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(MM) What happens when you're so drunk you can't see and a very curious friend satisfies his curiosity? You satisfy yours, of course!

Goddam, man. That is a whopper," Quentin crouched and looked up under my legs. "Look, man, I know I promised not to touch, but you know I ain't gonna do anything funny anymore. Can I just hold it. I won't jerk it or anything. I'll let you touch mine, too... but only if you want to."

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Another Production


Hostess with the Mostest

(MF, 1st time cheat)
Accidental bachelor makes the most of a boring party with an exuberant and over-endowed hostess.

I have never in my life been unfaithful to my wife. Tempted many times, but I always managed to be stronger than the temptation. But then the temptation has never touched my bare dick before. And when a man's cock is in the hands of another woman, I guarantee you that there is only one brain in the room capable of rational thought, and it ain't his.

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Another Production



(FM, first) The young virgin is overwhelmed by a classmate's sister, who's overwhelmed by his package.

Then she began to rub her palm up and down my zipper pressing against my erection. Everything in me wanted to stop her from doing what she was doing, but I knew that I wouldn't or couldn't.
"Miranda, don't..." I cried unconvincingly.
"Shhhhh." She unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and tried lowering the zipper. She was having difficulty because I was so hard and pressing against the zip, but I am ashamed to say that I did nothing to stop her from trying.

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Another Production



(mfff, inc, young) The cousins come to visit again. This time things are different because he's growing up.

Then I started to ease my cutoffs down my legs, but Evelyn's eyes were afixed to the giant lump in my drawers. The white grew and grew until my pants were down below my knees and my briefs were obscenely stretched sideways.

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Another Production


Two Days One Summer

(Mb, pedo, gay, mast, oral, anal) What's a country boy to do when all you have to keep yourself happy is your right hand? You take advantage of anything that cums along.

My knees began to bend and I started to rock my hips back and forth. He smiled when he saw me do this and began to really pull all the way back.

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Another Production


Themes are first times, dubious consent, teenaged girl with adult male. It's also a rather romantic story actually. This is probably one of the longest stories I've ever written and switches POV between the past and present, and between the two main characters.




She was nineteen.

She showed me her driver’s license as proof.

It didn’t look like a fake, yet it was so hard to believe by looking at the diminutive girl holding it. 

Thus begins the story of Bubbles...


If you enjoy hotwife stories with plenty of swinging action please check-out my last book


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Fantasy Vacation
New from Art Martin

Mountain Air

by Art Martin

This will be a six chapter story

Chapter 1 - Discovery

(mf) - In this 6 part story, Eric, a single dad has a problem, his horny young teen daughter is sexually promiscuous. What to do?

Chapter 2 - Rocky Mountain High

(Mf, oral, inc, cons, voy) - In the dead of the night disaster strikes, leading father and daughter to come closer together...

Chapter 3 - Budget Inn

(Mf) - Cassie copulates with her dad for the first time...

Chapter 4 - Home Sweet Home

(Mf, inc, oral, nudity, cons) - Eric and Cassie return home where new rules were instituted...

Chapter 5 - The House Guest

(Mf, Mff, ff, oral, anal, inc, cons) - Upon returning from Florida, Cassie's best friend, Sophie, comes to stay for a few days...

This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at



No Future

No Future

This is a future history of England over the Twenty-First Century and into the next. It is a multi-threaded narrative that travels from place-to-place, succeeds from year-to-year, and passes from one person to another.

England's green and pleasant land is visited by famine, plague, war and pestilence. Governments come and go. The ocean levels inexorably rise. International relations worsen. And the English people stumble through the chaos as best they can.

Who said there was No Future?


Reversal of Fortune Ch. 3

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, FF, MFF, MM, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Mast, NC, Reluct, Wife, Non-Human, Food

In which the neighbors fall deep into my depraved control - deeper, in fact, than any of us ever thought possible.

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart
her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker.

I gave Sherry a sharp slap on her ass with my open hand, producing a satisfying crack. She jerked in surprise and a handprint bloomed on her pale cheek.

