by Candy

Part 4 of my life in So. California

ã 2008



I was having quite a bit of sex with Melinda, Glory’s real name, sometimes at her house in Rancho Palos Verdes and sometimes at the porn house in Redondo Beach.  I never had thought about having sex with another girl until that day earlier in the summer at Suzie’s when her dad first mentioned it.  Since then I made the video with Suzie and became Glory’s lover.  Wow that sounds weird to me—being somebody’s ‘lover’ while still in middle school!


Glory was being very protective of me on the set.  Ed Ibanez somehow found out about Brock trying to fuck me and he was fired.  Brock said that Mr. Ibanez would pay in the long run because he was a star and could get another job in a minute.  Ed didn’t care.  He told him my well-being was more important than any money he wouldn’t make because Brock wasn’t in a movie.  I knew Ed Ibanez had and would make a ton of profit from me, but his stance made me feel special anyway.


My mom kept asking me about “that nice teacher” who was helping me prepare for the school year.  I felt guilty that we were fooling her into thinking Glory was a teacher.  I was realistic.  I knew that sooner or later my parents would find out about Glory, and the money.  I just hoped I was old enough (like out of High School!) to stand up to them without hurting them when that time came.  I liked what I was doing and didn’t feel it was that wrong.


I started having another worry.  Glory was becoming, I don’t know, maybe possessive isn’t the right word, but she wanted to spend so much time with me it was difficult explaining it to my mom.  The day that Glory took me to Disneyland and to California Adventure, my mom started asking more questions.  We had a fantastic time—my parents took me to Six Flags in Massachusetts once but Disney was way better.  When I got home, my mom got very curious about why a teacher would spend her “hard earned money” on a student that wasn’t even her own.  I made up something about a city grant but I wasn’t sure she was buying.  I had to cool it with both Glory and the house on S. Catalina or I’d run out of good lies.


Mr. Ibanez had set up for me to do another video at his house.  The girl’s name was Caleigh and the boy’s name was Julio.  Caleigh was a pretty high school girl with blonde hair and a stutter.  Julio was a typical teenage boy trying to show off how macho he was but I saw his nervousness.  I wondered how Mr. Ibanez got them to be here but I could never ask.  I hoped they were not the type to blab about this and get us all into trouble.  Like before, it was just Jake and Ed Ibanez.  Mr. Ibanez explained what we would do scene-by-scene.  He knew how nervous Caleigh was, so he asked me to talk to her and soothe her a bit before we began.


I asked, “You okay?”


“What do y-y-you know y-y-y-you’re like just a k-k-k-id.” 


Wow, I thought she was going to cry.  I did what Mr. Ibanez wanted.  I talked to her for a while, telling her I had done videos before and I wasn’t a virgin.  I asked her if she liked sex and she told me she did.


“Don’t even think about the camera then,” I said, as I pointed to Julio who was off in a corner stroking his hard-on and smiling at us as Mr. Ibanez explained things to him in Spanish.  I lowered my voice to a near whisper, “I mean, he IS kinda cute and he does have a nice cock.  I bet he’ll have you cumming in no time.”


She smiled tentatively and nodded.  Mr. Ibanez dropped his pants and showed Caleigh his big cock, which was hanging down but still looked super-long.  “Maybe if Julio here isn’t ‘up’ to the task, I could take over.  What do you think blondie?” 


Caleigh’s jaw dropped.  I don’t know if she was more scared or impressed, but the sight of it made her hornier for sure.


Mr. Ibanez pulled his pants back up and started instructing them on what to do.  Caleigh put on a red lacy nightgown and pretended to be asleep.  Julio acted like he was surprised to find Caleigh in bed with hardly anything on and was ogling her from the doorway.  He said his lines like he was thinking out loud about her being his sister and how he always wanted to fuck her.  I thought it was funny since Julio didn’t look anything like Caleigh.  He acted out sneaking to the bed and feeling her up as she began to awaken.  She kind of said her lines wrong but I guess it didn’t really matter in a movie like this (besides, I thought, the men who watched it probably wouldn’t know English anyway!)  Caleigh slipped out of the nightie and started sucking him off.  Julio was like in heaven; he kept saying things in Spanish I didn’t understand but I knew he was saying he liked it.  Mr. Ibanez must have seen the signs that Julio was going to cum, so he motioned for Caleigh to take him out of her mouth.  Caleigh did, though she was confused by what was happening.  That was until Julio groaned and squirted all over her face.  I’d seen the adult men shoot loads of cum but I was equally impressed by how much Julio shot out.  Caleigh was stunned by what happened, but I think her somewhat non-reaction made the video better.  Hey, maybe someday I’ll be a director, hee-hee.


