old, when she found out that her father was subject to almost nightly wet- dreams; and she had started taking advantage of the fact. For almost a month, the little girl had jacked her father off into her tiny little belly, in the middle of the night.
Ginny also remembered the nightmare. One night, her father had started to squirt his sperm inside her; when something about his dream made him think he was fucking his wife when they were younger. Ginny could tell, by the mumbles her father made about "Arlene, Honey, take it inside you. Please?" Suddenly, Ginny felt her father's penis pushing up against her little hole with a force never felt before. Each copious squirt of her father's sperm inside the child lubricated the man's penis more, until it actually started to stretch her tiny little hole, and go inside. "Ow! Daddy, Go easy. I'm not Mommy, you know." The loving words of the little girl woke up her father. He was still in the throes of a mighty climax. He looked down, and saw himself pumping the last of his incestuous sperm right up inside the welcoming belly of his tiny little 5-year-old girl. George had been horrified.

Ginny had never seen her father so mad. She didn't know that his anger was all directed at himself, not at her. All the little girl knew, was that her father was obviously extremely angry about something. The next thing she knew, the little girl was in her own room, where she had never really slept before in her life. From then on, her father's bed was forbidden to her.
Ginny later figured that her father was mad at her for crying out. After all, she had been jacking him off for a month, and he had never complained; so she figured that what was different, was that she had complained, when he tried to put his cock up inside her. Ginny wished she could go back, and let him do it to her again. She swore to herself she'd never complain, no matter how much it hurt. She knew she'd give anything to feel that her father loved her again. Ginny had always adored her father, and would have done anything for him. Now, to know that her father was mad at her, since he wouldn't let her sleep with him anymore was devastating to the little girl. For weeks afterwards, she had begged him to let her sleep with him, but he was adamant. There was nothing the little girl could say to get him to change his mind. Ginny decided that she had to earn her father's love again; so the little girl set out to try and make it up to him any way she could. She figured that if she was good enough, maybe someday, her father would let her sleep with him again.
For one whole year, Ginny had worked at being the best little girl a father could have. Each night, she had paused at her parents' bedroom door, in the hope that they would invite her back inside again. Each night, the hope had been in vain. After the first week, George had figured that the little girl knew why he didn't let her sleep with him; he was so scared of hurting his little girl. As it was, he began to worry that he might have scarred the little girl mentally, by fucking her. Every once in a while, he would wonder if her moodiness was because she was worried he might try it again. Therefore, George did his best to distance himself from the little girl; scared about what he might do to her, if he found himself alone with the child; not realizing that this made it look to Ginny as though her father didn't love her anymore.
After a while, Ginny stopped trying to make her father love her again. She could tell it was hopeless. Her father obviously still cared for her, somewhat; but he was never close like before. Her little heart kept on aching; and the night that she had "goofed-up" was burned into her memory forever. Most children don't remember things that happen when they are 5, but Ginny knew that she would remember every detail of that night until the day she died. She knew she couldn't go back and undo what happened that night; but she swore that if she ever got a chance, she wouldn't cry out, even if her father killed her in the process.

Now suddenly, Ginny felt like she was in heaven. Her father loved her again. He said so. More important, he had acted like it. He hadn't pushed her away, when she kissed him. In fact, he had kissed her back in a manner that was guaranteed to make little Ginny's heart jump for joy. Not only that, but he had told her that she could sleep with him again; and that he would make love to her, when she was ready.
Ginny was suddenly wide awake. "Oh my GOD!" she thought to herself, "What am I doing here!" Terrified by the thought of possibly sleeping through the one chance that she might have to get her beloved father back; Ginny quietly got up and crept down the hall.
Peeping in the doorway of her parents' room, Ginny paused. "What if she was too late." The thought was terrifying.
"Daddy," she called out tentatively.
No answer.
"Daddy." The little girl's heart was in her mouth, as she called louder.
"Nnnn?" came the sleepy voice from the bed, "What is it Ginny?"
"You said I could sleep with you, tonight." Ginny held her breath. She knew that either heaven or hell was waiting for her tonight.
"N,Kay Honey. Slide in."
It was heaven! Ginny crept over to her father's side of the bed; lifted the covers; and slid her (deliberately naked) little body in alongside her father's. It was no surprise to the little girl to feel her father's skin touching hers. She knew both of her parents slept naked all the time. Most of the people in the house went naked at night. There was no nudity taboo in the Macon household.
George was shocked at the sensual feel of his little girl's naked skin next to his. His cock immediately rose to attention. After all, feeling his little girl naked next to him, after the fantasy that he and his wife had played out earlier would have been stimulation enough to give a statue a hard-on, let alone a man as oversexed as George Macon. He started to pull away, so as to not frighten the child.
Ginny was not going to have any of it. After finally getting to sleep with her father, she didn't want him halfway across the bed. "Please Daddy?" she pleaded. "Snuggle up to me?"
George was stymied. "But Ginny," he started. "I've got. . ." How does one tell his little 9-year-old daughter, that he had an erection?
"Don't be silly Daddy, I've seen it before. Even had it inside me," Ginny ended with a giggle.
George decided that his little girl's words made sense, and "snuggled up".
Ginny reached down, placed her father's big cock between her legs, "Where it belonged," and slid off into the best sleep she had in years.

George took a little longer, but somehow it felt right to be snuggled up to his little girl. Even with his big cock pushing up against the child's open vagina; and his big burly arm wrapped around the little girl's sleeping young body, feeling her immature young breasts brushing again his arm; it still seemed right. George slipped off to sleep also.

Later that night, Ginny started having the old dream again. She was sleeping, next to her father, when she felt his cock growing between her legs. This time, the dream was subtly dif ferent. When her father's cock started leaking slippery liquid, instead of jacking him off, Ginny rubbed her father's leaking penis all over her hot little hole, and pushed it up inside! Expecting the nightmare to start, Ginny was surprised. It didn't hurt! The shock was enough to wake the little girl up completely. It wasn't a dream! Little Ginny felt stuffed, but no pain. Her father's cock had vanished a third of the way up inside the little girl; and the man was sliding it in and out, as the man copulated with his own little 9-year-old girl in his sleep.
Ginny was ecstatic! Her father was fucking her; and it didn't hurt. There were little twinges, each time her father's big cock pushed up against her hymen; but it didn't hurt! She had forgotten that she had already taken her father's cock inside her the week before; so it shouldn't have been a surprise; but fresh from her dream, Ginny had expected it to hurt, like it always did in the nightmare. Ginny settled down, and enjoyed the pleasure of feeling her father's big cock sliding in and out of her vagina. Shortly, Ginny felt her father's dream come to a "climax," as did he. Her father's penis suddenly got bigger inside the little girl, and began spewing glob after big sticky glob of warm greasy sperm in the little girl's belly. Squirt after squirt. Ginny felt bloated with her father's precious seed. The man's prick finally subsided; and George slipped back into a deeper sleep; with his cock still resting in the child's vagina, acting as a plug.
Ginny slipped back to sleep herself. It was so wonderful to enjoy the slippery feeling of having her own father's precious sperm warming up her insides, once again. Only now, she got to feel her father's big cock stretching her little vagina as well. The soothing feeling of her father's warm cum inside her tight little belly, put the little girl back in slumberland.
As mentioned before, George was oversexed. Even Arlene couldn't keep up with him. Even after fucking his beautiful wife 2 to 4 times a day, he still sometimes had to jack-off in the middle of the day, and he still had enough left over for a wet- dream or two in the middle of the night. When he was younger, it had taken 6 or 7 bouts of sex per day to ease his horny urges. Now, approaching middle-age, George had "slowed up" to where he only needed 4 or 5.

The man felt lucky to have a wife as understanding as Arlene. The woman only needed sex herself, about once every other night; but over the years, George had managed to persuade the woman to help him out at least twice a day. "Once in the night, and outen the light. Once in the morning, a new day a borning," as the old saying went. The rest of the time, George "made do" with "Mrs. thumb, and her four daughters." Arlene was understanding; and left him alone when he needed it. Even after all this, George still had enough left over for nocturnal emissions or "wet-dreams" as it were.
Tonight, George was about to set some new kind of record. Feeling his little girl's vagina quietly squeezing his penis, kept giving the man new dreams, each one hornier than the last. Three more times during the night, his cock expanded in his daughter's vagina, and sent a fresh burst of potent seed up inside his little girl. Each time, the sensations would wake Ginny up for a moment, until she realized it was just her father ejaculating his slippery cum inside her belly where it belonged. Then the child would relax. The comfortable feeling of having her own father's incestuous sperm warming the inside of her belly would soothe the little girl back to sleep.
George woke up from one of the hottest dreams he had ever had. His little girl Ginny had sneaked into bed with him, pushed his big cock up inside her squeezing little vagina, and was begging him to get her pregnant. George pushed up inside the little girl, and enjoyed the feeling of her tight little vagina clasping around the head of his prick. "My God, this dream feels real!" he thought; as the little girl's vagina gave his cock a squeeze that threatened to have him spouting sperm in the child's belly, before he even got properly started. George ran his hands down his little girl's side; feeling her shiver with excitement.
The sensations were too real. All of a sudden, the previous night came back to the man with a rush. This was Ginny in bed with him! And, from the feel of her squishy little pussy, he had already ejaculated at least once inside the little girl during the night. George suddenly blushed as he recalled some of the dreams he had been having during the night. Had he actually done that to little Ginny? He decided not; but knew he must have fucked the child at least once, in his sleep. The thought, of fucking his little 9-year-old girl in his sleep; and her not objecting, was so stimulating, that he had to fuck her again. George started sliding his cock in and out of his little girl's belly.
Ginny felt the change in her father. The man was no longer asleep, and he was fucking her! Ginny felt like her little heart would melt. Her father loved her. He wanted to fuck her. The thought, that she might get pregnant, was more of a thrill, at the thought that she could carry a baby for her beloved father, than fright at the thought of the dangers. "Oh Daddy! Fuck me. Please fuck me Daddy." The little girl's voice came out in a plea.

"OK, Honey, but let's do it right, this time," said George, as he turned the little girl over. The sight of his little 9-year-old girl, lying on her back, arms outstretched, begging her own father to fuck her, was almost too exciting to believe. George climbed between his little girl's legs; put his swollen cock up against the little hole that was still dripping obscene gobs of her own father's incestuous sperm; and pushed it all the way home in a rush.
"AAhhyeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE!!" The shrill scream came as a complete shock to all three occupants of the bed. Ginny had been feeling nothing but pleasure from her father's penis; and had never expected it to hurt like this. The little girl just knew her father had torn her insides. She was sure that she was going to die from internal bleeding. Right now, she could feel the flow of blood, mixing with her father's seed, oozing from her torn little belly. Dying however, was not what frightened the little girl the most. She had blown it again! She had sworn that she wouldn't cry when her father made love to her, like she did last time; and now she had not only cried, she had screamed! Now her father would never forgive her, she thought. Knowing she had only a little time left, before she died, made the little girl desperate. She had to get her father's forgiveness before she died. "I'm sorry Daddy," the little girl pleaded. "I didn't mean to cry. Please forgive me Daddy. Please?" The begging of the little girl turned into heartbreaking sobs.
George had been shocked, when he felt his little girl's hymen give way before his powerful lunge. He had thought the little girl had lost her virginity several weeks ago, to one of her older brothers. He would never have taken the child in such a violent manner; and certainly not without warning her; had he known that she was still a virgin. "I'm sorry Ginny," he apologized, "I just didn't know." He barely noticed the pleading words of his little girl; thinking that she was telling him how much it hurt.
Arlene had been sleeping, when the frightened cry of her child woke her up. She looked over at the obscenely coupled pair on the bed beside her, where the two lovers were both so busy apologizing, that neither one heard a word the other was saying. "George!" she exclaimed. "What in the world, are you doing to that little girl?"
This shut George up. He opened his mouth, started to say something; realized that there wasn't much he could say; and shut it with a snap.

In the silence, Ginny's pleas could now be distinctly heard.
"Please forgive me Daddy. I don't want you to be mad at me. I just couldn't help it. I didn't mean to scream. Don't let me die, thinking you hate me. Please daddy!"
"WHAT?!" The exclamation from her parents temporarily stopped the impassioned flow of words from the little girl.
George got the first word in. "Ginny, I love you," he assured the little girl. "I could never hate you. What ever gave you such an idea?"
"And what's this about you dying?" added Arlene. "Whatever gave you the idea that you were going to die?"
Ginny sighed with relief. Her father still loved her. He didn't look mad, just concerned. She decided to answer her father's question first.
"You got mad at me last time Daddy, when I cried," she explained. "And I think Daddy tore me inside, so I'm bleeding to death," she continued to her mother.
"Oh boy. Didn't you explain to her, about little-girls, and hymens, Arlene?" George asked his wife.
Arlene shook her head. "I didn't think she was old enough to worry about it," she replied. "I was going to wait until she had her first period; then explain about what would happen the first time."
"I thought that would be soon enough. Obviously, I was wrong," she continued. "Now what do you mean 'Daddy got mad at you last time.'?" Arlene glared at her husband.
Slowly, the whole story came out. With sobs, and tears from all parties, and many apologies, the trio on the bed finally got it sorted out.
"Ginny, I'm so sorry," said George. "I should have explained to you that I just didn't want to hurt you. I realize now, that I probably hurt you worse, by pushing you away, than if I had just gone ahead and fucked you. Can you ever forgive me?"
Hearing her father repeat the words that had been running through her mind for years, was too much for the little girl. "Oh Daddy, I love you so much," she said. "How can I be mad at you for wanting to protect me?" With this, Ginny collapsed, sobbing, in her father's arms.
George hugged his little girl, then said, as he climbed out of the bed, and bent over on the floor. "Do me a favor, Honey? Please kick me. I've been such an asshole."
Ginny giggled at the thought. "Oh Daddy," she replied. "I couldn't do that!"
Arlene however, knew her husband, and wasn't so shy. "Idiot!" she exclaimed; and hauling back a slippered foot, she booted her husband right out the door.
Ginny stared openmouthed. She had never heard her parents even raise loud voices at each other; let alone get physically violent. She was reassured, when her father gathered himself up, and came back into the room. Neither one of her parents seemed to be angry. Ginny decided that it must be a "grown-up" thing.

"Thanks Dear, I needed that," he told his wife.
"Now Ginny," George addressed his little girl, "I want you to promise me, that if you ever think I'm mad at you, or don't love you, that you'll ask me. Or, failing that, ask your mother. Please?"
Ginny promised. The little girl felt so good, knowing that her parents really did love her, and that she had a long, wonderful life ahead of her, that she was almost floating. A little twinge, of her torn hymen, reminded her of something. "Daddy?" she asked.
"Yes Ginny?"
"We never did finish fucking."
"I thought you still hurt." George sounded a little worried.
"It's almost stopped Daddy, and now that it's gone, I wanted to do it 'for real.' Please Daddy?" The little girl's voice sounded wistful again; as though she were afraid her father might refuse her.
"Well, OK Honey. If you're sure. I'll get some rubbers, so I don't knock you up." George suddenly snickered. "I guess I'll have to start wearing them at night, when I go to sleep; if my little girl's going to be jacking me off into her belly, every night. The man started rummaging through the dresser drawers. "Now where did I put those things?" he muttered.
"Daddy?" Ginny's voice stopped the man's rummaging.
"What?" George went over to another dresser, and started poking around inside.
"Do you have to?" the little girl inquired. "Wear a rubber, I mean? I don't mind, if you get me pregnant. I'd like to have a baby."
Ginny's words, almost made the man climax all over the dresser. She "didn't mind" if he got her pregnant. George looked over at his grinning wife. He wasn't going to get much support there. "Well," he said, as he came back to the bed, and stated to climb back between his little girl's legs. "I guess one time won't hurt. Besides, it's probably safe enough. You're probably way too young to get pregnant."
"Oooof" Ginny's breath came out with a rush; as her father's prick vanished up inside her flat little belly. "Suzy's Aunt May got pregnant, when she was 9," she reminded her father. "I know that there have been others. Get me pregnant Daddy. I love you so much Daddy, show me you love me too. Make a baby in me. Please?" the little girl pleaded; as she pushed back at her father, enjoying the feeling of his big cock as it slid all the way in and out of her belly; now that her hymen was no longer in the way. "Please Daddy?" the little girl repeated.

George looked at Arlene. She nodded. If George had to knock the little girl up, to make her happy, it would be a small price to pay. After hurting the little girl by refusing her once, Arlene figured that it would be a mistake to refuse the child's request; strange as it may have seemed to an outsider. To Arlene, the little girl's request didn't seem strange at all. Most little girls had sexual designs on their fathers, at one time or another. Ginny's were just a little early. Arlene knew that carrying her father's baby, would make Ginny feel her father's love, in a manner that just wasn't possible in any other way. In a way, it seemed like the best way to reassure the little girl that her father really did love her.
"Go ahead George," Arlene reassured her husband, "fuck the kid. Let's see you impregnate our little girl."
"Yeah! Impregnate me Daddy!" encouraged the little girl, as she worked with her father; trying to get the man to squirt his potent sperm in her hungry little belly. "Knock me up."
"Unnh, UUnnnhhh!" George grunted, sliding his cock all the way home in his 9-year-old girl's tiny little belly. "You're a little too young to get pregnant yet, Ginny," he said breathlessly. "I probably couldn't get you pregnant, if I tried. You'll probably have to wait until you're about 12." George was getting close to cumming.
"I read in the STAR, where a little girl down in Honduras somewhere, had a baby; and she was only 8 years old," reminded Arlene.
The thought was so exiting; George couldn't hold back much longer. "Oh God, I'm going to cum pretty quick," he warned. Curiosity however, got the best of him first. "Did they ever catch the guy who got her pregnant?" he wondered.
Ginny giggled. She had read the article also. "You might say so," she sniggered. "It was her 'big' brother. At the ripe old age of 10. It seems the two kids had been sleeping together for years. Nobody gave it a second thought, until the little girl's belly started to grow."
The thought, of his little girl's belly swelling with his child; Ginny's giggling; and thinking that he might get her pregnant; and that she "wouldn't mind" if he did; was too much for George. His cock inflated tremendously, and sent spasm after spasm of thick slippery sperm into his little girl's receptive young belly.
Ginny felt wonderful as her father spasmed on top of her. She felt a big greasy rope of her father's creamy seed slide into her tight little belly with a rush. Rope after big slippery rope of incestuous sperm, slid into the little girl's belly.
"Oooh Daddy. That's it! Impregnate me Daddy. Knock me up. I want to feel my belly get big with your baby," encouraged Ginny.

Knowing that her father cared about her, enough to squirt the white stuff that made babies inside her tiny little 9-year-old belly, made Ginny almost melt with love for the man. The little girl worked against her father; trying to milk all of his precious baby-making sperm into her squeezing little vagina where she felt it belonged.
Arlene was getting all excited; as she watched her husband impregnate their little girl. She hoped the man would have some left for her, when he finished. "Do it Honey," she encouraged; repeating her young daughter's stimulating words, "knock the kid up."
George gave a final thrust, up inside his little girl's belly; and squirted one last sticky glob of potent seed inside his daughter. "Oh Ginny! I love you so much. Thank you Ginny. That was sooo good!"
"Thank you, Daddy! I love you too," Ginny replied. Feeling her father trying to impregnate her, had been so exciting. The little girl loved the warm creamy feel of her father's baby- making sperm soaking into her belly. "I hope I'm pregnant now," she mused.
George gave up. If his little girl wanted to get pregnant by her own father, he'd do his best to do his part of the job. "Well," He leered at the little girl. "If not, we can always keep practicing making a baby, until you get it right!"
This comment sent all three occupants of the bed into hysterical giggles.
Arlene looked at the shrunken member of her husband, as he pulled it out of their little girl's belly. Even with George's copious spendings inside the little girl, Ginny was able to clench her vaginal muscles, and keep her father's sperm from flowing out. Still, the child had to dash for the bathroom, before she had an accident. Arlene decided that she'd have to wait for "her turn," until after breakfast, to allow her husband's batteries time to recharge (so to speak).

The three family members didn't make it back to the bedroom after breakfast. While Arlene was fixing breakfast, Ginny "borrowed" the TABOO-II tape from the bedroom, and put it on the main TV screen in the living room. During breakfast, all 3 watchers got aroused seeing "Big-Brother" fuck his "little- sister" in the movie. By the time breakfast was over, all of the Macons were about ready to explode with sexual tension; and as the "little girl" on the screen started to fuck her "father," Arlene pushed her husband over on his back, and "climbed aboard". Pretty soon, her orgasmic cries were mixing with the cries of the girl on the screen pleading "Fuck me Daddy!" Ginny got so hot watching her mother and the action on the screen at the same time, that when her mother got off, the little girl climbed on top of her father's sperm-covered prick, and settled down for a ride.
George had been about to call it quits for a while; but before his drooling cock had a chance to wilt, his little girl had stuffed it up in her horny little box, and proceeded to milk the last of his sperm up into her tight little belly. The feel of the child's tiny little vagina squeezing his penis, got George hard again; before he really had a chance to get soft. The man was in no hurry to get his rocks off in the little girl this time; so he settled down to enjoy the sensations of being mated with his own daughter.
Ginny loved it. She found that she could have orgasm after orgasm while sliding up and down on her father's big cock. Ginny was about to have her 7th climax in a row; when there was an interruption. Cindy and John had returned, carrying boxes of clothing and personal items to be stored until he finished moving into the garage/apartment; when they came upon this loving scene.
Cindy couldn't believe it. Her little sister was fucking their father; taking his big cock all the way up in her tiny little belly. To top it off, her father not only wasn't using a rubber; but was being encouraged by her mother to impregnate the little girl. Cindy had thought it was something for her cousin Suzy to try to have her own father's baby; but to see her little 9-year-old sister, with their father's sperm leaking out around her tiny little hole, while she begged her father to "Squirt the stuff that makes babies in me Daddy." was enough to make the little girl's blood boil.
When Ginny collapsed on the couch; with her father still squirting white sticky sperm all over her tiny little slit, as the little girl pulled away too suddenly; Cindy decided she couldn't take any more. Desperately, Cindy looked over at John, pleading with her eyes.
After a month and a half, spending almost all of his free time with the little girl, John was getting so that he could almost read her mind, and she his. The look the two lovers exchanged said volumes; though only 2 seconds passed in real time. John nodded, and smiled, and Cindy knew it was not only OK with John, but he wanted her to do it. So she did.

Cindy walked over to her father; rolled him onto his back again; while she said "My turn Daddy," and stuffed her father's still spurting cock up inside her fertile young belly. Cindy had been about to burst with sexual frustration; being 3 days into the start of her fertile period; and looking forward to another week and a half of no sex had been bad enough. To see her little sister trying to get pregnant, had been the last straw. Cindy was going to get fucked. She was going to do it right, with no rubbers, and no pulling out. If her father got her pregnant, she decided she'd just enjoy it. In the meantime, it was heaven to feel a man's cock sliding into her belly again; leaking dangerous baby-making sperm inside her womb. Especially her own father's.
Cindy started to feel a little guilty though. She was getting hers, but what about John? She knew if she asked him, he'd say he was OK; but it must be torture to watch a scene this hot, and not get any. Cindy looked over at her mother. Arlene had collapsed on the sofa; faint moans of sexual satisfaction, were coming from her lips. It was obvious that she would be no help, this time. Suddenly, Cindy had an idea. She had done it before, and it wasn't too bad; now she might even enjoy it.
Cindy motioned to John; as she continued sliding up and down her father's big cock. As John approached, Cindy leaned forward on her father; and pulled her ass-cheeks apart in an obvious invitation.
John couldn't believe it. Cindy had said it had been too uncomfortable, the last time they had done it "up her back door" but this time, the little girl seemed to want it. "Are you sure?" he asked; wanting to be sure himself.
Cindy nodded, and braced herself.
John's big cock was already leaking big slippery gobs of pre-cum; just from the excitement of watching. He spread it all over the head of his cock, and down into the little girl's waiting asshole. Slowly he pushed.

"she worked to get the two men to cum with her" Page 177 

Cindy pushed back. It was somewhat like taking a shit, in reverse. She tried to relax her ass muscles. There was a popping sensation; and Cindy suddenly felt full. In fact, the little girl felt stuffed. It wasn't uncomfortable, just stuffed. After Cindy got used to it, the stuffing of her ass, made her tight little vagina squeeze even tighter, around her father's big cock. Cindy decided she liked it. The little girl began to move. First, she pushed back at John; forcing his whole cock to vanish up inside her backside. Then, Cindy pushed forward; taking her father's penis all the way up in her cunt; while John's penis slid about halfway out in the rear. Next, back again onto John and off her father. Then, forward, onto her father, and off John. Forward onto Daddy. Backward onto John. They began to establish a rhythm. Back and forth shuttled the little girl between her two lovers. Cindy couldn't believe how good it felt. Even John's cock up her ass, almost felt like he had it in another vagina. Cindy giggled to herself. "The girl with two vaginas," she thought. The giggle turned into shock. "Oh God! I'm going to cum!" she blurted involuntarily. The little girl went into violent spasms as she worked to get the two men to cum with her, on her; inside her; whatever; just so they came at the same time.
John felt his penis squeezed like it was in a vise. The little girl's asshole clamped down on his engorged cock, and threatened to snip it off. Then it relaxed; then it squeezed again. He felt as if his cock had been caught in a runaway milking machine. Squeeze, SQUeeze, SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE. The last squeeze was too much. John began squirting sperm up inside the little girl's asshole like a cow's udder squirts milk. He let go in one big long healthy squuiiiiiirrrrrttt!
Cindy's father wasn't in much better shape. After getting his rocks off 4 times that morning, George was beginning to realize that even he had his limits. After squirting his sperm in his little 9-year-old girl's belly, he had thought he was finished for the day. Cindy's attack had taken him by surprise. His cock had not had a chance to shrink; when the girl climbed on top; and the knowledge that his daughter wanted him to fuck her, in the middle of her fertile period, had been so stimulating, that he was able to keep going. Now, having his daughter in the throes of the biggest climax of her life; squeezing his penis with a vagina that was almost virginally tight; and feeling another man ejaculating his sperm inside his little girl's body through the membranes of his daughter's insides; was enough to make a statue spout sperm; let alone a man as oversexed as George Macon. George started to gush his sperm up inside his little girl's belly.

"John was first to pull out, his cock still dripping cum on the little girl's ass." Page 179 

Feeling her father squirting his sperm in her vagina, while John ejaculated big greasy ropes of cum up her backside, made Cindy loose what little control she had left. The little girl jammed her crotch down at her father; ignoring the pain, as his penis pushed hard into her cervix. There was a sudden sickening sensation; then the little girl felt her father's spewing cock enter her uterus, and begin squirting the last of his seed right into the center of her fertile young womb. It was too exciting to bear. Cindy's body did several spastic flops; then the little girl fainted dead away.
Realizing what had happened, the two men stopped moving; and just let the rest of their seed drain into the little girl's body. Still, Feeling his little girl's cervix clamped around the head of his penis, made George squirt more sperm inside his little girl's womb than he thought he had in him. John, on the other hand, was already starting to lose his hard-on. He had already squirted more than his usual amount of sperm inside the little girl; and was all tapped out. The two big men held the limp body of the little girl between them, carefully not removing their cocks from inside the child; while they waited for her to revive.
"That's some daughter, you've got here," complimented John.
"We've got," corrected George.
"You're right. We've got," agreed John.
Gradually, Cindy came back to her senses. She felt soooo relaxed. The sexual tension she had felt building for the last week was gone; replaced by a pleasant ache in her groin. As she became more aware of the loving arms holding her, Cindy also became aware that the ache in her groin was the leftover feeling of having the head of her father's cock still stuck inside her womb; as it dribbled out the last of his potent seed; matched by her fiance's cock still stretching her asshole; where she felt so warm and creamy, that she knew John had deposited a big load there as well. "Ooohhh! That was good," she said. "We've got to do this again sometime. I hate to stop; but we'd better pull apart, so I can go to the bathroom. Otherwise, I'm going to make a mess all over Mom's nice new carpet." With this, the three lovers disconnected.
John was first to pull out, his cock still dripping cum on the little girl's ass.
"OWWWwww!" exclaimed George; as his cock uncoupled from his little girl's womb. He had felt drained before, after too much sex, but this was terrible! George doubled up on the floor, clutching his gut. He felt as though he'd been kicked in the balls. "Ooooh, that hurts!" he said.

George was immediately surrounded by concerned faces. Cindy looked particularly worried. "What is it Daddy?" she inquired, "What did I doooo?"
John was the only one there, who knew what had happened; and this only because his own drained balls were giving him a pleasant sort of ache. "It's OK Cindy," he said. "Your father will be all right in a minute. Just try not to pull so much sperm out of a man in so little time next time."
"But I thought it made a man feel good to cum, and get it all out."
"It does, Honey. But if a man squirts more than is normal, his body works too hard to produce more; and it's just like any other muscle. It aches if you overwork it."
"Well," said Cindy. "We'll just have to exercise it then; like any other muscle; until it's strong enough for the job. Think you're up to it little sister?" she addressed Ginny.
Ginny giggled and nodded. She was already ready to go again; but had sense enough to know when to wait.
After a minute, George started feeling better; and with help from four loving pairs of hands, was soon ensconced on the big rocker/recliner with a cool drink in his hand; two lovely naked daughters curled up on either side; and his wife and friend cuddled up together nearby, on the sofa. George felt so satiated and relaxed, that he slid off to sleep in the chair.

That was all the sex for that day; but that night, George felt a warm little body snuggle up next to him; as Ginny reached down grabbed her father's big penis, and tucked it up inside her hot little vagina, so that she could sleep; knowing that her father's sperm would be squirting inside her belly where it belonged, instead of all over the sheets, and being "wasted".
From then on, until her brother got back from camp, Ginny slept every night with her father; and every night George would discharge two or three big sticky loads of incestuous baby-making sperm right up inside his own little 9-year-old girl. Each time, Ginny would wake up; realize it was just her father ejaculating his sperm up inside her belly where it belonged; and go back to sleep; soothed by the warm greasy feeling of her own father's precious seed soaking into her receptive young womb.

Ginny seemed to blossom and grow. The little girl's smile, which had rarely been seen, now filled the house every day with sunshine. Every morning, George would wake up to the feel of his little girl's vagina squeezing his cock. Each time, he would roll his little girl over on her back; and fuck the little girl properly. Ginny would respond by squeezing her father's big cock with her vagina; until George had no choice, but to ejaculate his baby-making sperm inside his little 9-year-old girl. The feeling of her own father trying to get her pregnant, was always enough to make little Ginny climax.

Ginny loved being able to start the day with a fresh load of her father's precious sperm soaking in her belly. The whole day seemed brighter to the little girl; to know her father loved her enough, to have her carry his baby.
The little girl was growing in other ways also. Her little body was filling out, and developing. Tits were starting to appear on the little girl's chest. Her legs were filling out also. In just a few days, the change in the little girl was startling. Ginny was starting to look almost as sexy as her older sister.
Ginny emphasized it, by wearing as little as possible. Quite often, Ginny would borrow one of her father's T-shirts, and wear it, with nothing else underneath. The little girl got a kick out of the reactions she got from older men. Most people assumed the little girl was wearing panties under the large shirt. Knowing that men were dreaming about her being naked under the T-shirt, made Ginny feel all gushy inside. Especially, knowing that she was naked; but only her father and brother knew.

Watching their little girl blossom and grow was a thrill to the older Macon's. After being shy and retiring for so long, the little girl seemed to want to make up for years of missed fun, in just one summer. Seeing their little girl playing with the other kids in the neighborhood, one would never guess that the little girl even knew what the word "fuck" meant. To think that their little girl was carrying her father's seed in her little belly, every day, when she went out to play, was quite a thrill to Arlene. She hoped the little girl would enjoy carrying her father's baby, as much as she had. She knew it would be dangerous, when the little girl's belly started to bulge; but the thought of her little girl's belly swollen with her own father's baby was too exciting for words.

Cindy, in the meantime, had decided that she was OK. She had been keeping track of her temperature each day, and figured that she wasn't fertile when her father had squirted his sperm in her belly. The little girl sighed with relief; and went back to alternative methods of sex. The difference, was that now she had John fucking her in the ass, instead of hand or oral sex. Cindy had decided, that she Liked getting screwed in the ass. It was almost as good as getting fucked in the cunt she thought. Relieved that she wasn't yet pregnant, Cindy eagerly waited for the day when she could fuck properly again. "Only one more week to go," she thought; as the weekend approached, and the time for her little brother to return from camp got closer. Knowing she was at the height of her fertile period, made the little girl so horny, she could hardly walk. It was only with great effort, the little girl managed to keep from saying "To Hell with it," and follow her little sister's lead; by letting herself get pregnant anyway.

As said before, it was amazing how much trouble a little boy could cause by just not being there. Still, a lot of good came out of it. Now that Ginny knew her father loved her, and the little girl had started sleeping with him again, had improved the little girl's outlook on life tremendously. When the little boy returned however, it seemed that he was destined to cause as much trouble when he returned, as when he left.

Mike returns from camp

The day started out as a madhouse. First, George overslept. Now usually, on a Saturday, this would have been fine. This week however, George had to get some final building papers down to the courthouse to get them signed-off; so the electricians and plumbers could complete their jobs, and the plasterers could close up the walls on the final changes to the garage modifications. The trouble was, the courthouse was only open on Saturdays until 11; and it was already 10:15 when George woke up.
The previous night, Arlene and Ginny had been almost insatiable; and had fucked the man almost ragged. Every time George had been about to call it quits, either Ginny, or his wife would whisper some new lewd suggestion or fantasy in his ear; and George would respond with a fresh hard-on; and would end up depositing another load of fresh sperm into either his wife or his kid's horny little belly. This had kept up, until almost 1:30 in the morning, when George found that even he had limits. He had finally gotten to sleep, when both Arlene, and Ginny together, couldn't get his cock up; even when the two of them had combined for a two-girl blow-job that would normally have had him spouting sperm all over their pretty faces. Ginny and Arlene had finally settled for licking each other to get their final climax. Even seeing his lovely wife, and little 9-year-old daughter, in a frenzied 69, as each of them sucked his sperm that was leaking out of the other's cum-filled hole, couldn't do more than make his satiated cock do more than twitch. For once in his life, George had gotten enough sex.
That night, for the first time since she got her cherry popped, Ginny slept without her father's big penis stuck up inside her belly. The little girl was so sexually satisfied herself; that she didn't even miss it. Her father had already deposited so much sperm in the little girl that night, that Ginny wouldn't have been surprised, if she had triplets. For the first time in almost a year, George didn't have a nocturnal emission.
The morning that Mike was due back from camp, George had slapped the alarm silent; rolled over next to Ginny; stuck his awakening penis up inside his little girl; and slipped back to sleep before he even started to fuck. Ginny had welcomed the feel of her father's leaking cock, dripping pre-cum into her tight little vagina; but had been too sleepy herself, to do more than give it a token squeeze or two. Ginny also slipped back to sleep; feeling better now that she had her father's cock dripping his potent seed inside her little belly again.
George woke up to the feeling of his little 9-year-old daughter's tight little vagina squeezing his penis rhythmically. The little girl was having a climax in her sleep; as she tried to get her father to squirt his sperm up in her tight little belly where it belonged. This was extremely exciting to the man; and it wasn't long before he found himself ready to give the child what she so obviously wanted. George was just starting to deliver his seed inside the little girl's womb, when he looked over at the bedstand, and noticed the time.

"Besides, you look sexy, with Daddy's sperm all over your cute little cunt." Page 185 

"Jesus H. Christ!" George exclaimed; as the surprise made him jerk his still spewing cock out of his little girl's tight little belly. Squirt after squirt impacted against the little girl's open cunt; and smeared her little vagina with greasy ropes of her father's white sticky sperm.
Ginny was jerked awake, when her father suddenly pulled his squirting cock out of her belly. "Oh Daddy. Why did you have to pull out?" she whimpered. "I wanted your cum inside me."
"Sorry Ginny," George replied, "I have to hurry, and get to the courthouse. Besides, you look sexy, with Daddy's sperm all over your cute little cunt."
Ginny looked down between her legs. Her father was right. It did look incredibly sexy to see her own father's sperm soaking the pouting lips of her vagina; and spread all over her little clit, and soaking into the little hole between her legs.
"Unnph!" said the little girl, as, reaching down between her legs; she smeared her father's sperm all over her swollen little clit; and pushed the rest up inside her horny little hole. "I still like it better inside me," she commented.
Watching his cute little 9-year-old girl pushing his sperm up inside her vagina, was almost enough to make George stop his frantic dressing, and climb back into bed with the sexy little girl. However, plasterers and painters cost money; not to mention electricians and plumbers. The thought of plumbers hourly rates made George hurry even faster. "'Love you, Ginny," he said; as he kissed the naked little girl; before leaving the room. Arlene was already up; and George could hear her clattering around in "her" kitchen.
"'Love you too, Daddy," said the little girl as she kissed her father. Ginny didn't accept just a peck; she gave her beloved father such a tongue-sucking soul-kiss, that the man almost climbed back into bed with her. Almost. The thought of paying plumber's wages for two more days managed to stop him.
"Sorry Honey, but I've got to go." One last tongue-licking kiss, and George Macon hurriedly scrambled for the door, before his willpower deserted him.
"Spoilsport!" said Ginny; but gave her father a big grin, to show that she wasn't really all that annoyed. After last night, and once again this morning, the little girl couldn't complain that she was being sexually neglected. Ginny went back to playing with the glob her father's jizz, that was welling back out of her open little cunt. Looking at her father's sperm leaking out of her vagina; knowing that this was the white stuff that made babies inside little girls; and that she was carrying her own father's baby-juice inside her belly was always a thrill to the little 9-year-old.
Basking in the glow of his little girl's grin; George limped out of the bedroom; as he tried to tie his shoe while making his way towards the remaining garage.

"George! Aren't you going to have any breakfast?" came Arlene's plaint.
"Sorry Dear. 'Gotta get these plans to the courthouse before 11," said George worriedly; as he grabbed the sheaf of papers; and still buttoning his shirt; headed for the door to the garage. Worried, He glanced at the clock. "Holy smoke! Only 20 more minutes!" he thought.
He was just starting the car, when Arlene appeared in the doorway. The little woman was still naked, except for a steaming cup of coffee in an "auto-safe" cup. "Here. Drink this, on the way," she commanded, as she gave him a good-bye peck. "Now don't have any accidents on the way."
George hadn't known he could love his wife any more than he already did; but each day, the little woman seemed to find a new way to make his love grow stronger. "'Love you, Honey," he repeated the words he had given his little girl, to his wife. He felt so warm inside with the knowledge that it was true. For both of them.
"'Love you too, Dear. Bye." Arlene watched as her husband gunned the car out the opening door of the garage; not noticing that his beautiful wife was standing naked in the garage-doorway waving at him, for all the neighbors to see. Arlene heard a faint "Bye!" and ducked inside as the garage-door started to close. If anyone had seen the petite little woman standing nude in the open doorway, they never found out. Certainly nobody ever complained.

Arlene was just finishing breakfast with Ginny, when Suzy arrived. The little girl was not surprised to see the two Macons sitting naked at the breakfast table. She had slept over often enough, with Cindy, to know that nudity was the norm in the Macon household, on weekend mornings, anyway. Suzy had some big news; and she had wanted to share it with her older cousin.
The two families had decided that they couldn't keep any secrets between them; and both families knew what was going on in the other. It had been quite a relief, when Arlene and Mary found out that they weren't alone in their problems. The two families had gotten together; and decided to face the world with a common front. If any of their little girls showed up with a big belly, nobody in either family would divulge who had knocked the child up. They figured if the little girl didn't tell; and nobody else even acted like they knew; there was nothing the authorities could do; especially, if the parents acted properly "shocked" at their little girl's pregnancy. There were enough boys getting their little girlfriends pregnant, in this day and age; and it wasn't all that unusual for a little girl to want to protect her lover, by keeping silent. They figured that this was safer than the "padding" trick; especially if more than one of the little girl's showed up with a big belly at the same time.
Not finding Cindy; (She was out shopping with John, for furniture.) Suzy decided to share the news anyway. It was too exciting to keep to herself; and the Macons were the only people she could talk to, except her own family. "June's pregnant," she blurted. "We just found out this morning," she amplified, at Arlene's raised eyebrow. "Damn. I wanted to be first."
"Me too," said Ginny. "Maybe we're trying too hard."
"You're both a little young yet to be having babies," commented Arlene. "Especially you, Ginny. It's kind of hard to get pregnant when you aren't even having periods yet. Besides, a baby can be a lot of trouble for a little girl as young as either of you. When your body feels it is ready, you'll get pregnant. Don't you worry. In fact, once your body decides it's ready, the problem will be to not have too many babies."

