Sweet Little Whore, Part 3

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Published: 27-3-2012

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Not true at all at all, just a story from my vivid imagination.

Chapter Nine: The Morning After We Taught Trisha, What A Man Likes

Its Sunday morning, a day when most families rise early from their beds to hurry off to church and worship the God of their chosen religion. But Me I'm waking up in Dale Jones's guest bedroom, laying on my side spooning with my sweet nine year old daughter Megan, she's still sound asleep. Both Megan and I are completely nude. Megan fell asleep last night in my arms, before I lifted her sexually exhausted body from Dale's bed, as he lay cuddling with his eight year old granddaughter Trisha, that sweet little redhead was completely warn out as well. Young Trisha lost her virginity last night in one final climatic perverted passionate scene, to none other then her own sixty-five year old grandfather.

I'm not sure what time it is, nor do I really care. I see a glimmer of the bright California sun poking through the wooden slats of the window blinds as the sun rises in the east, just as it has for millions of years before. My face is only inches from Megan's sweet smelling auburn hair. The scent of her hair, the touch of her youthful soft skin. They're all so sensually intoxicating to me, I don't won't to move away from her. My aching cock is becoming erect once more. Its sore from being sucked to a mind blowing oral job, of which both Megan and Trisha took turns giving me out in the living room last night. Not to mention being clamped like a soft steel vise in the folds of Megan's pussy, while kneeling beside grandpa Jones as he deflowered Trisha beside us. I look up and say a silent prayer, thanking God for this most precious moment.

Chapter Ten: A Call From An Unusual New Client

My precious moment, cuddling with Megan is cut short by the ringing of what I call our family business cell phone. I hear it ringing out in Dale's living room, where I dropped my pants during our party with Dale and Trisha last night.

"Dammit, what time is it anyway." I exclaim slightly loud. Megan heard me talking to myself, she looked up at me, her sleepy blue eyes looked into mine.

"Daddy I'm to tired to have sex right now. Can I sleep a little longer?"

"Oh no baby, I'm not waking you for sex, I was just talking to myself, you go on back to sleep."

As I lean down to kiss her, I find she fell back sleep in a split second. My sweet little girl is exhausted, I say in my head. I softly exit the bed, not wanting to disturb my beautiful little girl. As I get to my feet I notice my phone stopped ringing. I contemplate laying back down, but the ringing starts again. I curse whoever's calling, but out of curiosity I walk stark naked to find my pants.

"Hello," I say, sounding a bit irritated with whom ever is calling.

"Um...hi, is this Jack." I hear a female voice on the other end, she sounded nervous at first; reluctant to speak. The feminine voice took me by surprise, this is the family escort business phone, not my realtor business phone number: I have separate cell number for my real estate business.

"I'm sorry you must have the wrong number miss." I said, thinking something's wrong here; no women have ever called asking for my little girls services.

"Is your name Jack, if it is, your friend Larry told me to call this number, he said you have certain young ladies: With the skills to satisfy my needs!!!" she spoke the last statement, sounding a little turned on by her own words. And I must say myself; the idea of watching Brianna and Megan with a grown woman turned me on as well.

"I'm sorry miss, but I think you have the wrong!" she cut me off sounding a little pissed.

"Excuse me Jack, or whatever the hell your name really is. I'm calling you to sit up a date, I would rather speak with you personally, not over an unsecured phone. Your friend says you like to meet prospective clients before they meet your girls. So when is a good time to meet with you?" I suddenly realize, she's not upset; its more like she's anxious to meet my girls.

"Ok we can meet miss, I prefer to meet in an out door setting."

"There's a small park not to far from where I live," she said. She gave me the location of the park.

"OK miss, I'm sorry I didn't get your name. I don't like calling you miss, it sounds so...Old fashioned."

"Are you fucking crazy Jack. I'm not giving you my name over the phone, lets not get formal with each other yet. At least not until after we've met. But I will say what I'll be wearing so you can find me," She told me.

"I have long dark brown hair, I'll be wearing it tied back with a pink scrunchie. And of course the ever popular "Dark sunglasses." She laughed at her own joke about the dark glasses.

I agreed to meet her at the park, even though a woman with a fetish for preteen girls seems highly unlikely to me. But on the other hand, I've always been an adventurous sort. And not to mention, I've brought Brianna and Megan up as bisexuals. When they were both so very young, I taught them the fine art of lesbian cunnilingus. At first it was my own personal kinky incestuous turn on, but later on I had them do lezbian sex shows for our clients.

Chapter Eleven: Sweet Little Trisha

As I disconnect the call, I hear childish giggling coming from Dale's room. I look down the hall seeing his door partially opened. Out of curiosity I stroll softly towards the bedroom, as I come nearer. I hear Trisha's childish moans of pleasure. I open the door to find Dale laying on his back, with Trisha squatting over his face. She's holding onto the brass framework of the bed, tilting her head back smiling and giggling as she squirms her cunny over her sixty-five year old grandpa's mouth and tongue. Her long curly red hair is flowing back, her green eyes are closed, I notice a blissful smile on her face as Dale licks and tongue fucks her recently deflowered cunt.

I laugh to myself, thinking. "Grandpa's kissing Trisha's boo boo, and she's enjoying it considerably."

I cant help but to enjoy the show. Seeing a young girl enjoy sex like this, is such a turn on. As I watch I imagine myself burring my face between her soft thighs, enjoying the flavors of her girl cum as it drips down my throat. Suddenly I see Trisha's petite white ass-cheeks quiver, her breathing intensifies.

"Mmmm." She moans. She wakes from her sexual stupor, she notices me standing in the doorway. She smiles so sweet; at me.

"Good morning uncle Jack....He...ha..he..he." her giggles are such a turn-on.

"Your penis is hard." she says to me, smiling flirtatiously. I look down noticing she's so right.

"Hey good morning old buddy, I see you enjoyed the show." said Dale as he lifted Trisha from his face.

"He...he...ha" Trisha giggled. "He did enjoy the show grandpa." she said, moving her body to the side of the bed. As she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide, I notice how wet her hairless cunt is, my cock twitched as I admire the view. Dale whispered in Trisha's ear, she giggled nervously then asked me.

"Can I suck your cock uncle Jack!!" she smiled sweetly, her skin blushed a light shade of red. Her green eyes turned a slight shade greener. Her question startled me at first. After all, she's new to our kinky secret world.

"Why of course sweetheart...How can a man refuse an offer like that, from such a pretty girl as you!!"

I quickly approached her, her creamy white legs are spread wide. I can see the pink lips of her once virgin pussy. Without being told Trisha grasped my cock with one hand and used her other hand to play with my nut sack. "Mmm, Trisha baby, you're a very fast learner!!"

