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Files added last Tuesday (2017-03-28)
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(3K) Collin in CummyLand
(7K) Collin in CummyLand
(11K) Collin in CummyLand
(67K) Perverted Pokemon Gym (Pokemon/m, Pokemon/f, MC) Date of Latest Update to This ...
(19K) Orcs (Orc/M, Orc/m, Orc/b) Date of Latest Update to this Story: 3/28/17
(7K) /nifty/transgender/index.html
(7K) Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Lesbian Stories
(8K) /nifty/bisexual/index.html
(31K) Baby Squared: An Alien Ground Zero Addendum (Extreme, SciFi, Tentacles, Nepi)
(8K) /nifty/gay/index.html
(77K) Memory Interlude Two: Tyler O'Shea (SciFi, Mind Control, Alien, Bondage, mm, mb...
(69K) Memory Interlude #3: Cameron Riley III (mm, mb, bb, SciFi, piss, oral, anal)
(41K) Memory Interlude #1: Alex Hernshaw (SciFi, Alien, Tentacles, b)
(6K) Epilogue (SciFi, mb, bb)
(19K) AGZ Short: Concerning the Privileged Life of Cameron Seymour Riley III (SciFi, ...
(20K) Chapter Two: High School Is Hard (SciFi, Bondage, Tentacles, m) Date of Latest...
(25K) Chapter Three: Grade School Discovery (SciFi, Bondage, Tentacles, b) Date of L...
(18K) Chapter Six: Grade School Graduation (SciFi, bb) Date of Latest Update to This ...
(14K) /nifty/index.html
(14K) Chapter Seven: A Helping Hand in Highschool (SciFi, mm) Date of Latest Update t...
(31K) Chapter One: Life As We Know It (SciFi, Alien, b) Date of Latest Update to This...
(18K) Chapter Five: Middle School Sucks (SciFi, bb) Date of Latest Update to This Sto...
(14K) Chapter Four: Middle School Excitement (SciFi, Bondage, Tentacles, b) Date of L...
(25K) Chapter 8: And Now We're All Friends (SciFi, Mb, bb)
(30K) The Journey (Part 1)
(24K) The Journey (Part 2)
(77K) /Bethesda/Confidence.txt
(16K) My Pen Name 3000 XXX Stories
(42K) The Futa Fairy-Futa's Exhibitionist Wish 1: Kimmie's Futa Surprise
(40K) The Futa Fairy-Futa's Hot MILF Wish 3: Cassandra's Futa Party
(39K) The Futa Fairy - Futa's Exhibitionist Wish 01: Kimmie's Futa Surprise
(293K) Nifty Archive: celebrity
(240) /nifty/gay/celebrity/.message
(130) /nifty/gay/young-friends/.message
(188) /nifty/gay/authoritarian/.message
(56K) /Psiberzerker/Catholitas (Cybe Mind Hack).txt
(7K) Learning to be a slave Part 1
(13K) Anticipation, Part One
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-friends/my-r-and-r
(2K) My R&R (3)
(22K) Birthday Licks (MMM, anal, voy, reluc)
(6K) Nifty Archive: it-is-what-it-is
(17K) It Is What It Is: Chapter 38A
(47K) Nifty Archive: she-male
(3K) House of Shemales Transgender/Shemales
(3K) Man Cam (Lukee 30(1)
(20K) Nifty Archive: man-from-swift-current
(67K) The Man From Swift Current Chapter 137, GM College, High School
(10K) Nifty Archive: noblesse-oblige
(52K) Noblesse Oblige Book 4 (Revision) Chapter 11
(2K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/will-you-be-my-boyfriend
(21K) "Will you be my boyfriend?" Chapter 6
(168K) Nifty Archive: incest
(2K) Nifty Archive: family-discoveries
(17K) Family Discoveries, part 7
(76K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/rgb
(21K) RGB 4
(5K) Nifty Archive: my-younger-alpha-stepbrothers
(27K) My Younger Alpha Stepbrothers pt. 26
(5K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/jolly-ranchers
(47K) ?JoLLy RaNCHeRs? 28 [final chapter]
(177K) Nifty Archive: tv
(2K) Nifty Archive: yummy
(10K) Yummy9 - Trans/TV
(1K) Nifty Archive: steves-farm
(19K) Steve's farm Chapter 3
(57K) Vanilla Slut 2: Road Trip
(78K) Return of Quake Girl
(29K) /MrEmerson/The Tongue - CH 2 - The Pursuit .txt
(184K) /~MichaelsD/MyHusbandWantsYoutoFuckMe.html
(70K) Wife Swap on the High Seas - part 3
(67K) Wife Swap on the High Seas - part 1
(66K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt8.html
(104K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt9.html
(57K) Wife Swap on the High Seas - part 2
(89K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt6.html
(81K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt7.html
(74K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt2.html
(72K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt3.html
(94K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt4.html
(70K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt5.html
(53K) /~MichaelsD/Sold_Wife_At_Auction_pt1.html
(693K) Nifty Archive Prolific Authors
(479K) Nifty Archive Extremely Prolific Authors
(42K) Love At First Sight
(13K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/castaway-hotel-next-generation
(42K) Castaway Hotel Next Generation II Chapter 9
(36K) Nifty Archive: young-friends
(35K) Unexpected Opportunity
(1K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/boys-of-900AD
(33K) Boys of 900AD Chapter 2
(14K) Solace
(5K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/innocence-waning
(65K) Innocence Waning Chapter 30
(15K) "Over the Hills...."
