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Author Chris Hailey is proud to present the story of Marilyn, a twelve year old girl in a wagon train crossing the American West in the nineteenth century.

Historical lolita erotica at its finest!

Story codes range in each part which involve single and multiple partners, both men and boys and women and girls, engaged in various consensual sex acts as they travel across the open prairie and into the mountains of the west.

For the first part of the story, see: Wildflowers (Part 1). Eight parts have been posted so far and the story is about two-thirds of the way to complete. Each part has a link to the next part so if you start with Part 1 you will be able to progress as you wish; my home page also has links to each part.

Let me know via the comments form what you think of the story!


The Trikingdom Ch. 12

by Lecturer427

The Duchess will do anything to get an advantage in negotions, but what will her husband say, and will it be worth it? Find out it the latest chapter of my ongoing fantasy series.

Story codes: M+F, cuckold

You can find all of my stories here.


Return of Quake Girl

(F-solo MF MF+ 1st rom super)

by Maracorby

Kai had helped Quake Girl reach her superhero potential through good sex, but she was gone. Now, a new friend's sexual awakening is bringing with it some strange phenomena.

79kB - Published 2016-08-22


Kai opened the door and was surprised to see Dana standing there, once again in her Stellar Deli uniform. "Dana!" He said. "Did I order a sandwich? I don't remember..."

Dana ignored the question and declined the opportunity to point out that she wasn't actually holding a delivery bag. Instead she pushed her way inside and closed the door. "Why did you ask me about my sex life the other day?" Dana asked impatiently.

Kai answered apologetically: "Look, Dana, I'm sorry. It's none of my business, and I..."

Dana cut him off. "Just tell me what you know, pig fucker!"

Kai sized her up: she was afraid and excited - in unfamiliar territory. He sat on the couch and motioned for her to join him.

"My girlfriend had super powers," Kai explained. "For two or three days after an orgasm, she was invulnerable and could fly. Cause little earthquakes. It faded if she went without for too long. When we first met she was pretty inhibited, sexually: she didn't know how to ask for what she wanted, and she wouldn't try new things. As she came out of her shell - started having more satisfying sex - she became more powerful. It was a crazy whim, but I thought that maybe that was happening to you."


Larry / Lynnette


There's no reason a cross dresser can't dress pretty and go out on a date..."Lynnette" is sure to lose "her" virginity tonight.



If you enjoy hot exotic stories with a twist please check-out my book with hot bodies and interracial sex throughout,


Click on the cover below to visit the book’s Amazon page and buy it today!




Three Times A Lady
This Time – Her Chastity

by An Awful Cad ©

Mf, oral, first, cheat(?)

Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard through her mouth. I stared at her face as she came down, watching her breathing slowly stabilize. It seemed to take quite a while, but suddenly her eyes fluttered open and she gazed directly at me. I had a brief shiver of déjà vu as I locked eyes with Janine and had the sensation of actually seeing inside her head.

“Please,” she whispered.

That did sound sweet. I was ready, too. I pushed her thighs up and back. “Hold yourself open for me.”

I fisted my cock a few times, not that it needed any more stiffening. Taking aim, I lodged the head of my cock just inside the soft, slick folds of her overheated pussy and took in the most fantastically lewd, lascivious sight I had ever seen: a gorgeous, pristine young teenager, the paragon of freshness and virtue holding her legs, spreading her self for me to take. Despite the lustfulness of her behavior, something about the look on her face gave me pause.

“You have done this before, haven’t you?”

html version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Her Chastity.htm

text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Her Chastity.txt

More Truly Awful Tales



Crystal Passion

Crystal Passion

It is the 1990s and Crystal Passion and her band are on tour in America. In those days, they were nothing like as famous as they are now and nobody could guess how they might be received. Would this be the tour that broke them in America? Or would America break them?

Neither Crystal Passion nor her band were likely candidates to be the new Beatles or Rolling Stones of a fresh British Invasion. For a start, all members of the band were women. For another, the music they played wasn’t really Rock or Pop or much like anything else out there. They didn’t have the support of a large record label and they weren’t even especially well-known in the UK.

But as Pebbles, the band's keyboard player, recounts even though the ultimately disastrous American tour was memorable for all the wrong reasons, Crystal Passion would eventually gain the posterity and fame that eluded them at the time.


