Babysitting Kylie  (F/toddler, ped, 1st)

by LitlGrrlLuvr 

CHAPTER 1 - The First Year 

I started babysitting Kylie Johnson when she was 2 weeks 
old, I was 15. I'm 20 now and her 5th birthday is just 
around the corner. I've known the Johnson family as long 
as I can remember, and we've always been really close and 
they've always trusted me, no questions asked.

The first time I babysat Kylie I wanted to breastfeed her 
and so when it was time for her to go to bed, I took off 
my shirt and bra and let my small, but beautiful, breasts 
free. I sat with Kylie in the rocking chair in her 
nursery and held her on my lap. I kissed her lips softly, 
and slid my tongue over her soft, baby gums.

She giggled and I lowered her mouth to my pert, waiting 
nipples. She began sucking, she sucked for all she was 
worth but nothing came out. I loved the way it felt, her 
little baby tongue working at my nipples. She began 
crying because she was hungry, and I didn't want her to 
stop sucking, but I moved her from my breasts and fed her 
a bottle. After her feeding I held her in my arms and let 
her suck my nipple until she fell asleep.

While she sucked I allowed my fingers to wonder over her 
soft, sweet body and then finally into the front of her 
diaper. I gently rubbed at her little baby nib, as she 
sucked at my nipple, when I'd move my finger against her 
little clitty she would suck harder. After a while, I 
decided to put her in her crib and went down stairs to 
watch some television before her parents came home.

I never told anyone about what had happened that night. I 
knew I would probably get in trouble, so I kept it to 
myself, but knowing I'd probably get in trouble didn't 
stop me from continuing the ritual every time I watched 
her, and that ended up being at least 3 nights a week.

When Kylie was 6 months old her parents threw her a half 
birthday party and I was there. It was all very sweet and 
that child was so precious, I swear my love for her grew 
every time I saw her. Her parents asked me to watch her 
overnight that night because they had something important 
and business related to attend to, and I said yes. Of 
course I'd watch my love child overnight, I was thrilled. 

After everyone left I took a bath with Kylie and admired 
her lovely body. It was so sweet and innocent, and the 
little baby fat rolls were as cute as could be. I held 
her in the bathtub as I would have in the rocker, and she 
began suckling without my help. I didn't have to push my 
nipples towards her or anything, she wanted them as much 
as I wanted her to have them. My heart swelled when I 
realized that she loved me as much as I loved her. As she 
sucked at my nipples I watched her face, her eyes closed, 
a slight smile on her extended lips. My eyes moved from 
her face to her chest.

She had nothing there but two little pinpoint nipples in 
creamy, white skin, I could only imagine how that skin 
tasted. My eyes moved from her chest to her tummy, she 
was a chubster, but it was adorable and she'd grow out of 
it soon enough. I admired her short, little, bowed legs 
and my eyes followed her little legs up to where they 
met. I could see her soft, sweet baby mound, perfectly 
smooth. It'd be years before she grew any hair there, she 
was perfect right now. She would never be more beautiful 
to me than she was at that moment.

I reached up and touched her cheek, my hand moving 
downwards to her chest and tummy. I paused for a second, 
allowing my hands to roam down one leg and up the other 
and Kylie moved her little legs just as my fingers got to 
the top of her second leg. My fingers moved over and 
gently stroked her little mound and then my pinky parted 
her little lips and rubbed softly at her little clit. She 
sucked harder each time I moved my pinky.

I decided that I just had to have a taste of her. So I 
lifted her from my nipple, she cried but I knew she'd be 
okay. I lifted her by her torso over my face, and tilted 
my face up. I lowered her little vagina down onto my lips 
and I licked and sucked at her vulva, my tongue 
eventually darting into her slit and running over her 
baby lips. She had stopped crying. I slid my tongue over 
her clit, and her little legs jumped. I kept doing it for 
a moment before sliding my tongue into her little baby 

I was getting wet and my nipples began to ache. I knew 
she was too young to cum so after a few minutes of just 
enjoying her soft, sweet taste, I lowered her back down 
onto my lap and she immediately grabbed my tit with her 
baby fist and grabbed my nipple hard with her lips. She 
sucked like I had never felt before. 

