The Girl-of-the-Month Club, Part 8

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Published: 29-Jul-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

August's Child, Nurse Julie

I was working around the house when I heard a knock.

Opening it up I got a big smile across my face. Standing in the doorway was my August Girl-Of-The-Month Club offering. I had subscribed to the club which had a different teen or preteen girl sent to my house for an overnight sexual fantasy each month.

There on my doorstep was a thirteen-year old girl in a nurses' uniform. She was holding a doctors' bag.

"Hi, I'm nurse Julie. I'm here to play doctor with you." she said.

Now I know this is a stereotype, but I invited her in. After all, I did pick the fantasy!

As she came in, I admired her thirteen-year old body. She had a young face but a very mature looking body. From what I could see under her uniform, she had firm B-cup breasts and a nice full butt. Her legs were long and smooth.

She had long blond wavy hair. She was wearing a short white dress that buttoned up the front and white shoes. If one could describe their perfect fantasy nurse, it would be her.

"Let's get right to it," Julie said. "Do you have a sheet and pillow?"

I went to get them and she met me in the kitchen.

"Now spread them out on the table. That can be our exam station," she explained. "And strip to your underwear and hop on up."

I did as instructed and was soon on my back on the table. There was already a budge in my jockey shorts, even though I was only semi hard.

She started, as usual, with the stethoscope. Putting it all over my chest she listened carefully. It was cold on my skin.

Julie slid it inside my underwear, and when the cold metal touched my penis, it shrunk back down to its flaccid state.

"Oh my, I don't know if that's normal?" she said. "I better examine this closer."

With that I raised my hips and she pulled off my underwear.

"Let's see what's going on here?" she said, taking hold of my penis.

Needless to say it grew to its hard seven inches immediately.

"Oh that's better," she said stroking it. "Now I better take your blood pressure."

Reaching into her bag, she took out the measuring device, but instead of wrapping it around my arm, she wrapped the cusp around my hard cock.

Then she squeezed the bulb until it constricted around my shaft and then she let off on the pressure a bit. She squeezed and let up a number of times, giving me the sensation of having my cock milked.

When I yelled, "I'm about to cum!" she squeezed and kept it tight. My ejaculation subsided.

"Everything looks good," she said, freeing my cock and helping me down from the table. "Now it's time for you to examine me."

She got up on the table and lay on her back. I started by looking down her throat. It was deep and wet. I put my index finger inside and told her to suck. I wanted to check her suction. It was indeed strong as suspected.

Then I went for the stethoscope. I wanted to keep her fantasy outfit on as long as possible so I placed it on her breasts over her clothes. I also felt her all over, noticing she wasn't wearing a bra.

It was time to examine her further so I unbuttoned her dress, down to her waist and placed the stethoscope on her bare breasts. The coldness made her nipples poke straight up.

I continued with the breast exam and felt her all over. Her breathing started to get shallow so I checked it again.

Then I lifted the bottom of her dress up. She had on a pair of white cotton bikini panties with a red cross printed on her crotch. They were the perfect nurses' panties.

I put my hand on the crotch and could already feel some moisture. I then peeled them off.

I asked her to bend her knees, place her heels on the table, and spread her legs wide.

There before me was a beautiful thirteen-year old pussy. As the 'doctor' I wanted to take a good look so I will try to describe what it was like.

Her outer vaginal lips were very plush and puffy. The outsides were covered with short blond pubic hair that was so light, it didn't obstruct the view at all.

Through the slit down the center there was an equally plush set of lips that were her inner labia. Using the thumb and index finger of each hand I grabbed hold of them and spread the lips open.

Inside she was moist and pink. I stretched her lips apart more and held them open with one hand while I felt inside with the other. It was wet and squishy as I rubbed all over.

I could see a protrusion towards the top. It was pale pink and about an inch long. At the bottom of it was a v-shaped opening. When I pulled that skin back, I could see a brighter pink nob that was her clitoris. It was about the size of a pea. I took that between my thumb and index finger and started to rub. It got a little bigger and nurse Julie began to moan.

I then went down to her vaginal opening and started to spread it open.

"Here, use this," she moaned, handing me a speculum from her bag.

I examined the contraption and then stuck it into her opening. When she was spread wide, I adjusted a clamp that kept it open.

