Teacher's Pet (FFgg, cons, oral) 19-Mar-12
A Mother's Desire (FFg, ped, ws, oral) 02-Jul-12
Ebo [profile]
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 1 (g, g, mast, ped) 05-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 2 (g/g, cons, oral, g mast, toys, ped) 07-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 3 (g/g cons, trib, ped) 11-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 4 (g/g cons, ped, shower, forced orgasm) 11-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 5 (g/g cons, ped, oral) 25-Jan-15
The Black Lingerie, Chapter 6 (g,g ped) 25-Jan-15
Mom's Journal 1 (F/g inc exhib ped) 09-Apr-14
Mom's Journal 2 (F/g, inc, mast, panties, ped) 10-Apr-14
Mom's Journal 3 (F/g, inc, lac, oral, anal) 11-Apr-14
Mom's Journal 4 (F/g, inc, ped, g/g) 12-Apr-14
Mom's Journal 5 (F/F, F/F/g, inc, ped, anal, lac) 12-Apr-14
Mom's Journal 6 (g/g FF/gg, inc, panties, oral, anal, ped) 12-Apr-14
Mom's Journal 7 (g/g ped FF/gg, anal, lac, inc, oral) 12-Apr-14
Mom's Journal 8 (F/g, inc g/g/g ped, anal, oral) 12-Apr-14
Donuts? Part 1 (F/g ped, oral) 13-Apr-14
Donuts? Part 2 (F/g, ped, oral, M/d/F anal, lac) 13-Apr-14
Going for Broke, Part 1 (F/gg, twins/twins, mast/ ped) 14-Apr-14
Going for Broke, Part 2 (F, g/g/g/g, twins/twins, ped, inc) 14-Apr-14
Going for Broke, Part 3 (F/gggg, Twins, inc, ped, mast, oral, anal) 15-Apr-14
A Little Rain Must Fall, Part 1 (F/g, nosex, teen, prequel) 16-Apr-14
A Little Rain Must Fall, Part 2 (F/g, nosex, fantasy, building desire) 16-Apr-14
A Little Rain Must Fall, Part 3 (F/g nosex - yet, panties, temptation) 17-Apr-14
A Little Rain Must Fall, Part 4 (F/g, panties, anal, 69, rom) 17-Apr-14
1886 - Staking Claim, Part 1 (F/g, nosex, FF/g, inc, ped, love) 19-Apr-14
1886 - Staking Claim, Part 2 (F/g. FF/gg, ped, inc, ritual, anal, rom) 20-Apr-14
1886 - Staking Claim, Part 3 (F.g, ped, inc) 20-Apr-14
The Amorous Adventures of Stephanie and Samantha, Part 1 (F/g,rom,lac,inc,oral,anal) 29-Jul-14
The Amorous Adventures of Stephanie and Samantha, Part 2 (Mast/F/g,Inc.Oral.Anal) 05-Aug-14
1886 - Staking Claim, Part 4 (F/g,F/F,g/g,exhib,oral,anal) 08-Aug-14
The Amorous Adventures of Stephanie and Samantha, Part 3 (F/g,FF/gg,Epiphany,Orgy,Inc,Oral,Anal,Lac,Pee,Smoking) 12-Aug-14
The Amorous Adventures of Stephanie and Samantha, Part 4 (F/b, F/g/g, Inc,Cons B/D, Oral, Anal, b/g) 15-Aug-14
Mom's Journal 9 - Mom's Journal Revisted (F/g, FF/gg, ggg, Preg, Rom, Inc, Anal, Oral, Lac) 15-Nov-14
Ellie [profile]
Lucky Day (FF, g,Lac,ws, voy) 02-Aug-08
Rainy Day (F f Beast) 11-Sep-08
Friends (FFg spank voy) 26-Sep-08
Hard Times (FFf ws nc) 20-Nov-08
Study on Puberty (ped, mast, fin, ws) 09-Mar-11
Lost Innocence (seduction,nc,Ff,ws) 11-Aug-12
Skipped School Encounter (Ff, ws, mast) 31-Aug-12