And as she sucked I moved my hand between my legs and 
began rubbing my own clit. I came within a few strokes, 
Kylie sucking madly the entire time. I washed us both up 
and got out of the tub. In her nursery I fed her the 
bottle, and then let her suck my nipples again until she 
fell asleep. After she was sleeping I put her in her crib 
and sat in the rocker watching her.

After that night I ended up watching Kylie overnight 
every weekend. In a sense, I became her weekend mommy. My 
life revolved around this little girl, and I would do 
everything in my power to make her happy forever. There 
wasn't anything I wouldn't do for her.

CHAPTER 2 - Kylie Turns Two

After babysitting Kylie for the first year of her life, 
we settled into a wonderful routine. I was there for her 
first steps and her first words. I was there when she got 
her first teeth and began eating solid foods. I was still 
watching her at least three nights a week, including 
overnights on the weekends. 

Her first birthday was a wonderful day, everyone in the 
family was there, and as I was seen as part of the 
family, I too was there. I stayed over that night, though 
Kylie wasn't in my sole care, her parents were there.

I was disappointed that they were there because that 
meant things would have to change for the night, and I 
couldn't bear spending the night with my baby lover and 
not being able to show her how much I loved her. I slept 
in her nursery, in the rocking chair. I watched her 
sleep. Her parents thought it endearing how devoted I was 
to their little girl and decided then that they would 
allow me to baby sit as often as possible.

When summer vacation came, I became Kylie's full time 
sitter. Since I didn't have to worry about school the 
next day I could stay as often as the Johnson's allowed 
me. They took full advantage of my devotion, taking these 
three months to work late and go out as often as they 
liked. They were still newlyweds, so they relished any 
time that they could get to be alone with each other.

Within the first month of summer vacation the Johnson's 
came to me about being their live-in sitter for the 
summer. They spoke with my parents who gave their 
blessing and everyone was so encouraging about my 
adoration of the little girl. They all said what a 
wonderful mother I would become someday. Since I was 
going to be living in the Johnson's home for the next 2 
and a half months they bought me a twin size bed and 
offered to set up the extra bedroom for me, I told them 
that I'd rather sleep in the nursery because it'd be 
easier for me to hear Kylie in the morning. They agreed 
with my idea.

I was in heaven. It was pure bliss everyday. I would wake 
up with my darling and we'd bathe together. She was 
becoming curious about my body and I let her explore as 
much as she wanted. She was still in love with my tits, 
and suckled at me as often as I would let her. She 
pointed and touched different body parts and would 
explore them to the fullest. The day she discovered my 
vagina was ecstasy for me. 

We were bathing together and she was swimming around in 
the tub when she swam up between my legs and popped her 
head up. She leaned towards me and kissed my lips. She 
giggled loudly and then reached her hand out to my tits. 
She rubbed my warm flesh, moving her fingers to my 
nipples and squeezing them. I beamed down at her and 
opened my body for her to have complete access to me. She 
sat down between my legs and blew on my stomach making 
silly sounds and we both laughed. While she was blowing 
on my tummy she reached between my legs and began playing 
with my baby fine pubic hairs.

It was like an electric shock ran through my body. She 
cooed at the feeling of my short, curly hairs wrapping 
around her fingers, and I let myself go and gave into her 
baby explorations. She moved her hand further down into 
my warm, wet cleft, the back of her hand bumping against 
my clit. I moaned softly and she moaned back at me. She 
moved her hands all over, tugging at my lips and clit and 
then quite accidentally finding my entrance.

