Counts of Hits For Rose Eastman's (and Guests) Stories at 20 July 2014

Rank Hits Weeks on LineAverage Story Title Author Story Code
12786222531101.27Amy's Corruption IsabellaMMb/g; Rape; violence; Voyeurism; Exhibitionism
2135909189719.1Uncle Hugo IsabellaM+/f; Exhibitionism
3124455139895.36Victoria's Dilemma Isabellam+/g, M+/g, M+F, Incest, Les, Voyerism, Exhibitionism, Under age
4115617156741.13Overstone Village Isabellab/b, bb/g, M/g, exhibition, voyerism, first time
5114473253452.46Isabella's First Infidelity IsabellaM+/F, Incest, Oral, Anal; Voyerism, Exhibitionism Beast
6113506253448.64The Photographer IsabellaM/g; M/F; NC; Interracial; Anal; Voyerism; Exhibitionism
7110266122903.82My Best Friend, The Party Plan Business Woman IsabellaM/F, M/g, b/g, b/gg, M/gg, g/g, M/M, M/MM, F/b, F/g, beast, WS, exhibitionism, voyerism, Under Age, Incest
8109829133825.78Gentleman's Club IsabellaM+/F, MM; Voyerism, Exhibitionism, Bondage, S+M, Dogging, Beast, Abortion, Group, Rape, Abortion, Water Sport, Beast
9109303238459.26Fancydress Party IsabellaM+/F; F/g M/g Incest; Oral; Anal; Voyerism; Exhibitionism; Beast
10109301239457.33Rebeccas Puppy Love Rose EastmannM/g, F/b, M+g, beast.
11107634253425.43Emmas Bedroom Gail KingM/g, pedo, under age
1296645223433.39Tish JoeM/g, Rom, Ped, first time
1394227173544.66Derbyshire School Girl IsabellaM+/f; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; N/C; Drugs and Alcohol
148787398896.66Family Picnic Surprise IsabellaMM/g, M/F, First Time, Underage, Public Sex, Incest, Mum / Daughter
1581720246332.2A Young Girls Curiosity TerryRom, incest, first time
1679287160495.54A Black Mark Against the Family Isabellam/F; m/g
1776792741037.73My Father's Birthday Present IsabellaM/g, g/g, Incest, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Oral, Web-cam play
1875351611235.26Swingers Child Isabellam+/f, M/F, Incest, Under age sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Group, Public
1974653153487.93Baggy Knickers IsabellaM/g; Incest; Voyerism; Exhibitionism; Incest; Beast
2073345223328.9Baby Lauren JoeM/g, NC Ped, Anal
2171334253281.95Emmas Curiosity Gail KingIncest
2270355252279.19An Under Age Thing Sandy KentMF, Fb, pedo
2369325173400.72Breeding in the name of God IsabellaM/g; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; Breeding
2465968239276.02Pin Money IsabellaM+/F; F/F; Incest; Oral; Anal; Voyerism; Exhibitionism
2564985184353.18The Football Trip Isabellab/F; g/F, M/F,Exhibitionism Incest, Preteen, (Partial Story)
266424287738.41Uncle Len IsabellaM/f, F/f, M+/f, M/F, incest, Under Age, Oral, Masturbation, Public sex, First Time, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
2763035132477.54Gentleman's Club- pt2 IsabellaM+/F, MM, M+/G, b/g, Voyerism, Exhibitionism, Under Age
2862697128489.82Katherine and Andrew IsabellaMM/f, Under age, Fantasy, Exhibitionism, Voyerism
2962482190328.85Millie Isabellam+/g; m/F; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; N/C
3061268118519.22Holiday 2010 IsabellaM/F; m/F; m/f; M/f; Incest; First time; Voyerism; Exhibitionism
3160612145418.01Holiday Trip IsabellaM/g; b/g ;M/F; group; pedo; exhibitionism; voyerism; first time; naturist
3259129253233.71Family Move Rose EastmannMMFg, ped, inc, voy, 1st, beast, mast, oral, anal, hypno, mc
3356910253224.94Isabella and Simon IsabellaNC; Bondage; Incest
3456904190299.49Khristi and Brian Isabellam/F; Incest; Bro / Sis; N/C
3556312174323.63The Edinburgh Trip IsabellaM+/Ff; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; Incest; Mother / Daughte
3655517163340.6Vicky Likes Older Men SidM/fg; f/g; Voyer; Exhibitionism; Under Age; Incest; Breeding
3753960203265.81Pervert Neighbour John EastmannMg, exh, oral, violence, breeding, ped, first time
385356686622.86Loving in the Back to Backs IsabellaM+/f, m/f, animal Sex, historical, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Public sex, First Time, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Prostitution, Incest, Beast, Under Age
