T. Ann [profile]
In Our Room (f/g-mstrb-pedo-nc/inc) 31-Dec-09
Tammi xxxx [profile]
Her First Encounter (F, f, 1st) 17-Mar-13
Ellen (and her Mum) – continued (F,F, cons) 23-Mar-13
Ellen, Her Mummy & Her Lover (F,F, cons) 26-Mar-13
Ellen Learns More (F,F,f, cons) 28-Mar-13
Ellen Makes a Discovery (F,F,f cons) 30-Mar-13
Ellen Goes Shopping (F,f,f, cons) 04-Apr-13
Tammi and Zoe (F,f,cons,anal,toys,spank) 10-Apr-13
Mom's Girls (Fb, fg, Ffg inc) 15-Jul-08
Tanya Writer [profile]
Summer Lifeguard (F/F F/f F/g) 28-May-13
Losing My Love (g/g) 28-May-13
In Moscow It Is Hard To Find A Girl (f/g) 21-Aug-13
Summer Lifeguard (F/F F/f F/g cons rom) 22-Aug-13
Losing My Love (g/g rom sad) 27-Aug-13
Flight Delayed (F/F F/g cons) 03-Sep-13
Surprised By Love (b(?)/g g/g) 29-Dec-13
Surprised By Love: The Love Grows (g/g) 11-May-14
Because Of My Sister's Best Friend (f/g) 05-Aug-14
Pick Up On Hollywood Boulevard (F/F F/g) 22-Feb-15
TarynTigCat [profile]
Tricks & Treats: Witchy Woman (Fgg, oral, fist, anal, lac, fantasy[magic,modern], intersex[herm,ambiguous], inc[implied]) 01-Nov-09
525: Billie Buttons (g, solo, toy) 01-Sep-10
Hot Students 30-Mar-06
Tater Tot [profile]
Amber (Ff inc oral anal first) 07-Jun-15
Betsy Goes to School (Ff reluc spank) 21-Jun-15
The Exam (Ff, inc, oral, anal) 28-Jun-15
Taylor Ann [profile]
Strangers to Lovers (ff sex mast-solo reluc teens) 07-Aug-09
I Learn That I'm Not Confused (f,f,teen) 08-Feb-12
Nikki's Dilemma (F, g, ped, inc) 23-Aug-09
Meg's Mum, Part 1 (F F Inc) 26-Aug-09
Meg's Mum, Part 2 (F F Inc) 01-Sep-09
Meg's Mum, Part 3 (FF Inc nosex slight mast) 07-Sep-09
Meg's Mum, Part 4 (FF inc) 01-Nov-09
Meg's Awakening, Part 1 (Fg mast) 08-Nov-09
An Evening in Africa (F, cons, teen, panties) 28-Apr-09
Ally's Aunt Tessa (anal, ped, incest,oral,cons,Fg) 21-Jul-09
My Lonely Daughter (Ff, teen, inc, cons) 18-Nov-12
ThisLittleGirlie [profile]
Janelle Finds Her Calling: Introduction (gg/f, f/f, nosex, d/s) 14-Jan-14
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 1 (gg/f, f/f, nosex) 19-Jan-14
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 2 (ggf, bd, D/s, nosex) 15-Mar-15
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 3 (ggf, bd, D/s, nosex, bd) 22-Mar-15
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 4 (ggf, bd, D/s) 19-Apr-15
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 5 (gg/f, D/s) 26-Jul-15
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 6 (gg/f, D/s) 26-Jul-15
Janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 7 (gg/f, D/s) 26-Jul-15
janelle Finds Her Calling, Chapter 8 (gg/f D/s) 01-Oct-15
Thom [profile]
Laura’s Lesson (F/g g/g F/F F+/g+ toys fist cons ped inc 1st) 22-Sep-05
My Sister Erin and I (g/g, inc, mast, voy) 01-Oct-05
A Walk in the Woods (F/g, F+/g, ped, inc, voy, cons) 03-Oct-05
Magazine Inspiration (g/g, 1st, cons) 06-Oct-05
