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by Boga


Published: 23-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Tue, May 21, 2013: Birthday Party

It was Lindsey Bohan's birthday. She was eight years old, and unlike three quarters of her third grade she had not yet sucked a cock. She had not even seen one up close, just by peeking at her daddy and his friends on camping trips, and of course the internet. She had of course heard plenty, and frigged her pussy lots of times since she was six thinking and dream ing of the day when she would have her own cock to play with, and of course fuck.

Now Lindsey new all the words, and all the places refereed to. And as she lay in her bed this morning with a banana doing service for her, her fingers on her big clit she paused to allow both hands to pull her nipples which were hard and long, and made her cunt squeeze the banana, or what ever might be in her pussy at the time.

Back to the serious business of jacking her pussy the preteen thought of Clay Miles, the man just out of college that her daddy had hired three months ago. She had noticed him eying her every time they were together, and she showed him what he wanted to see.

Lindsey had long auburn hair she was about four foot six, her nips were clearly visible in her shirt when she wanted them to be, and this girl had an ass that would do honors for a twelve year old.

Clay and his wife Shirl would be here this afternoon at the party. Today she was going to get some cock either in her mouth or pussy, hopefully both.

She was back at the banana and her clit when her mom busted through the door. "Best hurry that up sweetie. Remember we are going to the mall for a new birthday dress and stuff."

"'Im cumin right now," the girl smiled, as her mom left the room. And she did , it was a good one with Clay's name on it.

Naked Lindsey got from bed and wiped her pussy on a towel lying at the foot of her bed that she had placed there just for that reason. Pulling on a pair of too small panties and a preteen girl type undershirt. Then a pair of shorts and a button blouse. The girl combed her hair and slipped on her sandals, then walked down stairs to meet her mom.

At the mall Jen, Lindsey's mom allowed the girl the run to her own dressing pleasure. She had known for several months now about her daughters bed time activities, and had even seen her in action, like this morning.

"Mom, I want some small bikini panties that show my you know, pretty good. You know what I mean don't you? And a short dress or skirt."

"You get what you want darling, it's your birthday, and lets make it a memorable one."

That is what Lindsey did. She bought white see thru panties, then took several dresses and skirts to the dressing room. The girl first put on the panties and rubbed her hand over her hairless box, allowing her finger to slip into the leg, and into her hot pussy. Hot now, she moved the curtain to open about six inches. Any one wanting to see inside could.

Her mother had moved discretely to another part of the store, where she could watch her hot daughter play.

When Lindsey saw the man standing near by watching her her pussy began to creme. He looked to be about same age as her daddy. She let him watch as she rubbed her panties in her cunt. She and her mom saw his cock get hard in his pants. Lindsey turned and showed him her gorgeous ass. The man looked around, then moved closer. "You like what I have Mister?"

"I sure as hell do sweetie. How old are you?" He rubbed his cock through his pants. She could see the wet spot.

Turning to show her front Lindsey said eight years old today, and never been fucked, but I can take a cock cause I have busted that mean ole cherry, and have put some veggies in my cunt. I'm sure I can fuck really good, cause I am so damn, shit, fuckin hot." She pulled her panties to the side and put her finger inside for both their pleasures."

It was the a woman about his age came up behind him, and led him away. She looked back at the preteen with a crazy smile on her face.

Lindsey frigged herself to a quick cum before exiting the dressing room. Lindsey wet in her pussy and new pants dresses and left to meet her mom.

Having got all they wanted mother and daughter left the mall walking toward the Dodge van. "I saw you awhile ago Lindsey. That's why I left you to your self. You need to be very careful who you flash and show your stuff too. I know most women and girls are exhibitionist, but you, wow little girl."

"I am mommy. Oh, I mean I will be more careful, but it is so much fun to watch them get a hard on. Especially the men." Lindsey looked at her mother smiling, "Promise."

"Hummm, we will see what happens today. I can tell you are as ready as that preverbal fox in the forest fire."

"I think you might be right on mom. I am ready right now. I hope it is OK with you and dad. All my friends do it. I feel left out."

The pair entered the house, "when is daddy's golf game over?"

"Evan and his friends should be here pretty soon honey. Your pop is going to cook some hamburgers for them as well as the party. You might go on and get dressed. I would suggest a nice shower and new panties."

"You know Lucy will be here with her mom and daddy. And some more of my school friends. If Tish gets here while I am upstairs send her on up, also Lucy. Tish's daddy is coming too, his name is Kenny, good looking hunk mama."

"Oh shit." Her mom said aloud. "What you three got planned?"

"Use your imagination mom, Trish is nine, and Lucy is eight and a half. I'm the baby of the trio. And, they know lots more stuff than I do." The girl laughed and mounted the stairs.

