Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Niece Butt (Mg,nepi,inc,anal play) by Pedestrian I love butts. Women's butts. I guess that makes me a normal guy. Well, except for the fact that I like them on all ages. From toddlers to teens. Twenties to thirties. Young girls butts are the best though, so round and perky and perfectly smooth. Another great thing about them is that you can get away with touching them. Despite all its raging paranoias, society doesn't look too harshly on the casual pat or rub to a little girl's fanny, at least not if its done in the right context. When I became an uncle for the first time I was anxious to try out my trade. I was blessed with a darling little neice. Anni was a dollbaby and as soon as she was walking I was resting my hand on that adorable plump little butt. When they're real young they don't have any notions about naughtiness yet. Once she was in cotton panties I'd take every oppportunity to rub and fondle her tiny butt. Her plump cheeks felt so good squishing in my grip. I also knew that before long I'd have to limit the kind of touching I did. So while she was still at that tender totally unknowing age I savored the scattered moments I was alone with her. Down the back of her panties my hand would go. Marvelling at the cool silky feel of her skin. My rough little gropes of her cheeks only amused her. I recall the first time I knew I had her alone for several minutes. She was leaning forward with her elbows resting on her toy chest and coloring something. Her frilly green dress barely came down past her butt. She colored away as I held her dress up and adored her round little rump. She didn't bat an eye as I ran my hand around and around her cotton covered cheeks. I even let my middle finger slide between her legs and rub her bulging pussy mound. I wanted her to know her uncle loved her little pussy too. I didn't have that much time so I brought my hand back up and slid it down the back of her panties. First I squeezed her fat little ass cheeks and massaged them like dough. For a tiny girl her crack was long and deep and I had to wiggle my finger in. It was enlightenment just to rub the pad of my finger against her tiny puckered asshole. And further down I slid. It was a very short run from there to her fat bald pussy. It was like my fingers had suddenly slid onto a warm wiggly lump of perfection. I let my finger glide into her channel. Her opening just a moist dime sized wonderland. Being as gentle as can be I gathered a good sampling of wet surface. I brought my hand out and sniffed and tasted her. At least in later years when she's 14 and sassy I'll be able to say I tasted her once. I bounded around the corner and peered out the kitchen window. Mom and sis were still out back. I raced back. Anni was still in the same position. I fell to my knees, lifted her dress up and yanked her panties partly down. Fuck I love how little girl's butts look! I madly kissed away at her cool naked skin. I figured it was probably the only time in my life I'd get to kiss a girl's ass and I felt more alive than I ever had. I pulled her cheeks apart and shoved my tongue into the crevice. I felt delerious with lust at how her asshole felt against my tongue. But then I heard the door open and scrambled to put everything right. I only hooked up with Sis and Anni once or twice a month at mom's house. Sis and her husband still lived in an apartment and so she'd do her laundry at moms. Mom would be off doing something in the house or occasionally not be there at all. I'd wait patiently for Sis to go down the basement to tend to her clothes. When I was there to keep an eye on Anni she'd stay down there and fold them and everything. It was best if she had a dress on but more often than not she'd have on shorts or pants. She was at that age when although she was out of diapers she was still used to being checked for accidents and stuff so she'd just stand there fiddling with a toy or something as I'd quickly pull her pants down enough to 'inspect' her. I loved her butt most of all but with just a little time available I started developing a keen interest in her fat little pussy. I'd pull her pants and panties down just enough to get at it. I loved to wiggle my fingers around inside her puffy lips and then bring them out and sniff and taste them. It always felt so nasty when I'd slide my saliva drenched fingers back into her squeaky smooth slit. I could hear Sis clumping up the stairs so I always had several seconds to straighten up. A couple times when I didn't know how long sis would be down there I decided to just whip my cock out instead. The natural curiosity of children is a blessing when you're flopping your hard cock around in front of them. I was totally blown away the first time I did it and Anni reached up and grabbed at it. I clamped her hands onto it with mine and jerked them up and down the shaft. I could have came in record time if I thought I could have gotten away with it. It was just as much fun to whip it out and prod her with it. I'd poke it into her pantied butt or if she was fully clothed just rub it around her tummy. I know only a true pervert appreciates the twisted beauty of a big hard cock rubbing against such a tiny angel. Those perfect situations didn't happen too often though. But on one Saturday the gods were smiling on me. Mom was gone and Sis was doing laundry. I sat there reading the paper and Anni was playing on the floor. Sis was about to go down and start another load when she decided to do what Anni was wearing while she was at it. 'I'll bring you up some clean clothes in a minute honey.' Sis said to her and went downstairs. I looked over the paper. There Anni was, naked as can be sitting on the floor. I nearly dove down. I grabbed her sides and gave her a tickle. She giggled and instinctively flopped onto her back. I wasted no time and grabbed her legs and pushed them back to her tummy. Her little gash opened up to reveal a bright pink hole. I immediately began lapping at her. Her fat still baby like pussy mushed around under my tongue. I flattened my tongue inside her slit and wiggled my head around. Her piss and baby puss taste drove me wild. I was nearly raping her with my tongue. And all she did was coo and giggle and manage a 'dat tickles!' As I made oral love to her toddler pussy I reached back and groped my throbbing cock thru my pants. Her soft mushy flesh smearing around my mouth...the tart taste of her tiny hole...uh...uh...uhhhhh. I erupted in my pants. I was cumming so hard it felt like I was pissing. If Sis had come up just then I would have been busted. There was no way I could have stopped. Fortunately I had time to enjoy my body racking orgasm as I sucked her pussy into my mouth. Thank goodness the dryer was going or Sis probably could have heard the obscene smacking and slurping sounds all the way down there. I took my sleeve and wiped my saliva off her. Her pussy looked red and irritated though and I was really worried Sis would notice. But I just returned to my paper hoping my underwear full of cum would wait before it leaked thru my pants. I didn't hang around and went home. I told myself that was my one big glorious payday. Anni would soon be old enough to communicate certain things and I couldn't risk it anymore. I still planned on fondling her butt from time to time but only in a way I thought I could get away with. But a month later on a Saturday afternoon I was handed a gift I couldn't turn down. My mom and sister wanted to go shopping and Anni was asleep on the floor. 