Working Girl, Part 1 (F/g, ped, cons, mast, anal, oral) 12-Oct-05
My First Girl (F/g, 1st, cons, mast) 14-Oct-05
Working Girl, Part 2 (F/g, ped, cons, mast, anal, oral) 18-Oct-05
Two Old Maid Aunts (F/g, g/g, inc, mast, oral, anal) 21-Oct-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 1 27-Oct-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 2 30-Oct-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 3 01-Nov-05
Becky on Vacation (F/g, ped, voy, mast) 07-Nov-05
Everything I know, Part 1 (F/gg, ped, inc, oral, mast) 07-Nov-05
Adopted (F+/g, ped, voy, cons, mast, anal, oral) 13-Nov-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 4 15-Nov-05
Everything I know, Part 2 (F/gg, gg, g/g+, inc, ped, oral, mast) 20-Nov-05
New Neighbors, Part 1 (mast) 25-Nov-05
The Summer I Turned Twelve (F/g, ped, mast, oral) 30-Nov-05
Everything I Know, Part 3 (F+/g+, inc, ped, oral, mast) 02-Dec-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 5 (ped, oral) 05-Dec-05
New Neighbors, Part 2 (F/F) 06-Dec-05
My Good Friend's Cousin (g/g, oral, mast) 09-Dec-05
New Neighbors, Part 3 (F, F, g, g, ped) 13-Dec-05
Everything I Know, Part 4 (F+/g+, ped, oral, mast) 13-Dec-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 6 (F/g, ped, oral, mast) 13-Dec-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 7 (F+/g, ped, inc, voy, oral, mast, anal) 19-Dec-05
Not Exactly Babysitting (F/g, ped, mast) 19-Dec-05
A Grandmother's Story (F/g, oral, mast) 19-Dec-05
New Neighbors, Part 4 (F, F, g, g, inc) 20-Dec-05
Not Exactly Babysitting, Part 2 (g/g, inc, oral, bond) 23-Dec-05
The Hitchhiker, Part 8 (F+/g+, ped, inc, voy, oral, mast, anal) 05-Jan-06
Curiosity, Part 1 (F/g, inc, ped, oral, anal) 08-Jan-06
An Awakening (ped, voy, mast) 15-Jan-06
New Neighbors, Part 5 (F, F, g, g, inc) 23-Jan-06
Curiosity, Part 2 (F+/g, mast, oral, voy) 25-Jan-06
The Trouble With Babysitting, Part 1 (gg, bond, spank, mast) 27-Jan-06
An Anniversary of Sorts, Part 1 (ff, teen, mast, 1st) 28-Jan-06
More Than Two Mommies (ff, mast, oral, 1st) 30-Jan-06
The Trouble With Babysitting, Part 2 (Gf/ff, bond, mast, oral, spank, ws, toys) 02-Feb-06
New Girl In School, Part 1 (ff, nosex) 04-Feb-06
New Girl In School, Part 2 (ff, nosex) 06-Feb-06
New Girl In School, Part 3 (ff, 1st, mast, oral, anal) 07-Feb-06
An Anniversary of Sorts, Part 2 (gg, first, voy, mast, oral) 13-Feb-06
My Little Valentine (Fg, voy, mast) 14-Feb-06
Marie (F+/g+, voy, mast, oral, 1st) 20-Feb-06
And I Got Paid Too (F/g+, ped, 1st, mast, oral) 25-Feb-06
Trisha and Cali Get Placed (F/g+, ped, mast) 28-Feb-06
Hands Solo, Part 1 (gg, inc, mast, voy) 01-Mar-06
Hands Solo, Part 2 (F/gg, inc, mast, oral, voy) 14-Mar-06
A Surprise for Aunt Paula (F/g, inc, ped, mast, oral) 14-Mar-06
An Anniversary of Sorts, Part 3 (FF, F+g, ped, inc, oral, mast) 19-Mar-06