She quickly slipped the head of my cock between her soft warm lips. Without hesitation she began sucking and licking my cock, while gently fondling my nuts with her free hand. At the same time she expertly stroked my shaft, rocking her head back and forth, letting her lips slip and slide up and down my rock hard cock. She wasn't deep throating me; but hell, I've always thought deep throating to be Way overrated.

"She's a natural, isn't she Jack," Dale said proudly. "I give Megan a job well done, for teaching Trisha how to give proper head." he said, while reaching between her legs playing with her clit.

"She'eees a natural....All right," I stuttered, totally enjoying the sensual sensation of her soft wet tongue and warm breath on my cock, the utterly perfect sensation of her soft fingers as they massaged my balls.

"Trisha honey. Uncle Jack's really enjoying your sweet mouth." he whispered in her ear sounding completely perverted. Dale probed his middle finger deep into Trisha's pink cunt lips. She moaned softly and kept sucking me like a pro.

"That'a girl Trisha, you're being such good little slut for me and uncle Jack!!' Dale exclaimed, pushing his finger deeper into the soft pink folds of his granddaughters cunt. Oomph...mmmph mmmm. She moaned on my cock, the sensation of her moans were almost to much to bear, but I held my cum back, wanting to enjoy the moment even longer.

"You want'a fuck her tight little cunny....Don't you Jack?" said Dale, sounding devilishly perverted.

"Um...ahhh yes I do want to fuck her."

"Go ahead Jack, she's good and wet for you." Dale pulled his finger from her snatch, it glissened with her girl cum. He whispered gruffly in her ear. "Stop sucking him baby. Get on your hands and knees, he wants to fuck you!!" I pulled out of her mouth, she seemed reluctant to do as grandpa ordered. Dale guided her onto her hands and knees, now her beautiful upturned ass and pussy were in full view as she knelt with her bare feet over the edge of the bed. Dale played with her upturned pussy, he spoke gruffly to her.

"You want uncle Jack's cock in your cunny don't you?" She looked at me nervously over her shoulder, replying.

"Yes, I want you to fuck me uncle Jack." Her body shivered as her grandpas finger tip messaged her clit.

I quickly positioned myself behind the petite preteen, I could see her perfect little pink cunny it was a beautiful sight.

"Trisha baby, you look so sexy this morning." I said, before guiding my cock to her tiny eight year old fuck hole. As I push in she closed her pretty green eyes and scrunched her nose up, her body language showed pain.

"Your pee pee's to big Jack, I don't think its going to fit in me," she said breathlessly.

Dale whispered. "Relax yourself Trisha, it'll fit." He kissed her cheek and stroked her curly red hair.

She suddenly stopped resisting my entry, I watched as my cock slowly disappeared inch by inch inside her. I stopped at five inches out of seven. I knew from my own experiences with Brianna and Megan, at this same age, five inches is about as deep as I'll go for now. I started slowly thrusting into her, with every inward thrust Trisha moaned out a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Trisha your little cunny feels so good wrapped around my cock." I wasn't lying to her, the feeling was pure pleasure. Suddenly we hear Megan, she's leaning against the bedroom door frame still completely naked, she sounded jealous.

"Ah ha. So that's why you didn't want'a have sex with me when you woke up this morning Daddy."

"Um...ahhh...no honey...I had a phone call, this is an unexpected fuck." I kept fucking Trisha despite my sweet daughter and her jealousy.

"Beside that you said you wanted to sleep in, so I let you." Megan didn't respond I kept fucking Trisha.

"Megan remember...uncle Dale's a paying customer. Go take care of his needs, while I demonstrate the fine art of fucking to Trisha." It was hard for me to speak to my daughter and fuck this little red haired vixen at the same time, god Trisha's cunt was clinging to my cock like a vacum. Every time I pulled back, it seemed to pull me back in. I didn't want to stop fucking her, since the first day I met young Trisha at her grandfathers country club, I've wanted to fuck her. Now I have my chance, I surly didn't want it to end to soon.

Dale shook his hard six inch cock. "Come here Megan honey, my cock does need your attention."

Megan giggled childishly, she quickly flung her beautiful nude body onto the king size brass bed.

"Spin your body around, that way you can suck me while I eat your cunny." said Dale to Megan.

Next thing I see is my sweet daughter lowering her sweet hairless cunt to Dale's waiting mouth and lips, without hesitating Megan slipped the grown mans hard cock into her nine year old mouth, now their sixty-nineing each other, it was indeed a beautiful sight to see.

Dale groaned with pleasure. "Ahhh. That's it suck it just like that sweetheart!!"

The feeling of Trisha's tight preteen cunt gripping my cock like a vice, is almost to much to bear. I started thrusting harder and deeper. Soon enough I was fucking Trisha so deep, she could feel my curly black pubic hair against the soft white flesh of her ass.

"Ugh...uhh...it hurts uncle Jack, but it feels good to. Don't stop I like it," said Trisha her voice trembling from both pain and pleasure. I felt her body tremble, I heard her breathing intensify. I cant hold back, I could feel cum churning in my testicles. The next thing I felt was hot sperm squirting deep inside Trisha'a tight little love hole. My heart beat furiously in my chest, I thrust my pelvis harder and harder against her small ass, I felt my nut sack slamming into her soft skin.

"Ahhh...Yesssss...Oh fuck yeah!!" I say as I bury my cock deep inside the young girls cunt, pumping loads of hot cum deep inside her. The thought of possibly impregnating an eight year old girl turns me on, although how could we explain a pregnant eight year old to her mother and father. I've had my daughters on birth control for years. I surly don't want either of my girls getting pregnant from one of our clients, and especially not by me. I opened my eyes to see Megan mounting herself over Dale's cock cowgirl style over his lap.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck me. Ride my old cock like a cowgirl." exclaimed Dale.

I pulled my sticky cum soaked dick from Trisha body, I notice a tinge of her blood on my shaft mixed with my own cum. "Hey Trisha lets go take a shower together. We can leave your grandpa and Megan alone."

"Yeah, I do feel kind of dirty." said Trisha. She slid from the bed. We left Dale and Megan fucking slowly together on the bed. As I close the bathroom door, I hear Megan grunting softly, its music to my ears.

I turn to see Trisha, looking at her fingers. She's examining the pinkish white sperm as it leaks from her once virgin pussy. She starts to cry, I kneel down wrapping my arms around her sweet young body.

"What's wrong baby girl," I say. "I'm bleeding. Am I going to die."she pouted.

"Oh no honey your not going to die. Its just a little blood, it means you're not a virgin anymore."

Appearantly that wasn't the right thing to say.

"I'm not a virgin anymore. You and grandpa tricked me, I didn't wanta loose my virginity!"

I stroked her hair, and kissed her cheek. When I kissed her cheek, I tasted her salty tears.

