Little Girl Seduction

by LoneWolf

MS Gomez was no fool. She knew Lisa was a multimillion dollar asset in the kiddie porn business. Problem was access. How can she willingly get Lisa naked and sexually engaged with someone. Greg had already tried, he had a crush on Lisa but she did not feel the same way. So Gomez pointed one of her other young girls at Lisa. That did not work either, although it was closer.

Then a break through happened during a recent photo shoot. In the changing rooms Lisa was with Ms Gomez's daughter, Maria. Maria was eleven and a raven haired beauty. Brown skin from her Mexican heritage pretty face, nice girly shape and like the rest of the family blossomed ample and early. At her young age Maria already had C cup breasts. Young and firm and high.

It was Maria who brought it to her mom's attention. In the dressing room once Maria had her shirt off, and no bra Lisa came in. The blond nine year old just stared at Maria perfect chest. Maria bounced them a bit. Lisa blushed and stuttered "You breasts are so pretty." With everyone else in front of the cameras Maria offered to let Lisa touch them. After all Lisa was hot with those Disney good looks.

Lisa was torn, they both knew it. Then in walked another girl and the little Tet-a-Tet was over. As they changed Lisa did glance several times at Maria with a curious look. After MS Gomez found out she knew she had found the chink in Lisa's armor. She told her daughter to make friends with Lisa but not to do anything sexual, she had to let the attraction build for Lisa. An idea began to germinate in Gomez's mind. But to use her own daughter in this. The money she could make would be millions, those rich Chinese were screaming for blond haired girls in the dvd's they dropped a thousand dollars per. Who could blame them. The rational she used was that Maria would get everything one day so better make the money now. Greed was so predictable.

It took a couple of weeks to get the conditions just right but all the ingredients came together one Saturday afternoon. It was just a few days after Tommy and Lisa had jumped the teen and Lisa raved about it to Maria. How she had made the boy give in and was choking him with her legs. Maria said she wanted to try it. "Sounds cool." Maria said. The hook was set. Time to send in the big tits and start reeling.

Tommy for a fee called the teen and told him to come to the studio. The teen was lead to believe that Tommy would be there or more importantly Tommy's, cock which the kid offered to suck. Tommy laughed said if he came down he might get that chance. The fourteen year old said he'd be down in ten minutes, it took eight. Tommy had instructed the teen to go up to the back studio close the door and wait. This time the boy listened.

From her office MS Gomez, Lisa and Maria watched the kid walk up the back staircase and go into the rear studio. The girls knew what to do, well at least for the first stage they were all on the same page. The second stage was going to be up to the girls to play out.

They did not make the teen wait long. After just a couple of minutes the two girls walked in. The boy was just standing in the middle of the room, saw the girls and no Tommy. "Tommy can't be here asked us to take care of you. He said you won't mind." Lisa stated. The boy stepped back and was taken aback. The girls could see his surprise and dismay. Lisa laughed. "This my friend Maria." The teen looked at the Mexican beauty. She wore terry cloth shorts and top, both pink with white trim. It showed off her smooth brown skin so nicely. The outfit was almost a year old so the girl filled it out with some tight curves.

Maria said, "You made him give up to you?" She pointed to the high school boy.

"Yeah it was fun, and my brother showed me couple more things last night." The boy stepped back again, he did not want to fight a girl or two girls. His mom had raised him to love women, a lessen he was about pay for. They read the fear in the kids face, the hesitation of being in a situation that he had no answer for. No answer except pain, suffering and in the end submission just like last time Lisa Jumped in. Maybe he could get to the door, but running from girls, unexceptionable. Besides they looked determined, they were not going to let him leave.

Standing his ground was the only option. The two girls had talked about how they were going get the boy down. So they a plan. The two girls advanced and split. Lisa moved to the kids left and Maria the bigger of the two moved right. The pre teens wanted get a hold of the kids arms then go from there. They stepped in close and tried to grab the boy. He did not want that and slapped their hands away. They tried to grab his flaying arms and all three looked silly for a moment with all the arms flapping wildly like a flock of seagulls.

Then Maria got a hold of his right wrist first with one hand then the other. She gripped hard, he was older and bigger. The teen wanted to wrench his arm free of Maria's grasp but she would not let him. Then Lisa got hand on him. but he pulled away quickly. The few seconds of distraction gave Maria a chance to knee the kid in the stomach. He was so focused on Lisa she got him good. He stopped fighting for a few seconds, then Lisa got his other arm. The boy struggled more, then Lisa gave him the knee in the gut to. Maria followed with another and a final shot from Lisa had wrung all the fight out of the boy.

Now it was easy to force the kid down. "Christ no." The boy said once they had him on his knees In a few seconds he was face down on the mats. Lisa did not waste time. Keeping the teen's wrist firmly clasped with one hand, she put her foot in the kid's back and asked Maria to give her his right ankle, the little blond even said please.