Kinky College - Deep Throat Memorial Week 10

Summary: Grace was hoping to get a moment to relax in the well maintained and beautifully designed courtyard of the college, but a young man and his girlfriend have different plans for her. She'll be spending the time she should be studying trapped between a hard cock thrusting into her mouth and a wet, hot pussy humping the back of her head.

She won't be getting any studying done, but she'll be getting a workout! It's Deep Throat Memorial Week and women have to make their mouths and throats available for men to fuck, apparently even while those men make out with their hot, redheaded girlfriends. At least Grace gets a kiss out of it, but from who?


Audrey's New Life

Summary: Audrey is adjusting to her new life in the hall with three rooms. Every day is the same, wake, get strapped to a bench, get fucked for hours, get showered, go to sleep. And repeat. Her cherry-blonde hair has been bleached bright yellow and she has learned how to say and do all the right things.

Why is her ex-boyfriend, her new owner, leading her to the end of the hall now?



Miles de Besos.jpg

An American girl learns French lessons on a hot, Spanish beach.



If you enjoy hot exotic locales with hot steamy sex, please check-out my full-length novel of jungle adventure, interracial sex and the will to survive,

“The Missionary Position”

Click on the cover below to visit the book’s Amazon page and buy it today!




Would you like to read a story which is about heterosexual love between a young man and a young woman? One which is erotic but not pornographic. One which is normal and not taboo. One which includes the kind of sex normal people enjoy. One in which love comes before sex. Then you should read Love Is Blind at my site on ASSTR. It is eight chapters long but it may be downloaded as a single file, either PDF or TXT. Feedback is always welcomed.


Gil Gamesh has revised his site at ASSTR to make it much easier for readers to download his long stories. All stories may now be downloaded as PDF or TXT files. The Measure of Man, as an example, is seventy-six chapters long but it may be downloaded as eight files, each 10 chapters long except for the last. Love is Blind, eight chapters long, may be downloaded as a single file. Feedback is rare but please let me know if you like my new approach to making my stories easier to download. And, of course, any feedback about what you read is very much appreciated.


Kinky College - Deep Throat Memorial Week 09

Paul shares the good news with Anna that her older sister Sara, his girlfriend, is "excited" about her moving in with them. While Anna nearly passes out with Paul's cock down her throat, she tries to figure out if she's excited or dreading the near future.

Why is she touching herself while Paul abuses her face and fucks her throat? What's in store for her once she moves in with Paul and her sister? Will she hate it or does she love it?


Vanilla Slut 2: Road Trip

(mf M+f piv anal nc inc)

by Maracorby

Kaitlyn is responsible: she does what she must to keep her inner sex monster at bay. She's a good girl. But sometimes people need a break from their responsibilities.

58kB - Published 2016-08-13


"So Stacy's obviously a bad girl," Mike said with a smooth delivery, "but I'm guessing you're the good one. Pure as the driven snow. In fact, I bet you're a virgin."

Stacy and I busted out into laughter. "I'm about as far from a virgin as you can get without actually taking money for it," I said.

Mike looked me up and down. "Nah, I don't believe it. You're a good girl - a Daddy's girl - I can see it. You don't have it in you to do anything wild."

He was playing me, of course, but I liked it. "You just want to see my boobs," I accused. Mike gave me a yeah you caught me but you're going to do it anyway smile. Rob had barely said anything, but the way he looked at me, it was like he was in love somehow. I pulled my polo shirt up over my head, and then took off my bra, giving the boys a playful but innocent smile.


Betty's Birthday Surprise and Lessons Continue

It's Betty's 18th birthday and the skinny, blonde, blue-eyed teen has just learned that instead of a party and presents, she's getting fucked and knocked up by Mr. Addams, one of her dad's friends.

However, just because he's cum up her tight, little, teen cunt, it doesn't mean he's done with her. Can she take his thick cock up her ass? Why is he following her into the bathroom? He just made her drink what?

Betty is about to learn that being 18 means a girl has to become a woman who serves men, however those men want her to serve.


Kinky College - Deep Throat Memorial Week 08

It's Deep Throat Memorial Week, a very special week at the college and everyone has to participate!

Viera Williams is adjusting to life at the college, now that the faculty and staff are included in the special event weeks. She has her regrets, but she's learning to enjoy her life as it is.

She finds out that a colleague hasn't taken advantage of the special event weeks at all and decides to show him what he's been missing. He's much older, but she find he can be vigorous and strong. Will she convince him to take the special even weeks more seriously? Will her mouth and throat be enough to change this curmudgeon's mind?