I thought because Julio was young (and horny) he would get hard again right away, but he didn’t.  I teased him by taking off my thong so he could see my bare pussy.  It worked.  He asked Mr. Ibanez if he was going to fuck me, but Ed told him no, this was Caleigh’s movie.  Caleigh looked pleased but Julio looked disappointed.  He really wanted to do it with me!  (And I knew Mr. Ibanez had other ideas.)


Mr. Ibanez explained to Caleigh and Julio that the next scene would be like the next night in the video.  Caleigh put on some pink satin panties and nothing else in ‘her’ bed and when Julio snuck in this time she was supposed to be waiting for him.  I gave my ‘pep talk’ to her about forgetting the camera and just enjoying the sex.  They kissed and started fooling around.  Julio was so horny again and Caleigh was too that they looked natural.  Ed and Jake seemed happy at how they were acting so far.


When it came time for them to fuck, Jake tossed Julio a condom but he was so nervous he couldn’t put it on.  I winked at Mr. Ibanez, who smiled back at me, as I went onto the bed, took the condom from a surprised Julio and slowly unrolled it over his cock.  He was dripping so much of that pre-cum stuff I almost laughed but I didn’t. 


Instead I rubbed my nipples against him before moving up and whispering in his ear “Imagine you’re fucking me.” 


He almost didn’t let me off the bed but then Jake said “Okay, let’s go.”


Caleigh’s legs were wrapped around Julio as he fucked her.  He was like a maniac and I figured he would cum fast, but Caleigh surprised us all by screaming “Eeeeeeeee” as she orgasmed first, bucking her hips up and down to match Julio’s thrusting.  He cried out something in Spanish and I could see he was cumming because his butt muscles were like throbbing.


Mr. Ibanez didn’t want Julio to cum inside Caleigh; instead he had wanted him to pull out, strip off the condom and cum on the outside of her pussy.  He called it the “cum shot.”  Since Julio didn’t do that, Jake stopped filming and Mr. Ibanez instructed Caleigh to remove the condom from Julio’s cock and let the cum inside drip all over her belly.  I knew she didn’t want to, but Jake started videoing again and she did it.  A lot dribbled out!  She did well by lazily rubbing the cum all over her tummy with her fingers while Julio played with one of her tits.


Mr. Ibanez whispered to Jake that it looked perfect.  He smiled at me and mouthed “I love you.”  He was always kidding me like that.


The next scene was planned to include me.  Mr. Ibanez spoke with me as I put on my pink bikini.  “You know, Candy, you’re the star of this movie not Caleigh.”  Me, the star?  I mean, like Caleigh was so much prettier, and she had boobs.  “You’re the reason I can get so much more in selling it.  You’re even more in demand than my daughter, but don’t tell Suzie I said that,” he said with a wink and a grin.  Then he kissed me on the cheek and pinched my butt.  I almost died; all I thought about was someday having him make love to me.


I was supposed to be Caleigh’s friend, which was also silly because I was obviously younger.  We were to hang out by the pool in bikinis and have her ‘brother’ Julio make a play for me.  He would talk to me and make his ‘sister’ jealous and then we would go into the house and do it.  I asked Jake if there was enough light to tape outside and he looked at me funny before he figured out what I was asking.  You should have seen the smile on his face just then!  Mr. Ibanez said it would be okay since nobody could see into the pool area from outside the high fence and as long as we didn’t have too many lights then we wouldn’t draw attention from neighbors.  He was smiling too.


I acted like I was turned on by Julio and started flirting with him by the pool.  Mr. Ibanez looked so happy because he knew I was going to act the sex out real well.  Caleigh was supposed to act like she was jealous and kind of storm away.  She stuttered her line but by now nobody cared.


