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Welcome to my erotic story archive.

Reader Beware!
Not Intended For Anyone Under 18

I do not censor myself when I write, so be sure to check all of the story codes before you read.
Make sure you understand what they mean before you begin reading. I don't want a mail-box full of angry emails because you are misinformed or confused.

All hate mail, death threats, and letters informing me to seek God's forgiveness will be ignored and deleted.

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All of my stories are interconnected and link together to tell a much larger tale.
The following is a suggested order in which to read them, but it is only a suggestion.
Titles bound within green lines are directly related to each other, and should be read in the order presented. If you are curious to learn more about the universe in which my tales are set please follow the link directly below.

The "Moments In My Mind" Universe

"A Peek Behind The Veil"
Editors and Consultants:
Red Barron, Tajod & TeNderLoiN

Still In Progress

Private Detective Nick Stone takes a moment to reflect on his past and the case that started him down the dark path in search of answers.

Story Codes (nosex, paranormal)

Edited by Tajod

2006 GCA Winner!

1st Place - Furry/Bestiality/Zoo
3rd Place - Voyeur/Exhibitionist

Helen has some skeletons in her closet. One of them has just offered her a chance of a lifetime. All of her perverted fantasies could come true, as long as she follows the rules of the game. With her family as the pawns, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Story Codes (M/F, M/m, M/f, m/g, F/f, f/g, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, strapon F/f, strapon f/M, prostate, 1st, teen, preteen, ped, incest, best, dog/boy, dog/girl, electro, anal, oral, deep throat, forced, mast, bi, noncon, con, reluct, coer, bond, Fdom, Mdom, D/s, voy, exhib, humil, group, size, drug, toys, squirt, rough, sci-fi)

"Project Phoenix: Experiment Logs"
Edited by Tajod

The following files describe individual experiments conducted by Project Phoenix under the direction of Dr. Malcolm Whelan. These experiments began in 1976 and continued until 2006 when the experiment was unexpectedly abandoned for reasons unknown. While most of the files were destroyed to preserve secrecy, some were illegally 'hacked' and are presented here for your review.

Story Codes (Multiple Codes Apply, see individual stories for details.)

"Eve of Destruction"
Edited by Tajod

Welcome to Project Phoenix, the greatest secret ever kept. They are working to make the world a safer place for us all, but are they too late? The fate of the world now rests in the hands of a scared eleven year old girl named Eve.

Story Codes (M/g, ped, preteen, incest, reluct, con, oral, mast, exhib, grandfather, granddaughter, sci-fi, paranormal, drug)

Edited by Tajod
Still In Progress

Sixteen year old Robbie Davis has a lot on his mind. He's just discovered that the values that his family holds dear are considered illegal in the rest of the world. If that weren't bad enough, he's awakened each night by nightmares involving a ten year old girl who calls out to him for help. He knows that they are just dreams, but why does she look so familiar?

Story Codes (M/F, M/f, M/m, F/f, F/m, b/g, teen, bi, incest, Femdom, anal, oral, toys, noncon, reluct, cons, mc, enema, S/M, tort, rape, sci-fi, paranormal)

"Into The Shadows: The Coming Dark"
Edited by Tajod
Still In Progress

The Johnson family didn't know just how special their adopted daughter Bethany was, but they will. Soon the whole world will know the name of the little girl with green eyes, and of "He who speaks only lies", the one to whom Bethany has been promised.

Story Codes (M/F, MF/g, F/g, M/g, m/g, paranormal, tentacle, incest, mother, father, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, niece, teen, preteen, voyeur, exhib, mast, anal, oral, deep throat, rim, anal play, bi, het, les, noncon, reluct, con, drug, first, rape)

"Obscurum Intus"
Edited by Tajod

An unstoppable plague has been released upon mankind; its
darkness is spreading, its influence growing. It feeds on our fears,
our hopes, and our desires; it offers us promises of power, of unity,
and strength. It lies.

Stories of the Obscurum Intus (Darkness Within) will detail the how
the Dark God's influence has spread to pandemic proportions,
overwhelming those sworn to protect the human race from his evil.
Each tale is told from the perspective of a potential victim who has
unfortunately come into contact with one or more of the infected.
Though these stories are a spin-off series from "Into the Shadows"
they can be read as stand alone tales.

Story Codes (Multiple Codes Apply, see individual stories for details.)

Edited by Tajod

I thought my life was boring.  I thought things like this weren’t supposed to happen to a thirteen year old kid like me, not like it does in the movies.  It’s all still a little confusing, a bit like waking up after a dream, only… I’m not so sure I’d ever really been awake, at least not until I met her.  With the whole world going to shit, she was the one thing that felt real, and this is our story.

Story Codes (rom, first, paranormal, magic, violence, voy, exhib, teen, pt, mc, mast, mg, FF, lez, oral, sci-fi)


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