Bronx Tale, Part 1

[ Mg, pedo, 1st, weed, beer, oral, anal ]

by Sluggo


Published: 10-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Now, time for a confession. As much as I like fucking girls my age I have always had a thing for little girls. Very little girls. I realized it during visits with my cousins and my neighborhood buddies. My girl cousins were all younger than me and a few of my friends had little sisters. I have a little sister myself but for some reason I never saw her as a sexual being. I once got real close to fucking a girl cousin while helping her baby sit her baby brother but he woke up crying and it ruined the moment. To my regret the opportunity never came around again. Shame too. I know it would have been great. Her name was Annie. We were what you might call "kissing cousins".

We started flirting with each other when she was 9 years old and I was 14. At first it was harmless touching and kissing. When it got to the hugging and fondling stage I knew I was going to fuck her. We were very close and would always make out and fondle each other when no one else was around. For some odd reason she was scared of the movie, "The Birds". It was one of my favorite movies and this being before cable, VHS, or DVDs I would watch it whenever it was on local TV. If it was airing when Annie was spending the night with my sister they would both watch it with me.

Now I told you before that I never tried anything with my sister but Annie was a different story. The three of us would lay on my sister's bed. She had a full sized bed whereas I had a twin sized so we watched it in her room. Naturally Annie would get scared, or fake it, and crawl over to where I was laying and spoon me, her ass in my crotch. In plain view of my sister she would pull my arm around her, placing my hand on her belly. I was usually wearing whatever street clothes I wore that day but the girls were in pajamas, usually those babydoll nighties so popular then. We never spoke of it but I think my sister got off watching me slip my hand into Annie's panty and play with her pussy.

I didn't look at her for fear of ruining the moment but I swear my sister was playing with herself. I think I could have fucked her but I was never really attracted to her sexually. It wasn't that she was ugly. In fact she was real cute, better looking than Annie. They were the same age and both had brown eyes and hair. Annie's was thick and frizzy where my sister's was baby fine and straight. Annie had a darker complexion than my sister. Like a golden brown. My sister was pale. Neither one had any tits to speak of but Annie had fat nipples and puffy aureolas. My sister had tiny little cones. Both had great asses for being 9 year olds. I guess it was the sibling rivalry thing that kept me from trying anything with my sister. That and the fear of my father catching us. Anyway, she never stopped Annie and me or snitched.

I wasn't really experienced then, beyond what I picked up at school or on the street. All I knew is that my dick got hard and she got wet. I never pushed a finger inside her. Again. I didn't want to spoil what I had. I'd snake my other hand under her though, and squeeze her nascent tits. With my dick resting against her ass and Annie pushing it at me it wouldn't take long before I came in my pants. Now here's the strange part. She would only do it when "The Birds" was on. I would search the TV Guide for it and tell my sister when it was going to be on and she would ask my parents if Annie could spend the night. They always said yes.

Annie was a willing partner and a good student. I taught her how to kiss at a Father's Day BBQ at an uncle's house. The adults were drinking and having a great time. Their kids, my 3 boy cousins and me, stole rum, scotch, whiskey, and whatever else we could and got the 5 girls drunk. They just wanted to see them drunk but I stole away with Annie and found an empty room. I wasn't stupid enough to try and fuck her there but I did french kiss her and pulled her blouse up so I could see her tits. I also took her hand and put it on my dick. It was still in my pants but she did squeeze and rub it. She wasn't that drunk so it wasn't so much that I took advantage. Days later she cornered me and stuck her tongue in my mouth and squeezed my dick. I knew she wanted to fuck. We would lose our cherries together.

The day we almost did it I had her pants off and my hand down her panty. I was rubbing her pussy when her brother messed it up for me. I hate him to this day. The kid was asleep and Annie and me went to the living room. We were making out on the couch and groping each other. She had on these real tight jeans and a cropped top showing her tight belly. I was having trouble slipping my hand down her pants when she told me to stop. I thought it was over but to my surprise she stood up and undid the top button and pulled down the zipper. She sat back next to me and resumed the kissing like nothing had happened. My hand found her pussy easily this time and I was playing with her pussy in no time.

She was starting to sprout pussy hair and I remember playing with it, tugging at it and teasing her. My hands were all over her. I unbuttoned her top and pushed her training bra up over her tits. These were the first ones I had ever seen in the flesh as it were. After filling my eyes with their beauty I bent down and kissed them. I began nibbling and sucking on them. I think I gave her a hickey but I'm not sure. I managed to get her pants the rest of the way off with her help. I guess she didn't want to appear easy by taking them off herself when she stood up earlier but she did lift her ass up off the couch and wiggled the pant legs off. I was working the panty off her hips when the little bastard starts crying and spooked Annie.

