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The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown

The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown

Surely this is exactly what Beatrice was always meant to be. She had in Paul a loving faithful husband. She had as many other lovers as she might desire. And most of all she was playing a crucial role in the Space Ship Intrepid's quest for the Anomaly. How could it ever be better for her? But Beatrice's moment of glory and the success of the Intrepid's mission is under threat from shadowy and mysterious entities whose very existence has not even been suspected.

Will Beatrice fall victim to or be the victor of The Schemes of the Unknown Unknown.


Reversal of Fortune Ch. 3

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, FF, MFF, MM, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Mast, NC, Reluct, Wife, Non-Human, Food

In which the neighbors fall deep into my depraved control - deeper, in fact, than any of us ever thought possible.

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart
her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker.

I gave Sherry a sharp slap on her ass with my open hand, producing a satisfying crack. She jerked in surprise and a handprint bloomed on her pale cheek.

“Sherry, lean forward,” I commanded.

Sherry complied, lying flat across the kitchen table.

“Now spread it.”

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker. It had resumed its tightly closed shape, but appeared slightly red and raw around the edges.

“More!” I bellowed, and Sherry pulled harder on her ass cheeks, producing a slight gap in the abused orifice.

“Now push.”

I could see Sherry’s stomach muscles clench and her asshole spasm.


This time the writhing of her sphincter produced a single pearly drop of wetness which emerged tentatively from her tightly-stretched anus like a worm after the rain.

“There,” I barked at Harvey, “get in there and clean that up. I want it nice and shiny clean for my cock.”

HTML version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.txt

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My Cousin
Tales of the Taboo presents:


by JimGee

CHAPTER 1 - Good Feelings

(fb, fondle, oral, inc)

This is a little story about how Jim's cousin came to live with his family and changed everything. In Chapter 1, 5 yo Jim's family goes to visit his aunt and uncle, where his 13 yo cousin introduces him to sexual pleasure...

CHAPTER 2 - Learning to Play

(Fb, Fg, bg, nepi, oral, inc, 1st)

Disowned by her parents, a pregnant Barbara comes to live with Jim and his family...

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The hottest Young Girl Erotica on ASSTR

The Fygero collection contains stories, reviews and links to only the most erotic and perfectly written Young Girl Erotica on ASSTR.

Read Fygero's new masterpiece Sleep Paralysis. You will not believe what happens to 13yo Lucy when she falls asleep!


'Paradise' is Zack McNaught's latest and longest story. It tells the story of a disgraced intelligence agent who is sent to a tropical island far from home on a 'punishment mission'. Whilst in paradise, he meets an angel, Maddy, the nine year old daughter of the local British consul.

Warning: this story involves a loving but eventually sexual relationship between an adult and a young girl. Many people will be offended by this; if that includes you, please skip past this story. None of my works will ever contain non-consensual acts, but almost all involve kids enjoying sexual pleasure at some point.

Story themes: M/g(9), masturbation, oral, intercourse, romance.


In this story, two young girls experiment for the very first time

This is my first attempt at writing any erotica. Feedback is welcome. Hope you enjoy.


Experimentation: Scene I - Lexy and Lacey This story is about first-time sexual experimentation between two young girls... (Story Codes: gg, mast, 1st). This is my first attempt at ever writing erotica. Feedback is welcome. . Thanks.


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 2

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, MMF, MM, Oral, Anal, Veggie, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Humil, Blackmail, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man exploits his power over the soccer-mom next door, inducing her – and her husband – to new depths of depravity and humiliation.

Taking her by the elbow, I led her into the living room and dropped down on the big overstuffed couch. I pulled Sherry down next to me and ordered her to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. It was, of course, fully rampant.

“Start sucking it, nice and slow. And whatever happens, don’t speak or do anything unless I tell you to, understand?” I thought I saw a tear welling in her eye as she nodded silently and assumed a crouching position on her knees next to me on the sofa. I pressed her head into my groin and was treated to the incredible sensation of my cock slipping into her warm, slippery mouth. I guided her head up and down slowly; setting the pace I wanted her to take.