3948346106456.09Small Town Volunteer IsabellaM/F, m/f, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Public sex. Naturism, Intergenerational, under age sex
4046939203231.23It could happen to your daughter Rose EastmannM+F, Mg, b/g, Voyer, Exhibition, Incest, ped, first time
4146271209221.39Firmsirjohn Isabellab/F; Mb/F; Oral; Anal; Voyerism; Exhibitionism; Rape
4246205253182.63I'm Gail but you can call me Sandy Gail Kingincest, bro/sis, mum/son, ped
4345614252181.01A Day at the Beach GeoffRom, pedo, Mg
4444607253176.31Truckers Delight Gail KingIncest, Water Sports, Under Age Sex, Drugs, Voyerism
4544459253175.73Isabella's Big Mistake IsabellaFF; M+/F; Voyeurism; Exhibitionism
4643814252173.87My Daughters First Time Pete in WalesRom, incest
4742879172249.3Freezer Man IsabellaM/F; m/F; b/F; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; Under Age
484267973584.64After the Clay Pits Isabellam/g, M/g, M/gg, M+b/g, Incest, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Oral, photography, Impregnation, First Time, Under Age Sex
494203691461.93Changing School IsabellaM/g, M+/g, First Time, Incest, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Bestiality, Father/Daughter
5041851251166.74The Beach can be a dangerous place Rose EastmannM/F, M/g, Pedo
5141300244169.26Isabella's Fantasy IsabellaM+/F; Oral; Anal; Voyerism; Exhibitionism
5240802129316.29Unfortunate Brother Isabellam/ff, f/f, incest, under age sex, bro / sis, Exhibitionism, Voyerism
533977674537.51Down at the Clay Pits IsabellaM/g, g/g, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Oral
5439609102388.32The Prospect IsabellaM/g, g/g, M/gg, M/FF, b/g, Rape, N/C, Under age, First Time, Incest, Anal, Masturbation, exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Prostitution
553857981476.28Me, My Sister and the Strangers in the Park IsabellaMMM, MM/m, MM/fm, m/f, Under Age, Incest, Public Sex, Bro-Sis, First Time
5638542190202.85Volunteer IsabellaM/F; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; Inter Racial; MM/F; Bestiality
5738526149258.56The Crash IsabellaMM/f, m+/f, First Time, Under Age
5838357139275.95Forum Chat Isabellab/g, Masturbation, Voyerism, Exhibitionism, Under age
5938209143267.2Grandfather's Toy IsabellaM+/F; Incest; Voyerism; Exhibitionism; Slight Pain
6037713172219.26Asda,Night Shift IsabellaM/g; m/g; M/m; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; Incest
6136481184198.27Family CurtisRom, M/g, Beast
623615692393It Can Be A Trial Just Getting To School IsabellaM/f, Under Age Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, First Time
6335674208171.51Birthday IsabellaMM/F; Oral; Voyerism; Incest Exhibitionism
6435255251140.46Siblings Rose EastmannIncest, Bro / Sis, Mother / Son
6535011250140.04Adventure Rose EastmannMMF, Ped, beast
663498798357.01Vacation Fun Isabellam/g, M/F, Anal, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Control, First Time
673480783419.36Smart-phones can be dangerous in the wrong hands Isabellag/g, m/g, m/F/g, Incest, Under Age, First Time, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Blackmail
6834673122284.2How I Became a Pervert! Camel Jockeyb/g, g/bb, F/bb, b/b, Voyerism, under Age, Incest
693403769493.29Tina the Jill Russell (Monday) IsabellaM/g, Beast
703371777437.88Humping IsabellaMum/very young son, b/F, Incest, Under Age Sex, No penetration, Masturbation
7133211189175.72Mrs. Andrews IsabellaM/F; Fem-Dom; Exhibitionism
723306457580.07Becoming Eighteen IsabellaM/F, MM/F, MM/Ff, M/f, m/f, m+/f, M/M, F/f, Mum / Daughter, Group, Incest, First Time, Group, Public, Anal, Oral, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
7332100246130.49Dalmatian Girl Rose EastmannF/f-teen, beast
7432090253126.84Lynnes Fantasy Rose EastmannF/m-teen, ped, inc, 1st, rom
7531624171184.94The Hunt Isabellam/F; Beast
7630897231343.35Webcam Girls Isabellag/g, M/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Webcam
7730729206149.17Elle and Sam Rose EastmannM/F, M/g+, Incest, Intergenerational, N/C, Rape.