"Honey being a virigin isn't all that special. But looseing your virginity is very special, I'm sure you and your granddad will have so many good times together from now on."

She heard what I said, her demeanor changed. She pulled back wiping tears from her green eyes.

"I do love my grandpa, I guess you're right Jack." I kissed her on the lips.

"That's right honey, and he loves you. That's why he asked Megan and me out here, he wanted us to show you how to love him in a special way. Now don't you worry about loosing your virginity, or a little blood. Because I know you enjoyed what we've taught you. Right?"

I thought of something I did years ago, with my eldest daughter Brianna after she freaked out when I took her virginity. Brianna was just nine years old, she told me her cunny was sore. I kissed Trisha gently on the lips, then lifted her up, sitting her cute little bare ass on the sink countertop.

"I bet your cunnies sore, isn't it honey?"

"Yes it is, your's and grandpa's pee pee's are to big. I think its all stretched out!" I held back laughter.

"I'll give your cunny some of my special kisses. That'll make you feel all better: Right?"

I kissed her again than lowerd my knees to the floor. Without thinking I buried my mouth and tongue in Trisha's cum filled twat, eating my own sperm mixed with her blood was such a turn on. I know some of you guy's, and maybe some of you girls think eating ones sperm from a girls pussy to be discusting. I say don't knock it until you try it. I sucked licked and kissed her creamy little twat, Trisha began giggling, she started rocking herself against my tongue and mouth.

I mumbled. "You like this don't you baby. See I told you, I'd kiss it and make it all better!!"

Prying the folds of her bright pink, well fucked cunt open with my thumbs and forfingers I dived into her like a starving man, I savored the flavor of her girl cum and virgin blood mixed with my own semen, and after a few short minutes I found the taste of all three flavors to be quite exquisite.

"Mmm...oh yesss...oh yes mmmm. Uncle Jack, you are making my cunny feel sooo much better." she exclaimed. I stopped eating her, I raised myself up. I kissed the little girl passionately, wanting her to taste what I tasted, I wanted her to be nasty just like me. Trisha excepted my kiss, she opened her mouth, our tunges danced together. She tasted her own juices. I pulled away from our deep taboo kiss, looking into her emerald green eyes I told her. "Its fun being nasty with me. Isn't it?"

She smiled lustfuly, giggling. "Yes, it is!!"

I stopped making-out with the little red headed devil, just long enough to adjust the shower temperature to both our likings. I then went back to making out with her, we kissed each other like teenagers on our first date. I let her give me a hand job, her soft hands made me cum once more, it leaked all over her tummy and belly button. Once I noticed steam clouding the mirror over the sink, I knew it was shower time. I took her hand. "Come on baby lets get in the shower." I whispered in her ear, letting my lips cares her earlobe. She relied sweetly.

"This will be fun, I've never showerd with anyone except grandpa. Will you wash me like he does." Her question was so sweet.

"Sure honey I'll do that, and you can wash me to. We'll be nice and clean once were done."

With the thought of all the things a man and a girl can do in a shower, I helped her down from the sink, and led the lovely girl to the shower. As we entered the warm wet mist of the shower, the water woke me from my sexual stupor. I remembered the call from our newest client, a lady. The fact, this is the first woman to call for our services, I found myself both puzzled and intrigued.

Chapter Twelve: Brianna, My Oldest Daughter And Sweet Little Whore

The shower did wake me up, I decided to head home before the meeting with our new client. I missed my eldest daughter Brianna. I left her home so she could hang with her friends. I called her before, I got home she sounded so happy to hear from me. She's at my house with her best friend Britney, they're both giggling when I called. While on the phone I told Brianna.

"We have a new client, this one's special." I didn't tell her our clients a woman, I wanted to surprise her. I asked her to come with me on this meeting.

"But dad, you've never let me come with you before. Why now?" "It's a surprise!" was all I told her.

When I got home Britney was just leaving. Now of course any girl with the name Britney is usually cute right. I've had so many fantasy's about this sweet blond haired blue eye'd eleven and a half year old.

"Hi Mr. Evans!" she exclaimed as I entered my home. Britney wrapped her arms around me, I hugged her back. She's always such sweet affectionate girl. I hoped she doesn't notice, but every time she hugs me like this, my cock grows hard in my jockey shorts.

"Well hi Britney, what have you and my daughter been up to since last night."

I kissed her on the cheek, close to her mouth. Once my nose came near her lips, I smelled something else. I swear I smelled Brianna's pussy. I know my daughters scent, hell I've eaten her sweet sex so many times.

I knew right away Brianna must be turning her sweet little friend into her own bisexual lover. Over the years I've told Brianna how I've fantasized about Britney so many times. Dammit now my cock is hard again, Brianna pulled away from me.

"Sorry Mr. Evan's, wish I could stay longer; but I've got'a go." With that said my sweet little blond haired blue eyed heartthrob bounced out the door.

Brianna's upstairs getting ready for the meeting, I think she's excited to get a chance to meet with a prospective client for the first time. She's in the shower in her bedroom, I went to check on her progress. Once inside her room, the first thing I found was a new pair of sky blue cotton panties. I picked them up, placed the crotch piece to my nose.

"Mmm, Britney Davis I presume."

"Oh hi daddy, I see you found Britney's panties. I guess you're going to keepem for yourself, like all of my other friends panties you've collected over the years!!" Brianna knew all of my secrets, hell I knew all of her's or at least I thought I did. I Pulled Brianna to me, she was nude and still damp from the shower, I kissed her full on the lips.

"You've been eating Britney's cunt haven't you baby?" Brianna gave a devilish grin.

"You smelled her on me, didn't you dad. Ha..you've got a nose like an old hound dog."

I kissed her passionately again. "I love you sweetheart!"

Brianna smiled. "I smell someone on your lips dad. And It aint Megan!!" she kissed me again.

"You ate Dale's granddaughter, didn't you. I guess you had fun last night to."

I pushed my girl to her bed, we made out like lovers. It must've been the scents of both pussies on our lips. The next thing I knew, I was slaming my meat into my daughters tight pussy. I couldn't cum, but I did make Brianna cum.

"Oh Daddy I missed you so much last night," she exclaimed before kissing me passionately, thrusting her hips into mine. Her breathing intensified, I felt her juices on my cock. We were both to exhausted to make love any longer, we both lay on her twin bed wrapped in each others arms, letting my cock go limp inside her, and letting her come down from a massive orgasm. In the heat of passion, I almost forgot about the meeting. "Come on sweetheart, get dressed. I need your help with this new client!!"

Brianna rolled from the bed onto her feet. As she slipped into a pair pink silk thong panties then a pair of snug fitting Daisy Duke denim shorts, adding a black tank top over her small round naked breast. This tank top is one of my personal favorites, in bold pink lettering on the front it reads: Daddies Girl.