When her finger first slipped in she jerked it out right 
away, and then curiosity got the best of her and she 
slipped her finger back inside of me. She moved her 
finger in and out for a second and then began testing how 
many of her fingers would go inside. She was giggling and 
exploring my pussy and I was getting closer and closer to 
orgasm. She tired of her explorations and sat down facing 

I reached down and began rubbing my clit, her eyes 
followed my hand and watched intently as I brought myself 
to orgasm. After the massive wave washed over my body I 
sank back into the tub and Kylie crawled on top of me. 
She nestled onto my lap and rested her head on my arm and 
began suckling while one of her little baby hands reached 
down and aimlessly fingered my pubic hairs. We sat 
quietly for a few minutes and then she was fast asleep. I 
relaxed completely, holding my sweet, naked baby love in 
my arms and rested my head on the back of the tub. I knew 
this wouldn't be a long nap, so I let her lie there 
sucking my nipple as I drifted in and out of a light 

The days were long and quiet. Kylie and I played, I took 
her to the park and we played games at home alone. We 
spent as much time cuddling as we could, and she loved to 
curl up in my lap and pull up my shirt and release one 
breast from my bra and suck herself to sleep when she was 
feeling tired. She had long since been weaned off of the 
bottle, but she still loved to suck as often as she 
could. She was very good about never doing anything in 
front of her parents, it's as though some how she knew 
that they wouldn't approve.

The summer was gone before I knew it and I moved back in 
with my family. With school starting I wouldn't be with 
my baby love all day, every day and I knew I would miss 
her sorely. She was being taken to daycare, and I knew 
the people there could never love her as I did and 
therefore could never treat her as well as I could. But 
that was a fact I'd have to accept. I went back to being 
the three-day a week babysitter, and things went back to 
the usual routine, with small differences.

Since the summer Kylie had discovered my pussy and would 
often play with it as much as she could and she had begun 
to respond to my touches. I had been rubbing her little 
pussy since the first time I baby-sat her and I continues 
throughout the entire time I'd been with her. Though she 
got attention more than when she was newborn. Now she 
would also get attention while I bathed her. 

One Friday night that I was babysitting, I was supposed 
to be alone with her all night. Kylie and I had began 
making love during her bath time, when she had grabbed my 
hand and placed it between her legs and smiled lovingly 
into my eyes and took my nipple into her mouth. We moved 
on from the bathroom to the nursery. I decided that Kylie 
would sleep in the twin bed that was still there for my 
over night stays. She was potty training and no longer 
wearing a diaper at night, so I had no problems with her 
and I sleeping nude together.

We were lying in bed together, nude and enjoying each 
other's bodies. I was lying on my back and she was 
crawling around on the bed and had crawled up between my 
legs. I spread my legs wide for her and she began playing 
with my pussy. She lay between my legs and began kissing 
and licking at my pubic hairs. She was giggling and 
playing around, having as much freedom as she wanted with 
my body. I was wrapped up in the sweet attentions of my 
lover, that I didn't hear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson come home.

I was on the bedspread wide and little 18-month-old Kylie 
was exploring my pussy when her parents walked into the 
nursery to check on us. I heard them gasp and opened my 
eyes. I was sure I would be kicked to the curb. I was 
sure I would end up in prison and hated for the rest of 
my life. I expected for one of them to come in and rip my 
baby from me. But, nothing happened. I watched them 
watching Kylie. They stood and watched their little girl 
lavish attention on my body.

"I've never seen anything so beautiful." Mr. Johnson 

"She is so happy. She's having a blast." Mrs. Johnson 

I lay perfectly still, this was so surreal. I didn't know 
what to think, my mind was 5 minutes behind everything 
that was happening. When everything finally came to me I 
turned my head and looked the Johnson's in the face.

"I'm sorry." I began crying.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, what is happening 
here is beautiful. Kylie has never looked so happy." Mrs. 
Johnson said. She moved into the room and sat on the bed 
next to my head and watched her little girl's hand slide 
in and out of my cunt and Kylie's lips and tongue fumble 
all over my flesh.