Initiation (Ff, ws nc D/s) 23-Jul-13
Ellies Aunt (Ff, ws, nc) 14-Jan-14
eloquent delinquent [profile]
Bad Like Me, Part 1 (g, mast) 29-Nov-13
Bad Like Me, Part 2 (gg, mast) 05-Dec-13
Bad Like Me, Part 3 (gg, mast, exhib, rom) 29-Dec-13
Sexy Stepsister Spy, Part 1 (fg, voy, mast, anal, spank, ws) 11-Jan-14
Sexy Stepsister Spy, Part 2 (fg, voy, mast, oral, anal, ws) 12-Jan-14
Bad Like Me, Part 4 (gg, exh, voy, mast) 24-Jul-14
Honey Loves - Confessions of an Incestuous Mother, Part 1 (F/g, inc, ped, mast (some b/g, g/g in flashback)) 11-Jan-15
Honey Loves - Confessions of an Incestuous Mother, Part 2 (F/g inc ped mast oral (some f/f m/f b/f f/g in flashback)) 25-Jan-15
Recovery, Chapter 1 (cons, love, rom, teen, dentist, Ff, nosex YET, breasts, more to come) 09-Apr-09
Recovery, Chapter 2 (cons, love, rom, teen, dentist, Ff, breasts, more to come) 12-Apr-09
Emily Derrin
Awakening Alison (f/g, mast, oral) 08-Dec-10
Sweet Summer Memory (F/g incest, roleplay) 08-Aug-11
The Sister Games (gg,mast,oral) 22-Nov-12
Emma Star [profile]
Nina's True Self Discovered, Chapter 1 (F/F/g, Inc) 01-Oct-05
Nina's True Self Discovered, Chapter 2 (FFg, Ff, Inc) 06-Oct-05
Nina's True Self Discovered, Chapter 3 (F/f/g/g, F/f, pedo, mast, oral, inc) 23-Nov-05
Caroline and the Lavine Girls, Chapter 1 (F/f, g, exhib) 09-Feb-06
Nina's True Self Discovered, Chapter 4 (f/g, ped, cons, oral) 12-Apr-06
Emma the Minx
Morning Rush (fF nc public) 25-Nov-07
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 1 (Nosex,rom,teen,kiss) 30-Mar-09
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 2 (Ff,kiss,teen,solo,mast,rom) 31-Mar-09
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 3 (Rom, teen, oral, ff) 01-Apr-09
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 4 (fff, ff, rom, teen, d, oral, anal, reluc) 02-Apr-09
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 5 (ff, teen, oral, toy, rom) 03-Apr-09
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 6 (Ff, inc, rom, teen, oral) 04-Apr-09
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 7 (Ff,ff,teen,oral) 06-Apr-09
Erika's Homecuming (slutfest), Chapter 8 – Conclusion (Ffff,ff,teen,toys,oral,anal,inc) 08-Apr-09
Leaving Home, Chapter 1: Erika's Departure (Teen,nosex,rom) 09-Apr-09
Leaving Home, Chapter 2: Making friends (Teen, rom, nosex yet) 20-Apr-09
Leaving Home, Chapter 3: Punishment (Teen, nosex yet, rom) 21-Apr-09
Leaving Home, Chapter 4: The Decision (Teen, ff, f solo, rom, oral) 28-Apr-09
Molly's Story: The Sleepover (f,f,nosex,rom,reluc,teen) 18-Jul-09
Child Porn-Star (F/g, inc, spank, femdom, reluc) 09-Feb-08
Rent My Daughter, Part 1 (FF/g, voy, bond, anal, atm) 04-Jul-10
Playtoy Baby, Part 1 (FM/g, inc, mast, oral, dom, reluc) 25-Jul-10