"What's so special about this new guy dad." I laughed. "Our new clients a woman, I want you to meet her."

"A woman that likes young girls dad, this is weird." she said. "But, hey I like girls. This might be fun."

Chapter Thirteen: The Meeting

As we drove to the park in up town Sanfrancisco, I told Brianna my plan.

"I'm going to stay back and watch, if I can I'll use my binoculars to spot the lady. She's supposed to be wearing dark sunglasses, she also told me she'd use a pink scrunchie to hold her long dark hair back."

I reached over letting my hand slid up Brianna's leg, she spread her legs like a good girl should.

"When I spot her, you go sit nice and close to her. I want you to flirt with her. If she's a little girl lover, she'll take the bate. Once you feel her personality out call me on your cell-phone."

We pulled into the small neighborhood playground. I used binoculars to have a look around, It took a while. After all, it's Sunday afternoon, there're several woman in the park fitting the discription she gave me .Brianna caught me looking at a young girl, a sweet little girl of maybe eight was swinging blissfully back and forth, unaware I was watching her.

"Dad, stop looking at the little blond." she playfully slapped me on the arm. "I love you dad, even though you are a pervert!"

Finally I spotted a woman with dark hair, and sunglasses wearing a pink scrunchie in her hair.

"There she is, go check her out." Brianna leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

"I spotted her way before you did dad. Now keep your eyes on the client not that little girl on the swing." She said jokingly, she left me sitting in the car. I directed my view to Brianna's tight young ass as she walked away. "God she looks so much like her mother."

Brianna sat next to the woman, then scooted dangerously close. The woman turned her face towards her but didn't scoot away. To my surprise, I find her face very attractive. She has lightly tanned skin, I notice she's possibly Latin, mixed with European due to her hazel brown eyes high cheek bones and slender nose. The more I looked at her the more familier she became, I thought to myself. My god, is she the teacher they arrested ten years ago for molesting her preteen students. As I watch them from my car, I try to think of her name.

On the bench Brianna spoke to her. "It's a beautiful day isn't it." Brianna opened her legs wide, her Daisy Duke shorts didn't leav much to anyone's imagination. Brianna noticed where the pretty tan skinned lady directed her eyes. "Oh yes, you are beautiful....I mean yes its a beautiful day."

"So are you here with your husband and kids." enquired Brianna. "No sweetie I'm just sitting here enjoying the day." Said the lady staring lustfully into Brianna's blue eyes.

Brianna boldly placed her hand on the woman's upper thigh, the lady was wearing a knee length floral print cotton sundress, she could feel the warmth of Brianna's soft hand on her skin, the lady flashed a friendly smile.

"Hi my names Brianna. What's yours." The woman placed her hand on hers, gently caressing the back of Brianna's hand. "Nice to meet you Brianna, my names Maria."

"So cutie, is your mom and dad around her somewhere." Maria said, hoping Brianna was alone.

"My dads around here somewhere. Last time I saw him, he was looking up a little girls dress with a pair of binoculars." speaking nonchalantly taking the woman off guard.

Maria laughed nervously. "You're kidding right."

"No Maria, I'm not kidding. And you know what, he knows you like young girls to."

Brianna lifted Maria's hand, placing it on her bare leg. She scooted closer, letting Maria's finger tips rest against her crotch. Maria's reaction was a sensual smile, she didn't pull away.

"You think I'm sexy don't you?" Brianna smiled flirtatiously, then clamped her legs together pinning Maria's fingers between her thighs. Maria smiled nervously, then quickly pulled her hand away. She looked about the playground, hoping no one saw what the sexy preteen just did.

"Um uh...well yes, I think you're very. Hey wait a minute, your dads names is Jack. Right?"

Brianna giggled. "You guessed it Maria. Now you get me for a prize!!" Brianna stood up, she pried her cell phone from the pocket of her tight shorts then dialed my number. It didn't take long for me to answer. "Yeah babe, is she the one?"

"Yep, she's the one daddy. You can come over now. She's cool," I noticed Brianna's provocative smile.

Her blue eyes gazed over the woman. "And she's very hot looking dad. I think we'll both like her!!"

Needles to say I wasted no time getting my ass to the bench. As I came closer, I put a name to her pretty face. She's famous, how could I forget a name like Maria Sanchez. I remember ten years back, my now deceased wife and I followed her court trial on the evening news, almost every night. During the trial Maria was at least twenty-five. I remember she was sentenced to ten years in prison for molesting two preteen sisters. She was supposed to be tutering the girls in math and reading, but she added some extra curricular lesbian instruction to her courses as well. Now ten year later, I think to myself. Maria Sanchez still looks good at the ripe old age of thirty-five.

I reached out to shake her hand. "Nice to meet you in person Maria."

She seemed shocked that I knew her name, she was slow to shake my hand. "Nice to meet you as we'll. That was very clever of you, sending Brianna over to check me out. I guess you wanted to make sure I'm not a cop. And I do say Jack, Brianna's a very pretty girl, Larry told me you have two daughters, is the other around here somewhere?"

"My youngest girl Megan's visiting a friend for the weekend. But if you'd like I can pick her up, that way you can party with two girls."

Maria smiled devilishly. "No I think Brianna will do for now. Can she come to my house with me, its not far from here." I could tell by the urgent tone in her voice, she was in need of a serious sexual fix!!

"Yes your homes fine. But I never let either of my girls date a client on their own. Its for their safty, so if you don't mind I'll follow you to your house." Maria agreed, but asked. "Can Brianna ride with me?"

I agreed to let Brianna ride with her. Maria drove a nice car, its an older model Cadillac Escalades. As I follow them, I recollect an another fact about Maria, she came from a weathy family, apparently she's not living under a bridge somewhere, like some convicted child molesters do after they're released from prison. After a short drive, I pulled into her driveway next to her Escalade. Maria's home isn't what I expected, it's a very large ultra modern two story home located in one of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods. I stepped from my car, I peered in the passengers side window, noticing Brianna was letting Maria grope her budding breast.

I tapped on the window, joking. "Hey you two. Get a room or something."

Brianna just smiled back at me, letting the lady grope her. I watched as Maria's fingers gently squeezed her small breast, Brianna's nipples were erect, and so was my cock. Finally Maria stopped foundling Brianna's tits. She stepped from her car.

"Sorry Jack, but its been a long time since I've been with a willing young girl."

Maria acted like a giddy school girl, her once serious demeanor was gone. In the park she realized I remember her from ten years ago, she was nervous. Now she's in the safty of her own home, a tall red-brick fence kept her nieghbors from seeing a known child sex preditor was foundling an eleven year old girls breast. Brianna stepped from the car re-adjusting her Daddies Girl tank top.