Quick as a flash of lightning she was buttoned up and dressed and tending to her baby brother. I was left high and dry with a raging hard-on and balls full of cum. I had big plans too. I was going to fuck her and get my dick sucked. Her brother grew up to be a loser with a few jail terms for petty crimes. Serves him right for cock blocking me. It must have scared her straight because we never fooled around like that again. Annie and I are still close but not in that way and we've never spoken about it.

No preteen pussy that day but a few years later came Sandra. She was a 10 year old Dominican beauty with a serious crush on me. She was a tiny bronze skinned goddess. Thick wavy black hair, dark brown eyes, and pearl white teeth. In our neighborhood the local pool was an open fire hydrant. At 18 I thought I was a little too old to play in the water spray so instead I would hold the tin can used to aim the spray of water at the cars and buses.

And especially at the little girls. And there were lots of them. My block was making the transition from Irish and Italian to Hispanic. Lots of beautiful little girls of all colors and ethnic features. Brunettes, redheads, blondes, and all shades of skin. Most were just sweet little girls with baby fat and baby behavior to match but a very select few had beautiful little bodies with adult proportions and personalities. These special girls carried a natural sensuality you could spot immediately. Brooke Shields was a perfect example of the type. Ari Meyers from "Kate & Allie" was another. Jody Foster, Helen Hunt, the list is endless. Ever see "The Professional" with Natalie Portman? She is my dream girl. Man, if I was Leon I would have been fucking her every day. There was a little pedo vibe in the European version that we never got to see (buy the DVD). She definitely wanted Leon to fuck her. She said so.

Same with some neighborhood girls. They may have been little girls but man they were sexy. And it wasn't only their bodies. It was their attitudes. They talked sexy, walked sexy, and they knew it. And knowing that it was taboo for men to act on it these little cunts would tease them mercilessly. I don't think they realized how dangerous this little game could be if they ran across the wrong kind of man. Well, I was that kind of man. Most of the kids didn't bother with bathing suits. Kids went into the spray with street clothes. The girl's thin cotton tops would turn transparent and cling to their bodies. Sandra's older 12 year old sister Celia had nice firm orange sized tits with raisin sized nipples. Must have been the cold water. Sandra was flat as a board but with the same nipples.

My house was a little crowded so my bedroom was the basement family room. I loved it. It was 2 floors below the other bedrooms, with a half bath, and most importantly a door into the back yard. My father kept a refrigerator by the door which he kept stocked with beer and wine. Late one evening I was sitting on the patio with my dog Jake, listening to some jazz, enjoying a beer and smoking a joint when my dog runs to the front of the house. I thought it was my parents back early from visiting my uncle on Long Island I but didn't hear the garage door open.

It was summer and the kids were still out and about though the sun close to setting. Jake would run up front now and then to defend his turf and trot right back to my side. This time he returned with Sandra. She was wearing the cutest little white tennis outfit despite never ever having stepped on a court. It consisted of a white tank top trimmed in blue and a white mini-skirt trimmed to match. They had to be hand-me-downs because they were a little too big on her. My little angel was also wearing white Keds Champions with blue ankle socks. Her tanned olive skin was a beautiful contrast to all that white and blue.

Sandra pulled over a chair and sat across from me. Our conversations were usually a little one sided. I mean, what could I really have to say to a ten year old? She usually filled the quiet moments with little girl jabber that I paid little attention to. Mainly I just stared at her. This night was a little different.

"Whatcha doin'?"

"Relaxing. I had a busy day at work and need a rest."

"Can I sit with you? I'm tired too."

"OK with me."

Here's where she surprised me.

"Can I have a beer?"

"Hell no, you're too young."

Truth be told, my Father didn't allow me to drink his beer. He expected me to buy my own. And he would have shot me for smoking reefer.

"No I'm not. My father lets me drink beer. He lets us do lots of things."

Sandra and Celia's father was a lowlife who was usually drinking when he wasn't working. He seemed to be a good provider. They lived in a nice house and drove a big Oldsmobile but he was rough around the edges. He cursed constantly, whether it was to his wife, other adults, or kids. I never liked him and neither did my father. I had already downed half my beer so I gave it to her.

"Fine, here's the rest of mine. I'll get another."

When I came back out she was chugging her beer and holding my joint. Shit. My heart skipped a beat. I dropped it under my chair when Duke ran out front with plans to light it up after this little girl left. I'm fucked. She gonna blab to her sister or worse, to her father.

"Is this marijuana?"

"No, it's a cigarette."

"Uh uh. I seen these before."


"It's a secret."

"I let you have a beer. You can tell me."

"Hmm. Let me smoke some of this and I'll tell you."

I can't remember what was running through my mind first, my desire to learn this secret or the realization that I could get her stoned on beer and pot and maybe fuck her. All I know is that I started improvising a plan, hoping to do both.

"You ever smoke before?"

