My One True Love

[ tg/b, 1st, hj, anal, inc, aunt, neph, ped ]

by Damien

Published: 1-Aug-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My aunt, at the age of 31, was killed in an airplane crash when I was 11 years old. She was very pretty with an athletic body, long brown hair, hazel eyes and stood about 5ft 7in. She had a great sense of humor, always being funny and also was adventurous. She loved to travel, spending most of her time in the wilderness, hiking and camping. When she was home, she would always buy me things and take me places. Well that year, she gave me camping and hiking gear for my 10th birthday and about a week later, we went.

We drove to Pike National Forest in Colorado, got our things together, then hiked for 2 miles. We came to an open area and the view was beautiful. I could see miles and miles of mountain. It was exciting. We then hiked roughly 2 more miles to an old campsite. I helped my aunt setup the tent and put out our sleeping bags. I then gathered dry twigs and placed them into the fire pit, while she got our fishing poles ready.

She then took me to a stream and we fished for a couple hours. After cooking and eating the fish we caught, I was real tired, so I went to sleep. It was still daylight out, so my aunt didn't, instead she got things ready for tomorrow. I woke up cold and noticed it was night time. I tried warming up and going back to sleep, but couldn't stop trembling. I woke my aunt up and asked if I could sleep in her bag with her. As she said sure, I got out of mine and in with her.

We laid side by side with her behind me and as she was rubbing her hand up and down my side, trying to warm me up, she realized I was completely naked. She asked why and I told her it was hot when I laid down. She giggled while telling me we were on a mountain, so of course it would get cold especially at night. She pinched my butt and I jumped and giggled. After a few minutes of squirming from her pinching and tickling, I warmed up enough to fall asleep.

I remember turning over onto my back and as I did, I felt my aunt's hand slide off my hip and directly over onto my penis and balls. It startled me. I laid there not knowing what exactly to do. I mean I should've moved her hand away, but this was the first time being touched on my privates by someone other than myself. It felt different as it gave me butterflies in my stomach. My mother used to wash me down there, but I never had that feeling with her. My penis started getting hard under her warm hand and my heart began beating faster as an excited feeling came over me.

As my penis grew, I felt it slide between the crevice of two of her fingers. I couldn't believe how hard my penis became. I never had it to where it was throbbing like it was. I remember thinking how awesome the feeling was. It even had me breathing a bit faster. Suddenly, my aunt grasped around my penis and balls, sending a jolt up my spine and causing me to swallow air. It didn't hurt as she squeezed my penis between her fingers and my balls cup tightly in the palm of her hand. It actually felt amazing and a new feeling came, a much different feeling. My body tensed up and began trembling a little. I then felt my penis swell up and my ball sack tighten. Within seconds, my penis started jumping and it felt like pee was shooting out, but later finding out it was semen. My breathing quickened as this amazing orgasm washed over me.

I felt the liquid running down my balls and suddenly, her hand loosen up and trembled while removing it off me. She whispered my name, but I stayed pretending to be asleep. As the feeling passed, my penis shrunk down and I was able to breathe normally again. My whole body felt tingly afterwards and drained of energy. I was just about to drift off to sleep when I felt my aunt's hand slide over onto my privates. Her touch gave me goose bumps. She slide her hand under my little ball sack, placing it in her palm. She then closed her hand around my penis and sack while also lifting them up. Shortly after, she began rubbing her thumb up and down the top part of my penis, while also using her fingers to massage my balls. It felt amazing as she caressed my private parts.

It took a few seconds, but my penis grew hard and that excited feeling came back again. I began breathing heavily as she continued caressing. She then firmly wrapped a couple fingers and her thumb around my 3 inch penis and began stroking it up and down. My sack tightened and my penis swelled up. She picked up her pace and within seconds, my body went through another amazing orgasm. She kept stroking as my penis continued throbbing in her hand. As the throbbing slowed down, so did she, then eventually releasing it from her grasped. I wanted her to hold me, so I turned onto my side and she pushed herself up behind me. Even though she wore a shirt, I could feel her nice medium size breast pressing up against my back and her hot breath along my neck. I also felt the sleeping bag was all wet as it laid over my hip.

She suddenly reached over me and grabbed something out of her pack. After she got it, she turned away and was doing something as I heard a click, then another. Shortly after, I felt her up against me again, but then also felt cold wet fingers, a couple of them slide between my butt crack. She moved them around till she pressed up against my hole. She then spread my cheeks apart. I was confused why. Even more so, when I felt something else cold and wet, but bigger slide between my cheeks and stopping at my hole. She removed her fingers, then grabbed a hold of my hip.