It looks like one of his pupils sure hopes so!


Taakals Erotic Stories




Chapter 5 (full) -- Kapitel 5 (komplett)

Accompany seven-year-old Lisa and her parents during her journey through the world of sexual pleasures. In the newly published complete chapter 5 it is going to get wet when Lisa and her parents experience their Golden Weekend with lots of sex and lots of piss including the invention of the Pisslympic Games

Begleite die 7-jährige Lisa auf ihrer Reise durch die Welt der Erotik. Im jetzt komplett veröffentlichten Kapitel 5 wird es feucht, wenn Lisa und ihre Eltern ein Goldenes Wochenende erleben, mit viel Sex und ebensoviel Pisse inklusive der Ausrichtung der Pisslympischen Spiele im Wohnzimmer der Familie.


See also the other chapters of Lisa's story:
Schau dir auch die anderen Kapitel von Lisa's Geschichte an:

Ch. 1 -- Kap. 1

Lisa starts her journey with King, the family's dog
Lisa beginnt ihre Reise mit dem Familienhund King

Ch. 2 -- Kap. 2

Lisa brings her parents into play
Lisa bringt ihre Eltern ins Spiel

Ch. 3 -- Kap. 3

Lisa shows her parents how to have fun with King
Lisa Eltern erfahren wieviel Spaß man mit King haben kann

Ch. 4 -- Kap. 4

Lisa's journey continues
Lisas Reise geht weiter

Of course Lisa is not the only child to enjoy these kinds of pleasures. Be sure to also take a look at my other underage stories.

Lisa ist natürlich nicht die einzige, die Spaß an Sex hat. Schau dir auch meine Geschichten von anderen Kindern an.

All stories are available in English and German
Alle Geschichten auf Deutsch und auf Englisch




Sucking Litttle Joey
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(Mb, exhib, oral, rim)

by Uncle Reamum

Seven year old Joey is a naughty little boy, and so very willing...

For other tales of lolitas and butt boys:


A Morning Episode This short tale of exploration between brother and sister is my first attempt in this field--so be kind! It is inspired by real events and I hope at least some of you enjoy it.


Betty Learns What Being 18 Is All About On Her Birthday

It's Betty's 18th birthday and the skinny, blonde, blue-eyed teen is excited about the big surprised her daddy said he was going to get her. She's spent all day at home, never suspecting that her father's friend, her best friend's dad, would be the one to give her the surprise she was promised.

Mr. Addams has been wanting to knock up a hot, little eighteen-year-old on her birthday for years and he is finally going to get the chance, but knocking up his daughter's best friend. Betty's hopes for a new car, her plans for a romantic date with her boyfriend, and her own desires are put on hold, because she lives in a world where all women must let men fuck them any way they like!


Being 18 is Really Rough on April

Her father's friends from work are coming over and even though she has plans with her boyfriend, April and her mother simply have to entertain their guests. They wouldn't want to be rude, after all. Of course, being a polite hostess means making yourself available to the men that visit you in every and any ways they desire.

Tagged: 18, anal, andrea, april, blonde, daughter, father's friends, freeuse, huge cock, mother, mother and daughter, orgy, painal, teen, teenage, teenager



The long-awaited third installment of "Shannon's Abduction" is here. This story traces the abduction and sexual initiation of 10yo Shannon and her 4yo sister. Not for the faint of heart! MMFf4f10 bd ped rape nc reluc


Tales of the Taboo presents:

by BenBad



(Mg, mast, oral)

A man and a young girl share a first encounter...


(Mg, mast, oral)

His little friend returns for another encounter...


(Mg, oral, cons)

A first for his little friend...


(Mg, oral, mast, toys, anal)

He had promised his little friend and she held him to that promise...


(Mg, oral, ws, enema, anal, 1st)

A week alone with him provided her with all the time she needed to do what she had so wanted to do...

For other tales of lolitas and butt boys:


Dan and Cock Socket 14

by Lecturer427

Decisions, decisions. Dan must decide whether to impregnate his wife turned sex slave or not, and figure out what steps he'll need to take to lessen the impact on the lifestyle they've decided to live.

Story codes: MF, MF oral, MF

You can find all of my stories here.


Tales of the Taboo presents:


A series of stories by:

Daddy Dreams


(Mg, cons, inc, oral, rim, 1st)

Ten-year-old Alice loves her Granda and he gets to experience her love first hand...