Wanting Lisa to take the lead was fine with Maria, younger girls always like teaching older girls stuff. Makes them feel more mature. Maria dropped the arm she had yet to let go of took the boy's ankle and pulled it up so Lisa could grab it with her free hand. "This is the bow and arrow Tommy called it." Lisa pushed with her foot on the middle of the kid's spine and pulled his arm bending the boy's vertebrae around her cute little foot. Teen cried out, he was still a bit tender from the other day. The boys had really worked the teen's body good, with the pain still lingering.

The boy's back yielded quickly to her, and soon he was stretched out and groaning from her attack. Lisa decided to show off and really yanked hard on the arm and leg. Her little hands kept an amazing strong grip on both ankle and wrist. Her stubby thick fingers were almost crushing the kid's wrist. Again the kid moaned as she worked the bow and arrow tighter. Lisa was a little dynamo, she never stopped manipulating the hold to increase the pressure. Already she was on the verge of breaking the kid's resistance. Maria bent over and looked at the kid's face. "Your kicking his ass for real girl." Maria encouraged her. "Thought you were just kidding."

"I like the feeling of holding his body helpless while I use me girl power to control him. Moan louder bitch." She ordered and dug her foot deeper into the boy's back. It elicited the response she wanted. He moaned louder and with good reason. His spine slowly submitted to her muscled frame. Lisa was able to bend the kid's back even further once the teen relaxed his body. She tensed up suddenly and explained. "Tommy said once they go limp add more pressure. It means I've exhausted their body and now you have to break their will."

The nine year old girl never seemed to get tired, while the teen was on the edge of collapse. "Boys are so weak." Lisa laughed while letting go of the leg. Before the teen could inhale she had plopped down on the kid's back, landing hard with her butt on his lower back. Still holding the wrist she neatly folded it behind his back, twisting it till the palm was face up and between the shoulder blades.

She had practiced this with Tommy. Her brother had let her sit on his back and for ten minutes, she twisted his arms like this to learn the best ways to hurt someone. She had made Tommy cry out a few times by going too far. Going too far was not an issue with this kid. After the ten minutes on the rug with Tommy last night, he got up would not face her and darted to the bathroom, curious to her. Of course Tommy did not want his kid sister to see his raging hard on. He decided to cut back on the grappling with Lisa. Let her practice on Greg, he'd love that with the crush he has on his best friends sister.

Maria watched Lisa work. She was workman like and composed. Like her mind was two steps ahead of her body. The teen gasped with pain as she used her free hand to push the elbow in tighter and tuck it under her thigh. Lisa did the same with the other arm. In one motion she forced the right arm up behind the teen and crossed his wrists and used her other young thigh to compress the elbow and pin the boy totally..

Lisa pulled up on both wrists cinching up the hold. The boy gritted his teeth and winched with the pain shooting through his arms and shoulders. "Bet that feels good." Lisa taunted. "Just like yesterday.." Knowing she had the kid down and helpless she used one hand to keep his arms in place and grabbed some hair with the other. She pulled the teen's head back and leaned forward so she could talk right into his ear. "Just like yesterday, right bitch." The boy kept in character and hesitated. "Say it, say it." She yelled at him.

"Yes just like yesterday." He groaned,

She yanked the head back further. "Louder, say it so Maria can hear it. Say your my wresting bitch." The little she devil squeezed her legs together and pulled the wrists higher up his back. The new pain engulfed his upper body. Tommy had yelped when she did this. "Say it." Lisa forced her will on the older boy.

"I'm your wrestling bitch, just like yesterday." It took a lot of his breath to get the words out but he was rewarded when she let go of his hair.

"You really did get him to submit.' Maria agreed. "I know a few holds let me try?" Maria was heavier then Lisa and strong to. Just to try, she leg pressed 300 pounds at the school gym, ten times in a row. Maria was sure she could use her legs to crush a boy. This one just happened to be here. "Let me try a leg scissor."

"Sure." Said Lisa loosening on her hold a bit but staying in the mounted position. Maria laid down next to the teen on her side. She put her right leg under the kid's throat, it felt hard and unyielding. Her other leg she wrapped around the back of the kid's neck. The boy managed to turn his head so she would not be squeezing his wind pipe.

Maria crossed he ankles and tensed up immediately, The strong legs made the kid's eyes start to water. All he could see was her calf muscles bulging from the scissor hold. The kid's body thrashed from the intense pressure and almost tossed Lisa. Lisa realizing her perch was not as safe as she though, reached behind her with the free hand and took the kids ankle and pressed his heel into his butt for a perfect leg lock. This virtually immobilized the teen. The nine year old had him tied up, pined down and was using very little of her own energy to do it.