“Sherry, lean forward,” I commanded.

Sherry complied, lying flat across the kitchen table.

“Now spread it.”

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker. It had resumed its tightly closed shape, but appeared slightly red and raw around the edges.

“More!” I bellowed, and Sherry pulled harder on her ass cheeks, producing a slight gap in the abused orifice.

“Now push.”

I could see Sherry’s stomach muscles clench and her asshole spasm.


This time the writhing of her sphincter produced a single pearly drop of wetness which emerged tentatively from her tightly-stretched anus like a worm after the rain.

“There,” I barked at Harvey, “get in there and clean that up. I want it nice and shiny clean for my cock.”

HTML version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.txt

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House of Deirdre

(MF MMF Mf MM piv anal oral reluc cuckold mc Fdom)

by Maracorby

Real Estate agent John discovers a house that loosens the inhibitions and draws out the kinky side of its visitors. But sometimes, perhaps, inhibitions are best left intact.

37kB - Published 2015-06-26


Isabella wasn't overly friendly with anyone there, myself included; but she was a team player. She had offered to help me practice some of the fine points of selling houses in my new city. For two weeks I resisted the urge to lure her to this magical aphrodisiac house I had discovered, arguing the morality in my head. Where was the line between loosening inhibitions and rape when the circumstances defied reality? I had mostly convinced myself that the house was perfectly ordinary and all moral concerns were moot when I made my move.

"I'd like to take you up on your offer to coach me, if you're still up for it," I said to Isabella one day. "There's this old place on Havenhurst..."

The room exploded into riotous laughter. "Geez, John! Why don't you ask her to drop to her knees and blow you right now?" Fran teased.

"I don't understand," I said to the room, baffled.

"Everyone knows about the Sex House, kid," Rodney explained.


Noras Eyes
Tales of the Taboo presents:

An Eight Chapter Erotic Novella

by BenBad



(Mg, nudity, voy)

A man rescues a nine year old girl, but has mixed motivations...


(Mg, oral, cons)

Nora surprises Scott, and in more ways than one, not that Scott minds...


(Mg, oral, cons)

Scott consults with his lawyer regarding Nora...


(Mg, mast, cons)

In preparation for the hearing, Scott treats Nora to some pampering...


(Mg, oral, cons)

Nora proves to be even more talented than Scott believed possible...


(Mg, oral, cons)

Scott takes Nora to a gynecologist for her examination...


(Mg, no sex)

The custody hearing...


(Mg, oral, cons)

Sometimes, things work out for the best...

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One of my favorites. A single father just trying to do his best gets pulled into a sensual encounter with his daughter.

...rg/billy69boy/The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor.html

My latest Young/Old taboo tale involves Mrs. Mount, a lonely rich widow who becomes infatuated with her young neighbor boy named Scott. She has hired him to help her with some home projects, and her heart comes alive, not to mention her long dormant libido. She struggles to maintain her proper decorum, while giving in to her wicked desire to tease the innocent lad in her employ.


A girlfriend confronts her boyfriend with his unexpected shemale desires. CFNM and light femdom. The first of three parts.




Bonjour !

Juste un mot pour vous signaler la parution de la 4e nouvelle de Un ange passe, « Rick, héros de B.D. ».

Pour vous donner un petit résumé :

Un garçon de quatorze ans, qui aime à lire les histoires publiées dans les illustrés, se trouve pour la première fois confronté avec des gangsters bien réels. Mais ses aventures ne se passeront pas aussi bien que celles de ses héros…

Si vous décidez de la lire, un petit mot me ferait plaisir.

Merci d’avance.

À bientôt,



Angels Studio-Hunter
Tales of the Taboo welcomes a new author:


by Coops Cooper


Chapter 1

(Mb, manipulation, voy, exhib, no sex)

With the recent loss of his wife and the newly single father of three, Jack Coopers meets a manipulative stranger who encourages Jack to allow his eldest son to take part in a trial photo shoot for his studio...

Chapter 2

(Mb, manipulation, voy, exhib, no sex)

Ethan continues to manipulate young Hunter and takes things slightly further while keeping Jack, Hunter's dad, in the dark...