Suzy looked at Ginny who looked back. The two girls were rapidly becoming fast friends. Cindy was getting so wrapped up in John, that Suzy hadn't been able to spend much time with her cousin. They both realized that once Cindy settled in, and started to live with the schoolteacher the two of them would have more time to spend together; but it would never be quite the same as when Cindy didn't have anyone but Suzy that she really wanted to spend her time with. The two cousins would always be close; but it would never be the same. Ginny, on the other hand, still didn't have a boyfriend either. Also, the knowledge that both of them were busy tying to get pregnant by their own fathers, gave the two little girls a common bond. The almost 2-year difference in their ages, seemed smaller every day.
Ginny answered for both of them. "We know that Momma. It's just frustrating, to see someone else getting pregnant, when you're trying so hard yourself. I hope Suzy and I get pregnant at the same time. It will be murder on the one of us who has to wait, and watch the other one carry her father's baby first; knowing that we both started about the same time." The little girl sighed, and continued, "That'll probably be me; since, as you pointed out, I'm not even having monthlies yet."
Arlene smiled at the two cute little girls, and reassured them. "Don't be too discouraged. There have been lots of little girls who have gotten pregnant, some even younger than you Ginny. There have even been some of them who never did have a period."
Shortly, the two little girls were discussing what it felt like to have a baby, with Arlene. The discussion would have continued well into the afternoon; but the chiming of the hall clock got Arlene's attention. It was 1:30, and George had not yet returned. "Holy smoke!" Arlene exclaimed. "I've got to pick up Mike down at the school grounds; and George still has the car!"
"What about the other one?" asked Suzy. "Can't you use that?"
"It's still in the garage, getting fixed," said Arlene. "Ginny. Tell your father I walked down to the school, to meet mike. Somebody's got to be there when the bus arrives. If I jog most of the way, I just might make it." Arlene grabbed her purse, and headed for the door.
"Wait! Arlene," yelled Suzy, catching the woman in mid- stride as she exited through the door. "Mom'll take you down there." She caught up to Arlene, as they headed down the path that passed by the Fisher household. "If not, then I can take my bike; and get there, a lot easier."
Arlene slowed her trot to a fast walk. "Well, we'd still better hurry," she said; still breathing fast.
10 minutes later, the three were headed down to the school, in Mary's car. It had taken that long, to explain the urgency; and for Mary to find her purse and key; and get the car out of the garage. The trio arrived just in time to see the big yellow bus pull in, in front of them. "Just made it!" said Arlene, with a sigh of relief.

Shortly, they had gathered up Mike and his gear, and were headed back to drop them off at the Macon household. On the way back, Mike spent most of his time ogling his cute cousin's body. After a week at camp, with nothing but boys, Mike was as horny as an old goat. Most of the kids at camp didn't seem to appreciate what nice things little girls really were. Missing out on the almost nightly sex he had been getting, had been quite a strain for the boy. Now, crowded into the back seat with his sexy little cousin, who was only 6 months older than he was, and who he knew was fucking her own father, was giving the boy a hard-on that threatened to split his pants. The tiny little shorts and sexy halter the little girl was wearing didn't help any either.
Suzy giggled. "Mike's got a hard-on," she announced.
"Well, Geeze!" Mike defended himself. "I haven't been laid in a week, and I can't help it. Besides, that outfit would give a brass monkey lover's nuts."
The other occupants of the car giggled at the boy's response.
"Poor boy," said Arlene. "We'll have to see what we can do when we get home. In the meantime, try not to offend your cousin. You'd better keep your eyes and hands to yourself, until we get home."
"That's all right, Aunt Arlene," said Suzy. "He can look at me if he want's to. He can even feel me up, if that'll help."
Arlene and Mary looked at each other. "Kids these days," said Mary, with a smirk. Arlene grinned back.
"'You mean it?" asked Mike, hardly believing his luck.
Suzy nodded; and suddenly the little boy was all over her. Mike ran his hands up and down the little girl's midriff; enjoying the feel of the first female flesh he had touched in a week. He then pulled the little girl closer; so that he could wrap his arms around the child, and feel her back with his hands, while the little girl's developing breasts poked him in the chest.
Arlene watched the seduction going on in the back seat. It was quite a sight, as the little boy felt up and down his little cousin's body; trying to turn her on, as much as he was. He was starting to succeed; but it began to look like he would be too late anyway. The head of the boy's cock was sticking up out of the top of his shorts, and threatened to deluge both kids with his sticky sperm; as Suzy turned around and faced him so that the head of the boy's prick was leaking pre-cum all over her sexy little belly.
"Oh wow! It's almost as big as Daddy's!" said the little girl. "Momma, can I try it?" she asked.
"I thought you wanted Daddy to. . .," reminded Mary.
"It's OK, Momma, my period's tomorrow. Please Momma?"
"I don't think Mike's going to be able to wait, Suzy," Arlene informed her niece; observing the obvious excitement of her little boy. "You'd better. . . Oh Shit! Catch it! It'll get all over the car."
Mary's suspicions were proved correct, more rapidly that even she had expected. Mike began spouting white greasy ropes of thick sticky cum all over his cousin's sexy little belly. "Oh Shit!" he echoed Mary's words.

Suzy couldn't stand to see all that precious seed going to waste. Hurriedly, the little girl bent over, and covered the boys erupting penis with her mouth.
If it had been exciting feeling the little girl's bare skin with his hands, the feel of the child's warm little mouth sucking on the spasming head of his engorged cock almost blew the top of Mikes head off. "Oh Suzy you don't have to. . .," he started, then couldn't say anything; as the little girl swallowed even more of his erupting penis. Mike just let himself go, squirting rope after rope and glob after glob of thick sticky sperm into his cute little cousin's eagerly sucking mouth. It felt so good to finally lose the load, that he had been carrying around for the last week.
Mary had pulled the car over to the side of the road. Watching her little girl give her nephew one hell of a blow-job, had threatened to cause the woman to lose control of the car. Thankfully, there was very little traffic; and nobody seemed to notice the action going on in the back seat of the sedan. The two older women turned around in their seats, and watched Suzy finish off her cousin.
Suzy loved it. Her cute cousin had a cock that was as big around as her daddy's, though not as long. The little boy had a supply of cum though, that put even her father to shame. Gulp after gulp the little girl swallowed; enjoying the sticky-sweet flavor of his cum. Still the boy kept spasming. Squirt after squirt of thick white sperm was ejaculated in the little girl's furiously sucking mouth; as Mike made up for a week of missed sex, in one fantastic orgasm. Finally the boy's spasms slowed to smaller squirts, and then dribbles, and at last just an ooze of sperm, leaked out of the head of his wilting penis, and onto the little girl's tongue.
Suzy licked the head of her cousin's wilting penis; enjoying the taste of the last sticky drops that oozed from the head. Then the little girl reached down; gathered up the stray blobs that had splattered onto her belly; and sucked them off her fingers also. "Good to the last drop," she commented; then had to giggle.
"Sorry Suzy," Mike started to apologize, "I didn't mean to. . ." His apology was cut short by Suzy's unexpected hug.
"That's OK Mike. I enjoyed it. Any time you need another one, just let me know. Now kiss me." Suzy grabbed her cute little cousin even harder.
Mike responded happily; and started to show his sexy little cousin that he was no slouch in the kissing department either. The two children ignored their respective parents; as Mike began feeling the little girl up, underneath her halter; and Suzy began fisting the little boy's reawakening penis, with her hot little hands in his shorts.
Arlene turned to Mary, and commented. "We'd better get these two horny brats home, before we have another accident."

Mary agreed, and re-started the car. It was somewhat distracting, hearing the giggles and squeals coming from the back seat; but somehow they made it to the Macon house; and managed to persuade the two children to continue their activities in Mikes room, where the whole neighborhood wouldn't be watching.
The two kids left a trail of discarded clothing on their way to the little boy's room; where shortly there came the satisfied cries of a little girl getting her tiny cunt stretched by a man- sized cock. Before they left the little boy's room, Mike had managed to deposit 3 more sticky loads of sperm in his little cousin's belly, and one more in her mouth.
Mike had never thought of his little cousin as a possible lover, or girlfriend, even though they were only 6 months apart in age. Previously, he had thought of her as a hated "girl," and then, he had subconsciously thought of her as being too young to fuck; even though she was almost the same age as he was, and had started fucking her own father, before he started having sex himself. Suddenly, his viewpoint changed tremendously. Now, he was beginning to wonder how he was going to get along, once his cousin went home. Mike was starting to fall in love; though he didn't realize it yet.
That night, both families had dinner at the Macon house. Arlene had insisted that Mary stay over for dinner; and had invited the rest of the Fishers as well. Arlene started to stir up one of her famous feeds; and chased the rest of the family out of "her" kitchen. Mary and June joined the rest of the family in the main TV room (where Cindy's "seduction" had taken place). There was some giggling, and lewd remarks when the TV was turned on, and the TABOO-II tape suddenly resumed where it had left off.
"Oh, fuck me Daddy!" said the girl on the screen, as she rose and fell on her "father's" big cock. Blushing, George shut off the VCR, and turned on the news. "Sorry folks," he apologized, "I Didn't mean to leave that in there."
"Oh I don't know," said June, "it looks kind of cute to me." This brought on another round of giggles. "Maybe we can borrow it sometime?" she added.
George blushed again; looked at the girl's parents; and seeing their acceptance, nodded. He couldn't quite bring himself to say the word, "Yes."
After listening to the local news, George invited everyone to join the family in the hot-tub. The invitation was eagerly accepted; and shortly the whole clan was snuggled tightly together in the redwood tub, almost causing it to overflow. The bubbling water relaxed everyone; and George used the occasion to bring up the subject that was on everyone's minds.
"I hear that you're pregnant, June." The statement was almost a question. At the girl's nod, he continued, "Are you sorry?"
"Oh no, uncle George. I can't wait 'til my belly gets big, and we can feel Jeremy's baby." The starry-eyed look on the little girl's face made everyone realize just how much she did like carrying her brother's baby.

"SLAM!" The kitchen screen door shut behind Cindy and John; echoed shortly by a second quieter "slam!" as Billy and Marylin followed.
"Now what's this I hear about my big cousin having a big belly?" snoopily inquired Cindy.
"Yeah," interjected Marylin, "what's this about you being knocked up?"
"'s true," said June. "Big brother here, doesn't shoot blanks. I figure he knocked me up, the first time he squirted in me."
Jeremy blushed, but didn't say anything.
"It's not fair, Daddy," said Suzy. "You were supposed to knock me up first. I worked for it; she didn't," the little girl pouted.
"Sorry Dear," Dan reassured his little girl. "I told you; you'd probably have to wait until your body's ready."
"I don't want to wait," said the little girl. "I want you to get me pregnant now!"
The rest of the people gathered round had to giggle at the sincerity of the little girl's request.
"Not here!" objected Dan.
"Why not? Every one here knows; and I'm horny!" With this, the little girl fisted her father's big cock, which had been rising ever since the discussion about June's belly started, and started to wiggle her wet little cunt down over it, in full view of everybody. "Ooooh Daddy!" the little girl exclaimed. "That feels good. Now knock me up Daddy, just like June is."
Dan was almost in a state of shock; but as he looked around, and saw only sympathetic smiles, the feel of his little girl's tiny little vagina squeezing his cock decided him. "OK Honey," he said. "If that's what you really want. Daddy's going to knock you up higher than a kite." With this, Dan started sliding his big 9-inch cock in and out of his little girl's belly; until the child was gasping with approaching orgasm.
Ginny couldn't stand it. "Me too Daddy. Knock me up too!" Shortly, the little girl was sliding up and down her father's bloated prick, in time with Suzy.
Mike was surprised. He had thought his little sister was still a virgin. Obviously, he was wrong; as he saw the little girl take their father's big cock; stick it in the little hole between her legs; and slide down it like a monkey on a pole; until every last inch was buried in her squeezing little belly. Up and down the little girl went; as she tried to coax her father to squirt his baby-making seed inside her welcoming little belly. Mike had expected Ginny to turn to him for sexual satisfaction; but now, the two girls he cared most about in the world were busy riding their respective father's cocks; while he looked on in astonishment, and not just a little envy.

After a bit, the boy looked around and got another shock. Everyone in the room was pairing off. June was sucking on her big brother's cock. Billy and Marylin were fucking like rabbits, over in the corner. John Stockdale was starting to fuck his big the asshole?! Pretty soon, the only people in the house without a sex-partner were Arlene (who was busy fixing dinner, and didn't want to be disturbed) Mary, and of course, Mike. Even after spending 5 loads in Suzy's belly, Mike started to feel frustrated; watching everyone else getting sex, but him. The little boy was about ready to cry, when Mary took pity on him.
"Come here Mike." Mary's voice cut through his self-pity.
Mike looked up hopefully, at his aunt.
"I can't fuck you; but. . ." With this, the drop-dead gorgeous woman closed her mouth over the little boy's man-sized cock, and started to suck.
Mike had always been somewhat in awe of his beautiful aunt. The woman was so sexy; and had a body that most models would have killed for. He had always hoped that some day he would find a girlfriend at least half as sexy and beautiful as his aunt Mary. Now, to have the magnificent woman sucking on his cock, as if she liked it, had the boy spouting sperm in the woman's face before she barely got started.
Mike was devastated. In all his wet-dreams about this moment, he had never figured on this. He spasmed the beautiful woman's mouth full of another prolific load of semen, and then his cock started to wilt. He was finished, before he had hardly begun. Now Mike really was about to cry.
Mary realized what was going through the little boy's mind; and taking big swallows of the little boy's prolific seed, she continued her work on the boy's cock; trying to get him hard again.
Now, Mike was astonished. Mary wasn't going to stop. The beautiful woman was continuing to suck on his cock, until it finally started rising again. This time, Mike wasn't so hard-up; and the boy was able to settle down, and enjoy one of the best blow-jobs he ever had. Mike decided that Suzy should start taking lessons from her mother.
Shortly, the room was filled with moans and groans, as the various couples reached their respective climaxes. Dan was first to spout thick greasy sperm in his tiny little daughter's tightly squeezing little belly. Suzy soon followed her father; milking his thick cum up inside her flat little belly where it belonged. Seeing her cousin taking her father's seed in her womb, put Ginny over the edge; as she worked to make her father squirt baby-juice in her little belly as well. George was unable to hang on, after Ginny's tight little vagina went into spasms around his big cock. The feeling of his little 9-year-old daughter's cunt milking on his cock caused George to give his little girl what she wanted. He ejaculated big heavy squirts of his potent seed right up inside his little girl's welcoming vagina.

Billy and Marylin, along with John and Cindy, soon followed; leaving Mike and Mary. Mary redoubled her efforts on the little boy's cock; and soon Mike was squirting his thick seed in the beautiful woman's mouth, for the second time in 15 minutes. No sooner had his penis wilted in his aunt's mouth, than he was reminded of his duties, by the woman's heavy panting as Mary tried to bring herself off with her fingers.
"Here, let me help," said Mike; as he pulled his aunt's fingers away from her clenching vagina; and replaced them with his mouth. Mike tried to put everything he had ever learned, and practiced with his little sister into eating his lovely aunt's fur-ringed snatch. He had always wanted a close up view of his aunt's cunt; and this was about as close as you could get. He loved the creamy taste of his aunt Mary's cooze; and licked, sucked, and wiggled his tongue inside her hole, until the woman was about to climb the wall. Still, he couldn't seem to get her off. Mike was starting to get worried; he didn't want to leave the beautiful woman hanging; especially after the gorgeous blow- job she had performed on him; but the little boy's tongue and neck were starting to get tired.
Mike was rescued by his big cousin. "It's OK Mike," said Jeremy. "I'll take over now."
Gratefully, Mike stepped back and watched; as his cousin climbed between the woman's legs; and stuck his cock up inside his mother's belly with a rush.
Mary began to climax, the moment she felt her son's big cock enter her vagina. She had loved the feeling of Mike's wonderful tongue-job; but what she needed right now, was a belly full of cock. Not just any cock, but her own son's; as she was in the midst of her fertile period; and was trying to get her little boy to knock her up; so that she could emulate her mother, and carry her own grandchild inside her womb.
Shortly, Jeremy was spouting baby-juice in his mother's womb; as the woman begged her son to get her pregnant. "Do it, Jeremy," she encouraged. "Knock me up. Let me feel you making a baby in your mother's belly." It felt so right, to the woman, to feel her own son's rich seed filling the very womb from which the boy had come, not so many years before.
When Arlene came downstairs a few minutes later, to announce that dinner was almost ready; and that everyone should wash up; she found everyone lying around the tub, with white globs of sperm leaking from every sexual orifice. Thick gobs of sperm were welling out of each female vagina, and dripping off the end of every male penis.
"Well!" she huffed. "It must have been some party! Why wasn't I invited?"
"You were," pointed out her husband. "You were busy fixing dinner; remember?"

"That's right, I was," agreed Arlene. "Which reminds me. All you people have 5 minutes to get cleaned up for dinner," she added as she started up the stairs.
"AND DON'T USE THE POOL!" she warned. "If you guys leave all that sperm floating around in the pool, one of the neighbor kids who come over here and use the pool, is likely to turn up pregnant, and we won't know who to blame."
There was a mad scramble to use the two bathrooms. Everyone made it to the dinner table, with 30-seconds to spare.

That night, Mike was surprised, when his little sister kissed him, and explained that she was sleeping "with Daddy". Ginny stopped long enough to explain to him that she loved him; and would probably go back to sleeping with him later; but for now, she wanted to sleep with her father. At least until she got pregnant, she explained. Mike was in a blue funk. He had been looking forward to sleeping with his little sister again, even if he couldn't screw her. He figured it would probably be over a year before Ginny got knocked up, if then. From a cornucopia of sex, down to none was quite a letdown for the little boy. Moodily, he went down to his brother Billy's room to see if Marylin would help him out. Both Marylin, and Billy were gone. "Probably they were both staying at her house," the little boy figured.
Suddenly, his mood brightened. Mike remembered that he had seen John Stockdale leaving the house earlier; and he didn't think the man had returned. Maybe Cindy was available. At least for tonight anyway. Mike padded down the hall to his big sister's room to check.
The door wasn't locked. Mike figured this was a good sign. Holding his breath, the little boy listened for a minute. Nothing. Carefully, Mike stuck his head inside his big sister's bedroom, and listened some more. There was only the slight sighing sound of Cindy's breath. No sound of John Stockdale's distinctively heavier breathing, and no snores.
"Cindy," whispered Mike. No answer. "Cindy," he repeated louder.
"Unnh?" Cindy was only partly aware of her little brother.
"Can I come in?" Mike waited for his big sister's answer.
"Nhhg." Cindy's answer was indistinct; but Mike took it for an affirmative. Stepping out of his shorts; the little boy climbed in bed with his sister.
Instinctively, Cindy moved over to make room for her little brother. The girl wasn't really awake, but was so used to having her brother share her bedroom, that she made room for him out of habit. Besides, it was comforting to have her little brother snuggle up to her, when John wasn't there. Cindy was growing so used to having a bed-partner, what with Mike sharing her room when John couldn't, that she found it hard to sleep when she was alone. Not being horny, after all the sex he had gotten earlier, Mike didn't try to wake his big sister up, and get his usual nightly "piece". Shortly, the two siblings were both sound asleep; as Mike wrapped his arms around his big sister, and snuggled closer.

About two hours later, Mike's cock began to grow, between his sister's legs. The boy woke up from his wet-dream, where he was fucking Ginny; as his little sister encouraged him to impregnate her; and remembered where he was. Happily, knowing from past experience that his big sister didn't mind, the little boy swabbed his leaking prick over his sister's pussy lips, until the little girl's hole was as slick as it could get; and slipped his swollen cock up inside his sister's belly.
Momentarily, Cindy came awake; realized it was just her little brother sneaking another "piece" during the night; and slid back to sleep; somewhat enjoying the sensations as the little boy's big cock stretched her little vagina before Mike deposited a thick creamy load of sperm up inside her receptive young belly. Soothed by the warmth of her little brother's creamy seed soaking into her womb, Cindy slipped back into an even deeper sleep.
Three more times during the night, Mike woke up with a hard- on; and each time the little boy would slip his cock up inside his big sister's receptive young vagina; and ejaculate a fresh load of incestuous sperm high up in the little girl's belly, next to her womb. Each time, Cindy would waken just enough to realize that her brother was fucking her; and each time sleep would overcome the little girl before she could more than barely start to enjoy the sensations of her brother's big cock spouting his potent seed up inside her tight little belly. After a while, both children slept.

Cindy was the first one to awake. Dreamily, the little girl turned over; and snuggled up to her little brother. "It's so nice to wake up next to a man," thought Cindy, missing John, a little. But Mike did help fill up the hole left by his absence. Cindy giggled to herself, at her own pun. From the creamy feel of the little boy's seed leaking out of her vagina, her horny little brother had certainly "filled the hole" last night. Cindy started to giggle again; when reality hit her like a bomb. "Her horny little brother!!!" Cindy's mind screamed.
"AAAAAuuuuugggghhhh!!!!" Cindy's scream tore through the house like the wail of a stepped on bagpipe. The little 11-year old girl started beating on her brother's awakening back with her fists; as she wailed and sobbed. "Horny little bastard!" she yelled; pounding on his unresisting body. "Couldn't you ask?" Sobbing, Cindy collapsed across her little brother's body, weeping as if the world was coming to an end. Perhaps to Cindy, it was.
Mike had been sleeping peacefully; enjoying the closeness of his sexy sister's female body next to his. When the little girl had snuggled up, he had instinctively snuggled closer himself. Mike really loved his big sister; and hoped that he could show her someday, just how much. His big sister's wail of distress, had yanked the boy awake just in time to feel the girl pounding on his back; yelling incoherently in his ear; and sobbing fit to break a heart. Mike didn't even move to protect himself; feeling his big sister's distress, almost as if it was his own. "Cindy, What's wrong? What did I do?" The little boy was almost crying himself, in sympathy with his sister's obvious distress.

By the time Mike had turned over, and managed to get ahold of his big sister long enough to pose this question, the whole family had arrived. The child's wail of distress would have torn the heart of cold blooded fish, let alone anyone as close and sympathetic as the members of her family. Hearing her cry, had brought everyone in the house on the run to the little girl's bedroom.
"What's the matter Cindy?" asked Arlene; putting everyone's thought into words. "Tell us what's wrong."
"He. He. He." Cindy pointed an accusing finger at her frightened little brother. She couldn't say it. "Oh God, I think I'm pregnant!" she finally blurted. "And after all that trouble too! Why'd it have to be my damn horny little brother. Why couldn't it have been John, or at least Daddy?" Once she got started, the little girl's words flowed like a river of accusations over her little brother.
Mike started to cry. He loved his big sister so much; and to have caused her so much distress was breaking the little boy's heart. If there had been a coffin handy, Mike would gladly have crawled into it; and nailed the lid shut from the inside. "I didn't mean to," he sobbed. "I'm sorry Cindy. I thought it was OK. You didn't tell me!" The little boy's voice climbed to a wail that threatened to match the one his sister had given before.
Arlene decided to stop things before they got worse. "Stop it!" she said. "Both of you." Arlene's voice carried authority. Both siblings stopped their crying, and said, almost in unison. "But what? . . ."
Arlene hushed them both, and said, "What matters now, is what we do, not what happened last night. George!"
Her husband jerked his attention from his distraught little daughter, and focused it on his wife, who was now obviously in charge. "Yes dear?" he replied.
"Get on top of your daughter, and fuck her!" commanded Arlene.
George gaped at his wife. "Huh?" was his only response.
"I said FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER!" repeated Arlene. "Now hurry up; while I call John, and Billy, and anyone else who can help."
George was still gaping at his wife. Arlene decided she would have to take the time to explain, precious as time was at the moment. "'you remember the article I told you about at the 'orgy,'" she asked.
George nodded.

"Well I found it. There was a study in Sweden; where 100 volunteer women tried to get pregnant. They were all women who's husbands had been unable to produce enough sperm, or who had other problems. All the women were tested, and appeared normally fertile. They divided the women into three groups. The first group only had sex with one partner. The second group had the woman alternate with first one man, and then another. The third group had as many multiple partners as the woman was willing to have. Unlike their original expectations, having multiple partners actually decreased a woman's chances of getting pregnant. In the 12 months that the study ran, only 2 of the 32 women in the second group, and none of the women in the group with multiple sex partners got pregnant. This, in contrast to the first group, where 12 women got pregnant in the test period, and 4 more within a couple of months afterward.
A later study, not so rigorous, seemed to indicate that the more, and particularly different, sex partners a woman had within 3 days of the first one, the less likely she was to get pregnant. Even in the first study, when they went back and checked, they found that the two women who got pregnant in the paired group had paired off with two partners who were very similar. One of the women was fucking two brothers; and the other had two cousins, who looked almost identical."
Arlene paused for breath. Even for her, that had been a long spiel. "Now stop arguing. Get up there, and fuck Cindy. She's already said she'd rather it was either John or you, who she wanted to knock her up, if she had to be. Now get over there; while I call John."
George stopped arguing with his wife. In all his years of marriage to the woman, he had yet to really win an argument. Still, he thought he'd better check. "Cindy, is this what you want?" he asked.
At Cindy's tear stained nod, he climbed on the bed with the little girl; as Mike hurriedly scrambled off.
Cindy spread her legs, and opened her arms to her father. There was a short embarrassed silence. For the first time in his oversexed career, George didn't have a hard-on, when he needed one. The little girl's sudden giggle, at his discomfiture, didn't help any. What little starch there was in his penis vanished, as George's cock suddenly wilted.
Cindy giggled again. She knew what was bothering her father. "Come here Daddy," she said; and rolling her father onto his back; plopped his limp dick into her mouth; and started sucking. After a few sucks, she stopped for a second, and said: "Just think about getting me pregnant, Daddy." before continuing.
His little girl's lewd words, aroused George within a few seconds, his cock was growing in his little girl's mouth, and was actually threatening to squirt sperm there, instead of inside the little girl's belly, where it belonged. George managed to control himself; and shortly was on top of his little girl, giving her the fucking she deserved.

Cindy fucked back at her father; urging him on with her lewd entreaties to, "Cum in me Daddy. Knock me up. Squirt your baby- juice in my belly, Daddy." All the while rubbing her lithe little body against his, in a squirming motion that would have aroused a eunuch, let alone a man as oversexed as her father. Before he had barely gotten started, George was spasming his little 11-year-old girl's belly full of incestuous seed; mixing it with her little brother's in a white sticky mess that dribbled down onto the sheets.
Her father's climax happened too suddenly for the little girl. She had just been getting properly excited; when she felt a stream of warm cum fill her belly, as George deposited his sperm inside her vagina. Feeling the man's copious emissions inside her receptive young belly, made Cindy feel all warm inside with love for her father, but didn't help the girl reach her own climax.
George rolled off his little daughter; gasping for breath; while Cindy lay there frustrated.
Cindy's frustration didn't last long; as about a minute later, Billy appeared in the doorway; stripping as he entered. "What's this I hear about my little sister needing service?" he inquired; as he proceeded to mount the child; and "service" her, like a bull "services" a cow.
This time, Cindy did climax; as she felt her big brother go into the throes of orgasm on top of her, the little girl suddenly went into shock, as the biggest orgasm of her young life overtook her. She had not expected to climax so hard; but knowing that her whole family was working to help her, made her appreciate her brother and father so much that she was just overwhelmed. "Unh. UNGH!" The little girl gasped, before collapsing into the sheets. The little girl felt satisfied, as never before, but still ready to go on.
"More help is on the way, Cindy," announced Arlene, as she breezed back into the room. "I've talked to John, and Dan." They'll be over in a few minutes.
"Thanks Mom," said Cindy; touched by her mother's obvious concern.
There was a short silence, broken by a short snuffle, as Mike tried to wipe his nose. Cindy was suddenly aware of how bad the little boy must feel; as she looked at him with unexpected sympathy. "Come here Mike," she said.
"You've got to help me too."
"But I thought you. . ." Mike was at a loss for words.
"Were mad at you?" Cindy finished for him. "I was; but it wasn't your fault. You didn't know. Now come here, and fuck me too. You are certainly different from Billy, or Daddy."
"But. But."
"Oh stop sputtering, and fuck me. OK?" Cindy was slightly worried about her little brother; hoping that he wouldn't be scarred mentally by her previous distress.
"Well OK, if you're sure." Mike tentatively started to climb up on the bed.
"I'm sure." Cindy was emphatic.

Mike felt so relieved, that he started to cry again. Only these were tears of joy. His big sister wasn't mad at him! "Oh Cindy! I love you so much!" he began sobbing in his big sister's hair; as he wrapped his arms around the girl; and hugged her with all his might.
"I love you too Mike," Cindy comforted him; secretly thrilled to know that it was true. "I wouldn't mind having your baby; it's just that I promised John he would be first," she explained to the little boy; knowing that this would make him feel better.
His big sister "wouldn't mind" having his baby! The thought burst into the little boys mind like a dam breaking. Suddenly the child's penis was as hard as a steel bar. And his sister wanted him to fuck her; and cum inside her; and in the middle of her fertile period too! Mike was barely able to get his cock inside the little girl's vagina; before he was spouting a fresh helping of baby-juice in his sister's tight little belly. It was only the fact that his big sister's hole had already been so thoroughly lubricated by his, and his family's sperm, that allowed him to enter the girl before he ejaculated his seed all over the girl's flat little belly, instead of inside her where it belonged. "God, I love you Cindy," he repeated; as he spasmed the last of his seed into his big sister's welcoming vagina.
Cindy held her brother close; enjoying the feel of the little boy's oversized cock spurting warm sticky seed in her belly; as the boy tried to complete the job of knocking her up, that he had started several hours before. Cindy decided that maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all, if she did get pregnant by the kid. "I love you too," she repeated also.
The quiet was broken by the "SLAM" of the kitchen door echoing throughout the house; as Dan and Jeremy came into the house; followed shortly by a worried John Stockdale. The three men were intercepted by Arlene; who explained to them, her diagnosis, and her prescription for the little girl. Cindy took the opportunity to visit the bathroom and clean up, before facing John.
When John Stockdale saw the worried look on his fiancee's face, he knew immediately what was bothering the little girl. Hurriedly, he reassured the child that he didn't blame her; and told her that if she did get pregnant, they'd just have one more baby to love. She could have his children later, if necessary. "In the meantime," he asked, "hadn't we better get on with your 'treatment'?" This was said with such an endearing smile, that Cindy just had to giggle.
"OK. 'Doctor' John," she snickered. "Are you going to give me an injection?"
Shortly, the little girl was gasping with her second orgasm of the morning; as the handsome man that she loved, gave her the "injection" she craved. "Oh John. Why wasn't it you?" she whispered in his ear; trying not to hurt her little brother's feelings. She loved the man so much, and he obviously cared about her in the same manner. It made the little girl feel so good; as she felt herself filled with the man's warm sticky seed.

Another thought occurred to Cindy. "John, you've got to help me make things right with Mike," she whispered. "He feels so bad about this; and I think he's scared about making you mad. He really likes you, you know."
John reassured Cindy that he'd fix things up with her little brother.
After John finished, Cindy suddenly realized that there were two more naked men in the bedroom. Her uncle and cousin were standing there; waiting their turns. "Wow!" thought Cindy, "when Mom decides to do something, she doesn't stop at half- measures." Bravely, the little girl decided to continue the "treatment," until her mother was satisfied. "Come here, Uncle Dan," she said. "I've always wanted to try that monster out. Especially, when I learned how much Suzy loves it."
Blushing at the reference to his daughter, Dan Fisher approached his niece, and climbed on top of the little girl. "I've been wondering about you too," he informed the child. "Ever since you started to grow tits, I've wondered what you'd be like in bed. I never had the nerve to say anything before."
"Well, now we both get to find out, don't we?" said Cindy. "Come here, and fuck me, like you wanted too. And next time, don't be so shy."
Soon, Cindy felt her belly filled with the biggest cock she had ever seen, let alone felt. The man's enormous penis filled her belly like nothing else had. She looked down and realized that, full as she was, she still didn't have the whole thing inside her vagina. "Unh!" she panted. "How does little Suzy get that enormous thing up inside her? You're all the way up inside me now; and there's still 3 inches left outside."
Dan told her that Suzy sometimes took his penis, all the way up inside her womb. "Would you like me to try that?" he asked.
The thought was a little scary to Cindy. Still, if little Suzy could do it. . . Cindy wasn't about to be outdone by her cousin. "Do it," she panted. "Get it all inside me."
Cindy grit her teeth; as she felt the man's enormous prick slowly stretching her cervix. After a moment of pain, when the little girl felt as though she were being cored like an apple, there was a sickening 'pop,' and she felt the head of her uncle's penis slip into her uterus. The feeling of his sexy little niece's cervix, squeezing on the head of his cock, soon had Dan squirting the little girl's womb full of his incestuous sperm.
Feeling a man's cock inside her uterus, while he spasmed her womb full of baby-making seed, made Cindy climax like never before. Each potent squirt of her uncle's sperm inside her womb, caused the little girl's body to jerk; as another spasm would wrack her lovely young body. It was almost a relief, when her uncle stopped pumping cum into her womb, and pulled out; to be replaced by her sexy older cousin.
Jeremy turned out to be almost as good as his father. The boy wasn't quite as long as his father; but he still managed to get the tip of his penis lodged in the little girl's cervix; before he began squirting his thick sticky seed inside his little cousin's womb, to join his father's.

Expecting it to be all over now, Cindy was surprised, when her mother motioned for George to start again. Before they stopped for "brunch," the little girl had fucked every man in the house two more times; and her two brother's three times.
Cindy had a pleasant ache between her legs; and still dripped stray drops of cum, even after visiting the bathroom; as she came into the kitchen for her share of the food. "I'm glad that's over," she commented; as she grabbed the toast from the toaster, and started to butter it.
Arlene just looked at her. Cindy caught her mother's sympathetic look; and cried, "Oh no! You mean I've got to do it some more?" At Arlene's nod, Cindy grabbed some more toast, poured herself a cup of coffee, and said, "Well, then I'd better stoke up, hadn't I?" By the time she left the table Cindy was stuffed. "OK guys," she said wearily but yet lovingly, "let's go get it on."
The next three hours were a sexual blur to the little girl. She was never sure just how many times she came, or how many times she got fucked. It was only when not one of the men in the room could get it up again, that Arlene finally figured her little girl had enough. Temporarily, Arlene seated Cindy in a chair, where the exhausted child slumped with an obscene mix of frothy sperm drooling out of her open little crack. The woman, quickly remade her daughter's bed, then tucked the overfucked little girl inside, and chased everyone else out of the room. In less that a minute, Cindy was asleep, taking her first afternoon nap in over a year.
George and Billy staggered off to their respective bedrooms; and soon were napping also.
Dan joined his sister in the living room; where he found his son, also sleeping on the couch. "I must say Sis, when you throw a party, you really throw a party," he commented.
Arlene had been about to offer him some coffee; when she noticed his eyes drooping also. "Why don't you join George and me, in the bedroom," she invited. "You look like you're going to fall over."
Dan looked down at his naked body, and then at his sister's almost naked one. "Uh Arlene. . ." He pointed out their nakedness with his eyes.
"Oh Piddle!" said Arlene. "I didn't say we were going to fuck; though after watching your performance with my daughter, I'm beginning to wonder what I might have been missing all these years. Besides, you're in no condition for that anyway." She pointed with her eyes at his too-obviously limp penis. "No, I meant just to nap."
Too tired to argue, Dan was soon snuggled up with his sister in the main bedroom; with his brother-in-law on the other side of her. Soon everyone in the house was taking a well-deserved afternoon nap.

That night, Cindy went to bed with both John and Mike; after getting a "good-night" fuck each, from her father and big broth er, Billy. Several times during the night, the little girl would wake up to the sensations of being fucked; as first one, or the other of her two men would get aroused; and work to fill the little girl's belly with more fresh creamy seed. Sometimes Cindy would arouse in time to join her partner in orgasm; and sometimes she would only wake up enough to feel the final thrusts as either Mike or John ejaculated his sticky cum inside her womb. In the morning, both men combined, with Mike in her cunt, and John in her ass, to give the little girl a final climax that left the little girl so satiated, that she went back to sleep for another two hours.
When Cindy finally awoke, it was after 10:00. The little girl woke up to the familiar sensation, of a cock sliding in and out of her vagina. It was a slow, leisurely fuck; with none of the frantic copulation of the night before. Cindy could tell, that there was only one other person in bed with her now.
"Mmmm," she said. "That feel's good. Thanks John."
"John and Mike are getting breakfast," said Billy in her ear, as he continued screwing his little sister. "Will I do?"
Cindy was so shocked, she turned over so fast that she pulled her big brother's cock out of her vagina. Then her heart melted. Billy looked so worried, that he might be unwelcome; he reminded her of a little puppy-dog that was scared its master was angry at it for chewing up the slippers. The girl kissed her big brother on the nose.
"Come here big brother," Cindy said; as she lay on her back, and pulled her brother between her legs. "Let's do this properly."
Shortly, the little girl was gasping with approaching orgasm; as she wrapped her legs around her big brother; and encouraged the boy to squirt his sperm inside her belly where it belonged.
"I know you always wanted to," she breathed in his ear. "Now do it. Squirt your seed in my womb; and try to knock me up. Come on big brother; let's see if you can get your little sister pregnant."
Billy had been contemplating a nice long leisurely fuck with his little sister. Cindy's reaction put an end to that. Within a minute of when he climbed on top of the little girl, the boy was spouting great greasy gobs of baby-making sperm in his own little sister's 11 year old belly.
"Gaaaahhh!" he groaned; as spasm after spasm shook him; while his engorged penis spasmed his little sister's belly full of his incestuous seed. "Sorry, little sister," he said. "I wanted to make love; not just jack off in you."
"Don't be," reassured Cindy. "I loved it. Knowing that I turn you on that much, is quite a thrill too, you know."
"Thanks anyway, little sister," said Billy. "Well, I'd better get going." He waved away his sibling's objection and explained. "Dad will be in her in a few minutes; and then Mom want's you to come get some breakfast." With this, the boy climbed off Cindy; gave her a return kiss on the nose; said, "See you later, freckle-face," and left.

"I do NOT have freckles!" stormed Cindy. Her voice went unheard; as Billy was already gone. "Well, maybe I have one or two," she admitted to herself. She loved her brother too much to really be mad at him; even if he did tease her sometimes.
"One or two what, Princess?" inquired her father; coming in the door, just in time to hear the tail-end of her outburst. "Lovers? Boyfriends?" he continued. "After last night, I'd think you could count more than just 'one or two'. For instance, did you count me?" With this, the man sent such a big grin at his little girl, that Cindy couldn't help giggling herself.
"Oh Daddy!" she exclaimed. "It's not that, and you know it. It's just that sometimes Billy. . ." She paused; and then went on in a more serious note, "Besides, you know I'll always count you." Then with another giggle, "Now come here, 'Doctor' George,and give your little girl another injection of 'Mrs. Arlene Macon's famous remedy for little girls with the prospect of a protruding belly. Pat. Pending.'"
George's grin grew wider, if possible. His little girl was in good spirits, at least. "Well," he seemed to consider the notion. "Maybe I'd better wait a little bit," he said. "After all, it looks like it wasn't that long ago, that you received your last 'injection.'" With this, George pointed to his little girl's crotch; where her brother's sperm was starting to ooze slowly out; making an obscene little puddle between the lips of the child's open little cunt.
Cindy grabbed a tissue; mopped up the mess between her legs; and said, "There. Now let's stop being silly. Come here Daddy, and fuck me."
In less that 3 minutes, Cindy was gasping her way to another climax; as her father sent another generous helping of prolific seed into his little girl's receptive young womb. "Oh Daddy," she gasped, "why wasn't it you? Fuck me daddy. Knock me up. Squirt the stuff that makes babies in my belly, Daddy. Get me pregnant with your cum. Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!" The little girl went wild underneath her father, as she tried to milk every last drop of the man's baby-making sperm up into her tightly squeezing little belly.
George responded handsomely to the challenge. Gush after gush of the man's prolific sperm forced its way through his penis; into his little daughter's vagina; before being forcefully injected into the 11 year old girl's receptive young womb. Squirt after squirt of incestuous seed spasmed into the little girl's belly; until Cindy thought it was going to be forced up her little tummy, and out of her mouth. Her belly felt so bloated; and she was so full of her father's precious sperm; that she could almost taste it on her tongue.
"Oh Daddy!" said Cindy; as she milked her father's sperm into her tight little belly. "That feels so good! I love you so much Daddy. Cum in me Daddy. Squirt your nasty old sperm right up inside your horny little daughter's belly. Cum in me Daddy. Cum. Cum. Cum." The little girl's voice subsided to mumbles,as she worked against her father; trying to squeeze every last drop of his warm sticky cum into her tightly clasping little vagina.

Finally, George's mighty ejaculations slowed to spurts; and then to just a trickle of sperm leaking into his little girl's receptive belly. "Oh, thank you, Cindy," he breathed. "I love you so much." George was almost overcome with the love he felt for his little girl. To squirt his sperm inside his own daugh ter's belly, while the child encouraged him to get her pregnant was such a thrill. George knew he would never have been able to know this kind of love for the child in any other way. He had always thought he loved his little girl, as much as a father could; but now he knew that his previous love for his daughter, while large, was only the beginning of what was possible. He now realized that even this was only the start. He wouldn't know the full love that he now knew was possible, until he saw his little girl's belly swelling with his baby growing inside. Since Cindy had already promised him that thrill, George was almost melting with love for his daughter; and wished he could make her realize just how much she meant to him. "God, how I love you Cindy!" he repeated.
Cindy had some idea of what her father meant; as she felt somewhat the same way. The idea of carrying her own father's baby in her belly, made the little girl wish she didn't have to wait. Still, she loved John also; and one of them would have to be second. Cindy realized that she would soon be spending most of her life with John Macon, as his wife; so she felt her first duty should be to him, and then to her father. This didn't mean that she couldn't love her father though. "I love you too, Daddy," she said; as she tried to show it, by using her tight little vagina to milk the last sticky drops of her father's sperm into her eager young belly.
George's penis was starting to respond to his little girl's squeezing vagina, and was beginning to regain its wonted firmness; when he remembered his duties. "Later, Cindy," he said; as he regretfully pulled his swelling member out of the child's tight little slit. "I promised your mother, that I'd see that you got to breakfast after this."
In two minutes, Cindy was sitting at the breakfast table, gulping down coffee, ham and eggs, hash browns, and pancakes; as her mother fed her as if she were a lumberjack. Cindy almost felt as if she had been working like a lumberjack, at that. Oblivious to the rest of the world; the cute little girl sat naked on the chair; her swollen little slit still drooling great gobs of paternal sperm; and her breasts bobbing in time to her bites and gulps. It was only when she finished her third cup of coffee, and was starting to relax in the pleasure of being comfortably full, that she realized what a spectacle she must have made. Her whole family was watching her worriedly; (Well hornily, on the parts of Mike, Billy, and Jeremy.) and she suddenly realized that not only was her family there, and looking at her, but all of her uncle's family, as well. Mary and Jeremy, June and Suzy, were all watching her with interest; as she wiped up the last of the egg with her toast and started to swallow.