"Don't get all bent dad, she asked to see my boobs, so I showed'm to her."

I hugged her to me. "I'm not angry, I was just joking. I know how proud you are of your breast."

I looked at Maria. "Did you like'm?" My question made Maria blush. "Yes...I did!"

"Have you two had dinner yet. I don't have much in my fridge, but we can order take-out." said Maria.

"I'm starving, last thing I ate was breakfast." said Brianna, adding. "But I did eat Britney's cunny for a snack before dad picked me up. Her pussy was delicious, but not very filling!"

Her comment made us laugh. "Ok little girl, what would you like to eat."

Brianna exclaimed loudly. "Pizza!!"

Maria invited us inside, as we stepped into her luxurious home, she pulled Brianna to her, tilted my daughters head back, then began kissing her passionately. Watching this scene made me hard once again. She broke away from the kiss.

"I want you naked Brianna. Then I want you to eat my pussy for a snack, before you get any pizza."

Brianna seemed surprised by her sudden dominate behavior, she looked at me nervously.

"Do as she says honey. She's a very horny paying customer, don't keep her waiting to long. If you do, I believe she'll spontaneously combust." I said this knowing Maria's been locked away from pretty young girls like Brianna so long, it just might happen: The poor woman might just explode in a sudden ball of pent-up passionate fire. Maria looked at me flirtatiously.

"Jack I want you naked to. Its a while since I've been with a man," her hazle eyes peered at my crotch.

"Your a tall hansome man.I bet you're well hung!" Brianna took her tank top off, Maria pulled her to herself once more, tilting Brianna face up with her hand.

"Is he well hung baby, does he strech your tight little cunt nice and wide when he fucks you?" Brianna grinned devilishly. "Yes my daddies enormous!"

Suddenly in one fluid motion Maria lifted her white floral print sun-dress from her well toned thirty-five year old body, she wasn't wearing a bra. The only thing that remained was her white lace thong panties. She caught me looking, she placed her hands under her full C-cup breast jiggling them, pulling on her long erect nipples.

"I want you to suck my tits, while your slut daughter eats my cunt!!"

I think to myself. This woman's so fucking horny, she's scary. But hell, I havnt been with a grown woman in so long, I wanted her as much as she wanted me. The entire situation made me feel like a high school boy about to loose his virginity to his sexy math teacher. As a mater of fact, I was as nervous as Brianna.

Suddenly a scene from the nineteen seventies academy award winning movie The Graduate, played in my head. I jokingly spoke the famous line "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Robinson."

Maria laughed. "Yes I am seducing you. Now get undressed." She added. "But first order pizza, your daughters hungry. I don't want her passing out on me. As you say, I'm very fucking horny. By the time I'm through with both of you. You'll both need sustenance for more strength."

"OK then, I better order spinach and pepperoni pizza's."

I pulled out my I-phone, then googled pizza restaurants finding the nearest pizza-parlors that deliver. Once I orderd three large pizza's I quickly undressed, not thinking how I would get the door being totally nude, when the delivery guy arrives. As I dropped my blue boxer briefs on the floor with the rest of my clothing, I look up to see Maria sitting on her couch, she pulled Brianna to her, then yanked down Brianna's Daisy Duke shorts and panties, as if she were unwrping a much wanted birthday gift.

Maria began stroking her hands and fingers over Brianna's small breast slowly lowering her attention to my sweet daughters hips. She seemed to be examing my girl for flaws. Much to her delight, she found not one thing wrong with Brianna's body. Her fingers moved betweend Brianna's legs.

"Spread yourself !" Maria ordered, she slipped the fingers of her right hand to Brianna's almost hairless cunt. While her left hand examined a small patch of dark developing pubic hair, growing just above my girls sex. I watched Brianna's young body shiver from the pleasure of a grown womans touch. Her ass cheeks quivered, I came closer I heard my girls breathing intensify. Maria looked at me.

"She's so beautiful Jack, I want to teach her how to please me properly."

Maria pulled her hand away from Brianna's crotch, raised her fingers to her mouth, tasting my girls juices. "Mmm she's delicious."

"Get on your knees little girl, I want you to eat my cunt." Brianna seemed nervous, she was used to entertaining men. "Get on your knees girl eat meeeee dammit." Maria pushed Brianna to her knees, gently pressing down on her bare shoulders. Brianna knew what to do next, but this woman's more aggressive then most of her male johns she's been with before. By the look on Brianna's face, I see she's also very curious, she's never been with a woman before.

"Take my panties off, give them to your daddy." said Maria, looking up at me with a lustful smile.

"He...he ha!!" Brianna giggled childishly, Maria lifted her ass off the couch to assist her with the removal of her white thongs. As her panties are removed, I notice Maria keeps her dark black pubes trimed in a small diamond shapped cluster, just above her pussy. Her crotch is bikini waxed clean of any existing hair. Brianna's curious about the way Maria neatly trimmed herself, she ran her young fingers over the small black diamond shapped patch of hair. Maria grew impationed with her. "Dammit girl I said eat me!!"

She used both hands to force Brianna's face between her outspread legs. Once Maria releasd her grip from Brianna's dark brown hair, my daughter went to work on her cunt, licking sucking and fingering her sex like an experienced lesbian lover. Maria thrust her hips forward, she closed her eyes laying her head back on the couch.

"Mmmm yes, that's the spot bitch keep licking me there." Brianna ignored the womans harsh language, but she listened to her orders to continue licking and sucking her clit. Maria raised her head, she smiled at me while eyeing my nude body from head to toe. As her eyes roamed over my body, she noticed my stiff cock.

"Mmm..Not bad, can you really put that big thing in this little girls cunt." She patted the couch, indicating for me to sit beside her. "Come here Jack, suck my tits. I know you want to!"

I quickly sat beside her. As I lower my mouth to her breast, I notice the word Pedophile has been burned into her flesh, just above her heart. Most likely something a sadistic pedo hating female convict did to her. I felt sorry for her, Maria must've been abused at the hands of so called concerned inmates, who claim to care about the girls she had sex with.

Maria spoke breathlessly. "It was a welcome to prison gift, from the girls of cellblock eight."

I kissed her scar then gently worked my lips to her larg areolas and nipples, making sure to suck and lick her long nipples. Gently using my right hand, squeezing her firm right breast.

"Ahh yesss, I love having my tits played with, and sucked. Mmmm!!"

Now between my attention to Maria's tits. And Brianna's complete attention to Maria's cunt, our newest and most unusual client is becoming completely satisfied with our affectionate attention. Brianna saw what I was doning, she began vigorously fingering Maria's sopping wet cunt.

