A Plus (Fg, anal, bd, d/s, oral, toys) 16-Jun-10
Sweet Dreams
The Abbey (F/g,g/g,infant girls) 08-Sep-07
Accidental Lovers 1 (gg, first, oral) 16-Sep-10
Sappho Eros
Actions Speak Louder Than Words (ff, rom, humor, yuri) 23-Nov-13
Adopted (F+/g, ped, voy, cons, mast, anal, oral) 13-Nov-05
The Adoption Clinic (baby, pedo, lact, ws) 13-Dec-08
Kids Loving Kids
The Adventures of Kasey Bigbutt (F/f/f, F/f, ped, group, anal) 12-Nov-12
The Adventures of Kasey Bigbutt, Part 2 (F/F/g/g, anal, enem, ped) 29-Dec-13
Adventurous Aunt, Part 1 (F,ff,inc) 19-Sep-05
Adventurous Aunt, Part 2 (F,g,g/inc) 21-Sep-05
After Eighteen Years (f/f inc) 17-Feb-08
Kathy-Anne Niemann
After Getting Home From Cindy's, Part 1 (F,f incest mast) 08-Oct-13
After Getting Home From Cindy's, Part 2 - The Dream (F,f incest, oral, anal) 14-Oct-13
After the Bell (A School Nurse's Delight 2) (FF) 11-Sep-10
After the Match (ffffg, oral, anal) 04-Mar-05
Lawrence Yu
After The Twins and Me (Fgg, FFgg, FFMgg, oral, inc, FMMgg) 06-Jul-15
Jeanne Henderson
Afterglow (Ff, cons, rom, oral) 19-May-09
Debby Mitchell
An Afternoon's Delight (FFg, inc) 24-Feb-10
Aga i Domi – czesc I (g, f, no-sex) 16-Aug-07
London W Kasku
Age of Innocence Lost (Ff) 30-Jun-08
Marie LeClare
Alice (Fg,cons,ped) 30-Oct-07
Alice Day: Alex in Wonderland (f/g fant) 25-Apr-11
Aunt Molly
Alice Day: Alice Is At It Again 25-Apr-11
Alice Day: Love is a Circle (Ff, inc.) 25-Apr-11
Alice Day: The Adventures of Alice in Underland 25-Apr-11
Alice's Anal Itch (FF, anal, mast) 27-Feb-11
Alicia's Adventures, Chapter 1 (F, F, F, f, teen, inc, cons) 15-Oct-11
Alicia's Adventures, Chapter 2 (F, F, F, f, teen, cons, rom) 17-Oct-11
Alicia's Adventures, Chapter 3 (F, F, f, teen, inc, rom, cons) 18-Oct-11
Alicia's Adventures, Chapter 4 (F, f, teen, cons) 19-Oct-11
Alicia's Adventures, Chapter 5 (F, F, F, cons) 02-Nov-11
Alicia's Adventures, Chapter 6 (F, f, f, teen, cons, inc (teeny bit)) 10-Feb-12
Alicia's Adventures, Chapter 7 (F, f, f, f, teen, inc, cons, rom) 07-Jun-12
Jen L. Lee
Alie's Gift (f, f oral) 06-Dec-15
Alison's Adventures 1 (ff) 30-Oct-11
Alison's Adventures 2 (ff) 31-Oct-11
Alison's Adventures 3 (fF) 03-Nov-11
Alison's Adventures 4 (fF) 07-Nov-11
Alison's Adventures 5 (fF) 16-Aug-13
Alison's Adventures 6 (ff) 23-Aug-13
Alison's Adventures 7 (ff) 26-Aug-13
Alison's Adventures 8 (fF) 01-Dec-13
Little Alison
Alison's Disney Adventure 1 (Ff) 26-Sep-13
Alison's Disney Adventure 2 (Ff) 10-Oct-13
Little Alison
Alivia's First (f,ff,Ff,fg,teen,scifi,oral) 29-Mar-09
