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Reversal of Fortune Ch. 3

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, FF, MFF, MM, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Mast, NC, Reluct, Wife, Non-Human, Food

In which the neighbors fall deep into my depraved control - deeper, in fact, than any of us ever thought possible.

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart
her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker.

I gave Sherry a sharp slap on her ass with my open hand, producing a satisfying crack. She jerked in surprise and a handprint bloomed on her pale cheek.

“Sherry, lean forward,” I commanded.

Sherry complied, lying flat across the kitchen table.

“Now spread it.”

Without hesitation, Sherry reached back and pulled apart her plump soft buns, revealing her crinkled pucker. It had resumed its tightly closed shape, but appeared slightly red and raw around the edges.

“More!” I bellowed, and Sherry pulled harder on her ass cheeks, producing a slight gap in the abused orifice.

“Now push.”

I could see Sherry’s stomach muscles clench and her asshole spasm.


This time the writhing of her sphincter produced a single pearly drop of wetness which emerged tentatively from her tightly-stretched anus like a worm after the rain.

“There,” I barked at Harvey, “get in there and clean that up. I want it nice and shiny clean for my cock.”

HTML version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune 03.txt

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Heiress to Villainy - Daddy's Nemesis

(MF piv bd viol)

by Maracorby

He's a secret agent. She's the daughter of an evil scientist. Hooking up could be very wrong, or very right.

17kB - Published 2016-07-23


Dr. Sykora went on with his weird leading questions.  "You two should talk - I bet you have a lot in common these days.  She's not the little girl she was when you first started busting down my door, you know!  She's grown up!  She's almost a legal adult now."

Jaime's face was sweating and his teeth were clenched, but he remained silent.  Elyssa noticed subtle shifts in his crotch sometimes, as his dick struggled to be free.

Dr. Sykora continued.  "Let me get you started.  Jaime, what do you think of Elyssa's outfit?  Isn't she pretty?  Of course, as a father, I worry that she might be dressed too provocatively: too much skin, too little fabric, and far too tight.  I wonder if teen-aged girls understand what kinds of thoughts they put in men's minds with such clothing.  Do you think you could help me explain it to her, Jaime?"

"Dad!"  Elyssa twisted abruptly to face her father, her sizable tits bouncing slightly from the maneuver.  Jaime lost his composure and groaned.  "Okay, what's going on here?" Elyssa insisted.

"Your father is torturing me," Jaime said.  "He gave me something to amplify my libido.  He's taunting me with your..."  He closed his eyes and groaned again.

Dr. Sykora finished the explanation.  "You're helping me give Jaime here the world's worst case of blue balls.  Maybe even crippling!  Isn't that fun?  It's like take your daughter to work day!"


From the author of TAKING ALICE:

(Mg, oral, anal, beast, coercion)

by Daddy Dreams

Our little Alice makes a new friend...

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The Trikingdom Ch. 12

by Lecturer427

The Duchess will do anything to get an advantage in negotions, but what will her husband say, and will it be worth it? Find out it the latest chapter of my ongoing fantasy series.

Story codes: M+F, cuckold

You can find all of my stories here.


The New Neighbors


Swinging taken to a whole new level!

When George and Kim moved next door, my wife Sophia and I didn’t realize how much our marriage would change from that day onward.



If you enjoy hot swinging action, please check-out my first full-length novel, “Watching January”

Click on the cover below to visit the book’s Amazon page and buy it today!





Crystal Passion

Crystal Passion

It is the 1990s and Crystal Passion and her band are on tour in America. In those days, they were nothing like as famous as they are now and nobody could guess how they might be received. Would this be the tour that broke them in America? Or would America break them?

Neither Crystal Passion nor her band were likely candidates to be the new Beatles or Rolling Stones of a fresh British Invasion. For a start, all members of the band were women. For another, the music they played wasn’t really Rock or Pop or much like anything else out there. They didn’t have the support of a large record label and they weren’t even especially well-known in the UK.

But as Pebbles, the band's keyboard player, recounts even though the ultimately disastrous American tour was memorable for all the wrong reasons, Crystal Passion would eventually gain the posterity and fame that eluded them at the time.


Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 2

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, MMF, MM, Oral, Anal, Veggie, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Humil, Blackmail, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man exploits his power over the soccer-mom next door, inducing her – and her husband – to new depths of depravity and humiliation.

Taking her by the elbow, I led her into the living room and dropped down on the big overstuffed couch. I pulled Sherry down next to me and ordered her to unzip my pants and pull out my cock. It was, of course, fully rampant.