What I Learned at Summer Camp (gg, 1st, inc, oral, mast, voy) 21-Mar-06
I Knew I Liked Girls (g+, oral, mast, voy) 23-Mar-06
I Almost Didn't, Part 1 (Fg, mast) 29-Mar-06
I Almost Didn't, Part 2 (F/g, mast) 01-Apr-06
I Almost Didn't, Part 3 (Fg, mast) 05-Apr-06
I Almost Didn't, Part 4 (Fg, mast) 09-Apr-06
I Almost Didn't, Part 5 (F g mast) 16-Apr-06
I Almost Didn't, Part 6 – The Conclusion (Fg, ped, oral, mast) 22-Apr-06
Is this About Sex Mom? (Fg, inc, ped, oral, mast) 01-May-06
A Change of Heart, Part 1 (Fgg, inc, ped, 1st, oral, mast) 05-May-06
A Change of Heart, Part 2 (F/F, oral, mast) 14-May-06
A Change of Heart, Part 3 (F+/g+, ped, inc, oral, mast) 20-May-06
A Change of Heart, Part 4 (F+/g+, inc, ped, oral, mast) 03-Jun-06
A Change of Heart, Part 5 (F+/g+, inc, ped, bond, oral mast) 06-Jun-06
Summer at the Lake (F/g+, 1st, inc, ped, oral, mast) 10-Jul-06
A Change of Heart, Part 6 (F/g, inc, ped, bond, oral, mast) 11-Jul-06
Wrong Turn, Right Room (F/g, ped, 1st, oral, mast) 12-Jul-06
A Little Dream (g+, oral, mast) 13-Jul-06
A Small Flirt (F+/g, inc, ped, oral, mast) 14-Jul-06
A Change of Heart, Part 7 (F+/g+, inc, ped, mast, oral) 17-Jul-06
A Change of Heart, Part 8 – The Conclusion (F+/g+, inc, ped, mast, oral) 06-Aug-06
Innocent (F+/g+, ped, voy, mast, oral) 21-Aug-06
My Whereabouts (F, gg, ped, inc) 12-Jun-07
My First and Second Crush (f, gg, ped, inc) 15-Jun-07
Shangri-La (F, g, ped) 22-Jun-07
Bitch Sister Does Good (gg, mast, oral) 25-Jun-07
Waterjet Spotting (FF, gg, ped, inc, mast, oral) 07-Aug-07
My Girls (Fgg, inc, ped) 01-Jul-08
thylanelover [profile]
Kimmy And Sarah (f/f, ped, cons, 1st) 06-May-14
Joey and Margaret (g/g, inc, first time, cons) 01-Sep-14
Tiger Kitten
Nudist Town, USA, Chapter 1 (F/f/g, inc, cons, exhib, oral, ped, teen) 20-Sep-07
Nudist Town, USA, Chapter 2 (F/F/f/g, pedo, inc, exhib, cons, anal, oral) 10-Nov-07
Jaime and Eva, Part 1 (g, f) 20-Mar-13
Jaime and Eva, Part 2 (f, g) 23-Jun-13
Jaime and Eva, Part 3: Help Me, Rhonda (Ffg, reluc) 25-Aug-13
Jaime and Eva, Part 4: Birthday Bitch (F, g, mast, inc) 08-Feb-14
Jaime and Eva, Part 5: Welcome to Camp Cum On Me (ff, toys) 10-Nov-15
How I Learned to Babysit, Part 1 (f/g/mast/oral) 08-Jan-12
How I Learned to Babysit, Part 2 (f/g/mast/oral/anal) 12-Jan-12
First Time Babysitter (f/g/mast/ws) 23-Jan-12
Pediatric Nursing 101 (Ped, Fg, enem, med) 12-Feb-11
Caught Playing Doctor (med, spank, FfG) 13-Feb-11
Emily's First Enema (F, enema, mast) 17-Feb-11
Naughty Cousin Nancy (g, cons, oral) 19-Feb-11
Amanda Feels Hot and Bothered (F, g, mast, med) 20-Feb-11
Alice's Anal Itch (FF, anal, mast) 27-Feb-11
Frances Goes with the Flow (FF,enem,anal) 06-Mar-11
What Are Big Sisters For (Anal,Mast,med) 13-Mar-11
The Fanny Girls, Part I (gg, anal) 03-Apr-11
The Fanny Girls, Part II - Caught in the Act (Anal, FF, Toys) 17-Apr-11
The Massage (fg, Mast) 01-May-11