Julio came closer to touch me, but I touched him instead and said loud enough for the microphone, “Ooh, I think I feel something growing.” 


That’s not what Mr. Ibanez wanted me to say but I think he liked it after all.  I rubbed my hand against the front of Julio’s shorts and asked, “Would you like to go IN?” which could mean the pool—or me— hee-hee.  Mr. Ibanez grinned wide when he heard me say that.


I pulled the strings of my top and took it off and then dove into the pool.  Julio did a good job by looking around like he was checking whether anyone was watching.  I didn’t know if he was really checking or acting, buy it was great anyway for the movie.


He dove in after me before Jake stopped the camera and Mr. Ibanez started giving us new instructions.  He wanted us to swim around in the pool and tease each other and kiss and stuff like that before we would slip out of our suits under the water.  Jake went and got a special camera in a funny looking plastic case to take video underwater.  Neat!   He took off his clothes except for his undershorts and got into the pool with the camera while Mr. Ibanez ran the big camera at poolside.  I laughed inside because I saw that Jake had a hard-on!


Julio and I did what we were supposed to do.  When we were both naked I held Julio’s cock while he put a finger in my pussy.  I hoped Jake got some good video with the underwater camera.  We kissed but Julio was too horny to do it well, kind of mashing my lips with his mouth.  I urged him to the pool ladder and we got out.  He was practically sticking straight up he was so hard.  He kept staring at my body as I held his hand and led him to the diving board.  I had seen so many different positions being videoed and watched so many sex videos lately that I had a good idea what would be a cool way to fuck.  I got puzzled Julio to lie down on his back on the diving board and I got on top of him.  With one leg dangling on each side I let Julio’s cock slide into me.  I exaggerated the bounce of my long, wet hair as I bounced on Julio.  Between my movement and the bouncing of the board, we were really going up and down!  


Mr. Ibanez got closer with his camera as Jake waded closer to us with the other one.  They were both smiling, so I think they liked what I was doing.  Julio did too.  I couldn’t help myself as I bounced harder and harder and I felt all those fluttery feelings in my stomach and pussy so I knew an orgasm was coming.  I forgot all about the camera and the other two men and kept looking at Julio’s eyes while I fucked him.  I was going so fast I nearly fainted when it hit me.  I screamed and cried and trembled and shook.  Julio groaned in Spanish so I knew he was about to cum so even though I didn’t want to, I bounced off just in time to see him squirt a fountain straight up in the air.  Whew, that was close!  When I said I bounced off, I mean I went right into the pool!  I was still trembling from the orgasm as I swam toward Jake and his camera.  I got close and then turned away so my ass was right before the lens.  Instead of being funny, it got me horny again when I saw that Jake had masturbated and sprayed long strings of cum into the water while he was filming.  Another good job, I figured.


As soon as Julio was able to get hard again they videoed one more scene with him and Caleigh.  I put my bikini back on and watched.  Afterwards Mr. Ibanez had them shower and he gave them both a lot of cash.  When they were gone I asked Mr. Ibanez if he trusted them not to tell.


“Let’s say I have something over both of them. They won’t tell a soul.”  I shivered because Mr. Ibanez sounded more like a gangster than my best friend’s dad when he said that.


We were sitting on his sofa.  He put his arm around me and hugged me to him.  He told me he thought I was the most amazing girl he’d ever known.  “I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams finding someone your age who is a natural at this stuff,” he said. 


He began touching me, first around my belly and then up to my chest.  I felt like I had peed, my bottoms were that wet.  I thought: This is it, he’s going to make love to me!  I had to work hard to simply breathe.  He kept playing with my boobs, his hand beginning on top of my bikini bra before sliding under it. 


“Candy, you don’t know how difficult it’s been to keep my hands off your beautiful little body.”  His hand left my chest and went down toward my pussy, running his fingers lightly across my tummy along the way.  When he slipped his big hand inside my bottoms, all I thought of was his big cock going into me and I maybe had a little orgasm.


“I’m gonna have you sit on my face so I can taste all that sweet cotton candy melt on my tongue.  Oh God you’re cumming already!” He said when he felt me shudder and heard me moan.  His finger slipped into my pussy and he exclaimed “Girl, are you WET.  I think you want the big boy, don’t you?”


