Lady Medic
Lisa (F,g) 16-Jun-10
O banho erótico (F, f, g / cons / inc / oral / ped / Portuguese) 03-Feb-15
Lana 1974
Bouts with Lesbianism, Part 1 (F/F, F/f) 24-Jan-05
Bouts with Lesbianism, Part 2 (F/f) 24-Jan-05
Laura Thomas
Fiona and Lauren, Chapter One (F gg toys inc) 26-Jul-09
Fiona and Lauren, Part Two (fet,mast,teen,inc,oral) 09-Sep-09
Lawrence Yu
After the Match (ffffg, oral, anal) 04-Mar-05
Lea [profile]
Human Nature 1-1 (FFg, no sex, rom, slow, exhib) 25-Sep-12
Human Nature 1-2 (FFg, Nosex, Rom, Slow, Exhib) 27-Sep-12
Human Nature 1-3 (FFg, Slow, Rom, Nosex, Exhib) 29-Sep-12
Human Nature 1-4 (FFgg, Slow, Rom, Exhib) 01-Oct-12
Human Nature 1-5 (FFgg, Rom, Slow, Exhib) 04-Oct-12
Human Nature 1-6 (FFgg, Rom, Slow, Exhib) 05-Oct-12
Human Nature 1-7 (FFgg, Rom, Slow, Exhib, Mast) 11-Oct-12
Human Nature 1-8 (FFgg, Rom, Slow, Exhib, Mast) 18-Oct-12
Human Nature 1-9 (FFgg, Rom, Slow, Exhib, Mast) 23-Oct-12
Human Nature 1-10 (MFg, FF, Rom, Slow, NC, Mast) 29-Oct-12
Human Nature 2-1 (FFggg, rom, slow) 03-Nov-12
Human Nature 2-2 (FFggg, rom, exhib, mast, oral, slow) 17-Dec-12
Lee [profile]
Mandy and Sarah, Part 1 (tg, f,f,g) 21-Jul-09
Mandy and Sarah, Part 2 (f,f,g, oral) 22-Jul-09
Mandy and Claire (F,f,g,oral,feet) 26-Jul-09
Amy and Becky (f,f,g, oral) 29-Jul-09
The Foursome (f,f,g, oral, ped) 07-Aug-09
Foursome, Part 2 (f,f,g, oral, ped, feet) 09-Aug-09
Leon Neath [profile]
Lolita Daycare, Part 1 (Fff(16-28), gggggggg(2-4), exhib, oral, spank) 09-Aug-13
Out in the Open, Part 1 (FFg, les, ws, exhib, slow) 27-Aug-13
Leonard Rhine [profile]
The Most Incredible Dream, Part 1 (fg, cons, mast, voy, oral) 01-Aug-14
The Most Incredible Dream, Part 2 (fg, gg, cons, oral, trib, ped) 05-Aug-14
The Most Incredible Dream, Part 3 (fgg, cons, anal, toys, dp) 15-Aug-14
Ami and Ashli: The Aftermath of Someone Else's Dream (gg, anal, cons, voy) 26-Sep-14
Ami and Ashli: Ashli's Teacher 11-Oct-14
Ami and Ashli: Sara's New Holiday (fggggg, nc, 1st, trib, orgy) 13-Nov-14
Merry Christmas Maki (fg, trib) 25-Dec-14
Lesbian Sapphic [profile]
At the Very Beginning, Part 1 (F, f, ped, mast, oral, panties) 18-Nov-12
At the Very Beginning, Part 2 (F, g, Ped, Panties, Oral, Mast) 22-Nov-12
Truth or Dares, Part 1 24-Mar-11
LesLuv [profile]
Treasure Hunt, Part 1 (g/f/F, inc, mast, oral) 25-Sep-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 2 (g/f/F/F, inc, mast, oral, toys) 29-Sep-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 3 (g/f/F/F, inc, mast, oral, toys) 02-Oct-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 4 (g/f/F/F, inc, mast, oral, toys) 07-Oct-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 5 (g/G/F) 15-Oct-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 6 - Joy Girls (g/f/F/toys) 01-Nov-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 7 - Fashion Gold 22-Nov-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 8 - Families 01-Dec-09
Treasure Hunt, Part 9 - Goddesses (g/f/f/F, inc) 14-Dec-09
Comfort Food (g/g, mast, oral, romance, true) 03-Jan-10
Treasure Hunt, Part 10 03-Jan-10
Treasure Hunt, Part 11 13-Jan-10
More Comfort Food 17-Jan-10
More Comfort Food 2 - Love Kisses 24-Jan-10
Treasure Hunt, Part 12 - Birthday Rites 12-Feb-10
Once a Princess.... Chapter 1 (FFgg, inc, ped, fantasy) 28-Feb-10