'Of course I'll keep an eye on her for a couple hours!' I chimed. It actually was an opportunity I had never planned for or counted on. Ten minutes after they were gone I pulled Anni's teddy bear panties off. God what a treat it was just to be able to sit there and gaze at her gorgeous round butt! I laid beside her with my face right next to it. She smelled of baby powder and other baby potions even though she was close to being too old for those type of things. My first kiss to her left cheek sent electricity thru my body and every muscle tensed. It's hard to say how something like that could thrill me so completely. I hovered my head over her so I could kiss every inch of her bubble butt. Just the sound of my lips smacking on her smooth skin was exhilarating. I kissed along the edge of her crack and pushed my lips down into it. There was no objectionable odor, she was clean and fresh. I teased myself by lightly kissing over and over the spot on her crack right above where her butthole would be. I took a moment to check and she was sound asleep. I took a moment to run my hands all over her butt some more and then I gently pulled the cheeks apart. Her pinkish tiny butthole peeked out at me. I stared down at it is I lowered my head and pushed my tongue out. It found its target. The flesh of her butthole felt very different from the rest. It was both rougher and 'squeakier' at the same time. The realization that I was tonguing a little girl's ass made my whole body shudder and my cock throb like it was going to burst. I ran my tongue up and down her crack and then mushed it into her asshole each time I came to it. I was actually surprised that just by tugging it apart some how much it opened up. With some wiggling and pressing I was able to stick my tongue into her asshole! It only went in a little but it was quite a thrill. For all I knew this might be the only time she'd get analingus her whole life. It was almost too bad that she was sleeping thru it. And boy was she getting a good one. When girls are that young there's only a tiny band of flesh between their assholes and the bottom of their pussies. I had to carefully push her legs open some more but it didn't take much for her bulging fat little pussy to come into plain view. I straddled her with my knees beside her head and lowered my face down. I kissed and licked her ass some more from the new angle and then slid my tongue down until it found her sweet little gash. I had to push against it in order to part her fat folds. Then my tongue sank into her and was greeted by the tart taste of her tiny hole. I sucked and lapped at her pussy like a hungry dog. She moved a bit and I knew I was bound to wake her up. Part of me wanted her to wake up and experience what I was doing to her. She was old enough to talk but not old enough to understand or articulate what was being done to her so I still felt safe. To her it probably just would have felt like someone giving her a vigorous cleaning. Let me tell you, anyone who's ever fantasized about it has every right to do so. The sensation of a little girl's pussy flesh against your mouth is fucking awesome. I slurped at her until she was dripping with my saliva. I was a bit worried because her ass and pussy were becoming red from all my licking and sucking. I didn't know how long it would take to fade. I'd been at it over an hour and I didn't know when they'd be back. I had to finish up. The last thing I had to do was rub my cock into her ass. It felt great to free the throbbing monster. I thought of something. It hadn't been in my plan but at that moment it seemed imperative. She was dead asleep again with her head turned to the side resting on her arm. I stretched my legs out behind me and arched my back. My cock was jumping all around from the pressure of my blood. The vision of my obscene boner bobbing next to her sweet face would be forever burned in my mind. I pushed my hips forward until my cock head slapped against her open mouth. A string of glisstening precum connected us. I didn't have any intention of mouth fucking her or anything like that. My selfish perverted self thought ahead to when she'd be 16 and sucking her first dick in the back of some guy's car. At least I'd be able to temper my jealousy at the time with the knowledge that my cock had been there first. I was leaking so much precum that it almost looked like I was cumming on her mouth. I grabbed my cock and swirled it around her mouth. I pushed it forward just enough to feel the wetness of inside her mouth against it. I came real fucking close to cumming. She stirred though and I decided that was enough. I gave her a second to settle back down. I moved around and let my cock flop around unaided against her butt. It looked huge compared to her tiny butt. Then I greased up her crack with my leaking fluid and smeared the head up and down her crevice. I worked it in between her legs too. I also wanted my cock to be the first to touch that beautiful place. I wiggled it around until I could feel the wetness of her tiny hole. I was caught by surprise. The feel of her bald soft pussy on my cock was too much. Cum rocketed out of me. I smeared the head up and down the crevice that connected her ass and puss. Cum was shooting everywhere filling up her crack and splattering on her back and butt. I moved it up and pressed it against her asshole and let the squirts shoot into it. I had discovered a whole different kind of orgasm. One that took me over completely and lasted three times as long. I'd never shot that much jizz in my life! Her butt was a sea of thick translucent fluid. Even after I was done my cock stayed hard and I just kept rubbing it around on her goo covered ass and pussy. I was satisfied. I could die happy having done something I didn't think I'd ever get to do. In one final salute to my nastiness and to make my claim over her complete, I leaned down and licked up a huge glob of my own cum onto my tongue. I carefully moved around and laid beside her. I brought my sticky covered tongue to her lips and slid it into her mouth. My cum was the first she'd ever taste. The nastiness and sensuallity of frenching her with my cum coated tongue made my cock throb again. Her eyes fluttered open. The unbridled side of me wanted her to remember this moment. With our eyes staring into each others only inches apart I swirled my tongue into her mouth. My hand went to her ass and rubbed the cum into her baby soft skin. And as she stared right at me my fingers slid to her cummed up pussy and fondled it. She looked perfectly content and relaxed and best of all didn't try at all to move her mouth away from mine. Finally I clamped my mouth over hers and gave her a deep sloppy kiss. I hurried and got some wipes and cleaned her off. Again I was amazed at the amount of jizz I'd shot on her. I put her panties back on and everthing was cool. She roused herself up and I gave her a glass of orange juice. Mom and sis got back shortly after and that was the end of my one glorious day. I was much more content after that. What more could I have asked for? Still my obsession with her darling little butt continued. AS before, every little chance I got I held it, squeezed it and fondled it. Each instance that I got to touch it meant an excellent jack off session later. My other delight was getting to rub my pants covered boner against her from time to time. Whenever I could I made sure she got a look at the bulge in my pants too. Mostly though my mission was to get her so used to me touching her butt that it would always seem normal to her. And it seemed to work. I guess it was easier though through the 4, 5 and 6 years. Still so innocent and unknowing. It was great watching and feeling her butt mature. She loved me to death and always welcomed my closeness. She was always climbing up on my lap or wanting me to carry her around. Those times provided some of my best touching opportunities. By the time she was 6 it took more daring on my part. She was very acclimated to having my hands on her but when I got a chance to fondle her a little more aggresively I could tell that she seemed to be noticing the difference. I always knew I'd be walking a thin line. On the one hand I didn't want her growing up feeling like she was being molested but at the same time I wanted her to know in some way that my affection for her was different. In a way it was a daredevil thing. What would she think of me when she was 13 or 14 and all 'knowledgable'. Would I be able to keep touching her butt up into the years when she became sexually aware herself? Would my touching start to arouse her? Would her first masterbation fantasy involve me touching her? Probably not, but these were the things I thought about. Not long after her 6th birthday she was staying overnight at my moms. Sis stayed home. I of course had to visit that night. Mom plopped down in front of the tube at 8 and I entertained Anni. We ended up in the room she stays in which is her home away from home. She had pants on which were really cramping my style. I decided to try something. It was close to 9 which was already past her normal bedtime. I told her she should probably get undressed and ready for bed. She protested and I told her if she just got undressed and ready that I'd let her stay up a while. That pleased her. I didn't know if she was gonna go to the bathroom, wait for me to leave or what. I kept my fingers crossed and it paid off. Anni stood there and began to unbutton her shirt. At 6 girl's are just starting to get modest but she was obviously comfortable enough around me to not care. It had been a long time since I'd seen her without a shirt on and I was surprised. At six she had already formed quarter sized nipples that were already puffing out from her otherwise flat chest. Then she just as quickly began to peel her jeans off. I made a split decision and playfully lunged at her and pushed her back onto the bed. She laughed and let herself flop down. 