All About The Princess, Part 1 (lesbian pedo lac) 30-Jun-11
All About The Princess, Part 2 05-Jul-11
All The Way? (f/f herm oral) 19-Apr-09
Anime Lover
Ally's Aunt Tessa (anal, ped, incest,oral,cons,Fg) 21-Jul-09
Almost An Exhibitionist (f, exhib, mast) 19-Oct-09
Amanda and I (F/f) 31-May-10
Amanda and Tara, Part 1 (F/g) 02-Feb-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 2 (F/g) 03-Feb-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 3 (F/g) 07-Feb-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 4 (F/g) 11-Feb-05
Amanda and Tara, Part 5 (Fg ped cons mast toys) 21-Jun-05
Amanda Feels Hot and Bothered (F, g, mast, med) 20-Feb-11
Amanda Goes Wild (F,f,m inc) 15-Apr-05
Amandine, an Unpopular Girl (fff, ff, f-solo, reluc & cons, rom, anal, long) 18-Oct-09
Amazons and Swifts (FF/gg/hermaphrodite) 07-Oct-07
Amber (Ff inc oral anal first) 07-Jun-15
Tater Tot
Amberly, Part 1: Discovery. (gg, oral) 11-May-14
Amelia's All Girl Evenings, Chapter 1 (F, f, f, f, f, f, f, teen, inc, kinky, lingerie, anal, spank, toys, orgy) 07-Dec-13
Amelia's All Girl Evenings, Chapter 2 - Andrea's Story (F, F, f, teen, inc, cons, toys, lingerie) 10-Dec-13
Jen L. Lee
Ami and Ashli: The Aftermath of Someone Else's Dream (gg, anal, cons, voy) 26-Sep-14
Ami and Ashli: Ashli's Teacher 11-Oct-14
Ami and Ashli: Sara's New Holiday (fggggg, nc, 1st, trib, orgy) 13-Nov-14
Leonard Rhine
Amy, Part 1 (F, f, g) 24-Aug-11
Amy and Becky (f,f,g, oral) 29-Jul-09
Amy and Beth...my story..true or false? (ped, g, inc, oral) 22-Apr-07
Amy and Linda Have Some Feverish Fun (FF, oral, anal, medical play) 14-Aug-11
Amy Visits the Doctor (FF/g, doctor, ped, inc) 03-Sep-13
"Amy, Can I Ask You A Question?" (ff, Ff) 10-Sep-11
Can We Talk?
Amy's Adventure 01-Apr-05
Amy's Loving Nanny (F/g) 07-Aug-09
Barbie Doll
Amy's New Friend (ff, con, rom) 25-Oct-09
Amy's Preteen Survey (no sex) 10-Sep-12
Amy xxxxx
Amy's Story (ff, mf, Mf, light anal, cons) 12-Jan-08
Amy's Tree house (Oral,Anal,Mast) 21-Oct-12
'An Education' Preview, The Present (f solo/FF) 08-Apr-12
Tubal Tacitus
Anastasia (Fg, rom) 10-Jan-12
Nellie of Sweden
And I Got Paid Too (F/g+, ped, 1st, mast, oral) 25-Feb-06
...and I'll show you mine (ff, FFf, inc) 06-Jan-10
Angel in the Night (f ped inc rom) 10-Jul-06
Angel's Addiction, Part 1 (plot sci fi nosex) 14-Jan-09
Angel's Addiction, Part 2 (plot sci fi nosex) 20-Feb-09
Annie Lutz
Angel's Fantasies- Girl Games 3 (FFgg d/s bon oral seduc cons moth/dau) 30-Sep-13