Once a Princess.... Chapter 2 28-Feb-10
Once a Princess.... Chapter 3 04-Apr-10
Fictionary Worlds (poem) 11-Apr-10
525: Meet Miss Sunshine 01-Sep-10
Simple Gifts (F, F, f, g, g, g) 16-Oct-10
Simple Gifts, Conclusion (F, F, f, g, g, g) 24-Oct-10
Ghost Slayer (F, F, f, g. Sex, mast) 30-Oct-10
Searching for Moonbeams, Part 1 05-Dec-10
Searching for Moonbeams, Part 2 28-Dec-10
My Concubine and I (g, G, F, pedo, mast) 12-Jan-11
The Concubine Conquers All 24-Jan-11
Rewarding Good Behaviour, Part 1 (g/F Oral, mast) 06-Feb-11
Rewarding Good Behaviour, Part 2 28-Feb-11
Concubines to the Rescue 20-Mar-11
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This 24-Mar-11
The Safe House, Chapter 1 (g mast, Fg oral pedo cons) 13-Apr-11
Alice Day: Alice Is At It Again 25-Apr-11
Alice Day: The Adventures of Alice in Underland 25-Apr-11
The Safe House, Chapter 2 (g/F, oral) 12-May-11
Haiku for a Girl Child 17-May-11
The Safe House, Chapter 3 (g, g, g, F, F) 26-May-11
The Safe House, Chapter 4 (g, g, g, g,  F, F, F, oral, (lots)) 11-Jun-11
The Best Lesson, Part 1 (g, g, F, oral) 20-Jun-11
The Best Lesson, Part 2 - Discovery (g, g F, F, no sex) 11-Jul-11
The Safe House, Chapter 5 (g/g/g/g, F/F/F/F) 21-Jul-11
The Best Lesson, Part 3 - True Love (G, f, mast, oral) 04-Aug-11
The Best Lesson, Part 4 - Guilt 09-Aug-11
Sun, Sea and Sex, Day 1 15-Oct-11
Bicycle Girl, Part 1 (f, g mast +) 01-Dec-11
Natural Order, Part 1 (f, f, g, g, g, oral) 22-Feb-12
Miss Sensuosity (F, g, oral) 29-Jul-12
The Mona Lisa Smile, Part 1 15-Jun-13
The Mona Lisa Smile, Part 2 28-Jun-13
The Panty Chronicles – #1 Adrian, Part One (Ff Panty fetish {nosex}) 11-Mar-07
The Panty Chronicles – #1 Adrian, Part Two (fF Panty Fetish, Mast, Voy, Exhibitionist) 12-Mar-07
The Panty Chronicles – #1 Adrian, Part Three (fF Panty Fetish, Voy, Exhibitionist, Heavy Petting) 13-Mar-07
The Panty Chronicles – #1 Adrian, Part Four (fF Panty Fetish, Mutual Mast. Exhabishionist) 14-Mar-07
The Panty Chronicles – #1 Adrian, Part Five (fF Panty Fetish, Mast, Voy) 15-Mar-07
Panty Seduction (FFf Panty Fetish, Threesome, lesbian fucking) 16-Mar-07
Searching (Inc voy ped Fg) 08-Sep-09
Lezlie [profile]
Love Milk! (true, lac, ped, F/g) 13-Jul-06
Encounter (t/g cons, rom) 16-Mar-07
Lil' Lily [profile]
My Little Flower, Part One (Fg, mast, rom) 09-Mar-07
My Little Flower, Part Two: Deflowering (Fg, rom, toys, ped, rom, oral, inc implied) 24-Mar-07
Red (f, mast,`teen, period) 20-Feb-08
Red Gains Her Wings (f/f, oral, teen, period) 28-Feb-08
Red: A Month Later (ff teen, period, toys, biting, cons, oral) 08-Mar-08
My Little Flower, Part Three – Two Flowers, Oh My! (Part 1) (FFg, inc, oral, cons) 09-Mar-08
A Girl's Crowning Glory (f/f, teen, rom, oral) 14-Sep-08
My First Time–Scout Leader 26-Apr-05
Private Lessons, Chapter 1 (F,f,g,b, teen, ped) 28-Apr-10
Private Lessons, Chapter 2 (F,f,g,b, oral) 02-May-10
Private Lessons, Chapter 3 (F, f,g,inc, oral) 12-May-10
Lilly's Flower
Unexpected Moments 09-Jun-08
So Close (F,f inc) 12-Jun-08
Unexpected Moments II (Close Shave) (F, f inc) 22-Jun-08
Lilpanties [profile]
Horny Erin (F/f, reluc, mast) 07-Oct-05
Lina [profile]
My Girlfriend and Her Baby Sister, Part 1 (ffg, nepi, ped, inc, oral) 27-Nov-13