'I think you're stalling!' I said and grabbed the top of her jeans. I made sure I got some of her panties too and yanked. She raised her hips up some so they could come off. Her panties came partly down until I could see the pale flesh of the top of her pussy mound. With her pants off I was almost shocked at what I saw. She was no longer the 3 or 4 year old girl I had playfully fondled and even outright molested once in the past. She was a girl, and one obviously developing fast. At that moment she looked more like an 8 or 9 year old which made it even stranger since she was nearly nude before me. I could only hope she'd be that open with me at that age. It was also the moment I felt things changing between us. At first she didn't move to straighten her panties. I stood over her looking up and down her body. She looked back at me. There was a feeling of naughtiness in the air. God I was fucking exited! I sort of jumped onto the bed straddling her and tickled her sides. I'd learned a while ago that she wasn't very ticklish but played along and laughed anyway. I tickled up her sides and almost uncontrollably tickled up onto her chest. I let my fingers flutter over her nipples. She laughed but her expression changed. I was losing control. I knew she wasn't going to be my naive little neice much longer. I took both hands and placed the pads of my two long fingers right on her nipples and swirled them around. She didn't laugh. She just looked right at me. I loved her. I always wanted her to know I loved her. I leaned down and kissed her. I kissed her neck. I kissed her collarbone. I was going to molest her. I was 1 second away from openly molesting her. I gave her left nipple a quick smooch and with herculean effort pushed myself off the bed and playfully said, 'c'mon squirt, get yer jammies on or whatever you wanna sleep in.' Anni seemed to be partially mesmerized and slowly sat up. She shakily rose to her feet. Her panties were still bunched below her pointy hips. I was being ran over by wave after wave of mixed emotions. I fell to my knees in front of her. 'I...I'm gonna do some you want me to go ahead and do these?' I asked as I reached up and slowly tugged down on them some more. She didn't answer. Her slit came into view. I moved my hands around to her butt and continued to slide them down back there which was just an excuse to fondle her butt. There wasn't much doubt that I was gonna kiss her pussy. But then my mom called from somewhere. We both jumped. 'No....I'll just wear em till tomorrow.' Anni stuttered and pulled them back up. 'Ok honey.' I said and turned for the door. I managed to get out and close it behind me just as my mom came round the stairs. I must have looked guilty. I told her Anni was getting ready for bed and she sternly told me that she should have been asleep and hour ago. I had frightened myself that night. I proved that I couldn't trust myself alone with her. I vowed yet again to chill out big time. I was pretty good for a while. When she was close to turning seven there was a strange moment though. We were standing next to a table we used to do craft stuff in my mom's basement. As usual I had my hand resting on her butt at the very top, almost on her back. That was something I still couldn't resist. She had on a cottony skirt. I was impressed with what she was doing and told her what a good job it was and used it as an excuse to slide my hand further down onto her butt. It was now cupping her well defined cheek. She looked at me and gave me a smile that was mostly from being praised but there was also something else there. Sort of like a little gleam. I felt right away like it was her little recognition of where my hand was, in it's all too familiar place. The sudden 'connection' between us exited me. I gently stroked her butt. She gave that somewhat mischevious little grin again but didn't look at me. My God had she figured out the naughty nature of my butt touching? I had to keep reminding myself she wasn't a baby anymore and after that night in her room! I thought maybe I should chill out but the new vibe in the air was making my hairs stand on end. I casually talked about what she was doing and continued to circle my hand over her butt. It had been a while since we'd be alone for so long. What I was about to do I'd done many times before but it seemed like an entirely different situation now. I reached over with my left hand to examine part of the stuff she was decorating and then quickly lowered my right hand down below the short hem of her skirt and lifted it back up until my palm touched her pantied ass. I instinctively knew that this was a crucial moment that had to be tested. Keep in mind that after my molestation of her as a tiny girl I pretty much figured it was my one and only time and that night in her room had just been an overstep on my part. To me it was now just a matter of seeing how long I could touch her butt before she decided she was too old or that it just wasn't right for whatever reason. I knew I wouldn't stop doing it until she said something. She let out a tiny giggle but kept working. I could just tell though that at least part of her mind was on my hand. God I loved how her panties felt! 'Uncle Jimmy.....why do you like to touch me so much back there?' She didn't even look at me when she asked. I was flabbergasted. 'Uh....oh! I'm sorry....I guess I didn't even realize I was doing it....Gee....I uh, I guess I've been doing it since you were little and didn't even think that it might bother you now.' Another adult would have easily spotted my nervous rambling as a sign of being busted. 'It's ok. I just think it's funny.' she replied in a not too convincing way. ''re right. I guess you're too old for me to be touching you,like you're a little kid or something.' I said in a dejected voice and pulled my hand away. 'No, it's ok...' she finally turned and looked at me with a rather serious expression. 'Well, come to think of it, I guess you're mommy or other people might not think it was it was something naughty or something...' I said it like it was stupid to conclude that but they might anyway. 'So I guess I'll start treating you like the grown up girl you are now and not do it anymore.' I was instantly pleased to see that she didn't look too happy about that. 'Oh I don't care. You can still if you want to.' she was trying hard to act like she was still interested in her crafts. 'Well I'm glad you feel that way honey, but like I said, sometimes other grown ups think kids shouldn't be touched in certain places and well...I guess they're right....but I never meant anything bad by it.' She had a sheepish look on her face. I could tell she wanted to say something but she didn't quite know what. Damn, I had wanted her to say it was still ok or something but she was just flusstered. I couldn't just drop it. 'But I guess if there was some way of just keeping it between us, it would be like...I dunno...our own little secret or something.' When I said 'secret' I leaned forward and breathed it into her ear. she scrunched her shoulders and laughed. she seemed really happy. 'Ok!' I can't describe how I felt. Knowing for sure that she liked me touching her butt and not wanting it to stop was killing me. I didn't want to make too big a deal out of it though and directed the talk back to what she was doing but a second later I brought my hand back up to her butt. I went directly under her skirt and rested it on her panties. She got a sly little smile on her face and played along by pretending not to notice. Of course I was now filled with sexual fire. I casually fiddled with the junk on the table with my free hand but really started to fondle her ass with the other. She had a faraway look in her eyes as she continued what she was doing. My exitement was taking over. My fingers caught the waisteband of her panties and pulled them down some. Then I glided my hand down onto her cheek again but then came back up and when I felt the patch of naked skin at the top I shuddered. I pulled them down more and then slid my hand under them. Her perfectly round plump ass was in my hand! I knew I might have easily misunderstood her simple liking of my hand on her butt and was now going way beyond what she thought was nice and ok. she wasn't even doing anything with the stuff on the table anymore. She was just standing there. My hand was gliding all over her ass. I began to slide my finger down along her crack when I passed by it. I was on the verge of touching her pussy. I had to stop. My desire to keep going was countered only by my stronger desire not to blow the whole thing. Afterall I was supposed to be satisfied with just