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Files added last Tuesday (2014-07-22)
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(88K) /milkman56/Candaulism/Candaulism03.htm
(14K) My shy friend Maria was sucking my pussy at a show and I made her my slut with a...
(16K) Ich werde bei einer Show geleckt und sehe meiner Freundin beim Wichsen zu
(69K) {ASSM} Diary of a Pain Slut - Week Five of Five Maddi has to keep a diary as...
(14K) {ASSM} Billy by Annie Teall - Chapter Two - Twister
(1K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/selfies
(17K) Selfies 3
(360K) Nifty Archive: highschool
(1K) Nifty Archive: str8-down-on-it
(24K) Str8 Down On It - Chapter 3
(30K) Johnny Suburb Chapter 1
(1K) Nifty Archive: grommet
(73K) Grommet / Part Two - The Wedge, Labor Day Weekend And Finn Ridger
(1K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/adventures-of-wallace-and-ali
(65) /nifty/gay/young-friends/adventures-of-wallace-and-ali/.message
(53K) the adventures of Wallace and Ali chapter 2
(14K) Nifty Archive: man-from-swift-current
(61K) The Man from Swift Current Chapter 95, GM College, High School
(2K) Nifty Archive: crucified
(25K) Crucified - Part 6
(43K) Part 22, His father's chest
(112K) Nifty Archive: relationships
(27K) No Tofu
(51K) /The_Stroker/My Pregnant Neighbor - Part 1.doc
(2K) Nifty Archive: marcus-takes-it-like-a-man
(8K) marcus takes it like man part 7
(3K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/charlotte-1977
(75K) Charlotte 1977 Part 14
(10K) Nifty Archive: knots
(31K) Knots III Part 20
(11K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/it-happened-so
(17K) It Happened So 75
(74K) /The_Stroker/Delicious Candi.doc
(3K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/the-puget-posse
(22K) The Puget Posse Chapter 20
(13K) No White Snow. Part five.
(12K) Close Your Eyes
(4K) Nifty Archive: peters-story
(30K) Peter's Story 28
(3K) Nifty Archive: adult-youth/benny-takes-control
(41K) Benny Takes Control - Chapter 14
(102K) The Plane of My Dreams (Revised)
(3K) Nifty Archive: sf-fantasy/ancient-wolf
(13K) Ancient Wolf Chapter 19 (
(1K) Nifty Archive: ken-and-i-series
(5K) Ken and I - Part 2
(1K) Nifty Archive: frank-and-benny
(57K) /nifty/gay/incest/frank-and-benny/frank-and-benny-2.html
(2K) Nifty Archive: young-friends/summer-of-discoveries
(36K) Summer of discoveries - Chapter 5
(10K) /Misty_Mommy/Son and Man in Ocean.txt
(22K) THE FAMILY SLUT Pt 4 by Buddybear (Mf, inc, size, oral, cons)
(14K) The Special Hospital - Part 2
(17K) The Special Hospital (Part 1)
(15K) Victoria Justice On Tour - Aftermath
(16K) Histoires adorables
(6K) Three Hanging Scenes
(3K) /StinkFartFetish/Nightmare on Nick's Street.txt
(7K) /StinkFartFetish/Revenge seeking Ex.txt
(4K) /StinkFartFetish/The art of Torture.txt
(3K) /StinkFartFetish/Bad Mistake.txt
(5K) /StinkFartFetish/Annihilation Part 2.txt
(4K) /StinkFartFetish/Annihilation.txt
(136K) Sir Snuff Horrid Stories - Detailed Counters
(302) /~SirSnuffHorrid/counters_asstr.html
(10K) Kim
(20K) /Bradley_Stoke/06_The_Imposter.txt
(19K) The Wonderful World of Bradley Stoke
(71K) The Wonderful World of Bradley Stoke
(22K) Short Stories Table of Contents - Page Six
(9K) The Wonderful World of Bradley Stoke
(21K) New Fiction
(235K) /Bradley_Stoke/06_The_Imposter.pdf
(10K) Vince
(20K) Fanny
(15K) Tete Red
(11K) Vince
(30K) Fanny
(15K) Fanny
(15K) Fanny
(36K) Fanny
(29K) Fanny
(22K) Fanny
(16K) Fanny
(18K) Fanny
(31K) Fanny
(29K) Les joies de l’enseignement
(30K) Fanny
(17K) Mon fils est somnambule
(15K) THE FAMILY SLUT Pt 3 by Buddybear (MMmf, inc, oral, facial, faux-rape, impreg, c...