783067395322.87Father in Law's Request IsabellaM/F, b/F, b/g, Under Age Sex, Incest, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
7930238183165.23Sharon's Holiday Invitation IsabellaM/FF, Exhibitionism
803010756537.63Not a Very Good Babysitter IsabellaM/f, M/g, Oral, Voyeurism, Under Age
8129473120245.61Father Jacob And Little Eva Camel JockeyM/g, priest, pedo
8229396113260.14The New Garage Development IsabellaM+/f, M/F, Father/daughter, Voyerism, Exhibitionisam, Public, N/C, incest, Dogging
832930695308.48A Visit to Newcastle IsabellaM/F, M/g, MM/g, b/g, mother / daughter, bro / sis, mother / son, Incest, Under Age Sex, Anal, Masturbation, First Time, Training, Anal, Vaginal, Oral, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
8429236253115.56Emmas Fantasy Gail KingIncest
852866280358.28My Daughter's Full of Surprises IsabellaM/F. MM/F, Swingers, Public Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
862854440713.6Afternoon Workout IsabellaM/f, Under Age, Public Sex, Masturbation, Oral, Close to Life Story, Rom
8728048143196.14Susan Danvers Isabellam/F; Non-penitration; Underage; Incest; Mum / Son
8827970137204.16Aegean Holiday pt 2 IsabellaM/F, m/F exh, voy, bd, swing, beast, Under Age
892699786313.92Loving in the Back to Backs Pt 2 IsabellaM+/f, m/f, animal Sex, historical, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Public sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Prostitution, Incest, Beast, Under Age
902675029922.41How the Vicar's Wife Became an Addict Isabellam/F, M/F, m/g, b/g, Masturbation, Underage Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Drugs
9126438121218.5Jasmine The School Girl Camel JockeyM/g, pedo, Uner Age
922642469382.96Tina the Jill Russell (Tuesday) IsabellaMM/g, Beast
932622638690.16A moment of madness IsabellaM/f, M+/f, Public, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral sex
942596494276.21An Unusual Beginning IsabellaMM/F, N/C, Impregnation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Cuckold
952551386296.66Loving in the Back to Backs Pt 3 IsabellaM+/f, m/f, animal Sex, historical, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Public sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Prostitution, Incest, Beast, Under Age
9625489246103.61Tobens Fantasy Rose EastmannM/f-teen, ped, Incest, beast
972533845563.07Helping my husband to get on! IsabellaM/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex
982522133764.27Skipping at the Cinema IsabellaM/f, Under Age, Swapping, Oral, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, First Time
9924839206120.58Dees Story Rose EastmannM+/F, beast, bondage, oral, C/P
1002479424999.57My First Naturist Holiday Rose EastmannExhibitionism, Voyerism, M+/F, Beast, Incest, Ped
1012451634721.06Down at the Car Wash IsabellaM+/f, Oral, First time, Under Age, impregnation, exhibitionism, Voyeurism
1022418624897.52Amnesiac Rose EastmannM/F, Mg, Ped, pregnancy
1032403439616.26Educating Sarah and Anna Rose EastmannM/g, M/gg, M/F, Anal, Under Age, Public, First Time, Masturbation, Facial, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
1042358825293.6Greek Holiday Sandy KentMF, Fg, pedo, rom
1052355224894.97Trouble at Home Rose EastmannM/f-teen, ped, Incest, drink
10623486136172.69Forum Chat Pt2 Isabellab/F; Masturbation; Voyerism; Exhibitionism; Under age; incest; mum/son