 "The only problem I have with this whole situation is 
that I've wanted your hot little body since you were 10, 
Jenna, and I never had the nerve. And I've often wondered 
about my own baby girl's body. But, I never knew how to 
begin." Mr. Johnson came in and sat at the foot of the 
bed, his hand reaching out and meeting his little girl's 
hand at my pussy. He slipped a finger in next to his 
child's hand and stopped talking. He seemed mesmerized by 
what lay before him.

Kylie grew tired and removed her hand from my pussy, I'd 
been holding off my orgasm since her parents entered the 
room, but my body was aching for sweet release. Kylie 
crawled up next to me and took my nipple into her mouth 
and nestled down for a good night's sleep. Her mother 
simply smiled and began to lie beside us and then she 
took my other nipple into her mouth. Feeling both Johnson 
girls' mouths on my nipples was mind blowing for me.

I needed to cum now, more than ever. Mr. Johnson smiled 
at me, as though he'd read my mind and slipped two 
fingers inside of my tight virgin hole. As he finger 
fucked me, he bent down and began sucking on my clit. 
Before long I felt the waves of pleasure cresting, and I 
began breathing harder and within minutes I was cumming 
harder than I'd ever cum before. My body quaked with 
pleasure, Kylie stirred and Mrs. Johnson gripped my 
nipple tighter between her lips, her teeth just grazing 
my flesh.

Things after that night were wonderful. My secret was out 
and I was still babysitting Kylie as often as I had been. 
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson came home every weekend now, but 
that didn't stop my over night stays. They began joining 
in more and more, but they never touched their daughter. 
Kylie was still mine. We began planning Kylie's second 
birthday party. We decided it would be a private affair, 
only the four of us would be invited. Mr. and Mrs. 
Johnson kept most of the plans secret. Apparently it 
would be a surprise for Kylie and me.

The day of Kylie's birthday came and everyone was 
excited. The Johnson's told my parents that I would be 
gone all weekend, but I'd be at school on time Monday 
morning. When I entered their home I was instructed to 
undress and I did so promptly. When I saw Kylie, she too 
was nude. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson soon joined us.

"The first rule we should tell you about is there will be 
no clothing allowed in the house at all this weekend." 
Mrs. Johnson said with a grin.

"The second, and last rule is this. You will refer to us 
as Mommy and Daddy all weekend. And at any other time 
when we are intimate. Other than that you may call us 
Jean and Paul." Mr. Johnson said as his eyes traveled 
over my body intently. "Can you live with those rules, 

"Yes, Daddy." I catch on quickly.

That weekend was a full-blown orgy. Paul took my 
virginity that weekend and I was unofficially adopted 
into the Johnson family. We made love in every 
combination of ways possible.

My favorite was when Jane was lying on her back, with me 
on all fours between her legs. Paul would fuck me doggy 
style, always with at least one finger in my anus and 
little Kylie would be sitting on her sweet mommy's face. 
Kylie had learned how to move when something felt good. 
Watching her writhe with pleasure on her mother's face 
was almost enough to make me cum every time. 

Although Jane had begun playing with Kylie, she was still 
mine. I was still her primary lover. And she still slept 
with me every night that I was there. She still slept 
with one of my nipples in her mouth.

The weekend of Kylie's second birthday I fell in love 
with the entire Johnson family, although Kylie was still 
my one true love, she was the one I would die for, but 
her parents were good lovers to me. After that weekend I 
began babysitting almost everyday, even though most of 
those days, Paul and Jane were also home.

CHAPTER 3 - Our Third Year Together

After Kylie's second birthday things were going well for 
us all. Paul and Jane adored, respected and encouraged 
my relationship with their daughter. For my seventeenth 
birthday they gave me a promise as a gift. Their promise 
was that I would be Kylie's only full-time lover, and 
the only time either of them would touch her would be 
with my permission and while in my presence. I was very 
honored with this very unique gift.

