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No Future

No Future

This is a future history of England over the Twenty-First Century and into the next. It is a multi-threaded narrative that travels from place-to-place, succeeds from year-to-year, and passes from one person to another.

England's green and pleasant land is visited by famine, plague, war and pestilence. Governments come and go. The ocean levels inexorably rise. International relations worsen. And the English people stumble through the chaos as best they can.

Who said there was No Future?


Kinky College - Water Conservation Week 02

Summary: Maddie, a hot little red head, has worn her sexy schoolgirl outfit to the college in an attempt to enjoy the special event week. Not only has she had to drink piss from more cocks than she can keep track of, but she's also had to take care of a lot of sexual tension. Her tight, little, pale ass has seen quite a bit of use already and her crush is going to see to it that it sees some more. Will she start to enjoy drinking piss? Why does her heart sink when the guys don't fuck her after using her to relieve themselves?

It's Water Conservation Week at the college, a week in which every woman on campus serves as a urinal for any and all the men who need to take a piss. The savings in fresh water by cycling urine through women first, since they'll piss it out later anyway, instead of using urinals is well worth it, at least to the men. They're just doing they're duty to help protect Mother Earth.


Kinky College - Water Conservation Week 01

Summary: We skip ahead to Water Conservation Week at the college, a week in which every woman on campus serves as a urinal for any and all the men who need to take a piss. The savings in fresh water by cycling urine through women first, since they'll piss it out later anyway, instead of using urinals is well worth it, at least to the men. They're just doing they're duty to help protect Mother Earth. We join "Super Model Sara," that long legged blonde who spent the last half of Surprise Anal Sex Week with at least two cocks in her ass at once, as she struggles to swallow streams of piss rushing from cocks and also relieves any sexual tension she causes in the process.


My Everett Mountain Retreat
M/f/f com

Story codes: M/f/ con Story intro: Don, recently detached from Special Forces after twenty-five years, is trying to assimilate back into civilian life, not an easy task. His niece Jayden has been his rock, just the thought her while on difficult assignments kept him sane and able to focus on the target. She is everything he desires in a woman but she is his young niece. His retreat from the world is a small cabin on a mountain face, which has been in the family for generations. It should have been the perfect staging ground to integrate him back into civilian life. It was a great plan, except for one very beautiful complication, Charlize! Want to know more? Well start reading! Keywords: M/f con

An Erotic Action Adventure Story Brought To You By
Jack Spratt


A Most Unusual Awakening

by An Awful Cad ©2007

M/F, Anal, Mast

It was a most unusual day. And it started in a most unusual way.

His day started out in spectacular fashion, and got better from there. But as the good fortune inexplicably mounts, are there other forces at play? Where will it all end? What else could he do, under the circumstances?

The first in three-part (so far) series about the remarkable events that happen to an otherwise normal man in the course of one very unusual day.

The day started with a bang.

HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/A Most Unusual Awakening.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/A Most Unusual Awakening.txt

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When the guy doing a Neighborhood Watch patrol catches a peek, he didn't realize she WANTED him to look - nor that her husband was supportive of her kinks. And that's only the tip of that kinky iceberg!



(MfF, oral, inc, bi)

by Art Martin

Taking a break from the road at Christmas, Ron returns for another toss with the waitress and her daughter...


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


Please Don't Spank Me Mister - Naughty little girls must be spanked! (pedo, spanking)


A relaxing swim leads to an enjoyable experience


" I sat there on the couch, suffering but powerless to say anything, watching as Janet writhed atop Ahmed, his hands slowly sliding her dress up her thighs. I think it would have been easier had they skipped the kissing and gone straight to sex like Anna and Jamal had. Watching their passionate kissing made me realize this was something my wife had probably been thinking about for much of her adult life; a chance to relive a lost love."



The Battle for the Known Unknown

The Battle for the Known Unknown

Paul had never believed that he could qualify for passage aboard the Interplanetary Space Ship Intrepid on its mission across the Kuiper Belt to investigate the unknown entity known as the Anomaly that lies beyond the edge of the Solar System. Neither has anyone who has ever met him.

But qualified or not, Paul and his wife Beatrice are passengers on the space ship Intrepid as it becomes the scene for The Battle for the Known Unknown.