getting to touch her butt! I pulled it back up and straightened her panties back up and gave her butt a little pat. I had to completely stop or I knew I'd forge on ahead. I needed a cooling off period. She looked at me with her eyes darting about like she was trying in her immature head to figure me out. We messed with her crafts a while longer but then it was time to go upstairs and get some lunch. She went ahead of me. After she had gone up just a couple stairs I couldn't help it and gave her butt a playful squeeze from a couple stairs down. She let out a little yelp and stopped dead in her tracks. I hadn't counted on that. Her short skirt was at eye level with me. Damn! Was she waiting for more? Her panties were already almost showing and so I flipped her skirt up onto her back. Jesus what a view! I could see the bulge of her pussy pressing out between her legs. One leg was up on one stair and the other on the step below. She was leaning forward still in the motion of climbing the stairs but perfectly still. All rationality left me. I reached up with both hands and grasped both cheeks. She giggled. I just couldn't believe that she actually enjoyed this so much. It was just too damn good to be true. But at the moment I was in no state to question. I grabbed the top of her panties and tugged them down. Oh fuck....fuck...perfect fucking 7 year old ass. A nicely defined bikini line that showed her pale butt and darker legs. Nothing else mattered... I came forward and gently kissed her left cheek. Her butt muscles clenched and then relaxed. I kissed the very underside of her cheek. Goosebumps broke out all over her. I was kissing her ass and she liked it! I kissed it and then licked it. Kissed and licked. I moved over to her crack and when I smooched in it she let out a little moany sound. There's no way I can describe the sound of a 7 year old girl who is becoming aroused. That was my invitation. Her butt smelled kinda musty but in a good way. I started licking right into her crack. She shifted her feet around and made the sound again. I was in fucking heaven. I was on the verge of lapping at her ass like a dog but then there were the sound of footsteps nearbye. We both jumped a little and she yanked her panties back up. We just stood there a second and then she turned and looked at me and giggled. We went upstairs. I know it must sound like I now had an unbelievable little 7 year old nympho on my hands but that's far from the truth. In the cold bright light of the upstairs I felt guilty. Anni's face was flushed and she looked disoriented. It looked like she was having trouble transitioning to the 'other world' of her mommy and grandma. She suddenly looked so young and frail to me! The rest of the day was uncomfortable and Anni and I hardly exchanged another word. Geez, she's just a little kid! I hollered to myself. The next few weeks were filled with doubt and paranoia for me. On the one hand I knew she had enjoyed it on some level but as non pedo adults know, that doesn't mean it still wasn't totally inappropriate. My gradual and semi clandestine groping was now out in the open. I feared how she would come to view me in coming years. As she grew wiser and more worldly would she resent me, enough maybe to even tell what I'd done to someone? Why couldn't I have just settled for what I did when she was 3?! Now I was only thinking damage control. I'm here to tell you, the fleeting moment of sex play with a willing child is glorious and unbelievably erotic, but kids change too fast and what was fun one day might piss them off the next. Or even more likely, the warnings from their parents about sickos like me will change their minds about things. I was very anxious the next time I met up with them at my mom's. At first Anni seemed happy and glad to see me but then got quiet and went off by herself. I felt terrible. I resolved to try to repair our uncle/neice relationship. But then Anni came up to me and asked if I wanted to go do craft stuff in the basement. I was glad she was just talking to me and didn't read anything into it at all. We goofed around with the junk on the table. Despite all my guilt I was still tempted of course. It helped that she had shorts on and her butt wasn't as accessable as before. Just when I thought there was hope for normalcy after all Anni said to me in almost a whisper, 'Arentcha gonna do that?' and motioned backward with her head. A lump the size of a grapefruit formed in my throat. ' you want me to?' I wheezed. She gave me a girlish rapid knod. I'm so fucking weak. I should have explained to her why I wasn't going to do it anymore and declare my unexploitative avuncular love for her but NO! My hand went to her butt. She seemed instantly livelier and went to work with her paper and markers. God how I wanted things to be ok! As I was fondling her clothed butt she stopped and turned to me rather serious like, 'Do you want me to take my shorts off Uncle Jimmy?' I almost passed out. I dropped to my knees. I looked her in the eyes and took her arms and asked her if she understood that I'd get in trouble, real big trouble,if anyone found out about our little game. She looked confused but after a pause said she understood. 'We said it was a secret before.' she added. I was simply incapable of doing the 'right thing'. I lead her over to as old cushioned chair in the corner further away from the stairs and I sat down. 'If you wanna take them off take them off...but ONLY if you WANT to.' I said. She got that grin on her face. I realized that in truth this was just innocent sex play to her. Lots and lots of kids end up doing stuff like this. It's just supposed to be with other kids and not with an uncle or daddy or any grown up. But at that moment I was her peer. Her little friend playing secret games with in a basement. I watched in rapture as she undid her shorts and peeled them off. All bets were off. I drew her to me and kissed her. She just looked so ready to be my little plaything! I kissed her cheeks and her neck which made her squirm and giggle. I lifted her shirt up and for the first time since that night in her room saw her nipples. Her mommy has big fucking tits and believe it or not I could already tell that even at 7 little Anni was headed for the same thing. She already had slight protrusions of fat under her nipples which were also surprisingly mature looking. Her mouth hung open as I swirled the pads of my thumbs over her nipples. They even hardened up some! I pulled her close and sucked one into my mouth. My hands went to her ass and yanked her panties down. She was fidgeting around like the sensations were almost too much for her. I switched from little titty to little titty slobbering and sucking on each one. Thinking about her mommies big tits makes me think back to growing up. I'm five years older than my sister and I think she was the cause for my obsession with butts. My dad had split when I was 5 and my mom was overwhelmed. She worked the hell out of me even as a little kid and ended up giving me a lot of the responsibility of looking after my sister. So even at only 6 or 7 years old I was trained on how to change a diaper. I know early on I resisted it and didn't want to but not long before she was almost out of them I started feeling differently about it. I can still recall that one defining moment. My little sister on the floor on her tummy. Me taking the baby powder and shaking it onto her butt. Round and round I rubbed it in. Something stirred in me. It suddenly hit me how fun it was. The stinky and messy part was still no fun but this part....I mushed and squeezed my sister's fat little butt. I felt my little prick become hard. I scurried out into the hall and heard my mom running the vacuum downstairs. I went back in and pulled my shorts down. I sprinkled baby powder on my hairless hard dick. I played with her soft butt with one hand and diddled my dick with the other. I knew enough to cover everything up when I heard the sweeper shut off. From then on my sister had the cleanest butt in the neighborhood. We used cloth diapers so I was able to change her often without my mom noticing anything. Most of the time I just put the same one back on since it usually wasn't dirty anyway. My first love was with her butt but soon I was fascinated with her plump little pussy too. It didn't take me long to realize how much better it felt to rub my dick on her instead of just playing with it. So there'd we'd be, my sister around 2 and me 7 covering both of us with baby powder and mushing my hard little pecker all over her butt and baby pussy. I was truly sad when she stopped wearing them and continued to sneak powder her butt and pussy until she was probably 4. By then I was