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Files added last Friday (2017-01-20)
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(82K) /sfmaster/The Standard of Living.doc
(166K) Nifty Archive: incest
(5K) Do You Think He Knows
(218K) Nifty Archive: adult-friends
(15K) My Mark fantasy achieved - part 1
(423K) Nifty Archive: encounters
(2K) Nifty Archive: pallet-pound
(8K) Pallett Pound (6)
(2K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/the-priest-that-was-loved
(16K) "The Priest That Was Loved" - Chapter 6 - Tough To Hide
(218K) Nifty Archive: interracial
(8K) An Ideal Husband - Part 1
(3K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/tutoring-dylan
(40K) Tutoring Dylan - chapter 13
(2K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/collin-in-cummyland
(10K) Collin in CummyLand
(27K) All About Luke...short story
(40K) Building a Family 6
(1K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/very-best-of-friends
(30K) the very best of friends IV
(10K) First Taste of Cum Part 87
(2K) Nifty Archive: cheddars
(21K) Cheddars, Chapter 8
(2K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/triangle-boys
(12K) Triangle Boys Chapter 8
(4K) Nifty Archive: the-hunting-season
(95K) The Hunting Season 22
(2K) Nifty Archive: adult-friends/neighbor-behind-me
(11K) Neighbor 'BEHIND' Me (5)
(30K) Rebecca Catches a Pikachu: A Pokemon Go Story by Chris Hailey
(4K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/love-conquers-all
(97K) Love Conquers All 23
(98K) Love Conquers All 22
(3K) Nifty Archive: firemans-son
(21K) The Fireman's Son, Chapter 24
(14K) The Creampie Game by this guy
(11K) Nifty Archive: the-suite-saga
(29K) The suite saga 84
(3K) Nifty Archive: school-jock
(46K) School Jock-16
(26K) [GP] Kidnapped Schoolgirls: Melissa and Kristal
(12K) [GP] BR&T: Kidnapped Schoolgirls
(20K) [GP] What's New at Georgie Porgie's?
(26K) [GP] Kiss The Girls and Make Them Cry
(34K) [GP] Ancient Temple Rites, Part Three
(9K) [GP] Easter Lily, Chapter 1: Easter's Family
(15K) [GP] Bunnytail All-School Assembly, Part Two
(38K) [GP] Courtney and Melissa: The Threat
(6K) [GP] BR&T Magazine: BR&T Swat Meet, Part Two Conversations
(23K) [GP] BR&T Swat Meet, Part Two
(24K) [GP] BR&T Swat Meet, Part One
(24K) [GP] Kaiah at the Lumber Mill
(11K) [GP] Kaiah's First Video, Part Three
(10K) [GP] Kaiah's First Video, Part Two
(14K) [GP] Kaiah's First Video, Part One
(23K) [GP] Cindy Goes on Stage
(34K) [GP] BR&T Meets Cindy Graymont
(14K) [GP] BR&T Magazine
(28K) Evil Gay Troll #1 Nicky
(21K) Nifty Archive: man-cam
(4K) Man Cam (Sherlockh21 (6)
(8K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/the-angel-of-pie-jesu
(75K) The Angel of Pie Jesu 49
(11K) /PedoMom/Nepi/ A Night to Remember ch1.txt
(79K) The Perverts Club - Teen Slut Karen
(12K) /PedoMom/Nepi/Olivia ch4.txt
(8K) My Pen Name 3000 XXX Stories
(42K) BimboTech 7: Bimbo Pussy Suppository
(43K) BimboTech 6: Cum-Hungry Bimbo Wives
(38K) BimboTech Chapter 7: Bimbo Pussy Suppository
(12K) yannoumoto29 - bourgeoises violees mais heureuses - chapitre 1.15 ans
(10K) svetlana vassilianova - antime - chapitre 4.11 ans
(23K) sterling - reconforter les affliges - chapitre 2 fin.06 ans
(7K) willsexe - petit cochon - chapitre 4.12 ans
(23K) sterling - reconforter les affliges - chapitre 1.06 ans
(9K) odile39 - club de femmes - texte complet.11 ans
(20K) minos - un ange passe 03-agostino - chapitre 5.12 ans
(41K) minos - un ange passe 03-agostino - chapitre 6 fin.12 ans
(25K) minos - un ange passe 03-agostino - chapitre 3.12 ans
(33K) minos - un ange passe 03-agostino - chapitre 4.12 ans
(25K) minos - un ange passe 03-agostino - chapitre 2.12 ans
(20K) male and female - premier amour - texte complet.11 ans
(33K) minos - un ange passe 03-agostino - chapitre 1.12 ans
(69K) /~Histoires_Fr/txt2017/jpc.ca_-_de_nouveaux_robinson_-_chapitre_part_2.14.html
(6K) lonechildlover84 - voluptes nocturnes - chapitre 1.09 ans
(82K) /~Histoires_Fr/txt2017/jpc.ca_-_de_nouveaux_robinson_-_chapitre_part1.14.html
(29K) dolmance - rolando et les autres - texte complet.09 ans
(11K) argine - mon papa d amour - chapitre 16.11 ans
(14K) argine - mon papa d amour - chapitre 17.11 ans
(46K) /Pervert_Pete/The Cabin in the Woods.txt
(28K) Stories By AnonyMPC
(50K) Blackmailed Rape Slaves 17: Yesterday Afternoon
(30K) Blackmailed Rape Slaves 18: Yesterday Evening
(48K) Blackmailed Rape Slaves 16: Yesterday Morning
(12K) SLAVE PRINCESS - Chapter 4 (exib, voy)
(7K) /~storyguy/slavex.html
(11K) SLAVE PRINCESS - Chapter 5 (exib, voy, Mf, oral, anal)
(30K) STORY GUY - What's New