"Mmm...ahhh..yesss little girl that's fucking fantastic....ohhh ahhh." Maria lifted her head, she reached down, takeing Brianna's hand. "Shove your entire hand in me bitch. I want your little hand inside me. Dammit girl do it. NOW!!" Brianna looked at me puzzled, she's never done something like this before.

"Do it Brianna, its called fisting. Just do it baby, she'll love it!!!" I said, making eye contact with my girl, letting her know its ok. I watch lustfully as Brianna gently thrust her preteen hand and fingers up Maria's cunt.

"Ugh...ahhhhh..yessss. Fist me whore, fuck me with your hand... Oh god yesss mmmm!!" Maria began humping back against Brianna's hand and fingers.

Brianna did as her client asked, she began quickly but gently ramming her hand and fingers deep inside Maria's hot pussy. As I suck and play with Maria's tits, I see Brianna's enjoying herself. She's looking up at me with a devilish smile on her lips. For once in her strange young life she's in control, and she's loving every kinky taboo second of this dirty little hand job she's been given to do. "Oh yes...oh yesss baby girl."

Maria's came hard she lifted her ass from the couch, then slammed herself back down. Brianna took her preteen hand from the womans snatch. "Let me lick your fingers baby." I said.

Brianna giggled. "Ok dad, have a taste. I think you'll like it." Brianna held her fingers up, I leaned over then sucked four of her finger into my mouth. Maria came out of her orgasmic high. "How do I taste Jack."

I looked at her licking my lips. "Baby you are, delicious!!" I found myself looking deep into Maria's hazle brown eyes, I felt the urge to kiss our pretty client. She didn't pull away, as my lips touched hers, she placed her hand on the back of my neck, not wanting the kiss to end. I obliged her, I forced my tongue between her lips. Her tongue met mine.

"Hey you two. Get a room!" We heard Brianna say sarcastically.

"Mmm...I am delicious aren't I," said Maria, as I pull away from the lustfull kiss.

"Where's your bedroom at, my neck and back are killing me in this posision." I said, reaching up to crack my neck.

"That's a great Idea. Come on you two, follow me."

Maria took Brianna by the hand, then took mine also. She led us down a wide passage way. As we walk I notice a picture of a forty something man on the wall, I figure him to be Maria's father. His thick black wavy hair and dark brown eyes, gave him the appearance of Spanish descent. Beside him is an attractive blond haired woman with hazel brown eyes, she must be Maria's mother. I wanted to ask her, where her parents are now, but decided to skip the small talk until after we finished whatever she has planned for us in her bedroom.

Chapter Fourteen: Fun In The Master Bedroom

As we enter Brianna exclaimed. "Wow Maria, your bedrooms so beautiful!"

It most certainly was. Its very a spacious room, furnished with Mahogany dressers and vanity's. Her king size bed is made of Mahogany as well. The head board is tall, there's a forest design carved in the center of the red Mahogany with two sculpted post on each side.

"Wow, very nice indeed." I exclaimed.

"Jack are you going to stand there gawking. Or are you going to help me fuck Brianna."

Maria is still super horny and ready to go. As I said before. She's been locked away for ten years, even after Brianna gave the woman a good fisting, she's not ready to stop yet. Just the thought of what Maria is so eagar to do with Brianna and me, had me excited as well. Maria laid down on her back, she looked so hot laying in wait for us.

"Come her Brianna, I want you to sit on my face. Its my turn to eat you baby. Jack I want you standing on the bed, in front of your little girl. Brianna be a good girl and suck your dads cock!!"

Brianna giggled nervously. "I've never done something like this before!" She climbed on the bed, then lowered her bare cunny over Maria's mouth.

The mattress creaked as I slowly step up, being carful not to fall off. I looked down at Brianna and Maria, she's already licking my sweet daughters cunt. I can see Brianna's pink cunt lips being licked they moved ever so slightly every time Maria's tongue brushed over them. Brianna closed her eyes, tilted her head back moaning. "Mmm ahh. It feels really nice Maria." I held my cock up, shaking it around, gently slapping her cheek with the head of my dick.

"Hey you, daddy needs attention too." Brianna's eye lids flutter, she rocked her body back and forth over Maria's mouth. She finally gained control of her senses, it felt so good when Brianna placed her trembling hand on my cock guiding it between her lips. "Yeah Baby that's how daddy likes it!"

The scent of sex was in the air of the large bedroom. My daughter rocks her head back and forth on my cock, sucking me to a mild orgasm. While being pleasured by a grown womans mouth and tongue.

Mmm...Oomph. I love how my girl sounds with my cock in her mouth. I think to myself. When she gets married, she'll know how to please her husband. Hopefully the guy will never know, it was me who taught her what she knows. Maria mumbles from under Brianna's wet snatch.

"Brianna baby, I want to fuck you with my dildo!!" Brianna's blue eyes open wide, she looks up at me with my cock still in her mouth. I see both fear and curiosity, in her face. I assure her, its ok.

"That sounds fun. Don't it baby, don't be afraid." I said. My cock slipped from her mouth. "Ok, I'll do it!!"

Her facial expression changed to a curious smile, she looked so cute with clear strands of my precum sticking to her lower lip. Brianna rolled over and lay beside Maria. I stepped from the bed onto the floor, I see Maria's lips glistening with Brianna's girl cum. God what hot sight that was. Maria gazed at me smiling happily. "Jack please be a dear, and get my dildo from the bedside table!"

I opened the small table side drawer, what I found completely turned me on. it's a twenty inch long jet black double headed dildo, complete with fake veins protruding from its ebony shaft. I exclaim like an excited school boy." Oh Brianna take a look at this thing." I pulled it from the drawer and gave it to Brianna, her baby blue eyes grew wide with curiosity.

"Wow that's weird looking, but also pretty cool." she said sounding amazed, and slightly frightened of the long sex toy. Maria took it from her.

"You've never seen one of these before. Lay on your back, I'll show you how it works."

Brianna's cunt is still sopping wet from Maria's cunt licking. One might think an eleven and a half year old girls sex to be tight, and for the most part Brianna is tight. But years of sexual intercourse with adults, has given her cunt muscles perfect flexibility. Maria leaned over kissing my daughter passionately.

She broke from the kiss.

"My father used this on me. Now I'll let you experience it for yourself. Spread your legs honey, relax your crotch muscles, so I can slid it in." I watched closely as Maria licked and sucked on the black rubber dildo, she took it from her mouth placing it to Brianna's lips.

"Lick it baby, just like you do when you suck daddy." Maria sounded as if she were possessed by a passionate demon. Her voice trembled with intense excitement. Brianna took it from Maria, she began doing as her teacher told her. Licking it sucking it, sliding it between her pink lips. Maria fingered her young students cunt, Brianna moaned thrusting her hips upward. "Wow can I play to." I said.