"Only cigarettes but I know that a joint is. I learned it in school."

"If I let you smoke this it has to stay a secret like the one you have now."


"I don't know. If I let you do this I'm the only one that will get in trouble. I could go to jail. You'll just get punished."

"My father will spank me hard."

"Oh yeah? Your father still spanks you?"

"And my sister too."

"If I let you try this you have to tell me your secret. That way you know my secret and I'll know your secret. If you don't I can't be your friend anymore. "

The little angel nodded her head. I lit the joint and took a good hit then passed it to her. She clumsily tried to hold it between her fingers like a cigarette so I guess it was true what she said about smoking before. I showed her a better way and told her to take a small drag. Naturally she tried to impress me and inhaled deeply. Immediately she started choking. When she finally caught her breath enough to speak she gasped for a drink of water. The only thing I had for her to drink was my beer so I handed her my nearly full can. My little Sandy again chugged away. I reached over and took the can away before she drank herself sick. Still holding the joint she took another, smaller toke. I took that away too and had a toke or two then gave it back to her. I asked her about her secret again.

"Don't tell but my daddy smokes pot. When he comes home from work he takes some from a black box he keeps in his room and makes a joint. Then he tells Celia to get him a beer. Then Papi would tell her to light it. He takes a long puff and blows the smoke in Celia's face. She likes it. "

"Does he blow smoke in your face too?"

"Uh uh. He doesn't know I watch them. They sit in his recliner and he blows more smoke at her until he finishes the joint. She looks sleepy after that. Then they go to her room until dinner is ready. Sometimes I listen at the door. They make funny noises like he's hurting her but when she comes out she looks tired but OK. "

Holy shit. Did she say what I think she said? He gets Celia stoned and fucks her. Damn. I had a hard-on thinking about her naked, with him on top of her banging away. Like I said before, I've seen her soaking wet and had a good idea of what she looked like naked. I remember last Halloween when she was dressed in her ballerina outfit. She took dance lessons and wore her dance clothes as a costume. Us older guys would wear masks and take candy from the little kids. We hid behind a tall hedge and ambushed them. Nothing violent just grabbing a few candy bars and candy corn to kill the munchies from the pot we smoked.

Anyway, Celia turned the corner ahead of Sandra and didn't see us standing in the shadows. She was spotlighted by the street light. Fuck she looked hot. She was wearing adult make-up including lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. That yellow leotard was tighter than tight. It had these gathered cups for her tits that didn't flatten them so they really popped out. The skirt was short and made of some lacy fluffy stuff you could see through. Her white tights made her legs look longer and slimmer than they were, and those fucking cute white ballet slippers completed the illusion. Lord, I wanted to run my hands over her body and squeeze her ass and tits. I got lost in my fantasy and when she got to us I grabbed her, and gave her a deep tongue kiss. She resisted at first from the surprise but then she began to kiss me back in earnest. I thought then that she was just a naturally good kisser but now I knew the truth. Her Daddy taught her.

"Doesn't your mother say anything?"

"Nope. Mommy keeps cooking and turns the radio louder. Sometimes they argue but he yells and gets scary and sometimes he slaps her face. I think she's scared of him. He spanks her too."

This keeps getting better and better. She dresses like an old lady but Sandy's mom was real hot. She's was like 30 or 31 back then with big tits and a nice round ass. I couldn't get the image of her bent over his knee while he wails on her bare ass out of my mind. Man, I would've given my left nut to see that.

The pot and beer had Sandra real relaxed and jabbering away. We were sitting in these wooden Adirondack chairs and she couldn't lean back unless she pulled her feet up on the seat, so that's what she did. It may have been shady back there but not dark enough that I couldn't see her white panties clear as day. Her skirt slipped down her raised thighs all the way to her waist. It would have been easy to kneel down and bury my face in her crotch had I thought of it. All I wanted was to see her hairless cunt and stick my cock in it.

"He gets mad when we break his rules and he spanks us real bad. Papi has lots of rules. "

"What kind of rules?"

She took another toke and told me how he gets mad if Celia and Sandy dirty their clothes so after school they have to hang them up and do their homework in their underwear. They have to go around in their panties until they go outside again. Celia wears a bra and Sandra wears an undershirt. They couldn't lock the bathroom door ever so he can pee if he has to. Sometimes he would come in and watch them shower to make sure they washed themselves right. Her mother wasn't allowed to wear pants, only skirts or dresses, and always had to wear high heels. None of the girls, including Mommy, was allowed to cut their hair without his permission. Nobody could watch TV until he got home and they watched the shows he watched. The window blinds were always kept closed and no one could open them but him. He opened all the mail even if it had their name on it. Lots of crazy rules.