Come Sit On Daddy's Lap : A teenaged girl enters in a physical relationship with her father.

...oset - Chapter 03AB Summary.txt?nocache=elHLJWjrrhxSEOrNBcCW

(BGBBbb, interracial, gay, straight) Chapter 3 is part 2 of a two-part back story about Troy (the 14-year-old black boy who fucked little Naked Leo's sister in Chapter 1), his current bitch, and his homeboy buddies Rashaan & Derek & younger brother Robert. This Chapter tells you more about the sex habits of these 5 black teenagers, how all the boys got started gang-fucking Troy's bitch, and then asks you to pretent they are gang-fucking YOU. All this leads us back to Chapter 4, when Troy will return to little Naked Leo's house to fuck his sister again on the day after Chapter 1. Any questions?

...ter 2 - Teneika Gets Fucked.txt?nocache=aqCSIstsIIuviARSPwbZ

(BG, black, straight) Chapter 2 is part 1 of a two-part back story about Troy (the 14-year-old black boy who fucked little Naked Leo's sister in Chapter 1), his current bitch Teneika, and his homeboy buddies Rashaan & Derek. This Chapter tells how Troy met Tenieka and fucked Teneika about 4 months before Chpater 1.

...pter 1 - Sister Gets Fucked.txt?nocache=RSOsvpyhtPwlEgmaZdEp

(Bbg, pedo, interracial, gay, straight) Little 8-year-old Naked Leo watches from inside the closet as a big black teenage boy named Troy fucks his 11-year-old sister.


Annabelle Stays Over

(Mg, hand, oral, young)
What's a growing young man to do when a little girl invades his privacy? Enjoy!

From the silhouette I could make out that she was kneeling on the floor besides my bed with one hand inside the fly of my shorts...

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production


Boyd and me

(Mg, inc, nc). She had plans for the night, but caring for a drugged stepfather was not one of them. He was out, but he wasn't down.

What I did have time to do was to look down and see his robe parted, and I took special note of the long thick shadow between us.

My mind reeled and said this cannot be happening.

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production


Career Choice

(MF, cheat?)

Two coworkers on location get closer than they planned. Repercussions back at the office.

"I just kind of laid there thinking about him in his boxer briefs. My back was to him but I tried to turn to see him. I didn't want to disturb him though, so I just laid there. Then I thought about scooting back just a bit to maybe touch him, you know, maybe his leg or his arm..."

"Or something else," chided Meg, a nasty smile on her face."

"Yeah, well that's what happened," offered Stella.

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production


Hardly a Rest Area

(Mgg, Mb, bj, ped)

A leisurely car trip takes a turn when the girls really get his motor running. But the "finish" line at the rest area was completely unexpected.

He grabbed my leg and I yelled "Hey!"

"Ssshhh, it's ok. I wouldn't hurt you. Just let me hold it. Come down here, and then I'll leave you alone."

His grip on my ankle wasn't that strong, and I didn't feel powerless but I was still hesitant to get up and leave.

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production


Showing Shelley

(Mff, exh, pedo)

First of all, my name is Lisa Tallow and I'm 17. Actually, I'll be 17 in four months, but for all intents and purposes I'm 17 for this story. I don't know why I'm even writing this story or why anyone would even want to read it except that it's kind of about sex. OK, there's really no real sex in it, I mean, there's no passionate lovemaking or anything like that. I just want to tell you about my best friend Shelley, and how she learned about sex, and from my own father, no less.

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production


Three Times A Lady
This Time – Her Chastity

by An Awful Cad ©

Mf, oral, first, cheat(?)

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard through her mouth. I stared at her face as she came down, watching her breathing slowly stabilize. It seemed to take quite a while, but suddenly her eyes fluttered open and she gazed directly at me. I had a brief shiver of déjŕ vu as I locked eyes with Janine and had the sensation of actually seeing inside her head.

“Please,” she whispered.

That did sound sweet. I was ready, too. I pushed her thighs up and back. “Hold yourself open for me.”

I fisted my cock a few times, not that it needed any more stiffening. Taking aim, I lodged the head of my cock just inside the soft, slick folds of her overheated pussy and took in the most fantastically lewd, lascivious sight I had ever seen: a gorgeous, pristine young teenager, the paragon of freshness and virtue holding her legs, spreading her self for me to take. Despite the lustfulness of her behavior, something about the look on her face gave me pause.