Suddenly, her nakedness, her bare breasts, the puddle forming on the chair between her legs, and the egg dripping down her chin, made the little girl realize what a spectacle she must present. "Oh Gawd!" she exclaimed, and blushed as red as a beet. This drew even more attention. Cindy would probably have either fainted at this point, or madly dashed to her room; hoping that everyone would forget; but she forgot the food she was eating; and choked on the final bite.
By the time she managed to get her breath back, and had explained to everyone that she was OK, Cindy found herself in the living-room, on the couch; talking as if this happened every day. No one seemed to notice (or at least to mind) her state of undress, or her obviously well-fucked condition. Cindy decided to relax and enjoy her family's attention. After all, it was her that they were worried about; and she appreciated their concern.

It was three days, before Arlene figured that it was safe for Cindy to go back to her normal sex pattern. By that time however, Cindy had almost gotten used to being constantly fucked; and it was a little bit of a letdown to the little girl when every male in the neighborhood (it seemed) stopped showing up in her bedroom whenever they sprouted the least little hard-on. One thing that started with her little 'accident' did continue. Even after her mother said she no longer needed to; Cindy no longer chased her little brother out of their bed when John stayed over.
John had almost completely moved into the garage apartment; and was now sleeping almost every night with the little girl. Since he didn't want the little boy to feel left out, with Ginny busy fucking her father, and his other girlfriend Suzy doing likewise, John had suggested to Cindy that they just let the little boy continue sleeping with them. This turned out better than you might expect; as Cindy's sexual appetite had only been whetted by the boy's mistake; and now the little girl seemed to be horny all the time. With Mike to take the edge off her horniness, the little girl was able to enjoy more leisurely fucks with her older lover; and this made her appreciate the man even more.
Two or three times a night, Mike would spasm his big sister's belly full of his seed. And at least twice a day, the boy would frantically pump his thick sticky cum in the little girl's womb. Cindy would usually catch his urgency; and managed to climax almost every time her brother would start jerking on top of her, as he filled his big sister's belly with his incestuous sperm. After this, Cindy enjoyed the slow leisurely fucks with John even more. The man would screw the little girl for almost an hour sometimes; bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, before his excitement would overcome him; and he would ejaculate his thick creamy sperm inside the child's welcoming belly. Cindy felt as if she were married to both of them; and didn't know how she was going to give up either of them.

Still, it was obvious that one day Mike would be getting a girlfriend of his own; no matter how much he enjoyed sleeping with his sister; or how welcome the two of them made the little boy in their bed. As the weeks passed, Mike was spending more and more of his time with his cousin Suzy; and it became obvious, that if the little girl wasn't already trying to get pregnant by her own father, she would soon have been doing it with Mike. As it was, whenever the little girl felt 'safe,' she and Mike would spend almost the whole day in bed together. One glorious weekend in August, the two cousins slept out together, and watched the Persied meteor shower. Both kids had zipped their sleeping bags together; and had climbed inside naked. That night, the two of them decided they would probably get married, when they got older. Suzy explained to Mike how she felt she just had to have at least one baby by her beloved father; but after that, she explained, she was all his if he wanted her. Mike told her how he was sleeping with Cindy and John; and how he'd like to thank them someday for helping him make it past this difficult period in his life; when he was at the peak of his sexual drive, and yet expected to act like a little boy who didn't know anything about girls.
"I've got an Idea," said Suzy, in a brief lull in their lovemaking. The little girl felt so full of the prolific sperm that her cousin had been spasming into her tiny belly, that she could almost taste it coming out of her mouth. The two children were watching the sky; "oohing," each time they saw another white streak cross the sky.
"Mmmm?" said Mike. His mouth was full of his cousin's budding little tit; and he didn't want to stop his ministrations.
"You want to thank John, for sharing Cindy with you."
"Mnmmm Hmm," agreed Mike. His mouth now full of the little girl's other tit.
"Why don't I fuck John. That way, you'd be sharing me with him, like he shares Cindy with you." Suzy was getting turned on again; both by her cousin's sucking, and by her idea.
"You just want to fuck your schoolteacher," accused Mike; pausing in his licking, to tickle his cousin's clit with his finger.
"So, what if I do? What do you think?" Suzy was getting more and more aroused, and not just by her cousin's diddling.
"Sound's like a good idea to me!" assured Mike; as his cousin's squirming got him so hot, he just had to climb on top of the little girl and shove his oversized penis all the way up in the child's belly. "When?" he gasped; as he suddenly lost control and began spasming the 10 year old little girl's tight young belly full of his dangerous baby-making cum. "Oh God! Suzy. I wish I could knock you up! I love you so much!" Mike was so overcome with love for his little cousin; he was starting to cry.
"I love you too, Mike," reassured Suzy. "You can make a baby in me; right after Daddy does. OK?" The little girl was worried that her cousin might not be able to wait, and would go after some other girl. Still, she did want to carry her father's baby, and she had promised him first.

"OK Suzy," said Mike. "I'd wait forever for you if I have to. Please hold me."
Suzy did more than just hold her cousin. Loving the boy; and hearing his say that he was willing to wait for her; while the child spasmed her belly full of his potent seed; caused the little girl to climax with an intensity she couldn't believe. The little girl grabbed her cousin in a grip that threatened to break bones, as she exploded. "Wuh wuh Whoooo!" Suzy panted, as she slowly came down from her high; her clasping little vagina milking the last sticky drops of her cousin's incestuous sperm up into her tight little belly where the little girl felt it belonged. "How about tonight?" she finally panted.
"Huh?" Mike had lost track of the conversation. "Squirting your seed inside your own 10 year old cousin's tight little belly, had a way of doing that," the little boy reflected.
"I said, 'Why not tonight?'" the little girl repeated. "You're available tonight. I'm available, and not fertile tonight. John's home now; and Cindy's there to help you out; while I take care of John. What do you think?"
Mike picked up the thread of the conversation. His cousin's logic made sense. "And we can come back out here, when we're done," he agreed.
"If we feel like it," said Suzy.
"If," agreed Mike.
With this, the two children gathered their clothes together; and carrying them, dashed naked into the house; where they almost bowled over one of the two objects of their previous discussion.
"What's this all about?" inquired Cindy; as she grabbed her little brother in self defense; to keep from being knocked flat by the boy's mad rush inside the door. The "slam" of the screen door behind Suzy added emphasis to her question. Shortly, the three children were discussing Suzy's proposition.
"Well," commented Cindy, "it's a little sooner than I planned; but why not? John's got a king-sized bed down there, why don't we all go down and use it?" Cindy didn't explain her comment about being 'sooner.' She just led the way to her bedroom, and through the closet. Cindy figured she could still go on with her plans; this would just be a little appetizer.
John had been lying in bed, waiting for Cindy; expecting her to be alone. He had expected to have the little girl to himself tonight; as Mike supposed was spending his time with Suzy tonight. When he heard Cindy bumping her way through the closet, he prepared himself for a nice long night of showing the little girl just how much he loved her. It was somewhat of a disappointment to the man, when Cindy arrived, and the bumping continued. "Oh Well," sighed John to himself. He couldn't bring himself to be mad at the little boy; who so obviously looked up to him, and was so grateful to him, for sharing Cindy. It was somewhat of a shock though; when after Mike arrived, the bumping in the closet continued, to announce the arrival of Suzy.

"Hi Mr. Stockdale," said Suzy. "Remember me?" Standing there naked, beside the schoolteacher's bed, the little 10 year old girl looked like the epitome of a dirty old man's wet dream.
"How could I forget, after that episode with your panties." John's cock exploded into an enormous erection at the thought. He didn't want to admit it; but the little girl had been giving him wet dreams ever since that last day of school.
Cindy decided to do the explaining; as both of the younger children suddenly lapsed into embarrassed silence. "John," she said.
"Mmm?" said John, unable to decide which of the two little girls were the sexier. Cindy was more voluptuous, with lovely hips, and beautiful developing breasts; but Suzy's little buds, and lightly padded thighs, along with a tiny pouting little slit, seemed to exude a childlike enthusiasm and eagerness, that almost had the man coming without even touching the child. John wondered how he was going to keep from raping the little girl if she stayed in the room dressed (or undressed, as the case may be) like that.
"John!" Cindy was determined to get his full attention. She knew what was going through the man's mind, almost as though she could read it. "Stop ogling Suzy's body, and listen!" She almost stamped her foot, in annoyance.
"Yes Dear." John forced his eyes away from the little girl; and looked at his beautiful fiancee. This was definitely not an onerous chore either. Looking at Cindy's body could take up hours of his time.
"John. Please?" said Cindy in a pleading tone. Hearing the man call her "Dear" always made her melt.
At this, John finally realized that "something" was up; and he'd better pay attention to his prospective wife, and not just to her lovely young body. "Yes Dear," he repeated, more firmly this time. This time, he looked the little girl in the eyes; carefully keeping his own eyes away from the distracting bodies of the two little girls, farther down. He almost made the mistake of looking too closely, and losing himself in the beauty of the little girl's eyes; when he caught himself; unfocused his eyes; and forced himself to pay attention.
"John, Mike and Suzy and I, want to give you a present," said Cindy.
"Huh?" said John, now puzzled. Having been contemplating a quiet (or not so quiet) night of lovemaking with his beautiful young fiancee; he wasn't expecting "presents". "What is it?" he inquired; not out of curiosity, but more out of a sense of duty, as the three children seemed to expect it of him.
"It's me," said Suzy, suddenly breaking her silence. At John's quizzical look, she continued.
"Cindy and Mike both love you, and want to thank you for what you've done for them. They thought you might like to fuck me; after that episode when I got my report-card. I love you too; and I've wanted to fuck you, ever since I first came into your class; but I never had the nerve to suggest it. Cindy thinks that offering you some 'on the side,' will make up for her fucking her daddy and Mike. She's afraid you might feel cheated."

Suzy raised her hand to forestall the teacher's objection. "I know," she said. "You don't feel cheated. The point is, she feels that you might be getting cheated. So, this is her present. Mike, feels that he's doing all the taking, when you let him share Cindy; so he thought that if he shared me, since I'm his girlfriend; it might even things up a little. So, this is his present. Me, I love you anyway; so this is my present. I hope you want me."
"Oh my God," said John; almost overcome with emotion. "Are you sure?" he asked each one of them. The man looked at each of the children in turn. First Cindy, who beamed one of her famous fill-the-room-with-sunshine smiles; then at Mike, who gulped and hurriedly nodded an emphatic yes; and finally at Suzy. "What about your father?" he inquired; knowing what the little girl had been up to, from Cindy.
"It's OK, Mr. Stockdale." Started Suzy.
"John. Please," said John, smiling.
"It's OK, John," repeated Suzy; secretly thrilled. "Tomorrow's my period. That's why Mike and I were making out tonight. When we thought of this; I told him that if we were going to do it, tonight would be the perfect time."
"Then it was Mike's Idea?" asked John.
"Oh no! Mr. St. . . John," stuttered Suzy. "Mike just wanted to thank you. I suggested this way." The little girl suddenly lowered her eyes. "That is, unless you don't want me," she almost whispered; a tear coming to her eye, at just the thought.
"Oh no, my Dear!" The man hurried to put a stop to the girl's fears. "I want you very much. It's just that this is unusual, to say the least. First of all, you're very young. I could get into a lot of trouble if anyone knew I even touched you."
"I know, I know." He raised a hand to forestall their objections. "None of you will tell anybody; and I'm already doing more than just 'touching' Cindy here." At this point, Cindy beamed another soul-warming smile at him. "I just want to be sure that you are all absolutely sure you want me to do this." With this, the man looked sternly at each of them. This time, each of them looked him square in the eye, and nodded. "Well, if that's the case," he finished with a sudden grin; that had them all feeling like they had just won a gold medal. "C'mere Suzy. Let's fuck."
Suzy gasped at his suddenly raunchy attitude; then squealed with glee. "You mean it?" she said; jumping on top of the man, where she could feel his cock sticking up against her wet little cunt through the blankets.
"Uh huh!" he replied; now ignoring the two interested onlookers. "Here, let's get this out of the way." With this, the man moved the little girl off his body far enough so that he could remove the blanket and sheet that kept them apart.
Suzy immediately climbed back on top. This time, the little girl's wet little cunt was rubbing on the underside of John's penis, as she started rocking her hips back and forth. "Oh John," she breathed. "We should have done this that day, back in your office."

John agreed. "I should have fucked both of you, that day," he said. "I've been kicking myself ever since; for missing the chance. Cindy here, made sure I didn't lose out completely; but I never really expected to have you climb in bed with me."
"Well, I did," panted Suzy; as her rocking got more frantic. "Now fuck me, before we lose the chance again. Please?"
"Here. Lift up," instructed John; as he fisted his cock, and held the tip up against the little girl's hole. "Now push."
"Whooo." There was a sudden expulsion of breath; as the man's cock suddenly vanished up inside the little girl's tiny slit. Nobody in the room remembered holding their breath; but they all let it out together. Suzy felt suddenly crammed; as she felt her former teacher's cock slide up inside her belly, and her puffy slit came to rest against the man's pubic hair. The thrill was too intense for the little 10 year old girl. "Oh fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK!" she babbled; as she slid mindlessly up and down on the immense cock that filled her belly so satisfyingly. Before she had barely started, she was writhing as climax after climax shook her tiny little body.
The little girl's first climax caught John by surprise. He hadn't expected the child to cum so quickly. However, he managed to hold on; as the little girl relaxed, and then started to climax again. On Suzy's third climax, the squeezing of the little girl's vagina around his engorged cock finally got the better of the man. He had wanted to fuck the little girl for a nice long time. After all, he had been dreaming of this moment for months. However the sight and feel of the little girl, as she went into spasms around his swollen cock, was too much. John finally had to cum himself.
"Oh Shit!" he exclaimed; as bolt after bolt of his rich seed squirted out of the end of his engorged penis, and into the welcoming belly of the 10 year old child. Knowing she wasn't on the pill, and even though it was close to her period, there was a slight chance that he could get the little girl pregnant, was an additional thrill to the man. "Oh Suzy," he exclaimed, "I'm squirting the stuff that makes babies inside you. I'm going to make a baby in that cute little belly of yours. C'mon Suzy, let me knock you up." With this, John let the last thick sticky globs of sperm flow into the child's tight little belly.
Feeling her former teacher squirting his fertile seed into her squeezing belly, caused Suzy's climax to intensify. When she heard his sexy words, saying he wanted to knock her up, Suzy almost blacked out with the intensity of her orgasm. "Do it John," she said. "Knock me up. Make my belly get big with your baby." Suzy was enjoying the fantasy almost as much as John did.
Finally, the two lovers slowed their climaxes to the point that Suzy's tight little vagina was only gently squeezing on the big cock that leaked little dribbles of sticky cum into the little girl's belly. They both looked over at the two children who had been watching so intently at the start.

Mike had bent his sister over; and the two siblings were fucking with well-practiced fervor. Soon, after watching John spasming his little cousin's belly full of sperm, Mike was delivering a fresh helping of his own sperm in his big sister's belly.
"Oh Cindy," he said; unconsciously repeating John's words, "let me knock you up." Spasm after spasm shook the little boy; as squirt after thick greasy squirt of incestuous sperm shot out of the head of his penis, and into his own sister's welcoming young vagina. Squirt after squirt, the boy emptied his balls in his sister's belly; as the little girl encouraged him to, "Do it, Mike. Make a baby in my belly. Knock me up." All the while squeezing the boy's prick like a runaway milking machine, with her tight little cunt.
After a while, the boy's mighty ejaculations finally slowed; and he lay there with his cock still dripping his potent seed in his sister's belly, up near her womb.
Both men looked at each other, and smiled. Each realized that they had the greatest two little girls in the world; and both of them were willing to fuck either or both of them. They realized that this was a bond that would last the rest of their lives; and they owed it to the generosity of the two little girls. Neither man wanted to pull out of their partner; so both men lay there, enjoying the gentle squeezing of their partner's vagina on their respective cocks; until unexpectedly, everyone fell asleep.
Twice during the night, Mike's cock rose; and without waking, the little boy ejaculated a fresh helping of potent sperm into his big sister's receptive belly. Once during the night, John woke up, feeling Suzy's tight little vagina massaging his cock, and wasn't able to help himself. Sliding his big cock in and out of the child's little hole; he worked himself up, until he spouted his baby-making sperm in the little girl's tight little belly. Trying to impregnate the sleeping child was such a thrill. Knowing she wouldn't object, just added to the thrill. Afterwards, both men slid back to sleep; their cock's still stuck up in the little girls' tight little bellies.

John's Birthday Surprise

It was towards the end of August, that the secrecy started. About a week after Suzy's birthday (August 10th), Cindy got all the women in the three households together; and she and Marylin swore the whole group to secrecy, as they made plans for the big surprise. All that any of the men could figure out, was that it had something to do with John's birthday, or possibly Billy and Marylin's upcoming wedding. About a week before Labor-Day, Cindy, Ginny, Marylin, Arlene, and Mary all stopped having normal "cock in cunt" sex. They didn't stop giving (or receiving) blow- jobs, or anal-sex; but for a week before the holiday, the only women getting normal sex, were June (who was already pregnant), and Suzy (who didn't want to miss her fertile-period, and a possible chance to get knocked-up by her father). Even Geraldine abstained; though even her husband never noticed.
Three days before the holiday, the women cut the men off altogether. They not only refused to have sex, but each one of the girls (or women) insisted that their partners refrain even from jacking off. As Cindy told Mike: "It's only for 3 days, until Saturday. Believe me, if you cheat, and jack off, you'll be sorry." Similar warnings were delivered to each of the male members of all three families. Even Marylin's Uncle-Joe, who had stopped into town for the week, and a visit with his favorite horny little niece. This raised the speculation to new heights; as the men made guesses and bets on what the women were up to. The commonest theory (first proposed by Mike) was that there was going to be a big orgy on Saturday, in which everybody fucked everybody. George pointed out the hole in this idea; saying, "If that's the case, then why abstain first? The only reason for that, that I can think of; is if they were planning on getting fucked, and wanted to know who knocked them up." This just added fuel to the speculation; as everyone then wondered who would be fucking whom; and if they were just going to be fucking their normal partners, then why the big lead up? It was a frantic three days; as everyone had been getting used to being fucked at least once a day, and some of them had been getting more (Much more, on the part of George and Mike.) Still, all the men managed to hold on until Saturday morning arrived. What internal torture George and Mike wet through, having to refrain from even having wet-dreams, they never told. The women kept silent about their frustrations also. The figured (rightly) that if they told any of the men just how frustrated they were; that person would decide that it was his duty to help that woman out; and the whole abstinence session would fall apart.
Saturday morning, everyone showed up at the Macon household; as Arlene put on one of her famous breakfast feeds. The only one who didn't show up, was John Stockdale who was still sleeping. Cindy had very carefully, set the alarm late; and had told the man to "Go back to sleep, it's not time yet," when she disturbed him getting out of bed. John had promptly turned over and went back to snoring. This was one time, when Cindy didn't nudge him to stop his snores.

Arlene refused to answer any questions, until everyone had eaten enough to "Kill a pig," as Jeremy put it. When the dishes were finally put away, Arlene motioned to Cindy to "spill the beans."
"I guess you all are wondering what this is about," started Cindy. There was a quiet "Damn right." That was quickly hushed. "Well," she continued, "this is intended to be the biggest birthday celebration ever. As most of you know, yesterday was Marylin's birthday. We didn't have a party then; because we planned this to start today."
"Start?" Mike was quickly quieted.
"Yes start. Sunday is John's birthday; and with what we planned, it's going to be a joint celebration. Now I know that each of you men," Here Cindy's illuminating smile washed over the room. "want to know just why you had to give up sex; and what it is exactly, that we've got planned."
"Damn right!" came the comment.
"Well, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait just a little bit longer. Marylin insisted on telling each of you personally; and I'm not going to spoil it for her. Of course, Billy already knows."
"Just where is Marylin," growled 'Uncle-Joe'.
"She's over at the Fisher house, waiting. First-come first- served." At this, Cindy stopped speaking.
There was a moment's silence, as it took that long for the little girl's remarks to sink in; then:
"Holy Smoke!" muttered Jeremy; and bolted out the door.
The "SLAM" of the screen door, caught the rest of the male members looking at each other. Suddenly, there was a mad scramble for the door. Cindy watched out the window, as the male members of the family raced each other in a mad rush over to the Fisher house. When they vanished around the bend, she figured that Jeremy probably would get there first, but not far behind was Marylin's 'Uncle-Joe' leading the pack with great strides that left the rest farther and farther behind. Next, came George Macon, Dan, and the whole bunch. Trailing at the rear, was Mike. Billy slowed up to go with his little brother.
Arlene grinned at her remaining offspring, and the rest of the women. "Well," she said, "being the head wife of this harem. . ."
"Second-wife," corrected Cindy.
"Being the second wife of this harem; may I suggest that we all get started, before the 'Master' wakes up?"
With giggles, the women all went downstairs; and changed into their costumes. Arlene had managed to rent 10 harem costumes for the weekend. There was a lot more giggling; as they sorted out which costume fitted which woman (or girl); until, looking like a scene from the Arabian Nights, they all trooped through Cindy's closet barefoot; carrying John's breakfast on a tray.
Somehow, they all managed to sneak into the bedroom; where they arranged themselves on the floor, in variously seductive poses.

"Master," said Cindy; giving John a gentle shake.
"Huh? Whu?" mumbled John, as he slowly came out of his dream. "Whazzat Cindy?"
"Master," repeated Cindy; hamming it up for all she was worth. "Your humble wife begs that you accept this poor offering from your wives, and hopes that you find it acceptable." With this, Cindy placed the bed-tray on John's lap; as he struggled upright.
"Sure, Cindy," said John, placatingly; as he tried to figure out what was going on. He picked up the cup of coffee, and was just starting to swallow; when he realized that they were not alone.
"Whaaaa. . . Pheeww!" John spewed coffee halfway across the bed. The next 3 minutes, he was coughing and sputtering; before he finally managed to get the question out. "What's going on Cindy? Who are all these women?" In the darkened bedroom, John could only make out an occasion thigh or beautiful breast. Most of the women's faces were covered by veils.
"Why Master, these are your wives," said Cindy. "They had hoped that you might be up to servicing them today. However, if you are displeased, I will send them back to the harem." With this, Cindy clapped her hands twice; and all the women got up, and began filing out the door, into the living-room.
"Wait," said John. "My 'wives', you say? And I'm supposed to 'service' them?"
"Why yes, Master," said Cindy; stopping the exodus from the room with a wave of her hand. "We are all waiting for your 'services'. Perhaps you would like to start with a full-bodied member of your harem." With this, she waved one of the more endowed women closer.
Peering closely, John could just make out the features of a woman he didn't recognize, but whom he knew he had met before, at least several years ago. He wondered how he could have forgotten someone with that figure though. The woman's breasts were huge; her waist was tiny; and her hips were generous. "A body just made for making babies," thought John.
Cindy didn't allow him to examine the woman's features very long, before she waved her away. "Or maybe you'd rather have something young, to get you in the mood," she continued; waving another member to step closer.
John was shocked. This woman was just a child! A little girl. He could barely make out little buds of tits on the girl's chest; and there was not even a slight darkening of the lacy see- through panties where you would expect to see pubic hair.
"Or perhaps. . .," started Cindy; waving this little girl back with the other women.
"How about you?" interrupted John. "Aren't you available also?"
"Oh Master!" breathed Cindy. "You mean you'd be willing to let me serve your pleasure? Oh yes, Master! Please tell me how to serve you!" With this, the little girl got down on her knees and bowed to John. Little shivers shook the child. (Actually, Cindy was giggling; but she hoped it looked like passion.)

"Oh, stop it Cindy; and come here and fuck me," ordered John.
"Yes Master. Whatever you wish." Cindy peeled off her harem-pants; and climbed on top of her lover. Shortly, the two of them were rapidly approaching orgasm; while the other female members watched enviously. "John," said Cindy.
"Uh, Yes, Uh Cindy?" John knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. After 3 days without sex, he was on a short fuse; no matter how much he wanted to hold off, and give the little girl a good ride.
"I'm fertile," said Cindy, keeping it short. "I'm not on the pill; I'm just starting the middle of my period; and I haven't fucked for a week. I'm probably 'fertile as a turtle, Myrtle,' so you can get me pregnant now; if you want to."
Cindy was barely halfway through her explanation, when her words reached John's brain, and suddenly made sense. The little girl could get pregnant. Not only that, but she obviously wanted him to knock her up. She was not only fertile, but had worked to ensure that she probably would get pregnant if he came inside her. Suddenly, the reason she had him abstain from sex, made sense also. What better way to ensure that you got pregnant, than to have a full load of the man's sperm.
"Oh Cindy!" exclaimed John. "Cindy. I love you so much." With this, John let himself go; and sent the load of sperm that he had been saving for the past week, up inside the little girl's fertile young belly.
"I love you too John," said Cindy; as she tried to milk each sticky glob of her lover's sperm up inside her tight little belly. "Now cum in me, and knock me up," she continued. "I want to feel you making a baby inside me, before we're done."
John tried. He sent bolt after bolt of his rich creamy sperm up inside the nubile young girl's eagerly accepting womb. Finally, his mighty blasts slowed to squirts; and at last, just a trickle of cum leaked from the head of his penis, into the beautiful girl's welcoming young belly.
"Whew!" gasped John, as he came down from his high. "Was that it, Cindy?" he asked. "Was that the surprise you worked on for the last week? If so, BOY, was it worth it."
"Oh no!" said Cindy; waving him to silence. "That was just the beginning! After all," she said; pointing to the other residents of the room, "you've still got your 'other' wives to service."
"Oh my God!" said John, as the little girl's words sunk in; and he finally realized just what she had set him up to do.

Over at the Fisher house, Marylin was having the time of her life as well. She explained to the group of men, just what she expected of them. "Next month," she said, "Billy and I are getting married. Before I get married, I wanted to personally thank each of you, for your help over the past several years. I almost wish that I could marry each and every one of you. You've all been so nice to me. Not one of you has taken advantage of me (that is, unless I made it plain, that was what I wanted). As I said, I wish I could marry each and every one of you; and have your babies. Since I can't, I picked Billy to be my husband. I still want to do something to make each of you realize how I feel, and with Billy's permission, I worked out this method."
"What's that?" came a voice from the rear, that sounded like Mike.
"Well," continued Marylin, "I can't have a baby by each of you. That would take too much time, and maybe not even be possible. However, I can give each of you a chance to be the first one to get me pregnant. What I am going to do, is let each and every one of you try to get me pregnant. I've been off the pill now for a month."
There was a murmur of interest at this.
"It's been a week and a half since my period; and according to my thermometer, I should be ovulating either today or tomorrow."
More murmurs of interest.
"So," finished up Marylin, "I'm at the height of my fertile period. Each of you has been refraining from sex for the past few days; so your sperm counts should be high. When, or if, I get pregnant in the next few days, each one of you will know there is at least a chance that the baby is yours. Billy has generously volunteered to abstain this time. If any of you doesn't wish to be the father of my baby, simply let me know; and I'll take care of you in a manner that won't compromise you. Just remember, you've each got at least a one in six chance of being the one who knocks me up. Now. Uncle Joe, I believe you were first."
Joe Marshal (Geraldine Summers' brother) picked up his niece bodily, and headed for the main bedroom. "I'll let you guy's have her back in half an hour," he said; as he kicked the door shut with his foot.
"Five-bucks says she'll have you drained in 15 minutes," hollered Dan, at the closing door.
"Ha!" responded George, as there was none from the bedroom. "I've got five-bucks that says he doesn't last 10. Remember boys; this is Marylin."
Shortly, all the men had made bets; with half of them betting Joe would last at least 10 minutes; and the other half betting he wouldn't.

Inside the bedroom, Marylin was starting to undress, when her uncle stopped her. "Let me," he requested. "I've always wanted to undress you, ever since that night you crept into my bed and threatened to scream, if I didn't teach you about sex. Even back then I wanted to undress you, and then fuck you, and knock you up."
"Why didn't you, Uncle Joe?" inquired Marylin. "You know I wouldn't have stopped you. Heck, I probably would have enjoyed carrying your baby."
Joe sighed for lost opportunities, and replied. "Your mother would have killed me, if she knew her own brother had gotten her little girl pregnant. By the time she realized what a horny little bitch you were, you were already on the pill. Besides, you were much too young, back then. Now however, is a different story. This time I'm going to do it. I'm going to fuck you; and fill your belly so full of my sperm, that them other guys will be only fighting the back-pressure. By the time I'm finished in here, you'll be knocked-up; and them other fella's won't stand a chance; so you might as well send them home."
Marylin snickered at his fake drawl. By the time he finished his spiel, the man had also finished undressing the nubile young woman. Joe had visions of fucking the girl for at least an hour; but once he felt the touch of her naked skin against his, as Marylin snuggled up against him, his horniness, and lack of sex did him in.
"Oh Shit!" said Marylin, and Joe together; as the man began squirting his sperm uselessly on the girl's leg. Hurriedly, the man corrected his aim; and the second squirt washed against Marylin's now open little cunt; as both people struggled to get the big cock inside the girl before it was all over.
"Ooohh!" moaned Joe; as the head of his cock vanished inside the girl's tight slit; and a third sticky squirt went up inside. By the fourth squirt, Joe had bottomed out; and this one went splashing up against the girl's cervix, where it belonged. Two more squirts, and Joe was finished.
"Damn!" he muttered. "I wanted to do it right. Not like some punk kid on his first date! Sorry Marylin. I just couldn't stop."
"That's OK, Uncle Joe," said Marylin. "I like being able to turn you on that much. Now you'd better let the next one in."
Still mumbling to himself about his performance, Joe opened the door.

"Three minutes!" shouted Billy. "Who had the 3? I had the four, and the six." The men had arranged a pool; betting on how long "Uncle Joe" would take.
"Me!" yelled Mike. "And I win the 10-minute bet too. Thanks, suckers," he finished, as he collected his money.
"Who's next?" said Joe; then fell silent as he realized the door was already swinging shut behind him. George had been second to reach the house; but both he and Dan thought that Marylin's father should have the second chance instead. Also, since both Mike and Jeremy looked like they were about to jump out of their skins with suppressed horniness, the two men had agreed to let the little boys go first.
"What about you Billy?" asked George.
"I'm OK," said Billy. "June gave me a piece last night. Since she's already pregnant, we didn't have to worry about that. Then Marylin gave me a hand-job this morning. Besides," he added a little ruefully, "I can always fuck Mrs. Thumb, and her four lovely daughters."
Inside the bedroom, Jim Summers approached his daughter. "Are you sure you want this?" he asked. "I can always fake it; and you don't have to fuck me. After all, a girl isn't really supposed to have sex with her own father."
"Oh Daddy! Stop that nonsense, and come here and fuck me. I've always wanted to fuck you. I've just been scared of what mother would do or say, if I did."
"Probably would have killed me," muttered Jim; as he lay on his back, and motioned to his little girl to get on top.
"That's what I thought; until I learned about Suzy and Ginny. Boy did that blow my mind! Their mothers knew about them; so I finally got up the courage to ask Mom. Boy was I scared. I was afraid she'd shoot me, or disown me, or something."
"You mean your mother knows?" Jim gasped.
"Uh huh; and you want to know what she said?" asked Marylin; as she positioned herself over her father's erect penis.
Jim could only nod.
"Well, Mom said that she wondered when I'd get around to you. I asked her if she didn't mind. She replied, by asking me if I would stop if she did. Well, I told her that I thought so; but wasn't sure. Mom told me to go ahead; and that if I had any trouble with you, just to mention 'pussywillow,' and you'd understand."

"she felt suddenly full of her father's prick" 

"Oh SHIT! She said that? Quick! Come here, Honey before I. . ." Jim grabbed his daughter; pushed his suddenly overstimulated cock up inside the girl; and before Marylin realized what was happening, she felt suddenly full of her father's prick; as the suddenly engorged member began to spit thick sticky curds of incestuous sperm inside her tight little belly. "Oh Baby!" groaned Jim; as he spasmed his little girl's belly full of his semen; as he had been dreaming about doing since the little girl was a baby. "Daddy's coming inside his little girl," he moaned in his daughter's ear. "Daddy's going to make a baby, in his own little baby girl. Feel it Marylin? Feel your daddy's baby-juice squirting in your belly? Daddy's making a baby in your belly, Honey."
Finally, the man's mighty ejaculations slowed; and he lay panting in his little girl's ear. "Sorry Honey," he panted. "It's just that 'pussywillow' was your mother and I's private little sex-fantasy. "We used to pretend that she was my daughter, and I was getting her pregnant. This started before you were born. We were going to name you 'Willow,' and I was going to get in your 'Pussy.'"

"Why didn't you Daddy? Just think; we could have had three or four kids together by now."
"When we became parents for real, we were scared we might molest you. That's why we named you Marylin, after the least sexy aunt you have. We were afraid of what might happen, if we named you 'Willow'. Then, once you did start fucking, you seemed to want everybody in the neighborhood but me."
"God Daddy, I thought you didn't want me; and were annoyed at my wanting so much sex! If I'd only known; I'd probably have crawled in bed with you and Mom when I was five! Probably had two or three kids by now too. When I think of all those lost opportunities. . . Shit!" The teenager's voice trailed off. "Well, at least you're trying now. Maybe after Billy and I have a kid or four, we could try together? Just the two of us?"
Jim's cock was already starting to get hard again inside his little girl; but he knew better than to cheat. "Maybe," he said, as he kissed his little girl like he had always wanted to. Cindy responded with a wholeheartedness, that almost had him spouting a second helping of baby-making sperm in his little girl's tight little belly. "I'd better go, before I get out of turn," he said regretfully; as he pulled his now fully erect cock out of his child's tightly squeezing little slit. As Marylin's cunt snapped closed behind the exit of her father's penis, a white glob of sticky semen was squeezed out also. Jim smiled at the beautiful picture his little girl made, of a freshly fucked young woman; the white smear at the entrance to her tight little slit, just emphasizing her sexiness. "Next!" he announced; as he opened the door.

"Five minutes," chortled Billy. "And look, he's still got a hard-on! Here," he said; as he handed Jim a tissue. "Better wipe that thing off." The warning was necessary; as Jim's cock was still leaking a little white seep that threatened to drip on the carpet. "I got number 5," he continued his former conversation. "Pay up, you guys."
Mike had already vanished inside the bedroom, by the time Billy finished collecting. The little boy was so horny, he barely managed to get inside the room, and climb on top of Marylin, before he was spouting a three-day load of sperm in the teenager's tight little cunt. Mike always had a lot of sperm to squirt in a girl's belly; but this time, he outdid himself. Marylin couldn't believe how much cum the little boy had to pump into her vagina. Spasm after spasm shook the little boy; as he proceeded to pump what seemed like quarts of baby-juice inside the girl's welcoming belly. Before he was finished, squirts were starting to pump out the sides of the girl's vagina; and when Mike finally stopped cumming, Marylin felt as if she was going to bust from the internal pressure of the little boy's sperm in her belly. This time, not even Marylin's musculature control could hold all that sperm inside her. This was somewhat of a disappointment to the teenaged girl; as she had hoped that she could carry all of the men's sperm in her belly at once; at least for the first time. She hadn't realized just how prolific the little boy would be, after three days without sex.

"Two minutes! A new record," announced Billy; as Mike exited to be followed by Jeremy. Jeremy just managed to beat his cousin's time by one minute. He was in and out in three. Finally, the two adults were next in line. Dan went first.
After observing the quick entrance and exit of those preceding him, Dan managed to hang onto his excitement; and give the beautiful young girl some of the loving attention she deserved; before he got so excited he just had to get his prick inside the teenager, before his sperm started decorating the outside, instead of the inside of her tight little belly, where it belonged.
"Ten minutes!" shouted Billy; who had now appointed himself as official timekeeper. "Now there's a MAN!"
Dan smiled at George, as he came out; daring him to do better. As George started to close the door, he heard Jeremy say: "I bet he doesn't last much longer than Mike did."
"No bets," responded Billy. "We've all heard just how horny George is. After three days without sex, I'll bet he doesn't even get it inside Marylin, before he cums all over her belly."
This brought on a somewhat guilty silence on the parts of Joe, and Jim. Mike however, stood up for his father.
"Oh yeah!" he said. "I'll bet he lasts longer than any of you!"
"Longer than my dad?" sneered Jeremy. "You're dreaming fella; but you're on, if you want to make that bet."
George smiled to himself, as he finished closing the door. It was true, he was oversexed; but years of being oversexed, had taught him a thing or two.
"Hi Marylin," he said quietly. "It's kind of hard, isn't it; to have all these sexy guys popping their rocks, before you barely get warmed up?"
Marylin grinned back at him. George reminded her a lot of Billy; and sometimes she envied Arlene. "A little," she responded. "But I don't mind. It's kind of fun to know that you can get that many guys so excited."
"Well," said George, "let's see if we can do a little better. Come here, and kiss me. Just don't touch my cock; or I might get carried away also."
Shortly, Marylin was kissing her boyfriend's father, as she really liked to be kissed. George didn't just open his mouth, and stick his tongue down her throat; he started with little pecks and nibbles that started on her cheeks, down her neck, and up to a light, almost brotherly kiss on the lips. The man then proceeded to work his way down to the teenager's ear; where he quietly nibbled for a while; before returning to her face where he kissed her forehead, nose, and then on each eyelid. By the time he had worked his way down to the top lip of the teenaged girl, his own urgency had sublimated itself; as he worked to excite this amazing young girl.

Marylin was really starting to get excited now. She vowed that before they got married, Billy was going to have to get some lessons in lovemaking from his father. Until now, she hadn't realized just how much she had been missing. In the meantime, she had become so engrossed in what George was doing to her face, that she hadn't realized that his hands were busy also; until a gasp was wrung from her; as one of his thumbs teased her right nipple into an aroused spike. Vaguely, she remembered the man's hands stroking her sides before; but she hadn't noticed.
All of a sudden, Marylin's whole body seemed to center in her overly sensitive breasts. Ever since her breasts had gotten big, they had been the most sensitive part of her anatomy; even more than her itchy little cunt, which was always in need of attention. It had been one of the most enjoyable features of growing up; to discover that boys were as attracted to, and liked to play with, her breasts; almost as much as she liked having them played with.
Occasionally, someone would manage to excite both her breasts and horny little cunt, like John Stockdale had. On those days, Marylin felt like she could fuck forever. Marylin knew now, that any previous orgasm she had would seem like small potatoes to what was coming. George already had her panting for breath; and he hadn't even touched her hot little cunt yet.
Marylin felt the heat in her body swell up in her enormous titties, and pour into her belly; as if she had swallowed a too- hot cup of coffee.
Noticing her reaction; George proceeded with his next step. Teasingly, he ran the tips of his fingers around the girl's quivering belly; as his mouth descended to lick gently on one of her extended nipples.
"Unh. Uuuhnnh. UUuuunnnhh!" panted Marylin. She was going to cum; and he hadn't even fully kissed her yet!
Hearing the little girl's panting increase; George decided that now was the time. First, he transferred his mouth to the other nipple; and licked at it, until the child was panting constantly. Then, at the height of her excitement, he suddenly sucked the girl's enormous breast into his mouth, and nipped on it gently with his teeth. Suck, nip, suck, nip. Just like a little baby nursing on its mother; George tried to duplicate the feel he had gotten when Arlene had made him try to nurse Ginny, when she was a baby.
"Aaauuuuugghh!" This was too much for Marylin. The hot spot in her belly felt like someone had poured molten lead there. The heat spread up to her breasts; pulsed in time to the man's sucking; and spread down to the pit between her legs. The fire then spread out to her arms and legs, and up her neck, where it hit her brain like an exploding bomb. Marylin folded up, as if she had been kicked in the belly.
Pushed out of the way, by the teenager's legs; George calmly picked the woman-child up; and cuddled her while she flopped like a beached fish. Finally, her spastic motions slowed; and Marylin looked gratefully at the man who had serviced her so well.
"Oh thank you!" she gasped; as she tried to catch her breath. "Now let's take care of you. Hmmm?"

Smiling, George shook his head; and bent down to start nursing on the other of the girl's enormous boobs, that hadn't had it's fair share of attentions yet. His free hand was now busy stroking the girl's body; running up and down her thighs; occasionally slipping between them, to tease the girl by running his fingers alongside her drooling little cunt.
"More?" asked Marylin, unbelievingly.
"More!" assured George; pausing in his ministrations to the girl's breasts for a minute, to resume kissing the girl's face. This time, Marylin didn't let his mouth go past hers. She opened her mouth, and proceeded to try to show the man just how good she could be at kissing. The smell and feel of the man's body against hers were arousing her again. She involuntarily gasped, and when one of his fingers hit an especially sensitive spot, she almost swallowed his tongue. This time, Marylin was too sensitive for a mouth on her tits. She began rubbing her big boobs against George's hairy chest; enjoying the raspy feel of his hair against her sensitive nipples.
George was stroking the girl; tickling her tummy; and running the back of his hand against the teenager's fuzzy mound; until Marylin was going out of her mind each time his fingers approached, and didn't touch her clit, or go inside.
"GaaaH!" she gasped; as overcome with frustration, she grabbed the man's hand and forced it up against her swollen little clit; which seemed to her to be the size of a man's penis; as she worked to get her second climax.
Getting the message; George took three fingers of his right hand, pinched the teenybopper's swollen little clit with them, like a man picking up a pea, and proceeded to pull on the girl's clit like it was a miniature cock, that he was jacking off.
"Ah, Ahhh! Aaaugghh!" Marylin squawked; as she folded up, in her second orgasm of the morning. Somehow, George managed to keep his fingers moving around the child's clit; as he coaxed her through her climax. The fire in Marylin's belly now seemed to flow from her arms and legs like sparks; as she jerked over and over again.
"Oh thank you," she gasped for the second time. "Nobody's ever done that for me. Fuck me now, Please?"
Smiling, George shook his head. "One more," he said.
"One more?!" echoed Marylin dumbly. How could she?
Her unasked question was answered; when George lowered his head, and started licking the lips of the girl's labia.
"Oh George," panted the girl. "You don't have to do that. I'm all messy down there. At least let me wipe it up!" Unconsciously, the child was pushing her lover's head farther into her creaming little slit; as her actions belied her words.
George didn't mind lapping the cum out of the girl's slit. "Especially, as there would be less to compete with his," he thought. He also knew that Marylin didn't really want him to quit; as her hands kept forcing his head closer, in direct opposition to her words. George started by licking the little girl's outer lips; then around her thighs; then a quick jab in her tight little slit; then he'd lick her labia again. Around and around, until the girl was almost dying of frustration.

