It Was the Panties That Did It

[ Mg, cons, 1st, oral ]

by Renpet


Published: 20-Aug-2012

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Story Summary
Copyright © 2012, Renpet. All rights reserved. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was the panties that did it. That surprised me. When Mary and I had Zoë, a cute bundle of joy, I was delighted, we both were. But I was also inquisitive. Having grown up with two brothers and no sisters I was fascinated by the female form, by Zoë.

From the start I'd inspect her as she lay naked on the changing table her legs kicking as she gurgled, and peer at her tiny areolae and miniscule nipples. All her baby fat that made her so cuddly when dressed looked different when she was naked, with folds of fat in the oddest places. I inspected her pussy, fascinated at how big it was relative to her tiny legs, or her whole body come to that. I'd push it, prod it, and pry open her labia to see how she was different from an adult female. Pudgy labia, a tiny little clitoral hood, no inner labia, and a pinprick-sized vaginal opening were all new to me. I even tried smelling her but only smelled baby powder and the remnants of urine, a sign I had not cleaned her properly.

I asked Mary endless questions. What was that white goop in her vagina? Why was her pudendum so big? How could you clean her properly without hurting her? I asked her often enough that she eventually got mildly annoyed wondering what my fascination was with our daughter's genitals. My explanation about not having grown up around girls only seemed to mollify her slightly.

Over the years I watched, intrigued, as Zoë's body changed, shedding baby fat to reveal a slimmer physique. Until she was five I'd bathe her using the opportunity to inspect her and feel her as I washed between her legs. It was a fascinating process, this change in her. As baby fat melted from her body her pudendum seemed to remain unchanged, looking bigger and even more prominent over time. The only discernible change I could see was that as a baby almost all of the padding of her mons was in front but over time it seemed to move a little lower, becoming more prominent between her legs.

You'd think that, with all the time I spent inspecting a prepubescent daughter, if I had a paedophilic tendency it would've reared its ugly head by then. But not once did I feel anything that even hinted at a sexual attraction. Not once.

That is, not once until Zoë was seven years old.

It was the panties that did it and the reason I'm here, sitting on bed with a floral-printed pink cover in a clean but sparsely furnished small room in Goa, India.

It was the panties that did it; Zoë, running down the hall naked except for loose fitting little girl cotton panties, white with little yellow bumblebees all over them, and long black hair streaming behind her, giggling at being caught undressed by her daddy as she raced to her room.

It was the panties that did it. They were pulled high and too loose to show details, but her bottom, oh, her tiny bottom; two rounded globes bounced inside and pressed against the cotton, rhythmically moving up and down in counterpoint to each other. My body reacted viscerally, my breath caught in my throat, my vision narrowed and I had an erection; I mean a hard erection, the type that's almost painful.

That sight haunted me, no others, just that one. It intruded on my satisfying sex life with Mary, diminishing it. It snuck into my dreams. It distracted from work. I fought it and wrestled with it, refusing to give in. While I didn't turn to porn or illicit images on the Internet, it haunted me, fuelling an unholy hunger inside. For more than three years I battled. But eventually those little white cotton panties with yellow bumblebees beat me.

It was the panties that forced me to lie to Mary, to lie about a business meeting in India that I absolutely had to attend; I didn't need to be there. It was the panties that brought me here, anxious yet excited, sweating slightly in the humid heat, my palms damp, and waiting for the door to open. It was the panties.


I watched the door open and Sanjay walk in. My breath froze as I saw her holding his hand. seven years old with big dark eyes and long thick black hair, naked except for a pair of loose white cotton panties with little yellow bumblebees, my daughter's panties, the ones I had surreptitiously stolen and furtively hidden from Mary for three long years. Panties I had fondled secretly and quietly in the bathroom while furiously seeking release.

My pulse quickened as I admired this little girl, as straight as a bean stalk with a small, pretty little face, slim nose and dusky olive skin. She was small, very small and virginal; she was perfect.

Sanjay let his daughter's hand go. He knew what he was getting into. I had paid him enough to feed him and his large family for years, put his children through school and a new roof over their heads. I knew what I was getting into, illegal, immoral, and reprehensible; I didn't even try to justify my actions. His daughter knew what she was getting into, the lack of privacy in the hovel they called home had exposed her to sexual joining and Sanjay had been given instructions, strict instructions, to explain what she had to do, what was to happen. I saw it. I saw it in the shy, nervous smile. I saw it in dark eyes that showed no trace of fear just curiosity for this white man sitting on the bed.