Despite her apprehension, she settled into a deliberate rhythm, bathing my shaft in her slick saliva and massaging the pulsing veins with her tongue on every long, slow stroke. It was an incredible, luxurious suck and I was just contemplating how much her skills had improved in scarcely more than a week, when the door to the garage burst open and her husband walked in.



The Battle for the Known Unknown

The Battle for the Known Unknown

Paul had never believed that he could qualify for passage aboard the Interplanetary Space Ship Intrepid on its mission across the Kuiper Belt to investigate the unknown entity known as the Anomaly that lies beyond the edge of the Solar System. Neither has anyone who has ever met him.

But qualified or not, Paul and his wife Beatrice are passengers on the space ship Intrepid as it becomes the scene for The Battle for the Known Unknown.


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 1

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man discovers an inner strength at the expense of the soccer-mom next door.

The look on her face was priceless.

Confusion, shame and lust all played across her features as she gazed at my throbbing organ. I had never experienced such feelings either. The control, perversity and corruption I had wrought over this woman in such a short time were exquisite, and I wanted to savor the moment.

I was overcome with a rush of desires and conflicted about what to do next. I wanted to toy with her some more. I wanted to bend her to my will, to strip away her veneer and make her beg to perform more and more perverse acts. But my lust got the better of my discipline, and as I stared down at Sherry kneeling submissively in front of me, breasts heaving, moist lips slightly parted, there was only one thing I could do.

“Suck it,” I ordered.

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.htm

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.txt


A new story I am starting to work on and looking for feedback on. Basic premise: An abused and neglected boy is sold into slavery just days after his eleventh birthday.
Mb, slave, reluc, oral, anal, +?
If you like the premise, have a read and let me know your thoughts.


A Most Unusual Morning

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Food

I was lying next to the finest piece of centerfold-grade
trim I had ever had the pleasure to poke.

I gazed at the naked form of the incredible beauty splayed out beside me and tried to make sense of it all. What had just happened? An hour ago I was just an ordinary middle-aged guy taking my car to the mechanic without, for once, even the slightest thought of sex on my mind, and now I was lying next to the finest piece of centerfold-grade trim I had ever had the pleasure to poke.

I looked over at Aliyah and noticed her still heaving breasts and freshly fucked pussy which was glistening wetly and drooling a long string of my pearly cream.

"You're going to stay and play with me this afternoon, aren't you?"

I froze.

"Well, um..."

"You have to!" she blurted. "I will die of boredom if you don't." Her eyes were looking a little wilder now. She knew what was coming.

"I have to get into the office." I sputtered. "I actually have quite a lot of work to do."

"You can fuck my ass if you stay" she said bluntly.

HTML version:

Text version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/ A_Most_Unusual_Morning.txt

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My Sister's Pussy


(mf, Mf, MF, M+F, M+f, mmf, m+f+, mF, FF, oral, anal, cons, inc, creampie, ws, menstr, hetero)

by Art Martin

My Sister's Pussy is about... yep, you guessed it, it's about pussy. This very popular story was originally posted in 2006. It is a fourteen part series, chronicling the sexual adventures of a young man and his libertine laisons...


This and other "Salacious Tails" can be found at


sev banner4

sevispac's porn for March

In February it was lots of new stories at sevispac’s site, like new sections in the Girl Slut Handbook including Chapter V How To Section I Suck Cock, plus a whole lot more in the Bimboization section. Also The Pink Pussy is proud to sponsor Girl Scout Passel 125, and two new additions to Tween Magazine from guest author this guy : Double Strap and Fitness Advice., plus the usual updates and illustrations.

As always, sevispac's site contains dozens of fun stories and illustrations dedicated to my favorite things:

  • Naked in School
  • Teen Sex!
  • Girl Scout Porn
  • Facials/Bukkake
  • Teen Bordello
  • Incest: Brother/sister, Daddy/daughter
  • Bimboization
So remember, you can still find actual sex on ASSTR!


A man on the run from the law takes a young girl under his wing, and moves into a swamp.


Sexual adventures of a spoiled, rich little brat


Johnny's New Classmate

Johnny, the 6-year-old with a 12-inch cock, meets a new classmate. She falls for him and his "toy," and they decide to have some fun after class.

(Mg, Fb, bg, growth, mast, oral, pedo, rom)

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