After her show Lindsey was standing in her bedroom in just her new peek throu panties when Lucy came in. "Wow." Lucy said, "Those panties are hot, hot. So who you gonna show them too?"

"Anyone who wants to look. And I hope to get several gawkers today, and that is not all I don't want them on at all."

"Un Oh!, Lucy said with a serious look. "You gonna get some today, on your eighth birthday? And who's the lucky cock holder?"

"Don't know yet, but there will be several men here today along with the kids." Lindsey smiled at Lucy, "including Jake."

"You gonna try to fuck my daddy?" Lucy smiled, "good luck, and you have to tell me all about it. KAY?"

"Fuck who?" came the voice from the door way. It was Trish. "I'm gonna get me some today too. I'm thinking of Lindsey's daddy. I know he wants it. Told me so at the lake last week. I almost sucked his cock then."

"Tish, you mini slut, leave my papa alone. He doesn't want any preteen pussy. He has some at home and doesn't use it."

'"Hah," came the scarastic remark from both Trish, and Lucy. "He has rubbed my ass more times than I can count," said Lucy. I know he will slip me the sausage when the time is right. Maybe today is the right time." She looked at Trish.

Trish said, "you skank do not cry for me. I have some planned already. I may go home with Clay and Sheril. They are great people."

Lindsey listening to this banter knew she had better get her ducks aligned in a hurry or she would be a virgin come bedtime, both pussy and mouth. She knew Trish put out, and now thought for sure so had Lucy. She would ask her.

The opportunity to ask came quickly when Trish left to go to the pool area and change into her swim suit.

"Lucy, you have had it haven" you, who is it?"

"I was going to tell you today. Yes last week at the lake, Joel did me on a picnic table three times. It was soooo gooood, I sucked him and his friend Lewis, a black dude at the same time. They both are about sixteen. I promised Lewis some of this preteen pussy next time, I love to fuck Lindsey, it is so great, and I think my mom knows I did it too. She found my panties in the hamper and laid them on my bed for me to see, that she had seen. She has been grinning at me since the n. I want a really big one next time, or at least real soon."

"I'm gonna give some pussy to someone today, and I will suck a cock too. I really want it too. My mom knows too. She has watched be frig my cunt many times, and let me buy these show off panties today."

"Oh, shit fuck yeah, she knows and I bet she will help you to if you need. I will stay late to keep watch for you if you want sweet girl."

The pair looked at each other, "can I see your fucked pussy Lucy, I really want to see what it looks like now. Is it bigger?"

"It was bigger for a couple days. I went without panties lot of time after I fucked, and the air felt soooo goood blowing on my clit, lips and hole. You will love it." Lucy removed her panties and sat on the edge of the bed, knees raised and apart.

"Oh, it is so beautiful. If I had a cock I would fuck it myself. May I give it a congratulation kiss?" Without waiting for an answer Lindsey knelt in front and kissed the hairless cunt, right in the hole, sucked the hangy long lips, and the clit.

Just as Lindsey gained her feet the door opened, and Lindsey's and Lucy's mom both looked in, "You girls had best put it away for now, some people are beginning to arrive. It's 5:00 darlings, and Trish is already making waves in the pool."

As the two adults walked to the door Lucy's mom Helen. said, "I told you the little cunt got herself fucked last week. And I think for sure that your Lindsey is gonna taste the snake today." The woman took.

"I believe you are spot on Helen. She nearly jumped a man in the mall dressing room today." Said Jen, Lindsey's mom.

All the school kids were running around, playing opening presents and eating. The adults were sitting, talking and flirting. Some swimming. Trish had two daddies with her in the deep end, while wives turned green with envy, or jealously. They knew what was happening.

Lindsey, in her bikini grabbed Clay and headed for the deep end. It was now dark thirty, the kid guest were gone. Lindsey was so hot. She touched the cock next to her, then grabbed it. "You like my bikini, Clay?"= Does it show off my preteen ass? You want some of my pussy?"

Clay smiled as he was chocking. He saw his wife smile, and knod her head at him. "Been wanting to fuck you ever since we met little one. I love preteen pussy. You a virgin?"

"Sort of, but I can take your cock without any trouble. Lets go to my basemant and you fuck me for the first time on my old couch."

She was naked, legs spread when Clay made his way into the room. He undressed.