Afraid to talk I nodded to Sanjay and smiled at the girl. Sanjay backed out of the room with a short nod, closing the door behind him. Not once did any expression break on his face.

I was hard, incredibly hard, as I looked at the girl standing naked but for loose white panties pulled up to her belly button. I stood and held out my hand and, when she took it, her hand so small and dainty in mine, I drew her further into the room.

"What's your name sweetie?" I asked her softly. My erection throbbed with her answer.

"Zoë," she said in a small, soft voice.

Yes, yes it was, for today anyway.

I was tempted to forget my careful plans and just pick her up and throw her to the bed, ravish her, take her. But I had waited. I had battled and struggled too hard to short-change myself, to rob me of this experience.

Letting her hand drop I walked behind her admiring her small bottom, tiny, boyish and bubbly as only a prepubescent child can have. I leaned in to take in her scent. Good, good, Sanjay had followed my instructions again. Clean and arousing little girl aroma, the aroma they have when they've just woken from sleep; a deeply arousing and innocent scent.

I let my fingers run up her skinny arm watching as goose bumps formed, then swept my fingers across her bony shoulder and down her back until they rested at the waist of her panties, little-girl cotton panties, white panties with yellow bumblebees. I hooked my fingers into the elastic and pulled them away from her body, bent and peeked. Hunger unfurled as I saw two tiny buttocks so round and proud and a delectable crack sweeping down, a dark chasm waiting to be explored. My breath hissed in and the first damp stain of precum was absorbed by my shorts, forced out from a painful pulse of blood.

I let the elastic waist snap gently back and continued to circle her admiring her petite body, slender arms and legs, delicate little fingers and toes. I felt desire gain strength as my eyes trailed over the slight roundness of her lower tummy chastely hidden under cotton and the suggestive swell of her pudendum, puffing out tauntingly.

I let my fingers touch her miniscule nipples, thrilled when they puckered just a little. My fingers trailed down her chest and over her belly button to the elastic waist of white cotton protecting her modesty. My pulse quickened in anticipation of the secrets nestled within. I looked her in the eyes and smiled gently as I slipped my fingers inside the narrow waistband. Taking a deep, deep calming breath, I pulled the elastic away from her body and looked inside. Breath whooshed out as I lay eyes on her pubis, her glorious mound of Venus that swept out from her stomach, nestled by soft cotton. It was a dark alluring protrusion starkly outlined by white with yellow bumblebees. It was bare, completely hairless, but prominent with a shadow hinting at the beginning of her cleft. My heart was thudding as I stared at the Promised Land, admiring it and burning it into my mind.

Finally, letting the panties slip from my fingers, I sat on the bed, took her small hand and drew her between my spread knees. I watched her eyes carefully as my hands slipped behind her to her back, letting gravity pull them down past the gentle curve of her lower back, touching elastic and then cotton. My hands fell further sweeping over the flare of her bottom, so tiny and exciting in my hands. I cupped a buttock in each palm, caressing them, marvelling at nature's gift to the young, so soft yet firm, resilient yet pliable, so, so sensual.

I basked in the feeling of my erection straining, a delicious teasing, knowing it would be freed soon. Through fingertips I trace the valley of her buttocks, moving down, mentally picturing the shape and the curve of little cheeks protecting hidden wonders, illicit wonders. Her unexplored depths excited me. My fingers follow the crease where buttocks met thighs, tracing outward until my hands held her tiny hips. Desire battled against my carefully constructed plans, demanding a shortcut, wanting action now. I paused taking deep breaths, tamping down the hunger that pushed at me, the hunger that urged me to rashness; a hunger that was so excited at me finally losing a three year battle.

Turning her around I took another deep calming breath. This was it, this was the start. I longingly admired the shape of her petite bottom, letting my desire build before reaching out and pulling the waist of her panties down in a slow deliberate move. Oh, how beautiful. The deep crack of her ass and her taught buttocks with little indents fed my lust. I gazed, panties held down, imagining what pleasure they would bring and how they might feel against my penis. I imagined how erotic it would be to slide my erection between her delectable little globes.

I pulled panties back up, hiding her charms. They were too sensual, bringing me too close. I had plans.