A second later, I felt pressure against my hole. I can remember asking myself was this big object able to enter my butt and what exactly was it. I knew it wasn't her fingers, one hand was behind me and the other was on my hip, plus this thing was thicker, so it had to be an object she got from her pack. But why put it in my butt. Suddenly, my thought process was halted as the object pushed passed my opening, stretching my hole wide. A sound escaped my mouth as it scared me. My aunt said my name and I answered. She asked if I was okay and I said yeah, but then I asked what and why. All she said was to stay calm and relax and that she will explain it all later and also she promised it will feel amazing. So of course I believed her, she was my aunt and I loved her.

I then felt more pressure and more of the object enter my butt. It felt weird as it continued sliding in me. There was no pain, just a little discomfort as it stretched my hole about 2 inches wide, but it actually felt good. My penis became very hard while it slid further and further up in me. After a few seconds, the object stopped as her bare skin pressed up against my lower back and butt. It was pretty deep, about 6 inches and it actually felt very warm and not cold anymore. It was weird, kind of felt like a big turd that needed to be pushed out. She then slid her hand up to my chest and I held it in mine. I felt her hot breath and moist lips on my neck and shoulder. Suddenly, the object slid out then back in and her and I moaned. I felt it jump inside me and I quickly asked if she had a penis. She hesitated, but then said yes and also repeated that she'll explain later.

I don't know why, but hearing her say yes brought an orgasm to the surface. My penis began throbbing and my hole closed tight around her penis and my body shook. She moaned and as I erupted, she encouraged me to have as many as possible. I grunted and nodded. As I started to relax, she began sliding her penis in and out more quickly. I felt like I had to push and squeeze all the time, it was so uncontrollable, but yet felt so amazing as her penis slid so deep while rubbing against my insides. She thrust hard in me and I erupted with another orgasm. Even though I locked her deep, she kept thrusting against me. It was an all new feeling, a truly amazing feeling. I could barely keep up with my breathing. My butt eventually released it's grip and she was able to stroke herself in and out of me again.

My penis felt awesome as it kept jumping like when I orgasm and same for my butt hole continuing to spasm, but my balls began to ache. I then felt a lot of liquid on my side, my hip and upper thigh that was on the ground. Just as I thought my aunt would never stop, she did, but with one last hard thrust. She let out a loud moan and her penis swelled up and began throbbing in me. Within a second, I felt semen shoot inside me. It was hot and a lot of it. She kissed my neck as her orgasm slowly came down. Even my body began relaxing too.

I remember falling asleep with her penis still inside me and waking up to her sliding it slowly in and out of me. I moaned and she kissed my neck and said good morning. I became hard as she eased herself in and out of my butt. She was so slow and gentle. It was equally amazing to the night before. I began to move my hips with her. She reached around in front of me and began gently stroking my penis. I think she knew I would be sensitive. Several seconds later, I had another orgasm. She kept stroking it and I could feel her hand and my penis get all wet. She then slowly slid her penis real deep and erupted, pouring more semen into me. It was real nice as her penis pulsated as we laid there, but it eventually shrunk out of me.

I suddenly felt like I had to poop. I told her and she helped me to a bush outside, then gave me privacy. It was a bit weird to walk and hard to hold it in. I was a bit sensitive and weak. Well I went and at first, it was mostly air and semen, but then poop shot out. It also felt good to pee and weird how my insides felt empty. I cleaned myself and went back to the tent. My eyes shot wide open when I saw my aunt standing completely naked in front of me. I was speechless. She had a gorgeous body. It was tan, except for the bikini lines. My eyes traveled down to her beautiful pale white breast. She had small pinkish hard nipples and areolas. I continued down passed her flat tan tummy and pale white pelvic area to her privates. She was completely bald and her penis was pale white, except for the head which was pinkish. It was extremely cute as it hung limp a couple inches. Her ball sack was also pale white and didn't hang much. Fact, it was just little bigger than mine was. I went down her long smooth tan legs to her cute feet. My aunt then snapped me out of the awe state I was in by telling me to get dressed.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her while we got dressed. She even had a gorgeous tight ass. It was tan, but as she bent over, I could see the string tan line heading up her crack and around her waist. Well after we got dressed, she cooked us breakfast and explained the whole story to me. She started with when she was little a boy, and that she felt different. As she got older, she began living fully as a girl, and started taking medicine, working her way to be transsexual. She made sure I understood and I did and at age 18, I still do. I even told her, she's a beautiful woman and she smiled.

The thing that prompted me to write this story, was I was on the net searching through a porn site and a girl resembling my aunt almost to a tee came up. Bailey Jay is her name and amazingly, she is also a transsexual. It brought memories rushing back and so I figured I'd share some of them.

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