"Lick me, Dammit!" she cried. "Lick my clit. Lick it hard!"
George figured it was time. He ran his tongue up the girl's clit in one long rasping liiiiccckk, that seemed to start at the girl's feet, and end up in her hair; even though he only moved his head about an inch. Marylin jerked, as though she had been stabbed. "Gaahhh!" she gasped. Encouraged, George wrapped his mouth around the girl's clitty; and sucked on it like it was another tit. Gently, he teased the swollen bud with his teeth. That was the last straw for Marylin. The girl began to jerk and flop, like a stranded fish; as her orgasm swept through her. The man kept on licking and sucking the little girl's clit; until her spasms slowed, and she looked up at him with adoring eyes.
"Now?" Marylin pleaded, in a little-girl voice.
"Now," reassured George; as he mounted the little girl with the overdeveloped mammarys. He pushed his cock up against the girl's hole, now loose, and relaxed, from her repeated orgasms; and slid it home in the child's belly. While he had been working on getting the girl to climax, he had been able to ignore his own overstimulated organ. Feeling the girl's cunt sliding over his cock, reminded the man about how horny he was, He knew he wouldn't be able to last long, before he spouted great gobs of thick sticky baby-juice in the child's belly. Still, he had managed to get the girl off three times; so he knew she wouldn't feel cheated.
Far from feeling cheated, Marylin was about to climax again. The feel of the man's cock sliding in and out of her overstimulated little slit, soon had her gasping again, as she approached another orgasm. Loving the man for all that he had done for her, and enjoying the feel of his hairy chest rubbing against her sensitive tits, pushed her over the edge. Marylin wrapped her arms and legs around the older man, and began jacking herself off on his cock. "Gaahh!" she gasped. "Cum in me. Cum in me. Cum. Cum. Cum. Knock me up you bastard. Damn it! Knock me up." Marylin's cunt, which had been slightly slack, suddenly regained its wonted tightness; and squeezed her partner's cock; milking it, until George couldn't hold back; and he began spouting thick greasy gobs of baby-juice inside the girl's belly. If Mike had seemed to squirt quarts of sperm into her tight little belly, George seemed to squirt gallons! Marylin couldn't believe that any man had that much semen. Gout after great big greasy gout of potent seed flowed into the child's belly; until some was forced into her womb by the pressure; and still the man kept spasming more cum into her welcoming belly. Each big gout of sperm, jerking into her belly caused Marylin to climax again. Over and over, the girl climaxed, until she couldn't muster the energy. Still, George had a few more potent squirts to deliver inside the teenager's tight little belly; before he also, reached his limit.

"Oh my gosh!" said Marylin, as the man slowly pulled his prick from her overfilled belly. Even Dan, with his oversized prick, hadn't satisfied her so well. "Would you believe that?" she said, "I'm sloshing!" Well, not quite "sloshing," but she could actually feel the man's sperm move inside her belly, as she rolled over. She was so full of the man's seed; she wasn't able to hold it all inside her vagina, as she usually did. Even with her strong vaginal muscles, drip after drip of the man's seed slowly welled up out of her hole, and built up in a puddle on her slit.
Marylin was too exhausted to get up. After who knows how many climaxes, the girl was all fucked out. At least for the moment. She lay back on the bed and relaxed; ignoring the puddle of cum that welled out of her tight little hole, and slowly dripped onto the bed. George managed to get up enough energy to stagger to the door and open it.
"Thirty-five minutes," said Billy in awe. Everyone looked into the bedroom and saw Marylin lying there exhausted; with a great greasy puddle of cum pooling between her legs, unnoticed by the girl. A matching gob of sticky cum dripped obscenely off the tip of George's penis.
"That was just one time?" inquired Jeremy, unbelievingly.
"Just one," responded George.
Marylin nodded her confirmation.
"WOW!" shrieked Billy. Soon the whole room was applauding.
"OK, youse guys," said Mike. "Pay up!"
George's eyes bugged, as he saw the payoff that the little boy raked in. There must have been over a hundred and fifty dollars there. Still, no one seemed to begrudge the child his winnings. In fact, they seemed to feel that the boy deserved some of the approbation that was being heaped on George, for his record-setting stint in the bedroom.
Marylin staggered from the bedroom, to see what the hoorah was about; then decided to sit there, where she could join in the conversation. It was an hour later, when Marylin decided she was ready to go again; but Jeremy squelched that, with the perennial teenaged boy question, "When's lunch?"
They all looked at the clock, and were shocked. It was already 11:30.
"Arlene said lunch would be at 12:00; and we're not to show our heads there, a minute before, or a minute afterwards," said Marylin. "So, everybody get dressed."
By 11:55, everyone was sauntering back on the path to the Macon house; dawdling until exactly noon.
"I wonder how John's been making out?" said Dan. "Marylin never did tell us just what was going on over there."
"She never had time to," pointed out George.
"True," agreed Dan.
At this time, everyone reached the Macon kitchen door; just in time to hear the hall clock start to chime noon.

Over at the Macon house, John had been making out just fine. After fucking Cindy, he asked her who "his other wives" were. The unknown woman turned out to be Geraldine Summers, Marylin's mother. The "little girl" turned out to be Ginny.
"You don't mean I'm expected to fuck her?" John couldn't keep the astonishment out of his voice. "What if she gets pregnant?"
At Cindy's nod, John looked over at Arlene. Surely, she didn't expect him to fuck her little girl. Arlene gravely nodded also; then smiled and said, "After all, she's been fucking her own father; and both brothers. If Ginny want's to have your baby, who am I to say no. Especially, since I might be carrying your baby myself."
"Uh John?" interrupted Cindy.
"Yes Cindy?"
"That's another thing. All of us are fertile. That is, None of us are on the pill. Me, Mom, and Geraldine are in the middle of our fertile periods. Suzy just had her period, but could still theoretically get pregnant. Mary's period is due next week; so the same thing applies. Ginny isn't having periods yet; so we don't know about her; but she's due any time now. June is the only one you couldn't get pregnant; as she already is. So, the question is, 'How lucky do you feel?' If you're REAL lucky, you could have all 6 of us pregnant by the time school starts."
"But. But. But." John was flabbergasted. "But why?" he finally managed to choke out. "And why me? I mean, I'm honored, and thrilled that you'd all choose me; but this all seems too good to be true."
"John," said Cindy with one of her room-brightening smiles, "do you remember, when I said I'd like to have Daddy's baby?"
"Uh huh. I said you could, after I'd made a couple in you."
"Well," continued Cindy, "I wanted to make sure that you didn't lose out, by your generosity. If you weren't going to be able to have babies by me, I wanted you to at least have a chance to make up for it. Thus, I worked out this. Secondly, you may not know it, but you are considered the handsomest, sexiest man in town. Half the female population in town, would like you to put your shoes under their bed. I hated to feel that I was stealing you out from under all my relatives. Every one of us here, including June, and Ginny, would be happy if you knocked us up. When I suggested this idea; at first I thought maybe Mom, or one of the other women might be willing; but when the other girls heard about it, they all insisted on being counted in. I was surprised to find out that every one of my female relatives actually wanted to have a chance to carry your baby. Once I did, the rest of the plan just fell into place."

"You mean, you all really want me to try to get each of you pregnant?" John couldn't keep the astonishment out of his voice.
There was a mass-nod, from all the women. Still, John felt he had to ask them individually.
A solemn nod.
"I've been trying now for two weeks; this is a fine time to ask," replied Arlene, with a grin. It was unusual for Arlene to remains silent, for so long a period of time.
"Next time, maybe? My belly's busy at the moment." This brought on a chuckle from the whole group.
A Nod, accompanied by a smile that almost outshone Cindy's.
A breathless, "Oh Yes!" followed by an embarrassed silence.
"I already know about you Cindy."
Cindy grinned.
"Ginny. Are you sure?" John searched the little girl's face for any sign of hesitancy.
"Please, Mr. Stockdale," Ginny squeaked in a little-girl voice. "I really do. Please don't send me away." Ginny looked almost frightened at the prospect.
"Call me John, please," sighed John. "At least, until you join my class."
"You mean you will?" The little girl's voice rose higher and higher, as her excitement got the better of her. "You'll fuck me; and get me pregnant; and everything? Oh Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
"Well, I don't know about the 'Getting you pregnant,' part," replied John. "But yes, I'll fuck you, and I won't pull out. You're a little young yet, to be having a baby; but I always figured that if a girl is old enough to have a baby, she's old enough to have a baby." The inescapable logic of the teacher's pronouncement, brought giggles from the assemblage of women.
"Now," concluded John, "who's first. . . I mean second. Cindy was already first."
There was a pause, as the women looked at each other; broken by a high-pitched, "Me. Please?" from Ginny, that brought giggles from the rest of the women. "I mean," continued Ginny, "you've already fucked almost everybody else, at least once. I've never done it with you; and I've always wanted to. At least, ever since you came over that first time to meet Cindy." The little girl's voice sounded wistful.
"Well," said Geraldine, "I've never fucked him either; but if Ginny wants to go first, I won't object. How about you?" She looked around at the other women. There was a general nodding of heads, and a, "Fine with me," from Suzy.
"OK," said John. "I guess you're it. Now how do you want it? Slow and easy, or fast and hard? Or do you want the whole works; where I work you up 'til you're screaming, and then slip it to you when you can't stand it any more?"

"Oooohhh! That sounds dreamy Mr. St. . . John. But I'm already so horny from watching you and Cindy, that I'm about to scream."
"Fine," said John. "How about we knock of a quick one now; and next time we do it up right."
"You mean we can do it again?" The joy in the little girl's question, made the whole room seem brighter.
"Yes Honey," John reassured the child, "we'll do it a lot. From what Cindy has indicated, we've got a whole weekend ahead of us; and your turn will come up several times."
"Can I do it afterwards too?" asked Ginny wistfully. "At least until I get pregnant?"
"You'll have to ask Cindy," said John. "Now you'd better get over here; before someone else takes your place in line."
Hurriedly, the little girl stripped, until she just had on a garter-belt, and nylons; as she looked hopefully at her big sister. When Cindy nodded, The child squealed with glee. "Thank you Cindy!" she said. "Now fuck me, and get me pregnant. Cindy said it's OK."
The whole room watched with interest, as the little girl climbed on top of the big man; and tried to squeeze his big cock into her tiny little hole. John's cock wasn't as big as Dan Fisher's; or even as big around as Ginny's brother Mike's; but it was still a strain for the little girl. There was a breathless pause; then the head of the man's cock vanished up inside the little girl's tight little slit.
"Gaaaahh!" squawked Ginny. She had barely gotten the head of the schoolteacher penis firmly planted inside her belly, when the excitement of the morning overtook her. Seeing John impregnate her big sister, had been so exciting; that Ginny had been close to coming before she even got fucked. Now, feeling the handsome man's cock stretching her tight little vagina, while her family (including most especially her own mother) watched her trying to get pregnant by her big sister's boyfriend, was too much. The little girl's vagina went into violent spasms; as she tried to milk the schoolteacher's potent seed into her needing young womb.
The little girl's urgency was catching. Feeling the little girl's vagina rhythmically squeezing his cock while the child went into spasms, caused John to climax also. He had been planning to give the little girl the fucking she deserved; but her sudden orgasm caught him by surprise. Before he could stop himself, the man was spouting great gobs of baby-making sperm right up inside the little girl's belly. John had only gotten about half of his cock inside the little girl; when her orgasm caught him up, and took him along. Hurriedly, wanting to be bottomed out in the little girl; John slid his big cock back to the entrance to the child's vagina; and then slid it home with a rush.

"the man's cock slid all the way up in the child's belly" Page 231 

"Aaaaacckk!" squawked Ginny again. The schoolteacher's cum had lubricated the little girl's vagina; and the man's cock slid all the way up in the child's belly; and popped through the gates to the little girl's uterus. Feeling the man's penis; as it entered her womb, stretching her cervix, was quite a shock to the little girl. Then, suddenly, the 9 year old girl no longer felt the pain; as the man began spewing his potent seed right into her womb. Each potent squirt of the man's sperm inside her womb, caused the little girl to climax with a force she had never expected to feel. Knowing that she could get pregnant, just added to the thrill. "Do it," she mumbled. "Get me pregnant. Knock me up. Make a baby in me. Gaahhck!" The excitement got to be too much for the little girl. As she felt her head was going to explode, the little girl fainted dead away; while John's big cock sent spasm after spasm of thick sticky cum into her welcoming young womb.
When the little girl went suddenly limp on him, and the mighty squeezes of her tiny vagina slowed to gentler pulses, at first John was worried. But the child's gentle breathing, as she slowly relaxed, told him the true story. John held his cock up inside the little girl's womb; carefully not removing it; as the last of his sperm squirted into the child's welcoming belly.
Shortly, Ginny revived. "Thank you John," she breathed; as she used her vagina to milk the last of the man's sticky cum into her eager young womb.
"No, Ginny. Thank you!" replied John, as the last sticky curd of his sperm was squeezed out of his cock, and exited into the little girl's uterus. "Thank you Ginny," he repeated. There was something thrilling about fucking a little girl. Especially one as young as Ginny. John wondered for a minute, if the little girl could really get pregnant; then shrugged it off. If she did, she did. She certainly seemed to want it.
As Ginny pulled off the man's penis, a flood of sticky white stuff coated it. John's cock didn't get a chance to wilt. Ginny had barely gotten off, when another body climbed on. "I want this stuff inside me," informed Geraldine; as she stuffed the man's sperm-covered penis up inside her fur-covered slit, and began trying to strip the remaining seed out of his semi-erect cock with her vaginal muscles, before it collapsed.
The feel of the mature woman's vagina milking his cock, while her large breasts rubbed against his chest was such a change from the little girl, that before he realized it, John's penis had returned to its former hardness; and he was fucking back with a fervor that surprised both of them.
Geraldine had just hated to see the man's sperm "go to waste," as it were; and had only expected to get the remains of the seed that he squirted in the little girl. She had expected his cock to go limp, after the ball-busting climax that the 9 year old girl had wrung from the man; so it was a very pleasant surprise, when John's cock expanded in her belly; and she realized she was not only going to get the remains of the sperm he shot into the little girl, but was going to get a fresh load of her own.

Shortly, Geraldine was on her way to her own orgasm; as she realized how much she appreciated the man. "If he wasn't already taken, and I didn't love Jim so much, I'd probably marry him myself," she thought. This thought so excited her, that she started to spasm in orgasm. In less time than even Ginny had taken, Geraldine felt her body being wracked by great spasms; as she tried to milk every last drop of the schoolteacher's potent sperm into her (possibly fertile) eagerly accepting belly. Geraldine didn't know if she could still get pregnant; but she knew she was going to try.
John tried to match the woman's urgency; but after Ginny, all he had to offer was a few meager squirts of sticky cum, before his cock was sadly wilting.
Even that felt wonderful to the older woman. She had only expected to get what was dripping off the man's penis after his mighty orgasm in the little girl's belly. To have him actually squirting a fresh load of sperm inside her belly, was quite a thrill. Geraldine used all her vaginal strength, and tried to milk every last drop of the man's seed into her vagina, as she slowly pulled off the man's now drooping cock.
John felt a tight ring pull on his penis; as the woman tried to strip every last drop of his potent sperm into her belly; as she slowly raised up. She succeeded so well, there was only a slight 'sheen' to his penis; and only a small drop of sticky cum pooled at the end. Geraldine reached for the last drop of cum hanging from John's now flaccid penis; but she was beaten by Suzy.
"I'll take this," said Suzy; as she managed to pick up the drop of sperm oozing from the end of her teacher's limp cock, with her finger. Reaching down between her legs; the little girl spread the lips of her vagina with one hand, and pushed the obscene drop of sperm up inside with the other. "There," she said. "At least there's a chance, that'll get me pregnant."
John was almost blown away by the child's nonchalance. Taking his sperm; and sticking it up inside herself, was something he had never expected. Still, it was good evidence, that the little girl really did want to get pregnant by him, and wasn't just being pressured into it. John decided to just lie back and enjoy this; and stop worrying. This was what could be considered every man's wet-dream; to have a whole harem of women, who were not only willing to fuck him, but every one of whom, actually wanted to carry his baby. It was unbelievable. It was sexy. It was thrilling. It was also disappointing; because his cock had shriveled, and now didn't look like it would ever be capable of entering even the most willing and slack of cunts; let alone the tight little vaginas that were waiting for his 'services'.
John's dilemma was cut short by Arlene's call from the closet doorway. He hadn't noticed when the older woman left; so it was somewhat of a shock, when he heard her call. "Lunch in 15 minutes. If you aren't there, and washed up, you don't get any!"
In the mad scramble for clothes, and the bathroom, John's worries were forgotten.

After lunch, during which Arlene had somehow produced hot roasted chicken, potato salad, and beans, while still remaining a member of the "harem", everyone relaxed, and caught up with what the other side had been doing. The men all chuckled, when they heard how John had been sandbagged by Cindy; but envied him the "chores," he was expected to perform. Surprisingly, to John at least, no one seemed to be mad, or even slightly annoyed at him for trying to get "their" girl pregnant. Everyone in the family knew that when one of these girl's decided she was 'gonna' with some man, well, she was 'gonna' and the man had just better get used to it. The only reaction John could discern, was a little envy, and a wistful-hopefulness, on the parts of Mike and Jeremy. John knew for certain now, that if he let Cindy get out of his hands, he would be regretting it the day he died. Somehow, he had to show the little girl, just how much he loved her; and how much he appreciated each little (and not so little, he reflected, thinking about his remaining "chores") thing the child did for him. "Whoops!" he corrected himself. "That's woman! Cindy is definitely not a child anymore."
When Arlene heard about the full plans that Marylin had made, she decided she'd better inform the teenager about how slim her chances were. Arlene had thought the girl was just going to fuck the men, in a weekend-long orgy, while the other women were taken up by John. She hadn't realized that the teenager was hoping to get pregnant, while she did it. Regretfully, Arlene told Marylin about her research, and the results of the studies she had found.
"But there still is a chance?" asked Marylin.
"Oh yes!" reassured Arlene. "Where I work, I heard of one girl who got pregnant after a gang-bang at her boyfriends fraternity; and some prostitutes do get pregnant. It just turns out to be quite rare."
"Well," sighed Marylin, "we'll keep on trying. After all, I did promise. And, as you say, there is a chance."
On the way back, Marylin was so busy thinking, she didn't even notice that the knot of men who had started out with her, had fallen behind; where a heated discussion was taking place.
". . . and I think it should be Jim," finished up George; as Marylin finally noticed she was walking alone; and waited for the group to catch up.
"Right!" agreed every one in the party except Marylin's father, who was trying to argue, but having no success. Seeing that everyone else was sure; he gave into the group's decision. "Well OK," he said. "If you all agree."
"If you all agree about what?" asked Marylin. Having other people make decisions on her behalf, was not her way. By this time, the group had reached the Fisher house, and filed inside the kitchen.
Jim looked at his offspring, and blushed. It was obvious that he wasn't going to be the one to spill the beans.
George Macon spoke up. "Marylin, you heard what Arlene said about fucking all of us, and getting pregnant?"
Marylin cautiously nodded.

"Well we all talked it over; and thought that maybe it would be better, if just one of us fucked you. So, we talked it over, and this is what we thought: First, Dan and I are already fucking our own little girls; and will probably be having babies to love pretty soon anyway. To some extent, this also applies to Mike and Jeremy."
There was a general murmur of agreement; and Mike and Jeremy both nodded.
"That left your father and 'Uncle Joe,'" continued George. "We were going to have the two of them draw straws, when your uncle dropped out."
"Well, you see, it's this way," said Joe; as Marylin fixed him with an inquisitive eye. "I'm not around much. I only get down here about every year or so. If you're going to have a baby, it'd be nice if the father could be nearby; to see the kid grow up; and maybe help out once in a while. When there was just a chance that I'd be the daddy, it seemed like a fun thing to do. As it is, I'd rather it was someone else." He blushed slightly at his admission.
"Finally," continued George, "Dan and I know just how much a thrill it is to feel that your own kid could be carrying your baby inside her womb; and we also know how much Suzy and Ginny get off on the idea of getting knocked up by their own fathers. So we figured you might feel the same way." George finished with a shrug.
"Oh you guys!" sighed Marylin. "I thought I loved you before; and this was my way of thanking you. Do you really mean you'd do this for me and Daddy?"
Everyone nodded earnestly. "But we want'a watch!" blurted Mike; bringing on a guffaw from the rest of the crowd.
"Give the kid a watch," snickered Jeremy; bringing on another bellow of laughter.
Joe took off his wristwatch, and handed it to the boy.
Smiling, Mike refused it; appreciating the joke.
"No. Please take it, and keep it!" insisted Joe. "You don't know how much it would mean to me, if you did."
Puzzled, but feeling too close to the man now, to refuse, Mike slipped the watch over his wrist. The boy was startled. This was no cheap ticker! It was a Rolex; and from the look of it, at least gold-filled, possibly solid gold! "I can't Uncle Joe," the boy began. The man wasn't his uncle; but he felt as if he'd known him all his life.
"Please," insisted Joe. "Hearing you call me 'uncle' more than pays for it. Promise me you'll keep it; to remember me by."
Giving in; as he didn't wish to hurt the man's feelings, when he so obviously felt strongly about this, Mike acquiesced; but told Joe that he'd have to get his parents' permission to keep it.
Joe smiled; went over to George; whispered urgently in his ear for about 5 minutes; then looked over at Mike.
"Keep it Mike," said George firmly.

Marylin had been following the exchange with interest. "There was something about her uncle, that needed investigating," she thought. The man's explanations didn't quite hold up. It was almost as though he didn't expect to survive very long. The thought was frightening to the teenager; but she resolved to keep it to herself until she found out more. Marylin suddenly realized that there were important things that needed her more immediate attention.
"Folks," began Marylin, "I don't know how to thank you. I thought that I had figured out a method; only you folks just used it to find a way to make me love you more." By this time, Marylin was almost weeping. "I swear," she continued, "I'm going to find a way to thank you for this, if it takes until I'm 80. C'mere Daddy, let's make a baby." With this, Marylin grabbed her father, and started sobbing on his shoulder.
"You just did. Thank us, that is," said Dan. "Seeing how happy you are, is more thanks than we'd ever ask for." There was a general murmur of agreement.
Jim was somewhat embarrassed; as Marylin started to undress right in front of everybody. "Right here?" he inquired.
"Right here," she assured him. "They're all Family."
Suddenly realizing how true his little girl's words were; and how much he owed the other members of their little group, Jim decided that he could at least put on a good show for his little girl. Hurriedly, the man began undressing.
Marylin looked around the group. "What's holding up you guys?" she inquired. "I've got more than one hole, you know; not to mention two hands. Just because Daddy's using my cunt, doesn't mean I'm unavailable."
Suddenly there was a flurry of clothing being discarded.
"That's better," said Marylin. "Let's start this out. Daddy, since you get the front-hole, you lay down on your back. Uncle Joe, You get the rear. The rest of you, sort yourselves out however you wish."
After Jim had made himself comfortable on an extra layer of carpet, Marylin climbed on top, and eased her father's cock up her tight little hole. "Now Daddy," she breathed, just loud enough for everyone to hear, "let's me and you, make that baby that we should have made years ago."
Once the teenager had taken her father's penis all the way up inside her, she bent over, and motioned to her uncle, by spreading the cheeks of her ass. Joe's cock was already leaking copious quantities of lubricating fluid, so he had no trouble. After smearing some around on the girl's ass, he pushed up inside his niece, until his balls came to rest against her cunt-lips.
"Mike, Youblp." Marylin's next instruction was lost; as the boy in question, filled the girl's mouth with his oversized cock. This left Dan and George to get hand-jobs; while Billy just looked on in awe, as his bride-to-be got well, and royally fucked.

Shortly, the group on the carpet was just one big nasty; as Marylin finally got enough cock. Mike was the first to cum; as Marylin sucked his ball dry in less than a minute. He was replaced by Dan; who didn't last much longer. Having two loads of delicious sperm in her mouth, and then suddenly having George, who had so generously served her that morning, pushing his cock into her mouth, had Marylin climaxing before she was ready. Marylin almost bit George's cock, before she controlled herself,and began milking her father and uncle's cocks desperately, with her tight little cunt, and squeezing little ass. She did so want them all to come together.
"Only in pictures," she thought; as her uncle began spouting his sperm into her bowels, but her father still held off. Marylin was beginning to come down from her own height, when she felt George's cock expand in her mouth. After the deluge she had received that morning, it was no surprise to the girl, when the man began to squirt spasm after spasm of thick creamy seed in her mouth, and never seemed to stop. It was only after the teenager had swallowed what seemed like a quart of the man's sperm, that he began to slow his frantic ejaculations. Marylin sucked harder; trying to strip each last creamy curd out of the man's slowly deflating prick. "Thanks George," she murmured; as her prospective father-in-law's penis finally slipped from her mouth.
"Huh Huh huh, Thuh Hank, Thank you," gasped George. The oversexed teenybopper had really drained him.
Jim had been having a hard time of it. First, the extra weight, and excess motions had been too much. Second, being on the bottom, had never been his favorite position. Marylin seemed to sense his problem; and once she finished sucking off George, she rolled her father on top. "Come on Daddy," she encouraged. "Fuck me, and knock me up. Squirt your nasty old baby-juice in your little girl's belly; and make a baby in your little baby girl. If we make a girl, I'm going name her 'Willow' and have you fuck her, and knock her up, just as soon as she has her first period; just like you should have been doing to me, all these years. Now let me feel you making a baby in my belly. Squirt your baby-making sperm in your Willow's little pussy."
His daughter's words were too much for the man; having his sexy young teenaged daughter act out his fantasy, made him lose control. Jim began squirting great gouts of semen into his own little girl's welcoming belly; while the child encouraged him to get her pregnant. "That's it Daddy," she said; when she felt her father's sperm make their wild ride suddenly get slicker. "Get your little baby girl pregnant. Knock me up Daddy. I want to feel my daddy's baby growing inside my belly."
Afterwards, Marylin just lay there; her father's sperm obscenely leaking from her relaxed hole, and puddling on the extra carpet piece that had been used for padding. "Whooo boy! That was good," she finally whooshed. "Now who's next?"
"Have you got room for me?" asked Billy. His bride-to-be was astounding even him.

"I've always got room for you Dear," assured Marylin. "How do you want it? Ass, Mouth, or if you insist. . ." She pointed down at her drooling little slit.
"Mouth," said Billy. "That's reserved for your father; until you get pregnant. But first, Kiss me."
After kissing her prospective husband properly (in both places, mouth, and penis), and giving him a blow-job that threatened to leave him drained for weeks, Marylin started all over again. After a while, things began to be a sexual blur to the teenager. She could no longer keep track of who was fucking her where; except that the only person who squirted his sperm in her cunt, was always her beloved father. It was slightly after 4:30, when Marylin suddenly realized that there were no more stiff cocks being stuck in her face, pussy, or up her tight little ass. She looked around, and everyone had collapsed. "More?" she inquired hopefully.
"I'm sorry Marylin; but 27's my unlucky number," gasped Dan, quoting his favorite comic strip. This got a faint giggle from Mike.
"Spoilsports!" said Marylin; as she got up to go to the bathroom, and clean up. She would have to wait until after dinner.
After another big dinner, over at the Macon house, Marylin started all over again at the beginning. This time however, it was only an hour, before she ran out of partners. Marylin was starting to run down a little herself, by this time.
The second day, was almost a repeat of the first; except Marylin still only fucked her father; giving everyone else, hand, ass, or blow-jobs, as they preferred.
By the third day, even Marylin was beginning to flag. The oversexed teenager with the enormous boobs, finally had gotten enough sex. It was only out of love for the men who crowded around her, that she managed to keep going, until Sunday night, when the party broke up. "I never thought I'd say it," said Marylin to the gathering, as they prepared to break up. "But I'm all fucked out. For the first time in ten years, the thought of more sex, doesn't turn me on."
"Me too," groaned Mike. "My balls ache, from too much sex." This brought snickers, but some sympathy, from the other party members.
"You'll be back to your normal horny self by the day after tomorrow," George reassured his offspring.
"By tomorrow, more likely!" offered Marylin. The little boy had been the primary user of her "services," followed closely by his father, George. This brought another round of snickers.
As the party broke up, Marylin started back home.
"Uh Marylin. Aren't you going over to sleep at Billy's place?" Jim asked his daughter. He had been expecting things to get back to normal.
"Didn't you hear what Billy said?" reminded Marylin. "I'm sleeping with you, until I get pregnant."
"Oh," was all that the man could think to say. He wondered what his wife would think about these sleeping arrangements.
Geraldine just moved over; and told him, "I knew we should have named her 'Willow.'"

From then on, until Marylin missed her period, about a week before the wedding, the girl slept every night in her father's bed; and every night, Jim would deposit a fresh helping of sperm in his daughter's womb. Each morning, he would send his daughter off to school with another load of his potent seed soaking in the child's womb; held in place by a rubber diaphragm; supplied by "Doc." Sheffield.

In the other house, John didn't have the stamina of a Marylin. On the first day, he barely managed to fuck each of the 7 women once. On the second day, he managed only to fuck Cindy, Suzy, Geraldine, and Arlene. The third day, John managed to finish fucking everyone; by screwing Mary and Ginny in the morning, and June that afternoon. That night, Cindy surprised him, by being able to get it up one last time; so she got fucked at least once, on all three days.
It was quite a shock to the man; when he found out that Cindy, her mother, and Geraldine, all missed their periods the next month; and figured that he was the father. This should have been a schoolteacher's worst nightmare; but far from being chased out of town on a rail; or being forcefully invited as guest-of- honor, to a shotgun-wedding; everything proceeded as if it was normal. The wedding preparations for Billy and Marylin proceeded apace. Cindy had moved into the garage apartment with him; and it was almost as if they were already married. The friendship between the two of them and Mike and Suzy began to blossom and grow. Whenever Suzy figured she wasn't fertile, she would quite often slip over, and spend the night in the big king-sized bed, with Mike, Cindy, and John. Since Cindy was already pregnant, and Suzy wasn't fertile, nobody paid much attention, to who fucked who. Sometimes, Suzy wished she could marry both Mike and John. When Cindy expressed a similar wish, John said he would think of something. All three of the other partners trusted the schoolteacher. When John Stockdale put his mind to it, there was very little that he said, that didn't get done, one way or the other.

On the day of the wedding, which was held outdoors, nobody noticed, when the four stood in a group as Billy and Marylin took their vows. While Billy and Marylin repeated the minister's words, they were also being repeated by the four people standing off to one side. Cindy changed the words slightly; so that each of them vowed to marry the other three. It was silly, and schmaltzy, and definitely not legal; but afterwards the four of them felt married, even though no one else knew. Suzy was a little worried, that the others might feel that she was "cheating" on them, by still tying to get pregnant by her father; but they assured the little girl that they all expected her to have her father's baby first, before either John or Mike.
In the meantime, George's cute little idea with the garage apartment worked out so nice, that John was wondering if it couldn't be extended to solve other problems as well. He never mentioned his ideas to his spouses; but almost every other night, he would get home late; as he had been out looking at real- estate.

Preparing for class, one night

Cindy looked up from her homework. "I don't understand this," she complained. "How do you multiply something that doesn't exist?" Cindy had been advanced a class, and was having some minor troubles; as she had missed the mathematics that preceded her current work. "Do you understand it Suzy?"
Suzy shook her head; just as perplexed as her cousin. When the school-board had insisted that Suzy Fisher be bumped ahead a grade, John had quietly insisted that Cindy be also. He knew that his 'wife' was just as smart as her cousin; and the two girls were so close, that it would probably wreak havoc with both of their schoolwork, if they were separated. The only reason Cindy hadn't been getting as good a set of grades as Suzy, was that she didn't have the incentive. Now, John figured that he could supply the incentive. With their child on the way, he figured Cindy needed to study harder than ever; and surprisingly, Cindy agreed.
June smirked, then caught herself. She hadn't understood imaginary numbers too well herself at first. Helping her sister and cousin, as they all studied together, was giving her an education as well. "Don't think of them as imaginary," she explained. "Think of them as directions. Just like coming from your house. It's 500 paces east. Think of that, as the real number. And it's 200 paces south. Think of that, as a negative imaginary number."
"Why can't I just say it's 600 paces southeast," grumbled Cindy.
"You can. That's called 'polar' coordinates," replied June. "It's the same thing. . ."
"Only different!" finished Suzy and Cindy together. Both little girls grinned at each other. Far from growing apart, as had been expected; being put ahead a class together, had made the two cousins grow closer than ever before.
Suzy figured they had done enough for the night. The three children were already a week ahead of their classmates; there was no point in pushing too far ahead. She looked over at her sister; who's body, highlighted by the nightstand light showed a tiny hint of a bulge where her midriff peeked out from under their father's shirt. "How's it feel, to be pregnant?" she asked her sister, a little enviously.
"Mmmmmmm," said June. "I like it; but I can't exactly say how it feels. I just feel healthier, I guess."
"I haven't felt anything yet," replied Cindy, to her cou sin's uplifted eyebrow. "Except for missing my period; I'd never know I was pregnant."
"Damn," said Suzy. "I wish Daddy would hurry up, and knock me up. I like to screw; but the whole Idea was to learn what it's like to have a baby. It seems like everybody's getting pregnant except me!"
The other two children commiserated with the little girl; but didn't break their hearts for her. They knew Suzy was having a ball; fucking with her father, almost every night.

Suzy liked going to bed each night with a warm sticky load of her father's sperm soaking in her womb. Each night, when her father would fuck her, she would usually cum 3 or 4 times before he did. Then, when she was open and ready inside, he would push his engorged cock through the neck of her uterus and ejaculate his potent seed right into her receptive 11-year-old womb. The feeling of her father squirting the stuff that made babies inside her taut little belly, knowing he was actually trying get her pregnant, was extremely exciting to the little girl. Suzy would go to sleep every night with her hips raised, on a pillow, so his semen wouldn't seep out. By morning, it had usually all soaked in; so her father would mount her again and deposit a fresh load of sperm in her belly before she went to school. She loved the warm sticky feeling of having her own father's slippery sperm in her belly. It was a constant thrill at school; to know that while most girls her age didn't even know the meaning of the word "fuck," she was carrying her father's seed in her womb; and (she hoped) would soon be carrying his baby.
Each evening, she would go to her parents' room; and she and her father would "practice" making a baby. Suzy planned to "practice" until she got it right. Just hearing the child ask, in her little girl voice: "Daddy, I want to practice making a baby," was almost enough to make her father cum, before he even got his cock inside her hot little cunt. Then when he was fucking the little girl, with his big cock buried in her writhing little belly, to hear the hot words she had picked up from her older sister would have made a statue squirt semen.
"C'mon Daddy make a baby in little Suzy."
"Oh Daddy, are you going to stick that big nasty thing in me?"
"Please Daddy, get me pregnant. Make my belly get big with your baby."
"Your little girl wants her Daddy to squirt the thick sticky white stuff that make babies up in her belly."
"Please Daddy, Cum in me?"
"Mmmm. I've got my Daddy's cock in my belly; and I'm going to make him cum in my womb."
But mostly, it was the same old game that she never got tired of: "Daddy, teach me how to make a baby."
Dan would then pretend that she was an innocent little girl who knew nothing about sex.
"Well, if you really want to know how babies are made, you'll have to get undressed, so Daddy can show you."
"Will you have to get undressed too Daddy?"
"If you want to learn all about the man's part."
"I want to learn all about making babies Daddy."
By this time Dan would be shivering with excitement; as his little girl took off her dress in such a sweet and innocent manner you almost could not imagine her being anything but a virgin.

"Daddy, What's that big thing between your legs?" the little girl would ask.
"That's the thing that men have that squirts baby-stuff in women to make babies."
"Wow Daddy, you mean you put that thing inside a woman? It looks too big to go in me." At this point, Suzy would pull apart the lips of her little slit, and look inside.
"You are a little small dear; but a woman stretches. Here, let me see how big you are." Dan would start feeling the little girl's slit. Then, when she lay back, he would stick a finger inside the little girl's cunt. "See, the man's penis goes right in here like this." He would say, as he worked his finger in and out of the hot squeezing little hole.
"That feel's nice, Daddy. How come your 'thing' is getting so big?" the little-girl voice would inquire.
"That's so it's stiff enough to go up inside a woman. When it gets real big and excited, white sticky stuff comes out the end, and goes up inside the woman's belly. This white stuff makes the woman feel very good. When a woman gets enough of this stuff in her belly, a baby starts to grow there; and she is said to be pregnant."
"Are you going to squirt that white-stuff now, Daddy?"
"Uh huh. Would you like to feel what it's like to have a man squirting his stuff inside your vagina?"
"But Daddy, your thing is too big to fit in me."
"I'll just rub it on the lips of your little pussy; then when you're ready, I'll just squirt it inside your hole; like this." With this, Dan would start rubbing his big cock all over the lips of Suzy's little cunt; masturbating them both, until the excitement got too great. "Now look down. Daddy's going to squirt the white-stuff that makes babies in your cute little belly." He would say, as he pushed the tip of his cock into her hairless little slit; trying to seal it against the entrance to the little girl's vagina.
"Oooh Daddy. Are you going to make a baby in me?"
"You're a little young yet honey; but we can try if you want to. Do you want Daddy to try and make a baby in your belly?"
"It's OK Daddy. I don't mind. Let me feel you squirting the stuff that make babies in me."
AT this point, Dan would usually lose all control; and begin ejaculating his sperm into his daughter's receptive little belly. Suzy would lie there like an unsuspecting, innocent little girl; while her own father tried to inseminate her.
"Ooooh Daddy," she would say, "that feels nice. I like it when you squirt your white-stuff in my belly. Make a baby in me, Daddy. Please?"
Afterwards, they both would always get so hot that they had to fuck properly. This time Suzy would get off; and she would insist that her father deposit his sperm as far up inside her womb as he could. Suzy sometimes wondered if being pregnant was as much fun as getting pregnant. She didn't know yet, but she was determined to find out.

Three months later, Suzy had even more to be annoyed about. Her little cousin Ginny, was pregnant also. The little girl never did have a period; so nobody knew she was pregnant, until her belly started to swell. The best guess, was sometime late in August, or early September. Since that was about the time of the "great swap party," she figured it could have been John's; even though the chances were that it was her father's. Ginny figured that she would have the baby checked to see whether or not John was the father. Then, whichever one wasn't the father, she would fuck, to have her next child by.

For about a month, Suzy was depressed; especially when she found out that Jeremy had finally gotten their mother pregnant. Then the little girl's normal childlike ebullience reasserted itself; and she settled in for the long haul, until her body decided that it was ready to become pregnant.

Mary sometimes felt sorry for her daughter. The little girl tried so hard. In the mornings, she would sometimes look in on the child, as the little girl worked to get her young body to reproduce. The child looked so cute; and she would strain against her father; trying to milk another load of the man's sperm into her eager young belly. Having his own little daughter fuck him, while she milked his big cock, and begged the man to get her pregnant, usually had Dan spouting his sperm inside the little girl's womb much faster than he preferred. Still, Suzy was generally ready and willing to go 'seconds'; so that Dan usually got to fuck the little girl for a decent period, before filling the child's womb with his seed for the second time.
Mary also liked to watch her other children fucking. She would usually wake up in the morning, to the rocking of the bed, as the two siblings got a morning "piece". Sometimes, Jeremy had enough energy, to take on Mary as well; and she enjoyed feeling her son trying to impregnate her as well.
It was quite a thrill, to the oversexed woman, to see her little girl's belly swelling; knowing that her son's baby was growing inside the child's womb. Now, she was doubly thrilled, as she felt the stirrings of life in her own womb. Knowing that she was pregnant by her own son, made Mary feel glad to be alive. Still, reflected Mary, it was a good thing that the boy hadn't knocked them both up at the same time. With June's belly getting so big, it was getting hard for the little girl to take the hard fucking that Jeremy liked. Because of this, Mary was now getting more than her usual share of sex from her son.

"she enjoyed fucking even more, when she was pregnant" 

Over at the Summers' house, Geraldine was enjoying the thrill of pregnancy, along with her daughter. It seemed, that she enjoyed fucking even more, when she was pregnant. Billy and Marylin were staying at the girl's parents' house, until their new home was ready. After the "swap party" Geraldine had finally gotten to watch her little girl being fucked by her husband. Seeing her daughter act out the fantasy that she had played so many times, was such a joy; that she felt like a fool, for not going with her feelings, when the little girl was a baby; and naming the child "Willow" like they had originally planned. Geraldine hoped, that her daughter had gotten pregnant in one of the bouts the child had with her father, that she had watched after Marylin returned from that amazing Labor-Day weekend. It turned the woman on tremendously, to think she might have been watching, on the night her husband actually knocked their little girl up.

