Encounter with the Baby-sitter  (Mg,Mb,extreme pedo,toddlers,nepi,cum)

by Lilsis

   My name is Peter age 15. I was asked to baby-sit my niece (age three) 
and my nephew (age one). I always liked watching them because for one they 
trusted me, and two their little bodies turned me on. I always has a hard 
on around them. We enjoyed playing this tickle game. I would tickle their 
ribs and then sneak a feel of their little nips. And tickle their thighs 
and slide my hand up into their little crotches for a feel. We were in the 
parents room on the bed and it was hot from playing so I took off my clothes, 
only my underwear on. The boy only had a diaper on and the little girl had on
little girl undies. So it was easy coping feels. The little boy needed
his diaper changed so I laid him down and went to work. I used the wipes
so I could rub his little pee pee. He seemed to enjoy it because I did it
a long time. The girl sat and watched. Then the next thing I know she is
touching his little pee pee. I half turned so I could rub my cock because
I was hard as a rock. I didn't want to cum yet, so I turned back and fixed
the boys diaper still rubbing him as I did. We went back to our tickle
game this time the kids were touching my cock as they did it would twitch
about drove me nuts but it sure felt good.  The little girl giggled every
time it jumped. OK time to stop before I creamed my myself.

   I said ok time for a bath. Yeah bath time the little girl said and was
off to the bathroom. I picked up my nephew rubbing between his legs as I
did, and we headed to the tub. Since they were splashing I had to take off
the rest of my clothes. My niece asked me to wash her body. I started
with her shoulders and rubbed my way down across her chest (I lingered
there) she didn't seem to mind so I kept on doing it-stroking my cock as I
did. Her body was so soft. I had her stand up so I could wash her private
spot-nice sweet tender pee pee and her soft bottom. I was close to the tub
almost banging the tub with my dick. I had her sit back down and rinsed
the soap off of her. Now it was the little boys turn. I had him stand up
and rubbed my thumb over his stub. This bout drove me over the edge to
orgasm. I said go ahead and play kids I'll be right back. The toilet was
divided with a wall so they couldn't see me jacking off. All the thoughts
of touching them going through my head-I was jacking wildly-I felt my cum
shoot out across the room. Wow what an exasperating orgasm. I couldn't
believe how far it shot. I went back to the kids and got them dried off.
Mmmm more sweet touches as I did. I put a diaper back on the boy but I
rubbed his pee pee more and his little sack with my fingers. I started to
get hard again. I then put undies on the little girl of course I had to
make sure they were in the right spot and felt inside her crotch area.

   We then sat down and watched some TV. I had the girl sit on my lap. I
would move her up and back slowly over my hard cock. I decided it was
naptime. So I put the boy in his crib and rubbed his little nips as I did.
And then put the little girl in. I talked her into taking her undies off
and she slept nude. I had special plans for her after she was asleep. I
went to the kitchen and got me a drink thinking of that sweet body lying
naked and what I wanted to do to her. Dang another instant hard on. After
10 minutes I went to check to see if she was asleep. Her little bottom was
showing. It was like she was begging me over to play. I lightly touched
her leg to make sure she was asleep. Ohhh she was. I daringly slipped a
finger between her little butt-not to far-I didn't want to wake her up. 
Her little butt squeezed my finger. I eased my finger in a little
more-sliding in and out. Guess what I was doing with my other hand-yep
stroking. Her little bottom was so tight. I then took my finger out very
slowly savoring the feel, and reached underneath to rub her little clit. 
She would push against my hand in her sleep. I then sucked my finger and
got a taste of her sweet ass juice. I put my finger into her tight, warm
pee pee. I jacked a little faster. She was bouncing on my finger and
mumbling in her sleep. I got brave and tried 2 fingers. Dang she was so
tight. I wiggled them gently inside her. Pulling my fingers in and out.
Ohh I need to cum. I quietly got on the bed and put my dick between her
butt cheeks and I stroked like a wild man. I wanted my cum on her butt. 
I'm going to cum on you little girl, I whispered. I'm gonna get it on you,
maybe a little inside you. Ohh yes yes. My sperm hit her full force. I
couldn't stop myself I started to ease in the entrance of her little bottom
waves after waves of cum shot out. She let out a cry and I was off of her
quickly. I about fell in my haste. I went to the bathroom and licked the
cum off my cock, it had the taste of her with it.  She got up and said I
made a mess uncle. So we had to take another bath of course. I can't wait
to baby sit again.  


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