nearly 9 and was getting some serious boners. I'll never forget those first intense proto-orgasms that I'd get as I rubbed my dick over my baby sister's bottom. I couldn't get enough of it. There for a while I'd get home from school and mom would drop sis off from daycare and go back to work for a couple hours. I was only 9 myself but I guess mom had no choice to trust me to watch sis. I actually was pretty responsible except for the molesting part at least. Believe me it gave a whole new meaning to waiting for school to get out. I'd get home and anxiously wait for sis to be dropped off. At 4 she was still very quiet and docile. I'd watch mom pull away and then take sis to my room. I'd pull her pants and panties off right away and then take my pants and underwear off. In those days it was like I had a perpetual young boy boner. I'd get sis on her hands and knees and kneel behind her rub my dick into her ass crack and between her legs. Or sometimes I'd sit back against the bed and sit her on my lap so my dick stuck up between her legs. I'd take her hands and wrap them around it and jerk it up and down until that excellent feeling flooded over me. I still loved the babypowder thing too though and would sometimes lay her down and rub it into her like she was still a baby. I think she like dit too and would lay there for a long time. But then my mom finally started to wonder about finding babypowder on my sister's butt and asked her about it and she ratted me out in her child like voice, 'Jimmy done it!' I was so embarrassed and I think my mom was too but she still managed to scold me and instructed me not to do that to her anymore. I think she took some of the blame for having made me do that to my sister to begin with. So that was my first major lesson in secrecy. It sucked cause I was pretty sure my sister wouldn't have said anything if mom hadn't confronted her. It was like she was used to me being her caregiver and let me do what I wanted. I was a sexually frustrated boy. I stared beating off in my room all the time. I still sprinkled baby powder on myself when I did ( and do to this day!) I had to back off my sister for a while but as time went on things faded and my mom was still busy. Before long I was playing with my sister's butt again. I just left out the baby powder. She was so docile towards me (and oddly, still is). She'd just lay there as I groped and fondled her privates and played with my dick. My first love was still her butt though and whenever I knew I had more than just a few minutes alone with her I'd bend her over a chair or lie her on her tummy and pull her panties down and play with it like it was the greatest toy in the world. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner but one such day I leaned forward and kissed it. It was great! I smooched and smooched her smooth cool skin until that feeling came over me and then I mushed my dick into her asscrack and jacked it until I was flooded with young boy pleasure. I know it might sound abusive but I was also very very kind to my sister. I never raised my voice to her or pushed her around. By the time I was 11 and she was 6 I was so horny that I started sneaking into her room at night a couple nights a week. She slept like a log and even though she'd often 'wake up' I don't think she was aware enough to really know what was going on and besides I think it was comforting to her to have her big brother in bed with her at night. By then I was also getting ideas from my foul mouthed friends. I never told any of them what I did with my own sister though. The first time I heard a description of a blow job I couldn't wait to try it on my sister. Unfortunately, that spelled the end of her docile cooperative ways. I can still see her sitting on the floor with me hovering over her clumsily trying to put my dick in her mouth. I made just enough contact to be fucking thrilled by how it felt but she resisted and told me she didn't want to. It was enough to make me feel bad and I stopped. At 12 I was a horndog machine but at 7 she was beginning to have her own friends and wanted independance from me. I also nearly got busted by my mom sneaking into sis's room one night. Before long I was relegated to a voyeuristic existence. I'd spy on my sister and her friends. I'd still goof around with her but it was mostly in the form of typical horsing around. Some of her docileness remained though and even at 8, 9 and 10 years old she wouldn't resist much when I'd grab her shirt and pull it away so I could look down at her rapidly forming tits or pin her to the floor in good natured horseplay and then pull her dress up and stare at her panties. even if I wasn't holding her down she'd lie there a minute and let me look. But I was soon to be 15 and was more than interested in the girls my own age and was good looking enough to get a few to 'go with me'. It all had an interesting side effect too. My sister became visibly jealous when I started having girls come over and tried to get my attention back. By 11 she already had the tits of a teenager and I found myself getting more and more flashes of them. I was pretty sure she'd hear me come in at night and 'just be coming out of the bathroom' when I came upstairs. She'd just have panties and a shirt or some nice looking nighty. She also started leaving her door ajar more often and I'd glance in and see her changing clothes and stuff. I think she was proud of her new titties cause she also initiated some horsing around with me a few times when she'd just have a loose tank top on or something. I'd let her pin me to the floor just so she'd hover over me and I could look down her sagging top. It was an unspoken little game with us. She knew I was looking and didn't care but nothing was ever said. I loved how her tits were forming. They were the size of half a decent sized orange only pointier when they hung down like that and her nipples were big and dark. It was an odd time for me because even though I had a girlfriend who was willing to go to second or third base with me (which I did take advantage of!) I found myself drawn more and more to my sister and her friends. I even cut short a date with my girlfriend one night cause my sister was having a friend sleep over who I thought was hot. I could tell sis was surprised when I came in at 9pm. Both of them seemed awfull giggly and I got the feeling they'd been talking about me. Sis's friend Sara had a devlish look about her. She wasn't quite as developed as my sister but she still looked beyond her 11 years and was already forming boobies of her own. She looked like in time she'd become a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. But she was foxy. Straight brown hair and with a nice looking big nose that made her look ethnic and a sweet pouty mouth. She was huskier than my sister and had a nice full ass. They were acting like fools all whispery and giggly but I was loving it. I went to my room and changed into shorts and they weren't downstairs when I came back. Mom retired early to her room on nights like these to get away. I sat down and turned on the tube. A few minute later the girls came down being surprisingly quiet. Whoa doggy! They had changed into nighties! They sat nervously down but then jumped up and scampered away only to return a minute later. Sara's nighty was pretty modest. The typical cottony pullover with a ribbon in the front that came almost down to her knees. But my sister had something on I'd only gotten a glance of before. It was a white nighty with lacey-meshy material from around the midriff up and the rest barely came down onto her thighs. It didn't take me long to realize I could pretty much see thru the top with all the small holes in it. Her oversized boobs were jiggling around and her dark nipples were obvious underneath. She knew I was staring and whispered to Sara and they giggled. They couldn't sit still and kept leaving the room. I knew I was in for something (and thanking myself for coming home early) when they reappeared and Sara had changed. It was a long tanktop like nighty I'd seen my sister in before. But because Sara was bigger it was really tight on her. The big purple cartoonish bear on the front looked childish while the way it hugged her body looked erotic as hell. It was quite a juxtaposition. I was seeing a new side to my sister and i didn't quite know what to make of it. I think I was content to just sit there and see what they were going to do. I just happened to change the channel to a SoulTrain show and they immediately started making fun of it and to my delight dancing around. What a fucking show! The way that nighty was hugging Sara's butt was killing me. I had to see it. Whatever happened or didn't happen