Maria was another story. Her brawny legs were barbaric in the way they crushed the kid's neck. With a free hand Maria grabbed the hair on the back of the boy's head and pulled. This stretched out the teen's neck so her oaken thighs could be more effective. "This is the most fun I've had in a long time. We're totally dominating him." Maria exclaimed, taking it all in with wide eyed wonder almost not believing it.

Lisa giggled like the little girl she was. "I know it feels good." The boy's free leg pounded on the floor in frustration. Lisa leaned in. "Stop fighting us." She yelled. "Be still, let it happen bitch. You can't do anything." His body relaxed under her. Lisa smiled in triumph, knowing she had already had entered the kid's mind. Now she was yelling and using her voice to intimidate and control. Feeling him go soft under her she purred, "That's better."

Maria's legs continued to clamp together. The teen fading off. Her legs squeezed tighter, as the cords of muscles from her inner thighs constricted his neck. Whimpering the teen could only do what Lisa told him, lay still and take it.

"I submit, please stop squeezing me Maria." The boy begging

Maria not wanting to hurt the poor boy unlocked her ankles and rolled to one side. Teen dropped his head on the mats still dazed and surprised that his plea had worked. Of course Lisa had not moved, he was still batting 500, and that was an improvement. Maria did not let up just because of mercy. "Can you show me that first one again. I'd love to try it, what's it called, bow something." Maria asked knowing Lisa would jump at the chance.

Jump was the right adjective. In a second Lisa was on her feet, she could move so fast sometimes, Maria noticed. "It's easy." Still with the kid's wrist in a firm grasp she put her foot to the boy's spine and grabbed the ankle again. Would this never end? Was the only question burning on his mind. "You grab the other leg and arm, then we can both do it." Maria picked up the idea right away.

In a moment the teen was being elongated by two pre teens. For a few seconds the thighs of both girls touched and rubbed against each other. Both girls thought how tanned and firm the other legs were. A brief smile at each other, Lisa giggled and blushed. Then let go. Now Maria could take over the roll of tormentress. "Let's see how hard you can pull." Lisa challenged the older girl. Maria put all her young muscles to work. Focusing her energy on the boy she had trapped. He cried out, moaned.

After a minute of this Lisa dropped to one knee and looked the older boy in the eyes. His head drooped he was so weak. She had to take some hair to get him to look up to her. "Look at me you bitch. You are a wrestling slut. For us to play with." Her icy blue stare seemed to bore right into his brain. "Say it, tell us what you are." She reveled in the power of the moment.

"I'm your wresting slut, for you to play with." He repeated.

The kid would say anything she asked. Maria tugged a bit harder on the teen. This drew Lisa's attention away from the sagging teen and looking at Maria's fine leg in the boy's back. The older girl noticed Lisa looking at her and flexed her leg muscles to help enhance the buff appearance. "Your legs are so sexy." Lisa just blurted out. Maria gave her an engaging smile. "Can I touch it?" The nine year old asked. The dark haired lass nodded. Lisa leaned in and caressed Maria's thigh, squeezed it gently. "So damn hard girl, and your color is nice and even." Maria beamed at the blond girl.

It was then that Lisa decided she was done playing with this stupid boy and start to play with Maria. To end the kid's torment she put her knee on his free hand and pined it to the ground. "Hold him tight." She told Maria who tensed up on the teen. He moaned again at the punishment. Then Lisa put her left hand behind his head and clamped her right hand over his mouth for very effective hand smother. The surprise smothering caused the boy to struggle hopelessly and use up vital oxygen speeding the moment he would pass out. Both girls held on tight and controlled his feeble try to escape. In just a few seconds his weak body barely fought back. In ten seconds he was limp as a dishrag. Lisa glowed with her superiority. Slowly suffocating him was giving her such a rush. "Close your eyes bitch time to sleep." She could not help but taunt him till the end. His brown eyes fluttered shut once more.

Now onto Maria she thought.

Lisa was having some devilish ideas of her own. The heaving of Maria's young chest was drawing a lot of Lisa's attention once they released the passed out teen, and sat down a few feet away. They could both use a few deep breaths themselves. "That was so cool Lisa. You know a lot about this stuff."

"Yeah I know a good one. Here you lay on your back." Lisa motioned to the mats even further from the sleeping boy. Maria a bit leery about this went along and laid on the mat like Lisa asked. Lisa up in her knees sat on Maria's stomach but lightly. "Now its called a grapevine. I lay on your chest and wrap my legs around yours like this." Lisa coiled her smooth legs around Maria's and hooked her feet behind the older girl's knees. "Now I pry your legs apart." Lisa's voice dripped with confidence.

"No way, my legs are too strong." Maria countered.