10723478172136.5Freezer Man (pt3) Isabellam+/F; b/F; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; Incest; Beast
1082341786272.29Great Aunt Lynne Isabellam/F, First Time, Inter Generational
1092322292580.22New Kid on the Block Isabellam/g, m+/g, m/F, M/F, Shared Wife, voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public nudity
11023204116200.03Simon and Samantha Isabellab/g, M/g, M/F, Under Age, Incest, blackmail, Voyerism, Exhibitioniam, First Time
1112258169327.26Tina the Jill Russell (Wednesday) IsabellaM+/g, Beast
11222167161137.68Walking the Dog IsabellaM/F, MM/F, Voeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Dogging
11322006160137.54Vicky Likes Older Men - pt2 SidM/fg; f/g; Voyer; Exhibitionism; Under Age; Incest; Breeding
11421904115190.47Special Agent IsabellaM/F, M/f, m/F, m/f, Bro/Sis, Mum/Son, Incest, Under Age, Voyerism, Exhibitioniam, First Time
11521757118184.38Accidental Love Isabellab/F, b/b Under age
1162166725285.98ERG Rose EastmannM+F, Mg, beast, drugs, NC
1172166224688.06Zoo Club Rose EastmannFFF/beasts, voy, bd, rom
11821601183118.04Working Abroad can be Tiresome But It Could Have Its Benefits Too RodRom, M/g, Beast
11921394127168.46The New Sales Rep IsabellaM/F, Exhibitionism, Voyerism
12021371135158.3Forum Chat Pt4 Isabellab/F, M/F, b+F, b/g, F/F, Oral, Masturbation, Voyerism, Exhibitionism, Under age, incest, mum/son
1212136668314.21Tina The Jill Russell (Friday) IsabellaM+/g, b/g, Beast, Anal
12221269135157.55Forum Chat Pt5 IsabellaM/b, Anal, Oral, Masturbation, Voyerism, Exhibitionism, Under age
1232120925284.16Meri Rose EastmannFFFFFFFFF lesbian action
1242102898214.57Another Dorset Holiday IsabellaM/g, underage, First Time, N/C
12521000172122.09Freezer Man (pt2) IsabellaM/F; m+/F; b/F; Exhibitionism; Voyerism; Under Age
1262063995217.25Father in Law IsabellaM/F, Rape, Incest
1272061190229.01The PA IsabellaM/g, M/f, First time, Under age sex, Public Sex
1282058721695.31Red Robbo, Dodgy Dave and Johnny IsabellaM+/F; Oral; Voyerism; Exhibitionism; Wife Sharing
12920518104197.29Looking After Ben Isabellab/F, Mutual Masturbation
13020443142143.96Pin Money part 2 IsabellaM/g, M+/F, b/g, F/g; Underage, Exhibitionism, Voyerism, Incest
13120379134152.08Hiking to the Mary SidM/g+, g/g, oral, first time, Under Age
13220344199102.23Dodgy Dave IsabellaM/F; Exhibitionism; Wife Sharing
1332027322390.91A different kind of life IsabellaMasturbation; Voyerism; Exhibitionism
13420231136148.76Forum Chat Pt3 Isabellab/F; Masturbation; Voyerism; Exhibitionism; Under age; incest; mum/son
13520020133150.53Helens Daughter CarolF/g, g/g; Incest, Lesbian, Incest, Under Age
1361987420497.42Spendthrift Wife John EastmannDrugs, NC, Shaired wife, M+/F
13719678115171.11Seven Men On A Train IsabellaM+/F, Voyerism, Exhibitioniam, Public, N/C
1381949925277.38The Truant Rose EastmannM+/f-teen, ped, intr, 1st, drink and drugs
1391949563249.17Sisters IsabellaM/F, F/F, Incest, Sisters, Swing, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
1401922624678.15Tinas New World Rose EastmannM/F, impregnation, beast
1411905868280.26Tina The Jill Russell (Thursday) IsabellaMM/g, M/Fg, MM, Beast, Prostitution, Incest
1421875264293A Salutary Tale IsabellaMum/Son, m/FF, b/F, Under age sex, Incest, Blackmail
14318668130143.6Holiday Kruise IsabellaMM/F, m/F, Under age, Fantasy, Ghost, Exhibitionism, Voyerism