(32K) My Best Friend's Mom - 2
(28K) My Best Friend's Mom - 1
(47K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Zoe.txt
(8K) Weekend Lover 1
(5K) ...pi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/Spanking - Rough Abuse/Unaccompanied Minors Part I.txt
(19K) /Nepi_Stories/Misc and Other/Twin Interests.txt
(45K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Tim The Toddler.doc
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Tim The Toddler.txt
(79K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Three Men and a Baby.doc
(34K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Three Men and a Baby.txt
(25K) The 'Social Worker'
(19K)  ST "The BabyRapers" (MMMMMMb, Pedo, Scat, Blood, Guts, Snuff)
(15K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/The Train.txt
(23K) ...Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/The Strange Adventures of Summer Cow.txt
(17K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/The Social Worker Part II.txt
(8K) The 'Social Worker' Chapter 1
(32K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/The Perfect Marriage.txt
(97K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/The Perfect Marriage.doc
(23K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/Spanking - Rough Abuse/The Nepi Convent.docx
(17K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/Spanking - Rough Abuse/The Nepi Convent.txt
(6K) ...i_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/The Naughty Nursery - Chapter 1.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/The Institute - Part IV.txt
(7K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/The Institute - Part II.txt
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/The Institute - Part I.txt
(7K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/The Institute - Part III.txt
(10K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Teenage Awakening.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Taken-Virginity.txt
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Sissy Cuckold Dream Come True.txt
(9K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Soft Molesting/Sarah.txt
(6K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Rape On The Range.txt
(2K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/Playing With Sophia.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/Perverse Stella and Baby Mike.txt
(26K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/OurLoveforAlice.txt
(4K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Oh_Sam.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/new neighbors 2.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/New Neighbors.txt
(7K) *Nepi Necrophilia*
(4K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Nasty Dolls.txt
(11K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 9.txt
(11K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 5.txt
(9K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 6.txt
(7K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 4.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 7.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 8.txt
(11K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 2.txt
(10K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 10.txt
(6K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 1.txt
(7K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/My Life With Maddy - Chapter 3.txt
(22K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/Spanking - Rough Abuse/Mom To Be Recruiter.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Soft Molesting/Molesting Bella.txt
(31K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/Messy Pampers In The Nursery.txt
(54K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Matt's Web.doc
(30K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Matt's Web.txt
(6K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Lust Baby P1.txt
(2K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Lust Baby P2.txt
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Little Olivia II - Grooming.txt
(6K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Little Olivia Part I.txt
(6K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Little Olivia I.txt
(30K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Little Girl.txt
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/It All Went Horribly Wrong.txt
(29K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/It All Went Horribly Wrong.doc
(62K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/Infant Hu.txt