that night I was definitely sneaking into their room later. My dick was making a tent in my shorts and they saw it and whispered and giggled. I had no idea what those girls had talked about. For all I knew sis had told her all about the stuff I'd done to her or maybe they were just being silly girls. Before I had time to think about it anymore they came at me from either side and attempted to tickle me. I was fucking horny but still a bit reluctant to do anything to Sara. I felt like I could trust my sister not to tattle on me about stuff but not Sara. So I reached around and grabbed my sister's ass. It had been a while since I had my hands on her and it felt great. Up close her young titties were plain as day thru the material. I wanted to keep it going so I struggled some. I brought my hand up to Sara's shoulder like I was trying to push her away but all I did was slip the strap of her nighty down over her shoulder. The flesh right above the start of a young girl's boob is almost as erotic as the tit itself. Sis was really leaning into me so I let myself be pushed over towards Sara. Sis came with me and was pretty much laying on me. My head ended up between Sara's leg and the back of the couch. I freed my right arm and brought it out behind her. My struggling was the perfect excuse to reach up and touch her butt. It was a lot bigger than my sister's and was way more than a handful. Sara fell forward onto her hands and knees giggling. I turned and looked at sis who was hovering over my left shoulder. Her nighty was sagging down and I could see her naked overdeveloped tits. We looked at each other and she smiled. It really seemed like she was happy having me pay attention to her again instead of my girlfriends. With Sara still floundering on her hands and knees I took the hem of her nighty and lifted it up. My sister gave me a mischevious look and bit her lip. Sara was close to already having a woman's ass. She had on sexy panties too that were way too mature for her 11 year old self. She started to rise up but sissy then turned and tickled Sara's side and when she did pulled her nighty up even further. It was like she was giving me a gift. The gift of seeing her friend's ass. There was also an obvious big bald pussy pushing against her satiny red panties between her legs. I wasn't sure what to do next. Then Sis moved back to Sara's ear and whispered something and they both giggled. I watched in awe as my sister came back and reached over her friend and yanked her panties down over her ass. Sara giggled some more. In my disbelief something popped into my head. I'd never considered the possibility that my constant messing with my sister might have caused her to grow up and become aggresive with other kids. And now that I thought about it, every time I saw them together Sis was obviously the dominant one and Sara followed whatever Sis said or did. And there it was, Sara being docile while my sister exposed her friend's ass to me. I was 16 and still too young to worry too much about child molestation. Besides those girls sure weren't acting like children! Or maybe they were.... Whatever the case, I reached up and massaged Sara's naked ass. Her giggling stopped. My sister watched with a strange look on her face as I felt up her friend's big butt. I rolled more onto my back so I could use both hands on her. My sister leaned back and whispered to Sara. I could just barely hear her. 'You wanna see his thing?' They giggled. There was my little sister who not too long ago rebuffed me when I tried to get her to play with my dick, now she was trying to act all knowledgable about it with her friend. Thank goodness for ego. The feel alone of two 11 year olds fumbling to pull my shorts down was incredible. They had to struggle to get them over my boner. With my member free and getting examined by two little naughty girls I went into the zone. I pulled myself up enough to kiss Sara's ass. She let out a squeal and my sister quickly shushed her. I fucking loved little girls! I worked my mouth into her crack and began to slurp at her asshole. She squirmed around and made some noises. I really thought she was getting into it but then all of a sudden she wrestled her way off me and the couch and flatly stated in a nervous voice to my sister that she didn't want to do that anymore and that they should go do something else. All the blood drained from my head and cock. Sara straightened her panties and headed for sis's room. My sister looked as dumbfounded as me. Paranoia was setting in and at that moment I figured her telling her folks was a sure thing. Sis looked at me and then followed Sara to her room. I turned back to the tube and made a galiant effort to pretend that nothing had happened. About an hour later my sister came back in. She said Sara was asleep. Without being asked she assured me that it was no big deal. That they had talked about fooling around with me but that Sara had 'become a baby about it at the last minute'. It was weird how mature my sister sounded talking about it. There was a long pause. " you wanna play with my butt like you used to?' sissy asked in a sheepish voice. I just knodded. Then in one of the most erotic scenes of my life she got on all fours beside me on the couch with her ass facing me and lifted her nighty up onto her back. She was pantyless. For all the messing around I'd done on her in the past, on that night I ate her ass and pussy like a grown man. She was into it too. I wanted her so bad and worried about my mom possibly getting up so I lead sis to my room and shut the door. I took her nighty off and for the first time in a while gazed at her naked body. Everything about her looked like an 11 year old except her breasts. They were already big enough to hang down some on her chest. I'd learned a few things about heavy petting from having two real girlfriends and I began to try them out on my sister. She loved it when I sucked her titties and was breathing fast and hard. I was a thousand times more exited over her hairless body than I had been with my 15 and 16 year old girlfriends. I fondled and licked and sucked every inch of her body. Her pussy got damn near as wet as my current girlfriends hairy muff did. The only difference was there ws no way I could have fingered her the way I did my girlfriend. Sissy also eagerly took my cock out and played with it. 'Do you want me to do what you wanted me to do that one time?' she whispered in the near dark of my room. 'Yessss.' Sissy did her best to suck my already sizable dick. Her inexperience just added to it. But my inexperience also began to show when I mounted her in a 69. It was my first and I was too rough on her. She tried to keep up but I was trying to fuck her mouth too hard. Having my mouth on a hairless pussy and having my dick in a girl's mouth was too much. Without warning I flooded my 11 year old sister's mouth with cum. She gagged and sputtered and spit it back out onto the bed. I kept licking her and shooting it out though. But when I was over I saw how distraught she was. She went and gargled with mouthwash and I cleaned up my bed the best I could. I brought her back in my room and hugged her and made sure she was allright. She said she was and went shakily back to her room. I felt like a heel. Sara stopped coming around but no beligerent parent ever came looking for me either. My sister and I got along fine but it was more like a normal bro-sis thing. We never said anything to each other about that night. I moved out two years later and many years went by when we only saw each other rarely. So maybe you can see now how I became what I am today. I took all that space to relate that part to you. However a lot of it did come flashing back in my mind right as I was sitting there in the basement in front of my neice Anni. I realized that I was trying to use Anni to recapture what I had had with my sister as a kid. I became remorseful for what I had introduced her into and tried to put the brakes on. I stopped to ask her if she understood how exited she made me and what it meant for a boy to get exited over a girl. Again I was blown away when she blurted out that she understood 'cause she'd seen her mommy and daddy doin stuff'. Damn! She wasn't as naive as I thought. I asked her about it. She'd woken up one night and wandered into the hall and heard something and looked thru the rails of the stairs and saw them on the living room floor. They were kissing and stuff so she knew right away they were doing a 'good thing' and not a 'bad thing'. She didn't know the right words but I could tell that she'd pretty much seen it all. She even described 'her mommy putting daddy's thing in her mouth'! I was truly glad she didn't seem traumatized by watching her parents fuck. I quickly tried to explain to her how it was all apart of love and then tried to explain how some people like me love pretty little girls like her even though its against the law and again I drove home the need for secrecy to her. 