Turning the child to face me I reached for the waist, tugging it down and then slowing to watch in rapt fascination as the sweep of her mons appeared. My penis strained at the sight of her cleft, of her crease formed by tightly closed lips, plump and delicious, sweeping down between thin legs.

"Yes," I whispered as I saw her pussy revealed in all its glory, a ripe peach made bigger by her slimness, her youth.

Breathing harder I pulled her panties down and let them fall to the floor as I examined this naked child in front of me. Mine, all mine.

I stood, turning her to sit on the edge of the bed and stepped back waiting for her to look up, to see me. When her head lifted I smiled a gentle smile and unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it off. Her eyes followed my hands as I opened the button on my jeans, as I unzipped and pushed them down. She stared at the outline of my straining penis pushed horizontally across my hip under Jockeys, a wet patch at the tip. It excited me watching a seven year old staring at the bulge of an adult erection. Slowly I lowered my underwear watching her eyes open wider and wider as my penis came into view, pop out and point rigidly at her. She looked almost hypnotized as she watched it move up and down from excitement. It thrilled me, exciting me more.

I stood in front of her waiting for precum to leak out as it nodded at her in greeting. I wanted to see her reaction but, disappointingly, when precum oozed out there was no reaction. Never mind. She was too young to understand its significance, the power she held over me.

"Zoë." I drew her attention with a soft gentle voice, my fatherly voice. "Did your daddy tell you what to do?"

"Uh-huh." She nodded shyly.

"Did he tell you why?"

"Uh-huh." She nodded.

"What did he tell you?"

"To be a good girl."

"And what else?"

"We'll play mommy and daddy."


"If I'm good we get a new house and I get lots of toys."

"Did he tell you what I want you to do?"


"What did he tell you?"

"You would put that inside me like Mommy and Daddy do." She pointed at my erection and then looked down at her crotch.


"He said it would hurt." A worried expression, a frown formed on her small face.

"I'll be gentle, Zoë," I promised.

Positioning her leaning back with her straight arms holding her off the bed and her bottom at the edge, I knelt in front of her as if in worship, placing my hands on her knees and looking into her eyes wanting to see a reaction, any reaction, as I applied pressure and gradually spread them apart. I couldn't wait.

Looking down, I watched as her perfect immature pussy was revealed in all its glory. Her labia were tightly closed forming a perfectly hairless erotic mound that curved down to merge with the flair of her small buttocks. I leant forward inhaling through my nose, girl, nothing but virginal little girl. I kissed her pussy, soft and warm against my lips, my leaking erection appreciating her virginal innocence.

I glanced up to see her reaction. Her eyes had widened. Smiling at her in reassurance I received a small smile in return.

I teased myself by letting my tongue trace only one side of her labia pushing my tongue deep into the crease where sweet pussy met thigh, so soft, silky soft, warm.

Sliding my tongue up, I kissed the top of her cleft lightly then slid my tongue down the other side. I was excited by the anticipation of feeling her tightly closed cleft hugging my tongue.

I moved lower across the short distance of her perineum pushing my tongue between firm, yielding buttocks to taste her anus. Now. It was time. With mounting excitement I let the tip of my tongue worm between soft plump lips, dipping into the opening of her tiny vagina to press against the hymen protecting her innocence. I heard her gasp at the touch. She shifted slightly.

I felt the smoothness of her urethra and her labia clinging to the sides of my tongue as I licked up, up further, tracing immature inner lips to her clitoral hood protecting a treasured pearl nestled within. Trembling, I explored. She gasped. Blood rushed to my head and darkness hovered at the edge of my vision. Unbelievably I felt her whole clitoral hood swell, felt it flower against my tongue. Then, probing, a tiny hard nubbin emerged, her clit. The way she twitched and gasped at this new sensation thrilled me. I kissed and sucked ever-so-gently as it continued to swell and wondered how big it might become.

Moving back, still trembling, I saw her cleft close tightly with her clitoral hood now peeking through her labia, now darkened and swollen with blood.

I needed more.

Slowly I kissed my way up higher, kissing her sweet mons first as I gently pushed her to lay back on the bed. I kissed the soft swell of her lower stomach, her navel, her diaphragm, and her nipples, one after another, adding a slight suction to the kiss.