At this time, Geraldine came into the bedroom; to find her little girl acting out a fantasy, that in its own way, was even more sexy, and depraved than hers. Billy was over at his parents' house, "taking care of" his mother and Ginny; as his father had been called out of town on business for the weekend. The boy knew his wife would be in good hands with her father, and not wither up and die from sexual neglect.
Marylin was definitely not suffering from sexual neglect. When Geraldine entered the room, the girl had just finished undressing; and her swollen tummy made her seem sexier than ever.
". . . had a dream also, last night, Daddy." Geraldine picked up the tail end of her daughter's sentence.
Jim reached over and stroked his little girl's distended belly. "Mmmm?" he prompted.
"I dreamt that I was a baby in Momma's womb, and you were fucking her."
Jim had started to kiss his little girl's bulging tummy,when her words penetrated, and his suddenly erect penis got in his way. "So?" he prompted, breathlessly. "What happened?"
Marylin squirmed at the warm wonderful feel of her father's hands on her sensitive tummy. As her belly had started to swell, the girl's tummy had become almost as erotic in feeling, as her already oversensitive breasts. "Do it some more, Daddy," she said; leading his hand back to her swollen midriff, before continuing. "Well, I dreamt that I was in Momma's womb, and you were fucking her. I dreamt that your cock actually rubbed against my pussy, inside Momma's womb, as you fucked her."
All three members of the Summers family were almost boiling with sexual tension at this point.
"Wow!" said Jim. "No wonder you were so hot-to-trot, this morning." That morning, Marylin had dashed into her parents' bedroom, and practically raped her father.
"That was just the beginning, Daddy. I dreamt that I was rubbing myself off against your prick, while still in Momma's womb; when you suddenly pushed your cock right up inside Momma's womb, and on into me, as well. There I was, and you were fucking me, while I was still in Momma's womb."
Marylin was panting; as she continued, "Just when I thought it couldn't get any hotter, you came in me. I milked the sperm out of the head of your penis with my tiny little vagina; while Mom squeezed the rest with hers."
Jim was sweating now, as his daughter's story got him so hot, he felt he couldn't take any more. "Let's fuck," he panted. "Your dream's gotten me so hot; I can't stand it."
"Let me finish," said Marylin.
"There's more?" asked Jim, incredulously.

Marylin nodded, as she continued the tale of her dream. "Well, Daddy. You came in me, and knocked me up. There I was, just a baby, in Momma's womb; and I was already carrying your baby in mine. This part of the dream repeated several times; where you came in me, and got me pregnant, while I was still a baby myself, in Momma's womb. After a bit, the dream suddenly shifted. It must have been several months later, because my I was getting close to being born, and my belly was swelling with our daughter growing inside. Then the dream got really unbelievable. You started fucking Momma again, only this time, when you pushed your cock up inside Momma, it not only went inside Momma, and on into me, but right up inside my womb; where you squirted your seed in our daughter's vagina, and got her pregnant also. And all this happening, while I was still a baby in Momma's womb."
This story had so excited Jim, that he started to cum, without even fucking. "Oh Shit!" he exclaimed, as a sticky whited squirt of sperm slapped against his little girl's leg.
Marylin hurriedly grabbed her father's spewing cock, and pushed the spasming tool up inside her slit; where she felt her father's seed wash against her cervix. "Oh! Do it Daddy!" she said; suddenly caught up in her dream from the night before. "Cum in me Daddy! Squirt your cum in our daughter. C'mon Daddy, knock our little girl up."
Jim actually tried. His daughter's story had so excited the man, that he was living the fantasy also. Jim pushed his penis up so hard in his daughter's vagina, that he felt the ring of her cervix start to stretch around the tip; as he squirted glob after sticky glob of incestuous sperm into the tight little opening. "Whoo!" he finally said, as the shocking spasms of his orgasm eased, and his penis shrank down to a more normal size. "I hope we didn't hurt the baby."
"Babies are tougher than that," reassured Geraldine, as she came down from her own orgasm. Watching that incredible scene, and listening to her daughter's story, had caused her to climax also. "Besides, what daughter wouldn't like a chance to swim in her own father's sperm."

The next spring, with first one person, then another, in the family having babies, Suzy forgot her worries about getting pregnant herself. The first time the little girl got to hold her sister's little boy, she immediately fell in love with him. She was overjoyed, when June suggested that she try nursing the child, like she had for her Aunt May's little Susan. To Suzy's pleasure, it worked. Thereafter, when any of the women needed a wet-nurse, Suzy was happy to oblige. Not long after June, first Geraldine, then Ginny, then Cindy, Arlene, and Marylin went to the hospital to have their babies. There was quite a stir at the hospital, when it was found out that a mother and daughter were in the same hospital, having babies within two days of each other. Suzy found herself in great demand; as she could not only baby-sit the children, but nurse them as well.

It was a month, after Cindy and Arlene had returned from the hospital, when Suzy's life settled down enough for her to realize that she hadn't had a period, since before her sister left to have her baby. Suzy was mad at herself for not paying attention. "After all this time, trying to get you," she said to the tiny thing growing in her belly, "you'd think that I'd notice, when you finally arrived. Well, from now on, Mommy's going to pay more attention to her little boy." Suzy didn't know how she knew; but somehow she was certain that she and her father had made a boy. It would have been nice, to have a little girl for her father to fuck; but it would also be nice, to have a baby by her own son, when he got older.
As the months went by, Suzy enjoyed watching her belly get bigger and bigger. Just knowing that her own father's baby was growing inside her womb, was a constant thrill to the 11 year old little girl. When she finally felt the stirring of the child in her womb, Suzy almost melted with love for her father, and the baby growing in her belly.
Dan was almost out of his mind, with love for his little girl, and worry that either Suzy would get hurt, by having the child, or that their baby might get hurt, because Suzy was too small. Suzy kept reassuring him, that she was OK, and that she wouldn't have any trouble carrying the baby to term; or delivering it either. "Doc." Sheffield seemed to agree.
It was two weeks before Christmas, when Suzy finally felt the cramps begin; and her father rushed her to the hospital. After four terrifying hours, when Suzy wondered why she ever thought it would be a good idea to have a baby; she woke up with a very sore bottom; and a little bundle that was all wrinkled and red, but who looked adorable to Suzy.
It was so pleasant to feel her own child nursing at her breast, that Suzy almost forgot to check and find out what sex the kid was. She was starting to pull the child's diaper away to check, when a nurse looked over and smiled understandingly. "It's a boy," assured the nurse. Later, after the nurse had left, Suzy had to check for herself. It was a boy. "Hi Jason," said Suzy to her tiny little offspring. "The next one's going to be a sister for you. After all, every little boy should have a little sister to fuck." Suzy giggled to herself. She had first heard that line, when June came home from the hospital with her son.
After all the month's of trying, the morning-sickness, the pregnancy, the trials of a swollen belly, and aching back, and all the pain of giving birth, it still seemed to Suzy, that this was only just the beginning, and not THE END.

Comments from the Author

This story is complete fiction. As far as I know, there is no such family living anywhere in the world. However, there probably are many families at any given time, who are doing some of the things in this story; and all of the things in this story do take place, in one family or another, somewhere, all the time. I did try to base each part of the story on things that I have read about, or seen on TV, or have been told. For example:

Little girls having babies:
 Yes, little girls do get pregnant. I really did read,
in some scandal sheet, like the STAR, or Inquirer,
about a little girl who had a baby at 9, who got
pregnant, when she was only 8. In the news-story, an
11-year old neighbor-boy got her pregnant, not her
brother. The "little girl," wasn't so little. She was
exceptionally well developed for her age, and looked
more like 12 to 14 years old, than only 9. She had a
perfectly normal little boy, although the doctors
insisted on delivering it by caesarean-section. (For
those wondering why I'd believe a scandal-sheet like
the STAR, I saw a corroborating 5-line story in the
Tribune. It's just that the STAR had a two-page
article with pictures; and much more detail.)
 Many recent studies have shown, that it's not how old
the girl is, that determines when she can get pregnant,
but her body-weight. A girl who is naturally small, or
who is a trained athlete, and doesn't gain weight, is
much less likely to get pregnant at 12 or even 14, than
a 10-year-old, who develops fast, or is slightly
overweight. It seems that the body needs to have a
certain minimum mass, before it decides that it is old
enough to bear a child.

Little boys having babies.
 It's quite true, that boys 8-years-old, or even
younger, do have measurable sperm-counts.
 There are quite a few pregnancies every year, where
some girl (or woman) thought she was "safe" fucking a 9
or 10 year old kid, and the little boy knocked her up.

Children do seduce their parents.
 It's a well-known fact.
 Most children, at one time or another, develop sexual
fixations on their parents. Usually, nothing ever
comes of it, and as the child grows older, his/her sex
drive orients on other children of their own age.
 However, in some children, the drive is so strong, that
they sometimes go to extremes to seduce their parents.
This is documented time after time, as the "Oedipus
complex" in psychiatric literature.
 Often, a parent will "give in" to his/her child's
sexual overtures, thinking that it's their "duty" to
teach the child about sex, and since the child wants
it, why not do it "right".

Pregnancies by incest.
 It happens all the time.
 Girls do get pregnant by their brothers. (In which
case, it usually gets hushed up.)
 Girls do get pregnant by their fathers. (In which
case, it is usually either hushed up, or leads to a
messy divorce. If force is involved, it quite often
leads to the man spending time behind bars. I once
watched part of a talk-show, on TV, where several women
were relating how their father had been fucking them
since they were little, and actually made a point of
being sure to fuck each of them, whenever they were
fertile. Two of the women were mad at their father for
"spoiling their lives". Two others, actually seemed to
enjoy the thought of carrying their own father's
babies, and the remaining one, didn't seem to care
either way.)
 Women do get pregnant by their own sons. (Usually,
nobody ever does learn, as who's going to tell.)

Brothers and sisters do fuck.
 It happens all the time.
 It's so "convenient," when you live in the same house,
with someone, not too different in age, of the opposite
 The surprising thing is, that it doesn't happen more
often. Surprisingly, most siblings don't look at each
other as even possible sex partners, unless there are
unusual circumstances.
 The commonest reported situation, where one child
seduces his/her sibling, is where one of them catches
the other one already having sex, and decides that
he/she wants some too.
 Once started however, the relationship rarely ends. It
usually tapers off, but children who started having sex
together when they were young, rarely quit completely,
even when they get married.

"When they are old enough to have babies, they are old
enough to have babies."
 Most people are scared, that some little girl of 10,
11, or 12, will get pregnant, and die because she's too
young to carry the baby, or the baby will kill her,
when it's being born. It's a natural enough fear, but
completely unfounded. If this happened, then literally
thousands of girls would die every year. Little girls
of 10, or even younger, are fucked by their boyfriends,
siblings, parents, or even sometimes raped. Even in
the United States, thousands of sub-teenage girls get
fucked every year. When was the last time, you heard
of some little girl dying because she got pregnant?
 In some primitive tribes (And even in parts of India
and China), a girl gets married at 10, or younger, and
is expected to carry out her wifely duties from the
time she gets married. Usually, the girl is not
considered to be fully an adult, until she has her
first child, so the impetus to have children is large.
Even under these circumstances, I have never heard a
report of some of the women dying because they had
babies while they were too young. Dying of diseases,
and other childbirth hazards yes, not because they were
"too small".

Unusual pregnancy prevention methods.
 This one (having multiple partners) is pure speculation
on my part. There is some evidence, that it really
does work for some animals, like gorillas, and
chimpanzees, who are our closest simian relatives. As
far as I know, no one ever ran such a test on humans.
There are several things that point to the possibility
that it might be true, including the rarity of
pregnancies with prostitutes in the middle-ages, and
how rarely a girl gets pregnant, when she's subjected
to a "gang-bang". I DO NOT recommend it as a method of
birth-control! It might work, but think of the
disaster, if it didn't.
 A second one (Not mentioned in the story) actually does
work, but it takes planning. If a man takes hot baths
regularly, (as hot as he can stand it.) his sperm count
drops precipitously. After about a week, his sperm
count is so low, as to be almost unmeasurable.
I don't know why this method isn't touted for those
people trying to prevent pregnancy, yet to whom, other
methods are unacceptable. Still, if you are screwing
your little sister, and can't get any other kind of
pregnancy prevention, this beats just taking your
NOTE: Those of you girls who are trying to get
pregnant, don't let your boyfriend (brother, father,
uncle, whatever) take hot baths. Have him take cool
showers. (Unmentioned in the story, that's the real
reason it took so long for Suzy to get pregnant: Her
father loved to soak in the tub too much.)
Strangely, though it is never mentioned as a method of
birth-control, this fact is told to those who are
trying to get pregnant, by family planning experts.

As I said, As far as I know, there is no such family, which does all of the things in this story. However, as far as I know, there are families, all over the world, who do some of the things mentioned here, and all of the things in this story are done by some people, somewhere, all of the time.

The Descendants of
Margaret Ann Shumacher
(Mary's Grandmother)
Traced Matrilinearly

The Father's name is in brackets.
The Mother's age at the birth of the child,
is given on the left of the mother's line.


| [Dan(Sr)(Grandpa)]

| [Dan(Sr)(Grandpa)]

| [Danny]

| [Danny]

| | [Jim]

| | [Mike]

| | [Mike]

| | [Jim]

| [Danny]

| | [Danny]

| [Danny]

| | [Danny]

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Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: **NEW** GEEDADDY.TXT 12K "Gee Daddy!" (Mf, cons, incest, pre-teen, preg?) Followup-To: Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:17:43 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 245 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vitej$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

Gee Daddy!
An Erotic Story

"Gee, Daddy, that feel's good," I said, as my father rubbed his prick up and down my horny little slit. It did, too. What felt even better though, was when he centered his swollen cock in the entrance to my vagina, and started inching it inside. Daddy always did know the things that made me feel good. Still, he kept denying me that greatest of pleasures. Tonight I was going to pull out all stops, to get what I wanted.
"Ooh, I bet you like that," I said, as I milked Daddy's penis with my tight little hole. By now, I knew how to squeeze my father's prick, and make it feel good, without even moving.
Daddy groaned. I guess he must have agreed with me, because the next thing I knew he said, "You'd better ease up Tammy, or I'll have to pull out. You don't want that yet, do you?"
Shit! The LAST thing I wanted, was for my father to pull out. "Do you HAVE to Daddy?" I whined; working even harder. Once before I had been lucky, and caught Daddy by surprise; milking him off inside me, before he even realized he was about to cum. Daddy wasn't going to be caught so easily tonight though.
"Tammy," he said firmly, "you know the rules. I only cum in your mouth, asshole, or hands. We're NOT taking any chances on you getting pregnant. I'm taking too big a chance already, just fucking you like this. I don't want to accidentally knock you up."
"Why not Daddy?" I grumbled. "Marcia's already had three kids, and she's younger than I am." I could tell I was getting to Daddy, as his prick swelled even bigger inside me. Perhaps, if I kept talking, Daddy would forget and squirt inside me, before he realized he was doing it.
"Your cousin isn't fucking her own father," Daddy pointed out. He paused in his sliding in and out to push up hard inside me, while he tried to keep from spasming my body full of his precious seed. I knew he would be annoyed if I moved, trying to get him off; but that didn't mean I couldn't keep squeezing him with my vagina, hoping he lost control.
Sadly, he didn't. I felt my father's prick swell a little, then subside in me. I don't know if Daddy squirted more pre-cum, or sperm inside me, but he was once again able to slide in and out without feeling like he was going to splatter my insides full of baby-making cum. I was a little disappointed, but not completely. Maybe that WAS a squirt of cum that Daddy had just left inside me, while he gained control of himself. I knew enough about biology, so I was pretty sure there were at least SOME of Daddy's sperm wriggling in whatever it was, even if it only WAS pre-cum. Such a delicious thought.
"But Daddy," I said; talking about my best friend, while sliding back and forth once more, as my father's urge to cum inside me declined enough to make him feel a bit safer, "Darlene tells me she's had TWO babies by HER father already, and she hopes he's made a third in her."

Daddy lurched inside me; as the thought excited him. I decided that maybe it was time to tease him a little. "I'll make it feel REAL good to you, I promise," I said; squeezing Daddy's prick as hard as I could with my cunny, to show just what I meant. Daddy groaned, but managed to hold off. . .
Darn. Time to try something else. "Darlene says HER father likes to feel his sperm squirting inside her almost as much as she does," I said; humping up at my father at the same time. From the slippery feel of his cock sliding inside me, I knew Daddy's cock was dribbling lots of pre-cum (and hopefully some sperm) inside my clasping little slit. "I'm sure I can make it feel just as good for you, as Darlene does for HER father," I said. "Please Daddy? You'll like it. . . honest!"
"Oooh!" I could tell that got to Daddy by his groan, and also the flexing of his prick in my belly, that told me he had almost lost it. I knew my father wasn't really worried that I wouldn't make it "feel good" for him. Exactly the opposite, in fact. "I can't Baby," he said; fighting to control himself so he could pull out, without leaving me with a belly full of baby- juice, "your mother would KILL me, If I got you pregnant. Heck, she would probably kill me, if she knew we were even fucking without using a rubber, let alone getting you pregnant!"
I giggled. Perhaps I had a chance after all! "Oh don't be silly, Daddy," I said. "Why do you think Momma's been going to all these meetings lately; leaving the two of us alone to get it on?"
Damn! That had exactly the opposite effect I was planning on. Instead of getting so excited that he squirted inside me, Daddy's prick actually wilted, as he tried to figure out what I meant. "Well," he said, "I wondered a bit if she knew we were having sex. Still, that doesn't mean she wants me to get you pregnant. She probably is trusting me to have enough sense for the two of us. For sure, YOU don't seem to have any."
"Oh Daddy," I sighed. Sometimes I wondered if I would EVER get him to agree. Still, I couldn't complain TOO much. Just feeling my father's prick inside me was a thrill that some girls never got. At least I got to fuck my father, even if I never DID get the extra thrill of feeling his baby growing inside me. On the other hand, I wasn't quitting yet! "Momma knows I'm not on the pill," I pointed out. And she's certainly not dumb enough to not know what we're doing while she's gone. I mean, my bed practically REEKS of sex, every time we're left alone, and I'm sure she knows the smell of cum, as distinct from pussy-odor. I'm sure she knows we're having sex, and unprotected sex at that. So why do you think she's suddenly found all of these extra meetings to attend, right while she knows I'm the most fertile? I mean, if Momma was worried about me getting pregnant, she'd make a point of being around right now, to keep us from getting carried away, don't you think?"
My father was weakening; I could tell.
"Are you sure?" he asked; sliding in and out a little, while trying to decide. I knew he was on a hair-trigger, but also knew better than to wrap my legs around him, and hold him inside me until he filled my womb with his seed.

The last time I had tried that, Daddy hadn't fucked me for a month afterwards, and I had almost died from horniness. He had told me then, that if I ever tried it again, he wouldn't fuck me for a year. I didn't DARE take the chance. Not when I was so close. Besides, even if Daddy decided not to risk it, I still had a SLIGHT chance of getting him to cum inside me by accident, like he had once before. If I got too eager, I might lose even that chance.
"No, I don't know for sure," I said, honestly. "But it makes sense, doesn't it?" I hoped my honesty didn't blow my chances. Still, I had never lied before to my father, and I wasn't about to start now. It turned out, that I was luckier that I had thought.
"No, NO!" said Daddy. "I mean, are you sure you really want this? I mean, having a baby by your own father is a big step for a teenager. You might regret it later."
"DADDY!" I said, "I've been sure for YEARS. Heck, ever since I had my first period, I knew I wanted your baby inside me. Why do you think I crawled into bed with you that first time? Once Momma told me that I was old enough to have a baby, I waited until my period was over, and tried to get you to knock me up right then! Only it took almost a year, before I could get you to even touch me, let alone put your prick up inside me."
Daddy giggled at the memory of his little girl trying to act like a streetwalking slut. Still, once I had convinced him that I was not only serious, but knew what sex was, he had finally relented enough to "show me the facts of life." I guess my horny displays had finally gotten HIM horny too.
"I guess you did," he admitted. "SO," he said, suddenly jamming his prick in me up to the root, "if YOU want to get pregnant, your mother wants me to get you pregnant, and the idea even turns ME on, then we'd better get started, hadn't we?"
"Gee, Daddy," I said, "'You mean it?" I could barely hold off MY orgasm, at the though I might finally get what I had worked so long for.
"What <huf huff> do <huf> you think? <Huf.>" he said, panting hard, as he worked closer and closer to his orgasm. Only THIS time, I knew my father wouldn't be cheating EITHER of us by pulling out, like he usually did. THIS time, every potent drop of my father's precious seed would be squirting inside my womb where it belonged. The exciting thought was too much for me.
"Gee, Daddy I. . . I. . .IiieeeEEEEEEEE!" I couldn't finish, as my cunny began clamping and squeezing on my father's prick like it never had before. I had had orgasms before, but nothing like this! I knew that Daddy wouldn't have been able to pull out THIS time, even if he had been planning to; my cunny was squeezing him so tightly, that there was no way he could pull out before he filled my vagina with squirt after thick sticky squirt of his sperm. Not that Daddy tried.

Feeling me going into spasms around him, was the last straw for Daddy. I felt my father's prick get abruptly bigger inside me, as he jammed it as far up in my belly as he could. With a bellow that almost matched my screech, Daddy suddenly began spasming my tight little slit full of load after load of thick greasy cum. He didn't try to pull out this time like he usually did, either. Instead, he kept forcing his prick as far up inside me with each incestuous squirt, as he could.
I couldn't help myself. My arms and legs automatically wrapped themselves around my father's body and legs, until he couldn't have gotten away if he had tried. . . Which he didn't.
Each time my vagina would clench and squeeze on my father's thick prick, Daddy would respond by sending yet another healthy squirt of sperm jetting against my cervix. On and on it went; with neither one of us wanting it to stop, until my legs were aching with cramps, and Daddy was aching with dry squirts of sperm he no longer had; trying to send one last surge of baby- making cum into his daughter's womb.
"Oh gee Daddy," I said, as I felt the last sticky drops of my father's precious sperm oozing into my receptive young womb, "that was. . . that was wonderful. Thank you."
"Whoooo! Thank YOU," he replied, trying to catch his breath, while keeping his prick buried in my snatch. It's SO nice to feel your lover still inside you, after you get your rocks off. Knowing Daddy's sperm was still inside me too, was icing on the cake. . . Which reminded me:
"I hope I'm pregnant now," I said, hoping Daddy didn't get another attack of conscience, and get mad at me for "enticing" him on. He didn't.
"Well," he chuckled, "if not, I'm sure your mother will see to it that I keep on fucking you until you are."
"Daddee!" I objected. But you know what? He was right.

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Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: REPOST: GET-BED.TXT 22K "Getting it on the Bed" (Mf, cons, incest, young, preg?) Followup-To: Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:18:38 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 425 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vitgg$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

Getting it on the bed
An Erotic Story

Last night I had barely snuggled into bed, when I felt my father's penis poking me in the tummy. I giggled when I felt it. Daddy doesn't usually get a hard-on until he has snuggled up to me for a while. I wondered what had made Daddy so horny, but I didn't dwell on it. I was just grateful that he was. That meant I could have that much more fun.
I grabbed my father's cock and stroked it; making Daddy groan.
"Don't tease your father Melodie," said Momma. "He's had a 'hard' day."
We all giggled at the joke. Daddy's prick jumped in my hand, when he did. Once I managed to stop giggling, I said, "Yes Momma," and lowered my head to where I could put my mouth on Daddy's cock.
It is big and nasty looking, but I like it. I remember the first time I saw Momma sucking on Daddy's cock. It looked so obscene, but Momma seemed to enjoy making Daddy feel so good that for a while I was jealous. Until Momma let me try it, anyway. Now, the big knob on Daddy's cock STILL looks obscene, but that makes it even MORE exciting.
At first, the thought of putting your mouth on the thing that a man pees out of, seemed gross to me. Now, that's one of the things that turns me on the most. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
As I said, I put my mouth on Daddy's cock; bringing yet another groan from him. This time, Momma didn't admonish me, as she could tell I was just getting started. After licking around the swollen head, I popped the big head in my mouth. I could barely get my mouth around it, but I managed somehow. Pursing my lips, I sucked and then slid my mouth off.
I could tell that feeling me sucking, and the stimulation of my lips rubbing on the head of his prick was getting to Daddy. He wouldn't last long tonight.
Trying to get in as much fun as possible, I slid my mouth back over Daddy's cock, and swallowed as much of it as I could. I was careful to keep my teeth out of the way, as I tried to force as much of my father's prick into my mouth as I could take. At the same time, I wriggled my tongue, and licked the tube on the bottom. I knew it wouldn't be long before Daddy filled my mouth with sperm.
From the feeling, it would be quite a load. Daddy must have been working it up all day long.
All the while, I was vaguely aware of Momma watching closely, to make sure I did it right. Momma doesn't mind if I suck Daddy off, just as long as I don't get it on the bed. I'm getting pretty good now, so I don't worry much about that any more.
Still, this time was different. I don't know what got Daddy so excited, but when he came, it was a gusher! Wow!

The first squirt almost filled my mouth up, and from then on it was one big struggle to keep up; as Daddy spasmed time after time; filling my mouth with squirt after thick sticky squirt of gooey cum. I had to swallow as fast as I could, just to keep up. Even so, it was a struggle.
Somehow I managed. After five or six immense squirts, Daddy's powerful ejaculations slowed down to just spurts and then dribbles. Finally I was able to enjoy the taste of Daddy's cum on my tongue, before I had to swallow it.
Once he slowed down to just a trickle, I popped my mouth off Daddy's prick for just a second, to get the few stray drops that had been forced out when he was cumming so violently. I licked my lips, and then managed to get Daddy's prick back in my mouth before another drop managed to escape.
As I said, I'm getting to be pretty good now. I managed to get every drop of daddy's sperm, without getting any on the bed. I could tell Momma was proud of me. Actually, I was pretty proud of myself. Not many girls my age can take all of their father's cum in their mouths without wasting some, or worse-yet, getting it on the bed.
Now that Daddy had gotten off (so to speak) I suckled on his shrinking penis like a calf sucks on a cow's teat. I knew that Daddy liked this almost as much as he liked cumming in my mouth, and I didn't want to disappoint him. Besides, I didn't want to waste any of his cum either. There were a few drops of it still inside his prick, and I ran my tongue along the tube underneath; stripping out each last sticky drop, until there was nothing left.
Daddy's cock didn't go all the way down, like it usually did though. Especially after squirting so much cum in my mouth, this was quite unusual. I wondered if this meant I was going to get an extra treat tonight. Well, I was. What a treat!
"Uh, Melodie," said Daddy, trying to extract his now half- hard prick from my mouth.
I wouldn't let him. No WAY was I letting Daddy go until his prick was properly limp and shrunk. I love my Daddy.
"Uh, Melodie, you'd better let go," repeated Daddy. "I've got to pee."
HA! If Daddy thought THAT would stop me, he didn't know his little girl. I looked over Daddy at Momma, and gave her a wink. Then I settled down to sucking Daddy's cock in earnest. If Daddy had to pee, then he was going to have to do it in my mouth. He did.
I was hoping I was as good as I thought I was. If I wasn't, Momma would REALLY give me heck for getting piss on the sheets. Cum was bad enough. Besides, Daddy had warned me. If I goofed this up, I would be in real trouble. On the other hand, if I succeeded, I knew both Momma AND Daddy would be proud of me.
I barely had time to reflect on this, when the first squirt of piss entered my mouth. Daddy was trying to hold back, and I was able to take the first squirt easily. The smell of ammonia was strong, and almost made me feel like vomiting, but it was too late to back out. If I had, Daddy would have made a big mess of the bed, and I would never have heard the end of it.

I swallowed, and managed to get it down. The first squirt is always the worst. My stomach was just starting to rebel, and I almost threw up, when Daddy lost control. Oh SHIT!
It was like I had stuck my head under a faucet, and turned it on full blast. No WAY could I keep up by even swallowing as fast as I could.
I jammed my face down on Daddy's cock; forcing it into the back of my mouth, and let Daddy pee down my throat. At the same time, I was fighting to keep the mouthful of piss I already had from escaping my pursed lips.
Somehow I managed it. With his prick buried in the back of my mouth, Daddy's urine poured down my throat in a steady stream, forced down by the pressure in his bladder. If I could just hold my breath long enough, I knew I had it made. I did. . . Just barely.
After what seemed like an eternity, Daddy's pissing slowed to a stream then just a trickle, and finally just occasional jerks of piss in my mouth, while I swallowed the remainder I had been holding. I did it!
After Daddy's pee stopped flowing, I nursed on his prick until it was soft, and barely big enough to fit in my mouth. For my efforts, I was rewarded by a sweet sticky drop or two of cum, that Daddy hadn't managed to squirt before he had to pee. Who says there are no rewards for good deeds?
"Ooooh THANK you Honey," said Daddy. "You really didn't have to do that."
"Oh yes I did," I thought, as I snuggled up to my father. As I said, I love my Daddy. If it made HIM feel good to pee in my mouth, then it made ME feel good. Besides that, hearing Daddy call me "Honey" always makes me feel gushy inside.
Momma got up from her side of the bed, and snuggled in behind me. Daddy turned over, and I snuggled up to him.
Like that, we all went to sleep, spoon fashion. Me with a tummy full of my father's pee (and cum too) and a hand wrapped around his semi-erect prick. I knew Daddy couldn't have cum again so soon even if we both had wanted to, but I also knew he liked feeling my hand holding his prick, even if he WASN'T horny any more.
I felt slightly bloated with Daddy's pee; (NOW I knew why Daddy had been so horny.) but wasn't inclined to get up from my comfortable position between my parents. It felt too good.
Like I had reached around Daddy, and was holding his prick, Momma had reached around me, and had her middle finger up my slit bringing me twinges of pleasure.
She wasn't really masturbating me, (Just like I wasn't jacking Daddy off.) Momma was just soothing the slight sexual itch I had gotten from knowing I had gotten Daddy off. Did I say I loved my mother too? I do.
It was about two hours later (I think.) when I woke up again. Sometime during the night, we had all rolled over; and my back was to Daddy this time. A big hairy arm was wrapped around me, and my Momma's full butt was pushed into my over-full tummy. Still, it wasn't as bad as earlier.

While snuggled up to me, Daddy's prick had become erect in his sleep. It was poking me in the back; so I shifted up a little and reached behind me to slide it between my legs. That was a mistake. At least, if the idea was to get comfortable and go back to sleep, it was a mistake. Otherwise. . .
Well, you can probably guess what happened next. By now, the tummy full of Daddy's pee was getting to MY bladder, making me itch and stimulating me, just like it had Daddy. When I felt my father's thick cock sliding between my legs, it almost made me explode with sexual excitement.
I felt my pussy get wet with lubrication, and I started sliding back and forth against my father's cock. Of course, this made Daddy get even harder; exciting me even more. I guess my mother felt my excited copulating motions against Daddy, and it woke her up too.
Turning to face us, Momma reached down between my legs where her husband's penis was sliding. "You'd better watch out," she warned me. "If you keep this up, your father is going to cum, and he'll get it all over the bed."
Oh shit. Momma was right. Still, I didn't want to stop; and looked at her with pleading in my eyes. Daddy IS Momma's husband, and I love them both.
Momma sighed. With me around, she doesn't get much sex any more. This isn't all bad though. Daddy likes sex about three or four times a day, while Momma is happy with once or twice a week. Still, seeing me sucking Daddy off, and then that incredible scene where I drank his pee, must have been quite sexually stimulating, even to her. On the other hand, if it was exciting to Momma, you can imagine how I felt, since I was the one who did it.
Momma grabbed Daddy's cock, and bent the tip up a little. "Here," she said, "try it now."
I did. Lifting up a little, then pushing back, I felt the head of Daddy's cock slip into the entrance to my hole. Then, with a little pressure, the rest of the enormous cylinder started to slide inside me.
I blinked back a tear, as I felt myself stretch. Daddy is so big, it always hurts a little, the first time he slides it in me. Still, with my lubrication and the pre-cum seeping from the head of his prick, it WOULD go in, whether it hurt or not.
Five seconds later, I felt the head of my father's penis bump up against my womb, while I felt as stuffed as a turkey. Even with the slight pain of being overstretched, I couldn't believe how good it felt.
Momma had to caution me to slow down, or I would just jack Daddy off with my tight little snatch, before I managed to cum myself. She was right. I slowed my frantic squirming until I was just sliding comfortably up and down on Daddy's prick; getting closer and closer to the biggest orgasm of my life.
Daddy moaned in his sleep; grabbed me by the titties, and jammed his prick up hard inside me. I wondered what kind of wet- dream he was having. For sure MY night was wet-dream quality. OOOH, it felt good!

It didn't take me as long as it usually did. Before I knew it, my body was being wracked with spasms, and my cunny was squeezing and milking on Daddy's prick like a giant squeezing the last drop out of a toothpaste-tube. I almost bit Momma's shoulder, as I jerked and thrashed in her comforting arms.
Just about the time I was coming down from my orgasm, Daddy started his. I guess the feel of his little girl's tight little slit squeezing and clamping on his prick was too much. . . Even if he WAS asleep.
Suddenly, I felt even fuller than before, as Daddy jammed every inch of his prick that he could up inside me. I felt like he was trying to force his prick right up inside my womb, like some of those silly stories you read.
I almost wished it could happen, but it was almost as good as if he had. My little cunny was flooded with squirt after squirt of Daddy's potent sperm, as my father did his best to leave as much as possible in his little girl's womb.
God was that sexy. Feeling your father squirt his seed right up against your womb. Well, I didn't actually feel the squirts. (They say you can't.) But I DID feel his prick expand each time, and he jammed the swollen member up inside me with each pulse. So it FELT like I was registering each incestuous squirt. Boy did that feel good. Even the slight possibility of pregnancy was more of a thrill than a scare.
Daddy isn't really TRYING to get me pregnant, but neither I, nor he, nor especially my mother, would be all that disappointed if I woke up one morning and found that my pants were too tight.
Still, I suppose it's not really a good idea. I mean, after all: He's my own father. You aren't supposed to have babies by your own father, are you? Yeah, right.
Even the fact that I was so young, we weren't sure about me getting pregnant. That's why Momma had gotten me the diaphragm. So that Daddy's sperm didn't end up where it didn't belong.
Even with that, you couldn't be sure. When I got older, Momma told me I would have to go on the pill. For now, I could enjoy having Daddy's sperm inside me.
Anyway, I finally stopped shuddering from my climax, and Momma reached down one last time to run her finger along the base of Daddy's cock; forcing the last sticky drop of my father's sperm up inside my quietly accepting vagina.
"You'd better not take it out," she whispered to me. "If you leave it in, you'll keep from getting it on the bed."
I giggled to myself. I knew Momma wasn't as worried about me getting Daddy's sperm on the bed as she pretended to be. It wasn't all THAT hard to wash clothes. Momma just liked the idea of her little girl lying there all night long with her husband's sperm soaking in the little girl's vagina, up next to her fertile young womb. Momma is almost as perverted as I am. Did I mention that I love my mother?
Momma started giggling too, then we both drifted back to sleep; me with a belly full of Daddy's pee, and both ends stuffed full of his cum. Such sexy dreams I had, you wouldn't believe. This had been the first time in a long time that Daddy hadn't woken up when he found himself fucking me in the middle of the night.

Such a sexy thought, to have your father fuck you and cum in you, and never know it. I giggled one last time before falling asleep. I hoped Daddy's prick didn't slip out in the night and get his cum all over the bed. I giggled again.

The next thing I knew it was early morning, and I HAD to get up. If I didn't, I would have "gotten it on the bed" for real. BIG time.
GOD, did I have to pee. Too bad I couldn't pee in Daddy's mouth, and he could then recycle it again, and pee in mine over and over.
Such a sexy, nasty thought. Golly it felt good to let that load go though. It seemed a shame to wash out Daddy's cum, though I couldn't help it. I ran a finger through my piss- stream, and even tasted it, before cleaning up.
I washed and showered and cleaned all the nasty smells off me. Sometimes it was sexy to be a nasty little girl playing with pee, and sometimes it was better to be a sweet innocent sweet- smelling little girl for Daddy to love. I felt that this morning was one to be sweet and wholesome, after being a nasty little slut last night.
I crawled back into bed, just as my parents crawled out.
I was disappointed. I had hoped to at least see Daddy and Momma make love. (And maybe even get in a little myself.) Oh well. I had gotten quite a lot, the previous night.
Momma went straight to the kitchen, and started breakfast, while Daddy duplicated me, and took a shower.
When he got back, he found his little girl lying spread- eagled on the bed; her middle finger jammed up her snatch, straining to reach an orgasm that just wouldn't come. After having Daddy, it's just so HARD to do it myself any more.
Daddy took pity on me. (Or maybe he was as horny as I was.)
I was barely aware of Daddy returning from the shower; still dripping; when I felt a warm slippery body on top of mine, and a big beautiful hunk of manhood sliding up inside me. Daddy had just climbed on top of me, and shoved it in! I loved it.
As I mentioned before, it HURTS a little, when Daddy first slides up inside me, but such a delicious hurt. After the first twinges though, it was all pleasure. Daddy may (or may not) have known he fucked me the previous night; but there was no doubt in either of our minds that he was fucking me now!
This was no leisurely screw either. This was one slam-bang glorious fuck! Cock in cunt, man and woman. (OK, girl!) What a glorious sensation to feel the man you love, loving you. To feel his thickness growing inside you, as he prepares to send part of himself to join part of you, and try to create a new life that is part of both of you.
Even though the chance is slight, just knowing there IS a chance, is unbelievably thrilling. I don't know WHAT I'll do, when I have to go on the pill. Oh well, I'll worry about that later.
Daddy was just grunting; in the final throes of thrusting, before filling my womb with jet after jet of his precious seed, when Momma came in. She had been about to call us to breakfast, when she found us in the middle of a rousing fuck.

"Now you be careful," she admonished my father. "Remember, she's just a little girl, and she's not on the pill."
Daddy's thrusts became harder, and he seemed to get bigger inside me, at the very thought.
"Not only that," continued Momma, "her period was just last week."
This reminder of my possible fertility, was too much for Daddy. Doing his best to "Be careful," Daddy pushed up inside me as hard as he could; sending jet after viscous jet of potent baby-making cum squirting against my womb. After all, we both wanted to be sure he got it in ME, and didn't "waste" any, by getting it on the bed. Momma's reminder wasn't really necessary, as my father is just as aware as she is, about my possible fertility. And Daddy would do anything to keep from hurting me, by pulling out when there was even a slight chance. No wonder I love my father so much.
Momma waited; watching while first Daddy got off by filling my tummy with squirt after squirt of incestuous seed, and then I did. Feeling Daddy implanting his precious sperm in my womb, was enough to get me off too.
Barely in time. Daddy was already starting to wilt inside me, when I gasped and grunted to MY orgasm; milking each precious drop of fatherly cum up inside my tight little baby-hole where it belonged.
Momma watched, as Daddy extracted his still-dripping penis from her daughter's tight little cunny.
"You DO have your diaphragm?" she asked me pointedly; looking at the sperm dripping out of my crack and Daddy's penis, and threatening to make a mess of the bed.
Oh shit! I looked at the bedstand, where the rubber cup was lying forlornly. "Uh. Right here, Momma," I said; showing it to her, and blushing at the same time.
Hurriedly, I grabbed Daddy's prick, and squeezed the last drop of cum off the end into it. At the same time, I tilted my bottom up, so I didn't drip on the bed until I managed to use the rubber cup to catch the dribbles; before pushing it up inside me, so Daddy's sperm wouldn't leak out. After all, as I said before, Momma doesn't mind if I fuck Daddy, or "Get it on the bed", as long as I don't get it on the bed. <Giggle>
After that, we had breakfast; and I got dressed and went to school. The teacher wondered why I was so antsy that day.
Well, wouldn't YOU be a little squirmy, if you knew that millions of your father's sperm were wriggling their way up inside your womb, one of them getting you pregnant with your own father's baby?
Thank goodness I didn't waste any, and get it on the bed!

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: REPOST: GOOD-DAD.TXT 23K "Making it 'good' for Daddy" (Mf, cons, incest, pedo) Followup-To: Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:19:43 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 485 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vitih$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

Making it "good" for Daddy
An Erotic Story

"Daddy, can we fuck?" The little 10-year-old girl fisted her father's swollen penis, as she paused in sucking him off, to ask the obscene question.
"Gee Honey, I don't know. You're kind of young yet," George Pepper replied, as he lay naked on the bed, with just a T-shirt covering the upper part of his body.
"Ginny's even younger than I am," replied the little girl, between licks and taking her father's swollen penis into her mouth. The child could barely fit the head of the swollen member in her little mouth, but she did the best she could, while continuing her argument, "and she's been fucking her father for over a year now. Ginny says it feels real good, when her father squirts his cum up inside her. Please Daddy?"
"Well. . . Ginny's father isn't as big as I am, and besides, your cousin's been menstruating since she was nine. I still think you're a little too small yet."
"Menstuating, Daddy?"
"Menstruating. Having periods. Bleeding between the legs."
"Oh. I did that last week. Momma says it's because I'm a woman now. That's why she says it's time I got fucked."
"Your mother said that?" It was obvious to the little girl that her father was weakening. Susanne Pepper took advantage or her father's indecision.
"Uhuh. Please Daddy? I'd do it REAL good. Momma says it won't be long before I start having kids of my own, and I should learn how it feels."
"Ooooh," George couldn't help but groan. The little girl could tell he was weakening. She swung her leg over her father's body, and placed the tip of the enormous member up against her tiny little crack.
"See Daddy," she said, "I'll make it feel real good for you, I promise." The clear liquid seeping from the end of her father's penis lubricated her cunny-lips, so they spread smoothly around the pulsing rod. The stimulation was too much for the older man. George stopped fighting. If his little girl wanted to fuck, why not let her? As long as he didn't force her. . .
"Oh, OK! If you insist," he capitulated.
"Gee thanks Daddy! You'll like it, really! Ginny says her father likes to squirt his sperm up in her tummy, even more that he likes being sucked-off. I'm sure I can do it at least as good as she can."
The older man was NOT worried that he wouldn't like the feel of his pre-pubescent daughter's tight little cunny wrapped around his prick. Far from it. In fact, he was worried about just the opposite. The little girl's squirming had worked almost two inches of her father's throbbing prick meat into the child's tight little hole, and the stimulation was threatening to make him squirt thick sticky cum all over the inside of her tightly squeezing little snatch, before he had even half of it inside her. Luckily, there was an interruption.