I realized that I had something special with this 
family. The Johnson's gave me as much time alone with 
Kylie as they could, and even when they were there, they 
didn't insist on being a part of our special bond. Of 
course, I realized what a gift they had given me and I 
invited them to watch often and occasionally invited 
them to join in.

Kylie was talking in broken sentences now. She could say 
things like 'I love you' and 'Feel good touch'. She had 
begun to kiss me passionately, as any person would kiss 
a lover. She followed her instincts about touching, what 
felt good and how to touch me and make me feel good. She 
wasn't long enough yet to do a proper 69, but she 
enjoyed trying none the less.

Often I would be lying nude on the living room couch and 
she would run up and crawl on top of me, she too would 
be nude. She would sit her pretty pink pussy on my mouth 
and lay down and begin sucking my nipples. She no longer 
stuck to one nipple, she licked and sucked and nibbled 
and alternated between each nipple, making sure they 
both got some of her sweet attention.

I would place my hands on her hips and use my tongue to 
separate her little lips and tickle her clit with my 
tongue while sucking as much of her into my mouth as 
possible. Her breath would get heavy and I would slide 
my tongue as deep into her silky, sweet hole as 
possible. She would grind against my mouth, pressing her 
little asshole against my nose and grinding her clit 
into my chin.

She still was too young to really cum, but she would 
breath hard and heavy, and grind furiously. She would do 
everything except pour sweet baby juices into my mouth. 
I had no doubt that she had always come as close to 
cumming as she could at her age.

Always after making love she would lean up and kiss me 
deeply, mouth open, our tongues exploring the other's 
mouth, and then curl up on my chest, taking a nipple 
into her mouth and rest. She took deep comfort in my 
breasts, and I loved feeling her lips latched to me, her 
tongue massaging my rock hard nipple.

At seventeen I knew I was probably bisexual, preferring 
females over men. I hadn't let a man enter me since 
Kylie's birthday weekend and I was beginning to crave a 
man inside of me again. I waited for Paul and Jane to 
come home one Wednesday night and when they arrived I 
sat them down for a talk.

"Daddy, I need to feel your big, dick. I want you to 
fuck me like a daddy should."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Paul smiled. "Honey, do 
you have any objections?"

"Not at all. Only, I want to watch." Jane stood and took 
me by the hand and led me to their bedroom. "Will Kylie 
be joining us?"

"You can make love to her, if you like, but right now I 
just need Daddy."

"She should at least watch, don't you think? So that she 
is comfortable with love with a man."

"Who says she'll ever be with a man?" I grinned as I 
crawled on her bed, already naked, waiting for her 
husband to come to me.

"Are you serious?" Jane asked, not pushy, just curious.

"The only time I plan to let her be with a man is when 
she is old enough to have children. That is all she'll 
need a man for."

"Okay." Jane didn't argue, she had promised that Kylie 
was my lover and no one else's. She trusted me 
completely with Kylie's needs, sexual and otherwise. It 
was almost as though I had become Kylie's mother and 
Jane was just her babysitter. I had the final say so in 
all matters concerning Kylie.

Jane curled up on the big easy chair in their bedroom, 
and called Paul into the room. He entered moments later 
and stood grinning like a fool at the sight that greeted 
him. His wife lying spread wide in the chair, vibrator 
in hand. And me, practically his daughter, lying spread 
eagle on the bed, watching him, my fingers working 
lazily at my clit. He had an obvious erection and waited 
in the doorway for his formal invitation into his own 

"Daddy, your baby girl needs you," I said in my most 
seductive voice. "You're not gonna make her beg are 

Without a word he came to the side of the bed and waited 
for me to undress him. I ripped away his clothes as 
quickly as possible. He crawled onto the bed and began 
kissing me. I moved away from him. 