My Girlfriend and Her Baby Sister, Part 2 (ffg, nepi, ped, inc, oral) 08-Dec-13
Finding a Pedophile Companion, Part 1 (FFbg, nepi, ped, nosex, voy) 04-Jul-14
The Memory Card, Part 1 (FFg, nepi, fist, voy, mast) 29-Oct-14
Susan and Jenni (Ff,inc) 25-Jan-07
LissaJo [profile]
Summer Vacation (Ff, Ff) 01-Jul-07
Little Alison [profile]
My Mall, Part 1 (fF) 24-Sep-10
My Mall, Part 2 (FFf) 27-Sep-10
My Mall, Part 3 (ff) 03-Oct-10
My Mall, Part 4 (Fff) 22-Oct-10
My Mall, Part 5 (FFf) 15-Jul-11
Alison's Adventures 1 (ff) 30-Oct-11
Alison's Adventures 2 (ff) 31-Oct-11
Alison's Adventures 3 (fF) 03-Nov-11
Alison's Adventures 4 (fF) 07-Nov-11
Alison's Adventures 5 (fF) 16-Aug-13
Alison's Adventures 6 (ff) 23-Aug-13
Alison's Adventures 7 (ff) 26-Aug-13
Rebecca 1 (Ff) 28-Aug-13
Rebecca 2 (Ff) 04-Sep-13
Rebecca the 3rd (Ff) 12-Sep-13
The 4th of Rebecca (Ff) 18-Sep-13
Alison's Disney Adventure 1 (Ff) 26-Sep-13
Sisters, Part 1 (ff) 29-Sep-13
Sisters, Part 2 (fff (15/13/9)) 10-Oct-13
Alison's Disney Adventure 2 (Ff) 10-Oct-13
Alison's Adventures 8 (fF) 01-Dec-13
Lynn, Part 1 (F/f) 30-Jan-14
Lynn, Part 2 (Ff) 04-Feb-14
Lynn, Part 3 (Ff) 13-Feb-14
Lynn, Part 4 10-Mar-14
Jenny, Part 1 (ff) 17-Mar-14
Lynn, Part 5 (Ff) 23-Apr-14
Lynn, Part 6 (ff) 24-Jul-14
Lynn, Part 7 (F/f/f) 18-Sep-14
Lynn's Journal 12-Oct-14
Lynn, Part 8 (fF) 04-Nov-14
Lynn, Part 9 (Ff,FF) 20-Nov-14
Little Baby Becky
My Sister is my Best Friend (1) (f, g, inc, oral, panties) 12-Mar-12
A Little Birdie
Molasses Candy, Part One: Little Bird (Rom, Fant, Nosex) 12-Nov-10
Little Girl Love [profile]
The Cabin, Part 1 (Ff voy? panty?) 30-Mar-06
The Taking of the Gift (Ff, audience) 16-Jul-06
Little Puchi [profile]
Anusrees' Secret Awakening (g,f, cons, mast, ped) 24-Nov-11
The Child Bride (F,g,m,inc,cons,anal) 17-Jan-12
Little Wet Cunnies
New Family 11-Apr-09
My Sex Positive Family (Fg, ped, inc) 14-Feb-10
Childhood Memoirs, Part 1 (gg, panties, oral) 06-Jul-11
My Lesbian Family (FFg, gg, inc) 03-Jun-12
Twinsest (ff ffg Fffg ped) 11-Jul-13
Trailer Trash Girls (fgg ped) 15-Jul-13
Nudist Camp Fun (M, fg, inc) 19-Jul-13
Mandy & Brandy (ff, 1st-lesbian-expr) 29-Jul-13
Playing with My Little Sister (fg, cons, fondle, oral) 13-Aug-13
Bath Time Games (A Short Story) (F24g4, ped, inc) 15-Aug-13
Katie's Friend Teddie, and Mommy's Friend Too, Part 1 (Fgg, mast, voy, cons) 29-Sep-12
Katie's Friend Teddie, and Mommy's Friend Too, Part 2 (Fgg, mast, voy, cons, ws) 01-Oct-12
LittleGirlLover [profile]
A Milky Surprise (F,g, lac) 19-Jun-12
A Very Special Afternoon (F,F,g, inc) 21-Jun-12
A Little Witch's Big Day (g,F) 16-Aug-12
The Bonding of Sisters, Part 1 (f,g inc, rom) 12-May-13
The Bonding of Sisters, Part 2 ("3" Times The Fun) (sisters, lesbian, incest, mom, toys, lingerie, teen, threesome) 27-Jun-13
LittleJess [profile]
Jessica & Cindy, Part 1 (f/f, nosex, rom, teen) 14-Aug-06
littlelurker1980 [profile]
Aunt Susanna's Muffins (Fg gg ped spank anal school) 16-May-10
Liz [profile]
Playtime with Mom, Part 1 (F, g, bd, anal, toys, cons) 12-Mar-14
Kaylee Turns Seven (FFG/g, anal, reluc, anal, d/s, bdsm, toys, ped, femdom) 12-Mar-14
Playtime with Mom, Part 2 (F/g, anal, toys, bd, cons, oral) 13-Mar-14
Playtime with Mom, Part 3 (F/g, anal, bd, toys) 14-Mar-14