Finally I kissed her chin before looking into her innocent dark eyes that were wide open in surprise at new feelings she had never felt before.

I kissed her lips, small and soft under mine. Lifting my head I smiled at her.

"How does that feel?" I asked her gently.

She smiled. "Nice."

I bent again to kiss her this time tasting her, feeling the texture of her little lips with my tongue. I probed slowly and gently, touching her teeth. I groaned as I felt her little mouth open and my tongue slipped in to touch her tiny hot tongue. I took my time, my adult mouth completely covering hers. I teased and played, my erection throbbing when she moved her tongue. She tested and explored and finally imitated me, swirling and chasing me as I retreated into my own mouth. My lust burned bright as I sucked her tongue, textured and slippery in my mouth.

I broke the kiss breathing deeply, calming myself. My journey of discovery had only started.

"Okay?" I whispered.

Her eyes were brighter, glistening slightly. She nodded.

Rising to my feet I reached down to hold her hands and gently pulled her until she was standing in front of me. God she was small, her head not much higher than my erection. Perfect. Her face was turned up looking at me with those big dark eyes. I could detect no trace of fear.

"Zoë, it's time to taste me. I want you to use your mouth just like I did. Okay?"


"Here. Put these on." I handed her tiny white cotton panties with yellow bumblebees, watching lustfully as she pulled them up her legs innocently, without any sexiness, just a child dressing. But, oh, when she pulled them tight with the waist high at her belly button, and pleats and folds accentuated the plumpness between her childish thighs, it was such a seductive sight; yes, highly arousing.

As she finished she looked at me with confusion in her eyes.

I could see she had no idea what I wanted and it excited me. Imagine, a seven year old girl giving oral pleasure to an adult for the first time, her first taste. Visions of my daughter filled my mind, driving my excitement higher.

Lifting her tiny hands I placed them on my erection. Precum oozed out at the sight of her small hands holding me, her fingers not encompassing me, just an innocent child holding my penis, Zoë holding her daddy's penis. As I basked in the sensation of small hands warm around my erection, she looked at the unfamiliar protrusion. I watched her eyes widen slightly as more precum oozed out, slid down over the flared ridge and down the shaft to touch her hands. I needed more.

"You have to lick it, Zoë."

I urged her face closer with my hand on the back of her head, watching with rapt attention as her lips got nearer and nearer, the pressure in my hand increasing the closer she came. You must. I paid.

Her eyes darted up to me and I smiled. "It's alright. It won't hurt." She looked back down.

Her small mouth opened and a tiny pink tongue emerged. I held my breath. Oh my. She ran her warm tongue across the crown picking up precum. Chills coursed through my body as I watched her back away, her mouth moving as she tasted me. More precum oozed as my erection strained and pulsed in her hands.

"Beautiful," I whispered, and smiled. "Again, try it again."

Her little pink tongue emerged and she swiped it across with more pressure, paused and did it again faster. Her giggle when she felt my erection jerk made me hotter.

"Okay?" I asked quietly.

She glanced up at my face then back to my erection. "Uh-huh," nodding in emphasis.

"Zoë, can you kiss it?"

I held absolutely still as her lips finally touched the tip of my erection. It pulsed at the contact. She pulled back with a glistening string of precum stretching from her lips before it was broken by her hand rubbing her mouth. I placed her hand back on my aching erection and encouraged her forward again with the pressure of my hand until, once again, her tiny lips touched me.

"Open your mouth, Sweetie."

I almost came as her little lips parted, slipping over a third of the flared crown. Then she backed away, her mouth moving again, tasting me again.

"Perfect. Try it again. A little wider this time."

She smiled. My hand gently encouraged her.

God I was so horny, so close to cumming as her lips parted and more and more of the crown squeezed between her lips. Her mouth opened wider and wider as I gently encouraged her, pulling her head towards me.

I was throbbing madly when I felt the scrape of her little teeth and suddenly, the head popped into her stretched mouth, her lips sealed tightly around my shaft. I throbbed and pulsed as exquisite pleasure flooded me. It proved to be too much. My erection expanded and cum blasted out, hot thick semen jetting into her little mouth. Another blast hit me with thunderous pleasure, this one stronger. Cum burned up my shaft and exploded into her again as I groaned. My orgasm strengthened and crashed over me. I saw her cheeks puff out and semen explode out between her lips. I had never seen anything so erotic, never in my wildest dreams had I imagined how exciting a sight like this could be.