(149K) PZA: Update archive
(107K) PZA: Update archive
(9K) New stories and updates
(13K) PZA: Stories by Storytime
(17K) PZA: Stories by Zelamir
(7K) PZA: Stories by Sam the Ham
(16K) PZA: Stories by Unknownwriter
(8K) PZA: Stories by Jason Masters
(12K) PZA: Stories by Bara Produktions
(17K) PZA: Stories by Dēda
(22K) PZA: Stories by Maiocxx
(4K) PZA: Stories by Koos Smit
(6K) PZA: Stories by Sam Johnson
(8K) PZA: Stories by Steam Train
(13K) PZA: Stories by StoTelAlex
(37K) Benji – Earning Money For Dad
(189K) Benji – Earning Money For Dad
(138K) The Wanderer, Book II, part 2
(132K) The Wanderer, Book II, part 1
(98K) The Wanderer, Book I, ch. 3
(161K) The Wanderer, Book I, ch. 1-2
(102K) The Quiet Kid
(103K) The Prince's New Servant
(74K) The Little Helper
(98K) The Boys Guardian Force
(141K) A Boy's Tale 11
(152K) A Boy's Tale 9-10
(176K) A Boy's Tale 6-8
(150K) A Boy's Tale 4-5
(180K) A Boy's Tale 1-3
(116K) The Beggar Boys 3
(105K) The Beggar Boys 3
(81K) The Beggar Boys 2
(102K) The Beggar Boys
(57K) The Mall Wizard
(162K) Free Day
(113K) Young But Daily Growin' 23-26
(126K) Young But Daily Growin' 20-22
(191K) Young But Daily Growin' 14-19
(174K) Young But Daily Growin' 8-13
(177K) Young But Daily Growin' 1-7
(217K) When You're At The Bottom 9-13
(177K) When You're At The Bottom 1-4
(178K) When You're At The Bottom 5-8
(213K) Paradise Island, Book II 1-4
(194K) Paradise Island, Book II 9
(194K) Boy at the Window 3
(164K) Boy at the Window 1-2
(29K) The adventures of Captain Steve Johnson I The Incredible Italians
(19K) Daan de krantenjongen
(45K) Schoolkamp
(184K) The adventures of Captain Steve Johnson I A Souvenir From Scotland
(136K) Young Black Master
(45K) The Rape of Jacob Morris
(47K) Vlad the Bat-Boy
(28K) Putting the Acid on a Sweet Boy
(27K) Pure As The Driven Snow
(60K) The Reluctant Slaves
(131K) The Forever Slave
(147K) Reunion
(3K) Breaking Angels
(151K) Beach Front Boy
(124K) A Tale of a Favorite Boy of the King
(8K) Index of Extreme Boy stories
(55K) PZA: Non-English Man-Boy stories
(20K) Index of Tie-up stories
(221K) Alphabetical Story list
(233K) Alphabetical Story list
(77K) Index of Boyfriend Stories
(71K) Index of Boy Prostitution Stories
(35K) Index of Historical Boy-Slave stories
(155K) Index of Boy-Slave stories
(53K) Index of Consensual BDSM Stories
(172K) Index of Consensual Man-Boy Stories
(38K) Index of 'eunuch' (castration) stories
(71K) Index of Magic, MC Fantasy etc Stories
(78K) Index of Non-Consensual stories
(57K) Index of Other Stories
(26K) Index of Boy Prostitution Stories
(52K) Index of School and Camp Stories
(23K) Index of Woman-boy Stories
(80K) Story list by length
(8K) /Nepi_Stories/Tim the Toddler.txt
(12KK) /Nepi_Stories/Babysitting Little Tia.txt
(25K) Slut Wife Story: Circus Ride (M+F, cheat, interr, rape, preg)
(8K) Erotic stories by Darius Thornhill. Free to read sexy stories about fucking, inc...
(5K) /StinkFartFetish/Chris's Sacrifice .txt
(6K) /StinkFartFetish/Rosa's wrath .txt
(4K) /StinkFartFetish/Rosa's Wrath Part 2.txt
(17K) First Time Foursome
(233K) Stormy Weather - by Renpet
(40K) Renpet's Stories
(4K) Renpet's Non-Consensual Stories
(207K) /Renpet/mobile-rtf_versions/stormy_weather.rtf
(2K) /Nysidra/0_ReadMe.txt
(22K) /Nysidra/Chawzet.txt
(23K) Hazy Night with... (Part 15)
(14K) Hazy Night with... (Part 14)
(51K) {ASSM} Diary of a Pain Slut - Week Two of Five Female Exhibitionist, Self-Bo...
(63K) {ASSM} Diary of a Pain Slut - Week Three of Five Female Exhibitionist, Self-...
(70K) {ASSM} Diary of a Pain Slut - Week Four of Five Female Exhibitionist, Self-B...
(9K) /TabooTeller4U/BOAT BOYS AND STEP DAD.txt
(41K) New neighbors: Temporary babysitter for Jacob
(9K) /TabooTeller4U/FEET FOTO-SHOOT.txt
(10K) /TabooTeller4U/DOG TRAINERS.txt
(39K) 'Hyper part 3' (Mb slow cons rom gay pedophilia pedo mast oral cum) by AuthorWit...
(20K) 'Waiting for the ferry part 2' (Mb slow cons gay pedophilia pedo mast) by Author...
(27K) 'Waiting for the ferry' (Mb slow cons gay pedophilia pedo mast) by AuthorWithHar...
(28K) 'Hyper part 2' (Mb slow cons rom gay pedophilia pedo mast) by AuthorWithHardon
(27K) 'Hyper' (Mb slow cons rom gay pedophilia pedo mast) by AuthorWithHardon
(14K) 'Amusement park' (Mb slow cons rom gay pedophilia pedo mast oral) by AuthorWithH...
(24K)  GLG's Archives - Shower Club (episode one) Bathroom Friends
(58K)  GLG's Archives - Naked In School: Pieces of Sam (episode one) Prologue: Thursda...
(31K)  GLG's Archives - Power to the Players (episode twenty two) Please Don't Leave M...
(41K)  GLG's Archives - Scent of a Girl: Junior Year (episode ninety two) First Time f...
(51K) Girls Loving Girls (GLG) - Doing What Comes Naturally
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