“Start sucking it, nice and slow. And whatever happens, don’t speak or do anything unless I tell you to, understand?” I thought I saw a tear welling in her eye as she nodded silently and assumed a crouching position on her knees next to me on the sofa. I pressed her head into my groin and was treated to the incredible sensation of my cock slipping into her warm, slippery mouth. I guided her head up and down slowly; setting the pace I wanted her to take.

Despite her apprehension, she settled into a deliberate rhythm, bathing my shaft in her slick saliva and massaging the pulsing veins with her tongue on every long, slow stroke. It was an incredible, luxurious suck and I was just contemplating how much her skills had improved in scarcely more than a week, when the door to the garage burst open and her husband walked in.


Secret DC Guy Is Back!

In the chapter 4 of My House Among the Hills, David Bauman's has three wives, nine children and another baby on the way. However, his life goes from complicated to dangerous as his ex-wife finds a new way to go after his family. But unfortunately for those who want to hurt him, love and compassion can be stronger than hate.

Also, next month is the 2nd anniversary of the end of the still popular Always with Me series. Thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed it over these years. If you have not already, check out the short stories inspired by the characters and locations in Tales from Always with Me!.


The day after Derriks discovery of Corrie masturbating, his bestfriend come over and they begin to find some wild hijinks


Dooley Days
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(Mb, nudity, oral, 1st, anal, cons)

As told to Uncle Reamum by Anomymous

(Mb, nudity, oral, 1st, anal, cons)

A reader relates his sexual experience as a boy with the man next door...

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After the Rain
Tales of the Taboo presents:

(Mg, nudity, fondle, oral)

by Naughty Papa

A young girl in a soaking wet t-shirt, what could be better?


(Mg, nudity, fondle, 1st)

by Naughty Papa

Tom hooks up again with 9 year-old Suzy...

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No Future

No Future

This is a future history of England over the Twenty-First Century and into the next. It is a multi-threaded narrative that travels from place-to-place, succeeds from year-to-year, and passes from one person to another.

England's green and pleasant land is visited by famine, plague, war and pestilence. Governments come and go. The ocean levels inexorably rise. International relations worsen. And the English people stumble through the chaos as best they can.

Who said there was No Future?


The Favor

by An Awful Cad © 2007

MF, Oral, Cheat, Wife, Cuckhold, Pregnant

The story of a man with a hard-on and a sleepy wife.

He sets out to arouse and seduce her with the tale of a pregnant neighbor and the sexy favor she asks of him. But is there more to his story than meets the eye?

"I said, 'Tell your husband how much you like sucking this cock.'"

Caroline stopped her tongue in mid-swipe and looked at me, as she realized I was talking to her. And bless her heart, that sweet mother of three came to play.

"This is the tastiest fucking cock I've sucked in months," she said crudely, "I can't wait to taste its hot cream, and feel it spurting into my mouth and on my face."

A cold shiver of pleasure literally ran up my spine as I savored the shocking, delicious nastiness of it all.

His sexy, pregnant neighbor needed a favor

HTML version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.htm

Text version: .../~An_Awful_Cad/The Favor.txt.txt

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Tales of the Taboo welcomes a new author:

(Mg, cons, inc, oral, rim, 1st)

by Daddy Dreams

Ten-year-old Alice loves her Granda and he gets to experience her love first hand...

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sevispac's porn for July

June was the most amazing month in the history of The Horniest Place on Earth. Persephone - my muse - came flitting back into my life, but the important news to you - my horny readers - is that she is now an amazingly hot and prolific author. But before I get to her, here are yet more


P.F. Dill helped me post a story I've been working on for over ten years. Getting Prepared, by Lost One, is my all-time favorite Naked in School story, and it has always needed a sequel. So read it first, but then go on to read Preparing Deborah. It's unfinished but worth reading. Chapter III will be coming as well, if Pickles keeps after me.

She also wheedled me into writing a sequel to my own, long standing Middle School Orientation Part II. Pickles was distraught that it ended with Bill never touching his daughter again and demanded a happy ending. Artistic integrity dictated that the ending remain unchanged, but a pretty girl thought otherwise. She won of course. I hope you enjoy MSO III - Bad Daddy, a Present for Pickles.

Now then, about

Persephone started off with a bang; a new Naked in School series with Melissa enrolling her 12 year old daughter Amelia in the Program and helping her strip for the first time. In chapter 2, Amelia faces the rest of her first day Naked in School. She does well and discovers how much she likes the taste of cum. Next we skip to Thursday, when her favorite teacher pays a visit to her mother at home to discuss her progress, proving that parental involvement is the key to a young girl's educational success. But the best is yet to come. On Friday the NiS Middle School students join their High School peers for a field trip to the local TV station, where the mid-day news is doing a feature story about the Program. Ratings skyrocket!