Angels in Heaven (Mg, mg. Fg, fg,baby, toddler, fantasy) 05-Feb-10
Nellie of Sweden
Angie's First Babysitting Job (f/cons/mast/oral/ped/) 07-Apr-06
Angie's Hot Night (fgg,ws,panties,rel,oral first time) 29-May-09
Anke & Svenja (German) (ff inc) 04-Feb-06
Anke and Svenja (ff inc) 10-May-06
Anna & Hanna (F,f inc) 04-Jan-10
Midnight Girl
Anna and I, Chapter 1 – Cumming of Age (g/g) 01-Apr-05
Anna and I, Chapter 2 – Three's Company (g/g/m) 01-Apr-05
Anna and I, Chapter 3 – French Lessons 01-Apr-05
Anna and I, Chapter 4 – French Lessons II 01-Apr-05
Anna Mueller's Proposition (F/g) 17-Aug-08
Barbie Doll
Anne Remembers, Part 1 (gg,FF, Fg,multiples, WS) 25-Aug-13
Anne Remembers, Part 2 (Fg(slow)) 29-Aug-13
Anne Remembers, Part 3 (F/f/g multiples) 01-Sep-13
Anne Remembers, Part 4 (Mf, Pee) 05-Sep-13
Anne Remembers, Part 5 (Ff, Mast) 07-Sep-13
Anne Remembers, Part 6 (Ff, Mast, nosex) 24-Sep-13
Anne Remembers, Part 7 (Ff, Incest) 01-Oct-13
Anne-Marie’s Hot Night (F, F, F, F, F, f, g, g, g, mast) 22-Mar-09
Anne-Marie (#2) Goes to L.A. (F,F,F,g, cons, oral, inc, ped) 04-Apr-09
Anne-Marie (#3) Meets Vicky (F, F, g, ped, oral, cons, voy, exhib) 08-Apr-09
Anne-Marie's (#4) Wonderful Week in L.A. (F, F, F, f,f,f, g,g, oral, conc, exhib, voy, teen, tween, ped) 11-Apr-09
Annie's Lesbian Family Rituals (Ff, FFf, ped, inc, anal, beast) 23-Jun-10
Annie's New Outlook (F/g, mast, mast-solo) 20-Aug-06
danseuse de blonde
Anniversary (F/g) 23-Mar-08
Kathy-Anne Niemann
An Anniversary of Sorts, Part 1 (ff, teen, mast, 1st) 28-Jan-06
An Anniversary of Sorts, Part 2 (gg, first, voy, mast, oral) 13-Feb-06
An Anniversary of Sorts, Part 3 (FF, F+g, ped, inc, oral, mast) 19-Mar-06
Another Day in Paradise (F, F, f, oral, cons, mast) 18-Jul-09
Anusrees' Secret Awakening (g,f, cons, mast, ped) 24-Nov-11
Little Puchi
Aphrodite and the YSALA (f,mast,teen) 08-Dec-07
Archaeology Club (Ff) 18-Mar-12
Selena Anders
The Arrangement (FF) 03-May-08
Barbie Doll
Ashley & Danni "Worth Two in the Bush" (gg) 06-Sep-10
Ashley & Danni 'Collision' (g/g spank) 05-Oct-10
Ashley & Danni Sweet Secrets #1 (g/g) 17-Oct-10
Ashley & Danni 'Sweet Secrets #2' (g/g) 31-Oct-10
Ashley & Danni 'A day in the lives...' (F/F, g/g) 15-Nov-10
Ashley & Danni 'Perchance to Dream' (g/g F/F) 09-Dec-10
Ashley & Danni "Snowed In" (g/g) 23-Dec-10
Ashley & Danni "Daughter Swap" (FFgg spank) 09-Jan-11
Ashley & Danni 'Picture Perfect' (ggg) 14-Jan-11
Ashley & Danni 'Beaking Up Is Hard to Do' (f/g anal pedo) 12-Feb-11
Ashley & Danni 'Spring Summer Fall' (FFggg mast spnk pedo) 11-Mar-11