Chapter 3

(Mb, manipulation, voy, exhib, mast)

Ethan fosters conflict between Hunter and his father, while simultaneously taking things a step further with the photo shoots...

Chapter 4

(Mb, manipulation, fondle, mast, buk, voy, exhib)

After Hunter lashes out angrily at his father, Ethan exploits the opportunity to "help" Jack...

Chapter 5

(MMb, manipulation, voy, exhib, nudity, reluct/cons, fondling, mast)

Wanting to please Ethan, shy little Hunter gets nude for the camera and gains confidence in doing it...

Chapter 6

(Mb, voy, exhib, fondle, mast, buk)

Four-year-old Zach proves to be as easily manipulated as Ethan thought he might be...

Chapter 7

(Mb, mast, exhib)

With Jack's consent, Ethan takes Hunter on an outing where Santa gets to see Hunter...

Chapter 8

(bb, exhib, Mb, mast, oral)

Ethan takes Hunter and Max back to his studio where he manages to get both boys nude, then in the privacy of his office, Ethan furthers Hunter's training...

Chapter 9

(bb, Mb, mast, oral, exhib, nepi, ws)

Hunter is taken to a house where Ethan introduces him to a thoroughly trained 10 year old...

Chapter 10

(bb, exhib, inc, Mb, oral, mast, nepi, reluc)

With Jack sick, Ethan has control of and plans for all three boys...

Chapter 11

(bbb, forced nudity, humil, manipulation, mast, nepi, ws)

Poor Jack doesn't have a clue while Ethan gloats over his manipulation of his...
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Frost Queen Tomiko is the latest novel by author D.H. Huck.

Taiko and her friends are Umai village's bravest heroes, living lives full of adventure, magic, and fun.

But when the cruel and mysterious Lord Akio attacks they find themselves up against a stronger, darker foe than they've ever face before. Beyond even him lies the Queen of Ice, Tomiko, and a secret that Taiko must unravel if she wants to stop what is happening to her once innocent world.

Join Taiko and her gang on their epic adventure as they discover the ravages of harsh bondage, the humiliation of slavery, terrifying new dangers, and their first tastes of carnal pleasures.

Read online or download the eBook!.


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 2

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, MMF, MM, Oral, Anal, Veggie, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Humil, Blackmail, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man exploits his power over the soccer-mom next door, inducing her – and her husband – to new depths of depravity and humiliation.

Taking her by the elbow, I led her into the living room and dropped down on the big overstuffed couch. I pulled Sherry down next to me and ordered her to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. It was, of course, fully rampant.

“Start sucking it, nice and slow. And whatever happens, don’t speak or do anything unless I tell you to, understand?” I thought I saw a tear welling in her eye as she nodded silently and assumed a crouching position on her knees next to me on the sofa. I pressed her head into my groin and was treated to the incredible sensation of my cock slipping into her warm, slippery mouth. I guided her head up and down slowly; setting the pace I wanted her to take.

Despite her apprehension, she settled into a deliberate rhythm, bathing my shaft in her slick saliva and massaging the pulsing veins with her tongue on every long, slow stroke. It was an incredible, luxurious suck and I was just contemplating how much her skills had improved in scarcely more than a week, when the door to the garage burst open and her husband walked in.


Shopping With Bri
Brianne and her daddy are back!

(Mg, MMg, MMMg, oral, anal, interr, size, inc, voy, cons)

by Daddy Dreams

A shopping trip with Bri and Katie lands Bri's dad in hot water...

This is a stand alone story, but to introduce Brianne, her daddy, and Bri's friend, Katie, you should first read BREAKING IN BRIANNE, BRIANNE's WEDDING ADVENTURE, and BRIANNE'S SLEEPOVER.

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The Great Mistake: Day 1

by Lecturer427

A look into an alternate future where the outcome of the latest US presidential election led to the worst disaster humanity has known. Over half of the US is left uninhabitable and the survivors strive to enslaving those they hold responsible for the catastrophe.