A New Friend, Part 1 (g/g, g-self, anal, F/F, bd, cons, toys) 15-Mar-14
A New Friend, Part 2 (g/g, anal, bd, cons, toys) 16-Mar-14
A New Friend, Part 3 (F/gg, g/g, anal, bd, cons, toys) 16-Mar-14
Fun Sometimes Has Consequences (F/gg, g/g, g-solo, anal, toys, bd) 17-Mar-14
A Pretty Normal Day (F/gg, g/g, g-solo, bd, anal, cons) 18-Mar-14
Halloween Fun (F/F, FFg/g, g/g, g-self, bd, cons, anal, toys, mast, oral, ped) 19-Mar-14
Boredom (g-self, F/g, self-bd, toys, cons, anal) 20-Mar-14
My Life, Chapter 1 (How It All Started) (F/g, g-self, anal, bd, reluct) 21-Mar-14
Babysitting Fun, Part 1: Well That Escalated Quickly (f-teen/g-ped, cons, bd, oral, anal, toys) 22-Mar-14
Babysitting Fun, Part 2: We Got Caught (F/f/g, cons, anal, d/s) 10-Apr-14
I Love My Life (f/g, inc, oral, anal, reluc, bd, spank) 27-Apr-14
Summer Break, Part 1 (F/g, oral, anal, bdsm, toys) 09-May-14
Sleepover, Part 1 (g/g , oral, anal, bdsm, femdom, toys, reluc, cons, ScFi) 15-May-14
Sleepover, Part 2 (g/g, bd, cons, reluc, anal, oral, toys, spank, ped, femdom, d/s, ScFi) 15-May-14
Sarah's Story, Part 1 (F/g, ped, oral, anal, cons, d/s, toys, bdsm) 03-Jun-14
Sleepover, Part 3: New Toys (F/g, g/g, exhib, oral, anal, reluct, spank, toys, mast, ScFi) 03-Jun-14
I Serve Mistress (F/g, anal, oral, mast, bdsm, d/s, femdom, toys, cons, fist, rom, ped) 03-Jun-14
Sleepover, Part 4: My New Toys, Part 2 (gg/g, oral, anal, toys, bd, mast, ped, cons, ScFi) 05-Jun-14
Katie Babysits Kenzie (f/g, oral, anal, toys, bd, cons) 11-Jun-14
Bry's Bondage Session (F/g, bd, cons, anal, toys) 22-Jun-14
Liz2luv [profile]
Lisa and Ally's Weekend, Part 1 (Fg, cons, oral) 25-Aug-11
Lisa and Ally's Weekend, Part 2 (Fg, oral) 07-Sep-11
Winter Gold (g solo, gg, oral, ws) 25-Jul-10
Birthday Sleepover (ffffff) 12-Jun-08
London W Kasku [profile]
Aga i Domi – czesc I (g, f, no-sex) 16-Aug-07
Little Girl Seduction (gg les Lolita girldom) 22-Feb-12
Steamy Sauna (gg les sauna 1st) 22-Feb-12
I Like the Night Life Baby, Part 1 (humor gg music) 13-Mar-12
Lisa Jumps In (no sex, wrestling, girldom g,b,teen) 01-Apr-12
I Like the Night Life Baby, Part 2 (humor, gg, music) 26-Apr-12
Sally's Debut (ggg, light kissing, freindship) 03-Jun-12
Tally Ho With Sally Ho (gg, teen, judo, girl dom hardcore) 06-Jun-12
Mustang Sally 1 (gg teen, first time, hardcore) 25-Jun-12
Mustang Sally 2 (gg teen, oral, judo, fingering) 22-Jul-12
Hot Child in the City (teen, gg, lolita lesbian, toys, bondage) 01-Dec-12
Lori's Mommy [profile]
Loving Little Lori, Part 1 (F/g, ped, inc, cons, mast) 17-Oct-07
Loving Little Lori, Part 2: The Date (F/g, ped, inc, cons, mast, rom, fist) 23-Oct-07
Loving Little Lori, Part 3: The Joy of Surfing (F/g, ped, inc, cons, mast, oral) 26-Oct-07
Loving Little Lori, Part 4: Aunt Sandy Cums To Visit (F/F, F/g, ped, inc, cons, oral, rom, veg) 02-Nov-07
Lorinda Jade [profile]
The Sacred Sect, Chapter 1 – The Coming of Rosebud (fg, ped, cons, toys, relig) 08-Oct-06
The Sacred Sect, Chapter 2 – The Fragrance of Poppy (fg, ped, cons, relig, fist, ws) 12-Oct-06
My Angel (rom nosex) 15-Oct-06
Insane with Lust (Fg, ped) 16-Oct-06
The Sacred Sect, Chapter 3 – The Scent of Orchids (Ffg, ped, cons, relig, fist, smoke, inc?) 17-Oct-06
The Sacred Sect, Chapter 4 – The Stairway to Heaven (Fg, ped, inc, cons, relig, smoke) 20-Nov-06