"Ow!" said Susanne. "How come it hurts?" She had a little over a third of her father's rampant penis inside her, and the erotic sight almost made him squirt anyway.
"It's your hymen," he explained, "your virginity. If you want to fuck, you'll have to break it. It hurts. That's why I didn't want to do it until you're older."
"Wouldn't it hurt then too, Daddy?"
"Well, I guess."
"Then I guess I might as well do it now, and get it over with," said the determined little fourth-grader. The little girl grit her teeth, and sat down hard. There was a straining moment, then three more inches of paternal prick vanished into the child's belly. A tiny drop of red ran down one side of the man's prick, but the little girl didn't cry or complain. The only sign of her pain, was a tear that appeared in her eye, as she felt her father's prick slide all the way home in her belly.
That tear was enough for her father. "I'm sorry, Suzy, but I warned you," he said. "We'd better stop now, and maybe you can try it again some other time."
"No!" said the determined little girl. "I said I'd make it feel good for you, and I will." Gritting her teeth against the slight pain of her torn virginity, the child began rising and falling on her father's enormously swollen prick.
At first, it didn't look as though she was going to succeed. The man's prick had softened considerably, when he realized that his daughter was hurt. Still, the stimulation was extreme, and the little girl obviously was determined to keep on going until he came inside her, so he did his best to help. George always was a man who tried to keep his own promises, and was not one to deny his own daughter the same integrity.
Suzy watched her father close his eyes, as he tried to concentrate on the delicious feel of her incredibly tight little snatch milking and squeezing on his engorged prick. Surprisingly, it was starting to feel good to her, as well.
Too soon, it was all over though. Suddenly the man stopped, and pushed his prick up inside his daughter as hard as he could. Suzy suddenly felt wet between the legs, and knew from the symptoms that her father was ejaculating his potent sperm right up inside her. For the first time, the little girl knew her father was squirting his sperm inside her where it belonged. She wondered if she could get pregnant yet, and if not, how long it would be before she could.
Oh well, if she didn't, Suzy was sure her mother would insist that her father kept on fucking her until she was. The little girl was glad she had a mother who cared enough about her daughter to let her get pregnant by the man she wanted. . . Even if that man was her own father. The hard part had been convincing him.
Suzy was pretty sure her father wouldn't stop, now that he had felt her tight little cunny milking the sperm out of his prick. From now on, the little girl figured she could get fucked as often as she liked. She was right.

"See Daddy," said Suzy, "I said I'd make it good for you." The little girl squirmed; seating the last quarter-inch of her father's fat cock in her tight little slit, while the last few drops of incestuous cum drooling out of the tip of his prick eased the pressure, and allowed it to shrink just a little.
"Did you like it Daddy?" she asked, when her father didn't reply.
George was too overwhelmed by the implications of the thing he had just completed. After all, it's not every day that you take your own daughter's virginity. To top it off, there was the comment Suzy had made earlier, implying that his wife EXPECTED him to impregnate the little girl. He was barely able to nod.
"Thanks Daddy!" she said, with a room-brightening smile. "I TOLD you you'd like it." Suzy squirmed a little lower on her father's lap, bringing renewed life to the swollen member plugging up her tightly stretched little hole. A blob of white slowly oozed out around the base of the man's prick, as the little girl slowly rotated her hips, seeming to enjoy the feeling of her own father's sperm inside her vagina. "Can we do it again?" she asked.
"Uh Suzy," he said, "I really don't think this is such a good idea."
"Why not Daddy?" she asked, logically, "You liked it. I liked it. Why CAN'T we do it again? I'll make it feel REAL good this time; I promise!" The warm squeezing of her tight little slit reminded George of just how good it had felt THIS time; but somehow he had no doubt that Suzy WOULD manage to make it "feel better." That was not what was troubling him.
"Uh Suz," he explained, using his short nickname for his daughter, "I know it feels good. That's why we'd better stop now; before we both start to like it so much we won't be able to stop."
"Daddy! that doesn't make sense," pointed out the little girl, as her squirming brought renewed life to her father's prick, "I liked it, and so did you."
"I can tell," she added, as her father's prick expanded once again inside her, "So why SHOULD we stop?"
The man could tell that Suzy liked the feeling of her father inside her almost as much as he liked feeling her body around his. It was hard to refute her argument. Still, he had to try. "You might get pregnant," he pointed out.
"Daddy!" exclaimed the little girl in disgust, "Of course I will. What's the idea of fucking, if you don't get pregnant? Momma says if I'm lucky, I could have 4 or 5 kids by you, before I start high-school."
The man's jaw gaped. "You WANT to get pregnant?" he asked.
"Of course, silly," she replied, "Why do you think I wanted to get fucked in the first place?"
The thought was too exciting. After having left ONE big sticky load of cum in his cute little daughter's belly, he had expected to be unable to cum for quite a while.

It was completely unexpected therefore, when his little girl informed him that she not only knew she could get pregnant, but actually WANTED her own father to plant a baby in that cute little tummy of hers, George Pepper lost control. He did it again. He came inside his own 10-year-old daughter; doing his best to get his little girl pregnant.
Well, If Suzy wanted her father's baby, and her mother didn't mind, (Didn't mind, heck! It seemed that his oversexed wife was doing everything she could, to get her husband to knock their little girl up.) then who was he to object? For sure, the thought of his 10-year-old daughter's flat little tummy being obscenely stretched by her own father's baby growing inside her didn't turn him off. George must have left what felt like two quarts of incestuous baby-making sperm in his little girl's tight little snatch. (Even though it was probably only about a teaspoonful or two, it FELT to the man like he pissed gallons of thick creamy cum in his daughter's eagerly accepting young womb.) Pulse after pulse of thick sticky white baby-juice spat out the tip of his swollen prick, and into the warm welcoming recesses of the precocious young child's body.
Feeling him spasming inside her again, got Suzy excited as well. George didn't think his daughter had an orgasm, but she sure seemed to be happy just knowing her father had given in, and was doing his best to give her the baby she wanted.
Finally, his mighty spasms slowed down to just squirts, and then just a dribble of cum leaking into the little girl's belly.
This time George said it. "Thank you Suzy," he gasped.
"Thank YOU Daddy," she responded. "I love you."
"I love you too, Honey," he replied. What else could a man say to his daughter who might possibly be carrying their child, even as they cuddled together; enjoying the pleasure of being mated.
Suddenly the real world came crashing down on the two lovers.
"WHAT are you DOING?!?!" screamed his wife; coming into the room and finding her husband and daughter in the most compromising of positions.
"ohshit," he said so quietly that neither of the other occupants of the room could hear. George just KNEW this had been too much of a horny fantasy to be true. His wife might not mind his little girl sucking him off, but fucking her? He knew he should never have let his daughter talk him into this. Now he would have to pay for his horny fantasy.
There was no doubt about what they had been doing either. Even though his prick had wilted at the first angry word from his wife; slipping out of their daughter with a quiet "slurp." The rivers of white greasy cum drooling out of the little girl's snatch, coupled with a bright red streak on her thigh gave mute evidence of the fact that he had not only just fucked the little fourth-grader, but had just taken her virginity as well. George knew he was truly and royally fucked!
The man's wife didn't give him a chance to defend himself, or try to cover up what he had been doing.

"Look what time it is!" she almost screamed. "I come in here, expecting to find YOU dressed, and ready for school." Here his wife passed a scathing glance at their daughter. "And YOU," she continued to her husband, "I expected to be getting ready for work! Instead, what do I find? Two sex-maniacs who can't even remember that Suzy's bus leaves at 7:25 exactly."
As if to prove her point, there was a loud rumble outside, interrupted by a grinding of gears, as the school bus passed the house; picking up speed as it did, since Suzy wasn't out there to be picked up.
The woman continued her tirade. "Well if you think I am going to take Suzy to school this morning, just because you two are two busy fucking to pay attention to the time, well you've got another think coming!"
June Pepper looked at her husband and daughter with disgust, while she wound down. "Since you're the one who made her miss her bus, YOU take her to school this morning," she grumbled. "I don't care if it DOES make you late for work. I have other things to do!"
The woman stalked off towards the kitchen, only pausing to send two last-minute instructions back to the mismatched couple in the bedroom, as they both sat there; somewhat in a state of shock. "And for heaven's sake, clean up the mess between that little girl's legs," she instructed, her voice trickling back. "I don't want you getting that stuff all over the bed or carpet; and she shouldn't go off to school smelling like a whore, even if that's what she is: Daddy's little whore."
"Yes Momma," replied Suzy, for both of them.
George Pepper was too much in shock to reply. First, from the thought he was in trouble for fucking his daughter; then from the shock of finding out that he was NOT in trouble for fucking the little girl. If you see what I mean.
"From now on," came the voice of his wife, as she gathered her stuff together in the living room, "if it's going to take you that long to fuck your father, then do it at night. Besides, if you do it then, you'll have a better chance of getting pregnant. Bye!" George heard the door open. June really WAS in a hurry that morning.
"Bye Momma. . . I love you," the clear sweet voice of their child warmed his heart.
"I love you both too, now get going!" The slam of the door interrupted his "I love you too," but he knew June had heard him anyway.
Reluctantly, George and Suzy got up off the bed; pausing to stop the flood of messy white spilling from her crotch from making a mess on the floor by wiping it up with a tissue.
The little girl hurried to get dressed, and gulped down a glass of "instant" breakfast at her father's insistence. She looked incredibly cute in a short little dress, with matching panties that almost made it look as if she wasn't wearing any.
That gave her father an idea. "Take off your panties," he told her.
"Huh?" Suzy asked. "I thought you were going to take me to school. We've only got about 20 minutes. I don't think we have time to do it again."

George grinned. His little girl didn't have enough imagination.
"Just take them off," he said, "you'll see."
So she did. The older man gathered them up, stuffed them in his pocket, and headed for the car.
"But Daddy, what? . . ." Suzy hurried to catch up to her father. Her short little dress was just long enough that you couldn't see her lack of panties.
"Here," he said, getting in the car, and holding his door open afterwards.
"But Daddy! I can't climb over you!" complained Suzy, looking pointedly at the other side of the car.
"Oh yes you can," her father replied, freeing his prick from the hole in his pants. "You can sit on my lap, like a good little girl, while I drive you to school."
Suzy's mouth made a big "OH" of surprise, but she didn't object. Five seconds later, George Pepper's lap was full of squirming, giggling little girl, and his prick was being squeezed by the tightest, sweetest little hole in the whole wide world.
"Thanks Daddy," murmured Suzy in her father's ear, "I thought I'd have to wait until tonight for this."
They drove to school that way. Suzy was the very image of a sleepy little girl snoozing on her father's lap, while he drove her to school.
About halfway there, Suzy started rotating her hips, while talking to her father; whispering in his ear. "I'd better put those panties on, before I get out of the car," she said.
"Why?" asked her father. (He knew why; he just wanted to hear her response.)
"Because if I come in the classroom with no panties, and my snatch dribbling cum, Mr. Gardner's going to send me straight to the principal's office."
"What's wrong with that?" he teased her.
All the while they were talking, Suzy's tight little cunny kept squeezing on her father's prick in a warm friendly manner. She was still slick inside, from the cum he'd squirted in her earlier, so the stimulation wasn't so much, as to send him over the edge. George figured he could drive all the way to school, before filling the child's womb with his sperm. They'd probably just have to pull over to the end of the parking lot, while he got off.
George wasn't worried. A few times in the past he had taken Suzy to school late, and she had sucked him off over in that same corner. Once, he even saw another car sitting over there, while one of Suzy's classmates was in the car with HER father. George had watched the child's head bobbing up and down, so he was pretty sure what they were doing.
"Huh?" he said. In his introspection, George had missed his daughter's response. Her tight little cunny squeezing on his swelling prick had also distracted him.
"I said, 'The principal's a pervert.'," explained Suzy.
"Ughn. . . How so?" he croaked. Suzy was getting to him after all.
"He fools around with little girls!" exclaimed Suzy.

Her vehemence surprised her father. Suzy didn't seem to mind her own father fucking her. Why should she mind some other man the same age fucking girls like her? George asked her.
"Any time someone is hauled into his office for 'playing around', he usually ends up fucking them. All the kids know about it, but it seems that none of the teachers do. Or at least if they do, nobody says anything."
"Even the boys?" he asked in surprise.
"Boys, girls, teenagers or little kids. Mr. Shank likes them all. I hear he's got three girls in my class pregnant right now, and even more in the third-grade. If you believe what you hear."
Suzy gave another wriggle on her father's lap, causing him to release another spurt of pre-cum into her tight little hole, as she continued, "Surprisingly, none of the kids seems to mind. . . Even the little ones."
"Little ones?"her father gasped, barely managing to stop at a traffic light. The school was getting closer.
"Uhuh," she replied, "I hear he's even fucked some of the first-graders. Since nobody ever complains though, it's hard to tell. I know for sure he was fucking some of my classmates, two years ago. I almost went down there myself, just to see what it was like."
The thought of his little girl being fucked at 7 years old, was almost too much; George barely managed to restrain himself enough to ask, "Why didn't you?"
"Daddy! I wanted my first time to be with you."
"Oh." George was flattered. He had to finish this conversation pretty quick though. "Then why don't you want to get sent to see him now?" he asked.
"Because he might fuck me."
"So?" he asked. "You're already fucking me. Would letting some poor old oversexed schoolteacher in you cute little panties be so bad? Besides, you said all the other girls seem to like it. He must be pretty good."
"Daddy! He might get me pregnant!" said Suzy in exasperation.
"Then let him," George said, as he began ejaculating his sperm up into his child's vagina at the very thought. OOOH, that was sexy! Just thinking about the principal, cool as a cucumber in public, while he boffed the 12, 10, 8, (and if Suzy was to be believed, even 6) year old little girls in his private office. George was slightly disappointed that his daughter hadn't been one of them.
"Oh Daddy, don't be silly," murmured Suzy in her father's ear, as he pulled into the school parking lot. "I want this baby to be my daddy's."
"OOoohhh!" George groaned, and let his little girl have the last sticky drops of incestuous seed. Well, if his little girl wanted a big belly by her own father, then George was quite willing to do his part.
"If you say so," he groaned, as the final drops oozed out of his prick, and into his little girl's body. "Only remember, there's still next year."

"Huh?" replied Suzy, somewhat distracted, as she tried valiantly to extract every precious drop of her father's sperm up inside her vagina.
"After our baby is born, you can always get pregnant again, as your mother pointed out," he replied. "All your babies don't have to be mine, do they?"
Suzy threw the tissue-box at her father, as she struggled into her tight little panties. "THIS one does," she said pointedly, using one of the tissues to stop up her leaking hole. "I gotta go Daddy. . . See you tonight."
"See you," her father confirmed. "Love you, Cutie-Pie."
George started to pull out, heading for work, but paused long enough to hear his daughter's reply, and answer her in return.
"Love you too, Daddy. Can we do this again tonight? Please Daddy?"
"Promise to make it 'feel good' for me?" he teased.
"Promise," she giggled.
"OK, then I promise too."
And that was that. George Pepper headed off to work with a very sticky crotch, while his daughter skipped into school just ahead of the bell, with her own father's thick sticky sperm dripping down the side of her leg.
They were both too happy to give a damn.
Tonight. . . George could hardly wait.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: **NEW** GOODDEED.TXT 11K "The Good Deed" (mf, cons, incest, teen, preg?) Followup-To: Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:20:43 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 305 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vitk7$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

The Good Deed
An Erotic Story

Sometimes you can do something nice for people, with almost no effort on your part. For example: Today I was passing by my daughter's bedroom, when I heard a loud protest.
"Michael, No!" Said Misty.
Now usually, I don't go eavesdropping on my children. . . Especially, when they have the door firmly shut. Around our house, a closed door is a sign you want privacy, and my wife and I try to be as observant of this as we expect our children to be. The only door inside the house with a lock is the bathroom, and that's because the house came that way. Normally I would no more think of spying on my son or daughter when they had their doors closed, than I would think of spying on them in the bathroom. I mean children need their privacy, just like adults do. . . Maybe even more.
Only if I thought that either of the kids were doing something seriously wrong or illegal, would I check up on them. And no, I don't consider things like jacking-off wrong, like some perverts do. A boy, (or a girl for that matter) needs some sexual relief, if only masturbation, or the tension will build up,until someone gets so horny that somebody ends up pregnant. As the conversation I was about to listen in on, so eloquently pointed out.
It was only because Misty objected so loudly to whatever her little brother wanted, that I stopped to listen in the first place. I wasn't intending to spy, just to make sure the two siblings didn't get into an actual fight, or get so loud that their mother had to get involved. So I put my head a little closer to the door, and tried not to feel like a Peeping-Tom. If everything was OK, then I'd just ignore whatever I heard, and never let on that I had even noticed.

"Please, Misty?"

I could tell I was missing something, so I put my head right up to the thinly paneled door, so I could listen better. It was unusually quiet outside, so once my ear was to the door, I could hear almost everything, as the thin plywood of the door acted like a sounding-board, so It was almost as if I was inside the room with my two children, if I closed my eyes and listened.

<Slurp.> <Slurp.>
"Please Misty, just for a minute?"
<Slurp.> <Plop.>
"I told you no!"
"But I only want to do it for just a minute."
"Yeah, just a minute, my foot. You want to stick that nasty old thing up inside me, and squirt your cum in me, don't you?"
"Only once, just to know how it feels. Please?"
"We shouldn't be doing even this much. . . Do you want me to stop?"

"So if you don't stop bugging me, I'll have to stop sucking you off every night. Then where would you be?"
"Horny; just like you. You'd miss me sucking on you, just as much as I would."
"I suppose. Still, I am NOT letting my little brother stick his cock up inside me, no matter HOW much I would like it."
"Why not? I only want to do it just once. . . Just to see what it feels like."
"Yeah, sure. Just like we both only wanted try sucking each other off, 'Just to feel what it's like.'"
<Giggle> <Snort.>
"Well, OK. So what? You might like this, just as much."
"Why not? Even you admit that you might like it. And if not, then you only have to do it once, just so I can feel what it's like to really cum inside a girl, instead of just in her mouth."
"Mike, you know why."
"What was that?"
"I said, 'No I don't,' at least, not really."
"Mike, I'm only going to say this one more time, so listen closely."
"If I let you put your prick inside me, you'd probably cum in me too. In the first place, you probably couldn't help it. In the second, that's what you want to feel anyway. Now let me finish, damnit! Even if you promised to pull out, which I'm sure you would TRY to do, If I got you to promise, you couldn't be sure you wouldn't accidentally get some inside me anyway. I should know, after those times you 'tried' to pull out of my mouth before you came."
"I'm sorry. Besides, you LIKE me to cum in your mouth now."
"Uhuh. But only after you 'accidentally' squirted in me three or four times."
"You might like feeling me squirt inside you too. In fact, I've heard that most girls do. . . Even more than they like sucking cock."
"Uhuh. So let's say I do let you cum inside me, either by accident, or because I do like it. Then what happens?"
"We keep on doing it, just like we do things now. . . Only we'd have more fun."
"Fun for you, maybe; not for me."
"Mike, you dumbbell, If you even once came inside me, even if only by accident, I could get pregnant!"
"Get pregnant?"
"Pregnant. . . Knocked-up. . . in a family-way, whatever. Mike, you dummy, I could have a baby."
"Oh. . . I suppose."
"You suppose. . . Boy you're dumb. If you squirted inside me just once, even by accident, I could get pregnant, and then what happens?"
"I dunno. . . I suppose you have a baby."

"Uhuh. And when Momma or Dad see me with my stomach sticking out to 'here', what do you think will happen?"
"Uh. . . They'll be mad?"
"Wow! . . . Look at the super-genius! Got it after only 10 minutes of prompting! Then guess what happens?"
"I dunno, I suppose they might paddle us."
"Brilliant, Sherlock. . . Not. They might, or they might not. For sure, they aren't going to let us go on making little babies together; and the only way they can be sure of that, is to separate us. You'd probably go off to one of those military schools you hear about, while they'd probably put me in a convent, or something. No more big sister to suck you off for you, and no more little brother to suck my horny little clit for me. How would you like THEM apples, little brother?"
"I thought not. Now, talking bout horny little clits, don't you think it's time you did YOUR part in out little deal? I mean, six times in one night is pretty good, even for a guy as horny as you are. But don't you think I deserve a little fun too?"
"You always have fun, whichever one of us is doing the sucking, Sis."
"As do you, little brother; as do you. Or do you deny that you like sucking my horny little twat, just as much as I like sucking you off?"
"Oooh, that's good. You're a GOOD little brother."
"Oh. Oooh! Oh! Don't stop. . . Do.o.o.n't sto.o.op."
"Aaauuugh. Oh. Oowooh! Thanks little brother, I needed that."
"I could tell. . . I liked it too, as you can see."
"Oh my, my little brother's got another stiffie, just from licking his sister. Well, what are we going to do about this now?"
". . . I still wish I could put it up inside you."
"Well, you can't. Now come here, and Big Sister'll get you off. But this'll have to be our last time tonight, then you'll have to go to your own bedroom. We don't want Momma catching us, like she almost did last night. OK?"
"OK, I guess. Would you let me put it in you, if Momma and Dad wouldn't find out?"
<Slurp.> "I suppose. . . But I could still get pregnant, and how'd they miss it then?"
"What if they didn't mind?"
"What do you think? OK, by some stretch of the imagination, I can imagine Daddy not being too upset by finding out we're having sex. But can you imagine our parents' faces, if they found out we were not only fucking, but I was pregnant with my own brother's baby? Daddy would have a fit! And as for Momma. . ."

"Oh, that feels good. Thanks, Sis. I'm gonna cum pretty quick just thinking about this. So it's only because Daddy might find out, that you won't let me fuck you?"
<Slurp.> <Pwwwept!>
"Uhuh. If it wasn't for that, I'd be on my back right now, sucking the sperm out of my little brother's cute little prick the right way, right now. . . With my horny little snatch sucking his thick sticky baby juice right up inside my tummy where it belongs. You wouldn't be able to keep me away, Little Brother."
"You mean it, Misty?"
"What do YOU think, Little Brother?" <Sluuuuuurp!>
"I think you like the idea almost as much as I do."
"Uhuh. And what do you think of THIS?"
"Oh. . . Aaugh. Ungh. Oh! Oh that feels good."
"Tastes good, too. God, you're still hard."

That was my cue. Mike's groan was loud enough that I could have heard it by accident, just in passing. And I hadn't wanted to interrupt the two of them while either one was almost ready to cum; knowing how it felt to be interrupted in the middle of having sex. I knocked on the door.

"Misty?" I said, "Are you OK?"
"I'm fine, Dad."

"Good," I said, "I'm glad to hear that. Remember, you and Mike have to go to school tomorrow, so I don't want you fucking your brother all night long, like you did the other night. You both need your rest. Anyway, It's hard for your mother and I to sleep, knowing you two are still going at it."

<DEAD silence, from within the girl's bedroom.> I grinned to myself.

"And besides," I added, "Your mother says it's easier for a girl to get pregnant, if you don't do it TOO often. . . So maybe you two would have a better chance, if you and Mike cut it down to only two or three times a day. . . OK?"

It was VERY faint, but I couldn't miss it. . . "OK, Daddy."

I walked away, knowing I had done MY good deed for the day, just as I heard the satisfied sigh of a little girl being filled for the first time with her own brother's thick cock.
It's amazing what pleasure you can bring some people, just by a few well-chosen words. NOW, I had to figure out the right words to use, to let my unsuspecting wife know just how lucky WE were going to be in about another nine months or so. Knowing my wife and HER siblings like our children never suspected; I didn't think that was going to be very hard.

Damn! For once, I wished that I didn't believe in privacy so much, so I could actually SEE my little boy squirting his seed in his own big sister's tight little slit for the first time. Still, now that they both knew we didn't object, I was fairly sure that both kids wouldn't be so secretive, from now on. . . Especially, if their mother and I were a little more open ourselves, whenever WE had sex. From now on, our bedroom door would remain open, and we wouldn't do it under the covers, either.
Yes, it's just amazing how much you can do for someone you love, with the right words at the right time.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

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The "Good Girl"
An Erotic Story

I remember the first time I met Tammy. She was staring at me, in almost a state of shock. Now I know what shock is, or should anyway, since I got out of medical school 2 years ago. It's so SATISFYING to be able to put "MD" after your name, after so many years as an intern. That day, I was working in my new office, trying to get used to how things were run in a small-town hospital. Most new MD's don't like to work in a small town. But for me, it had seemed like a great idea. The town had been advertising heavily, and was willing to subsidize the hospital. If I hadn't answered, they would have had to close. The pay wasn't what it would be in the big city, but the hours were. . . well, let's just say irregular. After medical school, I had begun to HATE regimen. While I could be called any time, and sometimes I worked over 80 hours a week, there were many days I didn't have to even show up. Of course, I was always on call, with a portable phone, that cost a fortune, but was paid-for by the city, and a fancy CB, that I kept in contact with, when the phone didn't work. As I say, I know what shock is, and this little girl looked like she was going to faint, right there on the sidewalk. At first, I thought she might have sunstroke. We do get a few cases every year, along with the even rarer cases of heat-exhaustion. Then, I realized she was staring at my face, in what must be disbelief, and (could it be?) hope?
I'd been getting a few strange looks lately, ever since I started growing a beard. It must be something about the older man, or at least LOOKING like an older man, I thought. I decided I liked the idea of looking older. (At 22, I felt that some people didn't think of me as a "doctor." I looked too young. So I was trying to shake the "youth" image.) Still, I had been getting some strange looks lately. I wondered if my beard was lopsided or something.
The girl looking at me couldn't have been much over 14 years old; but even so, she was a knockout. Creamy smooth skin, long brown hair, a pixie-ish look to her face, and a body that most models would kill for. Quite frankly, I stared back.
The girl seemed to work her nerve up to something. "Uh pardon me," she said, hesitantly. "Are you. . . ?" and paused, waiting for me to identify myself, so I did.
"I'm Bill Morrow," I said, sticking out my hand in greeting. (NOT the sort of greeting I'd like to give this incredible piece of woman-flesh. And boy, do I mean "Piece." What a piece of tail!) I was drooling. What I'd give, for even a kiss from a girl like that, let alone. . . "Down Boy!" I whispered to my suddenly erect cock. As you can tell, I hadn't had much experience with girls. (All right, face it. I didn't have ANY experience with girls. At 22, I figured I was the oldest virgin in the state. That's one reason I had taken a job so far out in the boonies. Where girls were concerned, I was "chicken.") For this girl, I felt a rush of adrenaline run through my body. . . For this girl, I'd do almost anything. That's why what came next, almost floored me.

"Tammy Marlow," she said with a smile, that showed off two rows of perfect white teeth. Though she smiled, there seemed to be considerable disappointment in my answer. "Oh well, you can't win them all!" I told myself, wondering who she had hoped I was. (I didn't REALLY find out, until over a month later, on the night I met. . . But I'm getting ahead of my story.) It turned out, that some times, you COULD grab the brass-ring. "Could you do me a favor?" she asked me.
"Anything," I breathed, meaning it. If she had asked me to jump off the bridge, in the middle of town, I probably would have done it, at that moment. (Of course, it's only 25 feet, from the lip, to the puddles below, so that's not as bad as it sounds. Besides, I'm pretty athletic anyway. Back to the story.)
"Could you kiss me?"
I stared at her. Obviously my hearing was bad. Either that, or the sun was too hot, and I was having delusions. Girls this beautiful just DID NOT walk up to complete strangers, and ask to be kissed. Most especially, they did not ask ME!
My jaw must have been flapping in the breeze, but she looked at me so wistfully, and hopefully, that I eventually shut it with a snap. "Unh," I said, not very brightly. "You want me to. . . ?"
"Kiss me. Please? I'd really appreciate it."
About this time, some primitive part of my brain must have awoken, and was yelling at me, "GET GOING, YOU DUMMY. If you miss this chance, you'll hate yourself the rest of your life!" I did it. I reached for her, she reached for me, and just like that, we were kissing. Believe me, It was nothing like the kisses I used to receive from my mother, or my aunts. I had seen kisses that looked about half this exciting in theaters and on television, but they never happened in real-life. At least, not in my life! Let me tell you: Those kisses on the screen aren't half as good as what I got that day from Tammy. She came into my arms; put hers around me; and kissed me with those soft beautiful lips that seemed to warm my very soul. It was no chaste little peck on the lips, either. It was a full-bodied slightly openmouthed warm loving smooch, that seemed to warm me from the tips of my toes, to the very ends of my hair. I felt like I could feel each scale of my skin separately, there were two wonderful bumps of something pressing into my chest, and warm silky hair running through my fingers, and a lively body pressed up against me. . . It's a wonder I didn't melt down in a pile of goo, from sensual overload. After that, things got even better. I know it doesn't seem possible, from what I've just described, but believe me, it did!
"Thank you," said Tammy. "I needed that. You don't know, how much."
"Not half as much as I did, Honey." Somehow, it seemed OK, to call her "Honey" even though we'd just met two minutes before. (Only 2 minutes? I felt like I'd known her for 10 years!) "Can I take you to dinner?" The minute I said it, I knew I had made a mistake. Dinner? Like we were already Dating? I wanted to bite my tongue out of my mouth, as I waited for the rejection.

"Oh. I'm so sorry." (At least, she said it like she meant it, letting me down easy.) "I promised Momma I'd be home for dinner tonight." (Oh yeah! The oldest excuse in the book.) I must have looked like a dog that just got kicked by its master. "But I'm free for lunch tomorrow. How about then?"
It took all of what little self control I had, to keep from yelling, "WAHOOO!" to the world. The grin that spread across my face must have told her how I felt, because she said, "I'll take that as a 'YES' response." Then teasing, "How about another one, 'For the road.'" and she held her arms out expectantly.
THIS time, I didn't hesitate. As she came into my arms again, I must have blacked out from sheer overload of pleasure. All I remember is, that about 5 minutes later I was standing there alone, still mumbling to myself, "What a girl. WHAT a GIRL!" when the janitor came out of the building, and started to lock up.
"Tammy Marlow?" He said, in answer to my question. "Oh! She's the oldest of the Marlow girls. They live in that BIG farmhouse, about a mile out of town. Funny family. Been here a long time. Seem to be related to 3/4 of the people around here. By funny, I don't mean anything bad. I wouldn't mind taking a shine to her myself. Only 14 though, and her Daddy died about a year ago, after being laid-up for several years. Been awful quiet since then. Her Momma runs the place now. Even if she's only 14, they do seem to get married young around here. I never get any encouragement from the girls here though. Maybe it's my breath." He said this last, with a big grin, as he climbed into his pickup, and roared off into the gathering dusk.
Well, that was the start. After lunch the next day, Dinner two nights later, a movie, a date at the library, of all places, and a picnic, I proposed.
At first, she was hesitant. I was devastated. I thought I knew her. But it wasn't the proposal that was bothering her, it was something else. "Uh. There might be a problem," she said.
I waited.
"I can't get married, until I'm either 16, or. . . lets just say, until I'm 16," she said. "That's over a year and a half."
"So," I said, "some people around here get married as young as 12." I knew, because I had looked it up. I had a PERSONAL interest in the matter. "Jailbait" was under 14 in this state, so I was safe there.
"I can't," she said. "At least, not until. . . I just can't. Can you accept that?"
If I had to wait 10 years, I probably would have. "Then you'll marry me?" I asked again. "When you're 16?"
"Uh. There's one more thing," said Tammy, looking almost scared.
I raised my eyebrows.
"I'm a virgin."
"So am I," I said, raising HER eyebrows. I guess I surprised her. "I was hoping, that we could solve that mutual problem 'together.'"
Tammy looked as if she was about to cry. "That's the trouble," she said, "I can't. At least not until. . ." Again that strange hanging question.

I figured it out (Or at least I thought I did. When, years later, I found out how much grief I put the two of us through, because of my stupid assumption. . . Well, lets just say I felt like the world's prize idiot, and a heel to boot.) "Until you're married," I finished for her. She started to explain, but I hushed her. "If you can stand it, I can. If that's what you want."
Tammy looked ready to cry. "I DON'T want it," she said. "I just CAN'T. I want so much to feel you inside me, squirting my little belly full of the warm sticky stuff that makes babies so much, I could cry! But I just Can't! At least not yet. And it's not fair to YOU."
"If you can wait, so can I," I replied. "I can understand your wanting to be a 'Good Girl,' and remain a virgin until you get married."
Tammy mumbled something like "That's not it at all," under her breath, then what I said registered. "You'd do that for me?" she asked almost breathlessly.
I nodded.
Tammy said, "I promise you won't regret it." How she kept that promise was. . . was. . . well amazing. It wasn't until years later, that I found out what she had REALLY intended to do, was absolutely nothing like what actually happened. Things just got out of hand, before she ever got the chance to explain, and then I got up on my high-horse, and never did let her. At the time, she said, "I can't let you fuck me, but I can help you out in other ways. Like right now, we can finger each other off. Later, we can do other things. I know if I let you do too much, at first, we'll get carried away, and I won't be able to stop. Promise you'll follow my schedule?"
I promised.
"Then I will marry you. Two days after I turn 16. is a Saturday, and the church is available." I wasn't the ONLY one doing research, it turned out.
So, for the next two weeks, we dated. Only now, when we finished our dates, she would jack me off, and I would finger her off. For such a horny, sexy girl, I couldn't figure out how she kept control, but somehow she did. It only took a little pressure on the bud of her clitoris, to get her off, and the feeling of my fingers in her tight little hole would have her gasping and running like a river. By the way, she really WAS a virgin, just like she said she was. She told me, that when she turned 15, in about 6 more months, she would start giving me oral-sex, and that I could do the same to her. Later, when we got closer to getting married (in about another 6 months) she would let me use her ass, to keep me from becoming too frustrated, but I would have to follow her strict timetable. I decided that if her virginity was that precious, that she insisted on giving it to me, as a wedding-present, then I'd be a fool to chance losing her by pushing things.
It seemed like every day, I found more about her to love; and wonderfully, she seemed to find more about me to love. Everything seemed like it couldn't possibly get better, until the night she had me meet her family. What a disaster!

No, it wasn't what you think. It wasn't that her family didn't like me. They did. Too much, and THAT was the trouble.
I knew that there was SOME reason Tammy was nervous about having me meet her family. By now, I knew she had four younger sisters: Karen (13, almost 14 herself) Suzy (12) Judy (10) and Ginny (5, almost 6). Her mother's name was Joan, and she was 27. (That should have told me something right there, but I wasn't into subtraction (27, minus almost-15, minus 9-months = 11 years old, or possibly 12, when she first got pregnant with Tammy. As I said, I didn't figure this out until later, when I had my face rubbed in it.) I knew her father had passed away, over a year ago, and it still hurt. Still, I was eager to meet the family of the girl I loved. (And I kind of wondered about the old saw: "Are there any more at home like you?" It turned out there were. . . 5 more!)
The night in question, Tammy jittered for an hour, watching me get dressed, making sure I looked good enough to eat. She made a strange request: She asked me to shave off my beard, just for this occasion. Since I knew that Tammy actually LIKED my beard, and it had taken me over 8 months to get it into its nice neat present appearance, I naturally refused. If I had listened to her, a lot of hurt could have been avoided, I guess. On the other hand, there was a LOT of fun, that I wouldn't have missed for the world, that came out of my wearing a beard that night. I finally found out what it was about the beard, that caused so many people in town to stare at me too. (And why I met Tammy in the first-place, as well.)
We came to her house a little before dusk. It was about 6 o'clock, on a fine Sunday evening. The house was one of those big old Victorian farmhouses that were big enough for 3 modern day families. Unlike most of them however, this one was in good shape. It was square-built, three-stories, a cupola, and a basement, with a veranda/porch circling about 3/4 of the way around the first floor. It was beautiful. Someone had obviously spent a lot of work (and probably money) keeping this house so nice.
We entered through the parlor. (I know; people don't have parlors these days. But THEY did!) Surprisingly, there was no one waiting to see us when we came in. I found out later, that we were early, as Tammy wanted to "prep" me before I met her family.
"If everything goes right tonight," she breathed sexily in my ear, "we might not have to wait any more."
I WISH that I had really LISTENED to her then. I did listen, as she continued, "Now you do WHATEVER they ask you to," she whispered, "especially Momma. Promise? You'll do anything they ask? I guarantee you won't regret it!"
"Well, I won't kill anybody."
"They won't ask you to."
Both of us were thinking different thoughts, but NOW I'm sure that we both had the same thing in mind: That she would "make it worth my while" to do what she asked. Later that night, I jumped to a much different conclusion, as you will see. In any case, I promised.

Tammy opened the parlor door, and led me into the living- room. "Momma, we're here!" she called out.
NEVER have I seen such a simple phrase, get such an unexpected response. The lovely woman, dressed in a stylish dress, almost a mini-skirt turned around, saw the two of us, and turned white as a sheet. "George!" she gasped, and almost collapsed. There were two other occupants of the room. One of them was a girl, just a little younger than Tammy, looking almost like her twin-sister, that I figured must be Karen. The other one, was a little girl who couldn't be over 6 years old. In fact, she looked only four or five, but had a beauty and charm that most girls don't get until they're in their twenties, and some never do. The older girl just stared at me, with her mouth open, reminding me of Tammy, the first time we met. NOW I figured I knew the reason Tammy was scared to bring me home: She was afraid of the competition. The little girl was the first to react though, and (as far as I was concerned) her reaction was completely unexpected.
"DADDY!" she shrieked, and jumped at me. The little girl was surprisingly strong and unbelievably agile. The next thing I knew, she had her arms around my neck, and was sobbing violently on my shoulder. "Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," she sobbed, over and over. "They told me you were DEAD," she whimpered some more, then continued, "I knew it wasn't true Daddy, but they insisted. They made me believe it. Oh Daddy, I missed you so much. Please don't leave me again Daddy. I promise I'll be good this time. Please Daddy? Please?"
My heart was almost breaking. NOW I finally knew why Tammy had been so attracted to me that first day. How could I possibly break this little girl's heart, by telling her that I wasn't her Daddy, and that I couldn't stay here. Suddenly I remembered Tammy's words. THIS must have been what she was really worried about. And I had promised to do ANYTHING they asked.
I did the best I could. I couldn't go on letting the little girl think I was her father. It would be so much worse, when she found out the truth. On the other hand, what with planning to marry Tammy, I sure didn't plan on leaving town immediately either.
"Honey, look at me," I commanded firmly, untwining the stranglehold the child had on my neck. "Look at me closely."
Sniffling, the little girl released her hold on my neck, and leaned back in my arms to do as I asked. Puzzled at first, then with a growing sense of unease. "You look different, Daddy," she said.
"Uhuh. Keep looking."
She looked at my beard, started, then looked at my cheeks very closely. "You're not Daddy, are you?" she finally said, looking so sad, I wanted to cuddle her, and BE her daddy for her.
"No I'm not. I'm sorry. I wish I was."
"So do I." A whisper. "Does that mean, you'll have to go away like Daddy did?"
This time I grinned. "I don't plan on leaving town anytime soon, if that's what you mean."
"OK, Daddy, even if you aren't Daddy." Oh, the lovely illogic of youth!

Tammy leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You handled that beautifully! I love you."
I hissed back at her, "You MIGHT have given me some warning, you know! I love you too."
This scene was interrupted by the arrival of Tammy's other two sisters. The older of the two was dressed in a mini-skirt that looked painted on. Her midriff was bare, and the tight tube-top seemed to emphasize her budding breasts WAY too much for such a young girl. The effect, was much more sexy, than if she had been completely naked. I immediately had a chance to check that observation, as the last member of the family arrived. This was obviously Judy, and she had (also obviously) just been taking a bath, when her sister's screams brought her running also. You guessed it; she WAS completely naked, and unashamedly so. I was right. Her sister definitely looked sexier. Of course, that might have been because she was older, and more developed, but none of the girls were what you would call bad lookers. Still, seeing her there with her tits sticking out, and her bare little cunny dripping water from the tub, she was a pedophile's wet- dream. Even I was getting a hard-on, looking at the two of them, and little girls aren't my bag.
"WOW!" said the younger girl. "He looks just like Daddy!"
"He sure does!" said the older one.
All eyes turned to the older woman like beacons.
"AFTER dinner," said the woman, emphatically.
Obediently, the children left to finish preparing for dinner. Slowly, my erection subsided. I hoped that no one had noticed. (It turned out, that EVERYONE had noticed, but I'll get to that later)
Dinner was wonderful, but full of strange looks being passed between all of the children and their mother. Secret signals were passed; questions were asked and answered, in some secret family code that families develop after years of living together. All I could tell was, that I had some part in what was being asked and planned. If I had known about the family customs, or if her mother had given Tammy a chance to talk to me, after dinner, the big blow-up would never have occurred. Still, Tammy says she's not sorry, as she got a chance to show me how much she really loved me, in a way that she never would have had otherwise. I'm still trying to show her, how much I appreciate what she did, years later.
After dinner, the whole family paused, then the "buck" was somewhat obviously passed to Tammy, as she was the eldest, and I was HER boyfriend. "Momma?" asked Tammy. "Will he do?"
I THOUGHT she was asking if I was good enough for Tammy to marry. Shows you what thought did. I listened eagerly, wondering what Tammy would do, if her mother said no. I needn't have worried. June (Tammy's mother, remember?) grinned and nodded. "He'll do," she said.
This set off an explosion of cheers and "Yippee!"'s from the younger children. Shortly, an argument ensued, that at first I didn't get.