Playtoy Baby, Part 2 (F/g, inc, exhib, mast, anal, bond, dom, reluc) 28-Jul-10
Perverted Parenting (MFF/g, ped, bond, inc, spank, panties, strap-on, anal, oral, atm) 08-Aug-10
Rent My Daughter, Part 2 (FF/g, ped, inc, voy, photo, bond, anal, spank) 12-Sep-10
How To Fit a Hand Inside a Child (Fg, anal, oral, fist) 26-Sep-10
Eva [profile]
Looking Up (Fg lesbian ws) 31-Aug-07
As Instructed (FFf, sex, oral, humiliation) 18-Dec-07
Driftwood (FFg sex anal oral) 19-Dec-07
Flutterby (Fg lesbian sex) 20-Dec-07
Knicker-licker (F/Fg lesbian anal oral fetish) 05-Jan-08
Wet Kisses (F/g kissing oral) 09-Jan-08
Liberty, Part 1 (FFg sex oral watersports anal) 17-Jan-08
Liberty, Part 2 (FFg sex oral watersports) 17-Jan-08
FiFi (Fg, lesbian, anal, humiliation, games) 18-Jan-08
Best Years of Our Life (Fgg lesbian) 22-Jan-08
Dolly, Part 1 (FFgg, lesbian, old-fashioned) 28-Jan-08
Dolly, Part 2 (FFgg, lesbian, oral, old-fashioned) 29-Jan-08
Matchmaker (FFgg, lesbian) 31-Jan-08
Candy Striped, Part 1 (Fffg lesbian panties humilition femdom mast) 04-Feb-08
Candy Striped, Part 2 (FFffg lesbian, knickers, fetish, humiliation, oral, d/s) 18-Feb-08
The Twenty Year Apology, Part 1 (FFg, lesbian) 22-Feb-08
LoveMummy (Fg lesbian anal fist rom) 09-Apr-08
Melting (Fg (plus other female), lesbian, d/s, girldom) 18-Apr-08
Jessica Bright (FFgg, lesbian, panties) 18-Jul-08
Reunion (FFFgg lesbian bd memories) 14-Jan-09
The Real Thing (Fgg, mast, voy, kiss, lesbian, school) 23-Feb-09
Serving Time (FFfg, lesbian, d/s, oral) 10-Mar-09
The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 1 (FFgg, lesbian, romantic, kissing, petting, control) 15-Mar-09
The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 2 (Fg, lesbian, fisting, spank, shaving, d/s) 17-Mar-09
The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 3 (FFFg lesbian humiliation femdom toys voyeur preg) 22-Mar-09
The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 4 (Ffgg, lesbian, control, d/s, panties) 29-Mar-09
The Girl Who Made Women Say Yes, Part 5 (FFfgg, lesbian, bd, oral) 03-Apr-09
Melted (F, f, oral, breasts, romantic, d/s) 30-Jul-09
Cow (F, g, fetish, fist) 17-Jun-10
Half Full (F, F, g, d/s) 31-Jul-10
The Half Empty Feeling (D/s, F, F, g, dressing up) 10-Aug-10
525: Golden Rule (F/g) 01-Sep-10
525: Hope (F/g d/s) 01-Sep-10
525: Miracle on Pharaoh Street (F/g) 01-Sep-10
Hunt, part 1 (F/g) 06-Sep-10
Unintended Consequences (FF/ Fg oral anal ped) 15-May-11
Catcall (F/g rom exhib anal bond) 02-Aug-11
Camera 13-Sep-11
Healing the Hurt (F/g rom) 14-Sep-12
The Key (F/ g / rom) 18-Sep-12
Little Things (F/ g / petting/ underwear/ feet/ d/s) 05-Oct-12
Lebisan (F/g, water sports, oral) 25-Nov-12
Santa's Coming (F/g/toys/festive) 16-Dec-13
Evee Griffen
Cutting Class (F, g, No sex, Voy, Mast) 16-Apr-10