The Sacred Sect, Chapter 5 – The Pleasure of Pain (ped, cons, relig, smoke, nosex) 21-Nov-06
The Sacred Sect, Chapter 6 – The Seeds of the Future (Fg, orgy, ped, cons, toys, fist, ws, relig) 29-Nov-06
The Embrace (rom) 30-Nov-06
Summer Camp, Chapter 1 (Ped, inc) 07-Feb-07
Summer Camp, Chapter 2 (Ped, ws, catfight) 13-Mar-07
The Daughters of Eve, Part 1 – Babysitting Lucy (Fmg, pedo, gothic) 02-May-07
Harriet's Awakening (Ff, sm, ws, smoke) 27-May-07
Boarding School for Girls, Part 1 (Fg, pedo, anal) 06-Jun-07
Boarding School for Girls, Part 2 (pedo, mast) 12-Jun-07
Brief Encounter (Fg, ped, romantic) 19-Sep-07
Boarding School for Girls, Part 3 (g/g, ped) 06-Nov-08
Boarding School for Girls, Part 4 (Fgg, ped, lesbian) 10-Nov-08
Young Mistress (Ff, BD, femdom, ws) 20-Dec-09
525 - Breathless (Rom, mast, nosex) 01-Sep-10
Louisa May [profile]
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 1 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 2 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 3 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 4 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 5 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 6 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Her Eye is on the Sparrow, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Her Eye is on the Sparrow, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Jill's Heart, Chapter 1 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Her Eye is on the Sparrow, Chapter 3 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 7 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Kimberly's View, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Jill's Heart, Chapter 2 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Kimberly's View, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Her Eye is on the Sparrow, Chapter 4 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Spilt Milk, Chapter 1 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Spilt Milk, Chapter 2 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Tia's Lesson, Chapter 1 (F/g, authoritarian) 31-Jan-05
Nia's Party, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Nia's Party, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Tia's Lesson, Chapter 2 (F/g, authoritarian) 31-Jan-05
Mina, Chapter 1 (authoritarian) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 3 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
The Show (inc) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 4 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 5 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Spilt Milk, Chapter 3 (inc) 31-Jan-05
The Cleaners (college) 31-Jan-05
Little Keiko, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Saturday AM Revelation, Chapter 8 (inc) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 6 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 7 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Little Keiko, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 8 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Nia's Party, Chapter 3 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 9 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 10 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Zoya (inc) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 11 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 12 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Love Matches, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Mina, Chapter 2 (authoritarian) 31-Jan-05