I could now see deep inside her vagina. It was various shades of pink and red, covered in moisture. I stuck a finger deep inside. It felt as spongy as her inner labia.

"I need to check your orgasmic reflex now," I said, reaching into the bag and pulling out a bullet vibrator.

Placing the vibrator on her clitoris, I turned it on. I watched her body as the vibrator was having its effect. Her breathing got swallow and her moaning started to increase.

After about ten minutes, when her whole body starting shaking, I made a careful observation about what was happening inside her vagina through the speculum. I could see he walls of her vagina expanding and contracting multiple times and when they stopped, there was a swallow pool of moisture that settled at the bottom. It was white and creamy, almost like man cum.

That whole area seemed very sensitive as I removed the speculum.

"I need to check your vaginal elasticity now," I said, climbing up on the table between her outspread legs.

Pushing forward my hard cock slid all the way into her sopping pussy hole.

I had to admit, she was very tight and when I started pumping in and out, her pussy walls hugged my shaft showing very good elasticity.

After about ten minutes her insides started to spasm causing me to dump a load of semen, deep down inside her.

I pulled out and quickly stuck the speculum back in.

"Time to check your sperm capacity, "I said.

Looking inside, I could see that her vaginal chamber was half full of my white, creamy semen. I had my closest view ever of a cream pie.

"There's only one thing left," I said reaching into the bag for a beaker.

I placed the glass between her legs as I removed the speculum for the second time. The semen dripped into beaker up to the 50ml mark, before slowing down to a dribble.

"And now for the swallow test," I said, handing Julie the beaker as she sat up.

Julie opened her mouth and drank it in one gulp. She opened her mouth, showing me that it had coated her tongue and insides. Then she closed it and swallowed.

Opening up again, she showed me it was all gone.

"Very good. You passed everything. Now let's have some dinner." I said.


I could hardly eat, watching her sit across from me. Julie's top was still unbuttoned and her breasts were hanging out. She had not put her panties back on and I caught a nice view of her naked pussy each time she turned toward me.

"So what else do nurses do?" I asked.

"Well I'm pretty good at giving patients' baths," she replied.

"Great, I could use one now," I said leading her to the bathroom.

I filled the tub and got in while she pulled off her dress and sat by the side.

It was hard for me to keep my eyes off of her thirteen-year body.

While I was sitting there, she soaped up my back and rinsed it. Then she came around to my front and did my chest. Her touch was soft. She knew what she was doing.

Finally she reached between my legs and soaped up my flaccid penis. It grew in her hand as she rubbed it back up and down while cupping my heavy balls with her other hand.

"If you keep that up, you're going to have a mess n your hands young lady," I said.

Julie just smiled and kept it up.

I however wanted more than a handjob so I reached out and pulled her into the tub with me.

I did the same for her. I washed her back and then her breasts, turning her on in the process. Then I reached between her legs to give her pussy a thorough cleaning. As I did, I rubbed her clitoris.

This really turned her on and soon she backed herself up and sat on my lap.

Lifting up slightly, she grabbed my penis and placed it into her pussy from behind. When she slid down I was buried deep inside her.

After a while she started to rock up and down. She was in control of the rhythm. All I could do was sit back and enjoy.

In this position my hands were free to fondle her breasts and rub her clitoris. She had several orgasms while I enjoyed her riding me slowly.

After about an hour, during one of her orgasms, she pumped up down quickly. This caused me to shoot my load deep up into her pussy.

As my penis deflated inside her, the semen dripped out of her pussy, into the water. We rinsed off, got out and went to bed naked.

We were so exhausted we just fell sleep.


The next morning as I awoke, Julie was already up, putting on her nurses' dress.

"Hey wait a minute!" I exclaimed. "We haven't given each other our oral exams yet."

She jumped in bed, still in her dress. Luckily she hadn't put on her panties.

She climbed over me in the 69 position and lifted her dress. My mouth landed on her pussy as hers engulfed my morning hardon.

I wet my tongue in her pussy opening and then licked up to her clitoris. I wrapped my mouth around it and started to suck, just as she was doing with my cock.

As I sucked her clit she sucked and licked my cock.

Soon we were both exploding, Julie gnashing her twat against my face and me empting my balls into her mouth.

Then she got up, straightened her dress, and slipped on her panties.

"Mind if I make myself some coffee before I leave?" she said. "I already have the cream..."

To be continued...

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