But it was too much for her. She yanked her mouth off my spurting penis staring as it forcefully ejaculated, spitting long strings of semen to splatter on her nose, then on her lips and on her chin. Her tongue pushed cum out of her mouth to dribble down her chin and fall in long stretched white strands to her chest and tummy.

I was gasping for air, my head was buzzing and I felt dizzy. I had never experienced a climax like it before; the feeling and sight of it overwhelming me. A seven year old, a cum splattered sseven year old, my cum covered daughter! Thrilling.

"You were fantastic," I told her when I could breathe again, smiling. "You were perfect, better than anyone else in the world."

As she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand a tiny smile touched the edge of her lips. I smiled. She was so cute and desirable. Still further to go, I thought.

"Here." I handed her a towel.

While physically sated my mind was on fire with the possibilities. If that had been so astonishingly erotic I wondered how amazing intercourse would be. But I needed time for my body to catch up to my heated brain. It was time for another little fantasy, to cuddle with a naked sseven year old wearing little white panties with yellow bumblebees; to cuddle with Zoë.

"You were perfect, beautiful. Come here."

I picked her up. She was so tiny and light in my arms as I hugged her to me. She wrapped her small arms around my neck and legs around my torso.

As I walked around the small room I felt her little panty-clad bottom, her entire bottom in one hand. Something stirred, another little fantasy.

I let my fingers probe between soft small buttocks tracing her crack down and underneath. Fingertips touched her tiny cotton-clad labia and traced her short cleft before cupping her pubis from behind. Lovely, simply lovely. I remembered the intense desire to feel Zoë as she wore them, dreaming as I stroked myself to a climax in the bathroom, panties clutched in my hand.

As I carried her in small circles, I touched and caressed her panties, my memories stoking a new arousal.

"Sweetheart, you were perfect. Your daddy will be so happy with you," I murmured into her hair.

She smiled hugging my neck tighter.

I felt myself thicken. It was time for another little fantasy. I felt anticipation build inside me. Gently I lay her on the bed and stood. God. A tiny naked seven year old made smaller by the bed, her dark hair spread and arms at her side with legs chastely together, and panties, white cotton panties, Zoë's panties with yellow bumblebees. They whispered to me 'wouldn't I look better with stains, thick white stains, hot wet stains, Daddy's stains?'

I felt myself trembling, imagining, and remembering nestling my erection into the soft gusset of those panties, stroking myself with them, groaning and exploding into them, wishing desperately they were being worn by my daughter.

Breathe, breathe.

Before that fantasy, there was another, one that had to come first.

"Are you okay?" As I leaned over her small body, I caressed her arm.

"Uh huh."

Softly and chastely I kissed her small lips with my lips closed, the innocence of the kiss was just what I wanted. I kissed down her thin body to her nipples, to her navel and her tummy, silky soft against me. I kissed the waist of her panties and then the front, my excitement growing. Softly I let my lips touch her mound feeling the thrill of kissing a little girl's pussy through panties. I moaned.

Her pubis bulged and formed around my lips as I pressed down into her exotic soft pad, so unique to prepubescent girls, wonderful and absolutely sexy. I pulled her panties up higher on her waist, high enough for the cotton to mold to her cleft and inhaled sharply as I saw how small it was, how deliciously it was outlined; a perfect little camel toe. Bumblebees bent and shaped, enhancing her immature appeal.

I was erect again.


"Uh-huh." Her expression was quite serious. She was trying to understand strange sensations.

"I won't hurt," I whispered as my hands caressed two slender little thighs.

Gently I rolled her onto her front with her tiny bottom at the edge of the bed and little legs hanging over the side. I was hard and throbbing at the sight before me.

My trembling hand caressed her amazing small bottom encased in soft cotton. With mounting excitement I knelt and, holding my erection, lifted the elastic on her buttock. I shuffled forward watching riveted as my penis slipped under the elastic and the bulge of my crown slip up along the valley of her sweet buttocks. The warmth and youthful firmness of her buttocks against my erection was unbelievable. I felt a stab of arousal as I admired my huge penis outlined in little white panties with yellow bumblebees. Yes. Just like I imagined when Zoë ran down the hall. A damp spot appeared and I saw my erection throb, moving inside Zoë's panties. I was dangerously close so I pulled back. There was more to my fantasy.