Lisa flailed out with both her legs, spreading Maria's legs like butter. Lisa's hips also drove down into the other girl's stomach knocking some of the wind out of her. The surprised Mexican girl hesitated and allowed Lisa to lock in the hold. Maria tried to pull her legs together, but Lisa had all the leverage. The nine year old's stout legs were quickly overpowering Maria's stronger legs and spreading them further apart into an even weaker position. Lisa sensed the resistance from Maria's legs collapse once she had them spread far enough.

Maria's potent legs were suddenly useless. Lisa has splayed the older girls legs so far apart, Maria had no leverage to fight back with. Lisa had all the leverage and used it to immobilize the other girl's lower body. She really wanted to show off her leg power. "See whose legs are stronger now." The blond cutie stated as a matter of fact.

Unable to move her lower body Maria put her hands on Lisa hips to lift the smaller girl off. The nine year old's legs were too tightly coiled about Maria's thighs and held Lisa firmly on top. With Maria's hands busy Lisa the wrestling vixen wrapped her arm around the back of Maria's neck, then grabbed her right bicep. Lisa's right hand came across Maria's face and covered her mouth. The younger girl's arms enveloped and muffled the bigger girl securing the hold.

Maria tried to undo the smothering hold. She pulled at Lisa's biceps in desperation. But Lisa had entwined her arms so tightly Maria could not budge her. After a short struggle Maria dropped her arms as a sign of surrender. Lisa smiled and asked, "You submit?" Maria nodded quickly. Lisa lifted her smothering hand for Maria to breath.

Lisa raised her smothering hand to the top of Maria's head and stroked her dark hair. "You are so sexy Maria." Next the young demoness Kissed Maria full on the lips. Maria did not know what to do. Lisa was very cute and Maria had caught herself a few times examining Lisa's body a little too closely. Lisa broke off the kiss, "I've noticed you staring at me and some of the other girls." Maria squirmed under Lisa's weight. Lisa held the older girl down. "You already submitted to me remember."

The next kiss Maria responded positively to. Maria opened her mouth and let Lisa explore it. Both girls with eyes closed, soon their tongues were dancing with each other raising the passions of the other. In seconds both girls had gone further sexually they had ever been. Lisa uncoiled her legs from around Maria's giving her more freedom. She also unwrapped her arms satisfied that that this big titted Mexican would give herself freely now. Lisa pulled off the shoulder straps of her bathing suit and peeled it down to her waist. Maria could see the nine year old's breasts were starting to grown. Lisa's nipples were hard and inviting. Maria took one nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. Lisa arched her back and said, "Yes that feels so good." Lisa slide one hand under Maria's terry cloth top that had ridden up during the short tussle. Lisa palmed one of the most perfect breasts she would ever find she was sure. The boob felt very firm and ware so big, C cup she would learn later. The young brown skinned girl moaned when Lisa pinched a nipple.

Hungry mouths found each other again and kissed hard feeling the lust for the other. Lisa pushed her leg into Maria's crotch, rubbing the girl's pussy with her thigh. Maria hugged the young vixen tightly with both arms, and squeezed Lisa's solid buttocks. "Your body is so tight." Maria observed. Lisa pressed her body harder on top of the eleven year old. Maria's response was to slip her fingers under Lisa's bathing suit and squeeze a butt check with each hand. Roaming Mexican hands explored Lisa's rear, rubbing it, kneading the firm young fully packed rear end. "Touching you like this makes me so hot."

"Let me take your top off?" Lisa asked. Maria put her arms over her head and Lisa pulled her pink top off. Lisa gasped at Maria's exquisitely shaped chest. "Your tits are gorgeous." Lisa smiled and thought how these young big tits were all hers to play with. Bending her head Lisa sucked one nipple into her mouth. The sensations caused Maria to loose control of her breathing and exhale rapidly, while moaning in pleasure. Lisa could tell at once that Maria's breasts were very sensitive and she pinched the other nipple. The Mexican gasped again and quivered under Lisa's erotic touch.

"God I never thought it could be like this." Maria said. She squeezed Lisa's ass harder now and pushed her probing fingers into Lisa's crack. Not sure how it felt but knew it did not feel bad Lisa continued her sucking on Maria's chest. "Oh yes give my tittes all the attention." Lisa got a little rougher and nipped at a nipple. Maria's chest heaved and swelled under Lisa's control.

Lisa had seen Maria's chest just once before today. From the size and way they jutted out Lisa knew she wanted them. Now here they were and tasting better then Lisa could have imagined. The two pre teens molded their bodies together, letting the sexual feelings course through them.

The two would have had their first orgasms right there if the teen did start to wake up. His first moan alerted the girls. Neither wanted it to stop. They got up, Maria took her top and Lisa's hand. "Come on I know where we can be alone." The two stole out of the room and did not look back.

Next chapter The Steamy Sauna - Where the two Lolita lesbians will steam it up with more then just water on hot rocks. They will use some kinetic energy.