I interrupted her and asked if she wanted me to blow smoke in her face. Sandra smiled and nodded her head. We leaned close to each other and I blew a long steady shotgun stream of smoke at her nose and mouth. She must have seen her sister pucker her lips and inhale when her father did it to Celia. Our faces were very close and after we were done she didn't pull away. Her eyes were opened, staring into mine. I took the joint out of my mouth. Her lips were still pursed so I leaned closer and gave her a peck on the lips. It was my first move on her. I figured with all the pot and beer, and knowing she liked me, that it would advance my plan. When I sat back she was still leaning forward with a strange look on her face. There was some serious shit going through her brain.

The mosquitoes were starting to bite so I decided to move inside. She was still talking when I asked her to come into my room. She stopped instantly. Sandy had never been inside my house, let alone my room. It seems that was another rule. No going in other people's houses. I guess she had to think about that one. If I was going to fool around with her or, heaven help me, fuck her, I had to get her inside. I knew with all the shit going on in her house she was wiser in the ways of sex than other 10 year olds. I suspected there were secrets she hadn't told me yet. I think she knew what was coming.

"Come on in. The mosquitoes are eating me alive. My parents are visiting my uncle and will be gone until late. Your father will never know."

"I know. He's busy with Celia anyway. Then he goes to sleep with Mommy in their room. They hardly notice me."

I pushed the screen door opened for her. For a second I thought she was going to go home. She glanced toward the street, turned to look at me, got up, and walked through my door.

Now what do I do? I had a stoned 10 year old in my bedroom. What next? Sandra started walking around investigating my room. My walls were covered with posters and my shelves held my treasures and mementos. I didn't have much furniture. There was a desk and chair, an old recliner with busted springs, and my bed. As I locked the door I heard the familiar sound of my bedsprings creaking. I turned and saw Sandra laying on my bed, her legs crossed at the ankles, and her hands behind her head. Sandra was a familiar sight on the block. She was always out playing and running around. I had never paid her that much attention. I had a thing for redheads and had my eye on a little irish girl down the block. But here was Sandra laying in my bed looking all hot and sexy. I took a closer look, especially at her legs. They were thin but muscular. Very tight. It must be all that running and bike riding. With her stretched out on my bed I could see how long they were compared to other girls her age. I could tell that she would be taller than her sister after her next big growing spurt. I couldn't wait to get between them. I sat down next to her and brushed some hair off her forehead.

"You want something to drink?"

"No thanks...................... Are you going to kiss me again?"

I didn't respond, I just leaned down and kissed her. At first it was a gentle peck. God, she smelled so sweet and tasted so good (later she told me it was peach lip gloss). Then I probed her mouth with my tongue. It took her a little bit before she got her tongue moving with mine but she was trying. Her mouth was so small that my lips overlapped hers. I wondered if my cock could fit in her mouth. She was smaller in real life than in my fantasies. If her mouth was this small, how tiny was her pussy? I had smoked and drank more than her and I'm sure it played a part in all this because I had no inhibitions. I didn't give any thought to the danger here.

I was resting on my left elbow with my hand under her head. I grabbed a handful of her thick black hair and used it to tilt her head and lift it harder against my mouth. She responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her chest to mine. Her little white tennis outfit was polyester and slippery. All her movements on my bed worked her skirt up her thighs, almost to her hip. She pulled her knees up and I could tell she was squeezing her thighs together trying to get herself off. I kicked off my sneakers and brought my legs up on the bed. It had to be a dream. I was laying in bed, making out with a 10 year old little girl.

All this time I had my right hand by her side, resting on the mattress. Now I shifted my weight and placed my right hand on her ribs. The temptation to slide my hand under her shirt was incredible but I resisted. Instead I rubbed it all up and down her side and back. We broke the kiss and she nuzzled her face under my chin. Suddenly I felt her sucking and nibbling on my neck. The little slut. She was trying to give me a hickey. Where did she learn that?

"What other secrets do you know?"

"Papi touches Celia's boobies and wee-wee. Sometimes when we watch TV and the living room is dark he thinks I can't see but I can see his hand between her legs. She sits on his lap in the recliner and he tickles her wee-wee. It makes me mad. He loves Celia more than me. When I sit in his lap he only rubs his pee-pee on my butt."

Wow, she's jealous of Celia and would like to be molested by him like her sister. Probably a lot of psychological stuff involved but who cares? I can use this. While she was telling me more about her father and sister I had moved my hand over to her chest. Not much there yet. A slight puffiness but oh those nipples. Both were hard and standing tall. I could feel them through the tin material of her top. It was a tank top with spaghetti straps. I brushed my fingers over them and she did nothing to stop me. Her only reaction was to start nibbling on me again. She may as well have said "fuck me". I pinched her left nipple. Not hard enough to hurt but enough so she knew it was no accident.