He stood up and was about to take off his clothes when we heard the door.  Suzie was home early.  He cursed and sat back down next to me on the sofa, checking me over to make sure my bikini was on straight.  I still could barely breathe I was so horny.  Now I was mega-disappointed too.


“Did the video come out good?”  Suzie asked her dad.  If she saw how horny I was at least she didn’t let on.


“I don’t know.  Jake took everything back to the house to start editing.  I was thinking maybe we’d go over and watch some of it.  You game?”  He said, the last part aimed at both me and Suzie.


My mom figured I was ‘playing’ with Suzie (that’s real funny) and so I wasn’t expected home soon, so I agreed and Mr. Ibanez drove us to the house on S. Catalina in his Mercedes SUV.  Jake was the only one there and he had hooked up the video cameras to a big plasma TV and was watching the footage from today.  We joined him.  Hee-hee where’s the popcorn? I thought as I sat down on a sofa next to Mr. Ibanez, with Suzie sitting on his lap.


When it came to the part with me and Julio in the pool, Jake whistled and said, “Girl you’re hot!  Damn, I’ve filmed a lot of action and you Candy-girl are the hottest fucker there is.  Traci Lords, you ain’t nothing compared to this one!”


My face felt hot like I was blushing.  I asked who Traci Lords was and Mr. Ibanez explained.  I was proud.  “She used to live right her in Redondo Beach,” he told me.  That’s neat!


Watching me fuck Julio on the diving board made everyone horny.  Suzie started squirming on her dad’s lap and he in turn put his hand under her top and began stroking her boobs.  Jake was rubbing the front of his jeans.  My panties were wet but I just sat there, hypnotized by the sight of ME bouncing wildly on top of Julio.


Suzie moaned and said “Oh, Dad,” as Mr. Ibanez kept rubbing her under her clothes.  I don’t know who was hornier, me or Suzie, though I didn’t have anyone touching me to help me relax my inner tension.   When Suzie saw me scream from cumming in the video, she moaned once more while she writhed in her father’s lap.  She groaned “Dad” again as it was obvious what she wanted—well, I wanted it too!


Mr. Ibanez said to her, “Why don’t you go into the big bedroom and I’ll be right in, okay sweetie?  I’ve got to talk to Candy first.”


“Okay Daddy” she said, sounding like a little girl as she walked to the bedroom where they shoot all the movies.


“I have an idea I want to discuss with you, my little porn star,” he said with a wink.  “I’m getting ready to close up shop here at the beach before we get any heat; find another place to make the videos.  I want to make one with you.”


“You already made some with me at your house,” I said.


“I mean a big production, with all the studs, and you.  Do you think you could do that?”


He told me how much he would pay me and it was a huge amount.  It wasn’t the money though, it was the idea of being like a grown up and loved by those hunks like an adult movie star that was the real draw.  He called it my Cleopatra movie, and after he explained his idea for it I was so horny I wanted to finger myself right then and there.


“Yes, I’ll be Cleopatra for you,” I answered.  He told me the schedule and how he’d have Glory make sure I could get there without raising suspicions at home.


“C’mon, Dad,” Suzie hollered from the bedroom.  Mr. Ibanez said “Duty calls” and left my side.


Jake shrugged and started packing up the equipment.  I sat there and wondered if I should walk home or wait for them to get done.  It was driving me crazy hearing them make all kinds of noise in the other room.  When Jake left, I snuck to the bedroom door and peeked in.  Suzie was on her hands and knees and her dad was doing her from behind.  He was so amazingly big I could see that he was stretching her pussy more than I thought a pussy could be stretched.  He was sliding in and out but his entire condom-encased cock was only going in half way.  Maybe he was too long to go into someone our age.


He was saying stuff like “Oh Suzie your Daddy loves you so much” and “You feel so good” and “You’re my angel baby.”


She was making noises like a kitten would make, and they were getting louder.  In between she murmured “I love you Daddy” and “Deeper, Daddy” and “Oh-oh-oh-Daddy.”