“You have done this before, haven’t you?”

html version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Her Chastity.htm

text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Her Chastity.txt

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The Wedding

The Latest By

Donna M.



She wanted the perfect wedding, however the man she was marrying wasn't the one she loved and lusted after. Sometimes things work out in mysterious ways.


When you’ve finished reading this story, check out my full length novel sold on Amazon for the Kindle under my pen name Kamilla Murphy

cover - Copy.jpg


Can I Touch Your Wee-Wee - This story is about the sexual awakening of a five year old girl, told from her perspective. Mostly just BJ's, and licking. Pedo, cons.


Can I Touch Your Wee-Wee - This story is about the sexual awakening of a five year old girl, told from her perspective. Mostly just BJ's, and licking. Pedo, cons.


Want Some Candy Little Girl - The sexual adventures of a twenty-something girl who has never physically matured.


The Cunt Whisperer - A young man somehow acquires almost magical powers when it comes to seducing women.

2014-12-02 CHRISTMAS MAGIC.htm

Making Xmas Magic

For your salacious holiday pleasure, Art Martin presents...

I saw Mommy balling Santa Claus... except it really wasn't Santa...


(MF, wife swap, voy, oral, hetro)

Cousin Beth isn't yukky anymore... she's sprouted tits! "Oh, what fun it is to..."


(mf, m+f, MMF, wife swap, voy, oral, 1st, incest, hetro)

These and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


The Nervous Princess
A horny fairy tale.

A young Princess is married off to the prince of the neighboring castle, but before she can perform her wifely duties, she relies on her father, the king, for instruction.


Three Times A Lady
Part One – Her Innocence

by An Awful Cad ©

mf, Mf, Oral, Reluct, First

I hardly knew her. We hadn’t spent more than a few hours together in our whole lives. And yet, three times she gave me a gift so precious you can only give it to one person - ever.

it was obvious she didn’t know what to do. She licked the length of my pole once, then again. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was out stiff, seemingly as much in defense as attack. She took another swipe along my shaft ending at the tip of my pee slit.

I took the opportunity to change the angle slightly and thrust my cock into her pretty parted lips. Her eyes opened wide with shock and fear as soon as my cock hit her tongue, even though only the head was inside her adorable mouth. She relaxed slightly, realizing it was time to get serious.

I savored the sight of my cock in her young mouth. Her first taste of cock. Her innocence gone. Transformed in one thrust of my cock from a sweet girl to a harlot.

html version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.htm

text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.txt

More Truly Awful Tales

2014-11-29 With Dena.html

Christmas With Dena

Story Codes: M/f, incest

As his first semester in college is winding down, Mike gets a call from Dena, who makes an interesting proposition. If Mike comes home early for Christmas break, they can have the house to themselves for a few days. Dena has some very enticing ideas for Christmas fun!


A young girl leads an active dream life that she almost can't tell from reality.


Sukara Sukara: The Story of Nanami-chan

Chris Hailey brings you the story of an eleven year old virtuoso violinist and her gentleman suitor.

Story codes: Mg(11), Mmg, MFg; rom, slow, oral, first

The story is infused with musical references, so if you are a musician or a fan of music, you must check it out! It carries the "slow" tag, because it takes a while for the physical aspects of their relationship to flourish. But when it does... Things get rather hot! I really hope you enjoy it and that you'll leave me a comment if you are so moved.

My friend Strawberry Panties also made a painting for me based on the story. Thanks, Strawberry!


I've published a preview of the second book of my seven volume work. There's no actual sex in this bit, but I hope it serves to whet your appetite. I hope to publish the second book in a few months (the ending still needs a lot of work).

The first book can be read in its entirety on my author page.


The Favor

by An Awful Cad © 2007

MF, Oral, Cheat, Wife, Cuckhold, Pregnant

The story of a man with a hard-on and a sleepy wife.

He sets out to arouse and seduce her with the tale of a pregnant neighbor and the sexy favor she asks of him. But is there more to his story than meets the eye?

"I said, 'Tell your husband how much you like sucking this cock.'"