Did I say the best was yet to come? It still is. Next, Sephy posted a four page centerfold in Tween Magazine, advertising Nautural Wonders breast enhancement technology for pre-teen girls. I was so impressed with the results that I asked for more, and being the impatient guy that I am, I wrote the same story myself. Here's hers, and here's mine. Tell us which you like better. I vote for hers. Finally, I added a new Special Ed track to the CHS Sexual Curriculum inspired by a young girl in her school Bimboization program in Sephy's NW Office Encounters.

Speaking of old friends, I'm pleased to host the first new story in a long time by this guy. Tween Magazine has published a list of obstacles that prevent girls from growing up to be the kind of women they should become, with advice on how to overcome them.


With all new stories I've published this month you might think there wasn't much time for graphics. And you'd be right. There's just one new illustration I whipped up of Melissa, 'cause if I did her daughter I'd go to jail.

So unless you're one of my biggest fans there are still plenty of stories and graphics here you haven't seen. My site contains upwards of a hundred illustrated stories dedicated to my favorite things:

  • Naked in School
  • Teen Sex!
  • Girl Scout Porn
  • Facials/Bukkake
  • Teen Bordello
  • Incest: Brother/sister, Daddy/daughter, and (thanks to Sephy), Mother/daughter
  • Bimboization
So remember, you can always find plenty of porn about actual sex here at ASSTR. Just click sevispac's stories!


Dan and Cock Socket 14

by Lecturer427

Decisions, decisions. Dan must decide whether to impregnate his wife turned sex slave or not, and figure out what steps he'll need to take to lessen the impact on the lifestyle they've decided to live.

Story codes: MF, MF oral, MF

You can find all of my stories here.


The Initiation

by W.H. Collins

Chapter 2: The Paddle


“Aw, little Rushie can’t quite dress herself,” Shannon taunted, “Let me do it, or we’ll be here all night.”

Shannon stepped behind Jessica and took over. She reached around and grabbed Jessica’s exposed breast, more roughly than necessary, and stuffed it inside the bikini. Jessica let out a short gasp at the sudden, unexpected invasion but otherwise said nothing. Shannon pulled back on the strings, causing Jessica’s breasts to lift and pushing them together ever so slightly. Shannon pulled even tighter, and Jessica’s cleavage swelled, her spherical breasts hoisted up at a gravity-defying-angle by the taut blue-green material. Once Shannon had pulled the bikini top as tight as she could, she tied it off and stepped back.

Jessica caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror hanging from the inside of the dorm-room door. Her boobs spilled out on either side of their small, triangular harnesses, and Jessica even noted that the underside of her breasts were visible, bulging out from underneath the turquoise cradles that kept them suspended above their natural resting points. She couldn’t go outside wearing this. She just couldn’t.

W.H. Collins on Tumblr

W.H. Collins on Wordpress

W.H. Collins on Amazon


The Initiation

by W.H. Collins

Chapter 1: The Pledge


“These paddles all have your names on them . . .” Eliza said from her podium.

“I definitely got a paddle with your name on it,” one of the girls cracked, making an exaggerated batting motion accompanied by a “Whizzzz. . . Smack!” sound effect that made a few of the other girls chuckle.

“These paddles all have your names on them,” Eliza continued, ignoring the interruption, “but they are not yours. Not yet. We will be keeping custody of these paddles until after the initiation ceremony. Until that time, whoever holds this paddle, you are to obey unquestioningly. You will do whatever they say. Run their errands. Carry their books. Mop their floors . . .”

W.H. Collins on Tumblr

W.H. Collins on Wordpress

W.H. Collins on Amazon


Independence Day in the Community

To bring in the holiday, I wrote a little story of how my fantasy community celebrates their independence! Please note that this story has both gay and straight themes - it's a free-for-all!

Visit my main site!

Come see me here!



Miles de Besos.jpg

An American girl learns French lessons on a hot, Spanish beach.



If you enjoy hot exotic locales with hot steamy sex, please check-out my full-length novel of jungle adventure, interracial sex and the will to survive,

“The Missionary Position”

Click on the cover below to visit the book’s Amazon page and buy it today!




Reversal of Fortune - Chapter 1

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Mast, Cheat, NC, Reluct, Wife

In which an out-of-work middle-aged man discovers an inner strength at the expense of the soccer-mom next door.

The look on her face was priceless.

Confusion, shame and lust all played across her features as she gazed at my throbbing organ. I had never experienced such feelings either. The control, perversity and corruption I had wrought over this woman in such a short time were exquisite, and I wanted to savor the moment.