"I get him first!" yelled Suzy.
"I do!" screamed Karen.
"Hey! What about me?" complained Judy.
"He's MY. . ." Tammy's voice was cut off by her mother.
"Yes he is," she said. "So you get him all the time. Your sisters don't. So tonight, you let them have him, and you leave him alone. You can always get him." (Oh, if she'd only known!)
"But MOM, I've nev. . ." June's glare silenced her.
"Do you want me to say no, for everyone?" she asked.
Tammy shut up, with a snap, looking at me helplessly.
I wanted to support her, but didn't even know what the argument was about. I shrugged, and Tammy collapsed.
"OK Momma," she said. She really did love me.
"OK, now that that's settled: Suzy, you asked first."
A quick "Yippee" was quickly silenced.
"Karen, you're next."
"I'm ALWAYS last," mumbled Judy, petulantly.
"Are you in, or out?" asked Joan. It was obvious who ran THIS family.
"I'm' in, I'm in."
"Finally, Ginny."
Little Ginny's eyes got real big, as her mother looked at her. Then she shook her head from side to side. No.
"OK, Ginny's out. I'm last."
"Oh wow Mom, You too?"
"It's been over five years. Don't you think I deserve it?"
Nobody argued.
I had been following this strange discussion with some puzzlement, when I felt someone pulling on my shoulder. It was little 12-year-old Suzy. "Well, c'mon," she said "Don't you want to?"
I looked over at Tammy who was looking at me hopelessly. I could tell she didn't like this, (whatever it was) but saw no way out. I decided I'd just better follow her earlier instructions. Still, since she looked so worried, I looked at her again, looking for a yes, no, or anything. She just looked straight ahead. I guess her mother's threat had removed her options. (I must say, that at THAT moment, it didn't look so bad to her, as her mother had said that she could have me afterwards. What she didn't figure on, were her own reactions, and my reaction to that.)
"Are you coming?" repeated Suzy, now looking a little desperate.
Well, I had promised to do "anything." Obediently, I followed the child, now skipping gleefully ahead of me.
"I want my first time to be in my bed," said the 12-year- old.
"Huh" I felt like I had stepped on a stair that wasn't there. Had I missed something? "First time for what?" I asked. She couldn't mean. . . She did.
"First time I get fucked, of course. Come on. My cousin got fucked when she was only 7, and since Daddy got sick we've been all just DYING to get fucked. I can't wait until I have a baby!"

My jaw was about two inches from the floor. "You want me to. . .to. . . to get you pregnant?"
"Of course, Silly! That's the whole Idea. Didn't Tammy tell you?"
Obviously she hadn't
"Oh don't worry about it. Just come here and fuck me. Or don't you want to?" By this time, the child had finished removing her clothes, and was starting to help me get undressed as well.
My cock, which had been so stimulated earlier, was not going to let me get away with lying, on this one. After 22 years, I decided it was time I got fucked myself. Tammy had obviously set me up on this one, and since she wouldn't give me any sex herself, I didn't see why I should turn down an offer she seemed to want me to take. Especially after telling me to do "anything" her sisters asked me to. I did it.
I got between the little girl's legs, and fucked her. Being a doctor, I knew where all the appropriate parts were, even if I had never done it before, so there was no real initial clumsiness. Before I could count to 10, both Suzy and I were no longer virgins.
"OW!" she said. "That hurt."
I told her, that it was supposed to hurt, the first time.
She decided she wanted to continue, so I started sliding my big cock in and out of the little girl's belly. I knew it was wrong to fuck such a little girl, but I couldn't help myself. Before I was really ready, I knew I was about to cum. O SHIT! I didn't have any condoms! By this time, Suzy was starting to enjoy it, and had her legs wrapped around me, as she grunted and groaned with pleasure.
"I've got to pull out," I warned her. "I don't want to get you pregnant."
"Don't you DARE," said the determined little girl. "If you pull out, and squirt it on my tummy, instead of inside me, where it belongs, I'm going to run screaming down the street, saying you raped me! The whole family will back me up, and with your sperm all over me, you'll be lucky to get out of jail before you're 80. Now shut up, and fuck!"
You'd think that this spiel, about charging me with rape, would make me wilt like a wet-noodle, but instead, knowing that she actually WANTED me to cum in her (and possibly knock her up) was so sexy, that I got even harder, if possible. Two seconds later, I lost control, and started squirting my sperm inside her cute little belly, where she wanted it. It felt so good, to let that rusty load of baby-juice go. Especially, in the belly of a little girl who actually WANTED me to get her pregnant.
Afterwards, I looked down at my penis, and the red ring around it. In the last few years, I had begun to wonder if I was EVER going to lose my own virginity. I had never expected to be lucky enough to fuck one. Now, it looked like I might get two, since Tammy was still a virgin also. (Little did I realize. . .)

When we finished, Suzy hauled me, still naked, and still dripping cum off my red-ringed cock back into the living room, where the rest of the family was waiting. "Look Momma, I did it," she said proudly, showing off her cum-dripping little slit, and the red splotches on my cock to her mother. This was somewhat embarrassing to me, as Tammy was watching, looking daggers at me. Tammy was the only one still dressed. The whole rest of the family, including Ginny was naked, as they all looked at Suzy's no-longer-virgin hole, with my sperm still oozing out of it, and my pinkish-cream covered cock.
The moment she got a chance, Tammy motioned me over, so that she could whisper in my ear. "Why her?" she asked. Anger showing briefly in her eyes. "My God, she's only 12 years old!" reminding me of her little sister's "jailbait" status.
For a second, fear went through my body, then I started to get mad. "Because you told me too," I whispered back. "Are you going to tell on me?"
She shook her head. "Of course not! Momma and my sisters wouldn't support me, if I did, anyway. What I mean is, why her? Why not Me? You could have asked Momma for me first. She would have understood."
Now, I WAS mad. I had wanted to fuck Tammy for so long, and she wouldn't let me. Now, just because her little sister fucked me, she decides SHE wants to get fucked? "Because you told me you didn't WANT to!" I hissed back.
Tammy started to open her mouth, to tell me something, when we were interrupted. "Hey guys, it's my turn," said Karen, pulling me away before her sister could finish explaining her actions.
This time, I followed Karen down the hall. If I didn't look too hard, she looked just like Tammy. For a bit, I fantasized that it WAS Tammy that I was going to fuck. The illusion was very easy to keep up. I found out that Karen had similar ideas. When we came to a bedroom, and stopped to open the door, I asked, "'this your room?" and was surprised by the answer.
"No," replied Karen, "it's Tammy's. I know you like Tammy a lot, and I wanted to pretend that you're MY boyfriend, and I'm the one you're going to marry. I know Tammy won't mind if we use her room. Especially since its because you love her. I know I look a lot like Tammy, so could we pretend I'm her, when we fuck?"
How could I refuse an offer like that? I grinned, nodded, and said, "OK, Tammy I'm going to fuck the shit out of you!" as I pushed her back on the bed, and shoved my cum-leaking prick up in her tight little snatch.
There was a snapping sensation, and Karen let out an "Ouch!" Another virgin?! I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know." It was the truth. At almost 14, and being so ready to fuck, how was I to suspect she was still a virgin. Of course, since Tammy was a virgin, and her little sister had been one too, I SHOULD have guessed.
"Never mind that," said Karen, falling back into her role as "Tammy." "Shut up, and fuck me, like a girl SHOULD get fucked by her fiance."

I did. With her virginity no longer in the way, but adding to the illusion in its own way, I fucked "Tammy" like I had wanted to, from the day we met.
"Oh Tammy," I said, sliding my engorged prick up in the girl's tight squeezing little slit, "I love you so much." In and out I slid, bringing first grunts, then whimpers of delight from the beautiful girl on the bed. After only a few moments of this, I knew I was losing control. I was going to cum! Suddenly, I remembered. This wasn't Tammy, the girl I was going to marry, and who I expected to carry my babies. This was her little sister, and I STILL didn't have any protection!
"Unh. Ungghh!" I panted. "I'm going to cum," I warned her. "I'd better pull out. I don't want to get you pregnant."
Karen slowed her humping back at me, just long enough to ask, "Would you pull out, If it was Tammy? If she wanted you to get her pregnant?"
All I could do, was shake my head.
"Then don't you DARE pull out of me. Pretend I'm Tammy, and you're getting me pregnant. I want you to. My period isn't until next week, so there's still a chance."
It was too much. The thought, that this beautiful, virgin, sexy, young girl, who looked so much like my beloved Tammy, was not only fertile, but actually WANTED me to get her pregnant, was WAY too much for my overexcited cock. I began spewing thick sticky gobs of my seed in her unprotected young womb, actually trying to get her pregnant, as I tried to deposit as much sperm as I could, as far up inside her welcoming young womb, as I could. "Oh Tammy," I said, losing myself in the fantasy. "I'm cumming in you. I'm making a baby in that sexy little belly of yours. I can't wait to see that cute little tummy swollen with my baby inside."
Each time I spasmed inside her, Karen would squeeze back, working to maintain the illusion. "Oh Bill," she panted. "I'm so glad we didn't have to wait until we got married. I've always envied those girls who had big bellies when they got married. Get me pregnant. Please? I want to carry your baby. Maybe I can have a baby, and STILL be pregnant, by the time we're married. Aauugh!" The excitement was too much for her, as the thought of carrying my baby in her tummy made her climax uncontrollably. Squeeze after squeeze milked every last drop of my sperm up inside her waiting young womb, until she collapsed in a heap, as her strength finally deserted her.
"O Thank You!" she gasped. "I hope I'm pregnant now."
"Thank YOU," I said, almost as out of breath as she was. The thought of this sexy young girl, who looked so much like my beloved Tammy, carrying my baby in her flat little tummy was so arousing, that I almost climbed on top of her, and gave her a second helping. "If not," I said, grinning, "I can always come over and give you another injection of Doc. Morrow's Physic for young girls who suffer from lack of maternity. Patent Pending."
"You'd better," she said, giggling at the thought, "or I'm liable to slap you with a 'lack-of-paternity' suit!"
O God! She even had her older sister's humor, that I loved so much! "Wouldn't that be 'lack of maternity' on your part?" I asked, bringing more giggles.

I was almost ready to climb on top of her, and give her a second "injection," to make sure I had "done my job" so to speak, when she stopped me. "Momma and Judy are still waiting," she reminded me. "Or do you think you can do me again, and still have enough left for them?"
I thought about it. "I don't know," I said, honestly. "This is the first time for me, too."
Karen's eyes widened in surprise. Somehow, she had never suspected ME of being a virgin. Not counting her little sister, that is. "You mean?" she asked.
"Uhuh. Tonight, with your little sister Suzy, was the first time I ever did it with a girl."
For a second, Karen digested this, then a slightly worried look appeared on her face. "You're not. . . ?" She couldn't say it.
I grinned. She was wondering if I was gay, with the evidence she had running out of her well-fucked little crack? "No," I said. "I've never done it with a guy, either."
Her face cleared, and she grinned back at me. "Then we'd better not take a chance," she said. "If Judy, or Momma missed out tonight, just because I got greedy, and went for 'seconds', they'd never forgive me. She shivered a little at the thought. "Besides," she added, "they need it just as much as I did, and have been waiting almost as long. It wouldn't be fair, If I got pregnant tonight, and they never got a chance."
I was so startled at the implications of this, that I scarcely noticed that she was leading me back to the living room, where she repeated her younger sister's proud display of her missing virginity, and the sperm I had ejaculated inside her. I started wondering: Did they ALL want me to get them pregnant? Even little Judy? For a second, I had a horrible thought: What about Ginny? There was NO WAY I was going to fuck a little 5- year-old girl, and try to knock her up! Then I remembered. Ginny was "out," and I breathed a sigh of relief. Still, I sweated. What if Ginny had asked to be in? Her mother HAD asked! Oh well, not my problem. At least, not tonight, anyway.
I did have another problem: Tammy. She looked like she was going to cry. "Did you have to do it in my room?" she hissed.
I tried to explain, about it being Karen's fantasy that I was fucking her. Tammy looked a little mollified at this, but a tear ran down her cheek, as she said. "*I* wanted to be the first one to 'do it' in my room." I didn't know what to say. I sure wasn't going to wait for another 14 months to fuck Karen, just because Tammy wanted to be first to "Do it in her room." I couldn't figure out what was bothering Tammy. She didn't seem to be mad at me for fucking her sisters. And she had almost TOLD me that she expected me to. I asked her, "Didn't you WANT me to fuck Karen and Suzy? Should I have said no?"
Tammy shook her head. "No, of course not. They needed it just as bad as I do. It's just that. . . Oh, You don't understand!"

I didn't. I figured that maybe she expected me to wait until after we got married, so that she got fucked first, before she let her sisters have me. But if she thought I was going to turn down her sexy little sisters, especially when she told me that she didn't mind, if I fucked them, and they were crawling all over me, just begging to get fucked. . . I'd have to be crazy. Just because Tammy wanted to remain the "Nice-Girl" until she got married, didn't mean that her sisters had to suffer because they wanted to be "sluts." I take that back. Her sisters were NOT sluts. They were very sexy little girls who for some reason, had decided to ACT like sluts, when they saw me. I couldn't figure it out. I am DEFINITELY not the guy that most girls throw themselves at. But first Tammy had done just that, and now her whole family (except for her) was crawling all over me, like "slut city" which I knew they weren't (At least two cherries attested to this fact.) My ruminations were cut short by Judy.
"MY turn," she breathed in my ear, grabbing me away from Tammy, and pulling me over to the big leather couch.
Tammy grabbed my other arm, and held me back a second, while she whispered fiercely in my ear, "For God's sake, Bill. She's only 10 years old!"
That was a scary thought. I knew what they did to pedophiles in this state. It wasn't nice. Still, her whole family was looking at me expectantly. I wasn't sure what to do.
"Do you mean I shouldn't fuck her?" I whispered back. 12 years old was one thing, but if Tammy told me to leave her 10- year-old little sister alone, you'd better believe I would.
"No. Idiot! I mean, she's only 10 years old, and awfully small. Don't you DARE hurt my little sister."
I looked at Judy. Barely tall enough to reach my chest, she couldn't weigh more than 45 pounds. Barely visible bumps were starting to appear on her chest, but it was still almost as flat as most boys. Her tiny little slit was barely more than a crack in the peach-shaped mound between her legs. Not a trace of hair marred the smooth roundness between her legs. Still, she had a sexy exuberance, and an eagerness that, as I said before, made her a pedophiles wet-dream 'cum' true. (Pun intended.) Tammy had a point.
"It's bound to hurt, if she's still a virgin," I said. "Maybe I'd better not."
"Oooohh, MEN!" said Tammy, now disgusted. "It'll hurt her a LOT more, if you don't. Believe me, I KNOW! So you get over there and fuck her. Just be careful, OK?"
I reassured her, that I would do my best. Actually, I was slightly annoyed. I thought Tammy knew me better than that. If she thought I'd do anything to hurt this beautiful child who looked at me so trustingly. . . I suppressed my annoyance. Tammy was just being normally protective of her little sister.
Judy had been waiting impatiently, while this was going on. "Are you two finished yet?" she asked exasperatedly.
We both assured her, that we were.

"Then get over here, and fuck me," she said.
"Right here?" I asked in surprise. After all, her sisters had each insisted that I do it in private.
"Right here!" insisted the 10-year-old. "I want everyone, including Momma to see that I'm a big girl now. Besides, I've always dreamed of getting my first fuck right here, with the whole family watching. Of course, since Daddy died, I couldn't but. . . Please?!" The little girl looked ready to burst into tears at the thought that I might refuse.
What could I do? I had promised Tammy that I wouldn't hurt the little girl, and right now, it looked like the way I would hurt the 10-year-old the most, was by refusing her request. That is, if you count hurts of the heart. Both Tammy and I did. I was never much of an exhibitionist, (Who am I kidding, I was so shy, the thought of making love in a roomful of people, was frightening!) Still, it was even more scary to think of letting the little girl down, in front of her whole family. It might scar her mentally, for life.
While I was deciding this, Judy had arranged herself on the couch, with her legs spread, waiting. I kneeled down on the floor, and kind of waddled up to her. An unexpected problem arose. Or, more correctly, didn't arise. My cock, which had performed admirably up to this point, was as limp as a wet noodle. (I TOLD you I was shy!) Oh SHIT! I felt like I was going to cry, and Judy looked the same way. I tried jacking on it, and rubbing it up against her little crack (Which was dry. Probably because she was justifiably scared.) but nothing worked.
By now, I WAS crying, silent tears running down my cheeks, as I felt so embarrassed I wanted to run out of the house, and never come back. Judy was starting to cry too. No sobs from her either, but I could see the wetness pooling in her eyes, about to run down her cheeks. The evening REALLY would have been a complete disaster, if June hadn't taken a hand at that moment. Seeing the trouble we were having; the girl's mother decided to "take a hand" in things.
"Here, let me help," said the woman. She reached down between the two of us; and grabbing my limp penis, she started prattling a string of obscene suggestions and lewd ideas that would have shocked a meeting of "Pedophiles Anonymous." I don't remember the exact words, my mind was in somewhat of a state of shock at the time, but it went something like this:

"Big nasty man! Wanting to fuck a 10-year-old girl. Shame on you. Wanting to stick this big nasty cock up inside a baby girl who's only 10 years old. Think of it, squirting your nasty old baby-juice in this tight little tummy, making it swell with your baby inside. Little girl wants to get fucked. Wants a big nasty cock squirting thick sticky sperm inside her tight little cunny, filling her cute little belly full of baby-making cum. Little 10-year-old girl wants a big belly. See, she wants you to put your nasty old cock right up inside her, so you can fill her tight little cunny with your nasty old sperm, and get her pregnant. Don't you want to put your big old baby-maker in her tight little slit, and fill her tiny little womb with your nasty old sperm."
With this stimulation, my cock had risen, and was almost hard enough to fuck with. The woman's words would have made a pedophile out of a priest. It was then, that June started to get REALLY nasty.
"Cute little baby girl," she said. "Wants to get pregnant by a man old enough to be her own father. Think of it. This little kid could be your own little baby girl. Wouldn't it be a thrill to knock your own kid up? You know, you even look like her Daddy. How about it Judy? Would you like Daddy to get you pregnant?"
Judy was panting by now, her little crack showing a shine, that showed she was definitely aroused. "Oh YES, Daddy!" she said, falling into the fantasy. "Oh Daddy, do it. Teach me how to make a baby. Please Daddy?"
"See," continued June, "Your little girl wants her own handsome Daddy to make a baby in her tight little belly. Wouldn't it be a kick to see your own little 10-year-old daughter, with her tiny little belly all big and swollen with your baby kicking inside? Now you get down there, and fuck your little girl, and knock her up, like you're supposed to."
By this time, my cock was so stiff, I could have driven nails with it; the child's mother had gotten me so excited. Judy's little slit was no longer dry either, as her mother's words seemed to have stimulated her, almost as much as they had me. I barely remembered to ask three VERY important questions. After all, as Tammy and her mother reminded me, she WAS only 10 year old.
"Are you sure you want to do this?" Most important question.
Judy nodded and said, "Please Daddy," maintaining the fantasy her mother had started, while reaching down and pulling my cock up against her creaming little slit, and trying to stuff it inside. Well, there was no doubt about THAT one.
Second question. "Are you a virgin?" Stupid, I know, she was only 10 years old, and her MUCH older sisters had been, still it wasn't unheard-of in a child that young, to not-be.
Another nod. By this time, two inches of my cock had vanished in the little girl's belly as she winced from the strain of taking my adult-sized penis in her tiny little slit. It turned out, that my second question was also unnecessary, as my cock was even then bumping up against the little girl's hymen.

Final question. I felt sure I knew the answer to this one already, but I was going to ask anyway. "Do you want me to get you pregnant? Or should I take precautions?"
A nod, and then a Definite, "NO! I want you to make a baby in me. Please Daddy? I've been having periods for 6 months now, and I've been ready for YEARS. Promise you won't pull out, Daddy. Please?"
I looked around at the interested observers. I somehow got the feeling that they'd kill me, if I turned the little girl down. . . Well, maybe not "kill," but something drastic. Even Tammy seemed to want me to impregnate her little sister. Her mother's sexy words rolled through my head. Only 10 years old, and pregnant with my kid. It was too sexy. Without thinking, I did what was probably the best thing after-all. I jammed my cock up in the little girl's 10-year-old belly, as hard as I could.
"OW!" said Judy, as I ripped her hymen to shreds, then: "Ow," again, as my cock, slickened by the girls juices, and the remnants of sperm from my earlier exploits with her older sisters, combined with a new generous helping of pre-cum, supplied by her mother's stimulation, slid not only all the way up inside her vagina, but all the way up to, into, and THROUGH the little girl's cervix, until my oversized penis was dribbling pre-cum and some sperm, right into the child's developing young womb.
I started to apologize, but Judy wouldn't let me. For some reason, in spite of the pain, feeling my cock stretching her uterus, and most especially feeling my sperm dripping inside her tiny little womb, while the knob of my cock stretched her womb, and bumped against the back of it, caused her to start climaxing, and climaxing, and climaxing, and she couldn't stop.
Judy grabbed me in a death-grip, and forced herself up even harder on my cock, somehow managing to get another full inch of my oversized penis inside her tiny little womb. The spasming of her little cunny milking on my engorged penis, nursing on it like a calf sucks on its mother's teat, would have been enough to make a statue squirt sperm, let alone a mere human like me.
I had barely gotten my cock all the way in the little girl, before I started filling her womb with gob after gob of thick sticky sperm. Spasm after spasm shook me, as I emptied myself inside her tiny little body.
Judy shrieked! Feeling my sperm squirting in her womb, was too much. I felt a tight ring clamp down on my engorged penis, as her uterus went into spasms and her vagina milked and sucked on me, until I had no more to give. On and on it went. I'd squirt a big gob of sperm in the little girl's tiny little womb, and she'd clamp down on my penis in response. Feeling her tiny little cunny squeezing on my cock, while her uterus clamped on the head, like an over-tight rubber-band, would cause me to send another fresh helping of baby-juice into the 10-year-old little girl's belly. This continued, until my balls ached with dry squirts, as I tried to send even more sperm that I didn't have, into the child's welcoming young womb. Still, Judy gasped and heaved underneath me, as the feeling of my sperm inside her womb tickled and stimulated her.

It wasn't until I had to pull my cock out of her uterus, because it actually HURT, that she slowed down, and finally stopped.
Judy looked at me, love filling her eyes. "Oh Daddy! I never DREAMED it would be that good," she said, while her little vagina kept my penis comfortably warm and semi-erect inside her. "I don't know how I'll be able to stand it, when you take it out."
"Whoooo!" I gasped, hardly able to talk. An experience like this, almost had me ready to switch to little girls for my thrills. Previously, only a well-developed girl like Tammy, or her mother had been able to turn me on. A woman's well-developed chest, with swaying milk-jugs, and rounded fanny were the stuff of my dreams. I knew, that from now on, big beautiful boobs, and furry snatches and shapely legs would be joined occasionally by tight little bare cunnies and smooth little tummies and tiny bumps on chests in my dreams.
I wasn't really a pedophile YET, but suddenly I could see how such people could be made. Previously, I had thought that a man must be sick, to even be turned on by a child who didn't have hair on her cunny, or breasts bigger than a boy's. I sure didn't FEEL sick, but after sharing this experience with Judy, I no longer felt that only big-girls were sexually exciting.
For several long minutes, we just lay there together, enjoying the feeling of being mated, until a discreet cough reminded us that we had company. Regretfully, we pulled apart. By now, my penis had shrunk back to a nubbin, while Judy lay there on the couch, with big globs of white starting to ooze up out of her tiny little crack.
Seeing that I was in no shape to proceed immediately, Tammy's mother shooed us all back into the kitchen, where we all enjoyed a hot cup of coffee, and some dessert. (Pie, and/or cake, a-la-mode) All the girls wouldn't leave me alone (not that I WANTED to be left alone. I loved the feeling of being loved and wanted.) They all kept brushing their naked little bodies up against me, enjoying the feel of skin-to-skin contact. Finally, Tammy got annoyed, and came over and sat in my lap, preempting me, as it were. After all, SHE was my fiancee.
"Well," said Tammy, breathing in my ear, "at least, you did THAT right. I've never seen Judy so happy. Just remember, you're supposed to be marrying ME."
I couldn't forget it. Through the skimpy little dress, I could feel the warm sexy body of the girl I loved, and whose mind matched mine so well. We liked the same things, we worked well together, we had read the same books, we just "clicked" in so many ways. The only difference, was that I was oversexed and horny, and she wanted to wait until we got married. Even that, I knew wasn't an obstacle, as I knew from our few petting sessions, that Tammy was just as hot for my body, as I was for hers. We both had long discussions of how many kids we were going to have (6 or 8) and what we were going to name them, and the fun we'd have making them. Believe me, I KNEW Tammy wasn't frigid. Not only that, but she had actually PUSHED me into this incredible situation, where I was fucking all of her sisters, and it looked like I was going to be fucking her mother as well!

It seemed like Tammy had figured out the perfect way to keep me sexually satisfied, without losing me to someone else, while she kept her virginity until she got married. (Shows what jumping to conclusions will do for you.) Her sisters were sexy as hell and I did love them, but it was Tammy I loved and wanted to marry, and spend the rest of my life with. Even when I got mad at her, that one time, I didn't even THINK of abandoning her for one of her little sisters. It was always Tammy or nothing. I wasn't about to take second-best. That's one reason why later on, I got so insistent about the "virginity" thing.
Tammy whispered in my ear, "We've GOT to talk, after we leave."
I agreed. We most certainly DID have to talk. Especially after her springing this on me unannounced. Not to mention, not telling me about my resemblance to her father. We had plans to take a long walk in the moonlight after we left, so there would be plenty of time, even after I finished my unexpected "chores."
Speaking of which, There was one remaining naked female in the house that I hadn't fucked yet. I was reminded of this, when a big beautiful breast brushed against my cheek, as June asked her daughter if she could "borrow" me for a few minutes.
Tammy barely managed to nod, and give me a hurried kiss, before I was being escorted to the master bedroom.
"It's been so long," said June, rubbing her big bountiful breasts against mine. (Now THIS was the sort of woman I usually had wet-dreams about. To have the real-live thing in my arms, well you can imagine what it did to my blood-pressure.) At 27, June had the body that most models would sell their souls for, and you only get to see even half as good, once or twice a year, in Playboy, or Penthouse magazines. To actually have a woman who made a Playmate look like a reject, not only come on to me, but actually WANT me to fuck her, and (could you believe it?) get her pregnant?! My wet-dreams would always seem a little flat, after that.
My cock had taken a lot of abuse that night, for a first time, it was absolutely amazing that I had been able to go 3 times. Now I was to go 4? It didn't seem possible, but there was a good reason that June had decided to be last. First: Do you remember the hot little spiel she gave me, to get me excited enough to fuck Judy? Well that was just a tiny sample of the incredible vocabulary of this wonderful woman. Within 2 minutes of entering her bedroom, she not only had me up, and ready to fuck, but she had me feeling so aroused I could have fucked the mattress, let alone such a gorgeous hunk as herself. The second reason, was: She was selfish. She knew I would last much longer, when I had the "edge" taken off of me, by her daughters, and she knew I would come quicker with them, but they wouldn't miss it so much.

I had to keep reminding myself NOT to fall in love with this woman. She was Tammy's mother! A hopeless cause, I later found out. EVERYONE fell in love with June, and she seemed to expect it. But she was fair, she fell in love with everybody as well. Somehow I knew, that while she'd never take Tammy's place in my heart, there would always be a place in there of her own. One of the main reasons she loved me, was that she could see how happy I made her little girls, most especially her first-born: Tammy.
She sure made me happy that night. I won't go into a blow- by-blow description of our lovemaking, because: A. I don't remember it all. I was in sensual-overload at the time. And: B. It would just plain take too long. (Don't you think this story is filled with ENOUGH "wanking" material already? You don't? You're hopeless! OK! Let's just say I've run out of adjectives, and my pud is sore from pulling it too much, while I write this. And if you buy THAT, I've got this nice little piece of land. . . back to the story.) I WILL say I screwed her for what seemed like over an hour, but must have been less than 20 minutes, as the clock hadn't advanced much more than that, when I came out. Yes, I did cum in her; and NO, we didn't use birth-control. She was just as eager as her kids, to have me impregnate her. I did my best, you can be sure.
Before we started, she asked me a favor. She missed her husband so much, and I looked so much like him, that she wanted me to pretend to be "George," while we fucked. It was a small favor, and one that I've never regretted. We only did it that one time, and she never asked me to again. Whenever we made love after that, she always called me "Bill," and never once slipped. She said that she had finally managed to lay her old husband to rest. She DID thank me profusely afterwards. She thanked ME?! I was about in the babbling stage of gratitude to HER.
Somehow, as sexy as she was, and even taking our time, she didn't strip me, the way her little 10-year-old daughter had. I was feeling sexually content, not drained, when we left the bedroom, with my penis still half-hard, dripping a last sticky drop of sperm off the tip.
Karen saw it first. "I'm next!" she announced gleefully.
Tammy looked like she was going to cry.
June put her foot down. "No," she said, flatly. "He's still Tammy's boyfriend, and I think you've all had more than your share." Tammy looked gratefully at her, as she continued, "Now, each of you thank him for getting you pregnant, and say goodnight."
Well, they all did thank me, but the WAY they did, made Tammy's eyes burn. I'll just tell you what Karen did, as the other's were just variations on the theme.
This sexy little naked girl, her tight little snatch still dripping my sperm, and a glob drooling down her leg, snuggled up to me wrapped her legs around me, so that my stiffening cock was rubbing up against her furry snatch, and cooed in my ear, "Thanks Bill. I hope I'm pregnant now. You DO promise to keep 'cumming' back here, until I am, don't you?"
When I assured her I would, she gave me a grateful kiss, that curled my hair.

This scene was repeated (with variations) with each of her sisters, and her mother. For example, while she kissed me, Judy stood on the couch (because she was so small, she said) and somehow managed to slip my cock up in her tight little slit, while we kissed. That was SOME kiss. I almost gave her a second helping of sperm in her tight little belly. Almost. All the while, Tammy was sending blacker and blacker looks at me. Well, what's a guy to do?
Afterwards, Tammy hauled me down to what I now knew was "her" room, where I started to get dressed.
"Well! You sure enjoyed yourself!" she spat at me, the moment we were alone.
I stopped pulling on my socks to reply, as I was starting to get mad. Having someone angry at me, for doing what I was told to do, has that effect on me. "HEY! YOU were the one who set this thing up," I said. "Weren't you the one who not only told me to do 'anything' your sisters and mother asked me to, but actually encouraged me to not only fuck the hell out of your sisters, but to try to knock them up as well?"
"Yes but. . . Oh. You don't understand!" she said, then managed to get her anger under control. After all, it WAS her fault that I didn't. "I'm sorry," she said, starting to remove her belt, so that she could slip out of her dress. "Just come here, and help me get out of this thing."
"Just WHAT do you think you're doing?" I asked, still annoyed.
"Getting undressed, of course. So I can have my turn."
I glared at her. If she thought that just because. . . She did. "Your turn at WHAT?" I asked.
"Getting fucked. What else? Don't you want to? I thought you loved me," she seemed to be almost in tears, then a spark of anger lit in her eyes. "You seemed to like it well enough with Karen!" (Wouldn't you know, it would be the sister that looked most like her, that she would get jealous of?)
Now I WAS angry. "WHO was it said we couldn't have sex, until we got married," I almost yelled.
Tammy realized she had gone too far. "Me, but. . ."
I stopped her. "And who was willing to go along with this, no questions asked?" I continued.
"You, but. . ."
I was tired of her unfinished sentences. She hadn't been willing to tell me before. Why should I listen now? "No buts," I said emphatically. "Tammy, I love you more than anything in the world, but this is too much. I'm almost ready to call the whole thing off, move away, and take that position in Minnesota. Is that what you want?"
Tammy shook her head. I hadn't left her much choice in the matter, when I told her I wasn't listening to explanations. I knew she did love me, and I still did love her, but we had to establish the ground-rules.

"Now," I said, "you were the one who wanted to be the 'Good- Girl,' and remain a virgin until you got married, weren't you?"
Tammy looked at me, like I was being unfair (and I was), opened her mouth to reply, but finally just nodded her head.
"Now," I said, continuing with my fallacious but inexorable logic, "just because your sisters fall all over me, and give me the sex you wouldn't, you decide to 'let' me fuck you. Well, I'm in no mood, for a 'mercy-fuck'. I told you I loved you and I do. I don't want you feeling FORCED to have sex with me, because I might decide I like your little sister's tight little snatch better. It's you I want, and it's you I'm going to get, or nothing. But I'm NOT going to have you giving up your precious virginity, just because I'm getting some from your family! I love you too much for that, do you understand? Or maybe we should we call the wedding off."
At this point, Tammy looked as though she was about to cry. Hearing that I loved her, but that she was about to lose me anyway, was probably sheer torture. I know it was for me, but I steeled myself to do what I thought was "right" for the two of us. NO WAY, was I going to "force" myself on Tammy sexually, even by making her think she "had-to," or lose me to her sisters. If I had to, I'd leave first, to avoid the temptation.
Seeing her response, I continued, "OK Then. Here's what we're going to do. We'll keep on dating, just like we have been. Nothing's changed there. I still love you, and you still love me. We keep the same schedule you originally set up. No sex, except by fingers, at first. Your sisters may be 'sluts' but you're still a 'Good-Girl,' understand?"
Tammy nodded, looking a bit happier.
"There's one other thing," I said.
Tammy looked at me, waiting.
"Your sisters, and mother still need me, and I already promised each of them, that I'd be back. I'm not going to back out on that promise, just like I'm not going to back out on my promise to marry you. Whenever any of your sisters (even including Ginny, if she ever asks) or your mother wants to have sex with me, I'm not going to turn them down. I won't ask them, but I won't turn them down either. And you'll try to see to it, that they keep on asking. Do you think you can do that? If not, I'd better go, and I won't be back"
Tammy nodded.
"One final thing," I said. "When I come over, you're going to have to be there, just like a proper fiancee. You're going to have to watch me not only fuck your sisters, but get each of them pregnant, with the sperm that could have been yours, if you'd only let me do it to you earlier. You'll have to watch me do this, and not only not complain, but act pleased to see me giving your sisters and mother such good service. Do you think you'd be able to handle that?"
Tammy assured me, that she could.

I told Tammy, "Before you decide, I want you to imagine this:

I come over early one night to take you to dinner. While you're getting dressed, you hear giggles from downstairs, then high-pitched moans, and a scream "Fuck Me!" from your sister Karen, followed by grunts and groans, as you know she's coming to a rousing climax like you've never been allowed to have.
When it quiets down, you finish dressing for dinner.
As you come down the stairs, you hear more giggles, then an ecstatic gasp of pleasure from your little sister Judy. Then, there's a few more giggles from the rest of the family.
When you arrive, you find your whole family (including me) naked and gathered around the couch where I'm fucking your little 10-year-old sister Judy. You can see my big cock, which you've never felt in your vagina, buried all the way up inside your little sister's, as the rest of your family encourages me to get your little 10-year-old sister pregnant.
As you look around, you can see your 14-year old sister, Karen lying back in the easy-chair, while white sticky gobs of the sperm you've never felt in your hot little hole slowly ooze out of her freshly fucked little slit. The rest of your family, including your 12-year-old sister Suzy, whose swelling tummy attests to the fact that she's carrying the baby that should have been yours, watches closely, as I impregnate your 10-year-old little sister.
Your mother looks at you with a grin, that reminds you that she thinks she's just missed her period as well. Your whole family's enjoying getting fucked, and having the children that you won't be allowed to have for over a year.
While you're contemplating this, trying to act nonchalant, you see my strokes into your little sister speed up, and then stop, as I shove my cock all the way up in the little girl's belly and hold it there. You know I'm ejaculating my seed in your little sister's womb, getting her pregnant by filling the little girl's womb with the sperm that should have been for you.
All the while, you have to watch quietly, not even being able to finger yourself off, until you are alone that night.
Afterwards, your sisters clean my sperm-covered cock off, by licking it like you won't be allowed to do for 2 more months.
You watch me get dressed, grinning at you a little sheepishly, but obviously well satisfied sexually.
After dinner, which is wonderful, but where you were constantly being distracted by the sexy smell of my sweat, mixed with the smell of your little sisters' cunts, and the unmistakable odor of fresh cum we head for home. One of the waitresses gives you a knowing smile, as you brush by her. You can tell that she thinks the sexy odor of my body, and obviously well-satisfied look on my face were put there by you. She grins at you, and gives you the "thumbs-up" sign.

When we get back to your house, your 14-year-old sister Karen want's me to spend the night, as she hasn't "caught" yet.
Suzy objects, as she says she hasn't been fucked in 3 days, reminding you all too clearly, that you haven't been fucked at ALL yet, in all the 15 years of your life.
While you are commiserating on this, Suzy and Karen work it out, so that I take Suzy down the Hall to her bedroom, where it's "more comfortable" to fuck. As you pass by, on the way to your own bedroom, you can see that we've deliberately left the door open, as I fuck the little girl from behind. As I fuck your little sister dog-fashion, bringing mewls of delight from her lips, you can see her obscenely stretched little belly jiggling underneath her, as the baby that you feel should have been yours, grows inside. After I cum in her, she gives me a long open- mouthed soul-kiss that shows how grateful she is to me, for planting the baby in her belly.
Afterwards, when I come out, I start to give you a chaste little peck on the cheek; but at least THIS, you don't have to put up with. You give me a long tongue-licking kiss that puts your little sister's to shame, as you get the only bit of satisfaction that you can from me that night.
You shudder in repressed sexual need, as you hug me close, before letting me proceed to your sister's room where I'll be spending the night. Since your sister's room is right next to yours, there is no doubt what happens that night. Three times that night, you hear the unmistakable squeaking of bedsprings, that tells the world, and especially you, what we are doing. Each time, you try to finger yourself off, imagining that I'm squirting my sperm in your belly when I cum, instead of in your sister.
In the morning, your sister's bright, well-fucked look, almost makes you want to cry. Over a year left to go.
When you come down to breakfast, you find me sitting naked on one of the chairs, with your little 10-year-old sister sitting on my lap, facing me. Although you can't see between our bodies, you know that my cock is buried in the little girl's belly, leaking my potent sperm in her womb, all the time we're eating breakfast. Finally, you see us both grunting, as I fill the little girl's womb with my seed. You know Judy's period is due in about 10 days, so there's a good chance I'm getting your little sister pregnant even as you watch. Your little 5-year-old sister Ginny is fingering her tiny little slit, as she watches me fuck her older sister. You wonder how long it will be before the little girl decides SHE wants to get fucked also, and you know that I will do it, if the child asks me, and you will have to just watch, and not complain.
Your mother is watching, and she encourages me to impregnate her daughter. You can tell, by the satisfied look in your mother's face, that sometime during the night, I had visited her as well. She never looks that good, unless she is carrying a fresh load of baby-juice in her womb.
After I get dressed, I tell you that I'll be over in a couple of days, to take you to the movies.

Your mother asks me, if I can come over that afternoon, before you get home from school, as she needs some "help" moving things in the bedroom. Everyone giggles, as they all know what kind of "help" your mother wants, and what she wants to "move" in the bedroom.
I agree, as a man's supposed to be friendly, and help his fiancee's mother if he can, isn't he? You sigh, as you know your mother will probably invite me to stay to dinner, after which there will probably be another big orgy in the living room. You had hoped to see me alone, for a little while after school. Still, you know that your family will probably give you some time alone with me, after I've been drained of any sperm I have remaining. After all, I AM your fiance, and they really DO want both of us to have a good time together."

I paused to get my breath. My cock was about to squirt thick sticky gobs of sperm all over my pants, at the thought of the sexy scene I had been describing.
"So," I said, "do you think you can do it? If not, I'll call the whole thing off, and you'll never hear from me again."
Tammy thought a bit, then whispered, "I'll do it."
"OK," I said. "Remember. Your sisters may be sluts, but you're still a 'Nice' girl. If you're not still a virgin in two years, then the wedding's off!"
"OK," said Tammy.
"Now remember," I said, "we follow your original schedule. We can finger each other off, at any time, for sexual relief. You're a 'Good Girl,' and won't go any further, at first. Six months from now, when we've only a year to go, before the wedding, you can 'relent' a little, and progress to sucking me off. In gratitude, I'll get you off that way, also."
"When there's only six months left, you'll decide to let me take you in the rear, as long as I don't try to put it up your vagina. That way, you'll retain your virginity, and yet we'll both feel like we were 'fucking'. The only time you'll even let me get close to your vagina with my cock, is a week before the wedding, when you'll let me stick the tip in you, and I'll 'accidentally' cum in you. You'll act scared, that I might have gotten you pregnant."
"Just remember. If, at any time, right up until the wedding, and I'm going to check just before we walk down the aisle, if you aren't still a virgin, the wedding's OFF. Even if it's me, that does it, and I'm going to act like any normal horny guy, and try regularly. I won't FORCE you, bit I WILL try. Be warned. Since I won't be able to have sex with you, I'm going to get it where I can, from your sisters and mother. I will guarantee, that as long as you are 'faithful' to me, I won't fuck anyone outside your family. At least, as long as I fuck one of them, at least twice a week."

