Daughter's Lesbian Desires (F, f, g, inc, fist, ws) (Interactive Story) 25-Sep-06
Kael [profile]
Playing with my Cousin (f/g, inc, ped, reluc) 07-May-11
Emma (f/g, cons, ped, oral) 07-May-11
Sisters (f/f, inc) 12-Jul-11
Katie, Part 1 (f/f, voy, nc, sleeping) 12-Jul-11
Maya (f/g) 12-Jul-11
Miranda, Part 1 (F/g, ageplay) 12-Jul-11
In My Room (F g mast inc) 31-Jan-13
Karen Cypher [profile]
Jenna's Vacation-1 (M/F, f solo, exhib, light humil) 14-May-09
Jenna's Vacation-2 (FF,mast,voy,exhib) 17-May-09
Jenna's Vacation-3 (F, f, exhib, voyeur, rmast) 28-May-09
Jenna's Vacation-4 (exhib, voy, F/f, mast) 29-May-09
Jenna's Vacation-5 (F mast, exhib, F/f/f, inc (implied)) 06-Jun-09
Jenna's Vacation-6 (F,f,f, inc, voy, exhib) 07-Jun-09
Jenna's Vacation-7 (F/f/f, exhib, mast, F/f, inc, fist) 17-Jun-09
Sophie's Gems-1; Crystal (F/f, mast, exhib, anal) 30-Jul-09
Sophie's Gems-2; Jade (F, Mast, F/F, exhib) 02-Aug-09
Sophie's Gems-3; Amber, pt1 (F,f,mast,exhib,voy) 14-Aug-09
Sophie's Gems-4; Amber, pt2 (F,f,mast,exhib,voy) 16-Aug-09
Sophie's Gems-5; Opal (F,F,anal,exhib,oral) 18-Aug-09
Sophie's Gems-6; Family Jewels, pt 1 (F, FF, f solo, mast, light b/d, exhib, anal) 17-Sep-09
Sophie's Gems-7; Family Jewels, pt 2 (FF, FFf, inc, mast, voy, exhib) 17-Sep-09
Sophie's Gems-8; Family Jewels, pt 3 (F solo, mast, f/f, inc, exhib) 22-Nov-09
Sophie’s Gems-9; Family Jewels, pt 4 (F/f, f solo, exhib inc) 26-Nov-09
Sophie's Gems-10; Family Jewels, pt 5 (F/f, f solo, F/F, F/F/f, inc) 05-Dec-09
Shared Passion (F,F,f,inc,mast) 15-Jul-10
Remembered Kiss, Remembered Love (F/f, mast, exhib, soft) 10-Sep-11
Short Ride (F/f, exhib) 25-Sep-11
Office Dream-01 (F/F, f/F (implied), bdsm) 01-Oct-11
The Bus (F/f, exhib, anal) 31-Oct-12
Karen White [profile]
My Nightly Fantasies (F, dreams, g,f) 30-Jul-13
Karyn O [profile]
The Web Cam (f/f inc) 18-Jul-09
Becoming Close (F/f inc) 05-Aug-09
Kate and Kelly (f/f) 09-Aug-09
Kate and Jenna, Part I (F/f Inc) 01-Sep-09
Kate and Jenna, Part II (F/f Inc) 20-Sep-09
Softball Sleepovers (f/f/f/f) 11-Oct-09
Sleepover at Our House (F/f/f/f/f/f Inc) 21-Jul-10
Remembering Mom (F/F, F/f Inc) 25-Aug-10
KatC [profile]
Susan's Summer, Part 1 (f/g spank) 17-Jun-07
Susan's Summer, Part 2 (f/g spank, voy, solo mast) 21-Jun-07
Susan's Summer, Part 3 (f/g spank, mast) 28-Jun-07
Susan's Summer, Part 4 (f/f teen rom) 10-Aug-07
Susan's Summer, Part 5 (f/f teen rom spank mast) 13-Aug-07
Susan's Summer, Part 6 (f/f teen rom spank mast) 17-Aug-07
Susan's Summer, Part 7 (f/g/f) 23-Oct-07
Susan's Summer, Part 8 (f/g/f spank, mast, oral, anal) 25-Oct-07
Susan's Summer, Part 9 (f/g spank, mast, anal, tantra) 27-Oct-07
Senses Play Tricks (poem, F/g, rom, longing, desire) 29-Oct-07
Kathy [profile]
Sister Lust 1 (Inc, fg, ff, oral) 26-Oct-12
Sister Lust 2 (fg inc) 17-May-13
Kathy-Anne Niemann [profile]
Jane and Nicole (F/g) 09-Jan-08
Melinda, My Love (F/g) 16-Jan-08
Seducing the Seducer (g/F) 21-Jan-08
My Weekend with Casey (M/g) 03-Feb-08
After Eighteen Years (f/f inc) 17-Feb-08
Teacher's Pet (F/g) 10-Mar-08
Anniversary (F/g) 23-Mar-08
My Prom Date (F/g) 07-Apr-08
The Breakup (F/g) 07-Jan-09
Kayla's First Time (Ff) 25-Aug-13
Keep Denver [profile]