Again she said and did nothing. I began kissing her again, hard and deep, snorting like an animal. Sandy, for her part, began to pant and moan and pull me closer. I slipped my hand under her shirt pulled it up to her armpits, and reached for her immature breasts. Without the material to separate my hand from her skin I was amazed at how silky smooth and soft her breast was. Even her nipples were round and squishy like plump raisins. I wanted to see what I was feeling. I wanted to taste and lick, and bite her nipples like she bit my neck but my goal was her soft and smooth pussy.

Done exploring her chest, my hand made its way across her stomach, along her hip, and down her left thigh before crossing to her right knee and up her soft inner thigh. The little slut actually spread her legs open for me. My cock had swelled as big and as hard as I'd ever felt it. I was uncomfortable confined in my tighty whiteys and jeans but that would change shortly. Having a clear path to her pussy somehow made me slow down. I guess knowing that she wanted this took some of the urgency away. After all, I wanted to do this again and again all summer so it had to be pleasurable for her too.

I rubbed her cunt over her panties and kept kissing her, my tongue flapping wildly in her mouth. Now I pulled away, taking my hand from under her head and the other from her panties, to undo my belt and open my pants. I didn't take them off, too soon I thought, but with this my cock was free. I pulled it and my balls through the fly of my BVDs and gave it a few strokes with my hand. Sandra was on her back facing the ceiling breathing very hard. I didn't want to give her time to think so I took her hand and pulled it to my cock. She had to wiggle her way down to be able to reach it but once she did she went straight to work. With just the right grip and stroke she began to jerk me off.

"Did you see Celia do this to your father?"

"Uh uh. Bobby taught me."

"Bobby? Does your father know?"

"I don't know. I guess so. Papi sends me over to my aunt's house sometimes to help her. He never sends Celia. My aunt's old and I cook and do laundry. I seen Bobby give Papi marijuana."

I knew them. Bobby and his mother lived a couple of blocks over. He was a few years older than me, about 21. His mom was older than Sandy's father. He was like 40. I don't know how old she was but I knew she was sick with arthritis or something. Bobby was a loser. He dropped out of school and worked in a garage. I got my pot from a friend of his.

"Bobby touches me but he never kisses me. He calls me puta and is mean. He takes me to the basement and does things to me."

I didn't have to wait long to find out what they did in that basement. Sandra kept stroking my cock as she wiggled her ass down the bed until she was eye level with my cock, and before I knew what was coming she popped my cock into her mouth. Shit, it was my first preteen blow job. This little whore was sucking my cock like I had always dreamed it would be. She didn't just suck the tip. Her lips slid up and down the shaft.

Every few times she would take it and lick from head to balls. She played with them too like she was rolling dice. Thank you Bobby. She would even stick her tiny tongue in my pee hole and twirl it. I don't know how I didn't cum. Must have been the newness. Then she did something I'd never heard of. Now, I'm no John Holmes (remember him?) and at 18 I wasn't but maybe 6 inches or so but this tiny little girl swallowed my cock. My balls were on her chin. And she kept juggling my nuts and sucking hard. Now I came like a fire hydrant. I locked my fingers behind her head and wouldn't let her move. I really didn't have to though. She kept sucking hard until my balls were dry. She finally gave a little push with her hands and I released her.

"Did I do it OK?"

I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. I hesitated but the moment grabbed me and I kissed her. I wasn't sure I'd like it but I kissed her anyway. Years earlier I had tasted my cum out of curiosity and didn't like the taste. Kissing Sandy after she had sucked me dry, I expected to taste my cum again. But she didn't taste bad. If there was a cum after taste I couldn't tell. She had swallowed every last drop.

"You were perfect Baby. I have to be honest with you. That was the best blow job I've ever had. I can't imagine any woman doing it better than you. I loved it. Did Bobby teach you how to do that?"

"Nope. Celia showed me. We were outside and some guys they were talking and I heard them say 'suck my dick' and I asked her what that was. Celia was always talking about sex and stuff. She said she'd show me later. At night she took a banana and peeled it and the she showed me. She put it in her mouth and put it down her throat. She licked it and went up and down on it. She told me to practice everyday because guys will make me do it and they get mad if you don't do it good."

This was getting better and better. Celia was a master cocksucker if Sandra was any example. And guys? I thought Celia was Daddy's private fuck toy. Maybe she had other lovers.

"Does Bobby make you suck his cock?"

"Uh huh. He pulls my hair and slaps my face before I do it. And after, even if I do it good, he slaps me and calls me a puta. I hate him. I'm glad you're not like him."

I leaned over and resumed kissing her when I reached down, grabbed her panty's waistband, and started to pull them off. My tiny lover lifted her ass off the mattress and pulled her feet through the leg holes. I had explored a few cunts by then but never one so small and delicate. And never one so bare. I could only feel downy soft peach fuzz. Melody's was bare but she shaved it so there was razor stubble. Sandra's pussy skin was as smooth and silky as her breasts only more so. My hands were out of control now. I had snaked my left hand over to her chest and played with what little there was, while my right hand spread open her pussy.