Story codes: MFF, reluctance

You can find all of my stories here.


The Favor

by An Awful Cad © 2007

MF, Oral, Cheat, Wife, Cuckhold, Pregnant

The story of a man with a hard-on and a sleepy wife.

He sets out to arouse and seduce her with the tale of a pregnant neighbor and the sexy favor she asks of him. But is there more to his story than meets the eye?

"I said, 'Tell your husband how much you like sucking this cock.'"

Caroline stopped her tongue in mid-swipe and looked at me, as she realized I was talking to her. And bless her heart, that sweet mother of three came to play.

"This is the tastiest fucking cock I've sucked in months," she said crudely, "I can't wait to taste its hot cream, and feel it spurting into my mouth and on my face."

A cold shiver of pleasure literally ran up my spine as I savored the shocking, delicious nastiness of it all.

His sexy, pregnant neighbor needed a favor

HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.txt.txt

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The Girl in the Honeysuckle

(MF M+F+ oral piv toys rom magic)

by Maracorby

A cruise ship full of young attractive people having lots of kinky sex? Great! Using that energy to summon a horror from outside of our world? Not so great.

45kB - Published 2017-02-03 (new)


"I brought you a present," she said, and gestured with her head toward the bottle of Champaign that had rolled to the base of the fountain. The vines didn't allow her the freedom to point with her hands, it seemed.

"I knew it! I KNEW it!" Clover said excitedly. "The girls always tease me about spending so many hours each month renewing my protection spells. Well, this is why! You're mine now, bitch! James, bring me my sickle!"

"Hang on just a second, honey - let's not be hasty," I told my wife. "Alison, what are you doing here?"

"Something big is going down," Alison explained, seemingly unworried about her helplessness or the menace in Clover's voice. "It will take a pretty, fertile witch to stop it, so I figured I would pay a visit to my friends Clover and James."

"F... friends???" Clover stuttered. "Lady, I'm going to cut you up into tiny pieces and scatter them over my compost heap!"


Dan and Cock Socket 15

by Lecturer427

Cock Socket is pregnant and Dan decides to organize a special day just for her in celebration. Of course it's not you normal celebration but it does involve Cock Socket and a lot of different cocks.

Story codes: MF oral, M+F+ glory hole, M+F

You can find all of my stories here.


January Porn from HPoE


This month I posted three new Menu Pages for my daughters at Her Daddy's House Teen Bordello, together with their stories below. Better yet, I finally finished Sunday School at the Church of the Divine Orgasm, which I've been working on for months. It's part of the new PhotoShop Phun 38.


Lots of new stories this month. I even wrote a couple myself, starting with two new appendices to Investigational Study of the Effects of Internet Pornography on the Sexual Development of Adolescent Girls. I also posted three new stories from my daughters who work at Her Daddy's House: Pixie, Staci, and the Barbi Twins. You can also check out their Menu pages above, and all but little Pixie were in the Internet Porn Study, too. And I finally got the Brookside Photoshoot wrapped up with Part II after a little prodding from a fan.

this guy also had several new chapters in his A World Away scifi saga, including chapters V, and VI.

Inspired by this, Persephone wrote here own scifi series, O'Maya's Plight, chapters I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII. And after all that, she capped off the month with the excellent Teenage Naked News, including the return of 13 year old Amelia of Naked in School fame.

You can always find the most up-to-date stories posted this month at the HPoE Home Page.

Loving Daughters

The Horniest Place on Earth is proud to present version II of Loving Daughters, a highly X rated board game for 1 to 6 players. Now you can visit the HPoE yourself, writing your own story about all the places and girls you've read about here. Guide naive young girls through the pitfalls of adolescence, helping them blossom from innocent angels into horny little sluts. Click the graphic below and open the Readme file to download your free copy.

Finally, I added a new Survey on the Polling Page about Girl Sluts. Right now you can take it and get your results recorded in the first 100 respondents, but you can always take it anyway, 'cause it's fun!