(102K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/Infant Hu.doc
(23K) Next-Door Neighbor
(18K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/In the Kitchen with Granny.docx
(18K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/In the Kitchen with Granny.txt
(32K) Helping The Parents Get Started
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Soft Molesting/Grooming Annabelle.txt
(11K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/Good Morning Joey - Changing Table Anal.txt
(20K) /LonelyJohnsFantasies/HowIncestSavedaFamily.txt
(9K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Fuck Meat.txt
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Frat House Baby - Part 2.txt
(16K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Frat House Baby.txt
(7K) ...IRLS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/Finding Trash Bags Of Used Baby And Toddler Diapers.txt
(20K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/Everyone's Price.txt
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/Elizabeth's Bath.txt
(14K) El cybercafe
(9K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/Delivery Room Anal.txt
(20K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/Daddy's New Babies.txt
(4K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Soft Molesting/Changing Baby Jake.txt
(7K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Captive - Chapter 5.txt
(9K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Captive - Chapter 3.txt
(15K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Captive - Chapter 1.txt
(12K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Captive - Chapter 4.txt
(11K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Captive - Chapter 2.txt
(6K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Soft Molesting/Bradley's Pamper.txt
(4K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/Babysitting Justin.txt
(102K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/BabyPlanet.rtf
(39K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Spanking-Rough Abuse/BabyPlanet.txt
(14K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/Baby Eli's Birthday Present.txt
(56K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS/Full Intercourse/Baby Eli's Birthday Present.doc
(73K) /Psiberzerker/Yiffuta.../Izzy (ft Feet).txt
(35K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/Full Intercourse/Baby Cha Ching.txt
(14K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/Another Special Story Time.txt
(8K) Another Perverted Promise Fulfilled
(5K) /Nepi_Stories/BOYS AND GIRLS/DIAPERS - WS - SCAT/Angela And Luke.txt
(18K) An Almost 3 Year Old Girl
(33K) Erin's Life - Book 2 ~ Chapter 9
(27K) Abusing Little Emma
(25K) /Nepi_Stories/GIRLS/Full Intercourse/A Bedtime Tale.txt
(58K) Three Year Old Jane
(32K) Erin's Life - Book 2 ~ Chapter 8
(7K) What Kind of Shoe are YOU???
(50K) Semper Fi - Chapter 1: The Hunter (Msolo/f masturbation voy)
(36K) NORA'S EYES - Ch 2 by BenBad (Mg, oral, cons)
(35K) NORA'S EYES - Ch 1 by BenBad (Mg, nudity, voy)
(27K) NORA'S EYES - Ch 3 by BenBad (Mg, oral, anal play, cons)
(32K) Shipwrecked - Chapter 2: Wreckage and Spillage (Mf masturbation slow)
(19K) Flower Petals - Chapter 8: Pollination (MFg gsolo ped anal atm creampie masturba...
(35K) Emmy Grows Up - Chapter 2: How it All Continued (MFFmfg12 ffg12 MMmf Fm MFfg12 i...
(13K) Travels with Charlemagne - Chapter 2: Knotting (F~dog best creampie oral)
(28K) Convention Town Girl, pt 3 (MMF wife)
(23K) The Evil Twin
(40K) My Daughter Alex - by Tempest
(39K) The Violation of Sandy & Her Mother - by Tempest
(17K) /Spankclaire/the slave witch/Kara's plaything .txt
(23K) Viral Goes to the Soup Kitchen
(88K) Interlude: Winter Storm - by Renpet
(17K) Convention Town Girl, pt 2 (MMMF wife)
(4K) Little Willful Thorns - Published 1/20/2015
(119K) Tara - by Tempest
(73K) Unintended Consequences - by Tempest
(97K) Two Orphans, Two Hearts, One Love - by Tempest
(87K) My Daughter Hayley's Awakening - by Tempest
(16K) /Makeyoumine2nite/Camping with Jessie.txt
(38K) Monday Evening
(38K) Monday Evening
(5K) /~Tom_Carpenter/Anthology.html
(12K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/Olivia - Chapter 4.txt
(6K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/Olivia - Chapter 3.txt
(20K) Ate when she was 8
(11K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/Olivia - Chapter 2.txt
(21K) A Girl's First Squirting Orgasm Pt 2
(26K) A Girl's First Squirting Orgasm
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/Olivia - Chapter 1.txt
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