(Mg, oral, anal, beast, inc, coercion)

Our little Alice makes a new friend...


(Mg, MMg, exhib, voy, oral, inc, anal)

On their trip to NYC, Granda finds someone interested in getting to know Alice...

For other tales of lolitas and butt boys:



Freedom of Trade

Freedom of Trade

Lance is a patriot who appreciates the benefits in the Freedom of Trade.

As a result he can buy the guns he likes to carry, the cigarettes he likes to smoke, the ready-made meals he likes to eat and the services of an indentured sex worker.

But associated with all these benefits, there is inevitably a price.


What happens when you cry wolf & try to skip out on a debt you owe to a prodomme with connections? Mark from NY has to learn the hardway


Porn from July


July was another amazing month at The Horniest Place on Earth. Persephone aka Sephy, posted more hot stories than I've written all year. Let's start with her contributions:

  • Amelia's 13th Birthday - Her mother is determined to make it one she will remember all her life. She kept her virginity trough all the trials of the Naked in School program and everything that followed, and she deserves a royal reward. So what better outcome than the starring role in a high budget porn extravaganza?
  • Horny Spirit Natural Enhancer and Erotic Stimulant - This miracle product temporarily suppresses sexual inhibitions while stimulating promiscuity, but better yet, it has psychosomatic effects that actually enhance young bodies! Effects are temporary, but teens can always take more tomorrow!
  • Horny Spirit at the Mall - In part II of the Horny Spirit stories, Lydia and her boyfriend Vince take jobs as spokesmodels for Horny Spirit at the mall. They are quickly transformed into Bimbo and Bimboy, and together they work quite a transformation on the entire mall!
  • Lady Astor's Erotic Reform School for Teenage Boys and Girls - This TV commercial promotes a private, sex-oriented boarding school for teens, fueled by Horny Spirit Natural Enhancer and (of course) by teenager's innate obsession with sex. (Much like Sephy and me)
  • Incest Bukkake Invitational Challenge - If that doesn't tell you all you need to know about this story, it's co-sponsored by Horny Sprit Natural Enhancer. Come and cheer for the contestants.
  • Amelia at Large - Her virginity is finally gone and 13 year old Amelia is blossoming into adolescence. She's frightened when she hears that sex is no longer allowed in school, but it turns out to be a secret plan to help another school district implement the Program. The plane ride to Ohio is memorable.
  • Natalie Triumphant - Something a bit out of the ordinary for Persephone. A sequel to Natural Wonders Office Encounters. Natalie's father turned her into a perfect Bimbo, but he neglected to ask her what she thought of the idea.
  • AWSOME Traveling Party Bus Tour - a public service announcement about a fun way for AWSOME Girls to learn about expressing their budding sexuality, sponsored by PAPAS. Persephone's first venture into the AWSOME genre (below).
Believe it or not, I did a little writing myself this month when I wasn't busy editing Sephy's stories. With help from Pickles I finally completed Preparing Deborah, the sequel to Lost One's Naked in School masterpiece, Getting Prepared. I've been working on this for years because the original story cried out for a sequel, but I couldn't do anything to Danielle that Lost One hadn't already done better. The answer was to do it to her friend Deborah, with Danielle's enthusiastic help!

I also wrote A Public Service Announcement for underage girls who want to join the Adolescent Waiver for Sexual Observation and Mutual Experimentation program (AWSOME). Girls are ready for sex when they hit puberty. Why wait for silly age of consent laws?

Next I got started on chapter 3 of Getting Prepared. In this sequel, Final Preparation, Debbie's parents try to bring her back under control. Danielle's mom is not going to let that happen without a fight, and she wins round one with the help of Girl's Protective Services. This is a work in progress.

I'm not the only one besides Sephy making this the horniest place on earth. Along with collaborating on Final Preparation, P.F. Dill, aka Pickles, contributed a very insightful description of the delightful practice of scissoring. Not being of the female persuasion myself, I am always interested in lesbian sex, for research purposes of course, and so that they don't actually laugh at my descriptions.

Finally, my old friend this guy returned to contribute a new ad in Tween Magazine for SkinBronzer Tanning Oil.