And remember, you can always find hundreds of linked, illustrated stories here at The Horniest Place on Earth about:
  • Naked in School
  • Teen Sex!
  • Girl Scout Porn
  • Facials/Bukkake
  • Teen Bordello
  • Incest: Brother/sister, Daddy/daughter, and (thanks to Sephy), Mother/daughter
  • Bimboization

Other Stuff

And don't forget, Pronouns have Gender. People have SEX! You can always find plenty of porn about real sex here at ASSTR. Just visit The Horniest Place on Earth!


The Girl in the Silver Cage

(MF oral piv 1st rom magic)

by Maracorby

When your sex-demon ex-girlfriend asks for help, it's hard to say no. Sometimes you have to fuck a witch to help out a friend.

53kB - Published 2015-11-21


Alison invaded my dreams again that night. "The witches are buzzing around like angry bees. Did something happen?" She said.

I told her about what had happened, and what had almost happened. She literally rolled around inside of her cage, laughing. "Cock-blocked by tea leaves? Oh, that's priceless! I mean, it sucks - for both of us - but it's funny. Don't you think that's funny?"

"I'm not sure I get the joke," I said, sourly.

"No? Grandma foresaw the sex you two were about to have in her tea leaves. Divination," she said. "I bet Talia has been secretly asking her breakfast beverage about Clover's hymen since the day she met you! I guess you've got to give her credit, though: it worked - she stopped you." I didn't share Alison's sense of amusement about the situation.


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 1

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man discovers an inner strength at the expense of the soccer-mom next door.

The look on her face was priceless.

Confusion, shame and lust all played across her features as she gazed at my throbbing organ. I had never experienced such feelings either. The control, perversity and corruption I had wrought over this woman in such a short time were exquisite, and I wanted to savor the moment.

I was overcome with a rush of desires and conflicted about what to do next. I wanted to toy with her some more. I wanted to bend her to my will, to strip away her veneer and make her beg to perform more and more perverse acts. But my lust got the better of my discipline, and as I stared down at Sherry kneeling submissively in front of me, breasts heaving, moist lips slightly parted, there was only one thing I could do.

“Suck it,” I ordered.

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.htm

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.txt


Annabelle Stays Over

(Mg, hand, oral, young)
What's a healthy young man to do when a little girl invades his privacy? Enjoy!

From the silhouette I could make out that she was kneeling on the floor besides my bed with one hand inside the fly of my shorts...

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production



(MF, inc?) His niece spied on what he thought was a private moment. Years later she reminds him of what she saw.

I spared one eye to peek at Bret coming out of the bathhouse, and that was immediately followed by both eyes opened wide! I stifled the urge to lift my head and remove my sunglasses to get a better look because that would have been, well, just wrong. Bret was wearing the next best thing to spray paint - a one-piece pure white swimsuit that molded itself to every curve and bump, and the most obvious bumps looked like cantaloupes directly below her neck. I didn't even notice how low the neckline was or if cleavage was even visible because I hardly had to use my imagination at all, the suit was that revealing. She was what one would call a curvy girl. Not a bit of fat on her and a very slim waist, but her tremendous bust and flared hips reminded me those old pinup posters. She was awesome!

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production


Showing Shelley

(Mff, exh, pedo) (Mff, inc, ped, exh, voy)
Lisa has a plan to satisfy Shelley's curiosity about the male anatomy. And it involved her father. But would he be up for it?

Without any ceremony Dad untied his robe and opened it up letting it drop from his shoulders to the floor. I don't know if I expected him to do a striptease or something, or at least have more than one article of clothing to remove, but the sudden apparition of his "thing" made my head swoon.

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at

Another Production


In the Mall

(Mbbb, ped, mast, anal, inter) He had no desire to accompany her to the mall. His quick trip to an out of the way "little boy's" room gave him an experience he's never had before but one he hopes to relive again. How many hands does it take to make you cum?

The other two boys quickly came and looked and began to laugh uncontrollably. They were doubling over, white teeth flashing and slapping each other. By this time I was sporting a full erection that I waved about as if it were a novelty to share. The boys laughed even harder, and I began to chuckle with them.

Enjoy all of Lance's stories at
Another Production

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