I was overcome with a rush of desires and conflicted about what to do next. I wanted to toy with her some more. I wanted to bend her to my will, to strip away her veneer and make her beg to perform more and more perverse acts. But my lust got the better of my discipline, and as I stared down at Sherry kneeling submissively in front of me, breasts heaving, moist lips slightly parted, there was only one thing I could do.

“Suck it,” I ordered.

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.htm

.../~An_Awful_Cad/Reversal of Fortune Ch1.txt


My New Daughter
From the author of Flirty Nicole

Tales of the Taboo presents:


by Naughty Papa

With Chapter 10, the Story Concludes


The Girl on the Swing

(Mg, lech, voy, mast, slow)

In Chapter 1 of this multi-chapter story, Tom ogles a young pretty girl at a campground where he serves as the camp host...


The Abandoned Girl

(Mg, lech, voy, mast, slow)

Late Sunday afternoon, Tom discovers that the young girl he is infatuated with has been abandoned at his campground...


A Heavenly View

(Mg, voy, lech, touch)

Sally has Tom push her on the swing, giving Tom a close up view...


Movie Time

(Mg, exhib, voy, lech, touch)

Back in the camper, Tom prepares Sally for bed...


Nocturnal Dreams

(Mg, fondle, voy, exhib, blackmail)

A late night thunderstorm brings Tom a surprise, but he is delivered an even bigger surprise the next morning...


Homeward Bound

(exhib, voy, lech)

Having no real choice in the matter, Tom takes Sally home with him...


Settling In

(exhib, voy, lech)

Tom tries to establish a "normal" relationship with young Sally, but finds it challenging...


Opening Moves

(Mg, fondle, mast, public)

Tom has a good time swimming with Sally, but even more fun later...


SpongeBob No Pants

(Mg, nudity, mast, oral, exhib)

As he struggles to maintain control, Sally continues to surprise Tom with her adventurous spirit...


The Power of Suggestion

(Mg, oral, 1st, cons)

The story concludes as Sally pushes Tom to get what she wants...

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Come enjoy the stories I will be writing. Starting off is a multi-chapter story involving an uncle and his 4yr old niece who notices something hard under her cute little ass. Enjoy and send feedback!


Suckling Stories

Like little boys and girls? Like oral? I know I like all of these things. Come check out 'Pacifier' and 'The Routine' on my page :)


A Most Unusual Morning

by An Awful Cad ©

MF, Oral, Anal, Cheat, Food

I was lying next to the finest piece of centerfold-grade
trim I had ever had the pleasure to poke.

I gazed at the naked form of the incredible beauty splayed out beside me and tried to make sense of it all. What had just happened? An hour ago I was just an ordinary middle-aged guy taking my car to the mechanic without, for once, even the slightest thought of sex on my mind, and now I was lying next to the finest piece of centerfold-grade trim I had ever had the pleasure to poke.

I looked over at Aliyah and noticed her still heaving breasts and freshly fucked pussy which was glistening wetly and drooling a long string of my pearly cream.

"You're going to stay and play with me this afternoon, aren't you?"

I froze.

"Well, um..."

"You have to!" she blurted. "I will die of boredom if you don't." Her eyes were looking a little wilder now. She knew what was coming.

"I have to get into the office." I sputtered. "I actually have quite a lot of work to do."

"You can fuck my ass if you stay" she said bluntly.

HTML version:

Text version:
.../~An_Awful_Cad/ A_Most_Unusual_Morning.txt

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Maya's Fantasy
Tales of the Taboo Presents:

by H.G. Collins


Part 1

(gb, inc, reluc, oral, pedo, fist)

Maya's father enjoys living out his fantasies with his pre-teen daughter. But Maya finds she has fantasies of her own involving her little brother...

Part 2

(gb, Mg, oral, reluc, ped)

Maya continues living out her fantasies with her little brother. Meanwhile, her father continues living out his fantasies with his only daughter...

Part 3

(Mg, bb, gbb, oral, ws, inc)

Maya is delighted when she walks in on her younger brother and his best friend during a sleepover...

Part 4

(gb, anal, oral, inc, ws)

With the house all to themselves, Maya and Conner find a way to pass the time...

Part 5

(gb, Mgb, oral, reluc, inc, voy, ped)

While their parents are out, Maya and Conner continue with their secret games. But, nothing stays a secret forever...

Part 6

(Mg, gb, Mgb, inc, oral, anal, ws, reluc, ped)

Karl wants to make the most out of the situation after walking in on his two kids. But in the end, Maya turns the tables on him...

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