I gently turned her on her back and moved her up onto the bed.

With mounting excitement I slipped my hands under her thighs, lifting them gently and parting them slowly. My eyes were riveted. Soft cotton tightened bringing shape to her pussy coddled within. My heart was beating as I lay her legs to the bed, her knees bent and thighs spread almost 180 degrees. Her prepubescent pussy looked even more rounded and prominent. Yes, just what I paid for.

There was a slight tremble in my hand as I cupped her, small and warm against my palm. I let my thumb trace along the outline of her sexy little cleft, at first lightly, then with more pressure, watching as cotton slipped deeper into her short cleft. I felt her body twitch as I rubbed circles on her clitoral hood, a distinct bump against my thumb. So good.

Gently and slowly I caressed her clitoral hood until a small hard bead was felt, my heart pounding in my chest. Would she? Was she too young?

As her body started to move, as she started to rub herself against my thumb, I breathed a sigh. There it was, my little fantasy, a damp spot slowly blooming in the gusset and a yellow bumblebee darkening with moisture. How sexy, how exciting, my daughter moist and excited, excited by Daddy. Yessss.

I touched her damp spot with my thumb, circling and pushing her labia, spreading them. She was hot under my finger and her moisture bloomed.

"Okay?" I whispered.

"Uh-huh." Her eyes were squeezed shut. She was breathing deeply as her little hips moved. She was responding to my illicit touch.

I brought my other hand into play. Now I was rubbing her tiny vaginal opening and her hard little clit rhythmically in time with her hips. My erection was pulsing as she jerked; she inhaled sharply and jerked again, a small 'Oh' sounding as dampness, warm dampness spread. My daughter strained her pelvis up as she experienced her first climax, a climax from her daddy fondling her. I looked up at her. A red flush spread on her heaving little chest and her fists gripped the bed cover, her tummy straining and little body shaking.

"Oh," she squeaked before collapsing to the bed like a rag doll, chest rising and falling as her gripping hands relaxed.

My erection was raging, her soft climax so sexy. I was hard and pulsing with need coursing through me. I had a vision of panties covered in thick globs of semen. It inflamed me, a fantasy so familiar, cherished and nurtured for three long years.

Groaning in need I moved her and pulled her bottom to the edge of the bed. Her legs hung down making her pussy bigger, a huge mound inside little white cotton panties with bumblebees.

I grasped my straining shaft and shuffled between her outstretched legs. My eyes were riveted on the bulbous head as it touched the outline of her cleft, right on the damp spot. Yessss. I pulled back to admire the glisten of precum left on cotton then pushed back nestling myself against her labia. I lay a trail, a wet trail as my penis rasped over cotton and up over her outlined clit. My chest was heaving; I could feel it, my climax was close as I stroked her tiny cleft with my tip.

I felt the first pulse of semen form deep inside me. I gripped my shaft hard, really hard, as semen rushed up. Stars bust in my brain as I squeezed to stop my release. A second pulse of semen tore up. Exquisite agony lanced through me as I held tight. With feverish eyes I rose and pointed my erection at my daughter's panties, releasing my grip just as the third pulse hit me.

Oh God, oh God. Cum exploded in a massive spurt, a huge load jetting onto her panties, followed by another and another. My stomach cramped. Waves of ecstasy lashed at me as I ejaculated, stroking myself as I covered her little white panties in thick cum. So sexy, so amazing. Yes, yes.

Panting, I calmed down, burning the sight of this naked seven year old girl in cum soaked panties into my mind, a fantasy come true. I wanted to remember it forever.

Tired now, I climbed on the bed pulling the child to my side. I reached over and rubbed my semen around spreading the warm thick wetness across the front and down over her pussy. With my hand cup cupping her cum-covered, panty-clad pussy I drifted into an intensely satisfying sleep with thoughts of what was to come, what I had paid for, the main event, drifting through my mind.

It was the panties that did it, that made it so satisfying.


Her moving woke me.

"I'm wet."

Smiling, memories flooded back. Yes, you are, I thought.

I opened my eyes and inspected this small Indian seven year old child. In my mind her black hair looked wavier and her eyes slightly lighter. I saw her running down the hall, naked except for loose fitting little-girl cotton panties, white with little yellow bumblebees all over them, long black hair streaming behind her, giggling at being caught undressed by her daddy as she raced to her room.