The Girls of St. Dumas, Part I – Dormitory Girls (f_solo, ff) 01-Jan-06
Kelly Ann [profile]
Mommy's Lip Gloss (Ff) 15-Mar-15
K. Finnegan
Arizona Heat, Part 1b: Jenny's Story (F f lac) 03-Nov-11
La princesa y los panties (Fg, anal, rom, panties, oral, mast, toys) 02-Aug-15
Abandonada (Fg, mast, oral, anal, viol) 02-Aug-15
Intrusia (Ff, rom, spank, oral, anal, femdom, mast) 16-Aug-15
Kids Loving Kids [profile]
The Sister Sitters, Part 1 (infant, f/g/g, inc (sisters), ped, cons, beast reference) 03-Feb-07
Hathor's Children, Chapter 1 (ffg, les, ped, cons, exhib, mast, oral) 20-Mar-07
Forced to Try (ggg( 6 yo), baby-girl, inc, reluc, hints of others to come?) 29-May-08
Trixie, Mommy, and I (g7 mom female dog) 01-Jun-08
Sisters Anna and Becky (D/s, inc, 16f,10g,babyg, ped, femdom, feet, anal play) 11-Jul-08
Can I Make a Movie? (mast, exhib, toys, g7, g3, g newborn) 12-Oct-08
The Adoption Clinic (baby, pedo, lact, ws) 13-Dec-08
Window Show (exhib, f12, g8. no sex.) 21-Dec-08
The Child Exhibitionist – It Starts With a Slumber Party (3g(6),3g(8) mast, exhib, some ws) 31-May-09
Sexy and Legal (nosex, voy) 08-Jan-10
Kieran Richards
War Stories (viol, nosex) 01-Apr-09
War Stories 2 (viol, nosex) 02-Apr-09
War Stories 3 (oral) 03-Apr-09
War Stories 4 (viol) 04-Apr-09
War Stories 5 (viol) 06-Apr-09
War Stories 6 (viol) 07-Apr-09
War Stories 7 (viol, oral) 08-Apr-09
War Stories 8 (viol) 09-Apr-09
War Stories 9 11-Apr-09
My Neighbor (F,g,ped,rom) 10-Feb-12
A Glimmer of Hope, Chapter 1 (f, g, inc, ped, teen, reluc) 02-Jan-07
A Glimmer of Hope, Chapter 2 (f,g,anal,inc,ped,teen) 04-Jan-07
Nicole's Story (f, mast) (Interactive Story) 22-Jan-07
Nina's Homecumming (f) (Interactive Story) 01-Feb-07
Karen, Becky & Buddy (f,g, beast) (Interactive Story) 22-Feb-07
Seduction From A Slumber (F,f,Oral,Teen,Con,rom) 22-Jun-13
My Secret (ped inc F/g panties) 11-Dec-11
Babysitting (ped inc g/f) 15-Dec-11
Ballet 25-Dec-11
IShoweredWithSamNaked (g,g, reluc, iCarly) 22-Mar-12
Joanie's Surprise (F, g, mast, inc) 28-Mar-12
ISawCarlyandSam (fgg, iCarly) 20-May-12
Emma (Fg ghost/paranormal inc) 07-Nov-13
My Name is Alice, Chapter 1 (f g mast) 22-Mar-15
My Name is Alice, Chapter 2 (F g oral anal voy) 29-Mar-15
Hanabi Explodes (Fg cons) 19-Jul-15
I Spy (fg, cons) 12-Aug-15
Serendipity, Chapter 1 (M/F/g, voy, exhib, mast, inc) 01-Jun-10
Serendipity, Chapter 2 (M/F/g, voy, exhib, mast, inc) 09-Jun-10
Serendipity, Chapter 3 (M/F/g, voy, exhib, mast, inc) 13-Jul-10
Serendipity, Chapter 4 (M/F/g, voy, exhib, mast, inc) 18-Jul-10
Net Worth 525 Million (F/g D/s) 01-Sep-10
Debra Davidson's Desire (F/g d/s ped) 20-Oct-10
Koreangirl69 [profile]
Tianna Star in Natasha's Panties, Part 1 (g mast panty) 26-Oct-08
Tianna Stars in Tianna's Sleepover (ggg mast panty) 29-Oct-08
Tianna Star in Jackie's Panties, Part 2 (gg panty) 01-Nov-08
Teresa Goes To Bathroom (g mast panty) 28-Dec-08
Teresa Helps Out (g F lact) 02-Jan-09
Teresa Can't Sleep (gg) 02-Jan-09
Teresa Sleeps in the Big Bed (F g lac) 02-Jan-09
New Girl Down the Street (f/g, oral, panty) 21-Nov-05
Been There, Worship That Scent (exhib, panty) 06-Dec-05
Quick To Please And Learn (fg) 26-Sep-08
The Scent of a Girl (g-solo panty mast) 26-Sep-08