Maria grinned devilishly. "Sure come play with us." I lay down beside Brianna, I began stroking her pussy along with Maria, now Brianna's getting double pleasure, and loving every minute of it. Maria took the dildo from Brianna.

"Open those pretty legs of yours wide." Ordered Maria.

I watch intently as she slips the rubber cock inch by inch up Brianna's love hole. Brianna moaned, I kiss her lips, then stroke her soft brown hair.

"Relax baby girl, its going in so nicely." She looked at me, smiling so sweet. "It feels good daddy." Maria's voice trembled as she spoke.

"Brianna...Is it ok if your daddy fucks me, while I fuck you with this big dildo." Brianna opened her eyes wide, she spoke breathlessly. "Sure. But...how?"

"Roll over on your right side. Jack you get behind me, I'll lay on my side. You can fuck me in the pussy from behind."

I'm completely turned on, I'm finally getting my chance to fuck the famous female child molester, Maria Sanchez. I remember back ten years ago, my wife Lisa and I were watching the evening news. We saw Maria standing in court being sentenced by the judge for her crimes. I mistakenly told Lisa how I thought Maria is a very pretty lady.

My wife replied. "Pretty Jack!! She's one sick bitch, that's what she is."

Now I see my wife was so very right, Maria is one sick bitch. But I'm one sick bastard.

Clearing these thoughts from my mind, I jumped on the bed behind Maria's full round Latin Irish ass. God this woman does have a great ass. I guided my hot cock to her wet pussy, Maria stopped pumping her dildo into Brianna, just long enough to push her ass back against my cock. I helped her lift her leg slightly. Suddenly my cock slipped deep inside the first adult female pussy I've had sex with in years, before Maria I've only been with my preteen girls. I expected Maria's pussy to feel loose, compared to my girls, to my delight she was as tight, if not tighter then Brianna or Megan.

Maria moaned out. "Mmm Jack, your cocks just what I need. Now fuck me you kinky bastard."

I kissed her earlobe, and whispered. "Thanks for the complement, you kinky bitch!!"

From my viewpoint I can watch Maria dildo fuck Brianna, what a beautiful sight this is. Brianna has her eyes closed, she's thrusting her pelvis into the thick black dildo. Maria's shoving it deep, the sex toy's much thicker than my cock. Brianna's cunt is being stretched wide by its girth. I thrust my cock harder and harder into Maria, she's pushing back into my hips. As our bodies make contact, slapping sounds echo from the walls. I hear Brianna groaning with preteen lustful pleasure. Placing my hand over Maria's chest, I feel her heart pounding, I feel her sweat as well. I hear my own moans of adult pleasure, I feel my cum churning in my balls. I do my best to hold back.

Maria began yelling, her voice trembling. "Oh god yes...I'm coming Jack, fuck meee hardeeer!!"

"Oh you want it harder....Ok you'll get it harder then." Maria tilted her face up at me, I locked my lips over hers, our tongues danced like lovers to the beat of our hearts. We broke from the kiss, Maria looked into my eyes. "Cum in me Jack...I want your cum inside me!!!" What she said made me lose control.

I came hard, as my cock shot semen deep inside, I felt the walls of her sex flexing on my shaft. She came with me. What a beautiful feeling this truly was, we came together, kissing passionately.

I hear Brianna say in a childish singsong voice. "Daddies got a girlfriend!!" What my daughter said broke Maria from her lustful trance.

"Sorry, I guess I got carried away. I haven't been with man in such a long time!!"

I kissed her on the cheek. "I'm not sorry, I'm glade you got carried away. Its been a long time since I've been with a woman." suddenly our passion was cut short. Ding...dong...ding...Dong.

"What the hell," I said. "It must be the Pizza delivery guy." said Maria.

"Can you get it Jack, me and Brianna need to take a shower." "Oh yeah sure." I rolled from the bed.

Chapter Fifteen: Maria's Confessions

Ding...dong...ding dong. He kept ringing the doorbell as I pulled my pants on.

"Dammit hold on, I'm coming." Finally I get to the door, standing outside is a pimple faced blond haired teenage boy waiting for me, holding three Pizza's in in his arms.

"Sorry buddy, didn't mean to keep ya waiting."

The teenager didn't speak, he appeared nervous. "What's wrong kid...Cat got your tongue or something?"

He spoke, holding back laughter. "Dude your dicks hanging out."

"Oh uh...oops, sorry. You came here at a bad time," I pushed my limp pussy juice soaked cock back in, then zipped my fly, trying to humor him by bragging.

"Ha..ha. You won't believe this buddy, but I've got two babes waiting back in the bedroom. I was gett'n laid when you showed up."

As I broke out my wallet to pay him, I noticed his eyes were looking behind me. I looked back seeing Brianna standing behind me, wearing an oversized pink terrycloth bathrobe. Her robe is half open, her budding breast are exposed. Maria's behind her wearing a thin white linen house coat, in the evening sunlight he can see through the thin white linen robe.

"Cool dude...I mean you know. Whatever floats your perverted boat." He held out his hand. "That'll be thirty bucks. And don't forget my tip," he said sarcastically.

I replied quickly. "I was just kidding about two babes."

He looked at Brianna smiling. "She looks like a babe to me. Hi there sweetheart!!" I paid for the Pizza's adding a substantial tip, as an unspoken bribe, making sure he keeps his mouth shut about my half naked daughter, the pretty dark haired woman. And the tell tail sign of my limp cock dangling from my fly, after I bragged about being in the bedroom with two babes.

I pushed him gently out the door. "Dude, she's way to young for you, have a nice evening; bye!"

Brianna spoke sarcastically. "Daddy he's kind of cute, you should've invited him in."

Maria tugged Brianna back to her bathroom. "Come back here girl, you need a shower. You smell like sex, and so do I."

Chapter Sixteen: Brianna The Match Maker

We were all starving, especially after the great sex we experienced earlier in Maria's bedroom. Now we're winding down enjoying warm pizza and drinking good California wine. Maria mixed Brianna's wine with soda. She must've added more wine than soda, because Brianna became slightly intoxicated. I didn't mind though, its kind of a tradition. Whenever I bring the girls to party with clients, I useualy allow them to partake in things grownups do; after all they do work hard for their money. Brianna stood up, she staggered to the sink, with a stack our plates in her hands, just trying to be helpful. She did manage to place Maria's fancy plates in the sink without breaking anything.. We laughed as she staggered back from the sink. "Brianna, I think you've had enough wine for the night. Don't you?"

Brianna staggered over to me, she plopped her butt on my lap and sat there looking completely happy with herself. She's still wearing the oversized pink terrycloth robe Maria gave her to wear earlier, underneath she's completely nude. Her Daisy Duke shorts tank top and panties are in a pile near the couch in the living room.