1441862330620.77Fiftieth wedding anniversary Isabellam/g, m/f, First Time, Under-age, Mutual Masturbation, Incest, tourism, exhibitionism
14518607113164.66Broadening Horizons IsabellaMMb/F, Voeurism, Exhibiyionism, Under Age, Video
1461825325272.43Young Girls Crush Rose EastmannF/g, ped, crush, rom
1471814381223.99My Boyfriend's Father IsabellaMM/F, m/f, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Under Age Sex, First Time
1481800625271.45Colin and Aunty Sue Rose EastmannFF/m-teen, Ped, Inc, 1st, Rom
1491799823476.91Young and Old BernieRom, OlderF/m, Voyer, Exhibition, under age
1501789239458.77Abby Was Next Rose EastmannMFf, ped, nc, rp, v, intr, drugs
1511788644406.5Holidaying With Dad IsabellaM/F, Incest, Father/Daughter
15217844157113.66Freezer Man (pt4) IsabellaM/g; No sex yet; Exhibitionism; voyerism
1531769549361.12Accidental Meeting IsabellaM/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex
1541768553333.68Amanda and Martin IsabellaM/F, M/g, b/g, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Inter-racial, Anal, Oral
15517613149118.21Deep Space Mining IsabellaM/f, Sci-Fi, Underage
1561753353330.81Victoria's Dilemma pt 2 Isabellam+/g, M+/g, M+F, Incest, Les, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Under age
15717505112156.29Holidaying with Grandma IsabellaM/F, m/F, voyeurism Exhibitionism, masturbation, W/S, Incest (with father in law)
1581748224671.07Night Watchman Rose EastmannM/f-teen, beast
1591737625268.95Carls story Rose EastmannGrooming
1601709321813.95Half-term Holiday Homework Isabellab+/g, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
1611696862273.68What do you do when all around you is boredom? IsabellaMM/F, Stranger Sex, Nudism, Outdoor Sex, Breast Milk, Strap-on
1621692825267.17Close Relations Pete in WalesM/F, M/f, Rom, incest, beast
1631692739434.03Ian and Natasha IsabellaM/g, M/F, Masturbation, Underage
1641682625266.77Sues Story Rose EastmannGroup, F+/M+, F/g+, pee, rom
1651667450333.48Dorset Holiday 2013 IsabellaM/F, b/g, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Under Age, Brother/Sister, Incest
16616659111514.45Interesting Neighbour IsabellaM/F, M+/F, Photo-play, Public sex, voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public nudity
16716593120138.28Dust IsabellaM/F, Mmm/F, F/F exhibitionism, voyerism, Under Age, Incest
16816545137120.77Aegean Holiday Rose EastmannM/F, exh, voy, bd, swing, beast
16916453111148.23The Retired Farm Hand IsabellaM/F, inter-generational, animal, exhibitionism
1701640491180.26It was only supposed to be a year out IsabellaM/f, MF/f, F/f, First Time
1711627392176.88Fuck Buddies IsabellaM/F, Outdoor Sex, Unfaithful Wife, Intergenerational
17216180110147.09Doomed to End in Divorce IsabellaM/F, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Public sex. Naturism, Intergenerational
1731612560268.75Accompanying Father-in-law IsabellaMM/F, MM/F, M/FF, F/F, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Incest
1741603424964.39Just a housewife Rose EastmannProstitution, M+/F, les
1751595816397.9Not Quite What He Expected IsabellaM/FF; FF; Voyerism; Exhinitionism; Masturbation
1761555772222.43Postman Patricia IsabellaM/F, Beast, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
17715490120129.08Mother Whore CarolF/F, F-Dom, Inc
17815487104148.91A Helping Hand IsabellaM/F, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Public sex
