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Can you rise to this new literary challenge? - August 2016 Story Contest

(F/tod(g+), F/tod(g+)beast(F+), ws, scat, farm, daycare, voy, video)

Last Story Contest Winner



The Winner of the Leslita July 2016 story contest is...

VPC and their story Peeper's Progress (F/tod(g), F/tod(g)/beast(F), ws)

September 15 - 2016
Euphrotica (ff, teen, roma, ns)
A Minor Paragon:
Companion Hotel - Room 319 (FgF, cons, inc, oral, reluc)
Dance Moms Kenzie Jojo Jessalynn Maddie and Mellissa (F, F, g, g, g, cons, oral, fingers, fisting, squirt, inc)
Slutty Mum:
Nude Beach, Part 2 (f, f, g, futa)
September 02 - 2016
Tater Tot:
The Sleep Over (Ff, inc, oral)
Tony Williams:
Three Little Girls and their Gym Teacher (F, g, exhib, fist, inc, oral, panties)
Dance Moms Showering with Mom (F, g, g, cons, oral, fingers, fisting, squirt, inc, ws, scat)
The Wild, Part 4 (g/g trib, fingers, rom)
Love at the end of the world, Part 5 (no sex, M, F, f, g, d/s, teen, cons, femdom, SciFi, toys)
August 19 - 2016
Tony Williams:
Lick This (g, ws, cons, f, inc, panties)
Slutty Mum:
Nude Beach, Part 1 (f, f, g, futa, breast)
Whore Wagon, Part 2 (f, g, breast, lac)
Dance Moms Maddie and Kenzie (g, g, F, cons, oral, fingers, squirt, mast, voyeur, food)
The Wild, Part 3 (g/g, rom, oral, trib)
August 12 - 2016
Girl Lover:
Chrissy's Secret (ff, rom, beast(M), ws, scat, bd, d/s, nc, femdom, viol)
Fury (ff, ff, rom)
Busty Slut:
Busty Slut Samantha, Part 5 (f, f, g, lac, breasts)
August 5 - 2016
Dance Moms Jojo and Alexus (g, g, cons, oral, fingers, fisting, mast, first)
Dance Moms Abby, Maddie and Kenzie (F, g, cons, oral, fingers, fisting, squirt, inc)
The Wild, Part 1 (g/g, oral, first)
The Wild, Part 2 (g/g, trib, rom)
The Swamp Dweller:
No more gym sessions (g, F, F, M, inf(g), cons, fisting, oral)
July 26 - 2016
Unfastened Belts:
Bo and Me, Part 4 (fg, mast, no sex, panties)
Dance Moms Maddie and Areana (g, g, g, cons, oral, fingers, first)
Carmen, Kizzy, Eliza, Dora and Shawnee (g, F, g, g, g, cons, oral, toys, fingers, anal, fisting, squirt)
The Dance, Part 5 (g/g, rom, trib, oral)
July 16 - 2016
The Dance, Part 3 (g/g, rom, trib, oral)
The Dance, Part 4 (g/g, rom, toys, oral)
July 15 - 2016
Angie and Sandy (g/g, cons, oral, fingers, first)
Carmen and Shawnee (g/tod(g), cons, oral, fingers, panties)
Dance Moms Jojo and Mckenzie, Part 1 (g/g, cons, oral, first)
Dance Moms Jojo and Mckenzie, Part 2 (ggg, g, cons, oral, fingers, squirt, 3some)
Miss Baines (ggg, g, F, cons, oral, fingers, squirt, 3some, mast, brief viol)
Room 236 (ggg, g, F, cons, oral, fisting, fingers, squirt, 3some, mast)
Showering with the cheerleaders (g, g, g, g, g, cons, oral, fisting, fingers, squirt, ws)
July 14 - 2016
Cousinly Love (inc, femdom, oral, teen, Ff, reluc)
Sealed by Mistress:
Becoming Fertile (Fg, mc, reluc, oral, voy, lac, ped)
The Dance, Part 1 (g/g, rom, oral)
The Dance, Part 2 (g/g, rom, trib)
July 1 - 2016
Always a Bridesmaid (F/g, rom, first, oral, trib)
Mother and Daughter (inc, F, g, oral, tribbing, toys)
Pink Jenny's Back (F, g, oral)
My Perverted Aunt (F/g, reluc, ws, mast)
Sweet Lisa (Fg, Fb)
June 23 - 2016
Oiling the Wheels (F, g, oral, tribbing)
Suzys Story (F/fg, femdom)
June 17 - 2016
The Hottest Summer, Part 6 (F/g, cons, inc, oral, M, b, anal)
The Warmest Color (F/F, g/g, oral, trib, first)
Asian Tammy:
Walking My Pet (inc, fg, beast(M), g, Ff, Fg)
June 13 - 2016
June 11 - 2016
No One:
Happenstance, Part 2 (g-solo, voy, gg, trib)
Monkey See, Monkey Do, Part 1 (f/f, g/g, trib, mast)
Monkey See, Monkey Do, Part 2 (f/f, g/g, rom, oral, fingering)
June 6 - 2016
A new home, Part 2 (femdom, Fg, bdsm, slow)
A new home, Part 3 (femdom, Fg, gg, bdsm, slavery, pain)
A new home, Part 4 (femdom, Fg, gg, bdsm, slavery, ws)
A new home, Part 5 (femdom, Fg, gg, bdsm, slavery, ws)
Tina (g solo, mast, self bondage, light pain, anal toy, slavery)
The Girl Next Door (F/f, cons, rom, oral, trib, toys)
Adam F:
Wet Girls (F/g, busty, cherry popped, bath)
No One:
Happenstance, Part 1 (gg, first, g-solo)
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