Tender Loving Care (Fg, Med, anal) 01-May-11
Flushed with Excitement (Fg, enema) 01-May-11
Weekend with Aunt Jenny (FF,spank,enema,med) 05-Jul-11
A Day At The Beach (F,f,g,Teen,Anal) 25-Jul-11
Donna and Tracey's Anal Adventure (Ff,anal,toys) 01-Aug-11
Nurse Cyndi's Kinky Bedside Manner (FF, med Fetish, oral) 08-Aug-11
Girls Wrestling Team (FF, Toys, Spank) 09-Aug-11
Amy and Linda Have Some Feverish Fun (FF, oral, anal, medical play) 14-Aug-11
Bottoms Up (Ff, oral, anal, enemas, mild spank) 20-Aug-11
Audrey's Awakening (FF, oral, Enema) 05-Sep-11
Comforting Molly (Oral,anal,mast) 25-Sep-11
Feverish Fun, Part 1 (ff, oral, anal) 28-Oct-11
The Chosen One (ff, anal, oral, magic, reluc) 28-Oct-11
Feverish Fun, Part 2 - Mary's temperature is taken (Oral,anal,medical play) 06-Nov-11
Treating Her Tummy Ache (Enema,anal oral) 11-Mar-12
Beth and Tina Play Nasty (oral,anal,mast) 15-Apr-12
Amy's Tree house (Oral,Anal,Mast) 21-Oct-12
A Trip to the Drug Store (anal, enema, oral) 22-Oct-12
Girl Scout Cookies (F, f, g, oral, anal, mast) 28-Oct-12
Tritium [profile]
Peer Review, Session One, Recording One (Ff, inc, nosex) 08-May-10
Peer Review, Session One, Recording Two (Ff, F/f, inc, ped, nc) 08-May-10
Peer Review, Session One, Recording Three (Ff, ff, teen, beast, bd, d/s, cons, anal, toys) 09-May-10
Peer Review, Session Two, Recording Four (Ff, ff, teen, cons, oral, exhib) 10-May-10
Peer Review, Paralogue - Brook (ff, teen, cons) 11-May-10
Peer Review, Prologue (ff, nosex) 14-May-10
Peer Review, Session Two, Recording Five (ffm, anal, oral, cons) 14-May-10
Peer Review, Intermezzo - Subterranean Suburbia (ff, nosex, rom) 16-May-10
Peer Review, Intermezzo - Educational Enclave (F-solo) 16-May-10
Peer Review, Session Three, Recording Six (Ff, gg) 18-May-10
Peer Review, Paralogue – Fear and Loathing at McDonald's (nosex) 18-May-10
Peer Review, Session Three, Recording Seven (rom, nosex, d/s, reluc) 20-May-10
Peer Review, Session Three, Recording Eight - Final Recording (gg, Fg, ped, anal, cons) 22-May-10
Peer Review, Epilogue (nosex) 23-May-10
Meta - Prologue (teen, d/s, heavy sarcasm, nosex) 25-May-10
Xanthe-Step One: Intro (F, g, Mast) 28-Oct-10
Ghost of a Chance, Part 1 (rom, ghost, nosex) 24-Apr-11
Ghost of a Chance, Part 2 (rom, ghost, flashback, nosex) 28-Apr-11
Ghost of a Chance, Part 3 (rom, ghost, nosex) 30-Apr-11
Ghost of a Chance, Part 4 (rom, ghost, nosex) 03-May-11
Ghost of a Chance, Part 5 (Finale) (ghost, rom, nosex) 05-May-11
Heart Beat, Part 1 (F/f, rom, teacher, nosex) 10-May-11
Heart Beat, Part 2 (F/f, rom, teacher, nosex) 12-May-11
Heart Beat, Part 3 (F/f, rom, teacher, nosex) 20-May-11
In High Spirits, Part 1 (f/f, rom, ghost, nosex) 06-Aug-11
Tubal Tacitus
'An Education' Preview, The Present (f solo/FF) 08-Apr-12
The Story of my Lusted Beauty (F/f, cons, rom, toys, oral, teen) 27-Feb-09