My penis stirred.

Smiling, I cupped her. Cum had partially dried, crusting at the edges.


"Uh-huh. I'm wet."

"But did you feel good?"


"Your daddy will be very pleased."

She smiled as she thought about her daddy happy with her. I smiled as I thought about Zoë happy with her daddy. A nice image.

"Wait. Don't move. Okay?"

She nodded as I went for a small wash cloth, rinsing it under warm water in the rust-streaked sink. Returning to the bed I enjoyed the eroticism of slipping the panties over her bony hips, admiring her pussy once again and feeling a reaction, a pleasing reaction in my body. I wiped her gently, spreading her legs slightly to clean between. Taking the panties I rinsed them under warm water, I couldn't afford to ruin them. I'd need them, eventually, maybe sometime soon.

Pulling her close to my side we lay together. I lifted her chin to look at me.

"You know there's more, don't you?"


"Did your daddy tell you?"


"What did he tell you?"

"I have to let you put it in me."

"Did he show you where?"

"Uh-huh." Her eyes dipped to her crotch.

My penis was thickening.

"It's going to hurt a little. I'm sorry. I'll try to be as gentle as possible."

"Okay. Daddy said I'd get a new toy if I was a good girl." Her eyes lit up at the thought.

No. I decided she'd get many toys if she was a good girl.

"I have to put some medicine on you so it won't hurt as much. Is that okay?"


I could see worry enter her face.

Reaching for a tube of topical anesthetic on the side table I moved down and spread her thin legs. I knew I could take her, thrust into her, tear her and ravage her. I had paid after all. But my fantasy, started by loose fitting little girl white cotton panties with yellow bumblebees all over them, was about Zoë. I wanted that.

With my index finger and thumb I spread her small labia, her tiny, impossibly tiny vagina appearing as a dark red little hole nestled deep inside. I could see her hymen with a pinprick hole in the center. God she was tiny. My erection straightened and thickened as I imagined how tight she would be, how much I'd stretch her.

I spread the anesthetic cream over her opening and squeezed some inside through the minuscule hole in her hymen, careful not to let any cream reach her clitoral hood. I wanted to see if she could feel pleasure as I stroked into her.

Leaning over her I kissed her small lips and let the tip of my tongue trace her closed lips. I felt a small smile then the gentlest touch of her tongue emerging to play. She teased me, surprising me, her tongue retreating then emerging to touch mine and darting back quickly. I felt a smile curl her lips. I smiled too and tried to lure her out, enticing her, toying with her, and gradually drawing her into my mouth. As soon as she followed I sucked her tongue.

She broke the kiss and giggled.

We kissed again, our game starting over. This time she tempted and teased me into her and her mouth opened wide for me. Delicious; a delicious little girl. She sucked my tongue, silently giggling at the same time. I felt her giggle on my tongue and the palm of my hand on her chest. How exciting.

As our tongues danced and I rubbed a tiny hard nipple, the giggles subsided and her eyes that had been watching me with a glint of amusement altered, arousal growing as she closed them. My passion grew as our kiss deepened. I gently cupped her between her legs and breath snorted out of her nose. Our kiss deepened as I curled my middle finger to trace her short cleft. Her hands circled my neck as I moved my finger side to side, burrowing down to her clit, a hard bead nestled in a soft warm cowl.

My heart was pounding at her moist, slippery arousal. Imagine, Zoë, turned on by her daddy. I removed my finger and cupped Zoë's pussy squeezing and fondling it, caressing it. It was such a large bulk on such a small girl. It inflamed me, my daughter's pussy, mine, finally all mine. Oh Zoë I've waited so long.

I could feel dampness from Zoë's arousal. It was time, my erection was painfully engorged. But first I had a fantasy to fulfill. Slowly I rolled over my daughter slipping my body between her legs. Gently, gently I lay on her holding my weight on my elbows.

"Hug me Zoë," I whispered.

Oh yes. This was it; the feel of a tiny girl under me, small, so small, her head only reaching my chest and her arms barely reaching my back. Yes, this was it. Two tiny thighs spread wide against my hips, tiny feet touching the sides of my thighs. Oh yes, this was it, my fantasy, laying on top of my daughter, my petite daughter, my seven year old daughter, my naked daughter spread and open for sex with Daddy. Oh yes. Just one more thing and it would be complete. I reached down cupping her tiny buttocks and hunched my hips. Oh God yes, Daddy's erection touching Zoë's little pussy. God yes, this was it.