1791545423864.93Aunty Sharon BernieRom, OlderF/m, Voyer
1801512020673.4A Kind of Swing Rose EastmannM/F, Incest, Intergenerational
1811510125259.92Jack and Mary Rose EastmannM+/F M/f-teen, ped, drink, roleplay
1821505385177.09Uncle Len pt 2 IsabellaM+/f, m/f, M/F, Simulated Rape, film, Oral, Anal, Under Age, Prostitution, Inter Racial, exhibitionism, Voyeurism
1831504975200.65The Cure IsabellaM/F, b/F, voyeurism, exhibitionism, Family Sex, Oral Sex, Impregnation
18414998101148.5My Best Friend the Party Plan Business Woman - pt6 BobM/g, M/F, M/b, b/g, M/M, F/g, g/g, beast, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Under Age, Incest
1851497579189.56The Vicar's Wife IsabellaM/F, M+/F, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, witchcraft
1861493925059.76Encounter Rose EastmannExhibition, voyerism, K9
1871489625358.88Truckers Surprise Gail KingM+/F, public sex, dogging
1881478425258.67Dogging Rose EastmannExhibition, voyerism, Dogging
1891476317086.84Rescue? SidM/B, Under age, Oral, Bikers, Transvestite, Humour
1901387314099.09Fantasy or Obsession SidM/g; MF/g
1911361252722.4Nudist Neighbours Isabellam/f, Naturism, Mutual Masturbation, Rom
19213492111226.55Birthday Boy IsabellaM/F, b/g, b/F, Incest, Mum-son, voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public nudity
1931341020665.1Any opportunity Rose EastmannM/F, Incest, Intergenerational, Blackmail, Impregnation
19413095120109.13A Family Matter Camel JockeyM/F, Incest
1951309354242.46Up at the Reservoir IsabellaM/F, Family Sex, Incest, Impregnation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionismx
19612935122106.02Bettina and the Picture Book Camel JockeyM/g, pedo, First Time, Sededuction, Hist, Under Age
19712935116111.51Jack and Jill IsabellaM/F, Voyerism, Exhibitioniam, Beast
1981291525251.25The Shopkeeper Rose EastmannProstitution
19912797113113.25A few days with Aunt Jen Roger1st time, F/b
2001276270182.31Geoff's Story Isabellam/f, m+/f, Under Age Sex, Group Sex, First Time Sex, Public Sex, Sharing, Inter-racial
20112751111114.87First Teen Experiances RogerMasturbation, m/f
2021273198129.91Dorset, 2012 IsabellaM+/F; Masturbation, exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Control
2031269882154.85Tracey Andrews IsabellaM/F, F/F, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Blackmail
20412597104121.13Verity finds out why you should not go with strangers AirbornM/g, F/g, Underage sex, First time, Voyeur, Exhibition, Rom, Mild N/C
2051248724950.15Lucy Rose EastmannRape, light Violence
2061247813195.25April Fool SidSwinging, m/f, violence, Under Age, Incest, Voyerism
2071239484147.55White Van Man IsabellaM/F, M/f, Impregnation, First Time, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
20812200122100Elizabeths First Time Camel Jockeyb/g, Non con, first, Under Age
2091208925247.97Alex - an electricians tail Rose EastmannM/F, rape, anal, prostitution
21012075119101.47The Model IsabellaM/F, exhibitionism, voyerism, Striptease
2111201959203.71Researching His Family Tree! Isabellab/g, M/g, F/b, M/b, Incest, Outdoor Sex, First Time, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
2121197484142.55Travelling in Lingerie IsabellaM+/F, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex
2131191082145.24Padre's wife IsabellaM+/F, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Blackmail