Ashley & Danni "Growing Pains" (gg) 09-Jan-12
Ashley & Danni "Girls Will Be Boys" (gg) 14-Feb-12
Ashley & Danni "The Play's the Thing" (gg) 31-Jul-12
Ashley & Danni: Sweet Sixteen! (ff) 12-Nov-12
Ashley & Danni: Wedding Daze 1 "This Diamond Ring" (gg) 01-Apr-13
Ashley & Danni: Wedding Daze #2 "Lady In Red" (g/g) 15-Apr-13
Ashley & Danni: Wedding Daze #3 "Who Wears Short-shorts!" (g/g) 29-Dec-13
Ashley & Danni: Wedding Daze #4 "Christmas Special!" (g/g) 29-Dec-13
Ashley & Danni: Wedding Daze #5 "Here Comes The Bride" (g/g) 20-Jan-14
At Last a Lover (F, f, teen, rom) 15-Oct-11
Jen L. Lee
At Least I Got the Mother, Part 1 (FF) 07-Feb-10
At Least I Got the Mother, Part 2 (FFg inc) 16-May-10
Nellie of Sweden
At the Very Beginning, Part 1 (F, f, ped, mast, oral, panties) 18-Nov-12
At the Very Beginning, Part 2 (F, g, Ped, Panties, Oral, Mast) 22-Nov-12
Lesbian Sapphic
Aubrey and Kristen, Part 1 (nosex) 28-Dec-06
Aubrey and Kristen, Part 2 (nosex) 30-Dec-06
Audrey's Awakening (FF, oral, Enema) 05-Sep-11
Aunt Lisa's Summer with Jenny, Chapter 1 (Fg) 24-Jul-12
Aunt Lisa's Summer with Jenny, Chapter 2: The Pool and the Roller Coaster (g solo, Fg) 27-Jul-12
Aunt Lisa's Summer with Jenny, Chapter 3, "The Seduction of Tammy" (f solo, gg, Fg) 29-Jul-12
Aunt Lisa's Summer with Jenny, Chapter 4: Youth Movement (Fg, F solo, g solo, gg) 07-Aug-12
Aunt Lisa's Summer with Jenny, Chapter 5: Only the Beginning (FF, Ff, Fg, FFffg, ff, fg, inc, oral, cons) 19-Aug-12
Aunt Lisa's Summer with Jenny, Chapter 6: Tina and Erin's Adventure (FF, fg, gg, inc. mast, oral) 22-Aug-12
Aunt Lisa's Summer with Jenny, Chapter 7: "Life is a Movie" (Ff, ff, fg, gg, inc, oral, anal, mast, voy) 23-Feb-14
Cheryl Taggert
Aunt Mille (F,g pedo) 07-Jun-08
Grandma Gladys
Aunt Susanna's Muffins (Fg gg ped spank anal school) 16-May-10
Aunt Wendy's Generosity (F, F, F, f, teen, feet, heels, lingerie, inc, cons) 02-Jan-13
Jen L. Lee
Auntie Beryl (F,g,anal,mast,cyber pedo) 11-May-09
Ava's Row 1 (f, f, f, g, g, anal, cons, minor inc, oral, ped, teen, ws) 18-Aug-14
Awakening, Part 1 (g) 12-Jan-14
Awakening, Part 2 (gg) 25-Jan-14
Awakening, Part 3 (gg) 26-Jan-14
An Awakening (ped, voy, mast) 15-Jan-06
Awakening Alison (f/g, mast, oral) 08-Dec-10
Emily Derrin
Awakenings, Part 2 19-Nov-06
Awakenings (F/g, oral, anal) 09-Jan-07
Ayaka and Ayane's Island Vacation, Part 1 (F/g, yuri, first, oral, mast, w/s, bath) 17-Nov-14
Ayaka and Ayane's Island Vacation, Part 2 (F/g, yuri, first, oral, mast, w/s, bath, massage) 08-Mar-15