Oh what joy. I was almost fully hard again as my fingers slid between her tender lips. As soon as I dipped my finger to her hole she started moaning and the honey was pouring out. She was as wet and slippery as any teenaged girl I had fucked. I spread the juices around and up onto her clit. When I touched it she gasped like when someone puts ice down your back. Her body tensed and her head went back. I began my usual swirls and side to side rubs but her clit was so small I'd lose it. Hell, she was so excited already, and her cunt was dripping wet, so I quit trying. What she needed was something inside her pussy. I began with my pinky finger not to hurt her but it was a little too small so I switched to my middle finger. It was tighter but not as tight as I expected. I pressed deeper and realized, her cherry was busted. No hymen. Fucking Bobby! I was pissed.

"Have you been fucked?"

"No. They stick fingers and stuff in me but I never done that."

"They? Who's they?"

I must have scared her. She got real quiet and stopped squirming. She realized she said too much. I lifted her chin so I could see her face. Her eyes were tearing up. This was her biggest secret.

"You can't tell nobody. They'll beat me to death. Bobby sticks candles in me. His finger too. Sometimes he uses two fingers but I scream if he does it too hard and his mother yells at us. Papi sticks his fingers in me when he spanks me. He calls it opening me up. He bends me over his knee when he spanks me and sticks his fingers in my wee-wee and my butt hole. Sometimes when he uses two fingers he hurts me but I don't scream. If I do he ties me to my bed and hits me with his belt and worser things."

I suddenly felt guilty. What the fuck was I doing? This girl was tortured, abused, and beaten by her family. How could I do this to her? Sandra was on the verge of real tears and I tried to comfort her with a hug, and kisses on her forehead and cheeks. Somehow kissing her mouth seemed wrong.

"I'm sorry Sandy. Maybe we should stop."

"No, no, no. Don't stop. Are you mad at me? I like when you do it. We don't have to stop. Please? Don't be mad. You can hit me if you want."

Man, this kid was really fucked in the head. I was abusing her and she was afraid I wouldn't like her anymore because her father and cousin were abusing her too. She thought I'd be jealous.

Here was a 10 year old sex angel with her shirt up over her tiny tits and with no panties laying in my bed begging me to rape her. She laid back down and closed her eyes. I leaned back and just looked at her. I never turned the lights on so the only light in the room came from the window, but oh what a picture. Her small puffy mounds with those beautiful nipples. Her flat stomach and shallow belly button. I couldn't see her pussy but her splayed legs showed her willingness. Her hair was a mess and the peach lip gloss was long gone. She was the sexiest girl I had ever seen. She was my dream come true. My cock was even harder than before. How could I resist. I no longer had a conscience.

I put my finger in her mouth and fucked her mouth with it. She sucked it like a cock. I pulled my finger out of her mouth and plunged it into her pussy until I couldn't go deeper. I'd seen a lot of porno movies by this time. Back in my day things were a lot different than today. Like you could watch real kiddy porn movies at the Peep Shows, not videos or DVDs, they were 8mm films. And you could buy hardcore pedo books, like Kinderlove and Incest Family, openly right over the counter. Mostly poor quality but very graphic. I liked the movies from India. Those guys took these skinny little girls and fucked them like they were grown women. They pushed and pushed until the cock was in and fucked them like crazy. The Danish ones were hot too with those little blonde honeys but the men didn't treat them as rough as the Indians.

I pulled my finger out of Sandy's cunt and put it back, along with another, into Sandy's mouth. I think she knew what was next because her eyes were wide open now. I finger fucked her mouth again and told her to get ready. Now I pushed my two fingers into her cunt. Not as quick or forcefully as before but it hurt her regardless. I could tell because she squealed.

"Go ahead and scream. No one can hear you. The house is empty. What we're gonna do will hurt you."

"Are you gonna put your pee-pee inside me?"

"It's called fucking. From now on I want you to say fucking and pussy and cock instead of those baby words. Babies don't do this kind of stuff. After tonight you'll be a real woman."

I stood up and undressed. Sandy reached for her shirt but I told her to stop. Even with girls my age, I prefer them dressed. It feels nastier fucking them dressed. My pants dropped, being that they were already undone. The BVDs followed, then my t-shirt. I knelt on the bed and made my way between her legs. It was clumsy but I hooked my arms under her knees and pulled her legs up. Now she was spread wide opened. I reached down and put my cock right at her hole. It wasn't as hard to find as I thought it would be, and so gooey and slippery that I just gave a little push and the head was in. Sandra's cunt tensed up and squeezed tight trying to push me out but I pressed down and it started sliding into her.