2141186874160.38It Only Happened Because I Was Unhappy IsabellaMM/F, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Oral, Public Sex
2151176233920.67New Flu Day Isabellab/F, bb/F, First Time, Under Age, Incest, Mum/Son
2161146125245.48Abandoned in the car Park Rose EastmannRomance, exhibitionism
2171139971628.43A business Opportunity IsabellaM/F, MM/F, Shared Wife, voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Nudity
2181126152252.2Birthday Party IsabellaM/F, MM/FF, Inter Racial, Incest, Mum-Son, Adultery, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
2191117952235.8Turning a Grey Lady Red IsabellaM/F, M+M/F, F/F, Public Sex, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
2201108285130.38The TefinaTM Addict IsabellaM/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Drugs
2211094760182.45My Aunty was a dark horse Isabellag/F, g/b, g/M, F/M, Masturbation, Lesbian, Prostitution, Incest
2221087524943.67The Wedding Breakfast Rose EastmannM+/F, Iner-ratial, Exhibition, Voyerism
2231085613282.24Vicky Likes Older Men - pt3 SidM/fg; f/g; Voyer; Exhibitionism; Under Age; Incest; Breeding
2241083452166.8Gangs IsabellaM/f, M+/f, Gangbang, Rape, Punishment, Impregnation, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex
2251066112088.84Father Jacob Camel JockeyM/F non-con
2261062225242.15Willy and Marie John EastmannMF, exh, mast, oral, anal, cuck, swing
2271055117360.99Isabella, Sid, Kay and James SidM/F; F/F; Voyeur; Exhibition
2281049741256.02Anthony IsabellaBrother-in-law / Sister-in-law, M/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Impregnation, Masturbation, Oral
2291045117161.12The Visit to Brisbane SidM/F; F/F; Voyeur; Exhibition
2301032012284.59Magda and the Schoolmaster Camel JockeyM/g, pedo, Hist
2311012212978.47Happy Aniversary SidM/F, M/f, rape, under age
2321011425240.13It happened on a sunny afternoon Rose EastmannRape, Fantasy
233999812281.95Elizabeth Goes Shopping Camel JockeyM/g, Seduction, Hist, pedo, Under Age
234996624983Concert in Thailand Anonm/m, m/f, Incest, Under Age, Gay
235982644223.32Visiting a Friend IsabellaM/F, N/C, Hidden Camera, Prostitution, Inter-Racial, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
236979112280.25Magda and the Farmer Camel JockeyM/g, pedo, Hist, Under Age
237975912279.99Jasmine Moves On Camel JockeyM/g, pedo, bb/g, voyeurism, Under Age
238975712279.98Magda and the Shopkeeper Camel JockeyM/g, pedo, Hist
239950312277.89Tea With Mr. Tumnice Camel JockeyFantasy, pedo, Beast, Under Age
240944625237.48The Masquerade Rose EastmannExhibition, voyerism
241918524936.89Coy Rose EastmannMM/F, Anal, Swing, Rom
242917124737.13A Night Out With The Lads (2) Rose EastmannM+/F, Swing
243909111579.05Nervous virgins virginity "fixed" Rogerm/f, First Time
244900614362.98Girl on a Mountain RichardM/f; Non-penitration; Underage; Incest; Mutual Masturbation
245888824935.69JayCee Rose EastmannM+/F, Prostitution
246877425234.82Brogborough Picnic John EastmannMF, M-voy, F-exh, oral, swing, rom
247873961456.5A Valuable Lesson IsabellaM/F, beast, voyeurism, Exhibitionism
248871751743.4Dream Baby IsabellaM/F, Oral, Physic Sex, Rom, Violent Sex, Public Sex
249868616353.29Nikon Bob IsabellaMM/F
250867516054.22Kayleigh, Fiona and Kim IsabellaF/f
251855751711.4Suburban Housewife IsabellaM/F, M+/F, Dogging, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Public Sex
252842316850.14John finds the Truth SidClose to Life