"No foreplay, just fuck me please!!" I was getting 
desperate; my body was aching to feel him inside of me.

He laughed and positioned his cock at my hole. I was 
still pretty tight, so he had to be gentle when entering 
me. I held my breath as he put all his weight into 
entering me, and his nine-inch cock popped into my pussy 
and slid slowly until I was filled completely with his 
manhood. He paused long enough for me to adjust to his 
presence and then he began fucking me. Slowly and gently 
at first, and then with increasing passion.

I heard Jane's vibrator come on and looked over at her 
in the chair. She had bent her head and pulled her boob 
until she had one of her nipples caught firmly in her 
mouth, and she had her right hand pounding at her clit 
in quick circles, and her left hand was shoving the 
vibrator in and out of her cunt.

As I watched her and felt her husband burying his meat 
deep inside of me, I began to cum. It was all too fast, 
I didn't want it to be over yet, and I begged for Paul 
to keep fucking me.

"Don't cum yet, daddy. I still need you inside of me. 
Don't stop. please daddy."

"I'll hold it as long as I can baby, but it's not easy, 
your tight little cunt is squeezing my cock so much. 
You're such a good fuck for daddy."

"Mommy, please. come help daddy. I need you. Show me you 
love me. Please.. Mommy." I didn't know what I needed 
from her, but I needed her. She came to the bed and lay 
beside us. 

"What do you want mommy to do baby?" She cooed into my 
ear and she licked and sucked at my ear lobe.

"Anything, just touch me." I was near tears my need was 

"Do you want mommy to fill your asshole for you, baby?"

"Yes, mommy... please, now!" I was panting 
uncontrollably now as my second orgasm was beginning, my 
nipple ached they were so hard. Jane reached underneath 
my back, her palm pressed firmly against my ass cheek, 
her fingers pulling my ass cheeks apart.

"Paul, ease up so I can give my baby girl what she 
needs." Paul slowed his rhythm and lifted some of his 
weight from me long enough for Jane to press two fingers 
into my asshole. After she had entered me, Paul began 
pounding me hard once again, shoving her fingers deeper 
inside of me. Feeling them both fucking me relentlessly 
lead me to my third orgasm.

"Daddy.. I'm cumming. oh please don't stop yet!!!"

"I can't hold any longer, I've got to let it out." He 
moaned as I felt spurt after spurt of his hot, sticky 
cum splash against my uterus.

I screamed and moaned intelligibly as I came, Jane's 
fingers still pounding at my asshole, Paul going limp 
inside of me. I opened my eyes and looked down at Jane, 
just as she began moaning. She had been fingering 
herself and me at the same time, and now she was 
reaching her orgasm.

The three of us cuddled up against each other and fell 
asleep. I was due home at midnight, but I didn't care. 
We slept soundly through the night. I woke the next 
morning when I heard Kylie crying. I called the school 
and told them I was ill and that I'd bring in an excuse 
when I came back to school.

Paul and Jane also called in sick to their jobs and the 
four of us spent the day at home, making love and 
enjoying each other's company. My mother called the 
Johnson's house when she got home from work. She bitched 
and bitched about my not coming home and missing school. 
She said I was grounded for a month and I told her to 
fuck off and to never call their house again. My father 
called later and told me never to speak to my mother 
like that again and that I had until the next morning to 
have all of my shit out of their house. I was no longer 
welcomed there.

Paul took me to get my things and I moved into their 
house that night. Within a week the Johnson's had 
decided to legally adopt me and my parents eagerly 
signed all the proper papers. By the end of the month I 
was officially a Johnson. I stopped calling the 
Johnson's Paul and Jane altogether. They were now Mommy 
and Daddy to me full time. I no longer slept in the 
nursery, and neither did Kylie. Daddy and Mommy bought a 
queen size bed for me and put it in the extra bedroom 
that was now mine. Kylie began sleeping there with me 
every night.


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