Now her moans and whimpers turned into wailing. Maybe more like a cry of relief. Bobby and her father had done a good job opening her up though I wished I had popped her cherry. Call me evil but I wanted to see blood. Her cunt gripped me tight and now seemed to be pulling me in rather than trying to push me out. My cock was in a 10 year old pussy at last. I didn't realize it but I must have been holding my breath because when my cock hit the back of her cunt I let out a big sigh. Sandra was crying. Well, not really crying. More like praying and pleading. She was speaking in English and Spanish, mumbling them all together. Her head was shaking side to side and her eyes were opened. I wasn't listening, devoting everything to enjoying this fuckin' little girl. Once I settled down and got comfortable I pulled my hips back slowly and pushed back in. Soon my tiny whore started pushing her hips up to meet mine when I pushed down and we developed a nice rhythm. Now we were fucking.

Except for the incredible tightness surrounding my cock it really wasn't much different from fucking a girl my age. Well, except for a couple of things. When I looked down at Sandy I could only see the top of her head, not her face. It showed me how small she was and how monstrous a thing I was doing to her. There was also the paranoia. The fear that her father or Bobby would burst in the room at any moment. I knew it wasn't likely. Her father was drunk by now and busy with his wife and Celia. Sandy was right. After thinking about what she told me about her family I could see how they ignored her. She was often out late alone. Her sister would "lose" her and go to her friends' houses. I never heard them calling her in like they did Celia. Celia wore make-up, had nicer clothes, dance lessons, and didn't get farmed out to pay for pot. And Bobby? He didn't even know my name, and he definitely didn't know where I lived. Still, I was fucking a 10 year old so paranoia was natural. Those things made it all the more exciting.

We had been at it for maybe ten minutes and, even after that fantastic blow job, I could feel my nuts tightening and that rush to my toes. I was going to cum. The question of whether she has periods never came up and for a second I thought about pulling out. It quickly passed. That rush was now working its way up my back and like that, I was cumming. Each time I squirted it felt like a gallon of cum. I don't know how much I sprayed into her baby womb but it was a lot. We were still smashing into each other as I came and, like a pump, my cock started pushing a mix of her warm sweet honey and my cream out of her pussy. My bedspread was soaked. So were we. Not only with love juice, but with sweat. I was exhausted.

After I caught my breath I climbed off Sandy. With me laying on top of her she got the worst of it. That polyester outfit was dripping wet. Her skin glistened. She was a mess. I went to my bathroom and came back with a warm wet washcloth and a hairbrush. She was already out of bed and watching me. Sitting down on the edge of the bed I finally undressed her. Off came the top and I could finally get a look at her tits. They looked like they felt. Two slight mounds, very firm and already showing a little crease at the bottom. The surprise were her nipples, or more precisely, their aureolas. They were much darker than the rest of her skin and gave those tiny breasts the illusion of being bigger. The aureolas tilted back a little so her nipples pointed up. Pretty nice for her young age. I couldn't wait to see them grow. I undid her skirt which was a wraparound thing and it fell off. Now I could see her pussy. No hair at all, just a shadowy fuzz that, knowing latin women, would eventually grow into a thick ugly mess. This was my ideal pussy and remains so to this day.

Anyway, I took the washcloth and began wiping my tiny whore. I started with her face and neck, cleaning off my saliva and cum if any. Then I ran it down her arms and across her chest and stomach where my sweat had dripped on her. She was so cute, holding her arms out so I could clean her underarms. Of course I wiped her pussy paying close attention to the inner goodies. Some cum was still oozing out but what could I do? I gave her some toilet paper to tuck in her panties to catch the rest. Then I spun her around and was greeted by the cutest little Dominican ass ever. Most of her clothes were Celia's hand me downs so they were baggy and loose on Sandra. I never got a good look at her ass until now. It wasn't big but the shape was perfect. In those old porn booklets the girls were skinny and underfed and had shriveled asses. This was Caribbean/NYC, McDonalds fed ass. I remembered Sandy telling me how her father stuck his fingers in her pussy and asshole when he spanked her.

Asshole, asshole! Damn, I had totally forgotten about her asshole in my excitement. Preteen asshole. I had recently been introduced to the joy of anal sex by my girlfriend Melody. Sandy and her couldn't be more opposite. Melody was 18 and Sandy 10. Melody was 5' 4". Sandy was 4' 5". Melody was white as snow. Sandra was brown like café con leche. Melody was my sex teacher. Sandra was my sex pupil. I didn't know if this was my only chance with Sandra so I had to fuck her ass. I would regret it the rest of my life if I didn't.