If that's not enough for one month then you are a greedy little devil. In my spare time I did create a few new


Photoshop Phun 37 contains four new graphics, including two I ginned up to illustrate stories. These are the incredible Robin from Natural Wonders Office Encounters, and My Daughter is a Fuck Bunny in appreciation of 13 year old Amelia, Sephy's little girl.

Likewise I created a school crest for Lady Aster's Erotic Reform School for Teenage Boys and Girls (LAERS).

Oh yes, one more thing. This month I started a series of surveys asking my readers for feedback. Unfortunately the hosting site only allows 100 responses, so all but one are almost full, but you can still take a look at the results at my Polling Page.

And remember, you can always find plenty of porn about actual sex here at ASSTR. Just click The Horniest Place on Earth!


Shaina Earns an A

Colleges have begun allowing young women to leverage their physical talents when taking final exams instead of taking written tests. They can choose to allow their professors to fuck them for an 'A' on any final. Women fought long and hard for the right to leverage all of their natural advantages and Shaina prefers to use her body to get the best grade possible.

Will she be able to handle the way Mr. Connor uses her tight, freshman body? She was the last one to make it to his house, so he's keeping her for the weekend? He wants her to clean his cock, which had just been up her ass, with what? It's going to be a hard earned 'A' for Shaina this time around.


Three Times A Lady
Part One – Her Innocence

by An Awful Cad ©

mf, Mf, Oral, Reluct, First

I hardly knew her. We hadn’t spent more than a few hours together in our whole lives. And yet, three times she gave me a gift so precious you can only give it to one person - ever.

it was obvious she didn’t know what to do. She licked the length of my pole once, then again. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was out stiff, seemingly as much in defense as attack. She took another swipe along my shaft ending at the tip of my pee slit.

I took the opportunity to change the angle slightly and thrust my cock into her pretty parted lips. Her eyes opened wide with shock and fear as soon as my cock hit her tongue, even though only the head was inside her adorable mouth. She relaxed slightly, realizing it was time to get serious.

I savored the sight of my cock in her young mouth. Her first taste of cock. Her innocence gone. Transformed in one thrust of my cock from a sweet girl to a harlot.

html version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.htm

text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Three Times A Lady - Part 1.txt

More Truly Awful Tales


TETMD:The Evil That Men Do

TETMD is a unique, seldom-seen, multi-chapter, collaborative storytelling by Uncle Micky and Candice Sawyer.

Join us in a journey down the rabbit hole of debauchery, lust, murder, intrigue and, the market for young flesh.

Next Update: I estimate mid-August


25. TETMD: Chapter 29: Micky Dolan - The Reckoning - Part 4

In this installment of the Reckoning we travel to Ukraine, Florida, Seattle, and California. Events begin to move of their own volition. Myra faces Shapolov, Micky exists on the verge of death, and Brianna hopes to save Micky. With Sarah's help, Ja'quoia finally meets the man of her dreams, and Myra arrives in California to confront Aiden.

Story Codes: Mild Torture, M/f fingering, oral


24. TETMD: Chapter 28: Micky Dolan - The Reckoning - Part 3

In this installment of the Reckoning, Erika makes herself at home at Jack's place but discovers that the help is much more interesting than the boss. Myra and Brianna arrive in Florida and the confrontations with Jack hit a new level. Erika and Brianna find they have many similarities and begin to bond. Myra is forced to explain to Brianna her line of work, testing Brianna's maturity and faith in Myra. Micky finally arrives and they move to his place to escape Jack after two eventful incidents. Myra leaves for the Ukraine and her destiny, leaving Micky and Brianna, maybe for the last time.

Story Codes: M/g oral, f/g oral


23. TETMD: Chapter 27: Micky Dolan - The Reckoning - Part 2 Erica

In this installment of the Reckoning, we meet Erica, an important resident of Jack's place. Erica came quite a distance and endured a lot to become Jack's prized possession ... as well as his downfall. Be careful what you wish for or lust after.

Story Codes: Murder, M/g, M/F/g, MMMMMg


For the "Prologue," "Introduction," and preceding chapters of TETMD, please click on the home button below for those links.

  • Home

  • 2016-07-29

    The Coffee Shop - Free Anal With Every Purchase 2 - Sunny's Ordeal

    Businesses regularly sell the sexual services of their workers to make extra profit, usually at a high mark up, but this particular coffee shop has decided to try an experiment. Will the coffee shop earn more by offering the hot little asses of its baristas with every purchase? Sunny has been taking cocks up her petite ass all week, but it's not over yet!

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