"But, what if they don't want to?" she asked.
"Then, I'll go somewhere else for satisfaction," I replied. "And I probably won't be back. So, it's to your advantage to keep your sisters interested in me. Understand?"
Tammy nodded.
"One other thing," I said. "On our honeymoon, it'll be just you and me, like any normal newlyweds, but when we get back, I'm not going to neglect the rest of your family. You'll be my wife, but anytime your sisters or your mother want me, I'm not going to turn them down. Can you accept that also? Or should we call the whole thing off?"
Tammy gulped, then nodded. "I guess I'll have to," she said.
"GOOD!" I said, and then added with a grin, "Lets get you off. After all that, you deserve it."
"OK," said Tammy, suddenly the trim and proper young girl I had originally fallen in love with again, "I'll jerk you off too. Now don't you be putting your finger too far up in me. Remember, I want to save my virginity until we're married!"
We both giggled a bit at this, but remembering the seriousness of the matter, I agreed. Shortly, I had two fingers rubbing against Tammy's wet little slit, rubbing her clitty, until she jerked and spasmed in needed relief. At the same time, I was spewing my thick sticky seed all over her hot little hands, as she brought me to a climax also.
She was about to lick the sperm off her hand, when I reminded her, "Unhuh. Not until you 'relent' a little, and you 'let me' progress to oral-sex. Two more months, remember. Right now, you still think that even this, is 'nasty,' and it's only because you love me, and need a little relief yourself, that you let me do this much."
Tammy understood. "Oh Yuck!" she said, wiping her hands off with a Kleenex. "You got that stuff all over my hands! Now I'm going to have to wash up, before I go home. What if my mother, or one of my sisters smelled this on me? Who knows what they might think."
For a second, the illusion was perfect, then the thought of what her sisters would REALLY think was too much. We both started giggling, then laughing, then finally rolling on the floor, gasping.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Tammy sneaking a taste of the cum sticking to the back of her hand. I didn't say anything, as it didn't really go against anything I had told her. In fact, it just increased the illusion of a 'Good Girl' being curious about sex, but not wanting to let her boyfriend know. God, how I loved this girl, for doing this for me! I promised myself, that I would make this up to her somehow, once we got married. But first, she'd have to live up to her end of the bargain. She did.

It actually went along, almost as I had told her it might. Only, it was her Mother who got pregnant first, and then her little 10-year-old sister Judy.
By the day of the wedding, Judy and her mother had both delivered healthy baby girls and were already working on seconds. Karen was obscenely huge with my baby growing in her belly. Judy's belly was just starting to show a bulge again, for the second time, and Suzy was just starting to show for the first time. Everyone in the family was pregnant, except Tammy and Ginny.

Just a week before the wedding, Tammy and I had our pre- planned "accident," where she got to feel my penis in her hole for the first time. She was still very careful to not let me break her "cherry," like the "Good Girl" she was supposed to be, even though I asked her to let me. I didn't push too much, as I was playing my role of "Nice Guy," who wouldn't push too much as well. Besides, If I FORCED her, then I would have broken the bargain, not her. I wanted our wedding to be perfect, with a real virgin-bride. I did let her have about two gallons of thick sticky cum up in her vagina (At least that's how much it FELT like.) like I promised her.
Afterwards, Tammy put up a big act, of how she might be pregnant, and how could she face the people in church, if she was knocked-up, then told me (with a straight face yet!) that now I HAD to marry her, now that she was "ruined" for any other guy. I reassured her, that she wasn't getting away from me, as long as her virginity was intact, that is. (It still was. I felt it with my cock, when I came in her.)
That night, she let me sleep with her, insisting that we both retain our underpants, so that we wouldn't get carried away. The next morning, with less than a week to go, she gave me a pleasant surprise. After giving me BOTH a blow-job, AND letting me cum in her ass, (Still the 'Good Girl.') she told me that her little sister Ginny wanted me to help her in her bedroom. It turned out, that the "help" the little girl wanted, was to have me "help" her lose her virginity. She didn't want to be the last virgin in the house, and with Tammy and my wedding coming up, the little girl was running out of time.
I couldn't believe it. Tammy had actually sent me in to fuck her 7-year-old little sister, and take her virginity. Not only that, it turned out. Ginny had been having periods for two months now, and Tammy expected me to knock her little sister up, so that the youngster could be pregnant at the wedding, just like her older sisters! Well, I did my best. After taking her virginity, I left the precocious kid's tight little 7-year-old belly so full of baby-juice, that it's a wonder the little girl didn't have triplets.
For the rest of the week, I must have jerked and spasmed on top of the little girl, filling her little 7-year-old womb with my sperm at least 5 or 6 times a day, usually while the whole family watched. I almost completely neglected the rest of the family, sexually that is, until the day before the wedding.

Ginny wandered around the house all day long, naked, with stray dribbles of my sperm slowly dripping out of her tiny little slit. Any time it looked like the little girl was getting dry again, I'd take her over to the nearest bed, chair, or couch, and pump her cute little belly full of another big helping of my baby-making sperm. Ginny walked funny, that whole week, as sperm dribbled down her leg, at the awkwardest times. (Like when the preacher was giving her instructions, in how and when to carry in the ring. A big long greasy blob of sperm picked that moment to dribble out of her tiny little slit, and run down her leg. There was no doubt in anyone's mind, what it was, as the smell of cum was too strong to ignore. The preacher must have been made of strong stuff though, as he didn't say a word.)
The whole family giggled about that, for years afterwards. I don't know, if I knocked the little girl up that week, but she never did have her next period.
The day of the wedding, I made sure to fuck every one in the family, so that they all could have my sperm inside them, when Tammy and I got married. Yes, even Tammy. That is, I didn't fuck Tammy, but she let me hold my cock up against her hole, and had me squirt my sperm up inside her, so that she could walk down the aisle with my sperm in her belly, just like her sisters and mother had. She didn't let me put my cock inside her though, as she didn't want to take a chance on blowing it (Er. . . breaking it.) at the last moment.
Yes, I did check to see if she was still a virgin, before we walked down the aisle. Her whole family gathered around, and hid us from view while I pulled up the front of her dress, down her panties, and slid my finger up inside her, until I felt her (still-intact) hymen. THEN we marched down the aisle. My finger still sticky from the sperm I had squirted inside her earlier. I loved the smell.
I won't bore you with descriptions of the wedding, except to say that Tammy was the most beautiful virgin bride you ever did see, and the whole church must have smelled like a whorehouse, with my sperm dripping from the bride, all of the bridesmaids, the maid-of-honor, and even the ring-bearer/flower-girl. You know what? Nobody seemed to notice. I didn't figure this out, until I saw one of Tammy's 10-year-old cousins with a dreamy look on her face, and then noticed a big dribble of what just HAD to be someone's fresh sperm running down her sexy little leg. It must have been a tradition in her family, to send all the girls off to a wedding with a healthy load of their father's sperm soaking in their wombs. It was only the fact that Tammy's father was dead, that I hadn't learned this before. Thankfully, I had taken care of matters properly, anyhow.
(That afternoon, before we left, I found myself in a storeroom, with Ginny and 5 of her girl-cousins, ranging in age from 7 (Ginny) to 11 (the sister of the girl I was telling you about.) They were all naked, and they all wanted me to try to knock them up. I managed to fuck 5 of the 6, before I gave out, and staggered back to the wedding party.

I promised the remaining girl, Mellissa (10) that I'd fuck her, when Tammy and I got back from our honeymoon. I did, too. [Nine months later or thereabouts, 4 of the 6 girls {including Melissa} had babies.] I don't know if any of them [besides Ginny's] were mine, but they all could have been.)
There was one other unusual thing about the wedding, that I noticed. There were no crying babies. At all the other weddings I've ever been to, there would always be at least one, and sometimes two or more couples who had a sobbing or cranky kid who had to be either quieted-down, or worse-yet, removed. The youngest children at our wedding seemed to be a few 5 or 6 year old girls. I did notice that one of older ones was unmistakably pregnant, and wondered who had done it, and whether they had caught the guy.
(WHAT was I thinking about! Oh my GOD, Ginny wasn't THAT much older!) The little girl looked happy enough though.
Once we left the wedding party, on our honeymoon, Tammy and I turned into the first motel we came to. Just like a cliche. We turned left at the church, right once, and went two blocks and into a motel, just barely out of sight of the church.

When we came out, about 2 hours later, with Tammy no longer a virgin, and (hopefully) pregnant, we found our car covered with obscene slogans, and shoes and cans tied all over the bumpers. The wedding party had found our little hideaway, and left a little joke. We never saw any of our families after that, until we got back three days later.
When we got back, I moved into the big house with Tammy and her sisters. It turned out, that because I didn't have to go home at night, that I was able to fuck Tammy's sisters and mother just as much as I did before we got married, without having to slight Tammy herself. She turned out to be better than any of her sisters. I guess all the practice she had at alternative methods of sex, while she waited, made her willing to try more than the rest of the family, and to be willing to work at it until she was good. Her sisters and mother mostly preferred straight sex, as that was the best way to make a baby. Tammy enjoyed making babies too, but liked sex of any kind, whenever she could get it. I saw to it, that she got it a lot.
After all, I had to make it up to her for that year-and-a- half, that she had to do without, while her sisters were getting screwed almost every day. I'm still working on it, and I WILL make it up to her somehow.
It's kind of funny in one way. Tammy was the "Good Girl" who had to retain her virginity until she got married, while her sisters were the "Sluts" who'd fuck me at the drop of a hat, not even minding if I knocked them up.

Now, without anything really changing much, it's Tammy's sisters who are the "Good Girls," who only do straight sex, because that's the way you are "supposed to" do it, to make babies, while Tammy is the "Slut," who isn't afraid to try any new kinky thing that comes along. That doesn't mean that she doesn't like to make babies! No, Tammy's been pregnant almost constantly, ever since the wedding. She says she wants to "catch up" to her sisters. So far though, in spite of having 5 kids in 4 years, she's only "caught up" to Judy. Yeah, I know, that's a LOT of babies. 26, to be exact, with 4 more on the way, and 1 in the "planning" stages.
I like making babies in little girls.

Last night, Judy had me fuck our daughter Mary, for the first time. She's just turned 7, and Judy had promised the little girl, that "Daddy would make a baby in her," if she wanted me to, on her birthday.
There's NOTHING like fucking your own daughter, and feeling her tight little cunny clamping down on your penis in orgasm, as you squirt your sperm in the little girl's womb, and she begs you to make a baby in her belly. With 5 more daughters over 6 years old, and 4 more over 4, in a few years, it looks like I'm going to have LOTS of fun! (It isn't as though my life was boring sexually, as it is.) Thankfully, I have two sons who are over 5 already who will be able to help me out, in a few years. In the meantime, it's a good thing the hospital is doing good, as even a million dollars a year doesn't go all that far when your family is as big as mine will be! Of course, June's family business helps out too.
Afterwards, I asked Judy why she wanted ME to be the first one to fuck our daughter. THAT'S when I finally found out where I made my big mistake. It seems, that the family I married into has a custom that they've managed to hold onto for over 200 years. They keep it a secret, that's why I never was told. By the time Tammy and I were married, everyone ASSUMED, that I knew. The custom is: Girls in the family were not allowed to date, until they were 14, or marry, until they were 16, unless they had "proved" their fertility to the family by carrying at least one baby by their own father. If their father was incapable, then their brother would do. Sometimes, an exception would be made (like in Tammy's) if an acceptable (to the mother) substitute for a missing father could be found.

Once a girl had that first baby by her father (It wasn't considered really "hers," even though she was the mother. The first child was always raised as just one more of her parent's kids. When I thought about THIS, I realized that June must have gotten pregnant at least once, even younger than my original guess of 11. I was nosy, and she didn't seem to mind, so I asked her. She first got pregnant by her father at 9. She had his baby 2 weeks after her 10th birthday, and was pregnant with Tammy by her future husband George, just three months later.) As I was saying, once a girl had that first baby by her father, she was allowed to date, to fuck anyone she chose to, even to the extent of getting pregnant in or out of wedlock with whomever she chose to, even if she was only 6 or 7 years old. (THAT's why those 5 little girls had ambushed me at the wedding party. They had all heard such glowing reports about me from Ginny, and they all wanted to be in on the gag of carrying my baby before Tammy did. Yes, everyone knew what Tammy was going through.)
It seems, that once a girl had "proved" her fertility by having her father's baby, she was considered an "adult" by the family, and old enough to not only make her own decisions, but to join in on making "family" decisions as well. That's why all the girls were in such a hurry to get pregnant that first time, just as early as they could. No father EVER asked his daughter if she wanted to get fucked. When a girl turned 5 years old, her mother would explain to he the "rules," and from then on it was up to the girl.
I later found out, that there was an unusual genetic trait, that ran in the family, and that with close intermarriage, and inbreeding ran strong in most of Tammy's relatives. It seems the women outnumbered the men, almost 4 to 1. It turned out, that the almost all the babies that girls in the "family" had by their own fathers, were boys, while almost all non-paternal babies were girls. Being the town Doctor, I had noticed a LOT of young girls having baby boys, while all the older women tended to have girls. It wasn't until after I learned about "paternal duties," that I figured this out completely. (Oh yeah, paternal-duties. It turned out that I WAS right about those little girls at the wedding. What I thought of as an erotic fantasy, turned out to be cold fact. If a girl went to a wedding, she was expected to be carrying either her father's, her husbands, or the groom's sperm inside her by the end of the day. If she hadn't already "proved" herself [Boy's "proved" themselves by just being able to ejaculate] then she wasn't allowed to attend a wedding. THAT's why there was no "crying-baby" syndrome at our wedding! All the younger kids were taken care of by older girls who worked in shifts, while the wedding went on.)

It seems, that in the "family," the men ran most of the businesses, and the women didn't interfere. (Except in rare cases like Tammy's mother, where June took over after her husband died.) On the other hand, the women raised the children, and monitored their "breeding" with iron control. Even with me and Tammy. I ran the hospital with no interference from her, while she ran the household with none from me. SHE decided if our little girls were old enough to try to "prove" themselves by me. (Once a girl turned 12, she no longer had to ask her mother's permission to try; though she still had to convince her father. I never heard of ANYONE ever saying "No," to his little girl.)
It turns out that Tammy had brought me home that night, hoping that her mother would find me acceptable, not only as a future son-in-law, but as a surrogate father as well. That way, she figured that I could not only fuck her, but move the wedding date up as well. She also figured that I could stand-in for her sisters as well, that being the "Worth my while," payback for doing what she wanted. She never figured that everyone BUT her would be allowed to fuck me. It never even occurred to her that something like that could happen. After all, I was HER boyfriend, and fiance. Of course, she never figured on getting jealous either. She did love her sisters, and had actually PLANNED on having me fuck them. It's just that she figured that SHE would be first. She never expected her mother to reverse the order.
Once I found this out, (some of it, I pieced together over many months) I felt like the world's prize heel. Tammy had been planning on giving me so much, and I ended up torturing her for over a year, just because I misunderstood, and didn't give her the chance to explain. Someday, somehow, I swear I'll make it up to her. (When I told Tammy this, she just grinned at me, and pointed outside, to where our handsome young son, and four lovely daughters were playing, and told me that I already had.)


(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

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My granddaughter Learns How
An Erotic Story

I looked over at my little granddaughter. She was doing it again. The little 9-year-old girl was lying on the floor, legs spread, and her dress pulled up. I could see almost to her navel, this time.
"Oh Darn!" said the little girl, as she adjusted her panties, pulling them up tightly into her little crotch. Her little slit made a furrow in the middle of the white cotton.
"Grampa?" she asked. "Could you help me? These things just won't stay."
Suzy came over to where I was sitting, and lifted up her short little dress right in my face.
"See Grampa," she said, "they keep falling down."
It was true. The elastic was frayed, and in spite of being too small for the little girl, were almost falling off. Even as I watched, the elastic let loose, and the little girl's panties fell down to her knees, leaving me staring at the little girl's smooth belly, and all the way down to the little girl's pouting little pussy.
My cock was as hard as a brickbat, as I looked at the little girl's charms. "Uh Honey," I said, "maybe you'd better do it yourself. I don't think your mother would approve of my looking at you like this."
"Mommy says it's OK to let someone look, as long as I like it. I like it when you look at me Grampa. It makes me feel all gushy inside."
Now I was sure of it. The little girl had been doing this deliberately. "Suzy!" I said. "Are you trying to tease me? You did this deliberately, didn't you?"
Suzy suddenly giggled. "Uhuh Grampa," she said. "Worked too, didn't it?" With this, the little girl let her dress drop as she walked away, leaving her panties in a puddle on the floor next to me. After a while, the little girl came back, and said, "I'm sorry Grampa. I didn't really mean to tease you. It's just that I'm bored, and it seemed like fun. Billy doesn't mind, when I tease him."
"You tease your brother like this?" I asked, wondering just how far the little girl went with her brother.
"Uhuh," she replied. "Usually, I sit on his lap, like this, until he can't stand it any more." With this, the little girl plumped her bare bottom down on my lap, where my big cock was threatening to split my pants.
"Oh Grampa!" she said. "You've got a hard-on."
"No shit!" I mumbled. The little girl's bare pussy rubbing on my cock would have given a statue a hard-on.
"Can I see it?" asked Suzy. "It feels much bigger than Billy's. Please Grampa?"
"I'd better not," I said regretfully. "If your mother ever found out, she'd have it cut off."
"It's OK Grampa," repeated the little girl. "Mommy says it's OK, if I like it. And I do, with you."

My granddaughter's words didn't reassure me all that much, but her rubbing against my cock, and feeling her skin, where by now my hands had crept up under the little girl's dress, and were roaming around, had stimulated me to the point I couldn't resist.
"You'll have to get undressed too," I told her. I figured that we had at least 2 hours before her mother returned. I knew that I shouldn't be messing around with a girl this young, but I just couldn't resist. Besides, Suzy seemed to want it, just as much as I did.
Quickly, I slipped out of my pants and shirt, as the little girl looked on with interest.
"O wow!" she said. "It's so much bigger than Billy's. Can I touch it?"
"Unhuh!" I replied. "Not until you get undressed too."
"OK," she said.
I watched as the little girl slipped the short little dress she had been teasing me all day with, over her head. Then the little girl removed her shoes and socks, and stood before me completely naked. "How's this?" she asked, posing.
My cock was about to answer her by squirting thick sticky gobs of sperm all over her cute little body. My mouth was as dry as a bone. "C'mere," I said thickly. "Sit on my lap, just like you were doing before."
"Like this, Grampa?" she asked, as she spread her legs and settled on my lap facing me, where my big cock started drooling thick sticky liquid on her smooth little belly. Suzy reached down and grabbed my prick.
"Can I rub it against my hole, Grampa?" she asked. "Billy and I do this all the time." She didn't wait for my reply. Fisting my big cock, the little girl started rubbing it up against her tight little hole. "Oh Grampa!" she said. "This feels good."
I was too excited to do more than stare. "Uh Honey," I said. "You'd better stop. I'm about to cum, and I might get some inside you by accident."
"I don't mind," said the little girl. "Billy squirts his white stuff up inside me all the time. Once, he actually put it inside my hole, when he squirted."
"'You mean?" I gasped, trying to hold back.
"Uhuh," she replied. "Once, he actually stuck most of his cock up inside my hole. before he came. It felt so good, when he started squirting it right up inside me. Of course, afterwards, I hurt for a week, so we haven't done that again. Yet," she added.
"Why don't you show me, just what the two of you did?" I managed to gasp, trying to keep from cumming, before I got inside her.
"OK Grampa," said Suzy. "First, he put the tip up against my slit, like this:" With this, the little girl squirmed closer, until the head of my penis was pushing up against her slippery little slit. "Then," said the little girl, "he moved it around like this, until it slipped up inside me. You're too big to fit inside me, but I kinda' like it pushing up against me like this."

All of a sudden, my cock put the lie to the little girl's words. There was a snapping sensation, and the head of my penis shot up inside the little girl with a rush.
"Ooof!" we both said. I felt a tight ring slip over the head of my engorged penis, and slide down, until a third of my cock was buried in the little girl's belly.
"Does it hurt?" I asked worriedly. If it did, somehow I'd get the strength to withdraw from inside the little girl, but I didn't know from where.
"Oh No, Grampa! It feels good! How come it doesn't hurt now, and you're bigger than Billy?"
"You were probably a virgin," I replied, as I watched another inch of my penis vanish up inside the little girl's belly.
"Huh?" asked Suzy.
"'tell you later," I panted, as I looked down where over two inches had penetrated the little girl's body. "I want to get it all the way up inside you, before I cum."
"Wow! What's this?" said a voice at my elbow.
If it was possible to jump out of your skin, I would have, as the voice of my daughter-in-law continued. "Pops, are you fucking my little girl?"
I thought I was dead. My limp penis slipped out of my granddaughter's hole with a slurp.
Mary looked down between our bodies at my limp prick. "Oh Shit!" she exclaimed.
I figured that I was going to be spending the rest of my life in jail, when my daughter-in-law surprised me, as she continued, "How are you going to get it inside her, like that?" she asked.
I gaped at my son's wife. The only intelligent thing I could think to say was, "Huh?"
"I said: How are you going to get it inside her, when it's as limp as a marshmallow?" Not waiting for an answer, my daughter-in-law reached down between the two of us, and started jacking my cock, and rubbing it up against her daughter's hole, until it was hard again. "Now push!" she said. "I want to see my little girl get fucked."
I couldn't believe it. One minute, I was scared that the child's mother might find out what I was doing to her little girl. The next, the woman was jacking me off into her daughter's belly, and actually encouraging me to fuck the little girl.
I couldn't help it. The stimulation was too much. I pushed forward, and over half of my cock shot up inside the little girl's belly with a rush.
"Ow!" said Suzy, then, at my worried look: "It's OK, Grandpa. 'just surprised me."
Another inch of my cock slipped up inside the little girl. Then my cock wouldn't go any farther, so I pulled out a little, and then pushed back in again.
Another half-inch of cock slid into my granddaughter.
Out again, and back in. Another quarter-inch.
Out, and back in again. Another half-inch.

After about two minutes, I looked down, and saw that the little girl had somehow taken all of my adult-sized cock up inside her tight little belly.
"That's so sexy!" said my daughter-in-law. "I haven't seen anything so exciting, since the first time Daddy got me pregnant. It's about time Suzy learned how babies were made, the right way, by doing it herself. Now you fuck my little girl, and cum in her. I want to watch you ejaculate your sperm right up inside my daughter's womb, and show that little girl how a man makes a baby inside a woman."
My hair stood on end. I hadn't been thinking. I knew if I uploaded the mass of cum I had been working up all morning inside the little girl, I could very easily get my little granddaughter pregnant. "I'd better pull out," I said.
"Don't you dare!" said Mary, and Suzy grunted in agreement. "'want your cum inside me," she said. "I don't mind, if you knock me up."
"You heard her," said my daughter-in-law. "She doesn't mind. Now go ahead and squirt your baby-making sperm inside that little girl's belly where it belongs. I want to see you impregnate my daughter."
It was too much; I couldn't hold out any longer. My over stimulated cock began squirting thick sticky cum up inside my granddaughter's tight little belly. Squirt after squirt. It felt so good, to feel that big heavy load of baby-juice go. Spasm after spasm shook me, as I emptied myself into the receptive belly of the little 9-year-old girl. Even though I knew that she was probably too young to get pregnant, it was still a thrill to know that my seed was even then flowing into the little girl's unprotected young womb, and that there was a slight chance that she might really get pregnant. Not only that, but the girl's mother was actually encouraging me to impregnate her pre-pubescent young daughter.
"Do it," she said. "Squirt your cum inside her. Let me see you knock the kid up."
"Yeh, Grampa. Knock me up," said Suzy. "Make a baby in me like you did in Grandma, when you made Daddy."
The thought of the little girl's belly swelling with my baby growing inside, was so stimulating, I sent another surge of sperm into the little girl's womb.
"Thanks Grampa," she said. "I like that, when you cum inside me. It feels so good."
I had to agree. It did feel good. Finally, my prick slowed its spastic spurts, and I rested, with my cock still stuck up inside the little girl's tight little hole, while my granddaughter milked the last sticky drops of my incestuous cum up into the warm confines of her tight little vagina.
"Thanks Grampa," Suzy repeated, giving my cock a last friendly squeeze. "I hope I'm pregnant now."
The thought almost had me squirting sperm inside the child's belly again, but I reluctantly withdrew my penis from inside the little girl, before I got carried away, and started fucking her all over again. Suzy's vagina was open, where my big cock had been stretching it, and I could see a bubble of white starting to well up in the bottom of her little hole.

"You'll have to wait until you're older," I said, "and your body is ready to have a baby."
"I had my period last week," said the little girl innocently, making my hair stand on end. "That's why Mommy thought this would be a good time for you to fuck me. If I'm lucky, maybe I'm already pregnant. If not, you'll try again, won't you?"
"You'd better!" said her mother forcefully. She then turned to her daughter. "Tonight, after you show the family what you've learned today, your grandfather will sleep with you. From now on, until you get pregnant, Pops here will be sleeping in your bedroom." Mary looked at me, as if daring me to object, before continuing, "That way, you can go to sleep each night with your grandfather's sperm soaking into your womb, and each morning, he can send you off to school, with a fresh load in your belly. That's how my father did it for me the first time, and I figure you'll like it, just as much as I did."
My granddaughter's eyes grew bright. "Oh, will you Grampa?" she asked, eagerly. "You'd do that for me? You'll fuck me every night, just like we were married? Would you really?"
I couldn't believe it. All my life, women had always been afraid of getting pregnant. Even my wife, hadn't really wanted to have Jason. It was only with great patience on my part, that I convinced her to give me a child. After the first one, Jane had refused, until the day she was killed in the accident, to have any more, insisting that she had done her duty. Now, having my own little granddaughter not only willing, but eager to have a baby by me was too much. Not only that, but the girl's mother was actually encouraging me to knock the little girl up. Suddenly, my cock, which had never really gone soft, exploded into another erection, as I nodded in answer to my granddaughter's question.
"How about you Mary?" I inquired. "How'd you like me to knock you up?" I said this, while waving my newly erect cock at her.
Mary's eyes followed my cock, like a bird follows a snake.
"I don't know," she said. "I'd have to ask Jason."
"Ask me what?" came the booming voice of my son, as Jason entered the room.
I felt like I was going to melt down in a little puddle, sitting there naked, with my white greasy sperm still welling out of his little girl's vagina. I figured I was dead.
"If you'd mind if your father got me pregnant, just like Suzy."
"You're pregnant?" asked Jason, turning to his daughter.
"I hope so," said Suzy. "If not, Grampa and I can always keep trying."
"I see. And you want Dad to knock you up too." He turned to his wife.
Jason thought it over, and finally shrugged. "I suppose," he said, giving up. "BUT." He suddenly got serious. "If I'm going to have to support all these children, I want something for myself."

"What's that Daddy?" asked Suzy, echoing the thoughts of all the other occupants of the room.
"I want another child myself. By each of you," said Jason.
"Oh wow Daddy!" said Suzy. "'you mean you want to make a baby in me too?"
I watched, as my son nodded his head.
Mary spoke up. "If that's what you want, I guess I could have two more kids, but I'm not going to force Suzy to."
"He wouldn't be forcing me Mommy," said Suzy. "Gee Daddy. Why didn't you tell me you wanted to fuck me? Now I'm probably already pregnant by Grampa. Now you'll have to wait."
A thought seemed to occur to the little girl. "Why don't you ask Cindy," she said. Cindy was her older sister. "Cindy's always had a crush on you. Maybe you could get her pregnant, and then Grampa and you could swap-off, and he'd get Cindy pregnant."
"Do you really think Cindy'd go for it?" asked Jason.
"Cindy'd go for what?" came the voice from the other room. The beautiful young woman emerging from the bedroom was wiping her eyes.
"Having Daddy fuck you, and make a baby in you," replied Suzy, blatantly.
"You mean, you'd do that for me?" asked the young woman. "You mean you'd let me carry your baby, and everything?" You could see the girl's eyes light up at the prospect.
I smiled, as the young woman turned the tables on her father. Jason had been expecting to have to convince his daughter, first to let him fuck her, and then to let him impregnate her. Now, here the girl was asking him to do it to her!
Jason could barely nod, but Cindy figured that was answer enough. The young woman looked over at where I stood with my cock leaking cum onto her little sister's flat little belly.
"It looks like Grampa already started," she said, as she started undressing. "Can we start now too?"
Jason looked around at his family. Everyone was encouraging him.
Mary was starting to get undressed also. "C'mere Pops" she said. "I want to feel you knocking me up, while your son impregnates our daughter."

It was about an hour later, when Billy and Kathy returned home from the movie, where I had originally (mistakenly) thought the whole family had gone to.
I was in the process of fucking Suzy, for the third time, enjoying a nice long fuck without worrying about when, or even if, I came inside her. While I fucked her, Suzy's parents encouraged me to impregnate the little girl. Suzy herself was so busy trying to reach her 4th (or was it 5th?) orgasm, that all she could do was grunt, as she worked with me, trying to get her immature little body to reproduce. Mary was lying there watching her daughter get fucked, encouraging her little girl to milk my sperm up inside her tight little belly, while some of that same sperm drooled out of her own, in an obscene white blob. Cindy wasn't talking, as she had her father's cock over halfway down her throat.

Seeing us all naked, in various acts of sexual joining, made Billy blurt out, "Oh fucking SHIT!"
Kathy was more to the point. "Why didn't you invite us?" she almost cried, figuring that she was going to lose out again on all the fun, because she was "too young."
"We didn't plan on this, or we would have," reassured her mother.
Kathy's face brightened, then fell again. "But you're almost all done!" she complained. "What about me?"
I snickered. Couldn't the little girl see that her "solution" was right at her elbow?
Mary saw it too. "Why don't you fuck her, Billy?" she said to her son. "I know you've been messing around with Suzy. Kathy's only a little younger. Besides, I think anyone else might hurt her. You've probably got the smallest cock here."
Billy looked happy to comply. He had figured that none of the women would want him to fuck, after having all those adult- sized penises in them. To hear that his little sister might want to fuck him, just because his penis wasn't so large, was soothing to his ego. "Would you like that, Sis?" he asked.
Kathy's eyes grew round as saucers. "Oh, Can I, Mom? Would you Billy? You won't Mind Daddy? I can be first with Billy?" The little 7 year old girl was so excited, she wasn't sure who to ask.
Once she had received assurances from around the room, that it was "OK" with everyone, there was a mad scramble, as both
children shed their clothes, and were soon as naked as the rest of the family.
Both children were too excited for foreplay. Billy just crawled between his little sister's legs, and stuck his drooling cock up inside the little girl's crack, as fast as he could. There was a loud "OW!" from Kathy, as her brother's cock went through her hymen, then nothing but grunts and moans from both siblings until Billy suddenly jammed his penis as hard as he could up inside his sister, and held it there.
You could tell the teenaged boy was filling his little sister's 7 year old womb with big sticky gobs of his potent sperm, as he jerked and spasmed on top of the little girl. Kathy seemed to be climaxing as well, as she shuddered and shook underneath him. The little girl's eyes were closed, and she had wrapped her arms and legs around her big brother as she worked to get her pre-pubescent little body to reproduce.
This went on for almost two minutes, as Billy sent surge after thick sticky surge of life-giving sperm into his own little sister's welcoming young womb. Finally, both incestuous lovers relaxed. Billy pulled his cock out of his little sister with a with a lewd "Plop." His cock was white and shiny with his cum, still dripping off the end. Kathy just lay there panting, with a matching bubble of her brother's cum dribbling out of her tiny little slit.
"Thanks, Billy," she finally panted.
"Thank YOU Kathy," replied Billy, happily.
The rest of the room applauded.

I had been so excited by watching the two children fuck, that I hadn't been able to hold back any more. Before Billy and Kathy had really started, I had sent another thick sticky load of baby-juice into Suzy's more than willing vagina. I had also been vaguely aware of my son, as he filled his little girl's mouth full of his incestuous seed. Mary and Suzy had reached climaxes also. Feeling me ejaculating my sperm inside her tight little belly, while she watched her two younger siblings fuck had been more than enough to make the sexy little girl get off herself, while Mary was so excited at the thought of mating her son and youngest daughter, that she had managed to climax without even being touched.
Any show that was so sexually exciting, that it could have the whole room react in almost simultaneous orgasm, was definitely worth a round of applause.
We were still applauding, when Suzy spoiled it by joking, "That's it folks. Give them the 'clap.' They deserve it, for a performance like that!" This outrageous pun sent everyone, including Billy and Kathy, into a fit of giggles.
This was just the start of what even now, years later was the most exciting day of my long life. The only other times that were even close, were when Suzy had her first baby by me, and when I got married again.

Well maybe not the most exciting. It's now 12 years later, and last night my wife Suzy, (Who did you think I married?) told me that our eldest daughter Karen, wanted me to teach her how to make a baby.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: REPOST: GRANDPOP.TXT 11K "Grandpop's Cum" (Mf, cons, incest, extreme-pedo, preg) Followup-To: Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:24:07 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 246 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vitqj$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

Grandpop's Cum
An Erotic Story

I woke up in the middle of the night, as my grandfather spread me a little, so he could slide in.
I was a little annoyed at being woke up, (After all, didn't Grandpop get enough earlier, when we were watching TV, before we went to bed?) Still, I love the old man, so I push back to help him get properly seated inside me, and then try to go back to sleep while the old man (all of 52 years old) has his fun.
It's a little difficult, ignoring the pleasurable feelings of being stuffed with so much prick, but I try anyway; snuggling up to my little sister, and wrapping my arms around the little girl, as I try to get back to my sexy dream.
Usually, my grandfather sleeps between us, but somehow I had ended up in the middle tonight. My fingers idly run over my little sister's swollen tummy, and feel the skin distort under my hand, as a bulge ripples under my sister's overstretched belly. I wonder how my sister can sleep with the baby so active, but the little girl obviously has less trouble getting rest than I do.
It's about this time that my grandfather's thrusts become more urgent, and I know I won't be able to sleep myself, until he's finished, so I try squeezing on the old man's prick each time he pulls out; milking him like a farmer milks a cow.
Like a cow, the old man finally squirts inside me, just as my actions are starting to arouse me as well.
Too late. Oh well, I know my grandfather will probably want to go again in the morning, and maybe (if I'm lucky) even sometime again tonight.
Now that my little sister is getting too big to fuck comfortably, I've been getting a bigger share of our grandfather's seed.
After a while, my grandfather's thrusts slow down, and I am finally able to sleep; enjoying the warm creamy feel of his cum inside me, while he goes to sleep as well, with his thick prick still comfortably filling my tight little hole.
"It's so NICE to feel a real MAN's cum inside me," I thought, as I drifted back to sleep.
I'm so glad for the mixup that put our grandfather in the same bed with me and my little sister, so many years before. And grateful to our parents, for letting the situation continue, afterwards.
Momentarily, I wonder how our older sister is doing in THEIR bed, before sleep overcomes me.

About an hour later I was wakened by Sherry whimpering.
From the fullness of my breasts, I knew the little girl was hungry.
I hustled to get up, before my daughter's whimpers turned into outright crying, and woke both Grandpop and my little sister up. They both needed their sleep; especially my little sister, as her baby kicking would wake her up soon enough anyway.

I picked up my daughter, and rubbed her cheek against my swollen breast, until the stimulation made a dribble of milk appear. Shifting position, I popped the swollen nipple into my daughter's mouth just in time to stop a howl of dissatisfaction of not being fed. Soon I was enjoying the pleasant sensation of my milk flowing smoothly into the little girl's hungry mouth.
Such a heartwarming feeling, to feed your child from your own body. I can't understand those women who bottle feed; cheating both themselves AND their babies of this wonderful time together.
While Sherry nursed, I checked her diaper. Only a little damp. Such a GOOD baby.
I held Sherry with one hand, while she nursed; then grabbed a fresh diaper with the other, and stripped the old one off. I couldn't really change her, while she drank, but I could get her ready. I parked my daughter on the fresh diaper, so I could button her up when she finished her meal.
The warm comforting feeling of my milk flowing into my little girl's mouth stimulated me, so that I found myself idly playing with my pussy, while I waited for her to finish. The creamy feel of my grandfather's seed tickled my cunny, and stimulated me even more.
Looking at my little girl, so cute and lovable in my arms, made me decide to reward the girl for making ME feel good. Reaching down between my legs, I scooped up a big glob of Grandpop's cum, and got it all over my finger so it would be slippery. Then, I took my sperm-covered finger, and started tickling Sherry's little cunny, just like I had with my own.
Sherry giggled and cooed, enjoying the feel of my finger on her tiny little slit, but not stopping her nursing either.
Such a GOOD little girl! By now, I had almost an inch of my finger up inside the little girl's slit, as Sherry squirmed back against my hand, trying to force even more of it inside herself. Who says babies don't get sexually stimulated?
There wasn't enough lubrication, so I scooped another big blob of her father's sperm out of my vagina, and pushed it up inside the little girl. This time, there was enough. Over half my finger slid up inside my daughter, lubricated by a film of her father's white sticky cum.
Soon I was sliding almost all of my finger in and out, as Sherry cooed and gurgled; enjoying the pleasure of being finger- fucked, while she finished her meal. Sherry doesn't have a hymen any more, so the little girl can enjoy taking almost all of my middle finger up inside her tight little hole.
I looked down at where my finger was obscenely spreading my daughter's cute little cunny lips. It was like I was fucking her with a miniature cock. The warm squeezing, and Sherry's attempts to force even more of my thick finger up inside herself showed how much she enjoyed this.

In a few months, Sherry's tight little hole would be big enough to take something even bigger than her mother's finger. Heck, my little 5-year-old brother's cock wasn't much bigger than this. In a month or two, I figured I could show the two kids how to fuck, and then Sherry could start sleeping with her uncle, just like I was with my grandfather (Though I had been at least 5, before I first felt a man inside me.)
I didn't want my little girl to have to wait until she was that old, like I had to. With my little brother fucking her every day, and me making sure her body was stimulated by having her father's sperm inside her vagina regularly, I hoped my daughter would develop even faster than I had.
I mean, ten years old isn't all that rare to have a baby. I wanted my little girl to have a chance to get pregnant at nine years old, or even eight. Or (Delicious thought!) even seven, or possibly even six years old.
I grabbed still another glob of Grandpop's sperm, and was going to push it up inside my little girl right then; as if I could get her pregnant right then.
A voice interrupted me. "Here," said Grandpop, "let me do it right." Grandpop was standing next to me, with an enormous erection, while he watched me pushing his sperm up inside our daughter's tight little hole. It must have been incredibly sexy to the old man.
Sherry popped her mouth off my drained breast, and smiled up at her father. As I removed my finger, the little girl spread her legs even wider. Sherry knew from past experience what was going to happen, and seemed to want it even more than Grandpop did.
Grandpop pushed the head of his prick up against our daughter's tight little slit, and began masturbating both of them. After a while, the stimulating sight got to be too much for me, and I had to join in by grabbing my grandfather's thick prick and jacking him off into our little girl.
It didn't take long. (It never did.) Seeing his prick spreading our daughter's tight little slit, while my fingers stroked him, and the child's cunny rubbed against the sensitive head of his prick was too exciting for Grandpop.
"Oh Honey, I'm. . .!" he groaned, and then pushed up hard against our little girl. There was no way that enormous cylinder would go into that tiny hole, but Grandpop wasn't even trying. He just pushed hard enough to seal the head of his prick against our little girl's hole, when he began squirting great gobs of incestuous sperm in his own daughter's tiny little crack.
Grandpop got it right this time. I watched as bulge after bulge rippled through my grandfather's prick, as gob after gob of thick greasy cum spat out the head of his penis, and into our little girl's body. Somehow, every bit of incestuous sperm went into the little girl this time, instead of some spilling out and being wasted like it usually happened.
Finally Grandpop's mighty squirts slowed down to just spurts, and then just a dribble of cum oozing into our daughter as his prick wilted.

When Grandpop pulled away, there was a big blob of white oozing from the head of his prick, matching the white goo dripping from his daughter's little crack. The old man took his big finger, and forced it up inside the little girl, bringing a squeal of delight from our daughter.
Grandpop worked his big finger in and out, until Sherry finally seemed satisfied and started to lose interest in being frigged by her father.
We buttoned the little girl back into her diaper, and put her back in bed. Sherry was asleep before we finished settling the covers around her. I guess a warm meal of her mother's milk, and a cunny full of her father's sperm, followed by a nice finger-fuck was so soothing that she couldn't couldn't stay awake. I know I usually fell asleep after a good fuck, so it was no surprise that my daughter liked it too.
It was then that I realized I had made a mistake. I had forgotten to switch breasts, when feeding Sherry, and my right breast was still swollen and full of milk. Damn!
Thankfully, I had a solution "right to hand" so to speak.
"Grandpop," I asked, "could you. . .?" I offered my grandfather my still swollen breast. I didn't have to ask twice.
Shortly I felt the milk flowing again, only this time into the father of our little girl. Grandpop greedily suckled until my breast was drained, then made sure the other one was empty too.
Doing this made the old man horny again (Three times in one night!) and we climbed back into bed where he left almost as much sperm inside me, as he had in our little girl.
I fell asleep dreaming. . . Grandpop's finger in our little girl's slit hadn't looked that much bigger than my little brother's prick. Maybe Sherry wouldn't have to wait, before I taught the two kids how to fuck.
The thought of my little girl fucking her uncle, blended into the final thrusts of my grandfather squirting his thick greasy sperm in MY womb. Such a sexy dream I had, you wouldn't believe it.

(_/ / (_(_/|_/ / <_/ <_

Path:!imci3!!!!Dial-16 From: (Frank McCoy) Newsgroups:,, Subject: **NEW** GRNDTRS.TXT 34K "Grand-Daughters" (Mf, cons, incest, extreme-pedo, preg?) Followup-To: Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 00:24:57 GMT Organization: Millennium Communications, Inc. Lines: 605 Distribution: world Message-ID: <4vitsh$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: News Xpress Version 1.0 Beta #1 Xref:

An Erotic Story

I looked down at the cute little girl squirming underneath me. Brown Hair and brown eyes framed a pixie-like little face that almost made you think of Tinkerbell in the movies. Once, when she was about two years yo