I told my little whore to drag my desk chair over and place it in front of me. Like an obedient puppy she pranced over, yes pranced over, and fetched it. I placed it in front of me, told her to sit, and gave her some beer. I went to the bathroom rinsed, the cloth, reached into my medicine cabinet and got my Vaseline. Sandy looked on but didn't say anything. I took the beer out of her hand and told her to kneel on the chair and lean over the back. I didn't tell her what I was planning so she must have thought I was still cleaning her. I sat and rubbed the washcloth between those beautiful ass cheeks, paying particular attention to her rosebud. After dipping my finger into the Vaseline I dabbed some on her asshole and started to push.

"Please no Guy. I don't like that."

No conscience, remember?

"Shhh. It'll be OK. I'll do it slow and easy."

She might not have been a virgin here either but damn was she tight. I dipped again with two fingers this time and pushed again. This time I got in. One finger at first but when I felt her relax I slipped the second one in. Sandy was breathing heavily now like a runner on the last lap. This was so different from her pussy. That was juicy and loose. Her ass was dry and tight. With my other hand I lubed my cock and stood up. My cock was hard again and ready to get some ass though I don't know how Sandy felt about it. She hadn't protested again so I went for it. My two fingers had loosened her up quite a bit and the beer helped I'm sure. I held my cock and put to her asshole. Now Sandy spoke up.

"No, no, no. It's gonna hurt. Please Guy. I thought you likeded me."

"I do. That's why we have to do this. If you do it good you can be my girl. If not I might have to try it with Celia."

Dirty pool I know but deep down I knew she wanted to do this with me. At least that's the excuse I used to rationalize it.

"OK, but go slow. Please don't hurt me."

And with that I pushed. First with my thumb to open up her ass and then, with it acting like a shoehorn, I followed with my cock. In one smooth motion I was balls deep in her ass. Sandy tried to straighten up but with a hand on her back she stayed put. With my hands on her hips I began to fuck her ass.

I thought her pussy was tight but oh my God, her ass was like fucking a clenched fist. I started slow at first like she asked but soon I was up to speed. This time I got no help from her. She just stayed still and took it. I heard some grunting but that was it. I was young but cumming three times within such a short time was hard. Poor Sandra. I spent more time in her ass than I did in her mouth or her pussy combined. I had to dab more Vaseline on my cock because it was drying out. She hung in there though and finally I could feel that wonderful feeling once more. I was hunched over her back thrusting my cock in and out like a jackhammer. Sandy's head was hanging from her neck limp, bobbing back and forth with every stroke.

I thought she had passed out. Her asshole was loose by now. I could pull out completely and it stayed open. When it would start to shut I'd shove my cock in again. The feel of my cock head popping past her sphincter was amazing. My nuts were tingling and soon I was spurting into her ass. I was wrong about Sandy. She didn't pass out. She told me that after she gave up fighting it she started relaxing and began to get this funny feeling. She said it was like when you're sick and get the chills but that these chills felt good. And they didn't stop until I stopped.

"Did you feel that way when I fucked your pussy?"

"No. Just when you fucked my ass."

Outstanding. My little slut didn't cum when I fucked her cunt. She came when I fucked her ass.

"Did it hurt as bad as when your father sticks his fingers in your ass?"

"Yeah, but it got better."

"Well sweetheart, this is the best sex I've ever had. I don't think Celia, or your Mother, or any woman could do it better. If we wouldn't get in trouble I'd tell everybody about it and ask you to be my girlfriend."

"Really? Your girlfriend? Wow."

"Yeah. Too bad. If people found out I'd go to jail and you'd go to a foster home, if your Dad doesn't kill us first, so we can't tell anybody. I'd still like to see you though. I think I'm in love."

I knew I was laying it on thick but I needed this girl. I hit her with romance and fear. My two most potent weapons. My little angel felt ignored and unloved at home so I tell her I love her and how important she is to me to bind her to me. She's deathly afraid of her father and that fear would keep her mouth shut.

I rinsed the wash cloth again and wiped up all the Vaseline off the both of us and helped my little puta get dressed. She was dressed as before but with a different look in her eyes. Sandra knew we shared the biggest secret ever and that knowledge gave her a new attitude, different from how she arrived here.

In the days that followed I could see that attitude in how she treated her little girl friends and especially her big sister. She wasn't a follower anymore. I could see how she dominated her clique. She didn't trail after Celia like she used to either. If Celia noticed I couldn't tell. She was so self-absorbed that nothing registered with her outside her immediate family and her tight circle of girlfriends. I told Sandra that after we fucked she'd be a woman. Now she was acting like one.

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This was very well done. Good story line with an entirely believable plot. The characters of the story seemed believable and their dialogue was excellent. Writing a believable conversation dialogue is difficult and you did a terrific job of making it flow naturally. Good job!

I got a very vivid visual image from the descriptions given. Excellent grammar and punctuation. I think you are one of the better writers in this forum and will read other things you've written, as well as your future stories.


This story is a solid winner, very erotic, true-to-life. I will eagerly move on to the next couple installments.

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