Love Matches, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Stagestruck, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Stagestruck, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Stagestruck, Chapter 3 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Stagestruck, Chapter 4 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Olympic Memories (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Norka's Muse, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
A Secret Game (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 13 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 14 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 15 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Crush, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Crush, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Crush, Chapter 3 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Crush, Chapter 4 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 16 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Loli, Chapter 17 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
A Model Companion, Chapter 1 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
A Model Companion, Chapter 2 (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Lucky Yuki (inc) 31-Jan-05
A Reverse Tutorial (F/g) 31-Jan-05
Lily Robin, Chapter 1 (Ff) 19-May-11
Lily Robin, Chapter 2 (Fg, gF) 25-May-11
Lily Robin, Chapter 3 (Ff) 29-May-11
Lily Robin, Chapter 4 (fg) 01-Jun-11
Lily Robin, Chapter 5 (Ff, gg, fgg, f solo) 04-Jun-11
Lily Robin, Chapter 6 (fgg) 11-Jun-11
Preference, Chapter 1 (Fg) 19-Jun-11
Bee Sting, Part 1 (F/f) 16-Jun-12
Bee Sting, Part 2 (F solo, f/f) 19-Jun-12
Bee Sting, Part 3 (Fg) 21-Jun-12
Bee Sting, Part 4 (gg) 15-Jul-12
Secret Of My Life! (ff, gg) 12-Jul-15
My Secret Crush, Part 1 (f f cons mast rom teen) 02-Mar-08
My Secret Crush, Part 2 (g,f,f,cons,inc,oral,ped,teen) 08-Jun-08
Loving Mom
How it all Began (Fg, inc, ped, mast) 12-Nov-07
Giving My Kids a Bath (Fgg, inc, ped, mast, feet) 14-Nov-07
Lovinglittleones [profile]
Little Sarah's Audition (ped, mast,G,F) 19-Oct-08
We're Off to See the Wizard (g/g, rom, cons, ped) 13-May-11
The Towers, Part 1 – The First Couple of Hours (Fg coer mast ws) 04-Jan-08
The Towers, Part 2 – My Dorm (fg, coer, rom) 04-Jan-08
The Towers, Part 3 – Who am I? (F fg coer mast) 09-Jan-08
The Towers, Part 4 – The Return (fgggg exhib ws mast anal) 27-Jan-08
The Towers, Part 5 – Mary and I (gg mast ws rom) 03-Feb-08
The Towers, Part 6 – Getting to Know Ellie (Fg, Fgggg, voy, spank, anal, fist, cons) 13-Feb-08
Lustful Dad
My Fantasy Comes True (gg, voy) 18-May-14
luvcameltoes [profile]
Intergenerational Story (FFg/incest) 18-Sep-05
Honey Princess, Part 1 (F/g, M/g, pedo) 21-Jun-15
Honey Princess, Part 2 (F/g, M/g, pedo, oral) 19-Jul-15
Lynda X
A Secret Desire Comes True (F, F) 13-Jan-09