Caroline stopped her tongue in mid-swipe and looked at me, as she realized I was talking to her. And bless her heart, that sweet mother of three came to play.

"This is the tastiest fucking cock I've sucked in months," she said crudely, "I can't wait to taste its hot cream, and feel it spurting into my mouth and on my face."

A cold shiver of pleasure literally ran up my spine as I savored the shocking, delicious nastiness of it all.

His sexy, pregnant neighbor needed a favor

HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.txt.txt

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Dolan's Diaries - A Day Off With Dawn. ------ Prior to leaving Ohio for Florida, Mike Dolan spends a little time with twelfth-grader, Jeanne. But he arranges to skip school a week later with a cute ninth grade blonde from his fifth period class. An encounter with Dawn is a perfect reason to take a day off from work!


Saint Helen With Sprinkle of Almonds

A Yuri☆Kisses Story
by Alessa

Working in a yogurt shop was a dull existence until the day I first met Saint Helen, the name I derived from the emblem on her school uniform, and also because if I was going to worship someone, then sainthood would be the minimum requirement. And so it was on that day that I began my downward spiral of meaningless sex, alcoholism, violence, self-destruction and... okay, not really. But it felt close to something like that because one just doesn't fall in love with a high school girl without losing one's sanity beforehand.


Candy Striper
M/f/f com

Story codes: f/M/F con Story intro: Jayden Hurst becomes a candy striper at the local hospital. She enjoys helping people. Dale Green is a mature male in the convalescent area waiting to be released. Jayden's visits with him, bring the two very close, providing him with much needed relief. The surprising part is that his wife, Keniesha, agrees with the services Jayden provides her husband. Keywords: f/M/F con

An Erotic Story Brought To You By
Jack Spratt


Allie and the Old Man


by Little Bree

Chapter 1

(Mf, mast, voy, exhib, oral, cons)

Fifteen year old Allie, is having a horrible time at her uncle's seaside cabin with her family when she encounters a naked and apparently senile old man. Who would know if she had a litttle fun with the ancient gizzer? But appearances and first impressions can be decieving as she discovers to her chagrin...

Chapter 2

(Mf, mast, voy, exhib, oral, cons)

Not wanting to go down to the bay with her family, Allie feigns ill and stays behind at the cabin, to sunbath in her new skimpy bikini and read a good book. To her dismay, she has unexpected company...

Chapter 3

(Mf, molest, reluc, humil)

To Allie's consternation. everyone has been invited to Paul's for a lobster bake, an invitation that causes her great apprehension...

Chapter 4

(Mf, humil, cons, rough)

To help out her dad and his growing romance with Paul's daughter, yet fearing the worse, Allie reluctantly agrees to 'babysit' the dirty old man while the love birds are away...

This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


"Please Mike, Just Try" by Zachyboy - "I was looking over the stories I've written this year; some funny, some silly and sweet, a whole lot of them pervy and sexy, I hope. But out of all of them, this one is closest to my heart. It strikes me as the most honest, achingly romantic out of all of them, a story based on true life memories with a 16-year-old cousin when I was 10...a hot, frustrating chase with a very happy ending. This one makes me hard AND makes me cry. I hope you like it. - Love, Zach."



Snow White

Snow White

All Snow White has ever known is misery and pain from her terrible stepmother.

Will she find happiness in the company of the Seven Dwarfs? They love her body, but do they love her? And who is the strange woman selling apples in the heart of the forest?


Taylor Is A Human Urinal Part 3

Taylor has been working as a urinal in Kenya for the last few months. She lives in the mens room of a cafe, where one of the stalls serves as her bedroom at night. She had always wanted to travel, but all she's seen of Africa are giant cocks pissing down her throat and fucking her holes raw. Will she ever see home again?

Taylor never bothered to read the contracts she signed, but that has caught up with her. Thanks to signing a contract with a coffee shop, she's been serving as a urinal to cover for the broken one for over a month! She also finds out that every one of her orifices, crevices, and every inch of her flesh is open for use by the managers, staff, and customers of the coffee shop, as they see fit. She can't even get out of it by quitting, because the contract stipulates that she is still responsible for all "extraneous duties" if she quits, but without pay.


A story about a spiral.

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