Let me suck it please Clay. I have never had one in my pussy or in my mouth. The girl reached for the seven inch piece of man meat and reveled in its full heavy feel, "Oh fuck a hammer," the girl said, "In my mouth, fuck my mouth, if you cum I promise you some pussy late. I want to fuck all night, both me and Lucy want a gang bang." She felt the cock in her maw. Four full inches at first, then her bobbing head found room for more. "I,m cummin he said, cummin that virgin mouth, and your cunt is big enough for a pony, oh suck you sexy slut, suck my cock." The girl sucked and swallowed his cum. Not too much spilled from her mouth over to her hard tittys.

"My wife Sheril wants to fuck you too darling. Can she have some too, maybe you can come over tomorrow. She is really hot for you, Lucy and that big ass Trish."

"Yes, we will fuck her. I'll see what I can do. Now give me my first fuck in my preteen baby hole just for fucking. I have been waiting for it for so long.

The man got between her legs, she led his cock to her hole, he had little trouble bottoming out in her hairless slop garden. The girl came soon as he reached the second stroke. She came twice more before he loaded her little girl cunt. After a minute he stood at her head while she sucked him clean. He dressed. But before he left kissed her on the lips, and reminded her about his wife.

As he left she said, "Clay, send Lucy down here will you?"

A few minutes later Lindsey dressed in her bikini let Lucy in the room. "So, you got the man snake in your baby cunt, huh? She almost laughed. "If you Still got some cum in there, let me see."

Lindsey moved the crotch of her bikini to the side, her cunt hole was wide open, and sloppy with girl stuff and dripping cum. Holy damn, I am so hot looking at it," said Lucy. I need a fuck. Your daddy has been looking at me all afternoon. He even shook his cock at me one time. I think mom told him I was available, and no more a virgin. I want your daddy's cock in my box, and I know you are my best friend."

"It's OK. Take him to my bedroom. I want some more too, so I'm gonna fuck Joel, your dad too, he has rubbed my ass today, and let me feel his cock too." She looked at Lucy, "Want to do it together?" Ask Lindsey. "they both have to know what we are doing, and what we are up to. I just had my first taste of cock, and am hungry hot as all hello for more."

"Hello yes, lets do it. We will have to tell our moms so they won't be looking for us, They know we are ready for fucking, but they don't know who yet. They maybe want to watch though. You mind?"

"Shit fuck no. Maybe mom will get some cock today too. I know she wants some, and she wants to fuck Sammy, you know the boy next door. He is seventeen, I am gonna give him some too one day soon. Maybe mom and I can fuck him together, wouldn't that be something to write about?" Lindsey shook and hugged herself. "Lets go get some daddy cock."

Out by the pool most everyone was gone except those who counted. Trish was over in a very dark corner with Sammy. Jan was watching them closely. Mom sure wanted that teenagers cock.

"Hi dad," Lucy whispered to her dad. "I know someone who wants to share her pussy with you. You want some?"

"But you are my daughter honey, this is not right," he stuttered.

"Not me, at least not yet daddy. Lindsey is hot as a firecracker, and I am going to get Evan to do me." She hugged him feeling his big cock. "Wow daddy, you got a really big one. You and Lindsey fuck and I fuck Lindsey's daddy." Rubbing his cock harder with her preteen body, she continued, "I think mommy know though. She will not say anything, maybe join in, but sure she will watch." Looking her daddy in the eye, "she knows I've had cock before and is OK with it. Come to Lindsey's bedroom in about five minutes, we will be there."

"Hi daddy," said Lindsey. "Looks like all the people are gone except for Trish and Sammy out there in the dark fucking. And look at mom watching."

"Watch your mouth little girl. Just because you are eight don't give you the right."

"Right for what daddy?" She went close and hugged him, rubbing her body any where it touched him. Hew was soon nine inches of hard cock nearly all over.

Holding her close said, "your mom has been telling me things about you lately. She told me about today at the mall where you about drove that man nutty."

"Yes I was a real exhibitionist pops. I was so hot in my box, I couldn't help it. The stranger man seemed to like it, he had a big hard and wet spot. I think his wife did too.

Daddy, I got fucked today for the first time by one of your fronds with a big cock, but not nearly as big as yours feel. Daddy, you want some preteen pussy?"

"Baby that would be so wrong for me to fuck you. And, your mom would kill what ever the cops left of me."

"Not me daddy. Lucy. She wants your dick in her mouth and pussy, she is in my bedroom with Jake, her daddy waiting for you. Jake is going to dick my just used pussy at the same time."

"Oh my shit," evan said. "They all know?"

"All but mom. I am going to tell her now, and get her away from that pair over there." The preteen smiled, squeezed her daddy's cock, "Maybe Trish and Sammy will join our group. I'll tell mom to ask them. She really wants Sammy's cock in her you know?"

"I know," he said as he went into the house, "see you in a few," he said to her.