(3K) Nifty Archive: bayside-bang
(6K) Bayside Bang - Part 17
(16K) Snake Bite
(783K) Rebirth
(16K) Fourteen again - Chapter 13
(2K) Nifty Archive: youre-my-bitch-now
(17K) You're My Bitch Now part 4 TV
(3K) Nifty Archive: school-jock
(29K) School Jock-20
(31K) School Jock-19
(2K) Nifty Archive: living-under-the-boot-of-rick
(18K) Living Under the Boot of Rick ? Country Boy Domination |Part IV
(2K) Nifty Archive: the-tile-man-takes
(6K) The Tile Man Takes (5)
(5K) Nifty Archive: cockatoo
(26K) Cockatoo Part 36 TV
(3K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/my-second-career
(21K) My Second Career - Chapter 13
(2K) Nifty Archive: adult-friends/lake-desolation
(23K) Lake Desolation 4
(2K) Nifty Archive: lets-meet-forever
(19K) Let's Meet Forever Chapter 8
(1K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/the-new-life-of-matt-king
(22K) The New Life of Matt King Chapter 2
(24K) /Nepi_Stories/NEW SUBMISSIONS/The First Eight Days.txt
(6K) Puppy Girl Snow
(53K) Links
(83K) Les Histoires Taboues - textes de 2017
(24K) tempesta - mon amant mon neveu - chapitre 2.10 ans
(9K) valtour - education - chapitre 1.09 ans
(17K) saranymous - l ecole apres la prison - chapitre 1.12 ans
(7K) teen lover - baise hardcore avec une hardcore gameuse - texte complet.14 ans
(22K) salierus - ma dure vie de depute - chapitre 1.13 ans
(7K) lolomikado - amelie et sa nouvelle amie - chapitre 1.12 ans
(8K) jeuneminetgay - education stricte et relation incestueuses pere-fils - chapitre ...
(21K) livio lheurre - chantage zoya - chapitre 3 et fin.05 ans
(12K) franginfrangine - valerie et son oncle michel - chapitre 2.11 ans
(18K) jb - jeux de dames tres particuliers - chapitre 3.12 ans
(11K) horace horace - du p tit lait - chapitre 4.10 ans
(13K) filou - prof sur la plage naturiste - texte complet.11 ans
(92K) alain seste - remboursement de dette - chapitre 18 et fin.13 ans
(19K) esperanto3 - les dessous d une relation mere-fils partie 3 - chapitre 3.14 ans
(5K) anonymous - le paysan arabe - texte complet.12 ans
(19K) aleister666 - decouverte de la sodomie et autres plaisirs - chapitre 2.12 ans
(26K) Amelia and her friends Open Victoria's Little Sister
(53K) /JeremyDCP/IF5-P10.txt
(69K) /JeremyDCP/IF5-P9.txt
(107K) Little_Bastards_Annex_Chapter_VII_Activity_list
(144K) Confidence | Bethesda | Bethesda Wisdom
(46K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 1 by Goldfish
(34K) Woodenhorse - chapter 2 by Goldfish
(37K) Woodenhorse 1 - chapter 3A by Goldfish
(25K) My First Time - CB Ed
(18K) Robin Chapter -1 - CB Ed
(18K) Robin - Chapter 3 - CB Ed
(17K) Robin - Chapter 2 - CB Ed
(56K) Ellen's Sex Tech Lesson by Ole Crannon - Ch 1
(76K) Solitude Revisited
(101K) Solitude Interrupted
(90K) Summertime at Grandpa Dick's by Ole Crannon - Ch 7
(81K) Teen Slut Karen by Ole Crannon - Ch 1
(68K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 20B
(63K) The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Ch 20A
(28K) Letters To Levi Five - Worried WIlly Part 4
(65K) THE GREEN DOOR Pt 1 by JimBob (Mg, mg, cons, prost, exhib, oral, interr, ped)
(42K) THE GREEN DOOR Part 3 by JimBob (Mg, inc, fond, oral, ped, cons, 1st)
(33K) THE GREEN DOOR Part 2 by JimBob (Mg, fond, oral, ped, cons, 1st, prost)
(41K) THE GREEN DOOR Part 6 by JimBob (Mg, g, cons, fond, oral, mast, inc, ped, exhib)
(43K) THE GREEN DOOR Part 7 by JimBob (Fgm, ggg, exhib, fondle, oral, ped, prost, inc,...
(55K) THE GREEN DOOR Part 4 by JimBob (Mgg, prost, exhib, fond, oral, ped, cons)
(73K) THE GREEN DOOR Part 8 by JimBob (Mg, Mggg, 1st, fondle, oral, ped, prost, cons)
(39K) THE GREEN DOOR Part 5 by JimBob (Mg, inc, fond, oral, ped, cons, exhib)
(57K) A Collection of Short Stories - by Tempest
(37K) Madelyn's Curiosity - by Tempest
(25K) Slut Wife Story: Circus Ride (M+F, cheat, interr, rape, preg)
(47K) Little Bastards 09
(17K) First Time Foursome
(5K) Nights Of Wonder - Published 2/20/2011
(20K) Sideways
(37K) {ASSM} Jenny's Couch Book IV: A House In Gross Disorder, part 6 (Mg, Fgg, ped, c...
(19K) Short Stories Table of Contents - Page Eleven
(19K) [GP] After Sara's Rape Therapy
(14K) [GP] The Drill (a Bunnytail story)
(41K) [GP] Sara's First Letters
(39K) [GP] Sealed Envelopes
(28K) [GP] Little Nicole's Day at the Farm
(25K) [GP] Mommy Nicole's First Letters
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