'Can I see what your thingy looks like?' she asked in a patented 7 year old girl voice. My brain was locked in mortal struggle with itself. Even though my sister and I got along fine there has always been an underlying uneasiness that was surely the result of the stuff I'd done to her. Did I want the same thing to happen between me and my neice? The pedophilic urge is just too great though. The opportunity to expose my hardon to a sweet little 7 year old was irresistable. I undid my pants and let it out. She gawked at it and made little girl faces. 'That's what mommy put in her mouth?' she asked in disbelief. I tried to explain to her that grown ups did all kinds of things like that to each other when they loved each other. she hesitantly reached out to touch it. 'Go ahead honey.' 'It feels funny uncle Jimmy!' 'Yea but it feels really good to me when you play with it like that.' 'It does?' 'Oh yes honey. Does it feel good to you when I play with your butt?' She thought about it a second and then sheepishly knodded her head yes. I pulled her closer in between my legs and slid one hand down the back of her panties and the other down the front. I molested her ass and pussy while she fiddled with my cock in her childish way. As I fingered her bald little pussy I could've swore it was getting wet. I groped and massaged her round smooth ass while I wiggled my finger around in her slit. She stared down at my cock as she squeezed it. I think it was fortunate that I was so fucking exited. I wanted to prolong it but feeling her little hand on my purple cock was too much. A jet of cum shot out of me and arced onto the floor. She pulled her hand away in surprise and my cock lurched all around spewing out jizz all over me. When I finally gathered myself I explained to her quickly about sperm and eggs and babies. I think she understood. We had to get back upstairs. After you've done so much all you can do is throw your hands up and hope it never gets ugly. I refused to let myself worry too much about it all. In less than a month my sister announced that her husband had been transferred out of state and they moved soon after. I was heartbroken and relieved. Anni and I actually had quite a touching tearful goodbye. I didn't see them for over a year. My mom called me one day to tell me that sis was getting a divorce. I was shocked even though I never liked her husband. A month later her and Anni flew in to stay with my mom. Sis called a day after she got in and wanted to come see me. It was strange to have her at my place since we almost exclusively used to see each other at my moms. She told me all about how her marriage had hit the skids. We were drinking pretty heavily too. Out of the blue she asked me if I ever thought about our childhood. I didn't know what to say other than 'of course I have.' I could tell she really wanted to say something. I coaxed it out of her. 'I dunno Jimmy...sometimes i wish i could go back and do it over again.' I took that as she wanted to correct all the mistakes and felt bad but she continued. 'I mean all that stuff we did as kids...that stuff you did to me. I mean you never hurt me or anything at all....all the guys I dated after you left were jerks and my husband turned out to be a jerk.' she was rambling a bit. 'Sometimes I wish I could go back and just be with you again. There, I said it!' She proclaimed and took another drink. I hadn't expected that. 'I mean, you were always so nice to me....and those little games you played with know I really liked them!' I was glad to hear it but had to remind her of that last time when I made her choke. She laughed and said that it hadn't been that bad and had always felt bad for making me feel bad! That was rich! She went on to tell me that after she 'got good at it' later on how she wished she had the nerve to track me down and try it on me again. For the first time in a long time she seemed like my little sister again. In a half drunken slur she asked, 'Jimmy do you wanna play with my butt the way you used to?' Before I could respond she dropped her head to my lap and began kissing my cock thru my pants. In a flash she had it out and was sucking me like I'd never been sucked before. She came up for air and said, 'do you know that after that one night I choked that I started taking bananas into my room and practicing on them?' Unreal. 'I was just too afraid to ever bring it up again after that.' and down she went onto my cock. I'd never really been deep throated before and sis was taking in every inch of me. She began slamming her mouth up and down on me and I erupted in her mouth. She sucked up every drop of my cum and then tried to suck more out the end. The fact that she was my sister quickly got me aroused again. I gladly pawed at those big tits of hers. I'd always wanted to see how the ended up looking. It was weird because they kinda looked like they had when she was 11 only much bigger. We went at each other like animals. She said no one else had ever licked her ass after me and I thought she was gonna go nuts when I did it to her. Finally we settled down and did what we'd never done. Fuck. We took it long and slow. Halfway into our love making Sis asked me, 'do you like Anni the way you liked me as a kid?' I didn't know what to say. I had no idea how she would react. 'You know I've seen you touching her butt before.' she didn't stop humping me at least. And I thought I'd been so discreet! Sis brought her mouth up to my ear and breathed, 'C'mon big you like feeling my little girl's butt?' I still didn't respond. 'You know what I felt when I saw you touching her one day?......Jealous. Plain old jealous.' Sis slammed her pelvis into me as she said 'jealous'. 'Don't worry bro. I ain't gonna freak out on you over it. She's my girl and I love her to death but I remember how you made me feel when I was her age...and I look at her and I see me.' More silence. 'Does she like it when you rub her butt Jimmy?' Sis moaned at me. 'Yes.' I finally hissed back. 'Is her little butt soft and smooth like mine was?' 'Yes.' I thought about it. 'Are you really not mad at me for touching her?' 'How could I be mad at you Jimmy....christ, look at me...I'm fucking my own brother!' 'She saw you and Tom fucking one night.' 'She did?! She told you that?!' 'Yes.' 'she watched?' 'Yes.' Sis started fucking me real hard. 'Tell me what all you've done to her.' she gasped. 'I've played with her ass a hundred times.....when she was 7 I slid my hand down her panties in mom's basement.' 'Oh God. I always suspected you might be doing something to her down there and that's why I left you alone!' 'That same day I kissed her ass as she went up the stairs!' Sis started moaning and bucking on me like a mule. 'The day she told me about seeing you guys she asked to see my 'thing'.' 'What?! She asked to see it?' 'yes and I showed it to her. And she played with it and I played with her while she played with it. And I was so fucking exited Sis. I was so exited. I shot cum all over the place.' Sis began to wildly fuck me and moan and groan. She was cumming and cumming like a demon. 'You can do whatever you want can do whatever you want to her....I just wanna watch...I wanna watch you lick her ass....Uhhh....uh Uhhhhhh!' It was one hell of a night. AS much as I prefer little girls, it was like my sister and I were made for fucking each other. My cock was sore as hell the next day. Unfortunately after the liquor and heat of the moment wore off my sister was having doubts about involving her little girl anymore. We sat and talked about it over coffee. I made it clear that I was quite prepared to never touch Anni in an improper way again. In some way, fucking the shit out of my sister the night before had satisfied a lot of my perverse desires. Just when it seemed like we were getting our heads together we started 'looking' at each other. In a flash we were making out and fucking like animals again. I guess that answered my question of whether it was going to be a one time thing between us. I ate her ass out again and as I first for both of us she invited me to fuck her in the ass. It was tight as a mother fucker and I only lasted a couple minutes before I filled her ass up. Sis and Anni had been back in town for a week and I'd yet to see Anni. It had been over a yead since I saw her and she was going to be 9 soon. Sis on the other hand found some excuse to come over at least once a day or night. It was nothing but non stop kinky sex. She really