253837643194.79Tina the Jill Russell (Saturday) IsabellaM/g, M/F, M+/F, Anal
254837124933.62A Walk in the Woods Rose EastmannM/F, Anal, Exhibition, Voyerism
25582669487.94The Telephone Maker IsabellaM+/F, M/f, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, N/C, Rape
256819112267.14Katarina and the Baron Camel JockeyMM/g, Pedo, Hist, Under Age
257809225232.11Brogborough Picnic Part 2 John EastmannMF, anal
258805611570.05My First Voyeur Experience Rogerm/f, voyerism
25980249881.88Isabella's Birthday Surprise IsabellaM+/F, F/F, Masturbation, exhibitionism, Voyeurism, control
260798724932.08A Night Out With The Lads Steve in DerbyshireRom, fantasy, M+/F
26176648986.11Forest Walk JamesM/F, MM/F, Public, Strangers, Wife Sharing, photograaphy, Exhibitionism
26276608887.05Helenes Daughters Chapter 2 CarolBroIncest, Under-age, Mother-daughter, W/S
263756612262.02Hafida The Moroccan Camel JockeyMMM/F, Cuckold, Public
264752116346.14Nikon Bob (Again) IsabellaMM/F; Masturbation
265722613752.74A Joke Sidcuckhold, Infidelity, M/F
26671528386.17Uncle Stavros's Visit IsabellaM/F, Incest, Mild Blackmail
267682861111.93Dee's Story Part 2 IsabellaM+/F, Corporal Punishment, Bondage, Oral, Anal, Public, Group, Sharing, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Strap-on
268677422230.51Leroy - Deborah & Me RonM+/F, Voyeur, Exhibition, Inter-racial
269611012250.08Its better than working! Camel JockeyM/F, Rel, Prostitution
270605112249.6Hafidas Gang Bang Camel JockeyInterracial, M+/F, Cuckold
271598556106.88Unusual Twins IsabellaM/F, M/FF, F/F, sisters, Incest, Strap-on, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
272584734171.97Elizabeth Jackson Joe StevensM/f, First time, Pay-for-play
273574912247.12Hans and Hannah Camel JockeyMM/F, Cuckold, Historical
27454249358.32A Chance Encounter JamesM/F, Public Sex
275541312244.37It Just Wasnt Cricket SidM/F, mm/ff, incest, M/FF
27653205793.33Linda And The Band JamesM/F, Extra-marital, Stranger sex
27751828858.89Mother Whore Chapter 2 CarolFF, F-dom, incest
278494412240.52The Gentle Prostitute Camel JockeyM/F, prostitute, Hist
279439225017.57Andrew and Tess AndrewRom, fantasy, M/F
280436411396.73Dreams Come True - Ch3 niceneasyM/f, rom, cons
281428512235.12Hafidas Night Out Camel JockeyMM/F, Voyeur, Public, Cuckold
282424312234.78Maximillian von Langsdorf Camel JockeyM/F, voyeur, Hist
28339277254.54Dan, June and Jim's Christmas Play JamesIncest, MM/F, Shaired Wife, Swing, Stranger sex
28437995371.68More than I bargained for JamesM/F, Extra-marital, Stranger sex
285308711280.64Expanding Horizons - Ch2 niceneasyM/f, rom, cons
286266311242.09Beginning - Ch1 niceneasyM/f, rom, cons
28726207634.47Jan JamesM/F, Clothing Fetish
28819289214.22Schoolboys Special - Ch8 niceneasyM/f, f/bbbbb, cons
28916886281.33Sunset Curls Anonb/g, First time, Punishment, Under age Sex
29014989166.44Heather the Teacher - Ch7 niceneasyM/f, rom, cons
29113769152.89Introduction to Dogging - Ch5 niceneasyM/f, rom, cons, Dogging
29210089112More Dogging - Ch6 niceneasyM/f, rom, cons, Dogging
2939869109.56Taking it Further - Ch4 niceneasyM/f, rom, cons
294000On Aunty Deirdre's Instructions Melissa/f, f/M, f/m, g/b, Incest
295000Tails, a Force For Good or Bad? IsabellaM/g, b/g, M/F, g/g, Mb/g, Under Age, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism
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