"Yesss Daddyee, I think you're righhhht." She smiled over at Maria. "You know what Maria." she stopped in mid sentence, leaving Maria curious as to what she wanted to tell her. "Know honey, I don't know what."

Brianna smirked. "I think my dad, likes youuu."

Maria glanced at me smiling, then back to Brianna. "Well I like him to, he's a nice guy."

Brianna smirked. "So you like him, even though he's kind of a pervert."

Brianna looked at me smiling. "I love you daddy, but sometimes you're a perv. But you know what dad." She paused again, I kissed her on the cheek. "Well what honey?"

"I think Maria likes you even though you're a perv."

She winked at Maria. "Maria I hope your not taking what I said about the perv thing wrong. I love dad, that's why I love him. I mean my dad is sooo cooool." she hesitated, then added.

"He's cool because he lets us have sex with adults," she giggled. "I really enjoy sex !! But its not just the sex, he lets us be kids too. Another thing I love about dad is: Some of my friends parents, they don't even talk to their kids. My dad talks about anything with Me and Megan."

After her cute, but outspoken little rant she laid her head on my shoulder. Maria and I sat quietly sipping our wine, waiting for her to go on with her speech. I heard soft telltail breathing of a sleeping child.

I whisper to Maria. "My sweet baby fell asleep."

"Oh look at her, she's so sweet. Hey if you want to, you can lay her on my bed until you decide to go."

Chapter Seventeen: Maria's Confessions

I did as Maria asked, I was enjoying my time here with a grown woman. I think to myself as I lay my sleeping daughter down on Maria's king-sized bed. Maria's just like me, I just might've found a lady who understands me for once. I kissed Brianna on the cheek whipering. "I love you baby, sweet dreams."

I turned around finding Maria leaning against the doorway.

"That's so sweet, the way you do that Jack. You remind me of my father, he loved me the way you love your girls."

I stepped to her, she took my hand. As we walked down the hall, I asked.

"Are you saying, you had incest with your father." She squeezed my hand nervously. "Come have another glass of wine with me, I'll tell you my story."

I sat on the couch in her living room, she brought back to full glasses of red wine. She handed me a class then sat close beside me, collecting her thoughts for a moment, after a few sips of wine she told me her story.

"I believe I was about six, when mom and dad divorced," Maria took a sip of wine. "My mother didn't want to raise me. I don't think she ever really wanted to be a mom. When they split dad took custody of me, it was what I wanted," she smiled happily. "Dad and me. We were inseparabl!"

She caressed my hand as she spoke. "I was seven when I found out daddy was a child lover. He started letting me sleep with him. He loved to masturabate me, I had my first orgasm at seven. I became addicted to his touch. I loved it when he stroked my little girl pussy. He taught me how to suck his cock, as he licked my pussy, our affair went on for years "

"It all seemed so normal to me. But he always lovingly warned me, not to tell anyone. Not even my friends." She took a sip of wine, then told me more. "He told me he'd get in trouble, because there are certain people in this world who think what he does with me is wrong. And he was so right."

"Where's your father at now, I'd like to meet him." I noticed sadness in her eyes. "My father committed suicide in jail!"

"The authorities learned about our secret when I was thirteen because of me. I freaked out, when he got me pregnant. One thing led to another, and my father went to jail because of my big mouth. And because he didn't like using birth control." she wiped tears from her eyes, then swallowed the last of her wine.

"I was sent to live with mother. She didn't let me have an abortion, I think she wanted to punish me for letting dad love me the way he did. I carried daddies baby for nine months," her voice trembled, as she told me. "I had a healthy baby boy, I named him Carlos, that was dads first name. I gave him up for adoption."

she sighed. "He should be about twenty two years old by now."

I noticed tears rolling down her cheeks, pulling her body to mine, I kissed her cheek tasting her salty tears. She laid her head on my shoulder. "So I quess you hate your dad, and guys like me right?"

"I thought you'd say that. No I don't hate men like you or daddy," she kissed my hand reassuringly then told me more about her life.

"After I had my baby, everything seemed to be getting back to normal. When I turned fourteen, I started my own little baby sitting service. During this venture I discovered I was a child lover. I tried to fight it, but the cravings grew to strong. I began to crave the taste of a younger a girls pussy, I found little girls to be so curious. Not everyone of them mind you, but just a few. This small group of girls I baby sat ranged from five to ten, they were so eagar to experience girl on girl sex. And masturbation."

I laughed. "Yeah, I bet when it came to bed time, the sweet little girls fell right to sleep."

"Oh yes, a little cunnilingus on an eight year old with ADD, does work wonders," she joked.

"Would you like some more wine Jack," she asked. I was about to say yes when my cell phone rang.

It turned out to be Megan, she was calling to see when I was coming to pick her up. I told her I'd be there soon, and I was sorry I was so late getting to her. I finished dressing Maria came to me, she was still wearing that sexy almost transparent lenin house coat. God she looked so invitingly sexy. She wrapped her arms around me. I'm slightly taller then she is, I look into her eyes mesmerizing hazel brown eyes.

"Bring Megan back here, I've really enjoyed having you and Brianna here with me tonight. I hate being alone in this big house. I'll pay you and Brianna for services renderd, although I never expected you to be part of those services." She kissed me, I think she meant the kiss to be; just a short kiss, but it turned into one long very passionate kiss. We finally broke from the kiss, I had to catch my breath before I spoke, the kiss felt so good on my lips.

"Keep kissing me like that Maria, I might never leave sweetheart!"

He..ha..he she giggled. "I better stop I guess. But your kisses feel so good on my lips. Please come back here Jack, Brianna's sound asleep in my bed, she's so tired. You really shouldn't wake her."

I couldn't help myself, I kissed her once more. This kiss was almost as long as the first.

"Whew.. Now that was nice. I should go, Megan's waiting. But don't worry, I will be back!"

I finally left the house. Once I was in the car, I backed out of her drive. Its dark now a full July moon hoverd high above me. As I look up at that big glowing ball, I said a prayer. Praying isn't something I do very often, but tonight I feel the need to say something nice for a change to the god that created this big beautiful somtime crazy world we live in.

"Lord I know, according to your followers, I'm supposed to be a sinner. But today you sent Maria Sanchez to me. Thank you lord, she's just what I've been looking for!!"

The End. Unless whoever reads this story can think of any other adventures. Jack, Brianna, Megan and Maria can get into. Don't forget Dale and his redheaded granddaughter Trisha?

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


Great work all around - I am loving this series. Great writing with no sappy endings or too much 'down' nonsense. Kudos and cheers to the author!



god the storys i read on this site are great but this one has bean one of the very BEST a great story i hope mabe you will in vite trisha in the king size bed with meganjust the 4 of you that would be beautiful thanks email if u like us in cornwall UK,,,,,,

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