I paused, drawing in deep calming breaths. This was perfect, absolutely perfect. Just as I had imagined it would be.

Rising to my knees I lifted Zoë's legs over my thighs. Bending, I kissed her.

"It's okay Zoë. Daddy will be gentle," I whispered softly.

It was the panties that did it. It was the panties that brought me to this point. It was the panties that had me hard, poised and throbbing.

Shivers shook me as I admired my enormous erection poised before Zoë's virginity, her pussy so small, her cleft so short, so sexy.

"Don't worry, Daddy will be gentle."

Holding my shaft and holding my breath I moved forward, the tip of my erection kissing her labia. Oh. Slowly, lightly, I slid it up Zoë's cleft. Oh, nice. I was mesmerized as her labia parted around me when I slid it back down, her clit red and inflamed. Breath rushed out as I felt her tiny, tiny vagina against the weeping tip, small plump labia bulging. Oh, yes.

"Be brave Zoë. Daddy's going to love you."

I applied a slight pressure, my helmet flattening against her and she slipped upwards on the bed. I held her small waist, curling my fingers to hold her tight and pushed again. Millimetre by millimetre her labia surrendered, first sinking in and then spreading, opening and paling as they strained wider and wider to encompass Daddy's crown. I felt her vaginal entrance against me, blood thundering in my ears.

"Almost there," I whispered tremulously.

Applying slightly more pressure I watched in awe as Zoë's tiny, tiny pussy dilated, blood oozed, and her opening slip over the crown. Oh God, so tight, so tight.

Quickly I looked at her face. She had a frown between eyebrows, not sure if she liked it but no distress, thank God.

I held myself lodged in her vagina watching my erection pulse, swell and contract; so impossibly tight. I looked monstrous, my erection stretching her small pussy. Unbelievably I felt her squeeze me, painfully, trying to resist. I held her waist tighter and pushed gently almost climaxing as I slipped into her, a hot, exquisitely tight sheath sliding onto my shaft. My heart felt like it wanted to explode when I saw Zoë penetrated by her daddy. God, so good.

Panting, I withdrew until the ridge of my crown oozed out of her, then slid back in, easier now with my precum lubricating her. I slid deeper and her velvet softness caressed me. I withdrew again, shuddering at the sight of her labia hugging my shaft. I slid in again and her labia disappeared, her clit dipping and kissing my thick shaft, her small slit stretched.

Pressure built inside my head as I watched, riveted, with erotic pulses coursing through me. I'm fucking Zoë, I'm fucking my daughter, Oh God but it's good.

I slid in and out of her pussy, pressure building, Zoë more slippery with every erotic stroke. I gradually penetrated her deeper until I touch her cervix with three inches of my erection inside her; three glorious inches encased in a tight, seven year old pussy. Now I needed. My strokes sped up, exquisite sensations flooding my senses, climax nearing, fucking my little girl, finally fucking my little girl, the sight so aroousing. Suddenly my testicles tightened, stomach clenched, my erection expanded painfully, and with a roar of sweet release, cum rushed up my shaft exploding against Zoë's cervix. I hardly had time to inhale before I roared again straining painfully as another huge spurt blasted into her tiny immature pussy. As the third gathered strength, Zoë arched her hips up to me. I roared again, thrusting hard, deeper, bursting and spewing into my daughter. Cum exploded violently out of her vagina as I thrust hard, the sight inflaming me. I thrust and spurt, again and again, fucking my little girl, fucking my daughter, fucking Zoë. Gonna die. Oh God, oh God, so good, so fucking good!

As my climax released me and sanity returned, I felt her squeezing me, bearing down on me as the remnants of her orgasm passed through her body. Her tight vagina clamped and expelled my flaccid penis, cum gushing out of her stretched small vagina to run down between tiny buttocks. Sweat had coated my body and my chest heaved. I wondered if I would have time and strength to do it again.

It had been incredible, everything I had fantasized about.

It was the panties that did it.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


perfect! just adored the way you let this hot story unfold like this and i was living the parts too as he savoured the feelings that he was about to have this little one.
it really was well written, the story good and the ages perfect. more please.

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