Jennifer's Camp-Out, Part 5

[ ggg(8), nude, slow, ws, les ]

Published: 25-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

We sat by the entrance of the tent, all three of us naked. We had no idea if eight year olds had ever done this with each other before, but there was no going back. I was still a little trembly after having Dani's finger and Megan's tongue in my fanny. The taste of whatever had come out of Megan's vagina still lingered in my mouth. The weather was still warm and the sun was just starting to go down.

"That was really exciting," Megan whispered hoarsely. She was sat with her legs folded under her, and I couldn't see her bald pussy. Dani was knelt up, the bottom of her hairless cunt just visible. I sat with my legs pulled up to my chest, my smooth vagina on display and still a little sticky.

"Yeah, we should do that a lot more often," Dani replied. Out of the three of us, nothing had come out of her when we had those mega-feelings. Dani had not only told us other words for vagina; pussy, fanny, twat, cunt, but she also started explaining what had happened to us. Dani's really clever like that.

She told us that what Megan and I had done to each other was called 'oral sex'. Apparently the feeling we had at the end was called an 'orgasm'. When you had an orgasm, you 'came'. Apparently the stuff that had gushed out of me and Megan was called 'come', though she said it was often spelled C-U-M. She said she didn't know why.

"I like orgasms," Megan said dreamily after Dani had finished talking.

"I like cum," I said, the last of the taste of Megan's leaving my mouth.

"I like it that we kinda had sex," Dani said. "I bet we're just a few of the eight year olds who have had sex."

I'd not thought of it like that.

"Dani?" I asked, and she raised her eyebrows, "What do boys have in between their legs?"

"It's called a penis," Dani said, "I've never seen one, but apparently it's pink, long and thick, and it's either soft or hard. Apparently boys put them in your cunt and you both get orgasms."

"Gross," Megan said, "I prefer Jenny's tongue in my slit."

"I guess we'll find out when we're older," I said. A sudden feeling then gripped me just below my tummy. "Could you guys excuse me? I need to go pee."

"OK, but you can't go in the house, remember?" Dani said. "Your dad locked it and forgot to give us a key."

"Damn," I said. "I'll just have to go round the back of the tent. I'll be back in a moment. I wish I'd brought my pull-up pants out just in case."

"You use pull-ups?" Megan said with a raised eyebrow.

"I still have wetting problems."

I walked around to the back of the tent and squatted down. Just as I was about to go I heard a giggling from the corner of the tent. A couple of seconds later Dani's head poked round the corner. Megan's appeared underneath hers.

"What?" I asked with a bit of impatience. I was trying to pee!

"Well, it's just..." Megan said.

"We thought it would be a cool idea to see you pee," Dani finished. "We've never seen it, and we've done some pretty awesome stuff tonight. Can we watch you?"

After everything we'd just done, it didn't seem that strange of them to ask. After all, we had seen each other sat on the toilet at the swimming baths. We'd never seen each other actually pee though.

"OK," I said. "Can you see it clearly enough?"

"It is getting a little darker," Megan said. "Might be best if I grab a torch."

I heard her run off round the side of the tent, unzip it, and rummage around inside, whispering swear words as she did so. Thirty seconds later she reappeared, a slim torch in her hand. She turned it on and pointed it between my legs.

"Go on!" Megan urged, "Pee!"

"Alright, bossy!" I hissed, and started pushing. I felt a little trickle come out, which ran down my smooth vagina and onto my bumhole. I concentrated and pushed harder, and the trickle of pee became a stream that made a hissing sound as it hit the grass. I kept pushing, and the urine moved in a little arc in front of me.

Dany and Megan were looking between my legs at my wet slit, their mouths slightly open. That changed to laughter when I kept pushing and let out a little fart. They fell over backwards giggling, and I stopped weeing.

I stood up, a few drips of pee dripping down the inside of my thighs.

"It's just a trump!" I said, using the polite word Dad had told me to use. Given my best friends had either had their fingers in me or cum in my mouth tonight, it felt weird using such a term.

"Yes, but it is really bloody funny!" Dani chortled, "Anyway, it's my turn now, and hopefully no botty burps!"

That set them off into fresh gales of laughter, and even I smiled a bit. After a minute they calmed down, and Dani knelt up and pointed her bum at us. In the torchlight we could see that her bumhole was really small and quite pink. I wanted to touch it.

"OK, I'm going," said Dani, and without warning a jet of clear liquid spurted out of her fanny and splashed my leg. I squealed and tried moving out of the way but by then Dani's pee had started falling on the grass instead. She reached back and pulled apart the sides of her vagina, and I could see the tiny hole where it was coming out of.

Dani kept weeing for a good thirty seconds, and eventually it stopped, a few drops dripping off the nub at the top of her pussy. She turned around and sat down, her privates still a little wet.

"I needed that," she said. "Been holding on to that for a while. Anyway, Megan, your go. Do you need to pee?"

"I need to do more than that," Megan said, and lay on her back, holding her legs close to her chest.


Chapter Six in process of being written - 24/07/13

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wonderful story, good writing, a bit short parts, but that's OK for me. Looove the pissing part :) and expect more dirty wet fun between them.

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