Walking to her mom Lindsey said, "I just got my first cock mama. Now I am going to get some more. Lucy's daddy is going to do me, my daddy is going to do Lucy at same time. Helen will be watching i'm sure. You want to, come on and bring Trish and Sammy. I told daddy you wanted to fuck Sammy, he said he knew, and it was OK."

Lindsey went into the house. Jen walked over to Sammy and the preteen skank Trish.

All the adults had stopped off in the den for a real stand up alcoholic beverage. Took it with them to Lindsey's bedroom. For some reason they all seemed to arrive together. At this time all were clothed but hot in the cunt, and hard cock. Depending on the gender.

Soon enough the women, Jen and Helen were down to just panties. The preteen girls were as born naked. Each pulling on their nipples and showing cunt to anyone who would look.

It was a nervous few minutes. Then Lindsey said, "daddy, take off all your clothes and let me see your cock without me having to sneak around and peek." Soon both he and the other men were naked.

Lindsey went to her mom, "He won't fuck me momma, but do you mind if I suck that big ole cock. I don't even know if I can get the head in my wide mouth, but I think I can, if it will stretch like my baby box."

"Suck him honey. He loves it. But do not make him cum. He still has Lucy to fuck ya know."

"I know mama. You gonna fuck Sammy so we can all see?"

"I don't know honey. Maybe, but sure as hell I'm gonna fuck him, and then I am gonna eat that skank Trish's pussy. I have been hot all day baby. Go ride Jake's big cock. He is a great fuck. I know for sure." She smiled at her little girl.

Both fathers were lying side by side when the girls straddled them and their hard rods. "Put his cock in me mama," each girl looked at their respective mothers, as they came and grab the husbands dick and placed it in the preteen daughters hole. Both girls almost in unison sat down on a big nine inch wrist round hard peter of a father.

"Oh my shit," said Lindsey. I have him all the way to the back, I can feel him mommy. He is way in, and I am fucking again, I dearly love to fuck, nail me Jake, nail my preteen ass. I will roll over and wrap my sexy legs around you while you finger my ass, and I will suck your tongue. Watch me fuck mommy and daddy, watch me fuck."

The girl rolled over where she could look over into her daddy's face. They kissed, tongues fighting for space. "Want some of this forbidden pussy now daddy, I want the forbidden cock in my cunt, my mouth and soon will need it in my ass. Say you want to fuck me daddy while you watch me fuck your friend, and you fuck his preteen baby girl."

"I will fuck you before the night is over my darling girl. I will fuck any hole you want.:

"Mama," the girl called, you gettin any. Sammy fucking you yet."

Not yet baby," Trish is eating my cunt, and I am cummin for ever it seems."

"Sammy is fucking me," said Helen, Lucy's mom. "Feels so good, but I need bigger, I need a nigger dick in my hole."

"I'll get Mr. Washington, the basketball coach from the high school to fuck us both mommy," said Lucy. Trish says he is a good eleven inches and nearly six inched across the. We will both try it. Is that OK with you daddy," the girl ask looking over at the man fucking her best friend.

The night finally ended. Cum in the preteens, cunts and mouths, cum in the women's, and Trish's asses also. The men were worn down. Lindsey was still trying to suck her daddy, when Sammy's mom and daddy rang the bell, and then came on up the stairs with Robo, the family Shepherd dog who went immediately to Lucy's big cum filled pussy, and began the preteen cunt tour.

Also Trishes daddy was with them. Seems Trish had called him to taste the three preteen pussys on full and fuckin display.

"A good time was had by all. In everyones fantasy."

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I offer the following as blunt, but hopefully constructive criticism.

Sorry. I never bought into a single paragraph of this story. This story reads like it was originally written about late teens and then rewritten to make it about young preteens without changing any of the storyline or dialog.It just doesn't work on any level. No 8-year-olds, anywhere, talk like they do in this story, nor have the vocabulary in this story.

To be erotic there needs to be at least a semblance of believability. Without believability (even if it's in an alternative Universe fantasy, which this is not) it doesn't achieve eroticism or in any way bring the reader into the story if it's not believable.

I don't know if this one can be s salvaged, but if you would like to challenge yourself to improve as a writer,it might be a good writing exercise for you to try to salvage this rather than abandoning it. And then after your rewrite, resubmit the new to replace this original version.

Use this as version as your template, and then try for realism and appropriateness of dialog for the ages of your characters. If you want the dialog to remain as adult as it is in this version, you will need to raise the ages of your young characters.

And when you are finished with the rewrite, please edit your work (or offer it to someone for editing), and use a good spell-check/grammar-check application. Several of those applications are free, so there's really no excuse not to use one.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.