I was so hot and wet watching them I wanted to go in there, tear him out of her and impale myself on his cock.  A finger was in my pussy and I was stroking my clitty so hard but when I came it wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped.   I slinked away from the doorway and went to use the phone.  I called Glory.  As I waited for her to answer I heard Suzie scream in orgasm.


“Please come to the house on S. Catalina and get me.  I need you,” I implored her when she answered.  I’m sure she heard through the phone line Mr. Ibanez yell he was cumming, but she didn’t say anything about it, just that she would be there in about fifteen or twenty minutes to get me.


Suzie and her dad were doing it again when I slipped out of the house and walked out to Glory’s car.  On the ride up Palos Verdes Drive, we didn’t talk much.  When we went into her house, Glory took me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.  After she undressed me we made love for a long time.  I had at least two orgasms though it was hard to count since they sort of blended together into one big one.  When we were both exhausted I snuggled between her big beautiful breasts like they were twin teddy bears.


“You’re gonna make the video, aren’t you?”  Glory asked after a while.


“I made one today.”


“I figured,” she said, so I knew that she knew.  “I mean the Cleopatra one that ‘Raul’ keeps talking about.”


“Yeah, I kinda like the idea.  I think it would be neat.”


“Candy, I love you like a daughter, but holy shit, I don’t want you to become a porn performer before you ever have a real future.”


“You did okay.  You made a lot of money, and like...”


She cut me off.  “I’m ALONE, dammit.  Sure I have money but in a few years what the fuck am I gonna do?”  She started to cry.


I got out of bed and called my mom.  I asked her if I could stay “overnight at Melinda’s.”  She was still suspicious of Glory’s interest in me but agreed anyway.  I went back to bed and kissed Glory a long time as she stopped crying.  Before we made love again, she lectured me once more about “falling into the trap” of doing porn.  She kept saying how I had my whole life ahead of me and how smart I was.  She was worried that my age would eventually get everybody in trouble.


“It’s all gonna blow up in their faces someday.  Think of the damage that will do to you and your future.   How about how much it’ll hurt your mom and dad when they find out?”


“They won’t find out.”


“Don’t be so sure, girl.   EVERYBODY finds out sooner or later.”


I knew she was right but for now all I wanted was to hide my worries under the blanket of another orgasm.  I touched two fingers to Glory’s clitoris and began rubbing in the circular way that she liked.  In a little while she was moaning and trembling.  She whispered her love for me while building to her climax, and that scared me.  I could be her lover but not her love; not at my age.  The sex wasn’t wrong to me, but the bond was, I thought.


After she came, she was all over me like a madwoman, rubbing and tweaking and caressing and kissing until I was as hot as a boiling tea kettle and shaking like a bowl of Jell-O.  She made a comment about my breasts as she was playing with them.


“You know, you’re growing some nice ones here, don’t you?”  She rubbed and squeezed them.  “I bet they’re gonna be nice pointy ones like men like, and with these puffy nipples, wow.”


“Y-y-you have real b-b-big ones and I thought that’s what men like,” I said, surprised I stuttered like Caleigh I was so hot.


“Mine are gonna sag big-time in a few years, but pointy ones usually stay up there forever.”


My nipples were so hard they were surely staying up right now!  In so much anticipation my thighs opened almost on there own waiting for her tongue.  She went down and licked me until I was begging her to finish me off.  She would tease me until I was close then pull away.  I cried for her to keep going.


“I told you, you cum too fast for your own good, little girl.  I want this one to be a lesson on how special a really big one can be.”


Lick, suck, and pull away.  Lick, suck, and pull away.  The stomach flutters were growing like never before until my whole body shuddered and I felt like a great release of tension at my core.  My scream must have shaken the house down to its slab.


“Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about,” Glory shouted as she lifted her face from between my thighs so I could see the splash of my cum juice all over it.


We fell asleep naked in each other’s arms—the mismatched lady and the young girl.  The young girl who fell asleep wondering if she was making a big mistake; living this dream life of sex and more sex instead of being a normal teenager and all that went with it.  I knew Glory would not be happy with me making the new movie with Mr. Ibanez.  I knew it was a major step, one not easily retraced once made.  Mmmmm—Queen of the Nile—has a nice ring to it. 


Bring on those big cocks!



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