wanted to make up for lost opportunities or something. She'd suck my cock like crazy and then make me spurt all over her face and in her mouth. We didn't say much about Anni. But I was pretty sure there'd be no more messing with her. I think Sis and I were in high gear trying to purge our individual demons. Finally after almost two weeks Sis decided to give mom a break and brought Anni over. They were both going to spend a couple nights. I was pretty scared when they pulled up. What did Anni think of me now? I couldn't believe it when she got out of the car. Not quite 9 and already looking like a futeure sexpot. I mentally slapped myself and said 'no more of that!' what could I say though. Her horizontally multi colored striped pullover shirt showed off her little breasts. It wasn't tight but her pointy little boobies made nice cones under it. She probably should have been wearing a bra already but she wasn't. She was really glad to see me and gave me a long big hug. I was overcome with mixed emotions. It ended up being pretty relaxed and fun between the three of us. We went out for pizza and rented a movie. It was weird. It was almost like Sis and I were Anni's parents or something. Sis and I even kissed a couple times when we were out and it seemed to make Anni happy. Let me tell you it's quite a rush to give your sister a sexy kiss in public. We went home and settled down to watch the movie. Sis and I were on the couch and Anni laid on the floor. I guess i shouldn't have been surprised when Sis started groping my cock thru my pants. It sure wasn't helping with our supposedly new restrained approach to Anni. All seemd in order though when the movie ended and Sis escorted a sleepy Anni upstairs. A few minutes later I heard Sis coming back. But Anni was with her! 'She begged me to stay up a while longer.' Sis said to me. That was fine of course but the thing was, Anni now had on a short tight shirt and panties. It was obvious that Sis had back slided or was in some cruel way testing my resolve. Anni's panties were small, sheer and tight. Her ass had filled out a lot and was bulging out the sides of the leg bands. Her budding titties made pointy little mountains under the tight shirt with the outline of her puffy nipples clearly visible. Anni laid back down on the floor. Sis sat beside me and looked into my eyes the way lovers do. She too had changed into an oversize t-shirt. She pulled it up her legs and showed me her smooth bald pussy that she had shaved for me the other day. Then she scooted back into the corner of the couch and spread her legs and started fingering herself. Was I soley to blame for my sister turning out so nasty? Did I care? After she got her fingers all sloppy she slid over and slid them into my mouth. She began to whisper in my ear. 'Anni and I sat up late last night talking. I told her I knew about what you two had done together. She made me promise not to be mad at you. I told her I wasn't and that you and I used to do things like that when we were little.' Sis was groping my cock the whole time she was breathing the shit into my ear. 'She was really interested in hearing what mommy and uncle Jimmy used to do. She's really missed you Jimmy and I was really surprised at how mature she was about the whole thing. I think she really understands that stuff like that always has to be a secret.' Of course that's what I'd really wanted to hear but I still knew that it was me who turned me sister into what she was and just because she had become a pervert too didn't mean it was ok to go on. 'And you know what else I did Jimmy? I...I showed her how you used to play with my butt! And she showed me how you rubbed hers. We were giggling like two little girls while we played with each other's butts...I played with my own daughter's butt Jimmy!' Sis sounded like she was about to flip. I was way beyond thinking clearly now. 'And you know what Jimmy? I wanted to do more....God I wanted to do more, but I wanted to check with you and make sure it was ok...ois it ok Jimmy? Is it ok if I play with my own daughter's butt...and with her pussy? Am I nasty Jimmy?' Just then Anni got up and came to the couch and sleepily climbed between us. I looked down at her pointy tits. Sis grabbed a couple big cushions and put them on my lap and then whispered to Anni. Anni smiled and climbed across my lap until her pelvis was on the cushions. Her gorgeous 9 year old ass sticking right up at me. At a moment like that, the past, the future just don't matter, only the present. Sis backed into the corner again and began fingering herself as she looked at us wide eyed. I only had to lean down a little in order to kiss my neice's sweet ass. I took my time kissing all over those cute sexy panties that had turned me on so much. I teasingly inched them down bit by bit smothering the exposed skin with kisses as I went. Suddenly sis reached over and yanked them all the way off her and brought them to her face. What a nasty sight! I spread Anni's ass so Sis could see her daughter's asshole. Sis took Anni's panties and rubbed them into her own dripping cunt. I stared at my sister as I licked her daughter's asshole. She couldn't take it anymore and joined me in licking Anni. Sis's face was buried between her legs and I kept at her perfect 9 year old ass. It looked great when Sis rose up and smushed her huge tits into Anni's ass. Sis turned Anni around and moved her so her head was resting on the cushions facing us. Anni looked sleepy, content and exited all at once. Sis leaned into her and rubbed their titties together. Sis's big squishy tits flopped all over Anni's smaller mounds. 'You wanna suck your mommy's titties baby? Huh? yea...that's it...suck your momma's titties like a little baby.' Man I'd turned my sister into a freak! I watched in awe as Sis mushed her huge tits into Anni's mouth. 'Fuck me...fuck me while she sucks my tits!' Sis hissed at me. It took some moving around. Anni ended up where I was with Sis straddling her on her knees. All I could see was Sis's back as it moved around smushing her tits into her daughter's face. My cock slipped into her unbelievably wet pussy with ease. I didn't fuck her long before she begged for it in the ass. First she moved down to the floor and put her face between Anni's legs. I took a moment to watch the indescribable sight of a mother licking her own daughter's pussy. Sis was muttering things to herself the whole time. I roughly entered her ass and fucked it hard. Sis was moaning and groaning and sloppily slurping at Anni. The nastiness of what we were doing struck me since I had a clear view of Anni just sitting there getting her cunt eaten by her mommy. I saw pleasure in her face but also the uncertainty of a 9 year old girl. Her little tits were jiggling around from the forceful motions of her mommy between her legs. Sis was eating her like she'd been dreaming of it for years. I was consumed. Everything nasty in the world was part of me. It flashed in my head that I wished I had a three year old girl's ass to lick while I buttfucked my sister. Cum welled up in me. Sis heard it coming and yanke herself off me and pulled me into the mix. I sort of kneeled onto the side of the couch. Sis tugged hard at my cock and lapped at it. A white rocket of cum shot out of me and splattered onto Anni's tummy. A seemingly endless stream of jizz flowed out of me in spurts and landed all over Anni's chest, tummy and hairless pussy. Sis consumed by her own nastiness lapped away at it until Anni's body was glisstening from a smear of cum and saliva. We all slept together in my bed that night. Sis and I had a two hour long talk with Anni in the morning. It was too late to save her from a tainted youth but we did our best to make her understand how it is for us. She's never be a 'normal' girl but you'd be surprised at how much she seemed to understand. She and I became daily lovers but only involved Anni in our play occasionally, mostly when she seemed to want to herself. I told Sis about the first time I molested Anni when she was three and they'd gone shopping. It really really exited her and she's been talking about arranging something like that. I am now free to baby powder Sis's ass every night. The only difference now is I fuck it when I'm done. Believe it or not Anni is a well adjusted kid and treats us like her parents. She's almost 12 now and is very sexually aware. We feared that she might start to resent us at this age but the opposite has haapened. I guess while most girl's are starting to masterbate at that age Anni just comes to us to experience sexual pleasure. Looking back I think I was 'doomed' to be a pervert but I never could have imagined that it all would end up going so well. THE END